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  1. Hey, you might be on to something there, you'll never get it past Faucii though.
  2. I didn't know that tagging people was legal but I guess I would prefer the button type vs the ones you push through with a knife, those make a lot bigger hole.
  3. Had two Gehl 1410 spreaders which are identical to the 195, literally ran the $hit out of them good spreaders we just out grew them and went bigger. A grease gun hose and a hole in the frame eliminated crawling under to grease the tandems.
  4. Give him the money and walk away, he could chase business away from you if he chose to, maybe some day he will need a vehicle worked on and you can get your money back.
  5. Just curious, do you have enough power to spin out in first year in the heaviest class? The reason I ask is that 18.4s would be easier to find and would gain you some weight also, or is there a tire size limit?
  6. Now just remember there are no wrong answers for math anymore
  7. bkorth

    3900 disk

    The hitch should be leveled to the tractor drawbar first by turning the turnbuckle, do this with the disk sitting on the ground on a hard level surface. I'm pretty sure you turn the crank clockwise or "in" to lower the front if you can't get it far enough there are three holes in the back where the crank pins to the axle, move it to the rear hole and start over with the crank, they are a good disk once you get it leveled out, I have a 30ft narrow spacing with a double basket mounted on it and I had to do some engineering to make it run level. Hope this helps.
  8. Bitty, you a funny f#$@&r
  9. He's makin a left turn, look he's makin another left turn, boring, if it don't blow black smoke I ain't interested. Drop diesel engines in those cars and then you'd get my attention, it would be fun to watch the crashes start after about four laps from lack of visibility.
  10. well you got the pass part right anyway
  11. Yessir, mile east of town and a 1/4 north, honk when you go by.
  12. 60 miles west of Sioux City Iowa, 35 miles south of Yankton South Dakota, 25 miles north of Norfolk Nebraska.
  13. Inch and a half of rain here and about that much snow early this morning, cattle yards are gonna be sloppy for a while. I'm surprised the doors in that picture can handle all that snow, that's a lot of pressure.
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