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  1. I have never seen a loader like that before.
  2. Local elevator in PA has a cash corn price of 5.12 listed on their website. We are a corn deficite state. Prices have sure jumped up.
  3. Absolutely rediculous. This is why insurance costs what it does.
  4. Really to many variables. Lebanon county PA auction prices for good grass or mixed hay (3x3x7) have been at or close to $200 ton the last few weeks. Usually round bales sell at a discount. Small squares $4 to $8 depending on quality. Set your price based off what you need.
  5. Looks good. Do you have trouble with too much shade from all the trees?
  6. Our area of the northeaster us has been abnormally wet for almost 2 years. The last few days the weather has finally calmed down a bit but the water table will be high for awhile even if the rain holds off.
  7. Cheap cheap cheap! Cant imagine anything other then the Belarus bringing that little on the east coast. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I like it. Should keep the grill from getting smashed too.
  9. There were several dent massager businesses that popped up here when it happened. They only messed with the new, almost new and high value cars. I agree the can do remarkable things.
  10. That stinks. There was a substantial hail storm 20 miles from here a few years ago. I remeber the day clearly as it was near where my wife works. Luckily she missed the hail. 1000s and 1000s of cars were destroyed. Blew out car windows and all. A bunch of those cars are still running around. Insurance totaled most of the ones with coverage. Some people didnt have coverage and others bought the totaled cars back. Im sure it looks way worse in person.
  11. Farmer ingunuity right there!
  12. I also always enjoyed reading his informative posts. Sorry to hear this sad news. Chris
  13. I have had a ton of barn swallows in years past. They make a terrible mess. Last year a ran a large fan for the few cattle I have and that seemed to keep most of them away. Im not sure if it was the moving air, the fan noise, or just a fluke.
  14. Implement dealer has an exchange cabinet. When i fix got my torch set the tanks were pretty old and crepid. Eventually traded the tanks in for newer ones no questions asked. I definitelty own them. I guess you start by talking to whever you are going to get your supply from.
  15. Thhe latternfly is known to be an excellent hitch hiker. The semi truck rule sounds like it is rediculous. Im sorry to say nothing is going to stop their spread with cars traveling the interstates. All that can be done is try to slow the spread down. The Ash borer will end up completely wiping out ash trees around here and now this.
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