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  1. I've always called for stupid people breeding laws. Need a license to drive with staged drivers education classes, but to reproduce the requirements are way less. Maybe just require at least one parent have a job before procreation.🤯
  2. We run a 4300 caseih cultivator with a 3 bar spike and single basket mounted on cultivator. Baskets are flat bars, pick up a few stones, a simple wack with a shaft and they are out. Been using for 6 or 7 years in very sandy soil and minimal wear seen. Speed is your friend with baskets. Big difference in performance from 4.5 mph to the 6.5 to 7 we run now. Good luck with whatever u choose.
  3. At 72* the cuddling is done with less clothing, just sayin😎
  4. Not even close to the same company. Whirlpool is an american owned independent company. GE appliance division( I think that includes water heaters, but not sure) has been sold to the Chinese company Haier. Kenmore does not, has not and will not build anything, they simply put their name on someone else's products. They all buy their water heaters from someone else and put their name on it and have for a long time. They are definitely not the same companies.
  5. JaredT

    What is this?

    350 Chevy in a go cart?? That would make Tim Allen proud. Might need a Binford emblem!
  6. That's probably the best idea I have heard yet. Thanks to everyone for all of the input.
  7. Bigger cylinder was already an idea. Just trying not to reinvent the wheel when all I have is a flat tire. Want to check pressures first.
  8. I would agree with that that's why I'm trying to keep this old girl out in the hay field . It's one of the few jobs we have left for these old girls. It's nice to have a good old relaible tractor but it's also nice to have a good old reliable and useful tractor. After watching The Neighbors spray crops with a 360 Horse green tractor I feel pretty good spraying with her 826 and 966 weighing a heck of a lot less. The new ones are nice but I like our old ones too
  9. Thanks, I will have somewhere to start now. If it is at spec, is there a way i can get more out of it, different pump or something?
  10. I need to know what pressure should be in a remote valve for a M. The 656 raises our double 5 H&S wheel rake easily, the M will lift one side on first cut, but for second raking two together it will not raise both sides. I am wondering if I have a weak pump, bad relief valve or if I am asking too much of the old horse. I have looked in the manual and it gives capacity of the hydraulic system, but not pressure. Thanks for any help. Jared
  11. I might know where that tractor is, PM me please.
  12. JaredT


    We live on in our friends and families memories and then there is the genetic thing. My 2 year old more than once has been seen walking like my grandpa who passed in 2003. Same swing of his arm and everything. Seems grandpa is still making us laugh.
  13. 21" from the axle cap or 50" from center of tractor. It was bought new by great-uncle.
  14. Case 830 Diesel Comfort King and NH 1037 stacker
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