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  1. I run all 12 weights on my 1566 when plowing. When I plow with my 1066 and 5 bottom sometimes I only run 10 weights but if there are 12 handy I run all 12 on it as well. So the simple answer is the weight is needed and generally the more the better!
  2. Here either. I finished up with the chisel in the dark last night. It will be froze in the morning but the weather looks good next week. Just got to find a place to plow!
  3. We got together and plowed again last Sunday. Another great day!
  4. Mine is backed in the shed but still hooked to the tractor!
  5. They were made by Year A Round corporation. The cab company. They hold 100 gallon. 50 each side. There is a small electric pump to transfer fuel up to the main tank. Makes it’s awful nice instead of running for fuel every 4 hours!
  6. And this my friends is what 6-20”’s look like rolling across the field.
  7. This is a 1066 with no aftermarket parts or parts off any other tractor. It has its original to-4. I just opened the pump up backing the screws out, flip the droop lever over and removed the air filters. Rated speed is actually 1146 so I had it pulled down maybe 25 rpms to many. But you get the idea. They will make power easily.
  8. Finished beans tonite. 80 acres of corn to go!
  9. There was a local pro photographer that came out. I stole a couple pics from him and that is one of them. He doesn’t just use his phone!!
  10. It was cool first thing. When it warmed up I turned the A/C on but not for long. Opened the windows so I could smell the dirt and listen to the stalks!
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