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  1. Exact same stuff not working on our 1586, turns out the 7 or 8 year old fuse panel from CNH is toast again. Replaced fuse panel, everything is working. Good luck with yours.
  2. Actually laundry cooking and dishwashers have a 3 to 4 week lead time. Refrigerators and freezers are a joke, most of my orders are being pushed to Feb of 21. Parts supply chain is the reason or the scapegoat, depending on what u want to believe
  3. Nobody needs a service manual on the Kimco axle, this post has it all right there. Nice work and thanks for sharing.
  4. We run an 883 30" corn head on our 1460, which is supposed to weigh 5100 lbs. It handles it fine, but you definitely know that it's there. It has the third lift cylinder and lifts fine, but I dont think I would want any more weight than that on that machine. We usually run the 1480 on the corn head now and it is noticeably better matched, 1480 has a wider frame and wheel track and is much heavier to start with, which I am sure you are aware of. Hope that helps. Good luck, pics would be appreciated, these old machines need some glory pictures also
  5. I appreciate all of the feedback, finally got the problem solved. After adjusting the relief valve as posted above, it still wasn't working, I found out a friend had access to a flowrater and had to wait for him to check it. The remotes deadhead around 2000 psi, but with flow they were only at around 1400 psi with about 4 gpm. We changed the hitch pump and all problems went away, remotes still deadhead at 2000 psi. The pump was the issue. I am not sure how the pump could achieve dead head pressure with that kind of drop while flowing. I would have thought the pump wouldn't deadhead that high,
  6. Not interested, it looks like it has gang green to meπŸ˜‰
  7. 11 axles total is the most, depending on trailer and axle combination. I think a 5 and 3 can haul 168k, more popular are super trains and break-up 28's and both can haul 164k. Lately a lot of bigger operators are hauling sugar beets direct to the processing stations after getting loaded off of the headland with a Ropa Maus or Holmer Terra Felis. Doubles and 8 axle trailers are very popular in our area in the last 10 years. I have scaled around 175 once, with only 425 hp, that Pete wasnt exactly running away with the load. The next load was 10k less.πŸ€”
  8. Hold my beer. Balls of brass them fellers had is amazing. The things seen and done in war that were heroic are quickly being forgotten.
  9. Yep tire inflation can be the problem, also an easy cure. We park the machine in concrete and check header for level every time we head to the field. The combine has a slow leak in the right tire, just pump it up until the header is level, check it on the next crop.
  10. We have a 250B industrial international loader. It's a diesel, torque converter, power shuttle, 3 point hitch, one rear remote, diff lock, PTO, fixed heavy cast front axle, and fixed rear tread. From what I was told it is rare to have the PTO and the rear remote. Not sure if that helps any but it's the combination we have. I know on a Ford industrial it's more common to have no PTO than to have it and most with rear remotes had them added.
  11. Farmerfixemup The position control you are referring to has been forward and back actually without knowing that could cause an issue, either way didn't make a difference. Thanks for the idea though. JMech I have only done some draw bar work with it, havent actually hooked it up to anything else hydraulic, but the hoses on the sprayer don't pressurize like they are dead heading either. I put it on the baler and it swung the tongue, but that moves super easy, not really a test for it. It will spin the sprayer pump, but maybe 20 psi whereas the 966 will get 70 to 80 psi. Again th
  12. Both remotes have new coupler guts as we converted to pioneer, no combination of connections seems to matter. We even went so far as to pull the pioneer conversion guts out of the 966 remotes and put them in the 826, no difference. Like I said I'm stumped and just looking for some answers I don't understand it either
  13. JaredT


    What about the new pump, had lots of reman parts crap out on me, just because it's new doesnt mean it's good.
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