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  1. Drones make it easy to do. This is the farm I live on. I have 2-3 older ones.
  2. 1066 is a little lighter which is a benefit. 1466 has the 436 over the 414 would should give you a little more powerful. LOTS of 1066’s out there for sale. Not so many 14’s. 1066 could have diff lock. Might be some help at stock HP might be a problem above stock HP. Either can become a 466 engine easily. Tons of people have done both. Lots of used pieces out there. Have fun!
  3. B E A U TIFUL! Absolutely awesome!
  4. I am sure location did come into play as well as personal preference of the salesman and the dealer principal.
  5. 14’s were spec’ed out and ordered by the dealers with NO pto. They simply ordered a dual pto unit from whole goods and installed it in their shop. Nearly all 14’s here have dual speed and many 15’s but they did not leave Farmall works with the dual speed. This applies to 1456, 14 and 1586’s.
  6. Tough to tell what has been going on with this one. Has some good signs of being both a factory open station and a cab tractor!
  7. We bought a new 1466. Tractor came in without pto. Dealer ordered a dual speed pto attachment and installed it in his shop prior to delivery.
  8. I am completely blown away. I saw that and figured it had to be a joke! The amount of work and the quality of his work is amazing. Would love to take it for a spin!
  9. Remember there was a big push during WW2 to scrap anything that wasn’t critical to production so any of that stuff that was a round with some limited use was probably gone when the war was over.
  10. It gets greasy with the daily freeze and thaw. Not suppose to freeze tonight!
  11. Umm. Luckily I know a guy who tinkers with pumps.........yea she runs good.
  12. I ran a 1760 wing fold, ground driven, flex, vacuum planter for 15 years. Zero complaints or regrets. Pulled easy. Was durable. Simple. Some of those years I was planting 2000 acres a year. When I sold it you would have been hard pressed to tell it had done more than a few thousand acres.
  13. Like many others, I am NRA member. That doesn’t mean I don’t have reservations but they do fight our fight.
  14. Moor Mans was a feed supplier for farmers. There were many but in our area Moor Mans was one of the most popular. Kent, Super Sweet, and FS also had a big presence here. Back in the day those salesman were busy guys.
  15. Remember a thread awhile back that talked about the ear flap hats? I mentioned I would sure like to find a old school Moormans hat like everyone had back in the day. Well ole Sledge fixed me up! I will put the Moormans one one my book cabinet in the office but I am gonna wear the Pioneer one when it gets cold! Thanks sledgehammer. Santa won’t forget you either!,
  16. I am a full time farmer. Grew up here on the home farm. My great great grandad bought this one in 1894. After college I did 4 years as the junior parts guy in the local CIH dealership. Great experience! Learned so much. Raised hogs till high school. Cattle went couple years ago. Just a gentleman grain farmer now. Before my time this was a dairy.
  17. Hey! I got a question and you can answer it! I got a wild hair to put a YAR cab on a 1566 I bought. It occurred to me today that the mounting for a 1066 is narrower and won’t fit on the 1566 I want to put it on. Can you take a look and snap a picture of the mounts on that 15 for me Mike?
  18. I havent held many guns that have a better feel for me than a 1911. Little much for carry. I tried a handful of smaller guns and settled on a Glock 43. 3 years later it’s still the one. Nice little gun. Wouldn’t want to carry it off to war, but for cc, it is a well rounded choice.
  19. This is how we generally did it back in the day. 2 weights on the inside, 3 weights on the outside and full of fluid. Most of mine just have a couple weights on the outside now.
  20. billonthefarm

    Ih 80

    Good blower. I haven’t hooked mine up yet. I will wait for a impending snowfall of some significance.
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