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  1. Hard work for sure. Some forks ard better then others but irregardless a ton of work. Worst is when there are multiple layers.
  2. That is the one. Changed filter and it has been fine since. Probably 80 hours on it since maybe more.
  3. What do you do with mini pigs? Pets?
  4. Did you replace the filter yet? I know nothing other then mine is plugged up twice over 2 years with sludge type stuff. I had a post on here about it I think. Steering was the first thing I noticed along with a whine.
  5. A longhorn guy down the road from me recently told me he hates deer. He said they don't pay rent and don't contribute anything to his operation. Although we like to hunt them he is pretty spot on. We have seen up to 30 deer munching on crops at one time at our place. I can't imagine elk. That would be like a whole nother herd of beef cows.
  6. Looks like a blast. How does the wide row affect corn yield? Lower population I would guess.
  7. Good thing is they aren't real heavy. I'm afraid with 4 rings it has some height. Here farmer boy ag would come stand that up and bolt it down for $75 or so. I would call your local bin dealer and ask. We had them move a bin for us 2 different times.
  8. Not the same but just as dangerous as the 3-5 year olds that ride between dad's feet on the zero turn. I've seen it numerous times around here.
  9. This guy came out of a belted galloway in late March. I bought a few animals from my seed dealer over winter. I wanted to stay black but he had a random belted cow and heifer that were pretty good. We don't creep feed. Probably should but we move the cattle every 2 days or so and that would be one more thing to move.
  10. Looks like a killer. I wouldn't want one around.
  11. Nice set up. The new pump looks very similar to the trash compactor set ups in the big box stores. We run our 656 at idle for about 2 days straight each year on a potting soil mixer using both pto and hydraulic remote. Know what you mean about the noise.
  12. Several "cheap" tractors compared to our neighborhood. I'm surprised a lot of them didn't bring more. Anyone think interest rates have anything to do with it?
  13. Not every ash has succumbed to ash borer. There are some here that is holding out and going strong. I say this and they will probably be dead next season.
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