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  1. You cant have more jobs and bring American manufacturing back if there is nobody to fill the jobs. From the most menial to the most skilled jobs, help is wanted everywhere. We can blame everything under the sun, but the cold hard truth is necessity. If a person needs money and it is just given to them from government, parents or anywhere else, they dont value it and just need more. If they have a job and earn it, they want more and work harder for it. Jobs equal income, income equals taxes and personal spending, taxes and personal spending equal more jobs. All of this adds up to better self worth and attitudes, it is what we try to instill in our kids and hope it sticks.
  2. FIL had a 76ish Ford Louisville semi with a Silver 92 detroit and a 15 speed pulling 28' dump, could hit the scales in the 90 thousand pounds and that thing would outrun all of the other trucks easily. I loved that thing, it was the most reliable truck out of all of them and always started great, that engine was a blast to drive.
  3. We have an 883 and FIL has a 1083, never really had any issues, just maintenance. Not sure how the chopping heads are,but not many fans of the 2000 series headers. Most want the 3000 series headers on the newer combines.
  4. We have a 966, never been much trouble, had a sleeve let go and rebuilt the engine, put a t/a in it and a clutch. It has around 7500 hrs, love that machine. We were always told the 966 was better than a 1066 because the 10 usually was worked harder than the 9's were, locally that was true.
  5. Funny I have never had trouble putting a deer down. I have hit 13 with various vehicles, only 1 has lived. About 50-50 on the vehicle damaged or not. The few I have hit with the semi trucks or the ones I have hit with the cargo vans didnt survive, imagine that. Never had one that had to be finished off either. Apparently I hit them right🤷‍♂️
  6. Now ya did it, ripping on the Ford 300-6. I had the 93 Ford econoline extended cargo van for service calls. Great engine 205K miles and still running strong, body was falling off of it though. That engine was awesome. The operating procedure 1. Open door 2. Insert hand 3. Slam door as hard as possible with hand still in it 4. Open door, while still good and mad 5. Jump in and start truck 6. Put in gear and put it to the floor 7. Drive the van all day with accelerator on the floor just to get anywhere reasonably fast.
  7. I hate dealing with the jugs, got a 55 of hydraulic, 15w40, gear lube, and 5w30. Thinking about getting a 55 of antifreeze, just so we can stock up when things are cheap and get us through the expensive times like now.
  8. I have dealt with stuff like this lots of times, miserable SOB's. Deal with the pipe with the old pipe with hydraulic cement. The Allen wrenches, I would tell them to pound sand, my tools not yours find your own lost tools, cause if you replace them, you admit to stealing them. The opener you didnt touch, not going to. If they want to take it to court, let them they will lose. Treat an A hole like an A hole, it makes social settings a little awkward, but holding your values and work ethics is better than bowing to a crabby buggar that still isnt going to happy when you are done fixing everything they complain about. Just my 2 cents.
  9. We dont have employees and dont want them, part time hires would be the extent of what we will want to put up with. I would rather turn down work. Union garbage, employer garbage, bickering back and forth all comes down to greed. Nothing more than that.
  10. That is Karma at its finest
  11. I will agree with that 100%. But we have had 2 remans on the farm, one was a Worthington Ag reman in the 966, not even 1000 hrs. sleeve oring blew, still had what looked like original sleeves. Bought the 1480 with a bad reman from CaseIh, had less than 1000 hrs, oring on sleeve blown, but the head was terrible. No way that head was touched when the engine was rebuilt. Those are the only two remans on our farm and there wont be anymore either. I would rent a tractor, while we rebuild the engine before I will waste money on a reman.
  12. I have seen plenty of mushrooms on our lawn before but this one trumps them all. I wear a 10.5 shoe for reference. Grew this big in 2 or 3 weeks, that part of the lawn doesnt get mowed every time.
  13. I don't know, but the neighbors ran a 9770 green combine with triples. Now they have an S670 I think and it has triples, they look to be 520 or 580s. Apparently their 20" 16 row (I think) corn head must be really heavy. Not for me to do something like that.
  14. We ordered a new Puma in August of 13, showed late April of 14. Only had before planting because planting was late that spring. Some of this was a ridiculous wait long before covid
  15. Thanks for all the info, I will be getting into this in about a month or 6 weeks after we are done harvesting. I will be sure to post findings, thanks again
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