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  1. You look a lot like Bernie Sanders!!!
  2. Not at all. What's wrong with the 301? A customer of mine here has a 706 with the 301 in it.
  3. FarmerFixEmUp

    Who did it?

    I've had a 64 Impala, 67 Impala, 68 Biscayne, 69 Impala and a 73 Impala. That's just the big cars. My parents had a 58 Del Ray Chevy when I was born. The 64 Impala I mentioned was theirs, then they had a 72 Impala and a 78 Caprice. Last was a 92 Park Avenue which is mine now. A bit of trivia. Did you know the hood of a 57 Chevy will fit in the trunk of a 64 Impala? I never tried it to know if it's true though. Never had a 57.
  4. https://www.npr.org/2020/02/19/807333781/police-officers-cut-date-night-short-to-stop-armed-robber-at-restaurant
  5. FarmerFixEmUp

    Who did it?

    Now it just got religious. That's a no no in the guidelines too. Won't be long now. From the guidelines page. Please avoid discussions of politics and religion.
  6. Add a zero, 10000 lakes. But who's counting?
  7. Is it starting hard too? The 806 diesel I have just went to starting hard and I went through the injectors and pump which seemed to make it worse. It didn't use much oil and didn't have much blowby either but it had over 13000 hours at the time and only ever had a head gasket once and I replaced the rod and main bearings at about 11000 hours. It was just getting low on compression. I replaced the sleeves and pistons and had the head reworked with new seats and a valve job. It has almost 17000 hours on it now. My dad bought it in 1971 with about 1600 hours on it. I always felt the 361 was a longer lasting engine than the 407. They didn't have the sleeve cracking problems.
  8. FarmerFixEmUp


    Watched the end of the race, was hoping Ryan Newman could pull it off, but he got in a really bad wreck. He went over a car and sliding on his roof. .Hope he's OK.
  9. Same here. Never had an issue no till or tilled.
  10. 9150 Steiger, on and off the truck! Picked up at Fargo plant. 4690 Case in the field troubleshooting steering issues.
  11. I was told by my alternator supplier single wire 10 SI alternators can still have the plug installed on the regulator to reduce the speed needed for charging to start. Some of these tractors like M and 450's needed about half throttle to start charging. With the plug it starts just off idle.
  12. Did the quiz and only missed 2. Those states out east are too darn small! 😀
  13. I've used a few of these oil slingers on the input shaft. Eventually the TA will need to be replaced if that bushing is loose. https://www.batescorp.com/8301011-oil-slinger-ta-shafts.html That engine doesn't normally have rocker arm issues. Check out the camshaft and also the front dampener pulley.
  14. FarmerFixEmUp


    The ones I've seen where the nut came off just lost 1st gear. The countershaft can't come far enough forward to come out of the bottom 2nd gear. It hits the bottom pto driven gear. Assuming the top fork isn't broken as well.
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