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  1. Lol. The stack always makes me laugh old one gone how about a stove pipe???it works 20 plus years now. The pond is probably 8 to 10 ft in middle depending on how wet it's been. It was actually dug with friends kitty cat. But was there because later the spill way was laid out wrong. Used flower pot to fix the bank where it was trying to cut through and that's where she resides.
  2. Here are some pics of where she is sitting... I thought y'all might get a kick out of her smoke stack???
  3. Well it took alot of heat but ole Flower Pot finally give up her milk???!!! And the plate finally popped out!!! Here are some pics!!!
  4. Anything HD is Crazy High!! This is my setup that I haul with. She is old but yes she gets the job done. ? Jesse
  5. That looks very nice!!! I'll try to keep an eye out.bi think I have seen one around but it's been a long time ? Jesse
  6. Yes sir I have it alot!!! Till my arm is like spaghetti ??? Jesse
  7. Yes going to try and find one. You think they are until you start putting the pressure on it. So the chase continues ??Jesse
  8. Some people tried the dual fuel systems and really got much improved fuel mileage. CNG with diesel was what I was looking at. Created a much cleaner burn. More CNG less diesel with same power but Way too expensive for tanks and computer system!! My opinion though. Really wanted to try one. ?Jesse
  9. Agreed Pale Rider and Unforgiven!!!? Jesse
  10. We'll Flower Pot Kicked my booty again this evening!!! I tried the chain with a bolt through the clutch eye that someone did on another thread. I was hoping to save some time instead of building one. I may still have to anyways☹️ I tried to heat with a propane lil torch. It's not gonna cut it. Got to get a bigger attachment. After about an of heating you could still lay your hand on it. Felt warmer but not enough heat through my lil torch ( it been really cool up there the last week). The flywheel definitely done it's job in dispersing the heat. Here is a couple of pics. I forgotten to get one of her where she is setting. But I will eventually.? You can see. The rod has some pressure on it. But she still isn't giving up ??? ?Jesse
  11. Even Chuck Norris has been "Thunderstruck" ?????? Jesse
  12. Right but "Are You Ready" , "For Those About To Rock" ???Jesse
  13. Yeah I'm self employed. No work no money. No benefits!!! I actually transport used cars in and out of auctions here in Arkansas. Used prices are really high as well because of all this extra money!! Also the economy was so good the last three years that most people were keeping their old rigs for kids and buying new. So the used market was low inventory do high prices. Can't haul new stuff because of slow production. No workers. That's what is going on in my section of the world.?Jesse
  14. Prayers for him and his patients!!!??? Jesse
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