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  1. Gary, I love all your machines!!! They are very beautiful!!! I wish to one day to our family machines this nice. Thanks. Jesse
  2. Ok I follow now. But this one still has the original one. Blows towards the rear. Now our skidder is that way. It was the heater in the winter time during break times 🤣🤣🤣. Jesse
  3. Thank you. It gets the job done. We also have a 2 exhaust stacker td18. It needs steering clutches put in. We want to get it fixed son but it has been put on the back burner for a several years now. But going to one day😜😜😜. Thanks. Jesse
  4. Sorry. I'm not following. You talking about blower on the dozer or adding one to it? Thanks. Jesse
  5. I just thought I would share some pics of FlowerPot doing some work today. I also got popped by a Yellow Jacket today. My cousin got hit 5 times. Them things are mean. Me and Flowerpot stay away from them the rest of the day. Thanks. Jesse 
  6. The only reason that short shovel was used is because it was pinned under the tractor wheel. Lol. Jesse
  7. @hardtail Look what we came across in the hayfield. This was a Biggin!!! If I remember correctly it was a 17 and a button.
  8. I'm so glad this is back up!!! I know I don't contribute much but sure do enjoy the stories and pictures!!! Hope all are doing well. I just got done with a broken ankle. But as soon as that cast was off in the hay field I went. The new clutches in the semi's were too stout but the tractors wasn't. Just as I thought things were finally going good, the Boss (Wifey) caught Covid. So in quarantine the family went (luckily no one else caught it). But we are all good now but that stuff has sucked all the energy out of her really quick still. So we are back up and pushing forward. Thanks again for whomever brought this back!!! Still using an International TD-14 a lil on Newton County, Arkansas Farm🤣🤣🤣 Jesse😁😁😁
  9. Couple of days later. 10 rattlers and a button. The ole man is still pretty good with a rock. Lol 😂😂😂
  10. Look what was hiding under the blade. We must have walked all around it all day. Thank the Lord no one got bit. Took it out with one throw with a small hammer right behind the head. Copperhead. Jesse
  11. Well I know it has been a while so to give an update. Got ole flowerpot up and going!!! Time for it to do some work.
  12. Lol. The stack always makes me laugh old one gone how about a stove pipe???it works 20 plus years now. The pond is probably 8 to 10 ft in middle depending on how wet it's been. It was actually dug with friends kitty cat. But was there because later the spill way was laid out wrong. Used flower pot to fix the bank where it was trying to cut through and that's where she resides.
  13. Here are some pics of where she is sitting... I thought y'all might get a kick out of her smoke stack???
  14. Well it took alot of heat but ole Flower Pot finally give up her milk???!!! And the plate finally popped out!!! Here are some pics!!!
  15. Anything HD is Crazy High!! This is my setup that I haul with. She is old but yes she gets the job done. ? Jesse
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