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  1. hobbyfarm

    Hay Pics

    Some serious height on that hay grazer.
  2. hobbyfarm

    Thank you LORD!

    Just checked rain gauge. About 3.5 inches today. 5.25 to 5.5 inches in the last 30 hours.
  3. I guess I should add affordable for guys like me that enjoy shooting but divert what money we have into other holes like farming.😁
  4. hobbyfarm

    Thank you LORD!

    Mto same thing except last evening we got almost 2 inches. Haven't checked today but we got quite a bit maybe more then 2 again. We were really burnt up at our farm. The rain has been in pockets all around us but finally drought is not on our radar for awhile at least.
  5. What kind of yield do you get or how many bales per acre? Are you cutting at 30 inches?
  6. My earlier stuff came out of ground right away due to timely moisture. Later stuff was slower emerging due to it being bone dry. I would say moderately dry to approaching very dry here. My understanding is hot and dry is what Sudan likes. T storms have just been missing us. The second cutting hay is looking like it isn't growing. Too bad because I just bought an idiot cube maker and was dreaming of making 2000 to 3000 small bales to sell before going back to rounds. On the Craigslist thing I have a bunch of baleage listed in the wouldn't mind selling but everyone that contacts me are flakes. I know it isn't the season but don't reach out and say you will take some and then not show up...
  7. I have about 20 acres of Sudangrass out split between a May 30th and June 16th planting. This is part of the May 30th planting. The June 16th planting followed forage oats. Anyone grow stuff out of this family of crops? Do you grow Sorgum-sudangrass or straight sudangrass and why? I think I have the do and don't down with this crop but do you test it prior to feeding? This is AS 9302 a dawrf dry stem variety. It will be ready for first cutting next week I think. It isn't dawrf in yield just in stem. I would love to get it dry for it's second cutting. This is my first time growing it but allegedly it dries down pretty good. Anyone with a climate simiar to PA achieve dry baling?
  8. Just a few acres of pumpkins were our thing for many years until moving recently. A few things: Bees are needed are large acreages The wild bees should pollinate a garden or truck patch just fine. It is early to have a good fruit set at this point. Be patient is good advice. Some fruit always aborts too. Many things affect pollination from extreme heat which prevents flowers from staying open very long in the AM to too much rain which keeps bees from flying. Also tight plant spacing or plant stress to name a few. Many varieties of pumpkins out there some are semi bush up to full vine that could vine out 12 to 20 ft. Hopefully in time they will come. Without a spray program Powdery Mildew can wreck them quick later in the season in our area.
  9. They follow me mowing too. Yesterday there was 2 dive bombing and tormenting the porch cat as it was walking along.😁
  10. Several excellent small local and regional banks in our area. I would think they could get a loan by going that direction if the have down money and enough income to pay for the place.
  11. Odd man out I use a glock 33 which is the 357sig cal. I bought it years ago when the 357sig was the next best thing.
  12. No limits on anything here thank God. I feel for you guys that make a living in the dairy sector. I think the fear of the unknown would kill me. Just looking at local ag paper this evening. Hay, straw, fat cattle all down here. I am no economist but obciously not good.
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