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  1. I bet you've never seen this...

    And he lies to me about whether or not my gun is loaded!
  2. F12 HELP

    If you are just going to show it, put the old bearings back in. If this is impossible, you can 1) find a late set of rods and use C-113 rod bearings, or 2) bore out your existing rods .020" to accept C-113 bearings . Your machinist can do it on a honing machine, and the locating slot for the bearing is not altered.
  3. T35, T496, T699 transmission parts

    I don't know what model the trans is that I have in my 1800, but when Travellette mentioned the smoked mainshaft, I recognized it. The third time it blew I took it it Premier Truck Parts in Cleveland Ohio. They had some kind of needle (roller) bearing update for that unit. When I got it back, they said, "DO NOT run 90w ; use straight 50w motor oil". That was at 27000 miles, the truck has 82000 today. Never had any more trouble with it. Problem is, that was 20 years ago. I would suggest taking it to a rebuilder for two reasons: They can look at it and give a price on a rebuild, or if that is impossible, they can compare the dimensions to another trans and give the most logical replacement suggestion. Some of those rebuilders are a tight lot. They might know someone hoarding parts, but they wouldn't let on unless they got the rebuild. Check the rear of the case and see if there is a crack between the bearing bores.
  4. prayers desperately needed

    Lord, we can't understand why these things happen to children, your thoughts are higher than our thoughts. We ask that this child be given a chance to grow up and serve you. Please be merciful and touch this child. Amen.
  5. Thanks to all

    I must have gotten 20 texts to come to my rescue regarding this 466. They came at a time when I couldn"t be much more down and out. Now, I can be back on the road in a very few days. Thank you for all your help. Fritz
  6. Need help with DT-466

    Hi, I was hoping someone may have done a recent overhaul and have a useable piston and sleeve they could sell me. Wrist pin retaining ring broke and it took out the piston and the sleeve. I need the truck real bad and cannot afford the cost of an in-frame right now. It is a '79 2554. my cell is 440-320-3534 Thanks, Fritz
  7. E4A mag question

    Thanks, my Regular is a '31 . It had no mag at all; I was trying to find something reasonably correct when I found this E4A, which has the proper impulse. If it weren't for the fact that the rotor has been submerged in water for 30 years, I'd be all set.
  8. w30 clutch

    According to the I-T manual, there is a collapsible coupling in there. Then, take every other cap screw out of the flywheel and thread them into the holes in the clutch cover, to compress the springs. These bolts are to be left in until the clutch is once again secured to the flywheel.
  9. E4A mag question

    Anyone know the approximate year that the E4A went from manual impulse coupling to automatic? Thanks.
  10. 500E serial number location

    I bought a 500E with only one part missing: the panel below the dashboard on the back of the fuel tank. I suspect that was where the serial number tag was located. Anyone know if there is the S/N stamped anywhere else on the machine?
  11. Rear engine '77 Loadstar

    I don't understand why you'd want to change from the original system, but that's just me. Short answer: No, there is not going to be a cheap and easy retrofit. What is it you don't like about hydrovacs? If that truck had a bed, it would stop with 12 tons of #57; the way it is currently set up you could probably put it into a broadslide.
  12. 510 Grain Drill

    There is a U-shaped tool with ramps ( tapered) in the inside dimension. The pointy ends are placed between the bushings and the drawbar, and then tapped with a hammer. This draws the bushings together and the drawbar is then removed. If you are lucky, the tool that came with the drill will still be screwed to the inside front frame member with a wing nut. Failing that, you could go to CNH and get a picture of one to fabricate yourself, they are easy to make. They come in very handy for re-installation, too. It's very hard to pinch those bushings together with one hand and guide a heavy, unwieldy drawbar with the other. You might also consider backing the drill up onto car ramps or some kind of structure, the higher the better. You're about to take on one miserable job, you may as well be comfortable while you're doing it.
  13. 706 glow plugs.... stuck

    If the tip is distorted it is shot anyway. Cut the terminal off and attach a variable speed 3/8" drill and pull up while running the drill until it wears the ball off. As stated, use penetrating oil during this operation. Don't need to pull hard, just keep steady upward pressure on it. If it is not too distorted, it may come out if you gently pry upwards with a pair of side cutters. But the drill method is less likely to leave pieces to drop into the cylinder.
  14. FARMALL Plant vs Racine

    Because the taxes are higher in NoWhereville than they are in NoWhere Township
  15. Best place to buy 361 engine parts

    Try R F Engine in Morrice Michigan 800 828 6943. Just got some odd-ball AC stuff a month ago.