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  1. That is one sharp looking tractor!!! Glad you shared the pictures.
  2. Take the extra 5 gallons of Hy-Tran out of the rear end. 😄
  3. Good thing they weren’t shooting an anvil.
  4. Hats off to you for taking him! Might slow you down a little when he gets tired but it’s worth it. Here’s a pic of mine from RPR in Boonville MO in I think 1993. He still rembers it like it was yesterday.
  5. A big THANK YOU to everyone who posts the great pictures!
  6. If that was here this past week it would be sitting in 3 feet of water.
  7. 7.1” last night and another 1.5 since about 5:30 at Boonville. All creeks out. Plus all of NW Missouri has to drain down to here. MFA has NH3 plant across the river in the bottoms. They moved all their wagons to higher ground today. Not a good sign.
  8. Told you my mind is a little slow. Guess I proved once again!
  9. Phone poles going by at the rate of 4 to the 7th power?
  10. Yea, figured that after I hit submit. I’m kinda like Red Sovine’s 6 Days on the Road but instead of my rig it’s my mind that’s a little slow.
  11. Wasn’t it the 6th of June?
  12. Don’t even have to park under the tree to get crapped on. Vehicle out in the open just a big ole target.
  13. Great run. Always good when you have the flagman running trying to keep up with you.
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