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  1. Standard Ignition Part#s Cap: IH-445X Rotor: IH-318X Coil: UC-12X Pick Up: LX-409 Module: LX-405 (except governor codes 12750 & 12950)
  2. Yup - the other side was the newer forged axle already when I got this machine. The hardest part was getting it back up in the air and stable. This happened close to a ravine and it took a lot of wood to get a solid enough base to lift it. Luckily the housing landed inside the rim when it fell and it didn't go all the way down. I had to replace the bottom piece of tin work and I put a newer drive off of a 1680 on - it wasn't horribly expensive thankfully. It was just a lot of work by myself.
  3. It has been one of those years all over.
  4. Yup - there were a lot of ways to get by back in the day. When the oil pressure got too low.....drop the pan, polish the bearing journals up with emery cloth, wash everything up as best you could with gasoline and put it back together again. Used to find a lot of main and rod bearings with check blanks behind them to tighten them up.
  5. 5000 PSI hot water power washer and a needle stream tip has worked for me numerous times. Aim the stream straight into the joint where the extension slides in and drill the dirt and rust out. If you start in one of the corners and drill through to the point that the water starts running out of the dust holes you are on your way. Just use the water stream like a reciprocating saw blade.
  6. Alternator working correctly and the sensor lead attached?
  7. I'm trying to find a wiring diagram for a IH '96 9400 tractor. It appears a book with the diagram came with the trucks originally but of course it is long gone on mine and none of the salvage yards seem to be interested in checking to see if they have anything. They show up on eBay in the form of a electrical shop manual or even just the book that came with the truck itself, but the prices are in the $150.00 range or higher and that is just crazy. My older trucks have an embossed aluminum plate of the wiring diagram on the base of the passenger seat....too bad that practice went by the wayside. Any help would be appreciated! Doc
  8. What's the input shaft like? Usually those are toast too. Depending on serial # the flywheel could be the old "pot" style. If the input shaft is shot - upgrade from the 1 3/4" to a 2" input shaft while you are at it. Hy-Cap would need to rebuild your pressure plate at the moment, otherwise they have everything else. Any truck drive line shop worth a crap should be able to easily fix you up too.
  9. If memory serves - the single hose is for just tipping the wings up to I believe 15 degrees for easier turn around without dragging on the ends. It's in the manual.
  10. Doc Egor

    350 Lp

    Just curious if it was a dimensional difference or not? Propane engines could be hard on valves and often stellite (sodium filled stem) valves were used to help shift the heat away from the valve head to prevent burning. Used to see a lot of special alloy (hard/wear resistant) valves and seats for LP along with bronze guides back in the day. When unleaded gas came out hardened valve parts were needed to prevent premature failures, so valve materials in general changed. Most of the time just standard valves today will give acceptable service on LP unless the usage is severe.
  11. Just be careful and don't over do it - I have a friend who can't behave himself and ruined more than 1 - 930 engine block with a loader on the tractor.
  12. Regardless - I haven't seen the specific tractor in question, but many of these conversions were real chop jobs especially when it comes to scabbing the hydraulic pump drives on to the retrofitted engine. I have also seen many that were automotive engines out of trucks and did not have the correct governor fitted. Heating issues are common as are vibration issues from harmonic convergence with the engine running a different speed. I had a 47 with a Caterpillar in it that was a first class PITA for vibration. Also - some of the transmission bearings and parts specifically for that Spicer in this application are no longer produced. All in all - realistically these tractors should be approached that they are going to have issues on a pretty much a consistent basis due to age and amount of use they have had. If you can live with the resulting down time and are willing to put the effort and money into the repairs is the decision you have to make.
  13. 14 series drive frames. And the 6 cylinder engine runs 1900rpm to maybe 2100rpm instead of the 2600rpm of the V8 so gear selection is different and sometimes odd to get proper field speed.
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