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  1. Guess I should have read how the experts here do it before I ordered new ball joints this morning. I gave up trying to chase the threads. I have been spending $600 to $1000 a year on this tractor to keep it going. If this is the only repair this year I am still ahead of average.
  2. Gave the cattle some fresh grass yesterday. This evening 24 hours later I found this. Water running out of the hillside became their play ground. Any running water is usually a spring thing but I guess the water table is really high right now. Put up some temporary fence around the mess to keep them out of the "swamp".
  3. Very nice. Almost twice as big as I want to go. I have never seen panels like that before. Besides R value what are the pros/cons vs traditional pole buildings?
  4. $5750 on their website. Just making conversation but wonder if the hydro is good. If it was good the jockeys would like that here.
  5. Geeze I almost hope you have the wrong one. Look at the price on that thing!
  6. Gave up on sweet corn at our old place for this very reason. Somehow they know when it is perfect. Then they sample it like a buffet.
  7. Thanks. That is my plan. Going to see if I can pick one up in the am.
  8. Wishbone was just ever so slightly bowed out. I used a 2" tie down strap to pull it together so I could slide the axle onto it. Got lucky I guess.
  9. Got everything back together with the exception of the tie rod or ball joint ends. Somehow the castle nuts don't want to thread on them. There was substantial rust on the thread ends and most of the bolts. Right or wrong I replaced the bolts that hold the clamps on the end of the center tube. All I have left is to replace the center pin grease zero and attach the tie rod ends. Anyone ever successfully chase threads on a ball joint? That is my plan once I find a die to fit. It shouldn't take much, just enough to clean them up? There won't be any ramming them on with a socket or impact. The ball joint just wants to spin around.
  10. Amateur hour on the dirt floor open shed this morning. I got it apart. Looks like it is just the center tube right at the pin. I am assuming the bushing was welded in the center tube at some point however it fell right out. Fought a little to get things all apart but didn't go too bad for not knowing what I am doing. The wishbone if that is what you call it must have been loose on the one side at some point. Although it won't hury anything the threads are all boogered up where it had rubbed. Got the adjustable part of the axle out with lots of penetrating oil and some banging on the broken tube to get the rust loose. Also 2 different size ball joint nuts on this thing. No excessive wear on the hardened center pin. Someone welded the one spindle a long time ago. Snuck a picture of the DeWalt impact in there. If you don't have a cordless impact I highly recommend. They are incredible. Off to get a new tube I hope.
  11. I should add and it will start easy all year vs the d282. I know many whine about gas usage but having one that will pop right off in the cold is a plus.
  12. Sounds crooked to me. Here the creek police have lots of guidelines before they help with funding. Same thing with the ag preservation waiting list. I'm sure there are politics that people take advantage of. Seems to happen everywhere.
  13. I like it. I would run that 706 for raking and tedding etc here. Nothing wrong at all. Trouble with a list for me is it never seems to get shorter.
  14. I wish water was easy to ship. We had rain Saturday and two downpours today again. This time of year it seems to soak in quick.
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