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    5388 (replica prototype) from 1984 sn#0001, 1976 1086 (first built),1963 Prototype 1206 sn# 508 ,2# TX-148/5488's prototype load cell tractors sn#505 and believe #501 ,our dads B Farmall , Pro Farm Super WD 9 pulling tractor , 1984 1420 Combine 1981 782 Cub Cadet, DX24 Case International Compact Tractor, Case IH 9150 Steiger , ( our dads 1954 Caterpillar D 6 and 1957 Caterpillar D 6 😊 )

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  1. Calif . Antique Equipment Show is here!

    I will take pictures today , Tony is going to be a busy guy 😳 Lots of very cool stuff here , oh and the weather is great 😎😎 Danny
  2. Found the needle.

    Look at the psi side of the turbo , if there is no oil residue in there then look at the compressor wheel to see if it has rubbed the housing . If both areas look good put some oil in the supply side and turn it over and see how it feels . You might be luck and it needs nothing 😊 Otherwise put a new turbo on and don't by a no name one, they are junk . Danny
  3. Calif . Antique Equipment Show is here!

    Just cut his finger alittle Tony , we all bleed red !!! 😂😂 Danny
  4. Mopar guys

    That is one darn sharpe old Power Wagon 😎😎 Danny
  5. 886 Wet stacking d358

    Put it under a good load for the day and it will clean it up . You tell him to use the better grade fuel with additive in it . You could pull the injectors and make sure there in good working order and opening psi is up to spec . Danny
  6. Injection Pump missing timing marks

    Just roll it over to 18 degrees on the flywheel and you can pull it off , if you having the pump worked on just tell the guy to put your pump back on number 6 or no 1 and they will mark the timing mark for you when the pump gets port timed . Danny
  7. Mopar guys

    What that guy been smokin 😂😂😂 Get that thing to the crushed to save our Mopar name !! Danny
  8. Calif . Antique Equipment Show is here!

    Dang Tony , can't wait to see everything and enjoy some nice weather 😎😎 Danny
  9. 856 #20

    I tried to get him to just bring them out to my place 10 years ago and let me hot water wash , buff and wax , detail each one of them and paint the rear rims . He had to think about it and I never heard from him ever again . The guy was never married and has all the equipment him and his dad bought new and the only time it has ever been out is when it was in the field . From what I know sold his farmland to a big developer from California and part of it went to the new elementary school here in our town . The developer played there games and only got him his down payment money back in 08 and still has not got the rest of the money until 2020 . Well he passed away and never seen his money 😞 I hope his nephew doesn't sell off all the really nice stuff before his sale , it would make this old boy feel good if his stuff went to a good home . If and when they do there sale I will try and let you guys know . Danny
  10. Owen and I have 5x88's coming out of our ears

    I see that is what's in the future but that Mr 3 Foot has to go to school and then you wear yourself out , don't know how I learned that one .im thinking even a part time guy to help roll stuff apart , clean parts , run for parts , clean , mow the lawn . Dang this sounds like the dream job 😂😂 Keep up with the good work Mike , remember that one thing , work smarter not harder 😎😎 Danny
  11. Owen and I have 5x88's coming out of our ears

    Wow Mike , that is a lot of hours of work , your new shed looks nice 😊 Looks like you better get a couple more Mike Links clones in there helping you 😂😂 Danny
  12. 856 #20

    I knew the owner of this equipment and he had me look at all his stuff about 10 plus years ago and wanted me to paint his tractors , I begged the guy not to paint them 😳 That shed is 10 min from my house , I was in there about two months ago and looked at all the stuff and it's all very nice . This guy is selling the stuff for his late uncle . It was all bought new and has never left the farm and was only out while it was being used . Him and his aunt were going to have an auction but must of decided to sell stuff off peice by peice ? Danny
  13. Owen's IH bike

    Looks great Mike , tell the family hi from me 😊 Danny
  14. April 14, 2018 Blizzard

    It has been snowing here since Friday night ,mower on and off a few times and the for sat is snow here until Monday 4:00 am 😳 I feel bad for you Casey having your poor cows coughs out in this weather , sure hope it warms up soon and act like spring instead of December
  15. Toy 16th Stray Horse Pulling Tractor

    He doesn't live to far from me , I should stop in sometime and check out his shop . Danny