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  1. Thank you. Dad traded it in 1986 to Westbay Equipment in Galesburg IL for the black stripe 1566 I still have.
  2. I was thinking Schwartz built some of those but I could be way off.
  3. I have had several new trucks. They are very nice and these new diesels have amazing power but just like my taste in tractors, it’s the ones from when I was growing up that make me smile! I am a ford guy but dad had a 1977 just like this except his was a manual and this one is a automatic. I love to drive this thing. I am the second owner. Bought it on a farm sale. The farmer bought it new In Stronghurst Il and used it to pull a goose neck grain trailer to haul his grain. Has 60,000 (I think that is right) but the 400 has been taken out and it has a 350 now.
  4. I have a couple sunflower chisel plows and the both have flexible spike harrows on them. Really helps smooth things up in the fall and I can make 1 pass in the spring and plant with no trouble.
  5. Very tough question… The 1466 grand dad bought new My dads pride and joy, his 1206 The pullers. I do like BS open station 10’s So many choices!
  6. With apologies to Mr Daly and Mr Woods of course. I hear they are ardent no tillers!
  7. Lol. Well when I run into Mr Brandt I sure has heck will apologize!!! Meanwhile I will be moldboard plowing!
  8. I often think my attraction to moldboard plowing is because it was “the top job!” When it came to pecking order it was job 1. As a kid I was qualified to run the second field cultivator or disk, harrow gator, pull wagons, mow even chisel plow, any of the “secondary” jobs. Mom and grandma did those jobs as well and my uncles might even plant corn or run the combine or corn picker but when it was moldboard plow time, my dad and his dad did the plowing! It was to be done a certain way and it would be done that way! They started early, ran late and did a good job. I will never forget watching those 66 series tractor turning over all that praire soil. I must have been 16 before I was turned loose in a tractor and moldboard plow. I knew how to do it. I had rode a million miles and watched my dads every move. I came as close to growing up in a tractor as anyone ever could have! Lucky for me I grew up riding in the best!
  9. It’s been awhile since we have done it but once in a while we would plow a square field round and around. Either start on the out side or step it off and find the middle. Needed a couple of rigs pretty well matched so as not to hold one of them up. Dad always like plowing round and round.
  10. This card is for the 1466 my grandad bought new. The picture is of both of the tractors on the cards. After college I worked at the local dealership and I got ahold of these cards and a few other that were of our families equipment.
  11. The second number is the engine serial number.
  12. I believe the tractor number is the first number so 15002.
  13. Didnt matter what color tractor you owned around here. Red plows were the plow of choice!
  14. Don’t happen to know the whereabouts of this 1066?
  15. We demoed a new 3788. Dad and grandpa fell in love with it in a couple days. They went to see about buying one and figure out they could buy a pair of new 1486’s for the same kind of money. They didn’t buy it but I bought a 3588 several years ago and played with it a few years.
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