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  1. We have politicians, who lied to get in office with campaign promises never fulfilled, who lie to stay in office, have lobbyists paying them for their vote, leading the charge and wanting us to believe them about covid. Democrat or Republican, still politician, almost all liars leading the charge. I wonder why we shouldn't believe pathological liars.
  2. I agree, they cant appreciate what goes into a real day if the aren't with us. My youngest two planting drybeans yesterday
  3. Our 826 did the same thing, the return line check valve in the bottom of the tank was stuck. Ran great, all of a sudden, gave the same issue you described. Fixed the return valve, runs great.
  4. I meant Wixom lake, stupid auto correct
  5. Wisdom lake holds 21.5 billion gallons of water according to wikipedia. The edenville dam let go at 5:46 yesterday and is dry this morning. It dumped into Sanford lake which is held back by Sanford dam which let go now too. Some places in Midland are expected to have 9' of water, where they are normally dry. The flood stage for the Tittabawasee river is 24' iirc, they expect it to crest today at 30'6". I am not near it but have family not too far away, out of harm's way. Historic flooding, someone said something like 500 year flooding. Prayers for all involved.
  6. There have been a couple of bald eagle nests with multiple collars, small dogs and lots of cats around here. I wish groundhogs were night animals.
  7. What kind of power would that thing have been running? Just curious.
  8. Usually every spring you can see our tile runs easily, they are only 30' apart. Ot the last couple of falls you tell where they were with the combine🙄
  9. My 300 Mag will take them out from 300 yards they never ever make it close to the house
  10. Have you considered the hand pump? I never ran into this situation but if flow is good going to hand pump and flow is restricted after the hand pump, it might be as simple as that. I dont know that system at all, just offering my .02
  11. If we were plowing in the snow, grandpa always called it poor man's fertilizer.
  12. We run 2 BC5070 Hayliners without the ski's. 100 lb bales would be easy, usually run in the middle of the green on the tension dial and crank out 70 lb bales of hay and 45 - 50 lb bales of straw. No need for chamber extensions or any other mods. Actually baled some 90+ lb 3rd cutting a few years ago, someone accidents bumped the tension knob.😠
  13. Is that a belt lacer? I have only seen one once, put a conveyer belt together and it was 10 years ago. It looks similar to what I remember
  14. Ten years ago, 966 was dropping a little oil on the floor. New axle seal in both sides and dry as a popcorn fart since. If a bearing is out you will know, pop a new seal in and mission accomplished. Getting the wheel off is a buggar, easy after that.
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