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  1. My favorite cop car is the ones that aren't behind me. I drive the tallest and longest Ford Transit, you would not believe how many times I have been tailgated by police cruisers hiding themselves from on coming traffic. Its fricken nerve racking let me tell you.
  2. And that terrorist is known to the world as Michigans own Governor Whitmer, not getting political, just stating fact.
  3. Vertical tillage was big around here for a while, now degelman Protills and Jokers are the big things. I have never used either and dont feel the need to try either, not my thing. There are a lot of both of those around here.
  4. I would totally agree with what you said, but if I had it on a trailer and got in an accident I guarantee you that the DOT Would find something wrong with my load or chain down or something. It seems no matter what happens when somebody is working trying to get something done and an accident happens the freeloader happens to be the one that hits you and we all end up with the tickets. That is why we have insurance, minimize your risk by making equipment as skinny as you can if possible and put the hammer down, get there get hooked up and get home, with the least amount of time on the road. I
  5. Around here I think there hearing must be suffering, maybe it's the 1586 with muffler eliminator. I drive the largest Ford Transit that they make, usually quite fast. Noise coming down the road is similar to FedEx or UPS truck, not quiet by any means. More than once I have locked up the brakes on my clear wide open 1/8 mile driveway, yes driveway to narrowly avoid a deer. All things considered, I would never have noise in my blind, couldn't forgive myself if the 30 point buck got spooked and I didnt get a shot.
  6. We have pulled a 24' field cultivator home to Michigans thumb from Iowa- 800 miles on two lane. 1037 NH stacker from Texas -1280 miles on two lane. Three different NH haybines all swing tongue from at the shortest 80 miles. It all depends on what you are comfortable with and the width of the roads as to how much you will deal with. Stick to the state roads, they are nice and wide and mostly smooth. We pulled almost all of that home with a heavy half ton. We have had to trailer some stuff and had some trailered in, just depends on the situation. The DOT can't do much to a towed piece of farm e
  7. Deere transmission on a 4020? I never thought much of the column shift idea.
  8. Great pics, wish I thought to do that more. I have never seen 7 rows of levelers on a cultivator before. I think the leveler frame is longer than the cultivator frame!
  9. They have some balls, I would bet that the franchise wouldn't be too impressed. Myself, I love it and want to see more shaming for the able bodied people that aren't working.
  10. I love tube tops, but I like tubeless even better😋
  11. JaredT

    South paws

    I write left handed, everything else right handed. 3 year old son throws left handed, everything else including batting right handed.
  12. I haven't seen a piece of wood yet that I would split. My outdoor boiler has a big door and if it goes in the door, it doesnt get split. After 16 heating seasons and a lot of big blocks burnt through it, she is still going strong.
  13. We have a T/A, hydraulic pump and engine oil pump from Riley Tractor Parts. Nice to work with the local guy and quick to get stuff, so far so good. The T/A was way cheaper than any where else.
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