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  1. Good lord on the skid loader. A few years ago they went for $5000.
  2. Only pictures of the back of the machine that I have. It is tucked into the shed now.
  3. hobbyfarm


    Stauffers is right by me. I guess they reach far.
  4. Thanks for the tip. All that was left was the inner race and retainer. My torch time is limited. I was kind of scared that if I mess up that piece of shaft I am trouble. Right or wrong cleaned things up with fine sand paper so the new would go on.
  5. CIH 8312. I'm not sure of the lineage but very much the same as Hesston. Zimmermans sold me an agco packaged bearing. Hope to keep this thing going a few more years. Im guessing it has a lot of acres through it. I've had it about 3 years.
  6. Had a bearing go out on the discbine conditioner. It was a fight but I got it done. I applaud you guys that does this every day. I'm sure you learn tricks after awhile but still some things aren't easy. A combination of heating it dull red hot and a gear puller got it done. Harder then it looks for an amateur.
  7. Electric company replacing transmission lines through our place. The have all diesel powered equipment loaders, skid steers, etc. I figured the electric company should use electric equipment and vehicles. I guess they don't believe in them. That could be part of the problem.😃
  8. Use the good stuff, hytran. Find a way to cover that thing up and prevent any water infiltration. I car port, heavy tarp, anything is better then nothing in my opinion.
  9. Wheat would all be double cropped with soybeans following here. Wildly guessing. Cost to grow corn high while wheat can be double cropped? I always feel like I'm missing out not growing corn. Seed dealer says I am not. I personally know several different ft farmers (confinement barn income) that grow small grains and forages, no corn.
  10. My 5250 Maxxum keeps loosing prime on the left brake. Stand pipe on front reservoir is good. Seems to be leaking down when it sits. Lots of air in it again today. Am I going to be able to nurse this through the season? I understand a repair will require pulling the axle which I will probably not do myself. Guess I should see how quickly it leaks down again too.
  11. Well I have a tenant who moved in down the road back in December. He stops to pay rent with his kids earlier this month. Bugs are not his friend. Said he needed bug spray for him and the kids before they would get out of their suv and see the animals so took a rain check. Bugs aren't bad in early May. I guess bugs are never bad in the city where they came from. Good tenants though just lost in nature. As for salt years ago I put some 8.1 Allison emblems on my truck. Imports and they lasted a month or 2 before they looked like poo from salt and weather. I removed and trashed them. Got a snake with the stihl trimmer the other day. Scared me but I won.
  12. Prayers for her security and a good child hood. These situations are tragic and heartbreaking.
  13. Was the deer cutting beans or you? 🤔 The deer like to cut beans themselves here.
  14. Yes but if you rebuild you know what you have. Buy a 40 or 50 year old used tractor and expect issues to come. One could make an argument either direction.
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