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  1. When I was a kid Diamond brand pliers were sold at the local farm stores and I even had a seed salesman give me a chrome plated pair once. Well about ten years ago fixing fence once day I lost my treasured Diamond pliers. After trying several other brands I was convinced I would never find a decent pair of pliers. The one day I saw a comment about old tools on ebay. Sure enough, they are out there. I have 2 more NOS in the package Diamond K36 on the shelf. It was nice to have a decent pair of pliers again!
  2. Grandad and dad bought a new MF 550 combine. Biggest POS I ever saw. Traded a late 715 diesel for it. When the MF wasn’t broke down it was underpowered so bad it was unbearable. They absolutely hated it every minute it was on the farm. Next combine was a used 1460. It was like heaven on earth!
  3. It was kind of funny, I read that article then the next morning I drove to HCOP and met him in person!
  4. Before my time but dad said he remembered “opening up” by hand. Said after they got a mounted picker they just did the corners! When the had a pull type they did all ends by hand.
  5. Do not use those crap CNH ones. Steel ones are ok. If you can find the right person get some solid copper ones.
  6. I am going to go down thursday, see the show and I am taking Smoke Rings with me and will pull thursday evening and then head back home.
  7. I am on the local school board and we just took delivery of 21 new school buses. 3 gasoline and 18LP gas versions. We have had gas, diesel and LP. Right now LP is the best option for us. Around the farm I have two power strokes. 6.4 and a 6.7. Bought them both new and they have done quite a bit of hauling. Zero complaints. I will stay will diesels for my work trucks. I have a half ton gas pickup to run around in.
  8. There are a lot of variables in play. The capabilities of the two tractors are very different. Chisel plow can mean different things and certainly soil characteristics come into play. I have a 10 shank 6000 conser till I use on my 10’s and 14’s. In tough going you know it’s back there and a 9 would never pull it. Other times it might. 9-10 shanks was normal size disk chisel, not a ripper, when they were commonly used in this area. Lots of heavy black soil in this part of the world and it can pull hard.
  9. We were at a county fair a couple weeks ago. Rained a quarter inch just before the 12,00lbs class. I was third in the class. They did a good job with the track but the mud coming off the tires made a mess. All over the hood, throttle, steering wheel. Oh well!
  10. There is a member on here who can help you out. He owns Guenther Heritage Diesel. Look him up. He is a good guy and knows his stuff. Helped me with this one......
  11. These things were on almost every farm. After we all grew more corn than we could fit the in wooden double alley cribs these sprung up everywhere.
  12. Mostly hay. Quite a few corn stalks. Rarely straw.
  13. I ran a Vermeer BP 7000 on my stock 966. Ran thousands of bales with it. No problems. It did work it more than a 1066 but no big deal.
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