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  1. This is how we generally did it back in the day. 2 weights on the inside, 3 weights on the outside and full of fluid. Most of mine just have a couple weights on the outside now.
  2. billonthefarm

    Ih 80

    Good blower. I haven’t hooked mine up yet. I will wait for a impending snowfall of some significance.
  3. Well you don’t have to ask me twice! Let’s see if I can find some good ones.
  4. Now that is classic! They don’t make those anymore! I had one from the local CO-OP I wore for years when it got cold and I had chores to do.
  5. I would love to have a brand new K Brand MoorMans feed hat with the ear flaps!
  6. I recall hauling into the local elevator in the 80’s and the had a rolling overhead beam hoist. The would raise wagons, pickup, trucks whatever they needed too.
  7. 5 of us. Me, a 1206, 4320,4020 and a d-17.
  8. As I backed it in the shed today I thought to myself, dang, this thing needs shins!
  9. I did and clicker has some jack wagon comment!
  10. Had a little plow day last weekend. Fired up my 1066 and got my 710 5-16 out of the shed and had a blast. Amazing weather and the ground worked great. Wonderful day with friends!
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