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  1. Mccormick Mtx135, IH 1466, Case 430 skid steer, Gehl chopper, Dion? hay wagon, Risser feed cart, Baumlight QC65? generator, etc. Suppossedly it is all sitting together. Friend and I were after the skid steer and the genrator. Possibly the Mccormick? The Mccormick is a one owner but slips in 3rd (all ranges). The 1466 was a cab tractor. It isnt the nicest and the front end is loose. It was a mixer tractor the last several years.
  2. Funny you guys say about the ghost bids. I was warned of that very thing. Basically i was told "Fraley" will bid on things just to run them up for prospective buyers and not let them go for nothing. Of course i dont know exactly what that means since i have never gone. Generally speaking with ag income in the toilet i would think there would be some good buys for those with cash and a need or want. Sounds like buyer beware. There is a snake not to far from us that will call sold on things when there wasnt a high bid and the object is going back home with the seller. On the flip side we have some excellent auctioneers in our area that dont play these games. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Here is a question for you. The selling for a secured creditor list is someone i know. We are still debating taking the trip up. Is it true prices are all over the place? Is this really the largest sale in the East and will it run way into the evening? There are a couple things we would be after since we know their history but there is so many other things i should be doing.
  4. Awesome pictures. Some day I need to do some traveling and do sight seeing.
  5. Thanks for all the responses. I really enjoy reading this forum and looking at all the pics.
  6. Free speech is different from respecting each other. Im not saying go hug your enemy but if we want people to continue to use this forum they need to have good experiences. Also, I really wasnt referring to political threads. Those are the enter if you dare and according to the rules really shouldnt be on here anyway. When some guy has a question about a clutch and is told he shouldnt of bought the tractor or when someone has the dreaded oil capacity question and is esentially told they are an idiot are examples of my concerns. Insulting new members who stumbled onto the forum and the responses from our panel of experts is just wrong. There is nothing wrong with jabbing about the usefullness of a Ford N series vs a Farmall letter series. America was built on competition.
  7. Exactly. The Amish I know use their tractors for manure pumps, mixers, stationary choppers, etc. Field work is what the draft animals are for.
  8. One of the things that attracted me to this forum is this great group of like minded strangers that will give free guidance on anything from IH and CIH, along with numerous other farm, rural, and outdoor related topics. Even if I dont post i enjoy reading almost daily and get a great education from our forum experts. Recently some members have taken to attacking people whonare simply asking a question or looking for that same guidance that I have been given. I feel like this drives others away and keeps the experts from replying. Who wants to ask a question only to insulted or attacked? This recent trend is very disappointing. Why in the world would anyone want to turn someone away from sharing in our passion for IH? If you dont have anything nice to say maybe it is better to say nothing at all. I know this post is probably inappropriate but thanks for listening...
  9. Yep. That about sums it up. Latest rumor is she doesnt even live in the district that elected her.
  10. hobbyfarm

    Wheel repair

    I wish my basement had the same treasures! Nice job. I like the front weights too. I had seen a set of them bring $650 in 2017.
  11. 3 prong ungrounded outlets are not permitted. I would think the seller would either have to upgrade the wiring (big cost) or switch the outlets back to the old 2 prong to meet code. Sounds like you are finding lots of shady "home owner" work.
  12. hobbyfarm

    land prices !

    There are parts of Lancaster county that these farms continually bring $20,000 to $30,000 an acre. They dont need to be in spectacular condition or with a superb home either. It seems to be all about location within the plain sect community. $15,000 an acre is a good gauge in our area just an hour north. To answer your question these plain communities are backed by old family money, and lots of it. They are insured and many times funded through their church. They have minimial expenses and frills within their lifestyle. The more i think about this i dont know how these farms could ever pay back.
  13. Best picture I have at the moment. I believe this is traditional PA German bank barn built prior to 1850, possibly 1830s. It is handhewn chestnut and wood peg construction. There were 4 white doors on the side visible at one point. Two of them are now sided over with tin. The doors were highly functional pieces back in the day. When loading hay into the loft horses would stand on this side and be attached to a pully system. The roping would go from a track in the ceiling out through the doors to the horses.. They would walk the horses forward to hoist and stack loose hay. The barn does need some work but is standing strong for 175+ years. I cant imagine the time it took to build this barn and the hand hewn log house across from it.
  14. I had missed this until now. Glad you are okay. This is a wakeup call for all of us to be carefull. Routine chores can turn into tragedy almost instantly.
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