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  1. Neighbor and I were talking balers one day. He started out with a early Vermeer and I started with a 510 deere. He said “everyone ought to learn to bale on one of those belt twisting sob’s!” I did bale over a 100 bales in a day one time with that old 510. Had it on my 1086. Was a long day.
  2. It is high 3rd. Stock gears. Electric t/a, Start in t/a and shift into direct. That young man is a friend and he made a pass of about 280 if I can remember but it took like 330 to be out front. Some 30 mph, cut tire, roll cage tractors in the class. We were there to make a couple passes. Test and tune. We have been tuning so we would make a much better pass this time but not going to catch those 30mph guys!
  3. Or have a pull coming up? Only been to one pull this year and had to drive 3 hours to it. Lots of people and tractors! Had a blast. Noting here close till July 11. Would like to find a couple hooks next weekend. Anyone got something coming up?
  4. I have always done it by hand. The cast is soft. Apply some pressure and it goes pretty easy really. Done a few of them.
  5. Enjoyed his stories immensely.
  6. No plain and simple answer. Here, in the land of tough stemmed, roping, green soybeans where we don’t see a frost until November. No it won’t.
  7. Sitting here watching a episode of Gunsmoke! Love it. The early half hour ones are much grittier than the later ones.
  8. The 88 series IH tractors, in my opinion, are the best looking tractors anyone has ever built. Of course open station black stripes are right there!
  9. Been mowing a little waiting for it to dry out enough to get back to planting!
  10. If you take time to aim the side lights they are decent. The leds in the nose make a huge difference!
  11. Looking at the pic that tractor is going to measure 102-104” at its widest point.
  12. 3lm is a direct bolt on. s300 will require some mods.
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