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  1. 966 and a model 80. Had more snow in October than December and January!
  2. It’s no secret, I love old school. We have had lots of red muscles tractors over the years. Few had any modifications at all. We had a couple with aftermarket cabs. One has a set of year around step fuel tanks. several had DMI dual hubs and wheels.
  3. “Remember who you are and act accordingly!” I forget where I got that. In context it was a father to his teenage son but in reality applies to us all.
  4. Lot of variables. I farm a decent amount. Have on farm storage for all my grain. We haul it all to the E plants and barge terminals. Usually do all of our fertilizer and chemical work. Always have a list of projects in my shop. Still do a fair amount of tillage. Then throw in the time I spend doing the book work. Grain farming you can stay as busy as you want. They local guys who work off farm generally hire chemicals, fertilizer applied and try to have oversized equipment and that really helps their work load. Lots of truckers available to haul grain for hire too. Just depends on your situation.
  5. Congratulations! Pretty cool. Have been down to watch several times.
  6. It was a shop in Galesburg IL we use. MFC hydraulics. They have other locations. Simply took the cylinder apart. Drove their with the parts. They matched the packings, O rings, back up washers and shaft seal. Went home and put it together. When I did the boom cylinders they had to order some of it. Took a day. I think parts to do both boom cylinders was about $100. There are lots of places like this. You may have to look a little to find one close to you.
  7. I did one of mine a year ago. Seal kit from the local hydraulic place was about $25. Took us an hour in the shop to tear it apart and put it back together. Kits are high from$ from CNH.
  8. I did one of mine a year ago. Seal kit from the local hydraulic place was about $25. Took us an hour in the shop to tear it apart and put it back together. Kits are high from$ from CNH.
  9. I was running dads 1066 chisel plowing in a field 1 mile east of my house. I was surprised. I remember it was this time of the year because the radio station was giving away turkeys in a game every few hours.
  10. Harvest 2019. This is one of the latest starts on harvest I can recall. The yields have been good to this point on corn and beans. The early corn is fairly dry. The june planting is 25-35%. A few nice days will wrap up beans for many. Corn harvest is going to drag on for a long time as very few have started. We generally figure to be done with harvest on halloween. Not even going to be close this year. Maybe thanksgiving.
  11. Thats the law and I am ok with that. These get pulled with a truck on very rare occasion and not very fast, but they can!
  12. Yea, might not be such a hassle. When I did all of those bales of hay, and straw and stalk bales. Wow. That was a bunch of work.
  13. These two kilbros wagons will go down the road empty, in tandem at 40 mph no problem.
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