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  1. “What we have here…. Is failure… to communicate. Some men, you just can’t reach.”
  2. 1976 F250 4x4 was about $6700. My 1988 F150 4x4 351W with all the gingerbread just over $14000. With trucks approaching 100K today, I wonder what you DO get for 10000.
  3. With non blower air cooled engines, (motorcycles, atv’s) removing the airflow does not necessarily mean you removed the cooling medium. Even sitting motionless, some cooling is still taking place. Hot air off the cylinder/head rises, pulling up colder air beneath it. Yes , it may eventually overheat, but take much longer than a water cooled engine; there is no air flow at all inside the water jacket, additionally forming an insulating layer between the cylinder, block exterior and the cooling air.
  4. This is probably the most important point of all. If the ditch isn’t wider than the bucket it won’t dig worth a damn no matter what kind of teeth are on it. Lay a steel yard stick on the side cutter and and swing the shank until the corner of the new tooth is even with the edge of the ruler, about an inch of overhang. I have seen various mfr’s use an extra long cutting edge to cut the relief for the bucket… it works ok… until the new corner of the overhang becomes blunt… then it’s worse than worthless. You will never, ever cut a vertical basement wall with that mess. Another advantage to splaying the corner teeth is, when the corners are worn off, simply swap sides and the relief is restored.
  5. We’re only a few miles from Lake Erie… believe me, ANYthing can happen here.
  6. Cooled by the fire truck spraying water on it.
  7. Two years ago in northern Ohio we were planting corn during a white-out. Sure was funny I took a picture of it but smashed my phone and lost it.
  8. They finally found a way to make an electric semi work. Supplement it with Diesel.
  9. So that’s what we get when trucks cost as much as your house?
  10. Go out the passenger side. Those never wear out.
  11. Certainly that would. Wow 100 inches? That’ll up the air flow
  12. I don’t know anything about building pulling tractors; I guess that part isn’t needed, more or less, inasmuch as it has nothing to do with fuel delivery at full load, but I wouldn’t take it out since it would probably start inhaling the fuel from the acceleration well, and make it impossible to tune. If the carb shown is much bigger than stock, the air speed through the carb is going to decrease because the air flow through the engine is going to stay the same. Lower air speed means lower Venturi vacuum, which makes it harder to suck a rich charge of fuel needed for initial acceleration. You may need that feature before this is all over.
  13. That brass piston is the vacuum operated accelerator pump. One end of that rod should have 3 slots to hook into a keyhole in one of the pistons, to tune the output. Red Diamond 361 has similar carb, but not that bent air inlet.
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