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  1. I paid $8500 for this a couple years back. Haven’t done much to it. Put a grille in it. Added dual hubs, tool box, rebuilt seat. It gets down the track a few times a year. It will run with the other stock tractors. Best thing about a 66 series is there is a lot of potential.
  2. 3lm will work just fine and not break the bank.
  3. This is a 1967 706 with the 310, 3pt, dual,outlets, 16.9,38 rears and originally isn’t had the skinny front tires but now it has 10.00-16 fronts. My grandad bought this at a neighbors retirement auction in 1969. It never was the big tractor as we had a 806 and 1256. It pulled a 8 row 400 for many years and eventually got traded for a used 1466. 15 years ago or so dad bought it back on a retirement auction. Tractor has had 4 owners and we are 2 of them! It is a very straight original tractor.
  4. I am a little prejudice but having being around all of them the 1066’s really shined. Even the deere guys here held the 1066’s in high regard.
  5. Right. The far outside lever is the #1 remote on a 5088 and they just fill to the left the 2nd, 3rd, 4th remote. #1 has priority on the 5088 but it is the outside lever. Magnum was the opposite. Lever closest to the seat was #1 remote and had priority then they filled to the right 2nd, 3rd,4th remotes.
  6. On my 5088 it was also the farthest remote lever from the seat that had priority. Generally when I folded the booms I shut the pump off and folded the booms. Seemed slow other wise. 5088 worked good on my sprayer!
  7. Best looking series of tractor anyone ever built. I have a 5488 and had a 5088. Good tractors. 5088 was my spraying tractor and I put a ton of hours on it. The 5488 was dads favorite and it is a horse. Everyone likes to run it. Both of them have Ez-steers in them. Maybe someday I will get a 5288!
  8. I had a neighbor who had a terrible reaction to bee stings and he did carry something with him all summer. I remember his wife finding him collapsed just outside their back door once from a bee sting when he got stung unexpectedly.
  9. We have had the heat and humidity but a front came threw last night and it is a beautiful morning with nice dry air. A really nice change in the weather this morning.
  10. I have been threw this on my 7120. It nearly drove me nuts. I carried a meter in the cab for a year. No matter what that bar graph said the alternator was always working. A couple years later one night the alternator did fail. Of course the gauge was no help. Anyway, when I replaced the alternator it fixed my problem. Not sure what it was. A connection on the alternator maybe. I don’t know. When I got rid of the 7120 it was still working ok.
  11. It’s just a name. It’s 3K rpm, 2.42 inlet turbo, stock appearing pump. This pic is my “out of field” tractor.
  12. We can make 20mph and 30mph makes it look like we are barley moving! That takes a lot of power!
  13. Ran 6 classes. 3 first. 3 thirds. Won the 10,500 at 380+ feet. There was a 6030 that was making almost 30 mph. He was more than we could handle! Lots of tractors that are very competitive in comparison to mine. We throw weights all the way from 10,500 to 15,500. Won the 15,500 too.
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