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  1. i ran into this on a 7110. Seems to me there are 2 different cylinders on the early Magnums and there is either a different ram or the tie rods are different or something. I know some have threaded inner tie rods and some are welded to the cylinder. If one was replaced and they don't match that could be the problem. https://partstore.caseih.com/us/TownCountryImpl1/parts-search.html#epc::mr50106ar993444
  2. I was thinking a quad ring would stay in the groove better and not squeeze out of place, but with the gasket there it shouldn't move anyway.
  3. No recess in the head surface and the hole in the gasket is bigger than the recess.
  4. A few years ago a customer brought me a diesel engine out of a Nissan fork lift to be overhauled. Went through it with sleeves and pistons, rebuilt the head and injectors, had the block align bored and new cam bearings. They took it and didn't get the engine installed until recently and it has an oil leak between the block and head. So it's here and I took the head off a while back and found there is an oil passage in the block that feeds the rocker arms through the head. There is a groove in the block where some type of seal or o ring needs to be. I called a few forklift places and they don't show one in their parts books and the head gasket doesn't have a seal or anything in it either. The head gasket looked fine, but will get a new one anyway. If there were extra parts in the gasket set I dumped them a long time ago. Any of you had one of these apart? Apparently some Nissan pickups used these engines in the 80's too. I guess any old oring would work but want to make sure I don't see this engine again. ๐Ÿ˜› Picture of the block and oil passage. This is a picture of a new gasket. The circled area goes around the oil passage. No sealer or anything and no orings come with the gasket.
  5. Nice tractors and other things too. He has enough tractors there to put a couple families on tractor rides!
  6. My 1080 S1700 has a 404. The dipstick is on the passenger side between the 2 rear cylinders near the exhaust manifold. I;m not sure when the 404 came out. If it'sa a 345 or that series engine it's near the front of the engine in a vertical position. Near the distributor. My 404.
  7. Mark, you're a few years older than me but it's the same way here. I'm 59 and have been doing mechanic work for 40 years, or will be in November. I have projects here waiting to be fixed for 2 years. There's always something sneaking in to be fixed. And everyone wants to be a priority. No shortage of work, that's for sure. Being too busy is probably worse than not enough to do. I also have been crop farming for over 20 years. Not so many acres now, just 180. But the last 4 years or so have been a battle to get the crops in and out I'm just getting tired of it. Maybe I should give both up and go work for a weekly paycheck. Could happen. Health Insurance for just me and my wife is over $8000 a year!!! My 18 year old son who just graduated from high school is considering going to school for Auto Mechanics. I imagine most of the time they spend on reading and diagnosing codes. Completely different than when I went for the same thing in 1978 and 79.
  8. Mostly non turbo kits like 312, 360 414 436. D 282 as well.
  9. This is the 540 pump. I have one on my 800 6 row.
  10. Thanks, but I did find a couple of tanks off IH Scouts and Pickups. I put it on and haven't seen anything come out of the overflow yet. I'm guessing it holds about a gallon and when I check the coolant the next day the radiator is full again, so apparently it's doing it's job. I should have done that years ago. I have a picture somewhere I'll try to post.
  11. I had an Art's Way grinder I wanted to sell a few years ago. A guy from about 90 miles away called me and wanted pictures. I told him the unloading auger had issues and for only $500 it was a decent unit. I offered to tow it about halfway if interested and meet him. I also had another guy call me after the first one who said he'd take it but I said it was already sold, but if something happened I'd let him know. So the first guy said he'd send his dad to meet me and send a check along. When I got there the guy walked around it and said "What a piece of crap, we're not interested" I asked what he expected for $500? He just got in his truck and drove away. Nice guy! I called the guy's son who was actually supposed to be buying it and left him an enjoyable voicemail, for me anyway. I then called the other guy that called who was almost on my way home, dropped it off and got a check. Just put on and extra 60 miles or so. Some people are so rude it's ridiculous. I guess I should get the money in advance before offering to meet someone and have that happen.
  12. Just like the picture shows from Nate.1 flasher and the rear light on the left fender. My 826 was set up like that and so is my 1066. Except the 66's had 2 flashers. 06 series had the rear floodlight behind the seat.
  13. I got the last corn finished about an hour ago. Here's a picture of the 5288 and the 950 12 row Cyclo when I was filling it with seed.
  14. I had the last 35 acres of corn all ready to plant a week ago and was going to plant it Memorial Day, but got over 2" of rain Sunday night and Monday and was wet all week. Yesterday was finally dry enough to do something with the fields but there was about an inch crust on top and then very wet under that. I didn't really want to field cultivate it again so got the old trusty 5 section drag out and hooked it to the 706. It did a pretty nice job breaking it up. Sometimes the old machinery is good to have around. Hope to plant it tomorrow. Some neighbors still have 400 acres of corn to plant so may help them out then on to soybeans.
  15. How about Jack Reacher vs. John Wick in a street race or a brawl? I vote John Wick on both. ๐Ÿ˜œJust not a huge fan of Tom Cruise I guess.
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