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  1. Sure could be. $700 is more like the price I would have liked to see. After looking online at 2 local Woods dealers I have sticker shock.
  2. Mower brought $2100 iirc. It seemed tight but for me it was getting to steep for what it was. I let it go. I would guess I could find a much newer one that in real good condition for $3500+. No deals at this sale. I did come home with some overpriced fence panels and a round bale unroller.
  3. Just in the last 2 or 3 years there was a case jn Lancaster County where some kids kept running down crops. It went on forever and the farmer didnt know who they were or where they were coming from. One day the farmer finally caught one of them. He held the punk at gunpoint while he waited for police and gathered information. Turned out the farmer became the criminal for pulling a weapon on the kid. Apparently tresspass laws here are inadequit even when tresspassing with ill intent such as crop distruction.
  4. We have a bunch of small fenced pastures or paddocks from 2 to 5 acres. They are chopped up like that due to the terrain. Basically a small stream and some swamp ground snake through the property and it was fenced by the previous owner so the cattle stay out of that area. We sort of do rotational grazing. Just bought this property this year and would like to clip any weeds in the ground along the road that the cattle leave behind.
  5. This is on a local sale tomorrow. Any idea what it is? It is tempting as an economical pasture clipper...
  6. Much different the dash in my 5250. If it works Im sure it would have value to the right person.
  7. Incredible deer for PA. Sorry it went to someone else.
  8. Got this guy this afternoon. The doe seem to like to feed on our pasture grass every day. The fences dont seem to even phase them. I had seen antler moving in the thicket while the Does were in the pasture. Next thing you know he stepped out of the brush. Nothing like some of the other deer on here but I was happy.
  9. Dont know if you guys know each other but I have to wonder the same thing about myself. I have just 20 beef cows and calves and think I may actually make more renting things out.
  10. I kept dairy calves in a similar situation. Ubfortunately the guy I kept them for went bankrupt and I allowed it to continue for too long without payment and then let the calves leave too. I should have kept or sold the calves for payment. Get a contract and not a handshake agreement. My dairy heifer deal will probably be different in that I collected payment monthly. On a beef deal I would guess no payment until they leave. Spell out sickness/death and who has insurance coverage on the calves.
  11. I have grown it a few times in PA which everyone compares to WI. I am far from.an expert but would be formulating plan B for the spring. I dont think you will end up with a good stand. It cant hurt to wait it out or there may still be a small winfow to replant with rye depending on your weather and soil conditions. If you are looking for other cereal type crops you could plant oats in the spring if the wheat fails. Sorry not more help.
  12. hobbyfarm

    Mileage or age

    I would guess she isnt going to put a ton of mileage on it therefore I would say a car a few years old with 160k is much better then a 20 year old car with 90k miles. This is coming from a guy driving 2002 2500hd with 260k and a Jetta tdi with 160k. I havent had any major problems with either vehicle. Mileage doesnt scare me.
  13. I am browsing for a baler too. As time goes on I find it more and more difficult to get custom.guys to do things when I need them done. I do believe variable chamber balers will make any height bale while fixed chamber will only make the size advertised.
  14. Thanks guys. Me feeder is similar to the top one in the pic. It doesnt open and close so i guess I will continue to cut/remove the wrap then set the bale in the feeder. To each their own but no way am I leaving the wrap on the bales.
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