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  1. Short pipe is air intake. Rain cap is the “kill switch”. Held open with a pin and cable running back and hooked to the sled. If tractor comes unhooked, cables pulls pin, rain cap closes and shuts off air. Sled operator can also pull cable if things start going south.
  2. Another 30' down the track and it would have been bad.
  3. Determined little bugger wasn't he.
  4. Son sent me this picture. Have seen it several times. Watched Rusty pull lots of places in Missouri. Always thought the tractor was named Rusty's Red Rocket. This time looking at the picture I zoomed in some. To my surprise it says just Rusty Red Rocket. Guess I've been calling it the wrong thing for about 50 years!
  5. Saw one flip like that in the old American Royal building in Kansas City in the early 1970s. Was a 44 or 101 Massey called Giddy Up Go. Front weight bracket caught the front of the sled and held it up a little. Took better than 30 minutes for an ambulance to get there. Driver was at the MO State Fair the next August, still in a upper body cast.
  6. Maybe they knew they couldn't back a trailer. This just seamed so much easier!
  7. Lot rather have a little jet fuel fall on me than to have a jet fall on me.
  8. Refrigerator decided to die today. 15 year old Samsung so guess it didn't do too bad. Caught it in time and didn't lose anything. Transferred it all to the 40 year old Hotpoint in the basement. So, who makes the most dependable refrigerator these days?
  9. Sure it isn't three terrified and one laughing?
  10. Big chunk of iron kinda of an understatement isn't it?
  11. From the progression of the pictures, I was betting a storm door replacement was going to be next!. Looks good.
  12. Many years ago when my two younger brothers were in college, you couldn't have a hot plate I the dorm room. So, they used the bottom of an electric popcorn popper to cook with.
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