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  1. Yes we always hand cut with pruners. I like the ones that have a knife on both sides or a thin flat edge so the don't crush the stems. There are so many varieties out there it is unbelievable. Outstanding seed company invests quite a bit in pumpkin research and I feel is the market leader of new varieties. Weused to feed a few green and not marketable ones to our cattle. I'm not sure if it was worth it but the cattle liked them. The process for the canning company that I had seen here was pretty neat. There is a tractor that windrows them and one that loads them into a semi or wagons without any manual labor.
  2. I had seen that this past week. Very interesting. They could probably make a living casting and selling anvils alone.
  3. On nine spinning it fast definitely helps it start easier especially in the cold.
  4. Nothing here last I looked. Bare shelves or covered with something else. The other day my neighbor says if I need 223 or 9mm stop over and he will take good care of me. 😲 I would imagine there are some big stashes out there.
  5. $3000 for a running driving 856 is a steal. I would think I could sell a non runner to the salvage yard for that price.
  6. Looks good. If your selling for carving be careful those stems don't degrade while on the vine or off. Just a wild guess but I'm thinking powdery mildew killed your vines.
  7. hobbyfarm


    We are dry. Today I was 20 mins north and I couldnt believe how short the corn was. Im thinking it was 5ft at most.
  8. I kind of agree with everything said. I have a 12k deck over with standup ramps and a convertible tail. The loading height for equipment can be scary. The ramps on mine are spring assist and built so heavy they can hold about anything. My trailer is getting tired and needs some work. I am not sure what direction I want to go.
  9. Interesting tractor with the front axle. If you bought it right you could be money ahead with all those weights and front axle.
  10. I have had some issues with them slowly leaning and falling. I don't own my own round baler yet. Have been using a custom guy with a claas baler wrapper combo. Seems like some cuttings stack really well. My first cutting grass gave me the most trouble. The Sudan and oats stacked real well.
  11. Bitty never know it could possibly be the earliest one still around.
  12. Here is one for you. Regularly see crazy prices.
  13. Nice video. How high do you stack those bales? Ever have trouble with them compressing and falling or leaning?
  14. Nothing as low as 10k here. Sky is the limit if the Amish or Mennonites want it. In Lancaster county 40,000 an acre happens regularly in the heart or amish country. Yes 40000 an acre. They had to be using old money. I would say we average 15 and up to 20k with buildings.
  15. Could be a 574. Is that a combine in beans? They dont look like they are ready if that is what i am seeing.
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