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  1. Anyone had to patch a hole in a draper header belt? Have one about the size of a softball.
  2. Ok, so the aftermarket steering motor bracket/gauge holder doesn't have the stud on it for the hood to be held down. Has anyone made a bracket to fit for this or should I even worry about it?
  3. Got it all put together tonight and painted all the components after a media blast treatment and primer. Hopefully get it all put together before the first beans come off.
  4. Any idea on length of the spacer?
  5. Got the pin out and am ready to add spacers. Does anyone have pics of a completed setup for the fan spacer kit. I have the char-lynn manual but it's hard to read. The 21094 spacer is particularly what I'm concerned with. Do I need it or can I just re-use the old studs?
  6. Or these? Both of these are for sale in Ohio. I have no relationship with sellers.
  7. None of our M's have a hole where that goes into the center section of the tractor. Was this available as an add on?
  8. Have had it soaking for a few days. Thanks for the pics.
  9. Does anyone have a picture of one that is already out?
  10. Can someone verify for me that this pin/bolt just drives out of this bracket that holds the fan on my M? Trying to add power steering spacers and don't wanna mess anything up. Thanks.
  11. After running some more, I noticed that the transmission light came on when I was turning. Also, at lower rpms, not all the way to idle, I lose power steering.
  12. At lower rpms, the pto will not engage with the clutch pushed in. It will when the clutch is not pressed. Transmission warning light is on until about 1/3 throttle and has blinked while mowing some.
  13. Mowing wheat stubble and the PTO lever will disengage randomly. PTO will not engage at low rpms. Something on the linkage to adjust or is the PTO worn out?
  14. Closed out the show today with the auction and various activities. Over 800 units at the show including all tractors and stationary engines. Had a great time. Look forward to the next one. Thanks to all who helped put the show together.
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