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  1. Just snap them off. Then grind them smooth, flush with the gasket surface. This is important because the first step in bolt extraction is the most important. To be accurately center punched. Then you can drill them to their tap-drill size with minimal damage to the casting. I know it’s not what you said you wanted to do, but figure in the cost of the part , plus shipping, vs. spending a couple hours drilling them out. Even if you don’t want to do it, at least take it to a automotive machine shop and get a price...
  2. I don’t know what it harvested either, but it would have made more sense to me to eliminate the blower and put the bottom of the elevator off the end of the cross auger.
  3. I love Delco stuff, but the starters they used as OEM on the GM 5.7 and IH 6.9 Diesels... they just weren’t reliable for some reason. By time the first generation 7.3 came out, Mitsubishi had to come to the rescue, then became the standard replacement through service parts for the 6.9 .
  4. Well that’s an angle I never thought of. I am better educated. In that light it really is useful.
  5. If someone has a parts book for both tractors that might answer the question .
  6. I turned in a couple S/Ns a few years ago, I was new to the forum and thought it was the thing to do. But today I don’t see the point of it. Unless the succeeding owner is on the forum, there is no way to update the lists as the owners die off and tractors are auctioned, barn fires, or heirs who scrap everything in sight for the fastest money gain. In the case of this 1468, all the important parts are missing that make the tractor what it is. The tractor was assembled from parts of other tractors, so... how can it be in the 1468 registry when the only thing that’s known to be original is the serial number tag? This should be considered a junkyard tractor with a 1468 center section. So register the tag? why? The original 1468 is essentially dead. If this is done we should be going across America’s junkyards and chiseling the tags off the scrap tractors just before they are dropped in the furnace, and registering them.
  7. Don’t know the details, but I heard there was some sort of accident in a Christmas parade and someone got killed. What a terrible way to enter the holidays. Prayers to all involved.
  8. How many are missing? Can’t be that big of a deal to hammer a tooth clip. Or, watch some you tube videos on sand casting, and used the ones you have for a pattern. Are there no skilled metal workers in your area?
  9. Let us remember the differences between a turbine engine and a turbocharger. The turbine engine is open at both ends so the air can pass through it and, though I’ve never thought of it before, it is entirely logical for jet powered aircraft’s engines to windmill in certain circumstances. However, a turbocharger mounted on an engine has no means to pass air through the turbine. It is simply a dead-bottom hole. Since the air flow can’t go through it, then the belief must be that there is some tornado-like vortex occurring at the face of the turbine that induces rotation. A turbo doesn’t turn all that easily, sitting in sleeve bearings and oil. Also, the supposed vortex is occurring at the wrong end of the turbine, where the air pressure has the least mechanical advantage. In short, I don’t think it turns. Not trying to change anyone’s mind, just my view of the situation. But exhaust coverings are necessary to guard against unscrupulous haul customers from claiming engine damage against the carrier.
  10. Binderoid


    Got a friend looking for a plow like the one you posted on nov. 11 but post is locked down. Do you still have it ?
  11. Why do turbos only fail when the tractor is hauled? Why never sitting in the field in a wind storm?
  12. I had an ‘02 E-150 Ford van. The price was right, it ran well and did the work of a 1-ton for many years. But that ABS... I was nearly in 3 accidents -all under 10 mph- because one wheel was on ice and the other on dry pavement. When the front brake line between the front wheels finally rotted off, I sawed every steel line off that cussed ABS module and made all the wheels full pressure from the master cylinder. What a joy to drive with working brakes! I had been anticipating bypassing the module for some time, so I did several test stops with the ABS intact on a icy side street that was never plowed. Not ice , exactly, but packed snow where the tires had a chance to get some grip. The same test with full-pressure brakes , the van stopped in a notably shorter distance.
  13. The rich kid - poor kid factor was determined in our neighborhood by the amount of horsepower on a go-cart.... the poor kids had a 2hp cast iron Briggs with no clutch, you had to push-start it; the kids who shoveled horse poop and mowed lawns had a Tecumseh H-50 with a centrifugal clutch; but the upper class had McCulloch MC-101 two strokes... they wouldn’t even talk to us. Engine prices were so absurd back then. My friend and I were walking home from school and stopped to gaze at the engines on display at a power equipment store, wondering how we could raise $75 for a 5hp Tecumseh...
  14. You mean Henry Ford wouldn’t share his hoop with you? I always heard he was a mean kid.
  15. Why, where are they supposed be? Don’t know squat about Deere.
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