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  1. I agree with this statement, you have to remember it's an "H" pattern, not a Z.
  2. If you can't get a kit I would go to a local hydraulic shop. I had a cylinder start leaking on my corn planter this spring, it was one that folded the planter. Deere couldn't find a kit (everything backordered) so I took the parts to a local shop and he had everything at about a fourth the cost of the unavailable kit from Deere.
  3. I doubt that...............about every three hours you had to get out and fix something on it. 😁
  4. I have to agree with Big Bud Guy here … the MF's I had were horrible machines, very seldom that they were not broken at days end, but they could put a clean sample in the tank. A good grain sample and fuel efficiency (the diesels) were all they had going for them.
  5. My dad had a 6' Massey Harris Clipper when I was a kid. I had a 300, 510, and a 750 during my early farming career. In it's defense, the 300 was worn out when I got it................the 510 and the 750 were probably the two worse machines I ever owned. I thought I'd died and went to Heaven when the MF's left and a 1460 showed up.
  6. The MF 35 and 135 are not even in the same category as a Ford "N" series. The MF's have live PTO and hydraulics, six or 12 speeds trannies, and power steering.....a much more user friendly and useful tractor. They are much more modern, perhaps a 2 or 3000 Ford might compare, but nothing in the "N" lineup is close. I have one that is my yard tractor.
  7. You first need to see what your loss is by just throwing the 1' by 1' square out (I can't remember the seed to loss ratio, it's written on my square for beans and corn). After you know what your loss is, then you need to see where it's coming from. Do a "power stop"...just turn the key off with the machine full, grain on the ground in front of where you were is pre harvest loss.....grain on the ground between where you stopped and the front of the combine (behind head) is header loss....behind the combine is separator or cleaning loss. Look inside the machine and see where grain is that it shouldn't be to locate the loss (on walkers...rear of rotor...back of sieves etc.) I will admit a seed as small as canola might make this tougher all I deal with is corn and beans and maybe wheat,....good luck
  8. I know the company is not in business anymore, and I have no idea if another company took them over, so I have no idea if parts are still available. That all said, I helped on a custom silo filling crew back in the 60's and 70's that ran Fox choppers ...during that time I ran a Custom 7's...Super 1000 and a 3000, plus a self propelled (forget model number) with a Detroit that was LOUD! I think for that time period they were as good as their was. It's the reason I wanted this toy ...... pure nostalgia!
  9. I got out of pulling back in the 90's ........ but even then I owned a magnet! 😁
  10. Several observations in my post: First to the original poster.......what is "a front mounted two bottom plow and one in the back"? Also, in my experience a WD could plow with an "M" as long as they were using the Allis "snap coupler traction control set up" ....hook a pull type plow to the Allis and it was over. Also, who ever said there is no substitute for cubic inches ....don't for get a late Deere "A" was 321, and I never saw an "M" have any trouble hanging with the A's. And last, almost every farm around here had a Ford or Ferguson tractor back in the day, but they had a loader on them to get under the low ceiling haymow ....unless there was hay to rake they never went to the field.
  11. I remembered to look at mine today, It's like the new one piece in the picture......there is one and it's in the center of the auger shaft/bin.
  12. I actually don't know if mine is one piece or two, but I know it has two spirals on it and it's in the center of the auger. It works great, when the tank is full the audible alarm goes off (the sound of grain on the cab)
  13. As long as the exhaust pipe is above the cab I don't think you will notice much change in cab noise decibels. My 10 has had an eliminator for years and I never thought is was loud in the cab.
  14. That is a hard thing to deal with. Prayers to all involved.
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