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  1. Here, we call that "Hoar Frost", it's frozen fog.
  2. Those Half Tracks may be worth as much to a collector as the tractor is worth. I'd say for the whole deal.....$2K-2500 wouldn't be too far off
  3. I've seen that tractor before, but I'm pretty sure that is not Danny's Rooster. The original Rooster went to Kevin Komros (sp) and it was called The Land Shark
  4. Wow, I have several Amish neighbors that are in deep trouble if you are not allowed to have over 6 people in your home.
  5. That is one sweet 12-0. How many were built with the FWA option, or were they added at the dealers?
  6. May 10th and November 10ht here in Indiana. I hate writing the check, but not as much as the quarterly Income tax checks. At least I can see roadwork, fire stations, and schools......the fed check helps with transgender relocation.
  7. It appears they are out there ...... may have to travel a little. https://simpletire.com/paid?v=1&tireSize=16.90-28&mpn=008562&brand=firestone&productLine=super-all-traction-ii-sat-ii-23-r-1&itemId=178999&utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=shopping_feed&utm_content=surfaces_across_google&region_id=5000059999&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=G_Shopping_Region_05&utm_content=Profit-Bucket_Farm_HighProfit_RAD&utm_term=&utm_creative=383435609249&gclid=Cj0KCQiAoab_BRCxARIsANMx4S4FKAYhotDy_rlpjDK3FVHB3BceyCaxkIjFUH_FRpYLywlEI0mfYEwaAsYCEALw_wcB
  8. I love the kids getting the pedal tractors read for spring work.
  9. I can fill in a few of these. 1. is not an AC, it is the MF 2805 of Dale Monreal from Ravenna Ohio...he ran in the Pro Stock class 5. is Dickie Sullivan with the Duster 1066 form Naylor Mo.......SSD class and one bad tractor in the day...It was the first Hyper 4 charger set up. 9. is Rich Miller's Poor Looser Oliver 88 from Mansfield, OH The reason I know all these guys was because I pulled against most of them ....... they all beat me back in the day on my orange pumpkin! (-:
  10. Nothing fancy. Last picture is my high dollar portable work table.
  11. I don't know if they are "considered" edible or not ..... but I have cut a chunk out of one and ate. They just taste like any other radish but a lot stronger.
  12. Will the radishes replace tile.........NO. They do help water get into the soil but it still has no where to go. The radishes have a hairy root that penetrates well below the tuber, so they do act much like clover and alfalfa. I used some Rape one year (it really penetrates the soil with long roots), but it proved a little hard to kill in the spring.
  13. I never posted a lot on here, but I always enjoyed reading daily and posting occasionally. Well, I've not been on here for a while because my internet provider will not open this site (it will but might take 5 minutes a post). It also will not work on Yesterdays tractors ....it will go right to their site, but then it won't open an individual tread. If I unhook the computer from the provider, and hook up to my wife's phone everything works fine. When we brought it up to the provider they blew some smoke and said the problem was ours. My wife is the computer literate one (I know nothing), but she doesn't know what is wrong either. To me, if it was "Our Problem" I could not be posting now using the same computer while it's hooked to her phone (if I hook back to the provider, it will not open this site). It's unhandy having to use the wife's phone all the time to get on Red Power ....... anyone got any ideas what could be wrong?
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