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  1. This 1486 is from the same owner. Read the description. "Engine modified for higher HP and speeds of 32 MPH" 😃 The steering better be good and tight at that speed! https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/1977International14862WDTractor-9
  2. A while back there was a hydro 100 with strange controls. Levers for steering etc. This one has a backhoe on it and is an Industrial with MFD. About a half hour from me. https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/1976InternationalHydro100FWAIndustrialPrototypeMFWDTractorBackhoewLoader
  3. Sad coincidence that's how your governor lost her father. Same county as you correct? https://www.agprofessional.com/article/governors-personal-tragedy-highlights-everyday-safety-need
  4. I had a local plumber/ electrician shop bring in a 1979 S 1924 truck with a big vacuum pump type setup on it. It has a 446 gas with an Allison automatic and air brakes. At least I thought the air brakes was strange. It has a Ford 6 cylinder gas engine on top to run the pump. Both engines seem to have carburetor issues. They both run off the same gas tanks, and the gas smells really old. The tank switching valve isn't working either so may have a fair amount of work on this beast. Both engines start hard and then idle fine but no power. Seems like the V8 is flooding badly. Holley 4160 carburetor on it. They were having problems finding anyone to work on a carburetor. I've had dozens of these apart on old cars and pickups etc along with Quadrajet Rochester/ Carters. I have a 1980 S 1724 myself with a 404, 2 barrel Holley carburetor.
  5. https://radioeng.com/product/panel-bezel-radio-kit-st-1000-radio-for-case-ih-86-88-series-radio-kit/?fwp_market=4-agconstruction%2Ccaseih&fwp_category=9-radios&fwp_per_page=15&fwp_sort=popularity http://soundtrackradios.com/productlist.htm#CASE /IH-INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER-JI CASE
  6. I always heard it was Consolidated Diesel Corporation, joint ownership between CaseIH and Cummins. Not that it matters much.
  7. 5120's had Cummins CDC engines.
  8. I picked up an MFD seal kit for a TG 230 the other day. Kit includes a seal, spacer and instruction sheet. List price is $162.00. The 3 part numbers are listed on the bag and list for $95.75, $3.70 and $8.55, so $108. A difference of $54. Seems like CNH is getting a lot for the plastic bag they come in. Or call it a convenience fee. I can save the instruction sheet and rarely use the spacers anyway. No local dealers stock the seal separately and didn't know it was available alone. I like it when they put these labels on the bag though.
  9. I sold my 826 and bought the other 1066 off Auction Time. Another project in the works. The guy who sold this one says his dad bought it new. 2800 actual hours.Came from Kansas. Cab interior was shot which has been replaced. Needs paint badly. It must have never seen a shed, the tires were all badly cracked.
  10. I didn't fix it myself. The insurance company paid me out around $2500 for it and I sold it to another party who took off the cab and replaced the TA which was weak anyway. I had already bought another cab to go on it which went to the buyer. The weak TA may have had something to do with the wreck. Sometimes it would just stop if you had the lever back and then grab really fast. I told the guy not to use it but he might have anyway. I should have taken the TA lever off I guess. I bought that tractor from a forum member here.I always liked that tractor. It had about 160 HP on the dyno and I had put on these big 700 plus pound wheel weights.20.8 x 38 radial tires. It pulled that 9 shank disc chisel pretty well. It had no 3 point but the top rockshaft and sensing tube were all there. It only had about 4500 hours on it and I found a paper in the cab it had been overhauled about 600 hours before. I had just replaced the cab interior and was going to fix the TA and other issues and get it painted. This is what I replaced it with. I still want another 1466 though someday.
  11. My neighbor did this to my 1466 a few years ago. He hit the throttle coming out of a ditch in high 3rd and lost control going across the road. I guess he didn't think that 436 had enough spunk to make the ditch, but then he owned 4430's so he was used to no bottom end power!😆If that cab wasn't on there he'd be severely injured or dead right now. He called me when it happened and asked how to shut the tractor off since he rolled it, I said yeah sure you did. He assured me he did, I told him to grab the rod on the injection pump and yank it forward. Got it on it's wheels and checked the oil and drove it home. There has to be a roll bar in that cab or he would have been pinched between the seat and the cab roof. The back window and doors never even got bent. People hate these cabs for some reason but for the era they were built they did just fine. I bought a 1066 later on just like it. AC works great.
  12. Just want to squeeze one comment in here before the flames start. Believe it or not I have seen guys tap the hole in the back of the auxiliary valve where the tin plug goes in and run a drain hose back to the rear end housing. Not an approved fix by me either but apparently someone had some extra time and no money to fix it. Maybe that's what Stuart is finding. Pictures would be helpful.
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