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  1. Nice! I will have to check on one of those! What did you do for boots around the pedals?
  2. What is the serial number of your 1066? I have a 1466 with chrome handles.
  3. We run around pulling tractors quite a bit. I tell people all the time the most dangerous part of tractor pulling is hauling to and from the pulls. We haul 2 tractors in a enclosed 53’ ft van pulled with one of the farm semis. Plenty of overkill built in for a safety factor. The idiots driving cars and pickups are just plain scary.
  4. That is factory Hi 3rd at 3K rpm. On a slick track it will hit 20mph and spin in when you shift the t/a.
  5. That is 2150 red and 935 white! Right off the shelf at our CIH dealership back in 2018. Painted it out in the bar lot in front of the shop.
  6. Many of you have seen my 1066 “blowing smoke rings in the dark”. It’s a ton of fun to drive and it’s just as fun to put a young man on the seat and let him make a pass. This is a friends son. He has pulled some out of the field with their own tractors. We coached him a little and sent him down the tractor last Thursday night. He had a blast driving and I did watching!
  7. Just playing with red tractors.
  8. If it doesn’t want to go I concentrate on getting some rotation. Once it moves it usually gives up fairly easy.
  9. I was with dad when died and I had spent an hour with him the day before. I had bought a batwing and we were going to go pick it up with the trailer. He had a project on one of the trucks he wanted some help with in a couple days. He had been under the weather but nothing was expected. He got sick coming home from a trip to run errands with my nephew. I stopped over because my nephew was with him and said I should come. Last thing he said was “get me a Kleenex”. Then he slipped peacefully away. Just being there has brought me a lot of peace. Him too I hope.
  10. Thanks guys! It’s a lot of fun. One of the guys that works for me picked the paint scheme and I think it looks really tough!
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