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  1. When history looks back the one thing the Trump presidency maybe be remembered for is all of the conservative judges he has appointed to the federal justice system not to mention the Supreme Court. In the big picture these court appointments are huge and have lasting impact on our nation. If you are a conservative minded person you will be happy that Trump has paved a road that will be bumpy for many left wing agendas for decades to come.
  2. That’s me! Since it was a binder it deserved a good truck number.
  3. Here ya go. Nothing fancy. 2012. 475hp. 10 speed. Full delete. 300,000 miles. Should be a dandy farm truck.
  4. Truck that is! Might as well be a Binder!
  5. 10 shank 6000 conser till is a good load for a decent 1066 “here”.
  6. My advice is before you do anything else, investigate your brake problem. Could be minor, may not be. Those brakes are great until they aren’t.
  7. Right out of college in about 1990 I worked at the local IH dealer and plain as day I can remember a whole box of those black and yellow M&W turbo filters. Place closed up several years ago and they probably got pitched.
  8. We are a couple hours se of all the wind damage from that storm. It rolled thru here and was scary looking but nothing to cause problems for us like in IA. The pull today was a RWYB 12,000lbs class. 3 big block Deere’s in it and I was the only non sanctioned tractor. I didn’t place very well but I snuck past some of those guys and ended up 11ft back of 2nd so I felt ok about it. Tractor ran good. If you want to watch it jump on FB and hunt up the Back Roads Pulling team the entire class video is on there.
  9. Thanks guys! Put a coat of wax on and loaded up for a pull tomorrow. Gonna be tough one but me and ole Smoke Rings will give it all we got!
  10. Hasn’t been a farm sell that low of a price for awhile. Still 10K and up!
  11. Everything I know about any kind of farming other than corn, soybeans and cattle outside of central IL I owe to people like Tony who take time to share how things work. So thanks to all of you who Take time to post pics. It is always appreciated!!!!!!!
  12. Yesterday the pull wrapped up and we all stood around the trailers another two hours telling stories. Nobody wanted it to be over. We have so much fun it’s probably against the law!
  13. Been to several pulls in the last few weeks. It’s nice to be out and about with friends having fun!
  14. I miss chopping corn silage. It was a job I enjoyed. It was the beginning of harvest. We always had a group of people together to help. I ran the chopper. It was nice time of the year. Warm days and cool nights.
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