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  1. It is and when I dividing the 100k out per acre off my guess of the nutrient analysis it would be cheaper then purchased fertilizer. It is just the thought that $100000 in income from a biproduct of your operation seems crazy.
  2. This about sums it up where the fertilizer market is. 100 grand for poop!
  3. Very windy or at least breezy here. That kept the action down.
  4. I'm thinking mader656 had bought a fancy t post driver. I think our fence was put in around 2008. I have a few bad posts. I guess there will be a lot more coming.
  5. hobbyfarm


    I talked to the local hoof trimmer who has all the contacts. I think we will try to ai them. A good conversation on this thread for sure.
  6. Looks nice a straight. Good news with most neighbors is you will get the truth vs buying one at a sale somewhere.
  7. I don't know that 7k is high. Junk cultimulchers bring half of that. It looks like a good shed kept one.
  8. No idea. It can't be food grade stuff. No way could edible food be chopped like that without being washed in a chlorine bath.
  9. hobbyfarm


    I think it was $12 head to ai plus the straw cost. I could be wrong. As far as syncing I'm not sure. That is something we could do ourselves I believe. I'm going to look into this. Lots of small dairies that use ai services in our area.
  10. hobbyfarm


    Sounds like a similar situation. I bought the best that I could afford out of the trial. Word is the prices were off since it was during start of pandemic and their first online only sale. I hate to even think of sale barning him. That would be a waste. Trying AI would gain me another year. Select sires would do it for me. Trouble there is they would have to be kept away from the bull all summer. Something to consider.
  11. I appreciate you posting this stuff. If you aren't working for Steffes and they aren't yours aren't we just talking about where the market is?
  12. hobbyfarm


    Yeah I would call "line breeding" inbreeding here too. I don't know that I want to lease the one I have. Somehow my cattle got lice back in March. I had bought 2 cows in December and am guessing it came from them. Sharing animals is risky business. I guess I should advertise him over winter and move on.
  13. hobbyfarm


    I bought a good bull out of the penn state performance sale before spring of 2020. I'm 2 seasons in (spring calving) and looking at keeping 8 of his daughters. Should I try to sell him? He his good and is registered angus with all the epds from the penn state trials. I'm not so sure this means I'll be able to even sell him very easily. Of course when I sell him I need another which means shell out but $. Some not so in the know say breed them back to him. Doesn't seem right to me but they call it "line breeding". Looking for thoughts from you cattle guys.
  14. Mader that would probably be an $8500 truck here if not more. Too bad you aren't closer. They are dieing off from rot here.
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