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  1. bkorth

    7130 Case IH tractor Heater

    Should not take more than maybe 15 minutes, make sure the valve is open on the engine.
  2. bkorth

    Aftermarket fenders

    Guess that would get me away from this rotten weather for a couple days😁
  3. bkorth

    Aftermarket fenders

    When you add it all up , fenders, brackets, platform extensions, wiring, lights , flashers, and U-bolts, the aftermarket stuff gets pretty spendy by the time you're done. Might have to just wait and hope we stumble on a deal for some decent originals.
  4. bkorth

    Aftermarket fenders

    Ok, I didn't know the reproductions were narrower, why would they do that?
  5. bkorth

    Aftermarket fenders

    Trying to find a set of original 66 series fenders for the 766 project but not having much luck, are the aftermarket fenders any good? If so who has the best quality, most of the originals I find are either bent or look like Swiss cheese from all the extra bolt holes drilled in them.
  6. bkorth

    Keep going or stop in tracks?

    I used Mother's Fine Cut Cleaner with a buffer followed by a coat of Turtle wax on our 7110, hasn't looked that good in years.
  7. bkorth

    766 front axle pivot pin

    Got the old out and the new in, heat and a sledge hammer did the trick. We took the tie rods of on both wheels and removed the hoses from the steering cylinder and took the whole assembly out to get more room to work, looks like we need new trunnion bushings too. I would assume the bushings would wear before the trunnion ? There is still some play in the axle pivot, does anyone know the exact diameter of the ball joint , don't know if the ball is worn or the housing.
  8. bkorth

    766 front axle pivot pin

    We are working on my son's 766 project tractor that I posted about a while back, the bushings are bad in the front axle pivot and probably the pin too. We fought with the keeper pin for a while and it finally came out but that pivot pin won't budge, tried heating the cast and thought I had it plenty hot but no go, swearing at it didn't seem to help either. Any suggestions?
  9. bkorth

    Wind farms

    They are in the process of putting up 72 of them here right now, they start about 3 miles from me and go to the southeast. I chopped crop ( corn and soybeans) out of the way for 14 of them , what a pain in the a$$ , but hey I got paid. I kinda learned more about the whole project as I went from different land owners and tennants , most of them told me the people were real nice to work with up until the papers were signed and after that they didn't really care if you knew what was going on or not. The farmer was paid $1,000 per acre for whatever crop I chopped which is a pretty good deal considering they also got the silage for just the cost of cutting it. Some people here think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread and others , myself included think it's a waste of land and money, most of the tennants are not too happy about farming around the roads and towers but the landlords don't care cause they get that yearly check and the promise of a bonus if their tower goes over so many kilowatts but I doubt they ever see that.
  10. bkorth

    mx210 exhaust

    I put a straight pipe on my 7140 several years ago because the muffler was rediculous in price, it's not nearly as loud as you'd think it would be but it sure sounds nice😁
  11. bkorth

    766 with M&W turbo

    The range lever seems to just fall into low but you can feel it "click" into high and reverse, would this be a work roller under the range cover? Also where's a good place to get replacement parts for the mechanical seat suspension, this one is in rough shape. I'm not sure if it's fixable since the bushings are gone and has eaten into the metal.
  12. bkorth

    Two neat ole puller pics from the 1970s

    Used to be a guy here that pulled a jd 4010 back in the seventies, had some sort of homemade enclosed trailer to haul it in. I've been told by more than one person that he split that tractor and put a new clutch in while his brother drove down the highway for a pull the next day!
  13. bkorth

    766 with M&W turbo

    My youngest son is taking Ag Diesel at tech college , in his second year and has to complete an engine overhaul. Last year he did air conditioning and transmissions, had a local guys 2390 torn down to fix the range and powershift and got me to thinking, why not do the work for yourself? We looked for almost a year for the right tractor at the right price and found this 766 that has been parked for 7 years. The guy said he tore it down and found the insides were all rusty from moisture, put some new parts in ( not sure what all he did) and it still wouldn't run right . I'm thinking the main problem could be in the injection pump but time will tell on that one , he has to go COMPLETELY through the engine for his grade. The turbo was put on at 500 hours but has been replaced within the last 1000 hours or so , kinda too bad he didn't just start it once in a while and he wouldn't have had this trouble. Wittled him down a little and bought it for $3350 , time will tell if that was a good deal or not. He said it dynoed 115 when the turbo was put on and was his main tractor for many years, future plans after it's back running are gonna start with 38 inch castings , new rims and tires and some paint at some point after he fixes any oil leaks, should be a good tractor when all is said and done.
  14. bkorth

    Daughter getting bullied in school.

    Our daughter will be 22 in December, she had a **** of a time in highschool with a girl in her class ( only 5 girls in her class to begin with). She really didn't have much in common with any of them but this one girl had it in for her, constantly something. She had a strength training class with this girl and one other girl that she did get along with well, one day it was just our daughter and this little bit** as the other was absent , somehow she managed to hide her phone under a towel in the locker room and set it to take a delayed photo of our daughter while she was topless. This was done on a Friday and on Saturday when I came home for dinner she was crying and almost hysterical because this girl sent the picture to her and a BUNCH of other kids. We called the superintendent immediately and he already knew about it because one of our daughter's friends had gotten the picture and they were concerned about what to do with it. He told them please don't forward it to anyone but don't delete it yet as this would be evidence. My wife told him that we were going to call the county sherriff and he said that is a good idea, I have already called them myself. This girl had been in trouble with the law several times for drugs, alcohol, vandalism, had spent time in juvenile detention,you name it so when they heard her name they knew what she was capable of doing. The sherriff confiscated her phone and sent it to the state police for analysis and the superintendent suspended her from school pending analysis of the phone. In the end she finally confessed to taking the picture, was expelled from school, did not graduate, and was sent back to juvinile hall for a year until she turned 18 and was then sent to a detention center for another year, last I heard she was arrested for drugs again. I strongly encourage you to talk to your superintendent, we have a good one here, if they are worth their wages they will get on top of the situation, if things are happening off of school grounds then get the law involved. When the local police or county sheriff knocks on the door it tends to get their attention, good luck, believe me I feel your pain.