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  1. Do I sense a business opportunity?
  2. In this case the term “straw” doesn’t mean the gun was made out of straw...
  3. I’m more fearful of the parents that would purchase this for their children.
  4. At least the kids are still not likely to be cajoled into this... no book in the world can con a kid into eating spinach or broccoli. Wonder who will claim responsibility when someone gets sick eating some diseased insect... like telling people to eat mushrooms growing in their yards... bad idea if you don’t know what you’re looking at.
  5. Looks like the beginning of a YouTube video... will the beam smash the mini ?
  6. Seems incorrect to me to classify natural gas as a fossil fuel. Landfill gas occurs within a few years. Waukesha has built engines in the recent past specifically to run on this fuel.... so there must be a substantial amount of it.
  7. It has been stated that the United States is at peak oil production , with the bottleneck being the refinery maxed out. Why would releasing oil from strategic oil reserves make any difference in the price?
  8. Nobody realizes how efficient wood heat really is. That bucket full of wood already heated you twice.
  9. The question was asked, “ is it worth the money?” He’s balking at $1300 for bottom of the barrel unit. It sounds to me like he’s on the fence. I was merely trying to keep some cash in his pocket. If my suggestion doesn’t work, he’s not out much and he can go buy one if he wants one.
  10. I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on a steam cleaner unless you really want one, based on the description of your needs. There are some awful good cold rinse out there that will do what you want. I hear everyone raving about purple power, or citri-solve (which I used as floor soap and washing air filters)... go on Zep products web site for a soap to do exactly what you want to do. Knock off the heavy gunk with your pressure washer to give the chemical a chance to work on the fine stuff.
  11. Bantams were a heck of a machine. Dad’s first hydraulic machine was a 450, then up graded to C475s... I laugh when these manufacturers tout this new style quick coupler... what Bantam had in 1970!
  12. What state is it in?
  13. An easy way to tell a 71 from a 53 is the valve cover. 53 has the bolts around the perimeter of the cover, while the 71 is screwed down in the center. Make sure the emergency shut-down is functioning before you attempt to start it.
  14. I don’t know a thing about p&h, but if I had to guess I would say that’s a 5/8 c.y. machine which would make it a H-312 or H310. What I can say with some certainty is Commercial Shearing pumps and cylinders are very easy to get parts for, and cheap. Any P&H specific parts can be had from ACR in Cleveland or Crane and Machinery ( I don’t know where they are, I got their number somewhere ) . Leid Diesel has all the Detroit parts you could ever want ( go to a Detroit dealer today, They don’t carry so much as an injector for a 2-stroke anymore). It appears to have the same swing speed reducer as a 475 Bantam... after 40 years the lower oil seal fails and it loses all the 90W and breaks up the planetary , which is probably what happened to your machine. Love to get a closer look at that thing; persuade Dad not to scrap it... at least until you can determine how much to fix it. Look inside the cab or down under the turntable for a serial number tag. Might be covered with grease so take a putty knife with you. That’s a handy little thing to have around, especially if you pursue your ditch cleaning project.
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