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  1. He's spraying it down with that tire shine stuff, he just dismounted it first so he doesn't get any on the rim.
  2. We have a weather station at our place, high temp of 93 today with 60% humidity and at most a 10mph breeze, it was a real bugger, hard on livestock for sure.
  3. Tractor pulling seems to be dominated by IH and JD these days, I enjoyed it more when it was a little more colorful. Unless it is in collectable condition, an Allis 210, 220 or even a D21 should be had in your $$$ range and can be made to run, AND be something different.
  4. The money being spent on all this foolishness could end world hunger.
  5. The good Lord smiled on us last night, 2.10 here and it was very much needed, light rain right now with chances through tonight.
  6. My Dad had several Oliver tractors starting with a 77 and ending with a 1755, the 77 was his first loader tractor so I think he got accustomed to it there but I remember as a kid riding along with him in that 1755 pulling JD tandem silage wagons, he would double clutch that thing just like shifting a truck and never scratch a tooth.
  7. I have worn Levi's for ever, they just seem to fit me better but they are definitely getting cheaper made. I recently bought a new pair of the same size I have worn for years,washed them. Put them on and I swear they sewed the wrong tag on them, waist is at least one size to big and I was walking on about,4 inches of the legs and now with this rainbow crap I think I shall be looking elsewhere.
  8. bkorth

    Nice 1256

    Cozy cab, Dad Put one on a new 966 but he wouldn't spend the money for the heater but it was still better than sitting outside. His had a sliding rear window which was handy for cranking the spout on the JD 3800 chopper, not a bad cab for its time.
  9. Well, I guess I should quit complaining about the cold weather in January, it's not so bad after all.
  10. We had a small orchard when I was growing up that had a big mulberry tree, we never picked them, just laid an old sheet under It and shook the branches. They were pretty good with ice cream but I swear now it seems they will grow through a crack in the concrete.
  11. I replaced all of them on my 16 row 1200 this spring, they are all right hand thread and they are tight, I used a 24 inch pipe wrench with a 4ft cheater to get them out. I think I would heat it with a torch first, then weld a nut on and pound on it with an air hammer a little before trying to break it loose.
  12. Well he made it home this afternoon, thanks acem for the route info, he said there were no straight roads in Arkansas ?. The truck looks pretty good, just needs some little things fixed, since he bought it out of state it will have to have an inspection. It sounds like Brehmer mfg. Can get it in for frame work in two weeks .
  13. Texarkana Arkansas
  14. 08, 60 series Detroit, full lockers, double frame, 3.73, 18 speed, 500hp, egr delete, 449,000 miles. Should do for a silage truck.
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