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  1. A guy I know always had a theory the first 2 or 3 numbers were approximate horsepower and the last for number of cylinders of the engine. 88 series ended that!
  2. Well he took it to work last night and when he got off he went out to start it the battery was stone dead. So I got a call to come get it going. Tightened the battery connections and still nothing so jump started it and he got home. I got in it later and noticed the gear shift position indicator part of the dash cluster was still lit up and the charging indicator light was on too. I turned the ignition switch off and on a few times and then it went off. I'm not sure that would drain the battery in the 6 hours it sat there. Electrical gremlins are fun to find. 😒
  3. Could be the problem since he has a bare wire. Thanks for that!
  4. Looks like it's fed from the key switch that goes to a 10amp fuse. Page 6-23 on these diagrams. https://cdn.compknowhow.com/carterandgruenewald/wiring_diagrams/IH 50 SERIES.pdf
  5. So my 404 gas would out run the 8.2? It's no ball of fire either with 325 bushels of corn. I really don't use a truck much unless hauling grain in the winter. A tractor with gravity wagons on slick roads is a death wish IF you do get moving.
  6. Below 40 MPH they do. Above 40 they turn the same direction. This explains it better than me. https://gmauthority.com/blog/gm/general-motors-technology/gm-chassis-suspension-technology/gm-quadrasteer/
  7. I've been looking around for an 18' grain box for my 1980 1700 IH truck. I saw this ad for a F600 Ford for sale with a 17' box, hasn't been used in 7 or 8 years at least since the engine started getting diesel fuel in the engine oil. They haven't had it running either since parked. I would guess it's injector seals or injection pump leaking into the crankcase somehow? They couldn't find anyone to work on it at the time. It's parked inside a shed and the box looks excellent. A Detroit 8.2 V8 I think it's called a fuel pincher? No Turbo. The truck has hydraulic brakes and a hydraulic lift tag.
  8. My 19 year old son just bought a 2003 1500HD Chevy Crew Cab truck. 150000 miles and some rocker panel rust, but it's from Minnesota so can be expected. Has 4 wheel steer. That's a weird feeling! Leather heated seats, Bose stereo, 6.0 engine. I'm kind of jealous... He may have a shock coming on the fuel expense compared to the 2004 Grand Prix. (Kept that too.)
  9. I had one done a month ago by them. 9.6 volt.
  10. Big Iron seems to attract some strange hydro tractors lately. https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/1974International1066TractorwTiller
  11. This place here in Iowa does a lot of scale repair. I'd call them. https://www.postequip.net/
  12. I seem to remember finding one on top of the fuel tank under the hood years ago. May have been a 666 or 686.
  13. A few weeks ago I broke the glass on the tachometer of my 706 diesel. I was trying to drive the throttle roll pin out of the shaft and broke my punch off and a piece went through the glass. I did some checking around and was referred to Foreign Speedo Inc at San Diego CA. He guessed if all it needed was a new lens around $50 or so. I had been quoted several hundred dollars by some other places. I sent it to him and he called me later and asked if it worked as it should and wasn't jumpy or anything. I told him it worked fine and he suggested cleaning and oiling it. He called me when done and th
  14. I talked to an owner at another shop today who has one off a 360 truck engine, so it's a rear sump and he has the correct suction tube with it.
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