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  1. Great pictures Matt , 👍👍😎 Danny
  2. DT 466 truck motor with an inline pump is what you want to start with . Don't run that pump that comes with the truck motor you will want the ag pump MW Bosch . You will want to check your rules for your area , you might have to run a model 100 ambac pump . We have stuff here in my shop if your looking for used stuff , we have gone up in classes . Send me a pm if you want . Danny
  3. I am glad your ok , my dad was in the construction business running dozers and heavy equipment. He always told me about frozen ground with dozers and loading them on the low boy . They always used old car tires to climb up the ramps and on the deck to park the dozer on . Believe it or not my dad told me they never chained that old D 6 Cat down and hauled them all over around our home town . They had the blade down , in gear , brakes locked 😳 I haul my D6 N LGP today and it sits on old snowmobile tracks on my deck of the low boy , and h and I tie it down with 4 chains 👍
  4. Just so you know , I do have dibs on a 3406A model that could end up here , my buddy is changing the motor out in his 1984 359 Pete and it will get done here so you never know what could happen with that motor 👍😎 There you go guys now you got the gears turning 😂😂 Danny
  5. Happy Birthday Matt , have a great day 😊😊 Danny
  6. Everyone calm 😳 No new projects , just had a guy ask me about the correct color and I have never done anything that old with the grey paint . I'm thinking it's like the gold for the gold demos , if everyone uses the same color code that way when we are at a show everyone's tractors match 👍 For the different levels of the Dirt Boyz Proving Grounds /Bunker 🤔 There is a very small group of people who get in here , my western security division Billy /Brady Boy keeps me under tight wraps , he might be busy with the happenings over in camel and goat country right now !! . Heath you Marty have clearance and have passed the test 😂😂 Matt you will need to contact Billy and start your testing program 😂😂 Everyone enjoy your weekend 😊 Danny
  7. Thank you for the help 😊 Danny
  8. I am looking for the correct paint code for a 1935 F 20 , it's the grey . Thanks Danny
  9. It is to low on psi at high idle , and 0 at idle is not correct either , let me look in the morning and I will send you a note . Danny
  10. Hello David , welcome to the forum 😊 what is your fuel psi saying on the gage at full throttle ? The fuel hose from the fuel filters to the pump needs to be replaced because the hose can go bad restricting fuel flow to the pump and this with cause it to run uneven /cut out at full throttle . I need to look at the correct pump timing for you in the book , I can't remember just off the top of my head for the RD pump . I have the IH service manual on your pump and could copy and email it to you if you want , just send me a PM on here . Make sure your fuel is clean and new fuel filters , check the fuel flow from the bottom of the fuel tank to the fuel filters , I have seen fuel flow restriction from the bottom of the fuel tank so unhook the line at the filters and make sure it has full flow . I would recomend is to pull the injectors and have them gone through . The stock injectors open at 2350 psi , have them cleaned and setup the opening pressure to 3250 psi . Having the psi setup will atomize the fuel better so up will start better and less smoke under full load . Danny
  11. I just got the regular brakes Ryan , those disc brakes would have been another option and the had this on hand . Danny
  12. No tilt bed on Browny , and the truck is on the road everyday . It was loca truck and I think came out of Texas . I am just short of 30,000 miles since I put it together, so total miles on the Dodge that the IH cab is sitting on now has just short of 400,000 miles . Danny
  13. I need to talk to that guy and have him shoot video of all the IH's cast into all the transmission housings . All the first tractors were built out of the transmission's that were all ready for the production IH 50 series power shifts that would have been reliesed in the fall of 1985 . After they introduced the Magnum all of us IH guys really gave the Case boys a hard time for taking credit for steeling our tractor , all they would say was , we built this from the ground up 😂😂 Oh yes you sure did , come over here , see all these IH casting numbers , notice any resemblance with this 50 series tractor sitting right here 🤔🤔, I talked in person with the head IH engineer who built the 50 series powershift when we took the articulated Magnum back to Hinsdale . Getting to hear him tell me in person was very satisfying how the 50 series powershift was done and sitting in the line just feet from where we were standing and after the merger some went to Racine and the rest stayed in Hinsdale for the conversion into the Magnum . Danny
  14. I used the original frame from the dodge and the radiator is still sitting on the factory spot so there is no inner cooler because of not enough room up front behind the grille . The thing runs perfect and I haul a lot of big stuff behind it and it don't run hot and I have it full fueled 👍😎 I would of liked to of moved the cab back a couple more inches but I couldn't because of the legth of the engine compartment . This thing is a a lot of fun to drive and I get complements very day I drive it . Danny
  15. The one I just bought was 17,400.00 plus tax and license , it was alittle more than another dealer but this one has the upgraded paint , and 12,000 axels , spare tire Danny
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