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  1. "HERE" wide fronts and combine corn heads showed up around the same time. The only wide fronts around when I was a kid were on Ford and Ferguson tractors......the rest were set up for a mounted corn picker.
  2. That has to bring back some great memories.
  3. This one is setting at Foust Equipment @ Hagerstown Indiana. Serial No. 9106 New "quick" paint job
  4. Actually I probably confused you when I said left (I had a brain fart).....I looked at the picture again and though that is the right looking at the picture. I have the short one.
  5. My FH has the one on the left in your picture
  6. If you wanted to pull a Deere 494 corn planter you could mount the "U" shaped bracket there that alternates the markers. I doubt that was what IH intended.....but it would work.
  7. I think BB hit the nail on the head pretty much with his post. I might add that I have a 4430 and a 1086 both setting in my shed as I write. I added red to his post where I disagreed a little
  8. Someone must not have gotten the Red Rider he wanted when he was a kid!
  9. I've seen this discussed before, but never a definite answer, is the tractor in the movie and "H" or an " M". Well, yesterday I watched the movie and had the remote in hand to stop and back up the movie and have come to this conclusion. There is an "H" and "M" both in the movie. I know the tractor pulling Santa is an "M", you can see the hood well enough to read the letter. The tractor pulling the other float I'm pretty sure is an "H" (judging by the steering rod slope and hood height)....to many people to read the hood on this one.
  10. Mark (EC,IN)


    AKCEKA is across the top of the CIH Hytran buckets.......what does it mean?
  11. I have a ball valve mounted to the bottom of my tank, I turn it with my foot once a week or so................it's amazing how much water accumulates in a short time.
  12. Mark (EC,IN)


    Hasn't happened in years, but the PTO lever came unlatched on the 560 today and popped me in the knee .... darn that hurts!
  13. Anyone have a link to an IH2000 loader parts book, I didn't have any luck on the CIH or Messick's site. The cylinders that tip the bucket are starting to leak. I tightened the big nut on the ends and it stopped one side but not the other, so I figure it's time. I suppose if I can't find a part number from CIH I can take then to a hydraulic shop but I thought I'd give it a try first. TIA..........Mark
  14. I found this when I Googled it: SL refers to service limited or low section width. This refers to the speed rating of an implement tire at a maximum speed of 25mph.
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