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  1. Hope to come on Friday with my 2 boys, maybe a car load.
  2. Can I have some, please. Nice guys share you know.
  3. I have used a turbo max on my 7140, the wing pressure takes very little oil pressure to keep the Guage in the green.
  4. I think my son's German Sheppard could take on an entire soccer team by himself and not get tired.
  5. Good chance their shopping cart is full Of cat food and cigarettes too.
  6. Does it feel stiff or does it move easily? I've had to drill a hole in the plastic handle and put a set screw in it because it was spinning on the shaft.
  7. We had a 5720 which is the same machine with a smaller motor, no way the radiator in a 5830 could keep 400 horses cool enough to get anything done.
  8. Got .32 last night, biggest rain we've had for at least six weeks.
  9. Possibly came off a New Holland 1895 chopper
  10. Don't plant corn till the lilacs are blooming
  11. If it's turning counter clockwise that opens the faucet to let it rain, not sure how soon after though.
  12. I had an. Uncle that died in a car crash when I was 5 years old, I really don't remember him but my older brothers knew him well. I have heard some of the old sayings that he lived by like If it rains on Easter Sunday it will rain for the next 7 Sundays. If the toads are jumping uphill it's going to rain. If the Robbins get snowed on twice you'll Raise a good crop. Please add any that you've heard, I've always found them to be interesting and some of them true to a fault. I will try to remember more of them.
  13. Yes, it should be 1/4 inch pipe thread
  14. I used a grease gun hose for the line , stuck it in the hole I drilled and used a pipe fitting to attach it to the frame and a grease zerk in the other end of the pipe fitting.
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