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  1. It must be set up to run vacuum off the tractor hydraulics, otherwise it wouldn't have that many hoses. My 1200 has bulk seed hoppers and the only thing running on constant flow is the fan for seed delivery to the row units, the vacuum is on a PTO pump, a stack fold planter would be individual boxes so no need for case drain unless it's running vacuum pressure. I'm sure it could be changed to PTO for some $$$.
  2. That looks like a bigger bearing , or does it just look that way in the picture?
  3. Just working on it now, 16-30 1200 and an MX210
  4. I had the same issue with mine a few years ago , gauge would flash intermittently, this was happening while the tractor was on the disc so you're thinking it's getting hot, there is barely enough wire on the sensor to reach the harness from the cab and it wasn't making a good enough connection and the pins were being pulled out the back of the connectors. Wouldn't have killed them to add a couple inches of wire.
  5. I have a T7-235 new Holland , same deal, the service manager told me that king pin is the angle sensor for use with auto steer and is not greaseable. He said they have been that way for years with no issues.
  6. The only thing I didn't like about the reverse opening doors was the wind catching them and ripping it out of your hand, I've seen several where the bottom hinge broke and mangled the door skin from that happening. I never had a problem with the factory shifters either, we had one with the long speed lever and one with the short lever and I will say the short one was better, the long one was in the way if you left it in 4th when getting out.
  7. I think that's company policy for now, the one my son works at locked the front door Friday, the nearby JD dealer did the same thing. He said any tractor or combine they work on they have to wipe down all controls before and after .
  8. What route is she taking ? I avoid big cities like the plague.
  9. I have a cousin who bought a 1086 that had the chrome grab bars on the doors and chrome shifters made from round stock, they were all bent and twisted in a wired configuration but they were a little more out of the way for entry. That tractor was tricked out from one end to the other with all sorts of stuff, chrome swan on the hood, chrome exhaust, mirrors,white pinstripes on the hood and fenders and on and on.
  10. bkorth

    4230 MFWD

    I like that idea, it really can't be "froze" in there, had to still be turning before it snapped. I would think you could also screw a bolt into the nut that you weld on, then weld some heavy flat iron to that bolt, thread two holes in the flat iron, insert bolts in those holes and pull it out.
  11. I sure hope it doesn't happen but closing slaughter plants has to be on someone's mind right about now, that would be a disaster of epic proportions.
  12. bkorth

    8930 MFD

    I had the same issue with my 7140 a few years ago, ended up being the cab solenoid, as far as the hood closing goes, try lubing all the hinge points first. I'm thinking there are bushings in the hinge pins that could be worn also but don't quote me on that one.
  13. I use a Remco 5gpm pump on a 16 row 30 inch planter to put 5 gal per acre of starter fertilizer in furrow, travel at 4.8 mph. I think the pump will work at 7.5 gpa with bigger orifices, beyond that I would have to start reducing speed . The pump works fine, I used to use shurflo but the local supplier switched to Remco so that's what I use, runs continuous through the field and shuts off with a mercury switch when I raise the planter.
  14. Don't know the situation and I know it's more money but you will never wear a Magnum out.
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