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  1. Thank you for a real answer. Not what I really would like,but has merrett. The money needs to removed from cartel profits. With amount around now just begges copes to become corrupted, not saying many are but.
  2. There is a post about at the top of the page in construction equipment section that lists different places that have parts. If there is a good chance radiator is coming out again real soon,just bypass oil cooler and make sure steering and transmission are still working. Some of those systems tend to get dry just sitting and then don't work without major work.
  3. Look at the cab door on the back 2 you see a line and what could be a second door handle. All part of the hillside cab the door is 2 parts. They had a ladder that raised along with the wheel as it leveled for a sidehill. Then only the upper part of the door would open. So my guess is they are GH hillside machines The center machine is also falling asleep. The header is in parallel to the front one but separator is leaning to the right. Which also say it has to have a leveling system to lean like that. As always very nice pictures Brady, thanks.
  4. I know many things are different in different places, but I have been using Milestone on the really bad thishles. It is hard on clover and some other broad leafs, but does not affect wine grapes which is big for me. A bit pricey but but only use 4 oz per acre. Since it is save on grapes would think trees also would be safe. It also lasts in the ground so you need to check that out as far as rotations. I just was told about a liquid product called Snake Away. A guy has been putting it around a house he rents by the day to the wine tasting crowd. His neighbor has killed 8 rattlesnakes in less than a mile from it this spring to yesterday. Don't know how long this product is to last, but made a second application for the season. That afternoon they found a bigger rattler sleeping on the front doorstep.So dosn't look real promising but people are trying fix you up bitty.
  5. It's easy for me to envision a city kid going to save the world and go back to nature and grow his own food.Cause I have had them in my hood. Probably has a diesel truck and needs DEF,has read how it will save the world. So he knows that old tractor would be cleaner if he used it in that too. 😵 But just were can he put it.🤣 Where do I start with stories about a daughter of Austrian immigrants and here boy friend the 43 Prince, House of Saud. Both graduates of UC Santa Barbara,in who knows what. I will admit he did get out and sweat a few time. He built a deer fence around a acre or 2,cause they were going to feed themselves. He had observed and saw H braces and how at corners you have 2 at 90 degrees to each other. So he build several of those, but out in the middle of a straight run. Just a regular post gradually making a corner. All with smooth high tensile wire that was never tight. They broke up but he was still around 10 years latter much to my suprise. Sorry for off track but there are more than enough of this kind running around to keep 😉 MTO 😵 turning wrenches long after he has lost his mind.
  6. For the money in illegal drugs you could have a North Korea style free fire zone a 10 miles wide and a 1000 foot high wall and the cartel would still keep the streets full.
  7. Take all drugs that police can find with no regard for how they get it,and no arrest. Pile in out of the way fenced areas turn the addicts lose to party until they overdose,or decide to get sober they stay in fence. The cartel has lost money the demand is soon very reduced. Far less crime all the way around. As we do it now way too much money to be made. The current way has not reduced demand in my 60+ years. I know not soft and fuzzy but addiction is a very real drag on all of society besides all the other crime it causes. I live in a weed legal state and one of my fears is how much more impaired driving there is going to be. The other is if cartels get greedy and strong arm the legal guys like the guy 2 miles from my house.It could turn into a real live fire war zone.
  8. As New Englander pictures show you don't need to be super welder to put nuts on broken studs and cap screws. I think a lot of the success comes from heat getting farther down the broken piece with the arc than putting a flame on the little at the top. I have had very good luck in cast iron radiator tanks by arc welding nuts on. It is so easy just try again, give it more cooling before trying to turn. Some I weld 5 or 6 times,but they have all come out that way. My easy outs only get used on hydraulic fittings anymore.
  9. That second picture speaks of how different the times were. Could not get the picture taken in everyday work clothes,put on your best.😉 Unless it was from Greenacres TV show and like Mr Douglas you have different suit for every job on the farm. But then again the first picture speaks of today. Siouxing for victory.🤣
  10. Might get more interest in general IH. But for what it is worth,I thought that live pump could be slipped between the block and distributor of all the gas start diesels from the time period. But have not really work on any so just a guess.
  11. ray54

    Who remembers

    To take the salting feed in another direction any others familiar with adding salt to protein supplement for beef cattle to limit consumption? With the cotton business booming in California from the 1920's and 30's feeding cotton seed was a cheap thing to supplement protein in cattle feed. With the climate less than 6 months of green feed a lot of years. Range cattle live on dry annuals mostly grasses that lose nutrients very easily to moisture the rest of the year. The fall can be very challenging as there can be a volume of grass but nutrients have been leached by several small rain events that don't germinate new grass at the beginning of the grass growing season.After feeding cottonseed became common,people started looking for ways to not feed it everyday. That is where saltmix came to be, a mix of protein supplements a little cheap grain and 25% to 35% salt. From the 70's to 2000 we used wooden self feeders to feed salt mix free choose to beef cows. My dad went years at a time without ever feeding a bale of hay to cattle out on rangeland. With modern feed production it had trace minerals and vitamins added so no other supplements were feed. Changing economics has changed everything again after about 2000. Because of bigger demand for salt and more cost to produce it saltmix has become a thing from the past. The last saltmix I used had more money in salt than the other ingredients that are 70% of the total. I know some parts of Texas used a saltmix product,but that is only other place I am aware of that has used it beside the west coast in annual grass country. Anyway another use of salt that use to be in the livestock business.
  12. Local small school almost made big news for having kids pick up rocks. The play field needed new grass. Asked some big shot they had for other work, had a crazy number over $100,000 to put in 2 acres or so of lawn. The super being a county boy got the old retired grounds keeper and a farmer to get it done for less than $10,000. With a lot of imported compost added. But it was a cobblestone patch that needed lots of rocks picked,but all small. The older kids had been going on a field trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium which charges big to get in besides busses and food. So each kid had to come up with a $100 by doing fundraisers or parents just paying. So if kids worked picking rocks they could go without selling stuff they normally had. Some parents got in a big to do about a kid doing real work. But the other parents prevailed. As H to 80 put it they learned something real. But I am sure the bleeding hearts of the fake news could of made a national story if it would got rolling.
  13. ray54

    I want to just quit

    I am going to be 65 before the end of the year and with all the acks and pains I get nothing done it seems. But the Lord has provided and things still get done. Just not the same as before. On the amount of work backing up at your shop,sign of a good mechanic here. I have lucked into several shops that do good work and don't pull any tricks, but you wait your turn. The one has expanded but still 3 to 5 days before they can look at it. Then will be several more days before they will work on it. You could use some young help that is good,but we know you have tried that and got the less than good. Only you can decide when to pull the plug on the shop. There was a old Cat mechanic here that just kept on. Told me I don't go fast so I charge less and only go as fast as I want, so you just sit down and I will tell you about the old days. After some BS I left the job and he said I will call when it's done could take a while. He didn't work on just anything only what he wanted to.
  14. My 1700 with a 404 the dipstick is on the left to the back. Mine is the fiberglass hood that tips forward so everything is in the open. No idea about battery cable length other than kind of long.
  15. You need to add words nobody can pronounce much less define. Bourghing from wine business again "terroir" is the word you are looking for. The higher you can get your nose in the air as you say the more money it is worth in your wine. Terroir, taste or flavor from having come from soil, climate, and other "thing" ,at least loosely to a non wino anyway.
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