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    Prayers sent.
  2. Did you have the required team to lift the oversized/overweight carton? It looks good.
  3. @Sandhiller just tell your wife that although it looks like a freight train, it is actually a fuel and oil storage facility.
  4. Just got to keep telling yourself “It could always be worse”. And you know what, it may in fact get worse. But it’s still a whole lot better than what it could be!
  5. Looks good! Excellent first post, we like the pictures.
  6. Sure is handy to have a resident electrician to get quick answers to our questions.
  7. Make sure you understand the pipe specs as to what types of pipe are acceptable. At least in Missouri, PEX does NOT meet specs for livestock pipelines. If you’re doing this through EQIP, you may want to schedule half or less to be completed one year and the rest the next. You can always work ahead in the contract. The problem comes when you get behind. Spreading it out schedule wise gives some flexibility. You have to have one contract item completed and paid in the first 12 months of the contract.
  8. One for the record books!! Deer is not bad as well.
  9. Weren’t the MF 300’s a Chrysler slant 6?
  10. FWA on a 1468 has to be kinda rare doesn’t it?
  11. Run it in reverse. If it takes hot air now and makes it cold, should take cold air and make it hot in reverse. 😀😀
  12. As the turbos got bigger they ran out of room under the hood. Modified the hoods with a hump in them to make more room. CQ1 may not originally had the hump but pretty sure it did later. 2 and 3 had the humps. Blaine who used to post here had several CQ photos posted on PullOff.com. Think he went by BG IH on there. Not sure if they put the 466 in. Supposedly they didn’t put the turbo setup back on it. Guess Van did the turbo setup and Eddie decided out of respect for Van to leave them off. Va passed several years ago. My son told me most of this. He was getting it from Facebook but I don’t know where.
  13. Notice no bump in the hood for the turbos. Heard Eddie decided to not put them on as Van is no longer with us. I was fortunate enough to have seen all 3 of the Queens pull. Was a real battle between them and IH.
  14. Neighbor kids “had” a pet skunk we didn’t know about until they came looking for it. In shed putting new rasp bars on combine one night when Dad hollered SKUNK. Dang thing would follow you around. We figured rabid. Last thing it did as it caught a 12 gauge load was spray.
  15. Prayers for Zeke from Missouri. Pulling practice toughened him up, he’ll kick it soon.
  16. So sorry about the loss of George. Rest assured he is now in a place where the cows are always fat and slick, the grass is always lush and green and the water sweet and plentiful. Congrats on the new Grandson! Grandkids are great.
  17. You may have just told him. Stranger things have happened.
  18. Could also be a close relative, the elusive copper headed rattle moccasin. Hard to tell them apart without the head.
  19. That is one sharp looking tractor!!! Glad you shared the pictures.
  20. Take the extra 5 gallons of Hy-Tran out of the rear end. ?
  21. Good thing they weren’t shooting an anvil.
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