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  1. The CNH decals are still the best I have found for the early 66’s.
  2. The tapered axle pin with the block and grease zerk work very well.
  3. Looks great Dan! One of these years I will load up an come see you!
  4. No tractor driving today. First day in a while when no tires rolled, just about got everything done and the weather has changed. Book work and errands the order of the day.
  5. Done with tillage. Rain tomorrow so just in time. Wish I had more to plow and more weather to do it.
  6. Finished up with the chisel plows today and back to moldboard plowing this evening.
  7. Still chisel plowing. Tomorrow should wrap it up.
  8. Got started chisel plowing at sun up. Caught my friends Quad Track and 875 ripper sitting in the field next to where I was working so I had to take a pic and send him. He has a few 66’s too so he liked it. Got my 440 4-16’s out of the shed and used it for the first time. Hooked up the 73 1066 to the 710 5-16s. Good day!
  9. Been running the batwing during the day and chisel plowing in the evenings.
  10. Drug a disk over some stalks. Nice day. Very warm.
  11. I think is pretty damn cool it’s still out there working! 52+ years old and still going strong.
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