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  1. I think a lot of factory trailers are apatong (sp). It’s a hardwood from the Philippines from what I’m told. I used treated 2x6 and 2x8 when I did my gooseneck. Roll on water sealer twice a year. The used motor oil idea works well also.
  2. Got a few from here and there. I think the high clear is the same machine from different shows.
  3. @vtfireman85 was my first thought also. Would be a good plow day piece as already stated. West parts can be worth something for sure if no one wants it whole.
  4. Very nice! Nothing like a family machine. (Frame weights get bonus points also)
  5. You mean a bad auctioneer? I saw an old man stop an auction once and cuss an auctioneer because the auctioneer blatantly refused to take an obvious bid where someone was waving their hand in front of him for an item. I have personally had an auctioneer hammer me off at one bid higher than the current bid which I already had. Can be the most honest or some of the more dishonest people you will ever meet.
  6. Clean looking stuff and what seems to be a sellers market. But, at an auction it takes at least two to tango.....
  7. Prayer for a speedy recovery. I went through it in late July and fully agree with what is said above. You won’t feel like moving around but that is what keeps O2 levels up. Seems like everyone I know who has had it badly got worn down to low O2 levels and some ended up with pneumonia. Also, stay hydrated. Those were two things I believe helped me and I felt beat up for 6-8 days. Low energy for a lot longer. Hang in there my friend. Keep moving and keep your chin up. This too shall pass. 💪🏼
  8. I never let on to anyone being a savage. Savage is a term for a rifle maker, not another RP brother. I referenced “tough”. In this case, a term of endearment as in, able to take on more than most, or to take a beating with a smile. Although not a hot tea or coffee connoisseur, I may have to take a shot at this ritual to see if it is possible to accomplish even poorly in the northern hemisphere. I believe I have a somewhat suitable pannakin that could be used.
  9. That’s a bad deal. Will pray for your family and sister. Sorry for your loss...
  10. It was an honest question. I know you fellas are tough. Maybe just ate the leaves and all. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Good to see you back DD. The party can start now that the band is all back together. 😎
  12. Could get the medallions and everything 😊
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