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  1. What happened ?? I didn’t know that we were splitting hairs to make EVs look economical... the way auto makers are churning them out I thought that they were far ahead of piston engines
  2. One way out of this would be to go back to your machinist and order the kit through him. Then if stuff starts not fitting then it is HIS problem, since he bored it. Sure he’s going to mark the stuff up, but what price your sanity? Regarding choosing parts, if you go that route, not a lot of variety out there. If you were to go to CNH “genuine” parts, they likely dumped the parts out of Reliance boxes and re-boxed them in CNH containers.
  3. I doubt the levers had anything to do with it. Ford was a leading backhoe seller right up to the end , and New Holland beyond... all equipped with open center valves and 4 levers, if desired.
  4. 100% correct. Changed three of those buggers on a PC150 komatsu. Last one was over 300$ . After that I found a 20’ choke cable and ran it into the cab, a la Detroit.
  5. So is that why the Banks turbo kits for the 6.9/7.3 motors were not so great? Trying to turbo a high compression motor? Would taking some of the squeeze out of the motor make it run better with a turbo?
  6. Thats a good point... bigger chamber, more room for air. I had thought that there was other pressure concerns, but I can see now what you say makes sense.
  7. Generally, turbocharged engines are 17 and NA engines are 21-ish. Can probably get away with high compression pistons and turbo together, but are opening the door to reliability problems.
  8. What’s funnier is guys with a 1-ton, chrome stack and gooseneck trailer pretending that they are class 8 semis.
  9. Why a one row planter? A 1250 would have made more sense.
  10. Possibly this whole gas stove thing is a decoy to divert attention elsewhere? Government doesn’t have to seize anyone’s stove, new or used... just shut off the main. Same thing with promoting electric cars in Cali... just reduce gasoline output by X every year, until it becomes so inconvenient to have a gas vehicle they just throw up their hands and go electric.
  11. I have a military K5 and M5H6 and they are both 6 volt which prompted the question.
  12. Ooohh , you broke the no joke policy. Off with his head!
  13. Wondering why government would spec a belt pulley drive. I would never have converted a rare piece like that to 12 volts, although that could have been spec’d as well.
  14. I have one like that also on early M. My plan for rebuilding was to remove the pins from the yokes and make new stepped ones, with the oversized ends on the insides of the yokes, then bore the bearing cross to fit the oversized pins. But add shims to the cross before boring, so you have some means of tightening it up in the future.
  15. That’s a bittersweet picture.... the long shadows are relative to the amount of time left for the farm division
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