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  1. Who does you painting? What I've seen of your 560 and 1066 they are pretty nice.
  2. 8;20. The 30 series came out in 1964? He needs to check his facts. 8:40."No precleaner for air filter" What's that thing up by the muffler?
  3. MY IH cab 1066 has a pair of those weights on the inside of the cast centers. Mine may be a little narrower though. I think 500 lbs or so. It came from western Kansas. These were on the 1466 I had before it went tractor tippin!
  4. On my 1066 I have 4 3' lengths of grade 8 all thread and do it that way. 1 set of splits inside the wheel and 3 on the outside. Cut off what you don't need.
  5. I still have my 800 6 row that can be used if something happens to the 5288 on the 12 row. One year before I had a 12 row I planted over 900 acres with the 6 row on my 3688. I was getting tired of i before I got done.
  6. That's why I never trust an impact on those bolts. They always get the breaker bar after the impact.
  7. Yes they do. I seem to remember in the manual they said the wing could go down 15 degrees from level. Really no limit up.
  8. Happy Birthday you ornery old coot! 😃
  9. I had this up a few years back. I have an early 1066, 7389 serial number. Has normal frame rails.
  10. I had an 800 12 row semi mount on a 3688 for a while. 12 front weights and duals and still scary to drive on the road. I put a Campbell pull type hitch on it later and liked it much better. Still couldn't go full throttle down the road though. Would start swinging back and forth.
  11. Doesn't the disc have wings? I had a 19' 470 and a 19' 480. Both would get down to around 13' with the wings up.
  12. The guy I talked to at SI Distributing who suggested the 6 finger meters said the 12's would be turning too slow to be accurate on 15" rows. Apparently these meters have a certain RPM range they work better at? I don't know much about these planters, I've always had a IH planter.
  13. One dealer I worked at sold Navigator brand guide hitches. Rode with a guy who had one on a 7140 and had a 183 12 row on it. He was doing 7 to 8 mph and it kept right up. Use a Buffalo Scout once but I didn't dare go that fast. Seems when I let the cultivator down on any sort of slope it dropped the cultivator right on the corn row. I bought a Wetherell a few years ago on an auction and haven't ever used it. Thought about selling it.
  14. My dairy farm neighbor just bought a 2500 Kinze 8 row30"with 7 interplants for 15" rows. He wants to plant his silage corn on 15's and then go to 30's for the rest to combine for grain. Trying to figure population settings on 15" spacing. It's suggested to use 6 finger meters on narrow row corn instead of 12 so putting half the seeds out. And 15" rows should be figured at double the population, so just use the 30" book settings, correct? Then put the 12 finger meters back in for 30 inch corn.
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