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  1. Believe it or not, the original contracts can provide for a change in ownership to have to honor the original contract as far as tax agreements and lights being radar controlled and so on. I doubt the maintenance firms can be controlled, but having to provide and keep the money for teardown and such can be in the contracts and not able to be removed no matter how many times it is bought and sold. The local authorities can make the rules on set backs and a lot of other things around here. Our area has learned a lot, I will answer questions with any info I know, i am not a genius on the subject either. Not pro or con, just straight info.
  2. That pi**es me off too, eminent domain was not intended to be used that way and should be fought when tried. Land that is owned by non residents should be exempt from voting rights in my opinion, so that they cannot dump things like solar and wind turbines in someone else's community. Locally we have seen the good and the bad, be educated on it before its put in front of you. If you cant stop it from coming into your township, at least have control over its construction and management so that it isnt a burden down the road.
  3. Dont get me wrong we are signed up with a wind company lease, if it is going to be on the neighbors property and we have to look at it, might as well be paid for it. I have lots of reservations with them. The lack of electrical fusing any where except the bottom of the wind tower is a problem for me. The noise is also annoying, while you could get used to it, it defeat the purpose of living in the rural areas. The lights are annoying, but any of the newer wind farms around here have lights that are radar activated when an airplane is in the area, otherwise there are only a couple flashing. They destruction and tear down of these things scares me also. Locally they have made the wind companies front x amount of money for destruction and cleanup. We all know it wont be enough, but it's a start. As far as the economics of it, there are a lot of positives if done right. Locally, they have to guarantee that the tax value will be held throughout the contract and cannot be reduced by an tax tribunal anywhere. Live and learn there. There are many out of state firms that build these, but they do employ some local contractors for the building phase and mostly locals doing the maintenance. Realistically there isnt a local firm that could handle the entire construction effort anyway. Without raising property taxes, there isnt another way to generate that kind of revenue at the township level. Locally the schools and townships have benefitted financially in big ways. The townships with them are improving and paving roads along with many other things like new fire and rescue equipment, while the townships without them are struggling greatly. I am not a proponent or opponent. I like the revenues without extra taxes and I have told the sweet talking salesmen a-holes to leave the property and to stop spreading false promises meant to get their project to go through, without a care over our local community. We have had one burn and a couple break and come apart within 50 miles of us. No one hurt as the set backs did their job, the mess cleaned up and the towers all were repaired and returned to functional. I am not looking to convince anyone one way or the other, I am only shedding light on what we have seen. I can see the good and the bad, nothing is perfect. Not saying everybody needs them, also can see that they have a place. Grandpa said it reminded him of the fight against electricity coming through in the late 1930's, where would be if the blow hards won on that one?
  4. We run a 1037 stack wagon with.our 966, I like the tractor for the job, but the 830 case on the other one is much handier with the foot throttle. I think adding a foot throttle to the 966 would be super handy for freeing up a hand for stacker controls and might even keep us from riding the clutch a little bit.
  5. Anyone have a pic of this kit installed? I am curious how well it will work with a year around cab.
  6. Happy to see a good unit put back to work. Good work sticking with it.
  7. We run two 1037 stackers, love them. We usually run 2 bakers and 2 stackers, with everything running and a 2 mile haul, we can bale 450 an hour and haul about 600 an hour. We have flat ground and the 966 is a great match for hp, but the 65 hp case 830 handles it nicely also. Everything is mechanical, so easy to work on, but best if stored indoors to keep linkages from rusting. We have put 300k bales through the original and probably 35k bales through the second and had minimal problems.
  8. Make sure the hydraulic remotes aren't accidentally locked in. Our industrial loader had a remote that locked down and no one noticed it, dads hearing isnt the best, so he didnt hear it dead heading. Starts really hard like that.
  9. Yep, tractor crossing was one the coolest things I have ever done with a tractor. Dad on the H and myself on the Case 830.
  10. Yep, we remove our for wheat and corn, we bale our wheat straw and dont want it too fine. It only goes in for drybeans and soys.
  11. We have a 1460 and 1480 with straw choppers. I have more than once sharpened the straw chopper rotary knives with an angle grinder and have replace the stationary knife blades. The sharper all of it is, the easier it drives and the better job it does. Lots of people dont realize there is a stationary knife bar the is removable that has to be there for the chopper to size the straw as it passes through. It sounds to me like you dont have a stationary knife. Hope that answers the question.
  12. Actually quality is as good as it has been all along, I have always had service work to do. Complaining about quality after lightning hits a product is like complaining about a tractor losing against a train in an accident. Are part prices ridiculous? Definitely. Just remembering to buy american will get you better chances of better products. Yours is american made, good choice.
  13. The burners might be controlled by the DSI which might be part of the oven control. I am not sure without model number. Do you have power to it?
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