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  1. Are you talking the fuel control that goes in the side of the head ? , if it’s all varnished up you should maybe pull the pump and have it gone through . Danny
  2. Great pictures πŸ‘πŸ˜Žβ€˜ The good demo display is from here in Pine Island MN , Randy and his wife knocked it out of the park on there display along with first class restorations πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž Danny
  3. The maroon 1206 is part of the Dirt Boyz Proving Grounds Pulling Team πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž that is my good friend Bruce Dankers from Red Wing MN . He drove all the way out just for the pull and coming back this morning to pull in Wisconsin. β€˜I built the entire tractor here at the shop including the paint , it runs in the Pro Farm class , 466 cu in , 3x3turbo, P Pump . Danny
  4. DirtBoyz07

    Bad day

    That happed about 20 min from my shop , everyone was darn lucky 😳😳 Danny
  5. That’s cool , must be a 1984 because it’s all one color πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž Danny
  6. That chrome cover one is out of a 66 series , if it is original it could of been some left overs from the 66 series buildπŸ€” I have sn1 and sn2 86 series tractors and they both have black tachs Danny
  7. Keep up the good work BJ , this forum is what it is today because of people like you keeping everyone inline πŸ‘πŸ˜Š Danny
  8. Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to make it out , we have stuff going on here at our house 😞 but that’s the way it goes . Maybe next year I hope , hope everyone has a great time . Danny
  9. You can full fuel , then the droop and torque settings , at stock rpms it will make 280 hp to 300 hp . 5 mph is darn slow so it will be tough with that much power . Danny
  10. X2 on AP Air , I had good luck with them , Northern Radiator is the company that builds them , some guys have told me there not the best πŸ€” You can have a new core put in yours at a good radiator shop . Danny
  11. When we run those wheel spacers on the old box car Magnums the axel seals would leak , not sure on those 94 series Cases . Danny
  12. Do the injectors and set them to open at 3250 psi , stock is 2350 psi . If the head has never been off it needs valve seats put in and all new valves to get it up to spec . Then last put the turbo on the shop shelf and put a newer style turbo on there and that will make a huge difference. Danny
  13. Wow , I was gone on vacation and just got back , I see nothing has changed much , 60 comments on a simple valve adjustment , holy balls 😳 J Mech your something , you must love to just ague with your self !! You should think about not trying to make people look or feel stupid that have been doing this for years πŸ€” It’s not that hard if you want to help these guys , take a picture out of your service book on how to do it , simple right . Think about it Danny
  14. Wow Billy , sorry to hear this about your wife , hope she turns out ok πŸ‘ Please tell her hi from Kathy and I . Danny
  15. Yes on the ROP’s , the trees will kill you long before the tip over and I would tell you from y experiment to stay with Cat just because of there parts and service . A few years ago I restored my dads D 6 /unit#2 and our Cat dealer was able to get me every parts I ordered and I thought that was something , 1957 machine . β€˜Unless your going to keep going with this type of work your better just renting one , keep in mind when you rent , one scratch ,dent , broken window 😳 you get to pay to fix . Good luck , Danny
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