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  1. There arent any banks that I am aware of that will hold a property as collateral without some sort of appraisil, even if it is a drive by. A lender (bank) has to be the one that orders the appraisil from their list of approved appraisers in the order that they come. This is done to.make things as random as possiboe so no one can cook the appraisil by overstating value. If you are buying with cash or against other assets an appraisil is a waste in my opinion. They typically come in at or right around the purchase price. If you are in the cash/other secured asset scenario offer or pay what it is worth to you. Real estate in our area has appreciated since the beginning of time. If this is a buy and hold (long term investment) and is a desirable property more then likely it will cobtinue to appreciate.
  2. About an hour and 40 min north of us. Looks like Wilkes-Barre Scranton area. Have never heard of them.
  3. Where are you located? I think it is time for a new tech or new shop. Im not a tech and not familiar with the U models but it sounds like an electrical problem.
  4. It was sold new in Ohio. They bought it off auction time. It was smoking pretty badly when they got it. They had injection pump rebuit. No.smoke now. I didnt think to ask what else they did to it.
  5. Stauffer Tractor Repair. They should stand behind it within reason which I like too. HTR is mostly imports from Europe? I am open to consider them.
  6. Looking at loader tractors. I guess I didnt realize what these things cost. Requirements are cab with heat/air, and MFWD or whatever you want to call it. I found a 2011? Mccormick CX90 in nice condition that fits the bill. 1150 hours, Perkins engine, 25mph road speed, mechanical shuttle, 2spd electric t/a or hi/low on shifter, etc. Very little use or wear on loader. Loader was sold new with tractor and is painted to match tractor which I like. They want 35000 which is my absolute max. Any thoughts on the Mccormick CX series or other model options? Also found a CIH 75c at local dealer. 75c maybe lighter? and a more bare bones utility tractor.
  7. Misouri mule, how many wraps are you putting on the baleage? I will be using a similar wrapper Monday evening or Tuesday AM. I am assuming we just count the wraps as it spins around. My neighbor has an anderson individual wrapper that is all automated but he gets either $4 or $5 per bale to use the machine not including the wrap so I am going to use the cheaper option...
  8. I have never seen a loader like that before.
  9. Local elevator in PA has a cash corn price of 5.12 listed on their website. We are a corn deficite state. Prices have sure jumped up.
  10. Absolutely rediculous. This is why insurance costs what it does.
  11. Really to many variables. Lebanon county PA auction prices for good grass or mixed hay (3x3x7) have been at or close to $200 ton the last few weeks. Usually round bales sell at a discount. Small squares $4 to $8 depending on quality. Set your price based off what you need.
  12. Looks good. Do you have trouble with too much shade from all the trees?
  13. Our area of the northeaster us has been abnormally wet for almost 2 years. The last few days the weather has finally calmed down a bit but the water table will be high for awhile even if the rain holds off.
  14. Cheap cheap cheap! Cant imagine anything other then the Belarus bringing that little on the east coast. Thanks for sharing.
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