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  1. Spent just a few minutes reading part of this and researching the author. A two parent married household has lots of advantages. I cant see anyone disputing that. She is fullfilling her own prophecy based off her personal situation in her bias research. Dei is running wild. Usda gives larger funding cost share percentages to minorities for no good reason. I know a company that hires for diversity over just about anything else and has lost some focus on what they should be doing. For the succesful company damage is done over time but certainly not good.
  2. Live weight or on the rail? If live weight I would have a hard time not sending a few more.
  3. With sexed seman the dairy guys here breed the cows they want replacements from for heifer calves. They know their projected replacement needs and can breed the remainder of their herd to beef bulls. Some are using cheap embryos that arent the latest and greatest and getting a top quality beef breed bull calf out of their holstein calves. To answer (or i should say not answer) your question I don't know anyone locally breeding beef cross calves back from these scenarios. They are all going to be finished for the slaughter market.
  4. Driest June here in many years here. I guess we don't know how grateful we normally are.
  5. Baled a little bit of grass hay right behind the barn. Hope to do some more next week.
  6. I would guess there aren't a lot if any guys on here with the smaller a series farmalls. At one point there was a guy with a new 140a. I had 75c for a few years but that is a completely different animal. With that low of hours it is still a brand new tractor. The big dealer here charges a trip charge or hauling even on warranty work. It makes a guy not want to buy from them. Assuming you bought it from said dealer I would be very annoyed. If it happens again something isn't right. These are pretty crude tractors by todays standards but they should still shift and operate without issue.
  7. A gov deals shopper. Lots of competition on there any more.
  8. 73.00 here. Those are way too nice for the crusher/shredder. Homemade fenders?
  9. I like deer but at the same time hate them. Put a fawn through the discbine last week. They ate all my new pine tree transpants 2 winters ago. A buck rubbed several that were a few years old damaging them. I'm replacing spring gates this week. The spring gates are like giant slinkies. The deer wreck them all the time.
  10. Slightly off subject but seen Zimmermans had a new puma 220 for $232000 or something along those lines. Short of the true mega dairy who can afford that just to run it into the ground?
  11. I meant the type you ride or drive not the type you eat.
  12. Im still on the hunt for a utility vehicle. What are the differences between a HPX and XUV model from the 2006 to 2008 timeframe? I don't understand the what the letters mean.
  13. Just a few guys growing limited acres of sunflowers here for the bird seed market. How do you market them?
  14. Broke the windshield. Sure is dirty without it. Have one coming.
  15. I get the decline on repair. Based off your finding it sounds like the owner should have filed a claim with his insurance. I try to avoid claims at all costs but this sounds like a no way out situation.
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