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  1. Doc Egor

    TA questions

    Allied Precision Products can still provide the electric TA actuator, I got tired of dealing with the mickey mouse linkage arrangement that always seem to be frozen up or out of adjustment and finally put the electric one on one of my 1086s a few years ago. So far it has been completely trouble free. The allied precision unit looks a little different from the IH version if memory serves and shifts into direct drive when power is provided to the coil, not certain if the IH version worked the same way or not.
  2. Doc Egor

    Low oil pressure ?

    What did you put in for oil?
  3. Doc Egor

    How do I know what refrigerant?

    Welcome to the fun world of AC repair.... AC guys run into stuff like this all the time - who knows what is in could be R12, R134, Duracool, Freeze 12 or a whole host of other blends.....could even be propane. How much money do you want to stick in it is what this boils down to? The correct thing to do is an evacuation, full disassembly, flush and replace the receiver and the expansion valve, reassemble ...then charge with fresh 134. If the hoses aren't all new - replace them all now and be done with it, it's not that much money. Cheap way out is to dump whatever is in there now, screw on retrofit fittings for 134, pull a vacuum, then charge it and hope for the best. When retrofits to a different refrigerant are done - a proper label is supposed to be attached to the tractor to document what was done. The labels eventually fall off, but part of the retrofit is the adapter fittings that prevent the wrong refrigerant being added in the future. That being said theoretically there should be R12 in there, but a lot of shade tree conversions never get the fittings changed so you just don't know.
  4. Doc Egor

    1066 oil drain plug w/pics

    I'm betting the pan is cracked around the bung where it is welded in. Either replace the pan or get yourself a new bung assembly from a hydraulic supply store (preferably with an O-ring style plug) and replace your current bung.
  5. Doc Egor

    Who Makes A Good Refrigerator?

    Got a new LG when I built the house 8 years ago - no issues at all so far. Bought from an appliance store, not a big box store....I think it makes a difference, guys delivering it were very careful with it and polished it all up when it was in place.
  6. Doc Egor

    I might need a new battery

    Not a fan of the battery carriers that lift by the battery's posts like the one in the picture. They apply stress to the terminals and connections inside the battery which were never meant to be exposed to such forces. The explosion occurred inside the battery and the only way that happens is with a source of ignition - so that means a connection inside the battery either failed or shorted out most likely under load. Not saying it is the case in this instance, but handling a battery with a terminal strap carrier certainly doesn't do them any good.
  7. Doc Egor

    Source for small diameter exhaust tubing?

    Looks like Walker Exhaust still makes flex pipe down to 1" diameter and regular straight pipe and pre-bent 90s down to 1 1/2"....guessing that is probably still too big for what you need though.
  8. Doc Egor

    Aluminum house/house trailer wiring

    And it's back again now - got a commercial building with aluminum wiring except for the emergency power wiring is copper I argued against it, but the powers that be were more concerned about the cost savings. Engineers keep assuring me that the square shaped strands fit together tighter and won't compress over time and cause connection issues like the old stuff did....I call BS. Time will tell.
  9. Doc Egor

    86 series Hydraulic TA problems

    The mechanical linkage for the T/A is troublesome to start with and if the tractor sits a lot is even more of a problem. Its likely the T/A is bad, but start with making sure the linkage does all work and is adjusted properly by the book. I've put on a couple electric T/A kits on tractors I own myself the last couple years and so far have been happy with them as they have eliminated the frequent linkage hassles. We will see how they do long term after they get some age on them.
  10. Doc Egor

    Happy or sad state of affairs

    Propane gas and extreme cold weather is always interesting. #1. The fuel/air mix fires harder and requires a hotter spark then gasoline. #2. Liquid propane needs to vaporize in order to go through a carburetor and burn in an engine. At low temps the liquid propane evaporates into a vapor very slowly, so if you have a vapor withdrawl from the tank - the tank has to be sizeable to have enough volume that the fuel will vaporize fast enough to get enough fuel to run. If you have a liquid withdrawl - there has to be hot coolant circulating through the regulator in order for it to vaporize fast enough to get enough fuel to run. I'm not encouraging the procedure as there is a certain degree of risk to it and it has to be done with common sense obviously as you are working to warm the tank slightly and not heat it cherry red, but a weed burner applied to the side of a large propane tank carefully has saved the day many times in extremely cold weather with grain dryers and other high demand applications when the temp has dropped low enough that the fuel won't vaporize fast enough.
  11. Doc Egor

    1066 question ?

    Sounds like the TA needs to be rebuilt or replaced - that bang is the sprag elements snapping over center.
  12. Doc Egor

    SHopping for electric Razor

    I've had a few Norelco rotaries - they seemed to plug relatively fast and didn't stand up very long or cut very close. Had a few Remingtons too - they cut closer, but the foils wore out real fast. Last 2 have been Panasonic - they both cut extremely close, the first one lasted 6 years before the battery gave up. The last one I've got 2 years on with no issues. The cutters and foil sets last me about 18 to 24 months and they are fairly easy for a clumsy old guy to clean manually....don't know how those self cleaning holders work, they looked like more hassle then they were worth to me.
  13. Doc Egor

    Ice Cream Box Cab Heater

    Looking for pictures and measurements if possible of the cab heater in an ice cream box cab on a 1256 (or any other 56 series). Thanks! Doc
  14. Doc Egor

    Spark plug Question

    I'm curious how long you have had the electronic ignition on that tractor? We tried the Pertronix "Ignitor" kits a couple times, but they just couldn't handle the heavier current load from the coil due to the narrow gap plugs and would burn out in just an hour or two. They worked fine on the gasoline engine tractors.
  15. Doc Egor

    Spark plug Question

    I'm curious about that too...seems high. I've had a 806 LP since 1974 and it depends on what you are doing with the tractor, but for field use we always set our tractor up with AC C83 plugs gapped at .015. Just tuned up that tractor yesterday with Autolite 373 plugs gapped at .015 and it runs like a top. Got to be careful with LP, it runs hotter then gasoline and requires a colder plug in normal to heavy service. For parade queens or light use you can get away with a warmer plug. Never forget the narrow gap either or you'll be scratching your head with starting issues and Neighbor had a JD 2 cylinder on propane and called me one day mad as a hornet that after he tuned it up it wouldn't fire a shot. Turns out he gapped the plugs at .030. Narrowed them up and it started right up.