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  1. That would be one of my nephew's trailers pulled by a friend of his, actually I think he traded it for a KW now, when did you see it last? Two of my nephew's pull those same trailers, one is red, the other is blue and silver, both Peterbilts.
  2. You will be driving right by our place, one mile east of Randolph, look north for lotsa cattle. Feel free to stop in, between Belden and the Junction of 81/20 is the roughest sob around but they are supposed to be working on it this summer, about 11 miles. There is a lot of pretty country from Plainview on west, take some time to stop by Royal at the Ashfall Fossil Beds if you are in to that sorta thing, never been there but I've heard it's pretty neat.
  3. It has 20.8x42 deep tread firestone radials on the back ( can't remember the metric size) and 420/85/28 firestone fwd on the front right now, the rears are like new but the fronts are getting worn and stubble damaged. I'm not complaining , they have held up well. I have an MX 210 with Michelin front and rear and it seems to get around better in slick conditions, both tractors are weighted almost identical. Both of these tractors are on manure spreaders during the winter on frozen ground, ice and snow and there is a noticable difference in traction with the Michelin tires in these conditions. T
  4. looking at new shoes for the front of the 7140mfd, it has stones on it now. Tire size is 420/85/28, prices are very close to the same so which one would you chose?
  5. Wow, that would take a shipload of lime to get to 6, I have heard there is a guy next to the Missouri River east of me that takes in old drywall from construction jobs and grinds it up to spread on his fields for the gypsum.
  6. bkorth


    Isn't that the same axle used on the Magnums, I've got a 7110 with over 10k hours and it's still tight, just needs a grease gun regularly like anything else.
  7. In my neck of the woods if you are 6.5 to 7 its about as good as your going to get, i would say the range would be 6 to 7.5
  8. better move that thing up a little, don't think his arms will reach it.
  9. my oldest son is a rep for pioneer's granular/encirca fertility program, not trying to promote anything here but he does know his stuff. he gave a really good presentation this past summer at a field day about a crops' response to fertility, the number one thing affecting yields in corn or soybeans is soil ph, then phosphorus, potash, followed by micro nutrients. Soybeans don't do well in low ph environments. we did apply some ammonium sulfate to a farm 2 years ago to raise levels as soil tests showed it was needed, corn did yield better last year but we will have to wait and see if it helps t
  10. i know a few who think they can build/fix anything, turns out they were mistaken.
  11. From Christmas Vacation - going for the world saucer sled land speed record, Clark W Griswold Jr. If I woke up with my head sewed to the carpet I wouldn't be more surprised than I am right now. From Blazing Saddles- somebody go back and get a $hitload of dimes, Almost ruined a $400 hand car, if you shoot him you'll just make him mad, pretty much the whole movie
  12. I don't know what is worn out on your current grinder but I will just throw this out there, cattle will do better on rolled corn vs ground or whole kernel, whether it's dry or high moisture. It's probably been 15 years ago already that I bought an 1150 grinder, stripped it down, hauled the hammer mill and intake auger to the scrapper and mounted a used 36 inch henke roller mill on it. I had to build an intake auger because the original was too short with the mill being centered on the frame and I wanted to be able to hoist a truck into it, it just runs with an orbit motor. I also had to build
  13. Park must be out, anyone notice the chunk of iron in front of the right rear tire?
  14. Don't know what it is but you'd definitely want to keep the family jewels away from it.
  15. Ok Joe, is your teleprompter on the fritz again?
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