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  1. HyCapacity used to cut down the input shaft and use a bushing with the original size pilot bearing. If the bushing came off and got damaged good luck finding a bearing to fit it. Later on some places were knurlizing the shaft too.
  2. Is there a miss or just low power? Any exhaust smoke? Any cicking under the valve cover or noise in the air filter intake hose? Just thinking maybe a camshaft issue which these engines are known for. I'd pull the valve cover and check valve clearances. But this shouldn't be heat related. really unless like mentioned a sticking valve.
  3. These are the rings that break. This is from my other 1066 that just all of a sudden lost all lube pressure and drive pressure in direct drive dropped to around 100. TA position worked fine. This TA only had around 800 hours on it so I got partial warranty. Just over 6 years 4 months on a 6 year warranty. 😢
  4. I did it on a 756 once. The new springs in the kit made lube pressure over 30 psi.I pulled the pin with a magnet and put the old spring back in and had 22. You may have leakage inside the TA.The rings around the input shaft like to break. I have a 1066 that does something similar. I replaced the pump and went through the mcv with new gaskets and springs. When hot at idle it has 5 psi but at 1500 rpm it's 14 or so in TA and direct. Step on the brake hot and the light always comes on. The TA holds good but eventually it should be fixed.
  5. The groove goes to the 9 o'clock position and the 2 grease holes at 12 and 6. Just use a bolt with a flat washer to drive them in. There's a bushing inside the shaft I usually replace too.
  6. Hope that they get that figured out for him. The tractor brought $2600.
  7. I usually get a 3/4" diameter bolt into that shaft into the left side and drive it out from that direction. It works better to take the TA linkage assembly off so you can get a straight shaft in there to drive it out.
  8. Here's the specs for these discs. Looks like mine are 1904 and 1907 models. 9 1/8" blade spacing. Models with 8" spacing use different model numbers.
  9. I see it's sold, did you get the job done?
  10. My two are 1904 and 1924 model numbers, 21' and 24' I guess. I always called it a 25. The rock flex discs have different model numbers. The early discs had bearings with flanges and the later ones had a 1 piece bearing like the IH discs but just have a round hole. Also I've seen a few of these 1900's with only 2 wheels on the main frame. Has to be hard on the wheel bearings. One thing to watch is the rockshaft tubing and linkages to the wing wheels. They get loose after a while and the wings go too deep. My manual has the model numbers and sizes of the disc, I'll try to scan a copy of that here.
  11. I have 2 of the 1900 series, a 21 and a 25 footer. The bigger one has a Krause harrow on it. Bought it for $1250 since it needed blades. It came from Neligh Nebraska. The other one had newer blades and I got it for $2300, Can't touch a 496 for that here. They are very good heavy discs. If I try to go too deep with the bigger one it makes my 5488 spin out. The same for the smaller one on my 1066.
  12. I've heard this one before too but didn't know the group. She sounds a litttle like Grace Slick.
  13. Porch's damn crowded!
  14. I heard this one on the radio earlier, I thought it was maybe Weird Al. Can't say I've ever heard the song or the group before.
  15. Ron, maybe this is incentive to get away from the blue oval! 😁Have to agree the 7.3 trucks were a good outfit. The 99 I had gave very little issues. The 2001 not so much, put a boatload of money into it and the electrical issues were the last straw. Sold it for less than I had into it, but at least it's gone.
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