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  1. FarmerFixEmUp

    2290 Case Brakes

    If I pump the brake several times it gets a good solid pedal. Tried bleeding them and no better. I'm wondering if the disc is shot and it's just taking extra oil to get the piston out far enough.
  2. FarmerFixEmUp

    Upgraded grain heads

    I tired yours this morning but couldn't get through to yours either. I deleted some so maybe try again?
  3. FarmerFixEmUp

    Abilene Machine Step Kit

    Delete the visual image of that!! Wide tires can get a little tight in bigger corn but not bad. My sprayer tractor has 18.4x38"s and last summer some of my corn was almost waist high by the time it got sprayed because of all the rain.
  4. FarmerFixEmUp

    2290 Case Brakes

    I have a customer with a 2290 and the right hand brake has been spongy when depressing the pedal for a while now. I tried bleeding it several times and it doesn't seem to get any better. The left hand brake works fine. The right brake is connected to one of those Mico brake locks like they use on trucks with hydraulic brakes. I don't believe he ever uses it since the park lock works. There is a bleeder screw on the body of that brake lock and it seems to bleed out fine. Is there anything in there that would make a spongy pedal, like a cup or something? I would bypass it but someone spliced the brake lines with inverted flare connectors to that valve and the hose to the original tube is just a standard flare like a JIC fitting. Maybe I should just take it off but if it's OK inside I can just as well leave it on. I told him a while back the axle may need to come off to replace the brake piston orings but would like to eliminate that if possible. Thanks for any input.
  5. FarmerFixEmUp

    Abilene Machine Step Kit

    I put a set of the Abilene Machine steps on a 1466 no cab tractor. Looks OK to me. They suggest replacing the rear hydraulic clutch booster tube with a hose but with a little bending I got it to work. The only thing is sometimes he has a loader on this tractor so I'm not sure how close the loader frame will get to the step and handrail. There's no swivel to it like the K&M. This tractor has 20.8x38 tires on 38" row spacing and there's only 4" of clearance to the step so probably limited to what you can use it on.
  6. FarmerFixEmUp

    Upgraded grain heads

    Priced it.
  7. FarmerFixEmUp

    Upgraded grain heads

    I called there last week about a rear assist axle for a TR86. have you seen it? Forget what machine they say it came off.
  8. FarmerFixEmUp

    Rear Wheel Drive on a New Holland Combine

    Looks like if I go through with this project you'll need to make a trip to our side of the state to help out. I probably should make a trip to the yard that has it and look it over before they take all the parts off. I don't know anyone in the area with a RWA on this age combine to copy if needed. Thanks for the information!
  9. FarmerFixEmUp

    Rear Wheel Drive on a New Holland Combine

    That must be out of a service manual. My operator's manual doesn't have anything like that.
  10. FarmerFixEmUp

    756 temp gauge

    I've had quite a few repaired. Call Todd at 319-330-7850. IN NE Iowa. Somehow he can replace the tube assembly.
  11. Looking into possibly adding a rear drive axle to my TR86 combine. The owner's manual has no info about what rear and front tire sizes are needed to match so I'm assuming it doesn't matter since it's an all hydraulc drive ? Hydraulic oil to all 4 wheels from the same pump. Apparently there's no flow divider to keep the front and rear axle separate. It does say 14.9x24 or 16.9x26 rear tires are needed. I have 12.4x24 now. I guess these tires are needed since the RWA axle has 9 bolt rims and mine are 8 bolt. I talked to a mechanic who put a few on and he says if the combine does spin out it always a rear wheel since there's not a lot of weight on the rear axle, especially with an empty grain tank. He's added weights to the rear axle to eliminate that. The hydraulic system can direct all the oil to the one wheel with the least traction according to him. Any advice on this swap? Thanks.
  12. FarmerFixEmUp

    Getting a 2 for one deal at local hospital

    Hoping they all feel better soon.
  13. I have quite a bit of harvesting to do yet when and if it dries out. Looking into the possibility of renting/borrowing a tractor to get loaded wagons to the road and let the 2wd tractors take it form there. At least my biggest wagon is a 365. Probably be doing it one load at a time. I already got 2 wagons stuck this fall and it was relatively dry compared to what we are looking at ahead of us. I have a few neighbors with 7140/7240 MFD tractors and another with a couple 8970 New Hollands, they also have a Cat Challenger 45. A close to me feedlot has an assortment of 2+2 tractors on yard scrapers etc I could maybe get into. I'm thinking a 2+2 would have an advantage, or maybe I'm ALL WET!!!😛 GET it... All Wet? Never Mind.
  14. FarmerFixEmUp

    K&M steps

    Abilene Machine has a step kit for no cab tractors at about 1/2 price of the K&M step. It comes with the handrail which is separate on the K&M. The Abilene Machine unit probably has no swivel feature at all by the looks of it. I have one ordered for a customer's 1466. It has 20.8x38 tires on 36" spacing so we'll have to see how that fits in there. I have the K&M kit on my 806 and I like it just fine. 18.4x38 tires on 30" rows. Mostly bought it for my dad since getting on and off that tractor when he was in his early 80's was pretty difficult. This was maybe 10 years ago and I believe it was under $300 at the time. List price now is $428 plus $66 for the handrail.
  15. FarmerFixEmUp

    Drying Soybeans in a bin

    I did it in my 30' bin several years ago. It has a stirator and an axial fan. I turned the heat down as far as I could, around 80 degrees and they went from 15 to 13 within 24 hours. After cooling they were 12.5. Then ran them into another bin and stored them until spring.