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  1. Must be a reman ? I always use new pumps only and make sure you put oil in the pump and turn it over before you install them so there not starting dry . Danny
  2. I put my water in from our house to the shop at 9 ft down and then put the 220 electric down at 24" in (grey plastic) electric conduit . My guy that helped me with the electric said I didn't need to do that but I figured if a few more dollars to put it in there was cheap insurance if I ever had to change anything I could pull it through the conduit , it's a hundred plus feet from the house to the shop . Danny
  3. Happy Birthday Tony , Hope you had a great day 😊😊😊 Danny
  4. Maynard , if it's anything like it was when I was in the shop , no one wanted to work on them and then you felt bad for the guy that owned them damn things , it was like a dog chasing its tail , motor, powershift , rearend, powershift , electric steering !! ( Well there I should be good everything is brand new ) Oh , then it would start all over again only in a different order of failure 😳😳 It no wonder they went broke before IH with tractors like those !!! Danny
  5. Stay far ,far , away ! , just buy a Steiger with a powershift , 9170,9270,9370 . If you buy that old Case and after first time the powershift , final drive, motor takes a dump you will of spent enough money you would of owned a Steiger .I have seen a lot of guys buy these thinking those old Case tractors are cheap power and just so you know there the most expensive tractor you could ever buy 😳 Danny
  6. Thanks you guys , I'm working on getting everything put away for the season , snow coming in tomorrow and wed. Danny
  7. Looks good Tony , the hood on Old Wilson might need some light rubbing compound then was it . Let me know if I need to come out for a service call 👍😊 Danny
  8. Go straight to a Cummins Dealers and get OEM kit and there gaskets . A friend of mine just did a Magnum overhaul and it come from Hy Capacity and its using oil , a gallon a day !! Last I talked to him they still have not come up with away to fix this tractor , h and he is using Case IH 15/40 oil . This friend of mine worked at Case IH for many years and knows how to overhaul motors . Now he gets to do it again on you know who's cost 😳 This sucks that you can't trust any of these kits and we have to pay the price when it don't work 😡 Pay now or pay later . Danny
  9. DirtBoyz07

    04 Pete 379X

    This is my 379 , its not an X model but very nice truck . I bought it in California in 2010 and I don't run it in the snow it will get parked for the winter soon as I'm done with dirt work . Danny
  10. Case IH makes 10 /30 Number 1 Diesel oil , I run that in my Cummins for winter . My Cat D6 has and electronic motor and I have to run there 10/30 in that all year round , they have God oil too . Danny
  11. Make sure you check the plastic line /or replace it from the filter base to the lower tank . Also the square /rubber seals on the steel lines from the filter base to the transfer pump . If the motor don't smoke when you first start turning it over or won't smoke the injection pump will need to be gone through . Check your timing and make sure it's at 18 degrees of so just pull the pump and send it to a fuel shop , don't buy anything from a reman business . Danny
  12. Buy a Magnum for the powershift , yes the gear ratio is exactly the same between the two . If your looking for 7100 series find one that doesn't have the step in the engine oil filter . In 1991 they changed the piston so the second ring didn't break , keep in mind most of the older tractor have already had the engines updated by now . I would tell you to buy a 7120 or 7220 because of the dual speed PTO and if you can't find one then look at a 7140/50 or 724/50 and put a dual speed PTO in it if you need that . If none of this works you can build one like the 5388 then you can have one of the originals that IH had built . Danny
  13. So Case IH is buy Reliance gaskets for there kits too 😳 Dang !! Like the other guys telling you , just go to a truck shop that's Cummins dealer , take a picture of the engine tag on the left front corner of your engine cover . Most of the dealers will have them because they are a lot of 8.3 Cummins in trucks . Danny
  14. DirtBoyz07


    Those darn bolts backing out , I have done a few , our dealer says they do them all the time . Make sure you use a head gasket from Cummins or CNH , no Reliance junk . I did one for a friend on his Perkins this summer and a few weeks later we did it again . He got the gasket set from the Agco dealer and it was a Reliance kit , I'm thinking those guys should rename there company to Rely , rely on doing it over 😳 Danny
  15. Cummins has them on hand if you want a reman one . Danny
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