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    5388 (replica prototype) from 1984 sn#0001, 1976 1086 (first built),1976 ( 886) sn#8602 , second one built , 1963 Prototype 1206 sn# 508 ,2# TX-148/5488's prototype load cell tractors sn#505 and believe #501 ,our dads B Farmall , Pro Farm Super WD 9 pulling tractor , 1984 1420 Combine 1981 782 Cub Cadet, DX24 Case International Compact Tractor, Case IH 9150 Steiger , ( our dads 1954 Caterpillar D 6 and 1957 Caterpillar D 6 😊 )

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  1. Here are two of our farm stock pullers I just got out of the shed this morning , both getting ready for there make over 😊 ‘Danny
  2. Well here she is folks , I put this together this spring in a few weeks after picking it up from my Case IH dealers salvage yard . It’s our new farm stock puller /3000 rpm class , it’s going to be labeled as a 1086 Red Power Special in memory of the one we had on the farm back in the day . I put a DT 466 in it , new TA for a 1586 /heavy duty pulling unit , along with fixing all the lights , tighten up the shifting all the small stuff it’s going in front of the sand blaster today in prep for its new look 👍😎 ‘Danny
  3. Dr Evil , you just wait till you see what’s a new member of the Dirt Boyz Proving Grounds , the 1066 was a honey but all of you will like what’s coming 😎😎 ‘Danny
  4. I can not find my email with the instructions, I think Devon at Devon’s Tractor Parts is selling them and should have the instructions . I had one on my narrow front 1066 , it’s great add on 😊 ‘Danny
  5. Yes I have it , let me look it up , send me a pm and I can get it to you . Danny
  6. After seeing the other narrow front 1066’s I had to post a picture of my old 1066 , first year built , I sold it back in 2015 and been kicking myself ever since 😕 Danny
  7. I just finished one last week with the same problem , order the new jumper tube/seal from the pump to the hyd filter . Get the orings where the pump mounts to the cover , new oring in the pump where the tube goes in . Case IH only has a 148 of them left and when there gone that’s it . So you install it make sure you put the lip side of the seal toward the filter and tap the seal in very careful , leave the tub in the seal , then use down bolts to slide the pump into the ta housing . Have the hyd filter off and go through the hole with a big punch and very carefully tap the jumper tub into the hyd pump , put the filter in and you should be good to go . Let me know if you need any other help . Danny
  8. I’m embarrassed that this had to all start just up the road from our place , these stupid people have burned over 165 places up here , steeling stuff /anything they can walk or drive away with . The worst part of this entire thing is the police are not a loud to shoot these idiots and far as I can see what going on is now it has spread to all the other states because of social media . So each state just lets these people run wild and nothing is happening to them so like I always say bad breads bad 😡😡 I know this is probably is not the way I should be thinking but if we don’t take these people out they will destroy our county !! Danny
  9. Looks great Matt , those are tough old tractors 👍 Are you guys going to put a new dress on the old girl 🤔 ‘Danny
  10. Here are two of Tony’s jewels , they don’t any better than this 😊😊 Danny
  11. Sn # 8601, yes it’s the first one built out of 47,420 total , this is the number per Ken Updike in his sn book Danny
  12. Here are the two 1206 prototypes , sn 505 and 508 Danny
  13. Here is the 3 favorites at the Dirt Boyz Proving Grounds , the 5388, 1086 and the 1066 Danny
  14. Here is old number one 😎 Danny
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