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  1. Grouser Bars

    Im not a very good welder. I assumed stick welder too.
  2. Great explanation. What would be an example of an industrial application for this tractor?
  3. Grouser Bars

    Looks great. You really get into a variety of projects. This one seems like an awful lot of actual welding.
  4. life in our corner

    My guess is Disneyland in California. I dont think it is Disney in Florida.
  5. Cummins 24v help PLEASE

    I was basically at home when it happened. I had to shovel the snow out of the engine compartment with my hands. I grabbed a socket driver to move the tensioner, put the belt back on and after a jump start was good to go. No damage. Sorry, dumb little side story that this thread made me think of.
  6. Cummins 24v help PLEASE

    This is interesting. As a side note two years ago I got in a snow drift drift with my 12v. I kept pushing (no plow) and pushed enough snow into the engine compartment to derail the serpentine belt. The truck kept running. The engine got warm quick and the batteries were run down when I went to restart it.
  7. Long term customer loyalty has no meaning these days

    I agree that too many businesses have to chase customers for payment thus ruining their will to be flexibile. In the op's case it is unfortunate that they would risk loosing a customer over a few $. On the flip side I have net30 accounts with several places. I wouldnt be happy if they changed terms and refused services because of other customers' actions.
  8. What a crappy spot for an oil filter

    It is a good truck without any issues. At 245000 miles one has to wonder how long the 8.1 and allison will go before having problems. Back to the op's thread Im sure it is my technique that causes the oil change mess. If I put it on ramps or something I would have a little more room to reach around.
  9. What a crappy spot for an oil filter

    Im with you. 2002 2500hd chevy 8.1. I usually lay on my back and just shimmy under it to change the filter. Trouble is with my "backyard" technique I cant ever seem to get the old filter manuvered down out of there without dumping the used oil out of it and on to my arm. I do like the cartridge filters on top of the 4cyl gm engines. Trouble is one time I cracked the plastic piece that covers and retains the filter. Didn't know it until the low oil light came on and got to see it pushing out the crack. Nothing as bad as your experience with the Acadia.
  10. life in our corner

    Praying for you and everyone attached to this sector of ag. Just learned today that a young family I know lost their milk market in the Dean foods cuts. They are with local processor Swiss which is owned by Dean. They were given until the end of May. I was told there is a meeting next week in which farmers are asking for an extension past May in an effort to find the best poseible outlet to sell their herd. The specific farm I am referring to is multi generational with the parents retaining ownership. This family is blessed to have minimal farm debt and it sounds like they will not have sell the farm. I think they are the exception. Hang in there. We are pulling for dairy farmers.
  11. life in our corner

    Liberalism at its finest. We are about 2 hours away. I don't know anyone im my circle that thinks of Filthy Delphia as a great city.
  12. Walmart/Dean Foods

    Swiss premium dairy in Lebanon county has been owned by Dean for several years now. I believe 2 Lebanon county dairies received 90 day notices. This is the first in our immediate area. According to the news one of the affected farms called all the local processors. My uderstanding is 4 said we cant take any more milk and 2 hadn't returned phone calls. In our area we have farms with Swiss, Land o Lakes, Clover, Rosenbergers, Mount joy farmers co op, and Lehigh. We are in sad times. Most farms here are small. If they cant find a new market they are effectively put out of business and forced to sell the farm. Their cows are worth little compared to the height of the market, and their farm is now devalued due to this lack of milk market. It is a terrible downward spiral. Im not a dairyman but have friends that are. Buy milk and dairy products. Support local.
  13. Quick question

    I dont like sharkbites but they serve a purpose. Do you have the little insert in the end of the pex pipe before you apply the sharkbite? Is the sharkbite damaged? Follow RKOs advise. This could serve as a permanent repair under a stock tank or frost free waterer.
  14. 786

    Too little info to even guess. Does it run, drive, shift ok? Any pics?
  15. National garbage collector

    This boils my blood. Unbelievable. I would stop nothing short of getting what I wanted. I have been doing a lot of house rehab work in the last 2 years andmake frequent tripsmto our landfill. They are charging $66 per ton. No dount your hauler is taking advantage. My contractor friend has a 4yd at his house. Weekly emptying costs him $75 a month.