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  1. Sioux International is not a dealer according to the parts man. Website is wrong.
  2. OK, why do you need that gas in an H? Just curious.
  3. Not many dealers here in Iowa. Closest is Sioux Falls for me. The No 1 30 is still the same formulation?
  4. I'd think a good used 66 series one should be easy to find. No fuel gauge to worry about. Hold a match to the thermocouple and if it moves it's good.
  5. Todd at The Farmall Shop. 319-330-7850 fixes them. I've had him do a bunch of them.
  6. I have RedTek and Duracool on hand, the RedTek dealer says they're the same product. Red Tek says charge as a gas with no vacuum pulled. Dura cool says pull a vacuum and charge as liquid. Wonder why the difference?
  7. I guess sorta busted. On the disabled list anyway.
  8. Well, I have a fuel pump out on the 98 k 2500 and don't have room in my shop to fix it, (as always) and my 2000 K1500 Silverado has 2 cracked frame rails, I didn't hardly dare to pull a trailer with it. I'd have them both piled up in the ditch. So used big red to haul in big red on my car trailer. Frame is cracked just in front of the front receiver hitch mount. I talked to a welding shop who's fixed dozens of them. It's really not that rusty,(frame wise anyway) so he thought it should work.
  9. Sometimes I think Iowa is too crowded, not a city person at all. Our square mile has 3 acreages, so about 12 people.
  10. OK, our oldest son is 30, just married in September. He's lived in Fargo for maybe 5 or 6 years. He works from home online, his wife just graduated college with a psychology degree. They decided to move to Charlotte NC. They say they want to get away from winter. Heck, they could do that in Omaha or Kansas City as far as I'm concerned. 😂II hear lots of younger people moving to the east coast. My niece about my son's age has lived there for a number of years. What's the draw? I was kidding them and said I'd take a blizzard over a hurricane any day. 😂 But I've never lived out of NW Iowa. It's their life but my wife isn't real big on the idea, but you can't control them forever. He keeps trying to entice me there because of the NASCAR speedway, but I'm not a big fan of that anymore. Don't hardy recognize the driver's names. Our second son is with them helping drive one of their cars there this week. They were at Kansas City last night and I believe Nashville tonight, then to Charlotte tomorrow. He's flying home Saturday.
  11. I know what you mean by some are better than others. My 5488, all I've ever done to it is replace the foam under the cab roof and recharge it. Works better than the 5288 which has been a pain since day one. I think the radiator fan has a lot to do with it.
  12. My 5288 came with 2 remotes. I added 3 and 4 maybe 15 years ago. The parts for number 3 were fairly easy to find but the lever and rods etc for #4 took a while. May as well make hoses to the couplers.
  13. I blew it out last summer and flushed it with a garden hose. It was pretty dirty at the start. This is the same tractor that hasn't had 3rd and 4th gear working for a while. Getting tired of planting at 4 mph.🥺 I found the shift fork bolts on the 1 2, 3 4 gear, one was gone and the other ready to fall out. Funny 1st and 2nd always worked fine. Had it split and replaced the synchronizers in those gears and replaced the pads on the shift forks. New seals in the hi low clutch packs. Put it together and worked a little while (1/2 hour) then back to not at all in those gears. Has to be something in the side cover I'm thinking. This tractor has done this somewhat since I've owned it and has gradually gotten worse. To where letting out the clutch it jumps out of that gear. Linkage seems good and tight.
  14. Well I got the second condenser on. Just finished planting soybeans, and it's definitely cooler in the cab, but not major in my opinion. 85 degrees here and only 20% humidity so AC probably not working like it would in humid weather. Gauges are at 30 and 150 with suggested amount 30% of Duracool, 1400 rpm. Still not great at idle. Put in a few bags of beans and left it idle and temp was warmer inside, rev up to 1500 or more and it works better.
  15. Treflan application on my last 40 acres of soybeans. A llttle warm out today. Pulling a 21 foot Krause disc had the water temp 3/4 way up and 1200 exhaust temp. Had to let her cool down a few times. Went home to refill and lost a wheel off the sprayer caddy. Must have had a wheel bearing go bad. Guess I'll spray it on top and then disc it under to finish it. This 1066 is probably the hardest working tractor on the farm. It applies all the chemicals that get incorporated at the same time. Disc and field cultivator are pretty well matched for that tractor. 8600 hours and getting time for an engine overhaul. Has a fair amount of blowby. I've only ever did rods and mains and injectors since buying it from my dad at 5500 hours. A couple TA's. Dad bought it in the 80's with around 4000 hours.
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