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  1. Looking at the pic that tractor is going to measure 102-104” at its widest point.
  2. 3lm is a direct bolt on. s300 will require some mods.
  3. Started out Wednesday under the planter tractor with a CNH mechanic tracking down a hydraulic leak. He got me fixed up and I started planting in earnest at 1pm. When I quit for the day I had planted 280 acres of corn. The picture shows the time as I drove out of the field and headed for home. Long afternoon!
  4. In my opinion you best option is just to fix what you have. Air seat would be better but as far as spring suspension the factory suspension rehabbed is about as good as it gets.
  5. Gotcha. CECs here range from 20 to mid 30’s. Holds on to things too good! 150ish hp pulls 10 shanks ok in the fall, well in the spring. 200 will handle it fine always!
  6. I bought a used DMI 4300 13 shank a few years ago. I figured 13 would be a load for most of my tractors. Asked several people and decided to turn it into a 10 shank tool bar. I spaced the shanks out to 36” in stead of 30” and it’s still 30’.
  7. Well dang it! You need to ramp up the picture taking!!!!!!!
  8. Still learning. So far I really like it. Seems like it is everything I expected. I look forward to being comfortable with it!
  9. Oh its not that she cares. But being a farm girl she knows not everyone has quite this many tractors! She has mentioned a group picture!
  10. Not sure but when my wife asks how many more I need, the answer is always 1!
  11. Neighbor stretched out his aluminum 24ft gooseneck doing that. Them trailers just ain’t made for that.
  12. If the ground isn’t hooked up it will also effect the lights I believe. If it’s the cab load solenoid it will only effect the things in the cab. That solenoid is behind the rh battery.
  13. 2849 at UNL tractor test lab. 2850 is just fine.
  14. Have had auto steer for awhile. Been mapping for 20 years. Lots of improvements over the years and they just keep coming. It can be frustrating when things don’t work perfectly but overall it’s worth the hassle for added productivity and efficiency.
  15. We normally figure April 20 as a start date. It’s a little cool but ground conditions are good and it looks like most people are running.
  16. Couple 10’s and the 14 earning their keep!
  17. McCormick Diesel Service in Stewardson IL has solid copper gaskets for the box cars. The work very good. They will ship to you.
  18. It sure does make eating dinner easier!
  19. Finished up chiseling a field, filled in ditches with the blade and did a little work with the field cultivator to end the day. 1066’s start to finish. Thats a good day!
  20. I can’t go 5mph! It’s a load for the ten in low 3rd.
  21. Low 3rd direct throttle wide open. GPS on my phone indicated fairly steady 4.3-4.4 mph.
  22. My 5088 had 11.00x16’s. Seemed perfect.
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