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  1. Was it sold new as a open station? Lucky to have it and it is really special your family bought it new.
  2. Since they were clean I snapped a pic.
  3. On the factory cabs I use that hole between the door and window. My white cab 966 has one there as well. The YAR cab and 86-88 I put them on the post ahead of the door.
  4. My name is Eric. Bill is a nick name from a long time ago. Back when I got on the internet I became“ bill on the farm”.
  5. Thanks guys! Had a tractor drive yesterday morning. Tractor pull last night. Family dinner today and a pic of the cake my wife made for me! Just having fun!
  6. It may depend on what your pump is exactly but for sure there are 13mm pumps doing farm work.
  7. That’s funny. I have noticed the same thing in videos. Beautiful tractors and some tough old plows.
  8. The whole deal is a bit of art. Whatever the combo of tractor and plow is, it will have a sweet spot. Line of draft kinda gets thrown out the window when plows get more than 4 bottoms. I have tried making the plow work and not moving the tires when set in for row cropping 30” rows. It can be done satisfactory. I still keep a couple tractors with the tread set wider so I can utilize them on a moldboard plow easier. After that there is still a lot of work to get a plow set to do a top notch job. Takes time, experience and some effort but it’s well worth it.
  9. This 706 came with 16.9x38’s and 7.50x16’s. The fronts are now 10.00x16 but still has 16.9x38.
  10. That’s not a good picture but I had a 5088 for several years. I used it on the sprayer and to spread dry fertilizer. I put a 2-300 hundred hours a year on it. Had just short of 10,000 hours when I sold it. Biggest problem I ever had was a slow leak in the A/C I struggled to find. I miss it sometimes.
  11. My 766 is a gas model. They made about 1000 of these with the 291ci gas engine. Dual pto, dual outlet, 3pt, wfe, 18.4x34 rears. The 291 runs like a dream. It gets most of its hours running this NI 5410 disk mower and it gets a few running augers and moving machinery around. Starts great in the winter.
  12. I think this one is a black stripe for real!
  13. Looks like everyone had a good time. It’s all about the people! And horsepower! And red paint! Lol.
  14. I paid $8500 for this a couple years back. Haven’t done much to it. Put a grille in it. Added dual hubs, tool box, rebuilt seat. It gets down the track a few times a year. It will run with the other stock tractors. Best thing about a 66 series is there is a lot of potential.
  15. 3lm will work just fine and not break the bank.
  16. This is a 1967 706 with the 310, 3pt, dual,outlets, 16.9,38 rears and originally isn’t had the skinny front tires but now it has 10.00-16 fronts. My grandad bought this at a neighbors retirement auction in 1969. It never was the big tractor as we had a 806 and 1256. It pulled a 8 row 400 for many years and eventually got traded for a used 1466. 15 years ago or so dad bought it back on a retirement auction. Tractor has had 4 owners and we are 2 of them! It is a very straight original tractor.
  17. I am a little prejudice but having being around all of them the 1066’s really shined. Even the deere guys here held the 1066’s in high regard.
  18. Right. The far outside lever is the #1 remote on a 5088 and they just fill to the left the 2nd, 3rd, 4th remote. #1 has priority on the 5088 but it is the outside lever. Magnum was the opposite. Lever closest to the seat was #1 remote and had priority then they filled to the right 2nd, 3rd,4th remotes.
  19. On my 5088 it was also the farthest remote lever from the seat that had priority. Generally when I folded the booms I shut the pump off and folded the booms. Seemed slow other wise. 5088 worked good on my sprayer!
  20. Best looking series of tractor anyone ever built. I have a 5488 and had a 5088. Good tractors. 5088 was my spraying tractor and I put a ton of hours on it. The 5488 was dads favorite and it is a horse. Everyone likes to run it. Both of them have Ez-steers in them. Maybe someday I will get a 5288!
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