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    5388 (replica prototype) from 1984 sn#0001, 1976 1086 (first built),1976 ( 886) sn#8602 , second one built , 1963 Prototype 1206 sn# 508 ,2# TX-148/5488's prototype load cell tractors sn#505 and believe #501 ,our dads B Farmall , Pro Farm Super WD 9 pulling tractor , 1984 1420 Combine 1981 782 Cub Cadet, DX24 Case International Compact Tractor, Case IH 9150 Steiger , ( our dads 1954 Caterpillar D 6 and 1957 Caterpillar D 6 😊 )

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  1. If I only had the time and a endless supply of money I would have this built . I have put a lot of thought into this and like you guys have talked about , the hinge point would be the easiest part of the build , figuring out the gearing ,building the gears, shafts ,meeting someone to let me take apart the 72/7488 to get all the information 😳😳 oh and getting one of you guys that own a 72/7488 to give up your extra front axel 😳 I know a lot of you think I could do this but I have to say , Uncle , on this one !! 😞 This is not something I could do . Danny
  2. I use 3 M no#1 compound , then wax , don't touch with bare hands . Danny
  3. Those two tractors are related but not even close on transmissions . The Super 70 series are the same transmission as the 50 series and Magnums . The 33,25,3788,63,65,6788 are the same as a 86 series tractors . If I only had the center pivot for a 72/7488 you guys would see a 7688 with a powershift 👍😎 Danny
  4. 56 or 66 series will work Todd , they are getting hard to find . Danny
  5. I would sandblast it , epoxy prime it and the put automotive paint on it . PPG is one of your better paints and the epoxy primer is really good stuff , if you put this on you have 24 hours to put your color on . If you have any questions just send me a pm . Danny
  6. Oh Boy Jerry !! I thinking there might of been some bad words flying 🤔🤔 heck I can fix that right up , you seen me at work getting Tony and Carols new camper adjustments in the parking lot 👍😎 I have had my share of mishaps over he years , it sucks but what do you do . Danny
  7. I sent you a message . Danny
  8. DirtBoyz07

    a pump

    I have a few new Bosch A pumps left fron IH , these were for the 5488's and 7488 tractors . I H had these inline Bosh pumps on the combines and construction equipment on the IH 400 series motors . Danny
  9. I have been out there and run the tractor , it's got an electrical miss. Tony has put everything in that motor new and then some . Make sure you have D 15 Y or the same heat range in a different brand plug and try another set of plugs . If that don't do it put the distributor back in there with the points Tony and try it . I don't think the coil will matter , just make sure you have one with the built in resistor , this will drop the power down to the points so it won't burn the points . May bag is packed , and the planes leave MN/St Paul every min 👍😊😊 Danny
  10. Happy Birthday Todd 😊😊
  11. Find someone who is an Ag Parts Dealer , they can get you a fan motor from AP Air . You have to be a dealer to order from them . Danny
  12. I might put one of them together to there original under cover setup 👍😎 Danny
  13. Case IH would be the first choice , not sure if Maple Hunter would have them . One idea , you could change it back to its original 884 IH 🤔😊 Danny
  14. We checked in with Tony and his wife , they are ok . Danny
  15. This is one of two of my TX148 tractors , sn 505 and we think 501 but they cut the tag off that one , it has unit number one on the hood . Danny
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