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  1. Could the difference be for a different size wheel, or maybe even a steel wheel versus rubber?
  2. I still have this one, and I agree, that it is as much IH as any other 1460. I took it as kind of an insult, but "Old Abe" the eagle is in the middle of the steering wheel.
  3. I was mowing some roadside banks today and I noticed the mower wasn't wanting to start a couple times (sickle wouldnt take off).....seemned if I laid the bar on the ground it started better. Anyway, once I got it going it seemed to work fine, I just figured the belt was a little loose and that I'd tighten it when I got back to the shop. When I got done and was going to fold the bar over I noticed the big head deal on the back of the wobble box was actually smoking, I spit on it and it sizzled (it was hot). Also the belt didn't seem loose. Wondering where to start looking.
  4. The belt on my 1086 seems like it flops around all the time when the tractor is idling. I've tightened it a few times, but it never stays tight so I quit worrying about it because the AC has always worked good. I don't know if I have a York compressor or not.......it's the big black box type (you can see it in the picture)
  5. I'm old IH school when it comes to Sickle mowers. I have an IH 1300 on an MF35 that I used to mow banks with.
  6. I bought an IH 1300 mower to mow some banks with (tired of breaking the pitman on a Deere 38 mower) I found a setup manual and an operator's manual online for it, but, actually, they have confused me more. The operator's manual shows a lifting chain with a roller set up that appears to run against the mainframe of the mower. My mower does not have that, it has a cable and a roller deal. The cable and roller deal is shown in the Set-Up manual, but it says to see the Operator's Manual for adjustment. The end of the cable had a "wire rope thimble" (that is what is called in the Set-Up manual). Anyway, I wasn't sure where the deal on the end of the cable went, so I bolted the cable into the tractor's drawbar, which seemed to make the end of the bar raise as it should. Am I on the right track here?
  7. Thanks for that info, I was wondering who built it. I noticed Art also mentioned Ev Weber above...…I remember seeing a model of the Allis Chalmers combine plant that he had built one year at the National Farm Machinery show in L-Ville (I think they may call them dioramas)….but it was very detailed and beautiful work.
  8. Put this on the General Forum, and then thought maybe it should be in the toy forum. I purchased this at the final Farmall Land auction last week. I saw it a few years ago when the wife and I went there on vacation and thought it was really neat. After the museum closed and Jerry passed, I wanted something from there. Edit: sorry about the double post.....meant to be in toys forum.
  9. They say we never grow up and our toys just get bigger. Well, this is still a child-size toy so maybe we just grow up and still like "carpet farm" size toys. As some on here know I'm fond of IH 1206's. I saw this toy at Farmall Land a couple of years back while on vacation and thought it was pretty neat. When they closed the museum I watched the earlier auctions but never saw it listed. After Jerry Mez, unfortunately passed away, they auctioned the items he had kept after the museum's closing. I don't know who, but someone obviously custom-built it for Jerry, … I'd like to know but the auctioneers didn't know who built it. Anyway, I intend to give it a good home.
  10. I was late to the party, but glad things are going to be Ok.
  11. I posted in the thread below about 86 series having a poor reputation. I have a 1086 which I still use and like the tractor....I spoke highly of them in that thread. I plant beans with mine and started having some monitor problems towards the end of last season and needed to get the monitor out to take to Ag Express to have checked out. I still like the tractor, but if I could have laid hands on the engineer that said 'lets put the batteries here, they don't have to get to them often".......I would have strangled him this morning. The tractor also has GPS, Sprayer Controls, and sprayer foamer controls (still use it in point rows) ….. all these wires hooked to the same battery. Most of the mess on the floor goes out the back window when in use (not as bad as it looks) ........ but it gives you an idea what the top of the battery looks like. I got it out though and will continue to like the tractor .............................. until the starter needs changed the next time. Just venting!
  12. The 4520 was Deere's first turbo tractor. It was a lead sled, big and heavy for it's horsepower but the only real problem was injection pump related.
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