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  1. Yes. 99 percent of fertilizer is broadcast here. Basically zero dry. The only liquid is the occasional guy with a starter set up.
  2. Not really. We have a long planting window so we wait for “ideal” conditions because conditions always trump planting date for us. In central IL we have very favorable weather to grow corn and soybeans.
  3. 14’s do have the bigger brakes.
  4. Finally got the chance to run the 14 in the field. Pulled my 365 vibra tine 6mph with ease. Not a single leak. Ran cool. Just flawless except for the last pass when the left brake started to drag and got hot. I have had that thing apart 5-6 times and fooled with it. Really thought I had it this time but after 32 acres it got hot. Go figure. Otherwise it passed with flying colors!
  5. I have a smaller pull type sprayer I can set for wide rows and I have a couple cultivators.
  6. Looks like this is the week. Should be able to get the “real” farming well under control and then plant a little with these two classics! I am going to p,ant 35 acres of 38” corn so if you have a picker or a wide row combine come join in the fun the last Saturday of September and help pick this field!
  7. I remember seeing the parts “in” board at the IH dealership once had the name “Mehoff brothers”. I asked who the heck is that? Parts guys says “ don’t you know them, Hack, Jack and Torque?”
  8. I ran it again tonight for a few hours.
  9. I don’t. I do wonder many times how we got all the work done! I guess all we did was work!
  10. Has the boys working ground with 2 other rigs so I took the 15 and went and worked a 80 of fall moldboard plowing. A nice project. Took about 6 hours. Just listened to the radio and relaxed. Enjoyed a good ole PB and J sandwich!
  11. When you are in “Crevetuckey” as we call it, you will be about 25 miles from my place.
  12. Yes sir. They are mine and set on 38” . I also have a 400 4 row on 38”.
  13. It’s spring. Tractors are on the move around the farm. It’s been wet so not much field work yet.
  14. I don’t usually have much trouble with the dual wedge locks. Get them good and tight then get the big hammer and rap the top of the axle. Tighten and repeat till they let loose.
  15. I have the military version with the stick magazines. It is a awesome gun. After shooting with it the first time I knew why it was so popular with soldiers. My grandad served in the US Army, Pacific theatre, in WW II and he carried a Thompson.
  16. Wanted to get them all checked out before I get busy with the “real” farming!
  17. Put 7103 to work today for a bit. Wanted to make sure the ole 400 planter works. Need a couple row sensors but she worked like a champ otherwise. Still cold and wet here. Rain thru mid week.
  18. My 5488 has a boxcar magnum style, straight drawbars. On the 66 series tractors I bought a couple aftermarket ones and they work well but not as big of a load as the 54 gets.
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