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  1. 26.6 MPH. Not letting any grass grow under you! Great run.
  2. This what you looking for? https://kansascity.craigslist.org/grd/d/wheel-weights-ih-and-mf/6880766792.html
  3. Maybe a Fordson E27N.
  4. Don't know where you find them but keep them coming. Went to the Bethany pulls for years.
  5. Heard Cajun Queen I was getting restored. Supposed to be on display at the PPL pull May 25 at Paris, MO.
  6. So what exactly broke? If you broke the first bottom off then that would explain having to compensate to the right and be driving on what was turned over on the last pass. Probably no amount of wheel and hitch adjustment will make up for trying to use just the back half of a former 2 bottom plow.
  7. When my son was in college one of his running buddies knew one the guys in Cross Canadian Ragweed and got them front row tickets. Sometime during the concert someone grabbed son's camo IH hat and threw it on stage. The drummer got it and wore it for the rest of the concert. They went to a couple more concerts and he was still wearing the hat.
  8. In the late 70's the IH dealer in home town was using a new 1086 with a Wirts (think that was the brand name) front blade. This brand mounted with 2 pins in the front weight bracket with a big, adjustable rectangular tube that ran back to the drawbar. He sent one of his employees to a big church parking lot to clear. Employee asked him if there was anything in lot to watch for. Told him only a couple of concrete dividers that he would be able to see. Get opened up around these then run in High 2nd. Employee said it was working good until he found the unmentioned 3rd divider. Bought threw him though the front glass and bent the tube that ran from the front to the drawbar up into the oil pan. Never pushed in High 2nd again. Wouldn't have wanted to be the one who bought that "demonstrator" tractor.
  9. No connection to it but Jeffriesburg Enterprises LLC in Beaufort, MO has a 1970 826 in their add in Fastline, Missouri edition. No web site that I can find. Link to it on Fasline: https://www.fastline.com/farm-equipment/listing-detail/1970-international-826-jeffriesburg-enterprises-beaufort-missouri/9d0ea31c-10c5-46d1-a458-1a62f483ee36
  10. If you get rid of them, you'll need them within 2 days!
  11. Joined April, 2006 after my son showed me the site. Couldn't come up with a good username, hence the "sr" at the end. 1206SWMO always had great stories and pictures of his many adventures looking for and bringing home his finds. Always enjoy your pulling pictures Hydro. Keep em' coming!
  12. Yea, take her! My daughter liked going to pulls with me. Even sang the National Anthem for some local pulls when she was in high school. Now, I get to take the grandson!
  13. Sledgehammer One word .........................................AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Remember Dad had a couple like that on the M and MTA. Had to watch windy days and fold it down or take it off or it would turn wrong side out like a regular umbrella.
  14. Long ways from Sullivan to MN. Be empty by the time you get there Mule.
  15. Besides the obvious problem, also looks like could use a lesson on how to adjust a combine.
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