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  1. I have an Allied hot water machine 2500psi at 4.5gpm, the dealer I bought it from started building their own. They
  2. I have an Allied hot water machine 2500psi at 4.5gpm, the dealer I bought it from started building their own. They have always preached that gallons does more work than pressure- to a point.
  3. I heard that the mothership doesn't even have a booth this year because of a lack of inventory.
  4. I think you need 1 more axle😁
  5. A husband and wife in their mid 80s and their special needs daughter were killed, not sure on the 4th victim. They found the suspect in his own home with severe burns from the fire he started, he's now in the hospital being treated and will most likely spend the rest of his life in prison, all on OUR dollar. When they started looking for him my first thought was I hope they don't wound him.
  6. I'd rather just put my hand in a meat grinder, he should buy a lottery ticket.
  7. If you need to shift below 7th gear then something is wrong. I pulled my 7110 in 15,500 and 17,500 class once just for fun, bone stock with 18.4 x 42 tires and drawbar at 20 inches and spun out in 8th gear.
  8. Of the truck from the welding shop, he has it at our local car show today. The owner is the nephew of my late Aunt.
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    Thanks for sharing that
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    Yesterday was not a celebration of freedom for a neighbor family, their oldest son, in his early to mid 30s, has had a problem with alcohol for a couple years, had got sober last year for a few months and then fell off the wagon again.The way I understand it they were taking him to therapy this week. Yesterday they couldn't find him, they had been looking for quite a while and were about to call my son to come with his drone when his dad found him in a cornfield right by their place, he had taken his own life. I can't begin to understand what must go through a person's mind to do that to yourself and even worse to your family. I feel so bad for his dad finding him that way, he will never get that image out of his mind. I feel sorry for this person who thought life was so bad that it wasn't worth living. I'm angry with this person for doing this to his family. He leaves behind a wife and two young children, please pray for this family.
  11. .85 here, started at about 4am. It has been hot and dry here also, we had a heavy shower here about 10 days ago, very spotty. We got 2 inches but it came so hard I don't think even half of it soaked in, 5 days later the corn was curled up again, this shower will do way more good and things look pretty good but we are definitely living from one rain to the next. Glad to hear you got some much needed rain, hope you get more this week.
  12. Clean it, and when you think you have it clean, clean it again and so on and so on.
  13. Danny, I'm not picking on you by any means because I've seen many tractors chained that way but chaining the front down by the weight bracket just isn't a good idea. A cousin and I were taking his 1466 to a pull and had it chained that way, hit a bad hole in the road that bounced us pretty good, he looked in the mirror and saw 100 pound weights and a bracket cartwheeling down the highway, snapped the bolts right off. Luckily nobody was behind us and didn't meet anyone, haven't chained one that way since.
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