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  1. Just read that Smithfield is dropping a bunch of farms somewhere. I think it was Utah. This could bankrupt these farms. The article said Smithfield will only retain its factory owned farms in this area. Cited over production and lack of demand. How can this be? Pork is a reasonably cheap protein. Is Hong Kong up to something? (They own Smithfield).
  2. A similar freightliner sold here in February for around $16000. That would have pushed higher here locally.
  3. If seen one of those at least twice before. Kind of remember they were for mowing between rows?
  4. In 2020 i dug my basement down between 24 and 30 inches with 5 gallon buckets. It was miserable. I did 30 buckets a day minimum for all of winter until I was done. Hard shale that I broke up with a pneumatic chisel. I certainly don't recommend it as I think I had some joint damage that lingered for close to a year. A belt conveyor would sure be better than what I did. If you figure out the vac that would be next level. If you figure it out pics would be neat to see.
  5. What was the milk price back then? Back in that time period whole small dairy farms would sell here for not much more then the cost to put up 2 of them. Seems a crazy high price for that time period.
  6. Happy Birthday Tony. Thank you for your commitment to preserving IH.
  7. No doubt technology such as real time trail cameras has made it easier to pattern deer. Most of the things mentioned are really "progress." I dont say that lighty which is why i have the quotation marks. There is an entire industry built around deer hunting. Their mission is to sell things. The best scent, the newest trail camera, the newest flatest hardest hitting caliber, etc. Many American hunters are hungry to spend money on the latest and greatest. Looking around at some other aspects of life I ask do some need the mcmansion house that they live in? Do we need the super duper almost $100000 fancy pickup trucks out there with remote start, multiple cameras, etc? Would a more basic vinyl floor model be sufficient? The scenarios kind of seem like one in the same. The difference being the bragging rights on the deer can't just be bought. Or maybe those bragging rights can be bought if you book a hunt on a Texas ranch?
  8. I just looked the one place here is paying 5.09, the other 4.42. The 5.09 place must need it. I don't really follow it. We only grow forages. We are a corn defiicite state I believe and with the poultry barn growth I imagine the need has even become more.
  9. Mind was a 2011 model. Don't even think it had a dpf?
  10. My hoof trimmer friend came over and ran the cows through. Most of you probably think I'm crazy but if it prevents one foot issue it is probably worth it. Set up worked pretty good. My questions are: Do you have a scale set up on your farm/ranch? If so what brand? It sure would be nice to have a measure of average daily gain on the feeders. Do you have a butt stop or alley stop in your set up? Worked really well and allowed me to keep the cows flowing. 2 would cram in between the butt stop and gate and i could keep a 3rd behind.
  11. Last night right before dark. A super fat one right underneath me. Plenty around here. We stopped leaving cat food on the porch after dark.
  12. He runner you have a copy cat out there. The barn owl came up on my phone yesterday. Some sort of camera security company.
  13. I don't check the project builds forum often and am just seeing this. Nice job. You are ambitious.
  14. So many dealers are snakes. It starts with the sale. I can't imagine being in that business and selling $1000 month car payments to people with $200 in their checking account. Then it turns to all the manufacturer recommended service. Scary to hear of corrupt independent shops. There is enough work out there that they don't need to rip people off to get it.
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