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  1. RIP Randy. I did talk to him on the phone a few times. His family was from this area in NW Iowa. Nice guy.
  2. Those are 2 piece lines with a connector near the front engine cover so you probably don't need to remove the frame rail. But the back lines go to the steering pilot under the fuel tank, so if the tube needs to come out it may be easier. The front ones are fairly short.
  3. I've had a few split that apparently had them removed. They seem to run fine without them in. Sometimes they get plugged and make the front seal of the pump leak fuel into the crankcase. Can't imagine something like that sells for $250. Edit, My dealer website shows it to be $345. You're getting a deal. I think I'd thread in a stand pipe like some tractors have. https://partstore.caseih.com/us/TownCountryImpl1/parts-search.html#epc::mr50757ar681430 A 966 uses the pipe. https://partstore.caseih.com/us/TownCountryImpl1/parts-search.html#epc::mr65615ar682347
  4. There is one on Auction time tomorrow without assist wheels. They had it on an MX240 Bet that's fun in the hills. Or maybe southern Missouri doesn't have hills? https://www.auctiontime.com/listings/farm-equipment/auctions/online/192214621/2003-case-ih-1200
  5. On the way back from picking up some parts a while ago and came up on a bin site next to the highway. No buildings there. A semi truck is parked next to the bin and the auger is running on the bin and soybeans running on the ground. Front half of trailer is pretty full! Turned around and came back, looked in the truck, nobody there. Went and unplugged the out auger and shutdown the transfer auger. I looked at the top access door and it's latched shut. You just never know, someone may be in there kicking beans toward the sump and got hurt or buried. It happens. Just getting in my truck to leave and a guy pulls up in his truck. He says, "What have we got here, a saint?" I said "No, I just figured you hated scooping up grain as much as me. I've done it before too." He said," Yeah I just went home for a bit and got a phone call, You know how that goes." He said thanks and I took off. Now back to work. 😄
  6. You need a ground on each battery and 2 positive cables to the starter.
  7. Those German diesels had some goofy fuel tanks. The 826 I used to have I replaced the batteries with 2E 6 volt batteries. It seemed to start well. I got a pair a month ago for another 826 and they are $50 each more than a 3EH through CNH. Your CCA doesn't double with batteries in series, You would have 1000 cca with 2 6 volts and 800 with 2 12's.
  8. So would it work on a caddy like this? https://www.tractorhouse.com/listings/farm-equipment/for-sale/190915565/elk-creek-300
  9. A local radio station (WNAX 570) airs this show on Saturdays. He's a lawyer who gives legal advice andgets a little carried away a lot on this show. Kind of funny at times. A few examples.
  10. 1256 painted like a 1206. Says 1256 on serial number tag. $11000 in work orders! The 1486 with trans issues may be better deal. Custom 1486 decals and all!
  11. So there is no pto pump available for the fan? Will the wings flex while planting or need to be locked rigid? The wings would raise slightly on my 800 semi mount when the planter was lifted. Same here? I did drive up and look at it earlier and it has7 hoses. 2 on the fan, 2 for the assist wheels and maybe 2 more for folding, and you mentioned case drain, for the fan? What do they use for monitors? The cord had about 9 connectors in it and was different than my Early Riser monitor.
  12. Sometimes I wouldn't mind upgrading to a 1200 series planter. Have a 950 now. I found some 6 row models but they ask about as much as for a 12 row. I found a 12 row stack fold at a local dealership. I'm not sure how I would like going back to a 3 point planter. I had a vertical fold 800 12 row before and ended up putting it on a pull type hitch. Could this stack fold be mounted on a pull type caddy? Seems to me it would be top heavy folded up and would rock forward and backward, but the assist wheels should help with that. Is there a pto pump available for the vacuum fan? I use a 5288 on my 950 so maybe the hydraulics wouldn't be an issue. I have liquid fertilizer tanks on my 950. I would gues they'd be on the tractor again if I did something like this, or pull a tank. https://www.siouxint.com/inventory/?/listings/farm-equipment/for-sale/191371577/case-ih-1200?dlr=1&pcid=2932491
  13. Back when I had my own hogs I had an Art's Way 500. 1000 PTO machine that would hold 4 tons. I normally used the 806 on it and put a heat houser on it in the winter. The hogs were 2 miles away. One winter I had the 1066 on it since it had a cab. Just couldn't see very well to place the unload auger in the bin with a cab on. The grinder had been converted to hydraulic swing and unload and had a folding auger extension. . One summer all the other tractors except the 756 gas were busy so I used it on the grinder. I thought it was going to take forever! I had my 5288 on it once and I could feed corn in as fast as I wanted and it would take it, I just didn't want to bust up the gearbox or something. The 1206 and 1066 were a nice match for it.
  14. Same 2 units I've used for the last 15 years or so. 806 on a 6 row 800 and a 5288 on a 12 row 950.
  15. Gee Pete, I didn't start using reading glasses until about 52 or so. Lucky I guess.
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