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  1. I'm seeing something odd behind/inside the steps on that 856 where the hydraulic filter is supposed to be?????????
  2. I called the mechanic today and he said he has it all put back together and test drove it. He said he drove it into a pile of rock in 2nd gear and it spun all four tires so it sounds like it's working like it should but I told him to take the shift valve apart and check it out anyway, after all I'm paying the bill. He knew exactly what is in that valve and even knew what the spring length is supposed to be so I'm confident that he knows what he is doing and what to look for in the valve. On a side note they sent the radiator off to get cleaned and I guess it was pretty gunked up in the bottom so that should help with trans cooling. He told me that lube pressures was at the bottom end of spec so he is going to see if he can boost that.
  3. The area east of Hartington toward Wynot , Newcastle and Ponca on highway 12 is also pretty country, rough but beautiful scenery. My son does agronomy work for Pioneer and sent the guys from DTN up by Wynot to put up a weather station on one of his customers Fields as part of a fertility program, gave them directions and told them that there are no straight roads up there " I'll go with you if you want", no no problem, we've been been just about everywhere and never had a problem finding a place. It's about a 50 minute drive to get where they had to go, 2 1/2 hours later the guy ate Crow and called to say they were lost .
  4. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how it actually works but the shaft has holes in it that the oil goes through to pressurize the clutch packs into the three different speeds and I asked them if it was possible for some debris from the original clutches to have plugged one or more of the holes when this was done the first time 1900 hours ago. They blew through the shaft and all holes were clean but that's not to say that something wasn't plugged when it was reassembled and it worked it's way out over time after the damage was done. Kevingweq - can you explain how it would be in 2 speeds at the same time? Would that be a lack of pressure? The forward - reverse couches were smoked too when they took that section apart, this is getting spendy.
  5. I checked salvage yards for the plastic piece that holds the lower front light on the right side, they all told me nope don't have it, the only magnums we get are burnt. Testament to reliability.
  6. It has a gauge, never shows that it's hot, the cooler is built into the radiator and we are going to have it checked for flow.
  7. Brother has a 924K high lift cat loader for feedlot use , it is smooth and quiet in the cab and seems to have a lot of push power but the visibility in all directions is absolutely horrible, the cross member on the loader frame is right in your line of site no matter what you are dumping on .
  8. Yeah, they had to hunt for theirs for a while to find it too, just a bit dusty.
  9. My boy did that to his 766 project tractor , he got the correct reamer from the dealer and they told us good luck it's a b@$$& of a job. We jacked the right side way up to get out from under the frame, tried 2 different drills and just kept getting it stuck, they had welded a big nut on the Chuck end to use a socket on it so we said screw it and put the impact on it - done in 5 minutes😁. Of course you couldn't just hammer away at it but it worked great.
  10. I have an RMX 340 for primary tillage and use the 3900 with 7 1/2 inch spacing as a finishing tool.
  11. I have given up on the idea of putting turbo till type blades on the disc, I was referring to putting new disc blades on it. I priced new blades and bearings ( rock flex) today and that came to $5120 including 15% winter parts discount, that got me thinking ???
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