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  1. Same here. Spent a lot of time on an 806 discing and plowing before dad got the 1066. The 806 spent a lot of time on a Fox Chopper too.
  2. My 5288 is split right now for other reasons. The measurement from the back surface of the installed flex plate is 1.115" to the back surface of the flywheel.
  3. I see a lot of red combines here using Capello or Drago or John Deere corn heads on them. Is there something about the 1044 or 1063 or newer that people don't like? I've never used one myself since I have a 974 New Holland on my TR86.
  4. 2 of the 3 valves on my 5488 have them. Pain in the neck trying to get hoses disconnected with ISO conversions since there really is no float. The tractor usually has to be shut off and move the lever from raise to lower to release the pressure. One instance where the IH couplers would be better than ISO. #1 remote, priority valve doesn't have them.
  5. Riley Tractor Parts bought the PowrSeal name from M&W. Call them and they should know what you need. 833-234-0845
  6. Had that happen on my 1466 on a Killbros 490 cart once. After that got into the habit of closing the gate before the wagons were full and stopping the auger.
  7. That's steering relief pressure, not drive pressure. Steering is the priority circuit. Lube is the last priority so that usually goes first. The order is steering brakes Ta then lube. , That should be around 240 checked at the bottom port of the MCV. 7'8" diameter plug. There are probably thousands of tractors running low lube pressure since if the light never comes on it's ignored. Put a gauge on and people worry about it.
  8. Yes if that's the problem. I have a 1066 that does what you are describing but the lube light comes on so lower that 5 psi hot. More in kirect drive than TA. I plugged off the hydraulic seat supply and the brake suppply and the clutch booster but it didn't matter. Went thtough the MCV and replaced the pump and it still does it so it's internal. Then last winter loading manure the TA started slipping so now I know it has to be fixed. Just haven't got to it yet. Sometimes the TA's leak so bad internally turning the steering wheel when hot can make the tractor stop moving.
  9. Very possibly the lube baffle or sealing rings on TA input shaft.
  10. I'm paying a guy 16 cents for hauling non gmo beans 30 miles.
  11. Yup, So is New Guy. I've been taxting him back and forth lately. He said he logged off a while back but I believe he still looks around here yet. He bought himself a 1660 combine.
  12. Tiger tests positive for COVID-19 at Great Plains Zoo | KELOLAND.com
  13. I would like to own a 69 L78 Chevelle someday, but they are priced way out of reach now. I have a friend who had a 70 Nova with the L78 and a 4 speed and 3.73 rear axle. This guy owned a lot of hot cars but that is one he was just scared of, mostly because all he could fit on it was G60 15 rear tires. That car was hard to control up to 50 MPH because the tires wouldn't hook up. That engine seemed so much more powerful than a 325 or 350 HP 396. They say 375 HP was very underrated, more like 425. Isn't that what they rated the same engine at in a 65 Corvette?
  14. Thanks BJ and Miesner's.
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