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  1. Step 1 - find big tree , Step 2 chain one side to big tree , Step 3 chain other side to payloader , Step 4 - hold my beer , Step 5 - PULL , something is gonna move.😁
  2. Hmm, I'm gonna listen in on this one, mine is shifting harder than it should and sometimes 2 at a time.
  3. They are worse than hogs in a dirt lot, they will eat the dirt from under the fence like it's their job, put a hot wire 6 inches from the ground . The only good thing about holsteins is they are generally easy to handle.
  4. Had a 6332 for a few years, very heavy machine , the type of harrow it has will determine the job it will do. Ours had a four bar coil tine harrow and it would bunch stalks in heavy trash conditions, a spike tooth harrow would have been better in our conditions. If it has the optional rolling baskets behind the disk gangs plan on keeping some bearings on hand because you will need them, they are getting dirt thrown at them all day long. In the end I sold it and bought a disk with 7 1/2 inch spacing for finish work and couldn't be happier.
  5. I did some earlage today for a guy that has precision meters and Delta force on his John Deere planter, the stand doesn't look any better than my 1200 with stock equipment, I wouldn't waste my money. The only thing I have seen that might be worth the money are the clean sweeps, just because it seems I am constantly adjusting row cleaners.
  6. Sorry to hear this, trust that the Lord will see you through this bump in the road. I'm sure your family, friends and neighbors will all make sure that the work at home gets done, so don't worry about that stuff, it's not important compared to your health.
  7. I take all my corn as high moisture earlage so it's not much of an issue but my experience with a frost on corn that hasn't black layered is extremely slow drydown and typically some loss of testweight, could be a lot of that this year.
  8. If I remember correctly that scale in Tilford is always open isn't it?
  9. Probably 10 years ago already, bought calves in Montana, rode up with three trucks and loaded at Trader Joe's in Great falls then stayed the night there and rode with our buyer to Lincoln MT the next day to load three more and back home with them. On the way through the mountains to Lincoln we come up on a big Horn sheep standing ( we are in the buyers car) in the middle of the highway, he stopped and waited to see which way he was gonna run but he just stood there about 30 feet away so he honked the horn, bad idea, that sheep charged and proceeded to beat the $#&@ out of that car. He just hammered it and drove off , busted the grill and a headlight.
  10. Today there are nine states that hold a contest every year, then I believe it is the top 2 from each state go on to the national contest. This year it will be in Gothenburg Ne. There are several different classes for men, women and youth, you pick for 10-20 minutes depending on the division you are in, I think there may be a 40 minute class also, can't remember right now. There are 2 people following you, a timer and a gleaner , they pick any ears you miss or that don't hit the wagon. Basically every ear you miss counts as 3 against you, they take a sample ( one pound for every minute you pick) and clean all the shucks off and weigh them, every ounce of shucks is a deduction of so much corn from your total pounds picked, I'd have to look up the rules for the exact amount but I do know that shucks really hurt your total pounds. My dad's brother picked in that same field 80 years earlier, that meant a lot to him, uncle was in his 20's at the time, no money, slept in the car, at that time they had to pick for 80 minutes. At the nationals in Minnesota in about 1984 they timed him at 62 ears a minute mid way through, and no , I'm not making that up he was that good.
  11. I'm not very good with videos but if it works this is my Dad picking at the national corn husking contest in Missouri in 2017, he was 86 at the time and got 2nd place, he competes in the golden agers division which is 75 and older. I still can't figure out how he picks it so clean, when he's done you could fit all the shucks in that wagon in your hat.
  12. Whipping won't be a problem unless the shaft is bent, all newer heads are ran this way , I run an 8 row 30 gerringhoff that drives from one end and the shaft goes all the way to the end of the head, granted I'm talking about a splined shaft not just one made of rectangular tube , it is a heavy duty shaft.
  13. If you are going to use that head I would cut the shaft closer to the end of the head , put a bearing there and use a telescoping "PTO" shaft to hook to the combine. If you put a sprocket on the combine and try to run it with a chain 2 things will likely happen, the chain will break unless you use 80H and it will get so hot you won't be able to touch it. Been there done that with earlage adapters on choppers.
  14. Check out Zappo's.com , I bought a pair of wolverine work boots for $89 shipped to my door in four days. I had never heard of them before but could not find an 11 1/2 EE in any store in any style, an older lady who works at a local Bomgaars farm store told me about the web site so I checked it out, they have literally hundreds of different work shoes listed.
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