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  1. Both are on Waas, free satellites. The 500 is unlocked to Omnistar (I think) but haven't checked into using that.
  2. I found 2 topics that say some 404's had 4 bbl Hollleys too. https://talk.newagtalk.com/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=202932&DisplayType=nested https://www.thedieselstop.com/threads/ih-medium-duty-gassers.19711/
  3. Not wanting to derail this topic but I have an EZGuide 500 in my 1066 sprayer tractor. Basically just use it to show coverage and make sure I'm not overlapping or skipping. I have this tractor on my 6 row planter now and am just using it for a MPH readout. (Don't have my 5288 together yet which goes on the 12 row.) 🥴I set some AB lines and just followed the markers. This thing was telling me to move over between 1 to 4 feet at times! If I did what what it was telling me to do I'd have a pretty ugly corn field. Is satellite drift that bad? I couldn't imagine trying to plant with this and EZ St
  4. Riley's did get the Pow'r Seal name and blueprints from M&W. I talked to them a few times and they are slowly reviving this brand name. I got 2 358 kits from Riley's within a few months of each other. First one was Richland and the second Reliance. Both were shipped from Tom's AgriDiesel, now owned by Reliance. 🥴The Reliance kit came with Glaser gaskets and the head gasket lasted about 120 hours. Blew out between 2 cylinders. Of course they claimed it wasn't torqued right or the surfaces weren't flat. The head was surfaced and completely rebuilt. Never had a single issue with t
  5. If the camera angle was different you could see if there's a brake booster above the left step. A lot of older trucks here with tag axles had hydraulic cylinders connected to the hoist hydraulic pump. A 404 or 446 engine has 2 bolts on each port of the head attaching the exhaust manifold. 8 total. A 345 or 392 only has 5 bolts attaching the manifold to the head.
  6. Hard to tell but I'd bet on hydraulic brakes with the gas engine. Possiblay a 404 or 446 4ngine. Maybe a 392 or 345. I have a 1980 S series 1700 with a 404 gas. working on a 1982 with a 446 automatic and air brakes so they're really hard to tell. Got a link with pictures?
  7. Here's my current car. 71 Chevelle. Never was made as a muscle car with a 350. I rebuilt a 1969 300 HP 350 and had it on a chassis dyno a few years back and it had 330 at the wheels which calculates to 410 or so at the flywheel. I need to pull the engine sometime and freshen it up and the transmission as well. It just is getting tired and doesn't run as well as it did in the past.
  8. This is what I was watching when the engine video came up in the sidebar.
  9. I would think as many 407's Long Farms has he would know someone. There was someone named Eric Farley on here from time to time who had a shop in Texas somewhere. But it's a big state they tell me. 🥴 Found this for him. https://www.facebook.com/farleystractorrepair/
  10. That's pretty close to what my parents ran. They had a 58 Del Ray, green and white, 6 cylinder 3 speed. They traded that in maybe 1966 for a 64 Impala, 283 Powerglide. I learned to drive in that car and a 64 C 20 pickup. Also a 292 6 and a 3 speed. No power steering or brakes or any such thing at our place until a 1972 Impala was bought. It even had AC! My oldest brother's first car was a 63 Impala He wrecked it at college and bought a 64 Malibu SS. 283 4 speed. Dad wouldn't let him take that one to school. The clutch started going out and he traded it. 🥴 for a 68 Impala.
  11. This is my style of car. Looks innocent enough but sounds like she may have a few ponies. https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/1970ChevroletNova2DoorCoupe
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