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  1. I'd like to add, 9 times out of 10, if you can find one, you can buy a tractor cheaper than you can build one.
  2. Wife had my tractor embroider on some handkerchiefs.
  3. I have always felt a dog breed is hardwired to do something. I've owned 7 Rottweilers over the years. Rotties are a dual purpose breed, they herded cattle for the Romans and also guarded the camps at night. The herding side makes for a gentle dog and the guard side will come out if necessary. Of the seven, one came from a litter which did show some aggressive tendencies so he met an early demise. All the others would meet people with tail wagging happy to meet them (I always said they had the attitude .....I know you are not going to mess with me so let's be friends) I will not have a dog if I have to wonder about it.
  4. Never had that happen before, the number/letter code I had to enter wasn't bad and I got back on. I hate the ones that have so many squiggly mixed up lines and symbols that it it impossible to repeat them.
  5. I have a Case IH 1460 (one built the last year) and it does have "old Abe" the Eagle in the center of the steering wheel, that is all the Case I've seen in it.
  6. Good looking outfit. Curious why you went with an 8 bottom plow, a 6 is more in line with what they would pull.
  7. There is a fleet around here with tires like that, they custom apply dried chicken manure.
  8. My grandson a few years back. He loved hauling wagons in. He didn't have a license but I felt it was safer to have him follow, me in the combine, down the road than put him in the combine. It made his day.
  9. Shifter acted funny like it was locked in two gears (has happened before) but always used a bar to line things back up and it was ok. Was moving a couple loaded wagons setting on a dump pit, first just thought wagons were heavy putting load on tractor, but was sort of a jerk when I let clutch out. Anyway, it has no park now....leaver goes in slot and all gears shift/work fine, it just doesn't have a park. Prior to this, the park would click click and let it roll if it was on a real steep incline.....now there is nothing in the way of it holding in park. Park paw broke....??????? Ideas, and how bad to fix?
  10. You will be amazed at how fast the new bearing or any wrenches you drop will disappear in the corn ........ just saying.
  11. Could the difference be for a different size wheel, or maybe even a steel wheel versus rubber?
  12. I still have this one, and I agree, that it is as much IH as any other 1460. I took it as kind of an insult, but "Old Abe" the eagle is in the middle of the steering wheel.
  13. I was mowing some roadside banks today and I noticed the mower wasn't wanting to start a couple times (sickle wouldnt take off).....seemned if I laid the bar on the ground it started better. Anyway, once I got it going it seemed to work fine, I just figured the belt was a little loose and that I'd tighten it when I got back to the shop. When I got done and was going to fold the bar over I noticed the big head deal on the back of the wobble box was actually smoking, I spit on it and it sizzled (it was hot). Also the belt didn't seem loose. Wondering where to start looking.
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