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  1. ray54

    Corona virus

    Just saw a old Myth Buster rerun dealing with keep yourself from cold or flu germs.The common sense stuff did a lot of good. Now if you just had all wipes you wanted and the germ killers in it worked.
  2. ray54

    Corona virus

    Another one of the wild guesses since the "experts" claim it started no earlier than Nov. All wild a$$ guesses. The only fact seem to be very low percentage of real young die,so the world will continue.
  3. The stores are still behind on all dairy products from what I here. School lunch program is still going on even with no school. At 11 to 1,5 days a week you get lunch to go and breakfast food for the next morning. I don't know if or how they check but any child from birth to 18 can have free food. My daughter checked them out as her kinder gardener that eats little has always wanted "hot lunch" which he would not eat. So at least that day 2 milk servings per kid.
  4. Will pray for safe travels. Hopefully she will get a chance to come visit. My sister and brother in law hosted a Japaneses girl on 6 week or shorter stay,and 20 to 30 years later back to say hello.
  5. Yesterday hail/rain mid 50's, this morning 30 to upper 50's with wind and clouds. Monday about 72 and sunny,maybe.
  6. ray54

    stimulus bill ?

    So true. But do I laugh at stupidity or cry for our grandchildren trying to pay this off.
  7. Walk softly carry a big bucket. There will be shooting over water in California it before the world ends. The San Joaquin valley water all comes from the west side of the Sierra Nevada range. Hoover Dam is on the Colorado river taking water from the west slope of the Rockies. The Sierra and Rockies water do meet and possible mix in the Southern Calif water systems in generic terms pipe in water for LA. NOT TONY"S FAULT, But the worlds biggest water thief bought the Justin wine company in 13, I think it was. The quality of the wine and the brand was built by Justin Baldwin who I know,my daughter raised his kids from birth to high school. But he sold to Stewart Resnick and his Wonderful Co. The largest nut grower in the state,but makes more money selling what was farm irrigation water to southern Calif. The water thief drilled a 1000 feet deep and drained my drinking water. (There is much about Stewart Resnick and his many companies on the net,so I will stop.) My drinking water was from a natural spring that has been used by the Indians before the Spanish. The spring made almost enough water for 2 homes,but never gave out in a drought. Since Wonderful company started buying my neighborhood my world has been changed. And they where out on a buying spree in Dec. Thus tightening the noose around me more. But I am the 4th generation to farm here with the 6th is already helping. Dam I hate snow and cold or I might leave. I live very near the coast,on the east side of the coast range and do not irrigate. Average rainfall of 20 inches,have survived on 8 and not been washed away by 60. In general the San Joaquin valley is in a war with southern Calif for water. The valley grows food LA grows houses. It doesn't help real farmers to have Stewart Resnick (a very lucky investor,not a farmer) controlling water for 120,000 acres and be wiling to sell it to the cities for a price. Then drilling for scares ground water to keep his trees until the drought is over. RANT OVER
  8. San Joaquin valley is 30 to 60 miles wide by 450 miles long. About as of intense of ag production as anywhere in the world. Growing crops on all but the cities in it. So everybody worries about crop stealing critters.Very few rivers and no little creek like the Midwest. 😉 So the varmints just are not that plentiful. At least until a citydot moves out in the country. But I suspect flood irrigation helped keep things that hid underground away too.
  9. ray54

    966 vs 1486

    For your friend to bad it didn't go over your budget. But good you could bid it up some. Hope the trip is good.
  10. ray54

    Local sale

    Would the single front maybe started out as a potato cultivator tractor. Maybe potato's don't get cultivated.In 69 my folks visited a cousin in Pasco that was at a large corp farm that was broke in another year or 2. But all new equipment with a potato and alfalfa. Would of been good on the Freeman 3 wire balers they ran,as well put cultivator bars on the front like the Salinas valley here for the vegetables. I don't remember what color tractors they had but the first Freeman bale pickup wagon I ever saw,and 99% sure the balers were Freeman too.
  11. Mine have been transitions for 40 years or more. The last 25 years I use the no 3 for cutting with a torch and with the adjustable setting on self darkening ark mask I generally use no 9 rather than 10.
  12. If your not getting bubbles in the radiator on start up,meaning the head is still not cracked. Keep it that way. The radiator is old take it apart and rod it out properly. That head is one of the most easy to crack of any ever designed.They will crack if shut off without a good cool down. But if babied a bit will last much longer. Don't let the bolts into cast iron scare you.Use a impact turned down. Penetrating oil and then heat. If you break some no big deal. Flat washer and a arc welder,then weld a nut on top.Let them cool. Keep welding a washer and then nut. I have had to weld some 4,5,even 6 time. But other than time to cool,super easy to do. Never had one that didn't come out.
  13. About the same as JaredT & R190 since jr high. So good to see what is going on. I have had a lot old glasses with pits from welding slag and what no. I am sure there would been trips to the doc to be fishing junk out without them. Never had a cab tractor yet lots of dust,several doc started to push contacts and I would say in the dust, you better stick with glasses. I did not see reason for bifocals but doc insisted. I still see numbers on bears and such better without the glasses but I do need real good light. I tried the progressive for few days just did not work for me. My wife has a dozen pair of readers 11 of them the cheap ones. But important stuff she needs to hunt up the good ones from the doc.
  14. Seem they are never found until they get a tire. But I have spent most of a day when I thought I had lost one off NH bale pickup machine. Dad had come along and borrowed it and I didn't notice when got on it. Found one in a combine front tire when operating for my dads friend. The ground had had alfalfa to sugar beets rotation on it for years. The land owner and his foreman that always ran the bale pickup machine claimed 20 to 30 years since they lost a hay hook.
  15. Many 'FUNNY" 😉 THINGS TAKING PLACE. There are no reports of the homeless catching this in any numbers yet. Also different than anything I ever heard of past sickness ,in the youngest are not suffering and dying in any numbers. Been reported as none 😵 but who knows yet. I blame things like the Survivor TV show for part of hoarder thinking. Rather than have cooperation and making everyone's live better, it is the best back stabbing lair is the hero. The local reports are parks and such are being closing because to many people to close together. I never wanted to live in town let alone a real city,THANK YOU LORD for placing me in the country. Hopefully enough people wake up to importing to much 😉 could leave us all hungry and naked. As well as wanting for many other items.Putting the brakes on but other things that really need being said 😉 but they get political really fast.
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