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  1. I do get it. I'm sincere when I say I just haven't adjusted to what things cost.
  2. I really can't get my head around prices on anything these days. Putting $8500 into a ls170 would make me cry.
  3. Very interesting that you have rut now. So you have fawns born late summer?
  4. Sadly that isn't much more then a drum or 2 of each type that I would use.
  5. Isn't pex great. I see you have the cinch rings. I like them better then the copper crimp crush type.
  6. 1996 dodge ram 2500 club cab. 5.9 cummins with a 5 speed. At one point it needed injectors and it got turned up quite a bit from stock. It really went. I kept it inside but despite all efforts rust was starting to win. Sold it a few years ago while i still could get good money for it. Wish I would have fixed it but the rust repair cost at the time was something like 10 grand with a full paint job.
  7. There are way too many variables to get any sort of answer online. What does your lease say? How long after the snow did this occur? Did everyone else clean off their car and dump snow on the ground after the lot was cleared? An Ambulance chaser will send a letter for free. If this is a large complex they will not be intimidated by a letter. An attorney that isn't an Ambulance chaser will only take this if (a) you are willing to pay or (b) they think their investment is worth the chance of winning years later. For the real estate that we own the lease clearly states conditions will be slippery after snow removal and continue to be slippery until it melts and is long gone. I would think the complex would make sure you don't win. Slight chance they will pay the medical bills only but they would want something from you relinquishing the right to any $ for future issues related to this claim. More then likely they will just say bug off you should have known.
  8. Get er done. Usually I'm not that lucky for something like thst to work. Looks like a mum pan (pot) bit the dust.
  9. If the tires are decent and the hitch is ok I could see $800 here. The side lot jockey guy would have twice that on it.
  10. Make a good bale retriever. Someone would want that. I wouldn't scrap it if it was in our area.
  11. Last I did any was on an 85 Cheverly spectrum in the 90s. The split boots were junk back then. I kind of think they are a cheap "fix" to doing it right. Take my little experience for what it worth which is probably nothing.
  12. @CC_Ranger Thank you for the tip. I bought the 20ton model from Eblings. You should ask for commission.😁 I decided to support local. Kind of nice they are made in PA too. Seems to work good. Ran some wood through it today. It is definitely faster then ones I used when I was a kid.
  13. Drinking come into play?
  14. I don't see a problem with auctioning off a tag if it goes to managing wild game or a good charity. We have a small elk herd here in PA. Auctioning one tag a year would be a way to help cover costs. Just my opinion of course.
  15. Oley PA. Same county as me opposite side of the city.
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