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  1. IH Blood 1206

    2020 Magnums??

  2. IH Blood 1206

    This is interesting

    Yep I bet everything has been done by the book on that conversion. LOL
  3. IH Blood 1206

    strange hydro incident with 1680

    Not the same issue, but we were taking beans off this year in our 6088 and went to back up, pulled the stick back and the combine kept going. The cable broke going from the joystick all the way back to the hydro drive. One of us rode back there and moved the lever by hand to get it back to the shed. $100 cable and an hour of snaking it in and we were back in business. Weird break. Was just glad weren't going down the road at the time.
  4. Looking to add a Char Lynn power steering unit to my M. Does anyone have any pictures of their installations or current setups? I'm just looking for ideas. Belt placements, etc. Does anyone know how detailed the manual that Steiner sells is?
  5. IH Blood 1206

    IH parts box/crate

    Came across this today and thought it was cool. Never seen one before but I'm sure they are quite common...
  6. IH Blood 1206

    Ed Adolph auction...anyone going?

    They were "Western Special" tractors, which I assume is like a "custom"?
  7. IH Blood 1206

    F-30 Cane

    Tractor sold for $5500. Said it was a "High Speed" Cane.
  8. IH Blood 1206

    F-30 Cane

    Seller wants a ton of money. Just wasnt sure on the rarity of it. It's in pretty good shape.
  9. IH Blood 1206

    F-30 Cane

    What would be a fair price on this tractor? Everything is there.
  10. IH Blood 1206

    Ed Adolph auction...anyone going?

    #5 M went for $6200. #2 560 went for $9250. Super HV went for $17,500 or $17,750. 4th Super A went for $4700. 1456 Wheatland was $13,500.
  11. IH Blood 1206

    Ed Adolph auction...anyone going?

    It did not rain until after I left around 3:30. The 560 #502 was the tractor used in the Nebraska test and it still has the same engine, although its stuck and the tractor is pretty rough. Going to be an interesting day tomorrow. Online bids for some tractors already over 3k tonight.
  12. IH Blood 1206

    Ed Adolph auction...anyone going?

    Went today to look for a few parts. There were a lot of tractors in rough shape, but some were very restorable. Seeing the 5th M built was pretty cool. Is this the earliest M known to still exist? It was in pretty good shape, besides a repaired frame rail. It started when we tried it. It did not have a serial tag on it and showed no evidence of ever having one. Was worth the time to see a collection with so many rare items. We heard that the family had sold some of the nice pieces at other sales but there were still a good amount of decent stuff left.
  13. IH Blood 1206

    Ed Adolph auction...anyone going?

    Huge lot of tractors and parts tomorrow and Saturday in Union City, Michigan. Anyone here going? Some pretty rare birds at this one... https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://mobile.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctionview.cgi%3Flid%3D3063241%26feed%3D182%26nojava%3D2&ved=2ahUKEwiWq5HN7fLcAhVQMqwKHTrVAg0QFjAAegQIABAB&usg=AOvVaw16LQBJ8-N6R7IRTmE8kfvU
  14. IH Blood 1206

    Removing paint from tires

    Thanks I'll give that a try.
  15. IH Blood 1206

    Removing paint from tires

    So I bought an M and when they painted the tractor, they got overspray, a lot of it, on the tires. What are your tricks to remove it? It's been on there for probably 10 years. I've been using a wire wheel on a drill but its gonna take me 10 years to get it all. I've tried brakeleen and lacquer thinner. Not much good coming from either of those methods. Tractor is a '51 with an original working hour meter that shows a little over 4300 hours. The rear tires are supposedly originals.