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  1. My 5288 and 5488 both have 15 SI Delco alternators on them. 110 amp rating oem but probably putting out 120 or better. Came new that way on ,some tractors, or I've seen some with brushless alternators.
  2. Guys that used to plant soybeans with drills called them a "controlled spill" like the Joh Deere bean cups. Everyone went to Kinze bean units on planters or belt meters on drills. No beans here drilled anynore.
  3. I don't know anyone around with a drill anymore. Probably more broadcast seeders than drills.
  4. I'd start with this, seems like compressor to me, York compressor and 134? file:///C:/Users/Owner/Downloads/Complete_AC_System_Overview.pdf
  5. Seems to rain here every 3 days or so. Yesterday had rain come in from the southeast. Kind of unusual.
  6. I was working on my planter in the shop yesterday and a farmer asked if I could possibly plant sorghum in some wetter spots if needed after his corn. I do have a 144 hole sorghum drum I got with my 800 but never used it. .104" diameter holes. I told him I only had one drum, so could possibly do 6 rows corn and 6 rows sorghum. Would have to adjust population and planting depth accordingly with each half of the planter. It has hydraulic drives that can be set differently on each hopper. Not sure what to run for air pressure, nothing in the book on that. Or use my 800 6 row for just the sorghum. His chemical program would probably need to change. https://talk.newagtalk.com/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=219346&DisplayType=flat&setCookie=1
  7. A dealer near here had a 950 pull type like that on the lot a year ago. I've seen an 8 row 36" like that too, a 950 too. Not many of them in this area anyway. This is a factory unit I believe. https://www.tractorhouse.com/listing/for-sale/227326591/1994-case-ih-950-planters-planting-equipment
  8. Will that tongue fold? Some of the pull types like that did. I bought a 900 semi mount vertical fold at at one time from Sorenson Equipment at Harlan IA and hauled it home on their 30 foot Donahue flatbed trailer. Backed it on the side and unfolded the wings, fit fine. Pulled it behind the K3500 diesel I had at the time. Maybe they'd rent it to you? Talk to Corey at 712 755 2455
  9. Ag Parts has reamers they rent, but probably a deposit required. Bet the reamer is probably at least $400 new. http://www.agpartsltd.com/shopping/productDetails.aspx?i=1046802 Found this on a search.
  10. I've done it before by jacking up the front of the tractor and tipping the axle down on the left side and blocking it. Just be careful with the drill.
  11. Best to go to the tapered pin.
  12. 17 at 3 dealers and 27 on my own and counting with no intention of retiring. So there is that... I know a few mechanics who used to post on here a lot but got tired of arguing with people that thought they knew all there is to know about mechanics. Like J Mech and TCM tech. I'm still learning every day. Accusing me of pounding a rubber seal in with a hammer, that's a good one.
  13. Pushed in an oiled seal with a deep socket for 44 years now. No problems until about 5 years ago.
  14. Last one I got was a Maxiforce kit from Don's Diesel in Kansas. Trey came up with a Fel Pro gasket set somewhere too. They also have Reliance and Clevite and other options. https://www.donsdiesel.com/
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