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  1. ray54


    😡Dang that about sounds like Fruits and Nuts pay.🀣 My daughter's father in law has been driving water truck at the fires out here,$500 per day( give or take a bit) on 12 hour shift. He has one brother running lowbed and the crazy brother runs dozer. They don't own any of the equipment they run. But the low bed driver was telling me the owner gets $3000 to 4000 per day for the low bed and the same for the dozer. This would be a D6 size dozer I think. The one has camper trailer they take to base camp,but Cal Fire provides 3 meals a day. Or the dozer operators are give a sack lunch as they leave camp in the morning they call the 5 pounds of food. Includes fruit juices, jerky, protein bars, cookies,and misc other goodies. But the one driving water truck got sent to different fire than his brothers after the first 10 days. But selling chemical and fertilizer for better than 40 years he knows all ag people in 4 or 4 counties so has found places to sleep off the ground. He had 15 to 20 days before this last bunch of fires. Getting close to 2 weeks now on the Creek fire in the Sierra's. He was coming home yesterday,but he ended up staying for about another 5 days depending if they make much progress was the word last night. With that much money flowing it is surprising there not even more fires. Been 25 years or so since they got one contractor with several dozers lighting fires. He took a flunky with him to light things 😡 a year or 2 after the fire, flunky beat his women and she got even by telling. They only did a few years.
  2. Used a bar to pock a passage in a converter on a Hyundai car we had for our kids to drive to school. As a new converter was as much as we payed for the car. Ops this should of gone in MTO's post about buying cars for kids.πŸ˜‰ They where the coolest kids in the parking lot with a little 10 or 12 year old Hyundai in 98 and 99. 🀣 I knew they where not out racing too.
  3. I have welded several of the bars with the sections riveted or bolted on. I was told to move the broken piece to the end away from head,and move head to the broken end. Much less power to move a few sections as almost all the knife from the head. Never had any trouble with them. To weld the main bar would be much more difficult with the flexing it does when raised.
  4. The steering is working the way designed. Releasing the clutch just allows it to free wheel. If going down a steppe hill the released side will speed up. So unless you have a large load in tow it will not turn much until the brake is applied. The pulling the leaver and releasing clutch and applying brake too did not come till years down the road. Glad its working well for you. I will advice running in mud will shorten your track life,depending on how much sand there is in the soil it could shorten it a lot. So just because you can........but I do believe in getting work from the old machines. So have fun with it.
  5. ray54


    Never on the left coast.😡 Anything less than a city block burn is a very peaceful protest. We also have this new no bail thing. A arrested protester is home before the arresting officer finishes the paper work,from what I hear. Yes the gender reveal in southern Cal,at least one arson on the Big Sur coast (115,000 acre since Aug 19 and back to 40% containment) the LNU in northern Cal is still lightening started in mid Aug. The Creek in central Sierra Nevada is about 10 days and 200,000 acre of rock and dead fir trees.No mention on the start of it yet. With all this not much local mention of the Oregon and Washington fires.
  6. There has been a parade in town started in the depression for business to say thank you to the country people that shopped there.Was on Columbus Day in the beginning,now 2nd Sat in Oct. Came to be called Pioneer Day (Tony has participated and put pictures here),was cancelled during WW2 for 2 years I believe. Well officially canceled last week as no way to meet state rules. The organization that has come to in charge has many early tractors. Has traditional run crawler down main street as well as a lot of steel wheeled ones. I really thing time people to "protest" and drive tractors down main street in town anyway.
  7. That was 5.46 my time. My wife used the TV for alarm clock,set to come on at 5.30,she like to be headed out by 6.30. So I saw the TV coverage as the second plane hit. How the story built as the third plane hit. Then the story of phone calls from the fourth plane. She went to school, as she said even if school is closed parents will drop kids off anyway. Which they did, and class was not canceled here. Many people did great things that day. A blind guy that was a floor or so lower than where the plane hit wrote a book about walking out with his guide dog. All the firemen who that went up,only a few came out carrying the wounded.
  8. I was thinking a rake for a wood stove or even to move coal around on a small forge in the farm shop.
  9. Interesting how much crime all comes back to drugs. The Calif government keeps coming up with more reasons to not lock people up. I sure don't vote for that but it keeps coming. Thankfully not much in the way of farm equipment has disappear close to me. But one that did was JD 2950 when it was about 4 or 5 years old. Belonged to somewhat shade guy I thought it had been sold to Mexico and he claimed insurance too. About 5 years ago it turned up less than 10 miles from where taken. A druggy kid with rich parents had been set up on a 20 ac ranchett to have him out from under foot. He took tractor to keep weeds down on his acreage. After 30 ? years his parents got old and did not send money every week or what ever. So he went to stealing to live,and got caught. In looking for stolen property they looked up serial number on tractor.
  10. No Speede out here Fed Ex since the epidemic is generally a short 300lb young guy. Most times he has boxes in the cab of Ford van,drops them to the ground without getting out if you don't come take them from him out the window. All the cat and dog food has been Wally home deliver so the critter lover has more choice than in store. The dropping out the window popped some cans one order,Wally made it good. The UPS man is good and 85% of the time it's the same one. On a rural contract route with the post office. Several years ago if it did not fit mail box she left a note and you had go to town for it. One I got in town took forever for them to find. Said to big on the tag ,smaller than a loaf of bread. Postal worker was going postal,gave me a form to fill out and complain about the contract carrier. She said I was looking at all the big boxes and could not find it,and here it this little box. The carriers where good after that one left. But I think we got a new one first of the month again.
  11. Yes smoke keeping the sun out again today,just a bit over 90 at 2 PM. The arson fire right on the bluffs of the Big Sur coast that had been at 20 to 30,000 acres for a week took a new run last night to where they are talking 40 to 45,000 now. Not the way it should be done,but the Creek fire at Huntington and Shaver lakes in the high Sierra could be a very good thing for the forest. About 5 years ago the old trees where dying from bark beetles helped with multi year drought. Was very hard to log because of how steep,but of coarse not permitted anyway. Clean the old dead out start over.
  12. Maybe the same but not. πŸ˜‰ The Sacramento River islands and delta. Parts are organic muck,would not support wheels. The reason Benjamin Holt put crawler tracks on a steam engine in 1904. πŸ‘ He went on to help found Caterpillar.
  13. I believe talk of the first almond crop to be over 3 billion pounds,I remember when they where worrying about the first 1 billion pound crop 20 years ago. Back 20 to 30 years ago 1 million acres of cotton today 150,000 to 200,000 acres max. A good part of the us to be cotton acres are almonds and pistachio today. The organic walnuts near me are at such a low price they may not be harvested.
  14. With low humidity this time of year not usual to have a 40 degree swing from high to low for the day. Can be over 50 degrees on occasion,30+ is about normal. The high was 107 today talking about 65 overnight so 42 degree change.
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