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  1. FarmerFixEmUp

    Humor, funniest things your kids have said

    When my second son was about 3 or 4 (17 now) we'd go through the drive through car wash, sometimes after church on Sunday morning. The poor kid would bawl and scream and yell "I don't want to take a shower in the van!" After the water stopped blasting against the side of the vehicle he'd calm down. Sometimes he'd argue that he didn't want to go to Sunday School after church, and we'd tell him we were going to the car wash, (even though we didn't) and he'd zoom off to Sunday School. We still use the Shower in the van line on him!!!
  2. FarmerFixEmUp

    Cyclo Planter? What is 20/20 Row Flow?

    I have the slectro on my 12 row 950. I can turn 3 rows off at a time but it's manually with toggle switches in the cab. It keeps a guy busy in point rows! They must use an air compressor for that? I think I saw something like that on this planter. Some of these newer Precision Planting setups have air down pressure too. Something I thought the CaseIH planters did well is down pressure. That auction time link was to a 950.
  3. FarmerFixEmUp

    Cyclo Planter? What is 20/20 Row Flow?

    OK thanks. Then the seed sense is their monitor system? I wonder how these planters do with their monitor system. Some people seem to think these planters are junk.
  4. FarmerFixEmUp

    Cyclo Planter? What is 20/20 Row Flow?

    I've never seen anything like this on a Cyclo Planter before. This is on a planter on Auction Time. Have seen seed sense on John Deere planters before. That's something to do with the monitor. What's the other deal for?
  5. FarmerFixEmUp

    These 68s are just getting to high

    Does it bark a little with no mufflers? 😲 I know some guys who had a 1568 and they ran both banks exhaust to one pipe at the right front corner of the cab. That baby really made a racket. 😀
  6. FarmerFixEmUp

    IH Metro Van, Aerosmith

    Aren't these International trucks too on their album cover?
  7. FarmerFixEmUp

    correct pertronix ignition for ford 2N

    The last one I did I used the 1247XTP6 which has the coil and cap as a kit with it. I also converted it to a 6 volt positive ground 1 wire alternator.
  8. FarmerFixEmUp

    These 68s are just getting to high

    I like the rear tires on that one! Looks like what the Fendt tractors run nowadays.
  9. FarmerFixEmUp

    China back in the soybean market

    Well I hope the price turns around then. Down 13 cents today.
  10. FarmerFixEmUp

    2001 Ford 7.3 Power stroke glow plugs

    More than likely this solenoid or relay he's talking about. It's pretty unlikely more than 1 glow plug would go bad at once. And it would still star with only 7 working. I had a 99 that had that happen, just all of a sudden one day it wouldn't start. Also sometimes the wire connectors get loose where they connect to the valve covers. Some people put a dime in between the plug to tighten them up.
  11. FarmerFixEmUp

    Do you get that letdown feeling

    It had to be tough to hold up to a 426 Hemi or 6 pack 440. But the 12 bolt GM had to be tough to hold p to a LS6 454. What was the highest horsepower Ford in 69 or 70? 428 Cobra Jet? Boss 429?
  12. FarmerFixEmUp

    Do you get that letdown feeling

    Well maybe this will make you feel better. Since you're the ring and pinion guy. What's stronger, a Dana 60 or a Ford 9"?
  13. FarmerFixEmUp

    1456 seat cushion Listed as an assembly, not sure if you can get the bottom alone.
  14. FarmerFixEmUp

    86/88 hydraulic seat question

    I think it's 9/16-18 37 degree flare male. Or JIC as they call it.
  15. FarmerFixEmUp


    Yes. 466 with no turbo.