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  1. Got the new fuel sender in. Waiting on a new turbo and sleeve so I can install a new muffler and exhaust pipe. Installed new throttle cable, t/a cable and tach cable. Can’t wait to drive it around. Next day or too!
  2. I have tried progressives. I hate them everywhere except working at my desk. I use them for that and that alone.
  3. It’s alive! Changed all the fluid and filters. Drained the fuel and put fresh in. Popped the valve cover and it looked like it had been run yesterday. Put in a new set of batteries and it started and ran right away after I filled the fuel filters. It wouldn’t draw fuel from the tank so I pulled the sender and draw tube and found the tube was plugged up. Cleaned it out and it sat and ran for half an hour. Purred like a kitten. Need to get the new sender in it and take it for a drive.
  4. Going to try tomorrow. I spun a fuel filter off and it looked like fuel and smelled like fuel so there is a chance!
  5. This bad boy got pushed into the shop.
  6. Beautiful tractor!
  7. I didnt see this the other day. I had a friend who had one of these and his experience was similar to yours. At times he liked it and at times he really struggled with it. He traded it off.
  8. I did the math on mine. 5 bulbs, 18 watt should be a load of around 8 amps. With the better fuse I have had no issues. I generally don’t have any extra lights, but some of the cab tractors do have a extra or two.
  9. I dont think so because the load is so much less. Thats just my opinion. I have had no issues since switching to leds. They are much brighter and are much easier on the system. Makes it easier to justify the cost.
  10. Courtney International Edelstein IL. About 30 minutes away.
  11. I agree the glass fuse is a headache and I eliminate them and place a weather tight ATO style fuse holder that is accessible under the bottom left edge of the dash. I also remove extra lights and switch the lights to led to lessen the load on the system. This is the power wire to the switch of the last tractor I worked on. Just not much left!
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