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  1. This is my current car. Just a plain Chevelle with a few modifications. This picture is back when they used to let us have fun in the hometown cruise nights. I had a pair that were legit "Muscle Cars". A 1969 Super Bee and a 69 Z28 Camaro. Both had the original engines gone when I got them but I modified them after I got them. Super Bee had a 440 4 speed and the Z28 got a good 350. Also had a 1972 El Camino. Again slightly modified. I think I had 5 of the Biscayne/ Impalas. 68 Biscayne, 64 Impala, 67 Impala, 69 Impala, and my parents had a 72 Impala. Not really muscle cars either, but for a while I had a pretty stout 327 in the 69 4 door. Powerglide and 4.56 gears, it surprised a lot of people.
  2. X2. I may have left out Indy Car, at least at Indianopolis they have a prayer. At least used to. I haven't tuned in to one of them for a long time either.
  3. What other sporting event starts with a prayer nowadays? Just watched the beginning of the Talladega race and they also had a Boy Scout Troop doing the Pledge of Allegiance. With "Under God" included. Also, when did they start racing Mustangs and Camaros? I haven't tuned i for a while I guess!
  4. The GAC plus reads test weight. That's what I have too.
  5. My oldest son lives in Fargo and sent me this picture. It's still snowing there.
  6. The outer lights should be trapezoid and the inner ones flood pattern.
  7. Wow! That's a shocker! I'm just reading this for the first time. Prayers sent from us a little farther north. If you need help with harvesting or anything just keep me informed. We're close enough to you to help out if needed. I have a niece who works at that hospital. She's a surgical nurse, hopefully you don't meet her! ๐Ÿคจ
  8. I got a set of the hi low beam lights from Mike for my 5288 which I use for planting. I ran another wire to the front lights and have a toggle switch connected to them for the high and low beam control with an indicator light in the dash that comes on with the high beams. They are a lot brighter than my 5488's standard lights are. I remember when we thought halogens were the best.
  9. I've been following one of these around the corn fields the last few days. There are some guys starting with soybeans this week. Guess I should have cleaned the windshield before the picture!
  10. I had that with my 973 New Holland on my TR86. I had a new SCH setup on it and wasn't really happy with it's cutting either. Especially when combining a neighbor's beans that had been cultivated. The tires of the combine riding between the rows is enough to tilt the cutterbar backwards enough that it looked bad. I had better luck going across the rows diagonally. The feeder house was adjusted to the settings the book said it should have. Last year I tilted it forward one hole and the difference was amazing. Difference in tire brand and size is enough to make it not work correctly. Last year after soybeans I had a mud hog axle put on the combine and the rear tires are a different size, hopefully I'm not starting from scratch again! ๐Ÿคจ
  11. OK, lets put a different spin on this topic and see how you guys react. Hypothetical of course! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Say a farmer goes to a bank for a loan to rent (or buy) a neighbor's farm. The loan officer also farms, what a coincidence. The banker now knows whose farm is up for rent and the loan officer offers a price and gets it. Or he has a few "high school friends" who he lets in on the details and they get it rented. Or a realtor / auctioneer is approached by a retiring farmer to auction or list his farm for sale and have an auction of his machinery. The realtor says he'd do the auction for free if he can rent the farmland for 10 years. Or makes an offer to buy the land at a certain price . Just curious how people will respond to this.
  12. I had a customer come in today to pick up his tractor and we were talking about different things. He told me that a farmer near here went in to the local Coop and asked the agronomy manager if he knew a good candidate to rent some farmland he owns. (Why he asked him I don't know, I think he had him in mind already. ) Apparently the coop employee said he'd rent it from him. My customer told me he didn't think the agronomist ,(who is also the assistant manager ) should be farming and taking it away from a neighbor or someone who needs it for a living. This coop guy already farms some, maybe 80 acres but it was part of the deal when he bought the acreage he lives on. I guess I'm kind of undecided on this but tend to agree with my customer. Especially if he's getting fertilizer and seed and chemicals at a discount. I have no idea if employees get that or not. That would be an unfair advantage. But I do know farmers who take on seed dealerships just to get a discount on their needs and don't try to sell any to other customers. I know the General manager farms some with his brothers too. It's some type of family corporation. I also have heard of some coops that own hogs and have them fed by other people. That's total BS in my opinion. Pretty much direct competition with their customers. I guess to be fair I use the parts discount I get to repair my own equipment. I guess it's a "hidden benefit" ! What do you guys think?
  13. That was a gas Oldsmobile engine with different heads on it. Known for cracking heads.
  14. https://abcnews.go.com/US/jury-deciding-sentence-police-officer-amber-guyger-wrong/story?id=66002182
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