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Found 3 results

  1. KWRB

    Making Gaskets

    I think I'm going to start making my own gaskets, where the originals are available for patterns. For anyone on here who does the same, what thickness gasket stock would you buy for a Farmall C?
  2. I never thought I do the "how much do you think this tractor's worth?" post that we see all the time, but I would value the feedback from you guys. I posted over the weekend about some tractors I was looking at, with mounted cultivators. The owner does not want to sell the cultivators separate, and I understand that. However, given the situation he's in and since he seems like a real decent guy, I think he may be making a mistake and I kind of want to help him out by talking to people who know. His story is not mine to tell, but he's been beset by a few tragedies over a couple of years and now he's selling everything -the farm and all his equipment. Among all of it, he has a late 1950 Regular C with almost complete cultivators (C-254). The few missing pieces I can find for about three hundred bucks. The tractor is running, but stuck in third gear. He was asking $1800 for it and I thought that was reasonable enough. I was going to buy it, even though I think it might be near the high end of reasonable, because I want the cultivators. I was going to see if I could make sense of the shifting issue (fighting rear end with the cover and all the headache that comes with opening that up), and try to sell the tractor afterward and make some of that money back. I called to tell him I wanted to buy it today and he says he's sent it off to have the transmission/shifter looked at because once it's fixed, he can ask more for it. I understand the notion, but I kind of want to call him back and warn him off of spending too much money on it. I don't think an unrestored-but-otherwise-operating-properly regular C with cultivators is going to command more than $2k in upstate NY, and I expect he'll have more than the $200 difference sunk into the shifter repair. What do you think? Now before you answer, I know there are 6546842 curmudgeons all over the web with "I'd never pay that for that machine...", and your opinions on the merits of the C and all that. I get that YOU may not pay that, but I'd like to know what people think about MARKET value today. After all this guy's been through, I don't want him to lose money he has on the table and I can't spend much more than he's asking for it now. Thanks for any help
  3. I have a buddy that just recently purchased an "H" and he says that the guy he purchased it from put the wide front on it and that it came off a "C / Super C". Is this accurate to say that the "C" wide front will fit on an "H"? Just wondering and would like to see what others may know about this! Thanks!
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