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  1. Is your new turbo doing ok for you? Looks and sounds great to me but I’m no expert.
  2. I see 3 bottoms in the pic, Todd. Is that what it is or is it bigger?
  3. Happy Birthday Bill , Eric and whoever else’s it is ! Hope it was a great day for you all!
  4. Still trying to eliminate any other simple issues with the harness or solenoids. New module is over $1000!
  5. We have a 900 8 row that has the level lift/auto marker module on it. Planter won’t raise or lower and markers won’t function either. It has power to the module connecter but not back in the marker control switch. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Manual says something about an emergency harness to use if module is bad??
  6. 240/70R15=9.5-15 280/70R15=11L-15 320/70R15=12.5-15 I have some of all three sizes in use.
  7. Firestone makes 15 inch radial implement tires in various sizes. Since I have switched to them over six years ago on everything from wagons to discs we have had only three flats out of 2 dozen or more of the new radials. Look up Firestone Destination Radial implement tires. They are great!
  8. Looks like the rear tires could possibly be original? Might be far fetched but they look like an old tread pattern.
  9. Do you have training in electronics? You being able to put together your own auto steer and section control is absolutely amazing in my book!
  10. Congrats! Glad you delved into the 66 series. I know you like 86 series but I have a feeling you’ll like 1566 a lot.
  11. I agree with the transmission noise being the problem. Especially in the most used gear/gears after they get some age.
  12. As far as the original question I have spent a lot of hours in 4366’s,4568’s and 4786’s. The 4786 had the nicest cab of course but wasn’t all that quiet either. The 4366’s and 4586’s were miserable to sit in all day noise wise. The a/c systems were less than desirable also, if they were even working.
  13. Ratios are close. Have to shift quickly.
  14. X2! If I ever win the lottery Brian will be one of the first I call for an awesome tractor or two!
  15. Ford blue and white is a nice color combo. Looks great! So the 756 fenders didn’t take?
  16. How’s business, Mike? Are you seeing any decline in people wanting to refurbish ‘88s due to Covid19? I hope not anyway.
  17. It has some leaks that need to be fixed and the front end is a tad sloppy. Needing new rubber too. I guess it is only original once. This shiny version appeals to me also!
  18. I hope to restore this 1566 someday.
  19. You mean you can buy 1066’s at Walmart!! They have everything!
  20. X2. I don’t do Facebook so all this is news to me. Pictures please!
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