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  1. Saw this M tractor at a sale a couple of years ago. It ran, and sold pretty well, but I don't remember the final price. It was a part of a huge collection in Michigan. The frame rail had an extensive repair in it at one time. I never checked castings on the rear to see if they matched the front of the tractor and the engine. Neat piece of history. Not sure what the tag was on the side of the gauge cluster.
  2. Looking to upgrade from the 7140. She is tired. Been looking at 340s and 310s. I am aware of the engine issues, but have been told CNH is standing behind them. Looking to see if any of you have experience with these and would lean one way or another...thanks.
  3. Well I answered my own question...kinda. The inside rear tire needs removed and slid out. Then there is enough room for the fuel tank to slide out to get your hands in there. Hope this takes care of the problem. A lot of work for that little solenoid.
  4. Guys, on a 235, can this be done without removing the fuel tank behind the steps?
  5. Is it absolutely necessary to recalibrate the trans after the solenoid replacement?
  6. Messick's is showing the New Holland part in stock, the Case IH 3-7 days out. I assume the same part? The New Holland solenoid connect to the MX235 wiring harness?
  7. What would be the reasoning behind a part like that only not working when the tractor is cold or has sat overnight let's say. It only does it a couple times and then it seems fine. I guess I would think that the solenoid would either work or it wouldn't? Piece of debris in between the O-rings?
  8. Really? I looked each of them up and found the clutch valve at over 300 and the potentiometer at 155. What part numbers are you using?
  9. Any chance that it could be the inching potentiometer on the clutch pedal assembly?
  10. Yes, we had that done by the dealer.
  11. Have a 2013 Magnum 235. When the tractor is cold or has sat for at least a day, when you first start the tractor and try and move it, the clutch is extremely grabby. You have to almost let the clutch pedal completely out and it grabs all at once. There is no easing into it. Makes me cringe when the grain cart is full and you have to move it, don't want to tear it up. Anyone know what it could be? After it warms up/gets used a few times, it acts fine.
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