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  1. 735 was hydraulic adjustable width of cut on the go. 730 was manually adjustable.
  2. I knew I saw a place and for the life of me I was drawing a blank but you got it!
  3. Maybe. It has its place. I have done very little the past few years because of wet fall weather. It doesn’t zero good when it’s wet in my opinion. I do have some compacted areas that need addressed. Hopefully this fall I am able to do that.
  4. Heck, the hunt is half the fun! I love tractor shopping.
  5. I spend way to much time scanning the internet and FB for IH stuff. Way to much, but anyway it popped up on FB and I bought it. Really nice straight original tractor. Very tight. Totally complete. Snappy little tractor. Same 291 as a 766. Even my helpers like it!
  6. Fall 2020, so far. Long ways to go!
  7. We had a couple 715’s way back. Good cylinder bars are your friend!
  8. We rarely take the wagons on the road anymore. Just use them when we are right on top of a bin sight.
  9. I cant answer that. Our wagons have always been set up for right hand dump for as long as I can remember!
  10. This is how we normally pull wagons. 2 Kilbros 385’s at a time.
  11. I have 5 bin sites and move 4 swing away augers around in the fall filling bins. Several times a fall we will have to switch a auger side to side. Hutchinson and Westfields are both simple to do. I just unhook, drive forward and swing it to the other side and hook back up.
  12. We bought this 2366 new and took delivery of it in 2001. It is unlikely that I will ever own another combine that will be as reliable as this one. We have done a lot of work to it over the last 4000 plus hours, maintenance, not in field repairs. The unloading auger did fail last fall as we finished up. In fact we took the rotor out this fall and replaced the transition cone and auger bed. It’s back together and ready to go for another harvest. It won’t be on the farm much longer as I have grown the operation to the point it is time to move to a bigger machine but I will harvest at least
  13. I have found the white duals must have been a regional thing. MANY tractors “here” were sold with dual wheels and hubs manufactured by DMI in Goodfield IL, The same company that built tillage equipment. I assume it must have been cheaper than the IH factory equipment and they were just down the road so dealers had easy access to them when needed. So, IH duals were red, aftermarket duals were white. We had both. The tires on the 1566 are 30.5 x 32’s.
  14. Yep. Switched to the Stones last winter. Big tireS in the back, big tires in the front. That’s how I roll!
  15. All wrapped up here too. The tractors look great. If you aren’t trying to break the throttle you ain’t trying hard enough. Photo guy caught me after the last hook of 2020 as I was rolling back to the trailer. Can’t wait for 2021!
  16. A picture of my right had man as a pup back in April of 2008!
  17. In the photo album of my iPad I have 10,547 pictures. You would love the slide show but it would take awhile! That’s a bunch of farm pics of mostly red iron!
  18. I think that boy loves all tractors but his grandpa’s are green!
  19. I was working on grading a lane Friday afternoon when I saw my neighbor. He had his grandson with him and was looking my ride over pretty close. I told them I was going to leave the tractor on the lane and come back in the morning. I got this pic the next morning before I got back over there. Bet he is still telling grandpa a 1066 would look nice in the shed!
  20. I had a 3950 and I ran it on 1066’s and tractors with closed center both. There was a valve that had to be adjusted.
  21. When history looks back the one thing the Trump presidency maybe be remembered for is all of the conservative judges he has appointed to the federal justice system not to mention the Supreme Court. In the big picture these court appointments are huge and have lasting impact on our nation. If you are a conservative minded person you will be happy that Trump has paved a road that will be bumpy for many left wing agendas for decades to come.
  22. That’s me! Since it was a binder it deserved a good truck number.
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