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  1. I actually think that one of the best parts of each episode is the opening introduction, the music is , I don't know, kinda eerie I guess.
  2. The 6420 deere is a handy little tractor but imho with its short wheelbase they are like riding a 4 wheeler with no suspension.
  3. I can't believe this has gone 2 pages and nobody has mentioned the eye candy bathing in the stock tank, she's bat$hit crazy but man she's got some, well, I'll just stop there.
  4. bkorth

    Magnum 315

    Well, I told this salesman on Friday that I would be there Monday morning by9:30 to look at this tractor, said I couldn't make it Saturday and he had to be out of there by noon to get to a wedding anyway. I took a friend with me today and we walked in the door at 9:34 and this salesman is nowhere to be found and nobody has seen him, won't answer his phone, then another salesman says he got a text from him Saturday afternoon at 2:30 that he sold it to someone else. He knew I was coming and sold it anyway, I was number 1 on the list for this tractor and he sold it out from under me and then doesn't bother to contact me so I don't waste 6 hours of my life to go look at it. I'm pissed and will never darken their door again. The worst part is it was a good one with full service records.
  5. bkorth

    Magnum 315

    It sounds like the previous owner is pretty anal about his equipment, always brings things in for annual inspections so I'm hoping these things have been addressed and there is paperwork to back it up, we shall see. I just don't want to make that big of a purchase and end up regretting it.
  6. bkorth

    Magnum 315

    Thanks SDman, I'm going to look at it tomorrow so I'll know what to look for now. As explained to me by the service manager the o-rings were coming from 3 different suppliers, two of them were good and one was bad but no way of knowing which engines got what o-rings, does that sound about right?
  7. bkorth

    Magnum 315

    I know about the issue with the engines and plan to get the serial number and give it to my dealer to find out if it has had the o-ring issue fixed or not, this tractor is at a dealership now for an annual inspection, they are pulling the engine to put an oil pan gasket and a seal in the drop box right now. I've heard so many different explanations of the engine issue that I don't know who to believe, my dealer said there is a list of serial numbers for the tractors affected and each one should be documented if work was done to it. It does have axle suspension, what is the issue with the potentiometer?
  8. bkorth

    Magnum 315

    I'm looking at buying a 2012 Magnum 315 with 3000 hours, what's the good the bad and the ugly on these tractors?
  9. My brother bought a Great Plains Turbo Max about 3 years ago, we can have the same problem with cold soils in the spring. He runs it on irrigated soybean stubble a couple inches deep in the fall to incorporate some of the residue, it has an adjustable front gang so you can set it to cover as much as you want but even at max angle you can still see the bean rows. The ground warms up much faster where it has been used and gets a much better more even stand of corn,he just did some for me today. It also works good in the spring where we haul manure over the winter and as finish tool after disking corn stalks, I would not recommend using it on standing corn stalks in the fall though, I think the fencerow would be buried with trash.
  10. Don't have any pictures but Dad bought one new, basically lived on a 5 x 12 Kelly Ryan feed wagon, traded a JD 2030 for it , had fluid in the tires and would plow through mud up to the breather pipe. At the time we were growing light calves and would sell them as feeders, about 2000 head at a time for the 10 years that he owned it, it hauled a lot of feed! That little tractor was handier than a shirt pocket.
  11. Swing hoppers are great but they sure splatter a lot of corn on the ground, I hauled some corn for a neighbor a couple weeks ago and when I went back to open the trap on the truck there was an old mud flap from a truck laying in the hopper and I thought, well ok, guess everyone has there own method, couldn't believe it but if you got it in the right spot the corn would just pile up on it and run off the sides. I don't think there was a scoop shovel of corn there from filling a 28,000 bushel bin, learn something new every day.
  12. Pucker factor 12 , how do you chop hills like that bare and not have them wash away?
  13. I didn't know there were red cab models that had louvered side panels, not bashing it, just an observation. She's a beauty for sure.
  14. Don't stop at my place right now, I'll put you in a silage truck😁
  15. AC/DC---- You shook me all night long, Back in black, thunder struck,Hells bells. Bellamy Brothers--- Do you love as good as you look. Little River Band --- Lonesome loser. Europe--- Carrie. Def Leppard--- Love bites. Damn Yankees--- High enough. Joe Walsh--- Life's been good. Sorry can't pick just one.
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