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  1. I would try to fix it. Unfortunately we all know it will never be valuable but it has some unique features.
  2. Went out this evening for an hour and a half. I'm getting whimpy. The wind was blowing hard and it is darn cold out. Actually started walking back a little early. 7 does visible from the barnyard right before dark. 2 were screwing around and up on their hind legs kind of like a dog standing up.
  3. There are 2 different Mennonite Church groups here. In Lancaster county the old order steel wheel families and then around here the black bumper families. Like any group there are good and bad. I have some black bumper guys i know that are great people.
  4. I think the fawn crop was good here. I am not sure if we are out of balance but certainly could be. I have seen 7 or 8 different buck mostly from our house and barnyard this fall. 10 days or so ago my wife and son counted at least 20 deer within 75 yards of the house. There were so many in a tight group they couldnt get a good count. We have seen 15 or so together on multiple other occasions and see at least a few deer every day. They graze the good hay and also seem to really like the triticale ryegrass mix we planted this fall. Many land owners like to see them similar to bdse.
  5. Yep looks dangerous to me. It wouldn't take long to have an accident on one of our hills. It is neat though.
  6. Sorry to see someone else got him. At least he lived the arrow encounter and didn't go to waste by dying somewhere. Definitely a nice deer!
  7. 13yr old son was with me. We went in about 11am and back out about 230. We had seen 2 does a fox and 2 pheasents in the am followed by a nice buck on the wrong side of the fence. We rent the neighbors ground where the buck was and they don't hunt but without consent it was a no go. Late afternoon we had seen a ton of doe. My son was able to get a 3 point buck, his first one. He is a junior hunter so no antler restrictions for him. Before anyone frowns at taking a deer like this it is about the experience and keeping youth interested. He was thrilled. Last pic is view from the sta
  8. I disabled the one on my gehl when I replaced the seat and it didn't fit the new seat. It was pretty far in the rear of the seat if I remember. I felt ok disabling it since the lap bar being up locks out all hydraulic functions.
  9. Thanks. We had 14 does and a buck about 50 yards from the barn Wednesday an hour before dark. Last night there was 2 and tonight 6. By tomorrow all signs of deer will probably be gone and we won't see anything. 😁
  10. He is very hard to follow. I am assuming that he is referring to confinement buildings that are non conforming to the zoning laws/code. Where we are there are many old buildings close to property lines in road right of ways etc that still are used for beef cattle heifers etc. Some of these barns date back to the early 1800s, possibly before. Once the non conforming ones go empty for a period of time they are no longer permitted to house livestock. An example would be a barn right on the road and close to neighbors house accross the street sits empty for a few years. Property sold new own
  11. hobbyfarm


    70s era Remington 700 in 30 06 I bought used when I was about 18. Have used it ever season since. More recently bought a model 7 in 7mm 08 and this year we bought my son a 243. That is it for deer rifles. I don't believe 223 is legal for deer here.
  12. I keep saying people are nuts. Shutting down just prolonged the time to get to where we are today. We (school district) have given up on live school here starting last week. They are going to reevaluate in a few weeks. Crazy cartoon. How old is that?
  13. I should also mention while I sincerely applaud the centennial and other generational farms there are still ways to get into agriculture other then through family or in this case being given something. What is next? If land is free why not free houses for those non Farmers???
  14. I had mentioned this in another post. I would like to know exactly how the USDA descriminated against black farmers. In this day and age the government has no business being involved in the sale of private land.
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