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  1. Ih 3688

    I wonder if there is an issue with the dump valve or the mcv itself. That light indicates low lube pressure and should come on with the clutch. It dumps the lube oil in the TA. Maybe you could try a gauge.
  2. The "In jail" scam.....

    My mom and my Father in law both got calls like that. My mom, who is 90 now got the call that her grandson was in an accident and needed money to get home. She was told not to call his parents and upset them because they didn't know he was at that particular place. My mom asked which grandson it was and was told, "The oldest one. " She intentionally said the 2nd oldest ones name, and he said yes, it's me. . She said, " Well my oldest grandson's name is _____! Please don't call me back. " My father in law called me one day and asked if my oldest son was in Michigan at a wedding. I said," No he's home in Fargo." Well someone pulled the same line on him. Some people need a life besides trying to rip people off. Mom gets calls quite often from people offering to fix her computer. She just tells them she doesn't own a computer!
  3. Ih 3688

    The dump valve linkage on the mcv may be broken, disconnected or way out of adjustment. It's a 1/4" diameter threaded rod on the left side behind the battery on the clutch linkage. I had a 3688 for a few years that I bought with the speed transmission front countershaft bearing out. Had to replace the speed transmission housing and the TA and clutch. I mostly used it on a 800 IH 12 row 30 semi mounted planter. Needed duals and a full set of front weights to keep it under control. It was a nice tractor but I got an offer to buy it and I got a 5288 later on.
  4. IH856 12V Dual Battery Help

    Same here. I converted my 1066 at one time to 2 12 volt batteries and was not impressed. When it was time for new batteries (only 2 years later) I went back to the 3EH's again.
  5. The 66 and 86's front does look similar to these though. Hey, someone had to say it!!!
  6. 756 Gasser Coolant Temp Sending Unit

    Your old gauge cluster can be fixed. Call Todd at the Farmall Shop. 319-330-7850.
  7. 1086 Exhaust Location

    Saw this 1086 on Auction Time. That pipe looks way too close to the cab to me!!!
  8. 706 leaking oil at pedestal

    The radiator usually doesn't need to come off. If there is a plate between the bottom of the frame rails under the front engine pulley take it off. Disconnect the line at the front and back and you should be able to pull it backwards from under the radiator. There is usually some foam or insulation under the radiator that seals the radiator to the bolster but it can be pulled through it.
  9. Did ALL 15XX tractors come with the 8-bladed fan?

    There were white and red deluxe cabs. The only difference was the white ones had a small window in the door below the bigger one, and the side windows didn't open. My parts book says at serial number 33177 on a 1066 the were the red ones, which is late 1973. First serial number of a 1974 model is 34949. I believe the white deluxe cab started with the 1971 models, at the start.
  10. Dr. Evil

    Happy B Day.
  11. 706 leaking oil at pedestal

    There is a steering line that runs under the radiator to a fitting in the bolster. Pretty common for them to rust through and leak. Pull the grille out and there is a banjo fitting that connects it to the bolster. It's connected to a longer tube behind the frame rail beside the engine. #32 in the picture.
  12. Lost my sister this afternoon

    Prayers sent for you and the family.
  13. What ruled the roads then?

    I remember when I had my 69 Z28 and my 69 Super Bee and I went to get insurance they wanted the VIN and the numbers off the block. The original engines were gone by the time I got the cars. The 302 was gone from the Camaro and the 327 in it when I bought it was shot, so I put together a decent running 350 for it. But it probably had as much or more power than the 302. The block I believe came out of a 76 Chevy pickup. 4 bolt main etc, The Super Bee was a 383 car new, and it had just a standard 4 barrel 440 that was nothing special. When I had to renew the insurance on my Chevelle my insurance agent at the time asked if I raced it. I said" do you want me to lie to you?" He just smiled and checked the no box. He knew darn well I did, he was my kids" bus driver for years and went to my church. He had seen and heard it at cruise nights.