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  1. Thanks to all of you , it was a busy day washing stuff up to end the season , semi , dozer , skid loader , shop truck , cement pad , my son helped me with the final wash . Danny
  2. The mower is a Bushwacker made here in MN ,it’s a two blade unit , the thing is tough . The small company that it came from 25 years ago now builds the brush mowers for Cat when I was up there a few years ago . ‘Danny
  3. Some of you know the story on Old Browny , it’s a 68/98 , the cab is a1968 IH 1200 and I mounted it on a 1998 Dodge 1 ton dually , 5 speed manual , Cummins powered .the thing is a great shop truck . I stopped before the skid loader was real stuck so it came out easy and we were back at it . Danny
  4. I went home to Iowa over the weekend to get stuff ready for deer camp coming up . Well get there Saturday morning 9 am unload skid loader and attachments ready to start work and my nephew and neighbor needed help hauling some cornstalk bales . Loaded the skid loader and headed to the field for 50 bales haul , 4 hours and we were back to work at deer camp brush hog mowing , hauling dead trees out with the grapple bucket making some roads through the woods . Everything was good until I slid in the ditch with my Cat skid loader , we had to get my old D 6 Cat out for a recovery mission .
  5. Wow , winter is there for sure 😳 you guys can keep that up there for right now , I have alittle dirt work left to finish up . Danny
  6. Dang 😳 get well soon Danny
  7. That’s terrible, what the - - - -!!!! , there darn lucky they didn’t do that to my dogs , I can tell you they would be breathing our oxygen 😡😡‘ I have hunted since I was a kid and know and respect what I’m hunting and peoples land . It’s just another no respect for anything that what we have going on in the world today . Danny
  8. That’s cool Billy , I thought maybe Sherry Schaffer was out there in that yellow plane 😊 Danny
  9. Thank you Dan , This will help out 👍 Danny
  10. Go on Facebook and there is company ( E Volt ) that sells batteries on there , I just got some for my Laser Level , Dewalt had discontinued them and these guys are making them new and it was 60.00 for two 18 volt batteries . Danny
  11. Here are the gears , small one is 103104C1? 31 tooth , Big gear is 2770473 R1 /42 tooth and 18 spline Thanks Danny
  12. I will let you know today , the guy is bringing the gears over this morning. Thanks for the help , Danny
  13. Well guys , I had a couple hours yesterday and got the motor picked out of the TD 20 and late this afternoon my son and I took the pan off and found the trouble . The man I got it from told me it was running perfect the last day they were using it and the next morning when they started it the motor had a knock . Well I have been doing this for a few years and that story don’t match what I found inside 😳 Number six rod is totally spun and all I found was a part of one half of the bearing , the poor thing was run low on oil . The crank has already been turned to .030 so she is done 😞 So I w
  14. I just watched this on Fox News just now , because of the idiots we have running our state and local government this is what our state/country is turning into 😡 Danny
  15. Thanks we will try the place out East when he gets the gears out . I don’t have any pictures , it’s over in his shop , sorry Thanks Danny
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