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  1. I’m just waiting to see MTO’s comments on your “logic”.
  2. Eat, write, shoot, run weed eater and chainsaw left handed. Pull wrenches, screw nuts on bolts, computer mouse all right handed. Player baseball and basketball all right handed. Old enough we still had the old wooden one armed desks in high school. Might of been two left hand ones in the entire school. What a pain that was.
  3. lenray..........found your post from December 24, 2014 from when you bought yours. Don’t know how to post a link from my phone. Delta Dirt had a lot of info in it on the Mississippi Road Supply tractors.
  4. 2x on concreting the legs. We took one down from Grandpa’s one spring back in the late 70’s. Put it by the patio at home to mount CB base antenna on it. He hadn’t used for years and had sold the head off of it. We dug the legs out, so they still had the “feet” on them. No concrete on the original installation. Drilled holes, dropped in the legs, and tamped in some dirt. Bolted windmill back on and got things level and square. Finished filling and tamping. About a month later, after several large rains we had a big thunderstorm with high winds. Dad looked out the window. Windmill w
  5. Dad bought a new one in early spring of 1972. Deluxe cab with air. Boy did I catch a bunch of flack in ag classes about an air conditioned cab! Have a black and white picture of it somewhere of the day it was delivered.
  6. He did have some interesting adventures. Were you able to talk him into coming back?
  7. Looks like there was some pretty stiff competition! One Bad Binder put it to them. Congratulations!
  8. Patience my boy, patience. She’s got to sleep at some point.
  9. For a SWCD a Great Plains with the additional warm season grass box. Lots of CRP and other plantings for wildlife practices and can still use it for beans, wheat and cover crops.
  10. Needs to get some warm nights. They have to be big enough to trip over for me to find any. So I never find any. 😥
  11. I wouldn’t go through the car/tractor museum in Branson. Dang pricey and the quality of the tractors was no where near museum quality.
  12. Not disagreeing with you. But in a way the tandem tractors were the first 2+2’s. As in 2 engines + 2 transmissions.
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