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  1. Got it running today. Put it on the dyno and has just under 200 HP now. All from rebuilt injectors and setting the valve lash. The exhaust temp is just one segment away from the yellow under load at 1000 PTO RPM. About where it was before but a 20 + HP gain is pretty good. It showed 175 before any work was done to it. It has less smoke under load and the engine just sounds different. Water temp is lower too after I changed the thermostats.
  2. 800's must be different than a 900. All 4 of my cylinders are the same size and single acting cylinders. I know of 3 other 800's with 4 wheels and they are the same as mine. Mine just has a tee at the top of the outer cylinders and a hose going to the inner cylinders.
  3. Dumb question but are all 4 tires the same size and brand? When I converted my 800 6 row to 4 wheels the place I got my 2 wheel assemblies gave me 2 with different lift cylinders. One side lifted faster than the other and it always went up crooked.
  4. I have a pair off my 1724 front axle. The tires are 9.00x20. So how wide would they be? Probably 8"?
  5. And you're a tall guy! Don't send pictures!!!😆
  6. Did you put a different turbo on that one? I seem to remember you mentioning it in a different topic. My 5288 has the 3LM466 and sounds a lot nicer than my 5488 with the TO4. As far as spanking the Magnum that 466 is a gutsy engine. The Cummins seem lazy to me.
  7. I've never bought anything from these places but they are smaller yards and seem pretty friendly at least. http://www.jptractorsalvage.com/default.asp http://eiklenborgsalvage.com/ I have bought parts from this one. http://northeasttractorparts.com/
  8. I got all the injectors out and pressure tested them. They all open at around 3200 PSI. New spec is 3950 to 4100, used is 3400 to 3950, so we're around 900 under new spec. He may not know the tractor back when he gets it home.
  9. https://www.ageofconsent.net/states/vermont I think he'll be MIA for a while. We had a similar deal here. This will really make you sick. She was 11 at the time. He's in for 20 years. https://www.omaha.com/news/year-old-iowa-man-gets-years-in-prison-for-sex/article_b2c281c5-0c4d-5271-99e3-f39e38f313de.html
  10. I'm not sticking up for the guy, but why did she wait so long to say something? She knew what was gong on and sounds quite willing to me. It takes 2. Just my opinion. The guy is a perv though for going through with it.
  11. Ok, here we have Metallica AND racing, what more do we need?
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