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  1. My 7 year old Grandson loves John Wayne movies. He wants to go to Winterset Iowa and see the house.
  2. Not being critical, but I think you have the shields on backwards. Tapered end first lets it float better.
  3. I’d say he messed himself at least twice. Once on the way down and again at the sudden stop.
  4. So, 2 years left on the contract and then going to try and re-enroll? According to CRP guidelines re-enrolled acres have to be cropable. That’s why they have to get the trees off. Couple things they should think about. May or may not be a CRP signup going on at a time that would get it back in with no lapse in time. Sometimes it’s a couple of years between signups. May be a chance original contract can be extended a year or two if they don’t have a signup. Other thing, unless the existing cover is the equivalent of a 50 point warm season grass/legume/forb mix probably not going to get back in
  5. Bet they don’t last near as long as the originals.
  6. If you can’t find a left hand one it’s not the end of the world. I’ve shot right hand guns left handed all my life. Didn’t know left hand guns existed as a kid. Whatever he learns with will seem natural.
  7. Found this last fall at a garage sale. Couldn’t pass it up at $5.
  8. As stated, baby won’t know. You go and pick up the virus from someone there and, God forbid, you don’t make it, baby is NEVER going to know you. You are making the right choice.
  9. Short pipe is air intake. Rain cap is the “kill switch”. Held open with a pin and cable running back and hooked to the sled. If tractor comes unhooked, cables pulls pin, rain cap closes and shuts off air. Sled operator can also pull cable if things start going south.
  10. Another 30' down the track and it would have been bad.
  11. Determined little bugger wasn't he.
  12. Son sent me this picture. Have seen it several times. Watched Rusty pull lots of places in Missouri. Always thought the tractor was named Rusty's Red Rocket. This time looking at the picture I zoomed in some. To my surprise it says just Rusty Red Rocket. Guess I've been calling it the wrong thing for about 50 years!
  13. Saw one flip like that in the old American Royal building in Kansas City in the early 1970s. Was a 44 or 101 Massey called Giddy Up Go. Front weight bracket caught the front of the sled and held it up a little. Took better than 30 minutes for an ambulance to get there. Driver was at the MO State Fair the next August, still in a upper body cast.
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