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  1. hobbyfarm

    New Ram (Dodge)

    Are you guys sure? They still offered the unicorn (almost impossible to find) 6 speed manual last I had heard. With the redesign is it gone?
  2. hobbyfarm

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Time for this post to go poof. Ill say as nicely as I can that there is no reasoning across party lines. This is not what RPF is about.
  3. hobbyfarm

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Hey now. My wife drives a subaru and we are republicans/Trump voters. We are hardworking conservative people who we not given anything in life. I can say we are somewhat disappointed that the drama in Washington never settled down after the president took office. Back to the original post Alexandria Cortez does not share the values of the majority of rural America. She is an educated idiot. Those of us that provide for ourselves (and provide for others) have a hard time accepting the entitlement mentality. Our personal tax liability is great enough. The last thing I want to do is pay more tax to support those who choose not to apply themselves.
  4. hobbyfarm

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    I have read some articles on Alexandria since she was elected. Long story short she is socialism to the extreme. Her views are enough to make me puke.
  5. hobbyfarm

    Gas prices

    2.579 here today. 😟
  6. hobbyfarm

    MX 120 open station

    Sorry i cant answer you questions. I can say local dealer has sold several of them that are in use around us. I think they are pretty neat in the era of mfd cab tractors.
  7. hobbyfarm

    Recent auction results

    Looks like a real nice 806 for the money. The rough ones bring almost that much around here.
  8. hobbyfarm

    Not Red - Square Baling Video and Thanks!!!!

    Nice video. At some points it looks like quite a bit of hay going through the baler. Im surprised at how well that tractor powers the baler.
  9. hobbyfarm

    In Search of My Father's 504

    Good luck! Sure looks like it was well taken care of up untill the sale.
  10. hobbyfarm

    1981 Christmas specials at your IH dealer

    Pretty neat. The battery charger seems expensive.
  11. hobbyfarm

    Farmall M with Sheppard diesel

    This one sold earlier this year. It was from the Don Hershey collection. It brought almost 10 grand!
  12. hobbyfarm

    Ge stock

    It seems there are more companies then ever in trouble during recent years. It is sad to see. I have to agree with Atilla that it is difficult to understand the wealth made in facebook and other "pixie dust"companies. Im going to exclude Amazon from the pixie dust. They providing a measurable service. Probably the most successful measurable service around!
  13. hobbyfarm


    Yes i agree a lot of siding waa covered over many years ago. Now adays it is too brittle to cover over. It was much more pliable in years gone by.
  14. hobbyfarm


    There are two categories of abestos. Friable and non friable. The bad asbestos is the kind that releases fibers into the air when disturbed. Without looking i beliebe this is the friable kind. Yes it was used in plaster but it is pretty rare around here. Horse hair plaster is still real prevelant and poses no known health risks. If the home predates the 1900s good chance the plaster is abestos free. I have seen it on cast boiler piping. Most boilers of that vintage are long gone but there can be insulation or even residue on piping running across basements etc. There is still quite a bit of abestos siding here too. It is hard like glass and poses no health risks. Usually it is removed and not covered when residing a home. If someone tries to nail new siding to it the tiles break and pieces fall down behind the new siding. The local landfill excepts abestos siding like any other trash as it is considered nonfriable? The biggest issue can be insurance. A lot of companies dont like to insure abestos sided homes because of the risk of having to reside the whole place. Like i mentioned earlier the tiles are hard/potentially brittle. When something happens and some tiles get broken the only option is residing the home.
  15. hobbyfarm

    1998 K2500, Can I Run E15?

    Well dont listen to me. We are buying E87 not E85 or E15. I think E87 is guarenteed 87 octane with 10 percent ethanol in it? Looks like a completely different animal then what you are talking about. Here is our pricing. PA is highest fuel taxes in the nation. Too bad the road conditions dont reflect the money collected.😁