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  1. Mine is a 7” spacing disc with a harrow and if you don’t drive too fast it does a very nice job!
  2. In my experience this is the overall most down to earth, well meaning bunch of guys anywhere! Just got a call from IH1466 a couple days ago!
  3. The moldboard plow does help with water hemp control as well as most other speeds.
  4. We had a snow day as well!
  5. I have always felt like I took a little step backwards in the row unit when I went to the Deere from the early riser. That being said I have no complaints about the green planter I drug it over a bunch of acres for 15 years. Obviously going from a JD 1760 to this is a MAJOR upgrade. I really like this planter. It is amazing in some ways. Intimidating in others. Lots of technology! I suppose a new Deere is very similar but I am happy to have the early riser units again. They seem to “just work” in a myriad of conditions. So, no regrets on buying the Red planter. Would make the same
  6. Central IL 2021 corn planting. Waiting on rain tonite.
  7. I have a ez steer on a 5488. It has tilt wheel. Works just fine! Had one in my 5088 and it worked fine as well.
  8. I got to meet Mr Dietrich once. He was interesting to say the least!
  9. Yes. Tiger mate then tiger mate II. Lots of deere dealers sold DMI till CNH bought it.
  10. How many NH3 toolbars do you suppose they sold over the years? Field cultivators? There were a bunch of DMI gravity wagons around here too. Of course Goodfield is only an hour away.
  11. DMI was Dietrich Manufacturing Inc, based in Goodfield IL. They sold out to CIH in the 90’s. They built a variable width plow that Kinze designed. Big heavy hydraulic adjustable plows. Plant is still there building CNH equipment.
  12. It’s a rare occasion when we don’t run the landslide dual. Is that a DMI plow?
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