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  1. Neighbors pulled a 90' deere 20" planter and got stuck planting beets every year. They then pulled it with MX255, and pulled it out with the quad. Now it gets pulled with an 8360R with LSW's instead of skinny triples on the magnum, seem to get along fine.
  2. Our 966 has two 12 volt batteries and has had for years. I have seen that tractor start in -28 without even a hint of trouble those 12 s Hint of trouble. Those 12's spin fast enough that that tractor gets parked where it can't be plugged in cuz it'll start no matter what
  3. Whirlpool chests 15 and 22 cu ft (Amana, Maytag, Whirlpool) are made in Ottawa,OH. Getting them is another story. Frigidaire 20 cu ft upright manual defrost I think is American made. I think everything else is Chinese made in freezers
  4. A local truck driver drove through a boat, literally separating stern from bow. On the freeway, traffic all around, all of a sudden there was a boat sliding sideways in front of him. He had nowhere to go without hurting other drivers, so he hit it head on. Not sure the size of the boat, but his whole truck needed to be repainted. It had scratches at the top of the high rise sleeper. Apparently somebody cut off the boat hauler and she came off of the trailer, couple of cars and the truck in front of him got around it before it went sideways.
  5. Everytime a phone number is required for an account or vehicle purchase or anything else I put the attorney general's phone number on it. Nobody is going to use my phone number to call me from the secretary of state or from ebay or anywhere I have provided it, so the data that gets sold to telemarketers is going to have the AG's phone number attached to it. Maybe someone will get enough phone calls to deal with these scams, doubt it. On the flip side, my extended warranty phone calls seem to be less and less after using that phone number more and more.
  6. JaredT


    Our 986 was a total PITA the last few years we owned it. Changing fuel filters on our 2500B industrial loader with the lower glass bowl and seals on the top and bottom in a non heated shop, ranks right up there.
  7. We r in the thumb of Michigan. 245 Magnum, New York,sight unseen, hauled in on a lowboy 1037 NH stacker, Sulphur Springs, TX, pulled it home almost 1300 miles on 2 lanes 4300 Case IH cultivator, New Hampton, IA, pulled it home 800 miles on 2 lanes Alloway stalk choppers, Alden MN, hauled home 2, price was too good to pass, sold one, 800+miles 1200 Case IH planter, north eastern MO. Had that hauled in. 983 IH corn head, Rockford, IL. Had that hauled White rollover 5 bottom plow, Iowa, had that hauled Brent 776 grain cart, Indianapolis, IN, pulled it hom
  8. JaredT


    We have a case i h t a, we have high capacity ta, and we have AG Parts TA's. None of them have very many hours on them or hard use but we have had trouble with none. The Ag Parts one was around $700, the high capacity one was somewhere around 1300 dollars oh, and the Case IH was around 1400 dollars. I would go egg Parts every single time from here out from what I have seen and the warranty is better.
  9. I know other states are bad, but you would have to search far and wide to find a man that has done more to harm his own state than he has. I’m putting it as nicely as I possibly can. See, when you own a lot of stock in Uhaul you win even when people are leaving in droves You're right, in Michigan we have a female that has done much worse. Regardless it is a super sad situation when power goes to someone's head, kind of like a pulling tractor with a runaway engine, just step back and watch, it'll only last so long.
  10. They had to stop making swimsuit calendars, they offend the calendar girls with clothes on. 🙄
  11. I haven't crank started a tractor in years, dead batteries get jumped as almost all of ours are 12v now. Forgive my ignorance, bit what is winding up an engine? I am assuming cranking backwards a little before going forward?
  12. I've never been around that series, but the 656, 826, 966 have a grease zerk accessible through the bottom access cover, I would try that first, might have never been greased.
  13. JaredT


    I was actually thinking that would be a great idea. Destroy from within, take a card from their deck and beat them at their own game. Kind of genius really.
  14. Best of luck. Hopefully you get some answers, not knowing is worse than finding out.
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