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  1. Have you ever used one of their cowl covers for a 66 series red cab? They have a standard and a premium. I need one for my 1066. I got one from K&M before and it was just cab upholstery foam. https://www.apairinc.com/shopping/productDetails.aspx?i=1075764 https://www.apairinc.com/shopping/productDetails.aspx?i=149886 Fehr only offers the foam one.
  2. Well I got the patch done with the 5488 on the 37 disc. It's amazing what an extra 120 horses and big tires at 8 mph can do! Just kept my foot on the diff lock and had at it. I've been thinking maybe I should plant some oats or alfalfa or something in there. It's supposed to get a tile line in there after harvest when the guys get back in the area, but as far behind as our crops are the ground will probably be froze by then.
  3. I have about a 3/4 acre wet spot I haven't been able to get into since harvesting the soybeans on frozen ground last fall. I've been in it several times with the ATV to spray it but it's been too wet to try to dig it up. I went and borrowed a neighbors 14" disc that hasn't been used in years and put it on the 806. Didn't get it all done since it's still pretty wet in the center. The front wheels on the tractor plugged up with mud and started sliding! Maybe I'll hook it on the 5488 and get it done! Anyone know what brand disc this is? I thought it was an International but can't find any markings anywhere. Is it a Kewanee? Here's a few pictures.
  4. If you need a trailer for behind your F 250 you can use mine. It's followed a Ford before and survived!
  5. I texted to ron and pete and IH1466. Maybe they'll respond here. THESD5488 is local to us here too. We are all within about 50 miles of each other.
  6. Nebraska 1206 is around Norfolk and Lorenzo's in the area somewhere. Ihrondiesel is local to me and has a truck. Maybe he could get it here in the area and you get it from here. I have his number if you want me to check. Or I think have your number and I could text it to you. INTERNATIONAL 1466 also has a gooseneck. Or pete1468, he has a truck as well. What size tractor? I have a gooseneck but my 5.7 Chevy isn't a big powerhouse.
  7. I have bought seals and orings for them from Force America. https://www.forceamerica.com/Contact-Us/Service-Centers/FortDodge
  8. I usually do this job through the flip up battery cover opening. Also it may be easier to remove the left battery. Remove the linkage from the selector spool and the snap ring and the spool retainer threads out. HyCapacity makes a special socket to remove that spool but most of the time it can be removed with a wrench. There is an oring inside the bore and a bigger oring on the outside. Some places (Ag Parts) have a quad ring for the inner bore instead of a round o ring. http://www.agpartsltd.com/shopping/productDetails.aspx?i=1047156&c=0 http://www.agpartsltd.com/shopping/productDetails.aspx?i=1053318
  9. You mean Juan Epstein from Welcome Back Kotter? Carry on fellas!
  10. X2, couldn't have said it better. Prayers to all involved.
  11. I was dumping some trash in the dumpster and found this poster my oldest son had hanging in his room years ago. Apparently the 2nd son didn't want it anymore. Being a former fan of some of these guys on the poster, especially Bobby Labonte I rescued it and may hang it in my shop. Bobby had a good run going in the late 90's. Several of them are gone and most aren't racing anymore. I'll try to get a clearer picture. Sorry.
  12. Apparently a lot of the cars were empty. Here's a couple of updates. https://www.ksfy.com/content/news/Train-derailment-causes-issues-in-Northwest-Iowa-513477541.html http://kiwaradio.com/local-news/25-rail-cars-derail-south-of-doon-on-bnsf-railroad/
  13. Last night I was heading west to Rock Valley from home for some parts the parts store left out for me. Saw a bunch of flashing lights ahead about a mile and there was a deputy blocking the road to a railroad overpass. I said to him "They didn't derail another one did they?" He said "Yup, a big mess. This is about 2 miles south east of where they dumped a bunch of oil in the Rock River just over a year ago. It's a good thing we don't have passenger trains up here! https://www.ksfy.com/content/news/Train-derailment-causes-issues-in-Northwest-Iowa-513477541.html
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