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    The Drunken Moose
  2. The pin is not threaded, you can try turning with a big crescent wrench but they are most likely siezed in the holes. If you really want them out it will require LOTS of heat which will ruin the seals in the torsion bar which will in turn require pulling the pto to replace the seals. You can try penetrating oil once every few days and see if they loosen up but don't hold your breath on that working, been there done that, just being honest.
  3. bkorth


    In the words of Bubba J, look, he's making a left turn, he's making another left turn.
  4. bkorth


    I couldn't get the whole thing on my phone camera, too close to the wall but trust me it's standing all by itself
  5. bkorth


    Anyone try this today, that broom has been standing on our kitchen floor for over an hour, something about the gravitational pull today.
  6. Engine noise can be greatly reduced with added insulation under the dash , the echoing noise can be helped by insulating the roof line and also helps the radio work better, I'm sure dyna mat under the floor mat would help also, when I had the factory red cab on mine there was no such thing so I used some "horse hair" mat under mine and all of these things together made a huge difference. I pulled a 24 ft field cultivator in H1 and never really thought it was that loud at all but you'll never get rid of the gear noise completely, especially road gear, was it an 86 series no, a Magnum no, better than a yar or hiniker, absolutely without a doubt.
  7. bkorth

    966 custom

    I don't even want to know what the rest of it looks like
  8. I'm having the same issue with a 7140, 12,000+ hours, shifts harder than it should and likes to go two gears at a time sometimes so I'm wondering if there's something going on in the shift valve.
  9. Deere did a 95% copy of New Holland's crop processor, they are a little late to the game with some features. New Holland was the first to incorporate a metal detector, fun fact, for years Deere bought theirs from New Holland when they came out with a new and improved version. There is a lot of Claas and New Holland in the new John Deere.
  10. Hey now none of that bashing New Holland stuff 🙂grinding ear corn this past fall, if anyone gets the Big Iron calendar this picture is in there.
  11. Guess I opened a can of worms 😁
  12. There was actually a kit to put a 4BT in, my brother had one done years ago , I'm not sure what all came with it but I do recall something with the rear engine plate and flywheel had to be changed. I would contact a Komatsu dealer, they should be able to help you. If all else fails maybe you could find one at a salvage yard that has the 4BT.
  13. There are 72 of them just south of me, the closest is 3 miles away but I can probably count a dozen from our place so even if you don't want them on your land you still have to look at them. I chopped corn to make paths for 17 of them which was good money so I can't complain there. Just conversing with some of the land owners they were talking $8 -12,000 per year plus a bonus if they go over so many kilowatts, which will never happen because they will just shut your tower down to stay under that number. This company has a 20 year contract with the landowner and from what I could gather the tower is your mess after that, if it breaks beyond repair they'll leave it and it's your problem, these towers were just put online in October and already have one with a broken blade. Money is no object for these windmills and stupidity abounds, I know for a fact that they spent $250,000 moving dirt for one that I chopped for because the hill was not where the engineer thought it was, the computer map was wrong so rather than move the tower they moved the hill. When they built the roads to the towers they mixed dry cement with the dirt and then cover that with rock so even taking out the roads ain't gonna be easy or cheap.
  14. I would think the holes in the glass should be level with the pivot point of the handle, looks like maybe somebody goofed.
  15. Back in the early to mid '80s Rick ran a1456 called the Wampuscat and was one of the founding members of the Nebraska Bush Pullers, I believe the tractor in the video is the second generation Wampuscat 1066, has a component rear end and I think his son drives it some now. I have a cousin who was also a founding member who pulled an 856 called the Red Rooster. I got to meet Rick back in the pits one time when I was talking with my cousin, Rick is a pretty wild and crazy dude.
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