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  1. Neighbor stretched out his aluminum 24ft gooseneck doing that. Them trailers just ain’t made for that.
  2. If the ground isn’t hooked up it will also effect the lights I believe. If it’s the cab load solenoid it will only effect the things in the cab. That solenoid is behind the rh battery.
  3. 2849 at UNL tractor test lab. 2850 is just fine.
  4. Have had auto steer for awhile. Been mapping for 20 years. Lots of improvements over the years and they just keep coming. It can be frustrating when things don’t work perfectly but overall it’s worth the hassle for added productivity and efficiency.
  5. We normally figure April 20 as a start date. It’s a little cool but ground conditions are good and it looks like most people are running.
  6. Couple 10’s and the 14 earning their keep!
  7. McCormick Diesel Service in Stewardson IL has solid copper gaskets for the box cars. The work very good. They will ship to you.
  8. It sure does make eating dinner easier!
  9. Finished up chiseling a field, filled in ditches with the blade and did a little work with the field cultivator to end the day. 1066’s start to finish. Thats a good day!
  10. I can’t go 5mph! It’s a load for the ten in low 3rd.
  11. Low 3rd direct throttle wide open. GPS on my phone indicated fairly steady 4.3-4.4 mph.
  12. My 5088 had 11.00x16’s. Seemed perfect.
  13. My 1975 1066 and 10 shank 6000 conser -till.
  14. Makes sad to know I will not get to enjoy more of his great aviation stories. Condolences to his family.
  15. They are Petlas. Foreign made radials. Tire guy said their are decent. We will see!
  16. Spring is upon us. Just need more sunshine and less rain!
  17. Just some pics from around the farm the last week or so as I get ready for planting 2020.
  18. Made a few passes with the plow. Its wet in West Central IL
  19. Its a 1255 thats a couple years old. 1760 had been a good planter. Trouble free for sure. Just need to get over more acres in a day. Going to a 16row bulk fill out to do the trick.
  20. After 15 years of using my 8920 and JD 1760 I made a upgrade to this new rig but I will plant a few acres with the 800 8 row. Hired man will get a lot of seat time in the planter. I usually run the sprayer in the day and then take over for him and plant into the night. He may not want to quit this year! Going to be a learning curve for both of us.
  21. Good solid tractors. The last of the long red line. You will be happy!
  22. Very nice. Congratulations. How did the 14 handle the 16 row planter?
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