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  1. Yeah, but but but that doesn't mean fit their narrative so you will never hear that on the news.
  2. I am looking at a New Holland LS 150 skid loader to replace a 440B bobcat, I realize it is much bigger and will do more work faster and I like the idea of parallel lift. I'm looking for opinions and experience with this series of loaders as I have never really been around the New Holland skid steers.
  3. Ugh, my wife watches that too - I feel your pain.
  4. bkorth

    Battery Covers

    Aftermarket covers are not made quite right, the reason that the inside of the lid goes up when you tighten the hooks is because the outer edge is not contacting the edge of the battery. Maybe it's because the posts are taller, I'm not sure. I put a piece of weather strip on the bottom side of the cover where it should contact the battery and a thin piece of rubber where the posts would possibly touch and made them work but they are a PITA.
  5. I had to replace the flex tube on the wings a couple years ago, they had split open. When the wings would flex the tube would come apart and lose vacuum
  6. MinnesotaFarmall could be right, looks backwards to me too, it also looks like you will need to shim the steering arm to raise it so the cylinder will line up with the ball joint
  7. I use some black goop called WHIP on the cables and posts, comes in a small bottle from the auto parts store, completely eliminated the corrosion but you gotta start clean.
  8. bkorth

    Cool it

    Well look what I started , Hold on guys I'm gonna go make some popcorn I'll be right back.😁
  9. bkorth

    Cool it

    That would be the easier thing to do but he bought the tractor non running as a project for a grade in a college course on rebuilding engines , not replacing it with something else. The tractor had the turbo on it already, he is just trying to make it more durable in the process. Appreciate all your input.
  10. You hit the nail on the head, PCA became a dirty word in our house in the mid '80s.
  11. bkorth

    Cool it

    Makes good sense, does anyone know the difference between a TO4B 9096 and TO4 B80 turbo, the latter is cheaper for some reason
  12. bkorth

    Cool it

    Do you need keystone rings to run the cooling jets? I had one mechanic tell me that It may use oil if you don't .
  13. Well they finally found parts for the shift valve and got it together , called me today and said lube pressure is higher now which makes me feel better, maybe I'll get this thing home yet.
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