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  1. WellThat didn't work like it was supposed to .
  2. BLM (birds lives matter), they gotta eat too.
  3. Got one from the local Hardware Hank, big enough for a samsung s10 with a screen protector. The thing is so beat up I can't read the name on it anymore but it's similar to the ones from Dewalt except it has a loop to go on your belt.
  4. I have 1366 and 1572 under pivots that looks like that too,ears shoulder high or more, phenomenal. Dryland corn as low as 12% moisture around here and irrigated corn in the upper teens to low twenties already. The wind is blowing and there is a slight chance of rain today and the fire whistle just blew, yikes.
  5. It's been aa few years since I've had any but my step mother used to can beef, she just cut it up in cubes and canned it in quart jars. Canned beef and gravy poured over a couple pieces of bread, a man could founder on that stuff if he wasn't careful.
  6. Back in '74,'75 dad hired a guy with 2 5400 John Deere choppers with 4 row heads to chop about 450 acres of corn, small machines by today's standards but big back then. We didn't have enough equipment to keep up with them so dad hired the local dirt mover to push with a bucket Cat, don't know what model it was but it was like a D6 size machine, just so happens he had traded it for a new one and on about day three of chopping the dealer delivered his new machine right to our place so the first job it did was push silage. I still remember them unloading it on the road and driving it up the lane
  7. I'm just going by the fact that the goodyear power torque tires are likely original and there's no water filter
  8. I would bet that it's a low hour tractor
  9. Well apparently the front bolster on a high crop is the same one used for a narrow front on a 66 series . For those who want a narrow front end and be 100% correct, with so few produced, the bolster is a high $$$ item.
  10. Also has a square steering arm and a new nut for sure and possibly a new spindle.
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