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  1. Lone star foundry in texas. Free shipping.
  2. I got to meet Mr Dietrich once. He was interesting to say the least!
  3. Yes. Tiger mate then tiger mate II. Lots of deere dealers sold DMI till CNH bought it.
  4. How many NH3 toolbars do you suppose they sold over the years? Field cultivators? There were a bunch of DMI gravity wagons around here too. Of course Goodfield is only an hour away.
  5. DMI was Dietrich Manufacturing Inc, based in Goodfield IL. They sold out to CIH in the 90’s. They built a variable width plow that Kinze designed. Big heavy hydraulic adjustable plows. Plant is still there building CNH equipment.
  6. It’s a rare occasion when we don’t run the landslide dual. Is that a DMI plow?
  7. Take time to smell the roses! It’s worth it.
  8. 2 different tractors. One a 1975 the other a 1976.
  9. Thanks guys. You should all take and share pics too! It’s what makes this place great!
  10. Random pics of Red Power as we get started on spring field work.
  11. I made mine look like a Red Power 1486 but it’s really 1977. I like the look.
  12. I have a 710 6-16 semi mount inland plow but it has the trip bottoms and not the resets. Never have used it but it is all rebuilt and ready!
  13. On the older tractors I like to mount it out on the hood near the front.
  14. I didn’t take time to watch it but it is more than reasonable to piece together the events from even prior to the killing of The Arch Duke until the surrender of Japan as one long war with a pause of a few years. The actions and in some ways lack of actions after the first war directly lead to the Second World War. A error that was a hard one learned and after the second war an entirely different approach was taken.
  15. The 1976 black stripe dad bought in 1986. It has just over 4000 hours and is a beautiful original tractor. 1975 Had a factory cab but it was shot and I installed a Year a Round. Both run strong! If you haven’t been around a 1566 they have a different feel. They are heavy. A little slower on the road. With the bigger tires they have a “big tractor” feel even with the same wheel base as the others. The added weight and tire size gives them the ability to put some serious power to the ground. A 1566 is capable of doing some serious work.
  16. I ran Low 2 dd. I did make some passes in low 3 t/a and dd. Low 3 t/a was no problem at all it just rolled. Low 3 dd could be a load in tough spots but it would have done it. I ran in low 2 dd because it was the pace of most of the other tractors.
  17. The 1486 had 5-16. The 15 handled the 6-16 with ease. 1206 had 4-14 which obviously is no load and the 569 had 3-14.
  18. We get different people and different tractors every time. A good variation!
  19. Had 6 rigs today. 4 IH! Plowed about 50 acres. We had a great time together as always and started plans for this fall!
  20. Those hangers are a sight to behold for a farmer!!!!
  21. Nice! The only thing like that around here is there is land that was striped mined to get the coal and those acres were “reclaimed” and are now farmed. I farm 100 acres like that. It has rocks. Generally nothing you can hold in one hand. It isnt a big deal but I do not run my bug planter there. I use my 800 8 row.
  22. With ease!!! Spring plowing. Got to love it!
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