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  1. K&M door cylinder

    You need to get the door handle, you can see it in the picture I posted above.... it makes shutting the door much easier.
  2. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    The thing is, anything you can do with an "N Series" you can do with something else that has live PTO, a padded seat, and power steering. I still use my little three-point "Fergie" for a lot of things you mentioned. (It has a post hole digger also, just no pictures).....basically, it takes care of my yard. I did use it a several years ago to unplug and auger with the ground PTO option....just jacked it up and put her in reverse...worked great! Whereas, the old "M" still does real farm work. I even have a small cultimulcher that works well on food plots for it, along with mowing the pond banks.
  3. Here is a later photo of Ed after he had added the left hand Hyper kit.
  4. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    I think you are the poster that likes the little Fords so well. Granted they are a good little tractor, but around here, with a few hills, Needed a bigger tractor to pull a baler and wagon.a small Ford would not pull a baler with a wagon behind it, they just weren't heavy enough. In fact, we didn't even try and pull the loads from the field to the barn with them.
  5. Tractor to Start Farming With

    Whatever you can get that is in good shape, that fits your budget from an 806-1486
  6. K&M door cylinder

    I've had one on the left door of this tractor (I don't ever use the right door) along with the K&M handle (you can see it in the picture) for about 8 or 9 years.....I'd hate to do without either one. That said, I do think my cylinder is losing some of its power because on a windy day I have to push the door open and I didn't use to have to do that. I can't remember what all the installation amounted to (had to drill some holes I know), but it wasn't a bad deal.
  7. It's Ed Carmichle from southern Indiana. This picture is before he went to Hypermax in Chicago. What I remember about Ed was at one of the very first Indy Super Pulls the tractor had a radio on the fender, this was when a few goodies or different engine was added to the farm tractor and a "pulling we went" The diaper (tarp) under the tractor was because of a rule NTPA had back then that there could be NO LIQUID spilled on the track period. Many of these tractors shoved a lot of excess out the blowby tubes so guys didn't want to risk being DQ.
  8. Lost my sister this afternoon

    Very sorry for your loss.
  9. Help w m hydro fliud

    I've used Hytran in mine for years and gotten along fine.
  10. New member

    Welcome Aboard!
  11. What ruled the roads then?

    I had a 1966 Chevelle with a 396 360 horse when I graduated and a 427 with 4.88 gears in it later on. It held it's own with the GTO's and Camero's that were around (don't remember any Fords). Had some Roadrunners and a 442 in town but they never really scared anyone.There was also a 1966 Nova that had a 350/350 horse which was pretty fast But, without a doubt the fastest (1/4 mile car around was a Dodge Dart (68 or 69 I think)with a 426 Hemi. If he lost, it was driver error.
  12. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    All the MF combines I bought. I had a dealer four miles from the farm owned by a good friend.....but the combines were JUNK.
  13. prayers desperately needed

    Prayers sent!
  14. radar on 5088

    If you need something more accurate give these guys a call. I've set two tractors up with GPS and it's not that much money.
  15. WE have a Member with some VIP Red Classics !

    Thanks for the reply. That is one Sharp truck! I have it's baby brother here, It's a 1969 C50 with a 4 speed and a 292, I use it as a water nurse truck It only has 40K miles on it but I'd guess a lot of hours. It's geared real low and spent most of its life moving at walking speed while guys vacuumed leaves. I bought it from the city, it had an enclosed expanded metal bed I cut the top off of.