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  1. IH 5088 horsepower

    As far as I know(about 15-20 years of history) on mine. motor has been rebuilt, nothing else has been done. Where we are, would have started life as the big tillage tractor. last 10 years has been haying and feeding. Everything works as good as I would expect from a 35 year old tractor.
  2. 2 magnum Questions

    Had same symptoms on the electrical on my 5088. Alternator would charge fine, but ended up having a bad diode on the rectifier board, which would drain the batteries. New alternator solved the problem.
  3. genius's at Genex

    In our area, none of the companys have techs, only sales reps. Has been that way since the 80's. Most guys are doing their own. Enough neighbors in the area that are trained that it is no problem to get it done if you don't do your own. Could probably phone 15 guys within 10 miles of my place that will come do it.
  4. led lighyt question

    The only issue I have heard of is in the winter. A lot of the trailers I work on, guys have put 1 pair of incandescent tail lights in with all the other LED's. That way in the winter 1 set of tail lights will melt the snow off.
  5. Got my shed built today

    Workplace health and safety would be all over my crew if we did that. Can only get away with that when no one is around and there are no cameras around.
  6. Songs about farming

    "Heaven on Dirt", by Doc Walker
  7. Do wild corn dogs grow in your area?

    Lots of them here, but when I spot them, I never seem to have my rubber boots to walk into the knee deep sloughs to harvest them.
  8. Songs about farming

    Forgot one of the classics. Murray Mclauchlan's the "Farmer's song". Guess my picks might show I am from north of the 49th.
  9. Songs about farming

    Jason Aldean, Amarillo Sky is still one of my all time favorites, but what about "On the combine" by High Valley.
  10. Tire Advise

    Had 10-16's on the front of my 5088. Put 11-16's on the 8" rims. One side was fine, stop on the other side cut a groove in tire in first couple weeks. Fabbed two new 10" rims with proper offset(couldn't find a 10" rim anywhere with ih offset), got them blasted and powdercoated, and bought another new tire to put on. Turned out way more expensive than I expected.
  11. Weld repair to Cast Iron vise Jaw

    Just finished repairing one for the local municipality yesterday. I have always preheated with rosebud on torch, weld with Ni-rod, and wrap in fiberglass batt insulation. Have had parts that size that you still couldn't touch by hand 5-6 hours later.
  12. Not as Red anymore

    Downloaded service manual for my 5088 from Farm Manuals Free. Original IH material. Much better than the IT manuals in my opinion.
  13. Ih 55 chisel

    Have rebuilt many of these. Same all the way up to the 5600 chisel plows. Usually build up the slotted holes in the plates with welder and regrind them to original shape. Usually the U bolts in the springs are worn uneven. Also have built guide blocks which run along either side of the shank. Think we used 1 1/2" solid square stock with a hole drilled in either end. Mounts on the underside of the plate using the same bolt holes that mount plate to frame. CIH lists these blocks on the 5600 parts diagram although I have never seen a machine with them factory installed(part #199550C1)
  14. Pickup tires?

    Used to run BFG At's. Really liked the traction and handling, but the softer rubber compound would not stand up to driving on gravel. Had 2 different tires that tore belts at about 40% wear. Tire shop told me sharp stones would cut through tread face, allow moisture in and steel belt was rusting through. Have been running Cooper AT3's since.
  15. Red power in A Dogs Purpose

    Haven't seen anything but the trailers yet, but plan on it. The farm it was filmed at is only a few miles away from me. Was a pretty big deal around here when it was filmed. Family that owns the farm spent the summer in a camper while their house and yard were being used and completely renovated.