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  1. It's in the link F 150. Pickup truck being towed by motor home destroyed by fire Gary Matthews - December 5, 2019 SPEARFISH, S.D. - Spearfish fire crews along with the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office and Highway Patrol responded to a pickup on fire on I-90 Thursday afternoon. The driver of an eastbound RV pulling a 2019 Ford F-150 pickup noticed smoke coming from the towed vehicle. The patrol says the driver pulled the unit over safely to the side of the road when the F-150 then started on fire. The driver and a passenger safely exited the vehicle, but the pickup truck was total loss. The RV also sustained major damage to the rear end. Spearfish fire responded to put the fire out.
  2. Kind of a bad deal when a new part has to be inspected before it's installed.
  3. Can't say I've seen this done on a tractor. https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/International14662WDTractor-3
  4. FarmerFixEmUp


    I've heard former Case mechanics in the 70's do that to 970/1070 tractors that used oil.
  5. I'm sure you checked the filter and cover o ring or gasket depending on series of tractor. Some of these new aftermarket pumps don't have enough vacuum to move cold oil. Did you see the earlier post about the new pump with metal shavings inside? That was a 13 gpm too. I know of guys with 560's that take the filter out in the winter, and they should be easy to prime with the pump being directly across from the filter.
  6. These carb kits aren't very good quality lately. I had a 77 Oliver I got a carb kit from an Agco ($40) dealer and it leaked as soon as I turned on the gas. Tried 3 needle/seat kits from different places and they all leaked. Finally put in the old one and it stopped dripping. Even the supposedly best Viton kits leak. Can't fix a problem with junk parts. It's not the mechanic's fault then.
  7. I use my 756 gas on a 8 x 71 grain auger in the fall. I'd guess 6 hours to fill a 10000 bushel bin it used about 40 gallons of gas. Not a hard pull either but you could tell it was working. That's the hardest work that tractor does lately. Mostly just loader work otherwise.
  8. I thought when I saw those cement wheel weights it must be local to me. About 15 miles away.
  9. That's the way it works out for me too. Stand around all day waiting for something to sell and it always goes for way more than I'd give. I don't even bother with going to auctions anymore.
  10. Kind of an odd front weight bracket. Why would they go to the side of the frame rail? Almost looks like part of a loader bracket.
  11. Maybe a turbo since there's a pre cleaner? The 826 I had also had a pre cleaner but no turbo. It's really not needed on that tractor. Mine had abut the same hours and the TA was weak. I got $6500 for mine and I delivered it 100 miles away.
  12. Maybe the nuns were drinking and smoking and swearing and getting naked?
  13. The Auction Time description says 3404 hours. Suppose that's actual hours? I know it's probably been painted but about a year and a half ago I got one out of Kansas too. Looks awful but it supposedly had 2800 hours on tit. The seller's dad bought it new and swore them to be correct. Hadn't seen a shed for some time. Wonder if this one was in the same condition? I'm slowly getting mine fixed up. Putting a cab kit in it and hopefully will get it painted soon. I'd be happy if it looks like the one that sold today at some point. This is the one I got. https://www.auctiontime.com/listings/watchlist/auction-results/online/?mode=purchased
  14. I know you guys hate these cabs (some of you anyway) but this is a sharp looking 1066 with a white Deluxe cab. Sold for $13800!! https://www.auctiontime.com/listings/farm-equipment/auctions/online/164225669/1973-international-1066?&AuctionEnded=1
  15. Here are a couple of pictures of the decals on my other 1066. My dad bought it in the early 80's so I know it's never been painted or had new decals. Compared to to new ones I got there are some slight differences I guess, but not like the 5488 ones I posted. Hope I'm not beating the topic to death.
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