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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I will for sure document things as I go. It is definitely an exciting time. Ive been around the farm and helped hands on for almost 30 years. Thesd5488, may I ask what avenue you went for insurance?
  2. In my mid 30's and am leaving a decent job to farm full time. Have an opportunity to keep the family farm going. Have some anxiety about health insurance, etc. Any advice from guys that have been down this road? Family has a great relationship and will be a smooth transition on that end.
  3. Makes my teeth hurt just looking at it. I can't imagine...
  4. Those look to be before any diesel tractors to me.
  5. Really miss riding in the wagon as a kid when we picked corn. Learned real quick to not get hit in the head. Every kid should have that experience.
  6. We have ground in Wyandot and Seneca County. Close to halfway between Toledo and Columbus. Got a few fields planted today. Hopefully a couple more tomorrow. If we can dodge a few raindrops this week we may get quite a bit done.
  7. NW Ohio. We have some ridge ground that has plenty of rock.. Yes the 786 on the wagon. 2200 hours on it. Pretty much retired to wagon duty now. Was our planter tractor for years.
  8. Still patiently waiting....but did have time to let my daughter drive the 84 Hydro that I grew up driving.
  9. Saw this M tractor at a sale a couple of years ago. It ran, and sold pretty well, but I don't remember the final price. It was a part of a huge collection in Michigan. The frame rail had an extensive repair in it at one time. I never checked castings on the rear to see if they matched the front of the tractor and the engine. Neat piece of history. Not sure what the tag was on the side of the gauge cluster.
  10. Looking to upgrade from the 7140. She is tired. Been looking at 340s and 310s. I am aware of the engine issues, but have been told CNH is standing behind them. Looking to see if any of you have experience with these and would lean one way or another...thanks.
  11. Well I answered my own question...kinda. The inside rear tire needs removed and slid out. Then there is enough room for the fuel tank to slide out to get your hands in there. Hope this takes care of the problem. A lot of work for that little solenoid.
  12. Guys, on a 235, can this be done without removing the fuel tank behind the steps?
  13. Is it absolutely necessary to recalibrate the trans after the solenoid replacement?
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