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  1. The implement line up looks to be in outstanding condition. Some neat pieces there.
  2. Do 8n models have hour meters or is that a NAA or Jubilee? I'm not a Ford expert. I just am curious about the hour meter.
  3. It is almost a piece of art. I don't know if I would be able to take it to the field. If or when you do bale with it I can't imagine the feeling of accomplishment...
  4. What type of planter is that? Are you notilling into grass in the one pic? We had planted about 800 trees last year and 300 dried up in August. Always wanted to try trees. Replanted and went up to 1000 total this spring. I know the number is nothing but just wanted to experiment. It hasn't gone well so far.
  5. Occasionally I will look to see where someone is from when they are talking about these $1000 tractors and roads wide enough to pull a 16ft mower for 100s of miles. 😁 It is public information. No big deal.
  6. 706 money I would guess. Definitely better then an m or 560 if it has a good loader. I'm in PA. The loader itself might bring 3000 here. $5000 for the works here if not more. $7500 plus with good rubber if it is nice.
  7. Almost bought a 1655 gas with a really good westendorf loader on several years ago but the loader was so slow. Any pictures? Price would be anyone's guess without pics and location.
  8. Think you are spot on with the Kubota market. Kubota skid steers and mini excavators are coming on strong to. Most Kubota compact owners I see gently use their stuff and will pay to have dealer service. I'll bet they have 1000s and 1000s of units out there that they service off a truck.
  9. I forget how many they employ but it is a significant number. They are in NJ every day for service last I talked to one of the service guys. I used to live off I78 and they would stop on the way to or from NJ.
  10. One nice thing with Messick's is they have trucks running delivery routes. I'm 45 minutes maybe even an hour from them but for $10 they will deliver anything I order using a company funded truck and driver. I like to support Zimmerman's but it is hard to beat Messick's delivery service on non essentials.
  11. I don't think anyone has planted in our part of PA yet. It is really dry and warm here. I don't think we got over an inch in all of April. I think a lot of the double croppers have their rye off. Triticale is coming soon. Our triticale is a later variety and it needs rain to reach potential.
  12. If you really want to build one keep your eye out for good used trusses and you can size from there. I don't know what others will say about this but another option for posts is telephone poles. If you get lucky they can be had cheap enough. We have 2 telephone pole buildings here. Kind of built just like a pole building.
  13. Here is what happens when your concrete wall isn't high enough and you scrape up against it. Kind of an embarrassing picture but just so you can see. I think the guy that built this was trying to save money on forming and concrete.
  14. I think about 3 miles east from their current location on RT 283 between mt joy and Elizabethtown. This will replace their flagship store. They talk about it in their spring sales flyer. If you get Lancaster farming the flyer was in there this week. They say they have outgrown their current location. I have had good experiences with them. I can't imagine their sales volume.
  15. Any one else see Messick's is building a new facility from the ground up? Details are sketchy online but it looks like several hundred thousand square feet under one roof. I'm going to guess it will be the largest dealer facility in the north east.
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