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  1. In our area balloon framing is typically seen in some or much construction from 1880s to early 1900s. The exterior wall framing is early sawn lumber that runs from thd sill plate to the attic roof line kind of like a pole barn post wood. One house that I did extensive work on used single piece long oversized 2x type material 25 to 30ft long. The concern is that in the event of a fire there arent any fire stops and the framing acts as a chimney chase causing the structure to go up quickly. The homes I am familiar with predate plumbing electric central heat etc. The balloon framing makes rewiring easy when changing out knob and tube running pex etc.
  2. I have one and owned a second. The one I have left is a 1982 model. The mid 80s and prior were all gear drive with a 3spd spicer trans. A second identical tandem trans was an option for rototilling and blowing heavy snow etc. The hydraulic pump on the one I own is belt driven off the crankshaft. They are pretty tough. Mine has a catetory 0 limited hitch. I have run a 3pt hitch one row brinley cultivator on 3 acres of vegetables for 10 years without any noticeable damage to the Powerking. Somewhere I have a brochure I can look for. Also there was an article in antique power regarding them several years back.
  3. hobbyfarm

    Amish Repo

    Amish equipment really varies here. Lots of new stuff running off diesel power units with kive hydraulics pto etc all pulled by draft animals. Many disc mower conditioners and all but new silage special round balers in their fields. Also self loading bale wagons, wheel loaders skid steers etc. All on steel wheels of course.
  4. Is this at the same place as the big spring sale? Cant make it either way. Just curious. I dont ever even see the 75lb weights around here. Also dont think one could by the 100lb ones for $100 anymore. They are more like $125. Or maybe I just dont know where to look.
  5. Never had it but my mom used to make us eat liver and onions. Ill never eat at again unless I am starving and have to.
  6. Your a first class young man. The world needs more like you!
  7. I just read an online article on this rulling. At 40 years old I hope I have a lot of time left but you just never know. I use roundup and its generic equivalent. I wouldnt use it if it didnt work for its intended purpose. Weed control through mechanical or physical means is expensive and time consuming. As I age I feel like anything could cause adverse health problems. I hope Monsato and the EPA are correct. Im not doubting them.however only time will tell. Look at ddt and abestos.
  8. Be careful saying the tractor will stay with you. I went from 52hp to 75hp to 90hp with a cab and now have a 5250 cih with fwa and a loader over 10 years. Each time I thought I would be good to keep the tractor for a long time but my needs changed. I did keep my pos 656 which i bought while i had a 574 and wasnt included in my upgrades above. Im all red. That is where the local service and support is. I would want a 2wd loader tractor if you tending livestock in the winter.
  9. Great for the kids. You guys hunt doe too or just buck? Do you struggle with deer damage? We just bought a larger place this year. Multiple deer are out in the fields every day. My wife decided she likes seeing them and we shouldnt try to exterminate them. I harvested a buck and said one is all we need. I hope we are not overrrun with damage next year from my decision not to use my 2 doe tags. My son wants to start hunting next year which is pretty exciting.
  10. I would say good money too. The larger ones are pretty much absent from doing any work around here. Still a bunch of the 3000 to 5000 series around here. As high as the 9600 went it would be cheap horsepower of it ran out decent. It has to be 130 to 150 hp?
  11. That is cheap although Im sure price varies depending on location. Around here asking price would be $1500 to $2500.
  12. Sure could be. $700 is more like the price I would have liked to see. After looking online at 2 local Woods dealers I have sticker shock.
  13. Mower brought $2100 iirc. It seemed tight but for me it was getting to steep for what it was. I let it go. I would guess I could find a much newer one that in real good condition for $3500+. No deals at this sale. I did come home with some overpriced fence panels and a round bale unroller.
  14. Just in the last 2 or 3 years there was a case jn Lancaster County where some kids kept running down crops. It went on forever and the farmer didnt know who they were or where they were coming from. One day the farmer finally caught one of them. He held the punk at gunpoint while he waited for police and gathered information. Turned out the farmer became the criminal for pulling a weapon on the kid. Apparently tresspass laws here are inadequit even when tresspassing with ill intent such as crop distruction.
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