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  1. Front mount cultivator for 86 series?

    Yep. Trusty model 78 or the bigger 85. bill
  2. My favorite International machinery.

    In my part of the world IH tillage equipment was king. Every farm had IH plows, almost without exception. IH 800 planters were wildly popular here as well as the axial flow combines. bill
  3. IHC parts dept 1980s

    Westbay Equipment in Galesburg IL was set up like that. I remember it well. bill
  4. That is one sweet picture! Love my 66's! bill
  5. Here is a good picture of Bob Thompsons Illinois Streaker

    Bob lived about 30 miles from here. I dont know what happened to the tractor but I may know who to ask. I know a guy who worked with Bob in later years and he has some dandy stories! bill
  6. 66 series, cab or no cab?

    It simply depends what you end game is. Is it something that is occasinally used or daily driver? Do live in Alabama of Illinois? What is your preferred comfort level? Umbrellas help. Heat housers are good. 5 pictures. Umbrellas makes warm sunny days pleasant and hot days tolerable. heats housers make cool days toasty, cold days decent and well, terrible days tolerable. These are cheap options suitsble for many applications. A factory cab with a good floormat and interior will be nice and toasty on the coldest day. If it has a/c and it works, the. You can be very comfortable on a hot day or doing a dirty job. Downside is it hard to work on somethings. bill
  7. 50 series- reception?

    They were well thought of here. I always thought they looked good. Several were sold in the area but the farm economy was hitting the skids pretty hard after a good run so guys closed theirs check books and ran what they had. Things got worse before they got better so the 88's were gone before they really got a chance to shine. Many operations here jumped from 86's to box car magnums.
  8. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    I have taken time to play on the dyno a little and this is what I have found. Stock pump/stock turbo/stock rpm/ fuel screw wide open and droop screw out of the way. Running with no filter and running just the big outer filter it developed the same horespower. With the inner filter installed it did cause a drop in horespower output. Seemes like it was about 10hp. Same effect with both filters as it was with just the inner.
  9. Black Stripe 1066

    My favorite version of my favorite model of my favorite series. These are my black stripe 10's.
  10. Vari-Width plow question

    On the 735's I have there are 3 cylinders and one slides the hitch over to change the cut of the first bottom. I think later IH vari width plows (and later 735's too) eliminated one cylinder and only used 2. You can adjust on the go. If you have real plowing to do a vari width plow is worth the money. bill . Edit: my plows are toggle trip. No rocks here so there are no spring reset plows.
  11. Your IH dealer......what else did they sell?

    Our local dealer sold farm equipment, trucks and white goods. Was a long time NH dealer untill the merger. Sold Woods equipment. Kewanee farm equipment was a staple in the area and they sold alot of it. It was also one of the largest sellers of Cub Cadets in IL.
  12. OK, lets see ya favorite tractor you own and use

    There is always that one tractor that just has that feel like a nice worn pair of boots. For me, its this 1972 1066. Could use a paint job. No family history. Nothing special at all other than I really like the way it handles.
  13. plowing with quickhitch?

    I do it all the time. Hate hooking the plow up without it. Do it on 710 and 735. Works fine. bill