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  1. This is the third 1466 built, #7103. Pulling 5-16’s 10” deep in low 3rd T/A. Yes, it’s heavy black ground but doesn’t slab over like some of our black ground. This area is known for really nice soil that pulls hard. It’s also as productive as any ground in IL. I have found that a moldboard plow is a really good way to get rid of water hemp seed as well as any others. I rented 120 acres that was Prevent Plant back in 2019 and they just let it grow up and go to seed. Spring of 2020 I plowed half of it. The other half I cultivated and planted. The weed pressure where it was plowed was less than 10% of the other half. I plowed the entire thing in the fall of 2021 and it had virtually no weed pressure in 2022.
  2. Been plowing off and on the last couple evenings. Weather sure has been nice.
  3. I just don’t even know where to start……..
  4. 62048 is the accepted # for the last 1066
  5. I have a neighbor come help me cut beans when he gets done. It’s a late 1680. In decent going he can run pass for pass with my 2366. We can get across some acres with both of us running 25ft heads.
  6. One is on the conser till the other has the front blade on it waiting to get hooked up to the dirt pan to move some dirt.
  7. I just emailed them when I bought my 1466 and it is now in the magazine.
  8. The Trimble stuff is serviced by CNH. It’s all very common. You can find a video on you tube to walk you thru about anything. Most of the stuff you will routinely change is super easy. I have a few of these and never had a tech work on one. No component failures yet. I have moved units from tractor to tractor without any assistance. Not familiar with any of the types other guys have mentioned.
  9. The Trimble ez steer units work pretty good.
  10. Roseville had a dandy up into the 1990’s. Nothing at all now. Our group has talked a little about try to do something there again.
  11. I have pulled at Davenport a couple times in recent years and Cambridge is on our circuit. We pull there in June and September.
  12. Sure do. Light things up real good.
  13. Made a few rounds tonite. Going plow more tomorrow.
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