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  1. Chasing the escapees is always scary. We have a ton of spring gets here. If I was rich i would get rid of them all and put regular gets in. The deer are constantly getting tangled in the spring gated and wrecking or tangling them. We let the beef cows out in a pasture with 3 different spring gates today. Within a 5 minutes 3 calves were underneath one of the spring gates and on the wrong side of the fence...
  2. $3000 in the east half of that anywhere else from what you guys say? Loader would be half of the value or more. Had a 285 for a couple years. One size up and newer model. Was a good utility tractor until the engine started to knock. The next series newer I know can have some steering problems including loose front ends weak pumps etc. I think I got $3500 or $3800 from it for salvage with a loader on it.
  3. Most all the lunches going out of local schools are free for the taking and on the tax payers dime.
  4. Free school lunches for pickup everywhere around here too. The butcer shop comment is right on. Highly respected custom butcher fills full on custom slaughtering or farmer provided beef and pork but all his retail sales floor beef is from boxes due the fda inspections that would be required to process live animals to retail. Harrisburg dairies (co op) is having at least some of their dairy farms dump 2 days worth of milk. I cant imagine. The other co op Clover Farms is allegedly paying for the dumped milk and my Harrisburg connection has insurance that will cover the loss at least this time around. It is getting so ugly for you guys. Im so sorry.
  5. Customers would sure buy powdered milk, can milk, etc right now if it was available. Unfortunately I am sure there is no capacity on processing these items. There are also supply chain issues ice cream and butters that could be selling.
  6. It is the truth here for clover farms producers and a crying shame. My understanding is the dairy bottling plant is completely full of fluid milk and has no where go with it. Im just speculating on the following: I believe fluid sales have been strong for the last several weeks. The issue is the butter plant, ice cream plants, and candy making plants are not operating anywhere near capacity causing the issue. I know attendance at other manufacturing facilities is not good due to covid 19 scaring people, child care issues eith schools out and daycares shut down, and temporarily attendance policies that simply allow people to miss work. Im guessing the same attendance issues spill over into the dairy processing sector causing them to have to cut down on production. The stores desperately need butter and ice cream products but the supply chain is currently cripled. Fluid sales and in stock havent beem an issue. I talked to someone today that ships milk to harrisburg dairies. They were kicked to the curb when swiss (dean foods) cut many farms and were blessed to be picked up by harrisburg. They were wondering if they would get the same notice.
  7. Looks a lot like an old time black smiths tool for grabbing the hot piece of iron out of the fire and holding it while beating it into shape against an anvil. The length is so it doesnt get so hot where you would grab it with your leather glove. Just a guess...
  8. hobbyfarm

    Corona virus

    In my area i dont think you can get tested unless you have symptoms. The test results are slow to come back taking a week also.
  9. hobbyfarm

    $1.88 E10

    Got 150 gallons of e87 put in our bulk tank last week. When i paid the bill today I couldnt believe it. 1.72 with the discount in the gas tax capital of the US.
  10. hobbyfarm

    Corona virus

    I dont disagree with anyone's thoughts or opinions on this. My concern is the ease and rate that this virus spreads at. We probably arent much more than 2 hours from NYC. This thing could easily explode in our area. The poconos in PA is a getaway area for many including those that have second homes from from NY. The small cities in PA are places where many from NYC relocate or come to visit family. As people from NY come our way some are bringing this virus with them. We will never know if keeping people home worked to slow the spread. People are still having social gatherings sleepovers etc and having many non essential interactions with others. Both my wife and i are still working. Unfortunately many people are in big trouble with lost income weather they are the business owner or the guy cleaning the toilets. My ft gig is a store manager at a grocery store. I see first hand the panic shopping, hoarding, and concern from some people. I also see great things from many customers and most all of my 200+ employees. This will pass. The question is how long, how much damage will be done, and how many people it will take out. It would be interesting to read back through everyones comments 6 months from now. Only time will tell.
  11. Those guys asking 3k to 4k are just dreaming. My opinion fwiw is there is no way they will ever get that. Was a few Allis sales here last year or 2 and good running refurbished tractors didnt bring much more then a grand. As a seller $1000 is a good starting point. I hope you can get it. You never know if the right guy will come along...
  12. Thank you for the open offer to everyone. Wrong side of the country for me. Recently had my 656 running for the 1st time since fall. It sure does start hard compared to my other engines.
  13. right or wrong grapes have always been our treats for the pekin ducks. they live many many years so grapes cant be too bad for them. As i side note the biggest iseue we had years ago was predators when everything is iced over. Last several years we kept an aerator on the pond which keeps some water open and creates a duck safety zone.
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