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  1. Wow , very nice Chris 👍😎 Danny
  2. I’m running a S2E on a 466 and you won’t have any trouble . You might want to get 5hole .020 tips , .093 lines and make sure you don’t lock the advance for a 3000 rpm class . With the advance locked for that rpm it has no lug , with advance it corrects 14 degrees and that is a big deal , set your timing at 25 degrees . Call Atlas Tractor up in the twin cities for a double disk steel flywheel /clutch setup . The stock clutch will not work with that power , we don’t want anyone getting hurt . send me a pm if you want , we do a lot of this stuff for our own tractors and customers Danny
  3. Like Snoshoe is telling you , it’s on the back side of the main pump housing , there might be a small cover over the 12 point headed bolt , this is you fuel adjustment. I would recommend having it on the dyno to set the power . If your stock no turbo don’t go crazy on the fuel , it’s not going to make a lot more power but will make a lot of black smoke , it raises the cylinder temp and can cause the risk of scoring a cylinder . If your turboed you can get as much as 250 hp full fueled , for running in the field I would keep it around 150 hp . Keep the radiator clean and make sure your running straight 30 w diesel oil . ‘Danny
  4. You can try BK Diesel in Dubuque IA , 563-583-9600 talk to Mike . ‘Danny
  5. It depends what your outside temp is , should run between 20 and 30 on the low side and 150 to 250psi on the high side . If you have a reclaimer I think it holds 4.5 lbs or if your just running it in , run the Freon in until the low side pipe stays cold and stop , check your temp in the cab and you should be good . Make sure to check the cab filter , a lot of guys forget to do that . Wash the radiator out and remove the front grill and tip the hyd cooler and the ac condenser power wash it out good , don’t used a rotors nozzle , just a flat fan type tip . Danny
  6. That dash is out of the 94 series tractor , I dont have the original dash , there is only a couple thing that are not correct on my tractor ‘Danny
  7. Head has been gone through and has seats cut in to it and new guides and valves in it 👍 Danny
  8. That is a very nice restoration 👍 and yes having a RD pump is the first 282 I have ever seen with one 😎 Danny
  9. It can be welded , it was from new when it was built but if you can get a used one there are plenty of used ones out there . Like the other guys are telling you just jack it up at the bell housing and the block of wood on the front axel to the bolster and unbolt it 👍 Danny
  10. That is the way you do it right there 👍😎 BeautifulJob Danny
  11. I was just told a couple weeks ago that the Max Force kits are better than the reliance kits but you need to throw there rings away and put rings on there pistons from Federal Mogul and then it won’t use oil . Reliance gaskets are junk , if you can get OEM stuff don’t use it or you will be doing it again for free . Don’t work neither one of these aftermarket engine kit suppliers will stand behind any of there stuff they sell you , the first words out of there mouth is ( You assemble it wrong ) Danny
  12. Oh Boy Tony , I bet you can talk balers with that guy ?? The next two days are going to get busy with stuff rolling in ? Danny
  13. Looks great ? your little girl looks very excited too ?? Danny
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