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  1. My beef cows have been on a sundangrass baleage only diet for 3 months or more with no issues. My sudangrass baleage has a unique smell to it different from regular grass baleage. If it is made and managed right I feel there is little risk of nitrate posioning. I think the guidelines are never over fertilize with nitrogen beyond 1 unit per projected growing day and never harvest until x amount of days after a killing frost. It sounds like yours was made pretty wet. Mine is not sticky at all. I would think if you can get it dryer next time it will unroll better. Lots of varieties out the
  2. Too bad shipping isn't free. Where do they come from? I'm guessing trades and such?
  3. I don't know that the anvils stop here at $3 a pound. I have seen them at auctions bring a grand on up.
  4. I like it. Would be great for picking off the varmints.
  5. I can't imagine finding them for less then $125 in PA. The 75lb ones would be the same $125 if not more. Dealer has new generic ones for $100 each last I had seen. If a puller wanted weights that may be the way to go. A purist not so much. I would buy any ih stamped weights I see at less then $125.
  6. Mud season definitely coming soon here. We have a lot of snow cover yet but it is going to be well above freezing this week. Last year we spread lime March 1 followed by planting oats on March 16th. No way will the ground be fit on March 1 this year.
  7. Nice job. That old pickup is pretty clean too. I don't think hardly any survived the rust here.
  8. I'm hoping you are the documented sole owner of this corporation. I would hate to see someone or someone's family try to do an end around for their share. People are nuts and when it comes down to money will do anything. Is the corporation you are trying to dissolve able to lease the land to yourself or another LLC? If you are really getting double taxed there should be a way out of that in the mean time.
  9. This is only our second lambing season and we have very little sheep experience. We have just 25 breeding ewes. They are registered Kathadins which are a hair sheep. This means they ideally have no wool land instead shed their hair. Their purpose is meat. Our purpose or goal with the sheep is to grow the herd a bit, sell registered breeding stock, sell to the backyard pet market, and lastly sell to the meat market. For us I see the biggest opportunity to be selling registered breeding stock. No tail docking here and it seems on market lambs going to meat market up to 100lbs being a ram
  10. This is really a question for an attorney which I am not. I do have some personal experience with taxes but am far from an expert. Take my advice for what it is worth which is nothing. I guess my question is what property does said C Corp own? Is it land or is it a depreciated asset such as farm equipment buildings etc? Still just guessing but I am afraid that any depreciated asset is going to cause a tax liability situation if and when the value needs to be recaptured such as disolving a corporation. I would also assume the corporation has no money to pay this potential liability.
  11. An ssv65 or ssv75 is what I would like to upgrade to. I've only ran the tracked svl75 for more then a bit but I was impressed. The ability to run it with the cab door up or down is a plus in itself. I know of 2 guys running. Kubota and they have zero complaints.
  12. I have favored Advanced here just out of convienance. On a side note I used to work next to a very successful Advanced. They had several drivers that would deliver parts to service places all around. Not sure if Advanced is a franchise or not but that store was moving a huge amount of inventory due to the relationships they built.
  13. Wow! They aren't making more of them that is for sure.
  14. Thanks for the reminder. I really should plug my skid steer in but I dont. It starts good in the 30s but I have to crank it a bit when it is in the 20s. I think I'll just keep cranking rater then risk an incident.
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