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  1. Can you elaborate on the beer can trick?
  2. Our 674 has been great. Our steering linkages have all worn, but just due to normal use I'd say. Ours is diesel and has been a good utility tractor. Love the wood grain dashes on these tractors.
  3. Also, the kit that I got has a 3" diameter pulley on the eaton pump. Now the pulleys they sell for these are 5". I think the previous guy used a smaller pulley in order to not cut a notch out of the fan shroud. Will that make the pump not run at a speed that is acceptable?
  4. Does anyone know if the roll pins that you are supposed to use on the adapter pulley are standard roll pins or tapered?
  5. Getting ready to install a Char-lynn power steering setup on my M. Any pointers on the project? Any tricks to the pesky set screw and rod removal from the crankshaft pulley? Thanks in advance.
  6. Went to a sale this past summer that had two IH windbreakers still in the box! I didn't buy but I'm sure someone was happy.
  7. Yep I bet everything has been done by the book on that conversion. LOL
  8. Not the same issue, but we were taking beans off this year in our 6088 and went to back up, pulled the stick back and the combine kept going. The cable broke going from the joystick all the way back to the hydro drive. One of us rode back there and moved the lever by hand to get it back to the shed. $100 cable and an hour of snaking it in and we were back in business. Weird break. Was just glad weren't going down the road at the time.
  9. Looking to add a Char Lynn power steering unit to my M. Does anyone have any pictures of their installations or current setups? I'm just looking for ideas. Belt placements, etc. Does anyone know how detailed the manual that Steiner sells is?
  10. Came across this today and thought it was cool. Never seen one before but I'm sure they are quite common...
  11. They were "Western Special" tractors, which I assume is like a "custom"?
  12. Tractor sold for $5500. Said it was a "High Speed" Cane.
  13. Seller wants a ton of money. Just wasnt sure on the rarity of it. It's in pretty good shape.
  14. What would be a fair price on this tractor? Everything is there.
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