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  1. I have a screwdriver like that, but have since lost the two small ones that go inside
  2. 786 from the RPRU had to go back to work on Monday! Great show everyone!
  3. Front crank seal is leaking on our BN. Any tips and tricks from the pros before I attempt this repair?
  4. We had a 310 that gave a fault or two on the front suspended axle and it was the position sensor above the axle not reading correctly.
  5. Going through things and came across this order form for a 303 combine my grandpa purchased new in November of '66. Traded in a 101. In the same envelope was a financing agreement that gave him 3 years to pay for the remaining balance. Love finding things like this.
  6. I used that site a ton. Hope they get it figured out.
  7. The 1066 in the top pic used to be our neighbor's tractor. Brought really good money at his sale last year. All original.
  8. My kids got a lot of seat time this past year. They are great help. Oldest went from sleeping in the cab to running the grain cart.
  9. Had one that did this a few years ago. Never did figure it out. Here is a video of it:
  10. Opened inspection cover on the unloading auger on our 6088. Was just thinking flighting on the auger may be worn. Found the vertical tube on the unloader had started to buckle. Tube was deformed because of tube being worn and the weight of the auger. Welded new sleeve in tube and replaced vertical auger. Not a fun job getting the elbow in and out. But glad we found it because could've destroyed the bin if we didn't check. Only around 1800 hours on the machine. Guys better be checking these because if that tube gives out, it's not going to be a fun day for them.
  11. I've been coming to this site for 15 years for mostly the good stories and pics of family tractors. My family collects some, have a few myself. What really turns me off about this site is the moment someone posts something about a "rare" or "uncommon" item being legit, everyone goes negative in .5 nanoseconds. Let people tell their story. I don't know any of you guys or your tractor selling history. If something doesn't look right, then let people do their research themselves. He obviously had his story straight and it looks like he is on the right track with this one. Cut him some slack!
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I will for sure document things as I go. It is definitely an exciting time. Ive been around the farm and helped hands on for almost 30 years. Thesd5488, may I ask what avenue you went for insurance?
  13. In my mid 30's and am leaving a decent job to farm full time. Have an opportunity to keep the family farm going. Have some anxiety about health insurance, etc. Any advice from guys that have been down this road? Family has a great relationship and will be a smooth transition on that end.
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