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  1. I am a lot closer to Hawaii,but never been. But I know I have seen Meadow Gold label on some product. And in wikipedia wright up it said Beatrice Foods bought it out in 1953. I bet they did not use a brand for only Hawaii.
  2. Had the local parde and the Holt steamer build by Don Hunter went down the street on its own power. Along with better than a dozen other big Holts and Best gas tractors. And lots of Cat 22's today,I was to busy visiting to have kept track. Not as many Farmalls or Poppin Johnnies as in years past. One I have never seen before running was a bigger Cletrac with I think a 6 cylinder Wakashaw. One red crawlers today an only 2 or 3 orange ones. One Case industrial crawler with a bucket but no backhoe. And Tony on his LA Case. Sorry I did not take a picture taking device.
  3. 😉 You do tell them it is organic fertilizer, the smell of the circle of life. Without the smell you would have to use the 😵 evil chemical stuff.🤣
  4. ray54

    California fire

    The only problem for socialists/democrats in California is there are no republicans left to be blamed for anything that makes the people mad. But they are working to dum the population as fast as possible.
  5. ray54

    California fire

    I bet he has a armed guard just a step away with a evil gun,we underlings should not have too.
  6. ray54

    California fire

    😉That's to bad,they all operate with there eyes closed don't need the lights on.🤣
  7. ray54

    California fire

    Pacific Gas & Electric has not been a efficient company in a long time.Even though they are one of the biggest investor owned electric providers. How the public utilities commission gives them rate increases so they can give grants to local government is a con game in my mind. So I thought the socialist state government was in on all this,a prefect new tax without hardly anybody noticing. Rebuild towns with lawsuit money from PG&E. PG&E get a rate increase and everything goes on as if all is well. Well "green socialists" are not that smart. So I think it is well justified that we suffer the power outages. The one fire started right under a 1930,s high voltage transmission line that has had no major repairs since it was built. No real vegetation removal because of greenies in years,in a National Forest. Saggy wires high winds lots of fuel,disaster in a hours time at 8 AM. Add that roads into and out of Paradise Cal had been reduced in lanes in the last 20 years to slow traffic. Or traffic calming as left so likes to put it. In the last 20 years there has been much more tree trimming effert. But in my mind mostly window dressing/ job security for those in the tree trimming business. I see a aborest twice a year checking and a trimming crew at least once a year on my place. I keep hollering cut the tree down and go away for 5 years,never happens. So I better get my pumps wired so I can plug them into a generator. Much cheaper to run the little cheap gennies and keep my meat frozen and the cows watered,that one that would run everything at once. vtfireman 85 what you doing this winter?
  8. ray54

    Had to share

    I hope your governor has more sense than follow the failed California model. Raise taxes more, have less discipline, and have a crazy in most classes if not a student then the teacher needs to be crazy.Oh school must start later in the day,the kids need more sleep. Just not possible to get in enough trouble in the day lite,need to be out all night. I hope you can see positive changes in your schools. It just gets worse here every year. My wife loves to teach and is good at it,but every year more road blocks to that. So with only 24 years and a opportunity she retired. Dearly misses teaching,but still very glad she got out.
  9. ray54

    California fire

    I don't think he should be but with the wack jobs anything is possible.
  10. ray54

    Missouri bears

    Maybe because it's dryer and all game has to drink not hard to get pictures of mountain lions in this country. But seeing one in the day time is screaming there are way to many of them. But the fine city folk think like Disney has told them,all animals are fuzzy little fluff balls just waiting to be petted. And now they have brought us wolves too. Cannot speak about bears,but have them not far away. And they come around but don't seem to be growing in population like the mountain lions and wolves are.
  11. I am wired the same as Reichow 7120. Not that I seem to get much work done anyway. But I am to official geserdom in just over a month, but the knees and hips are acting real rust. But much more comfortable to be warm and contemplate 😵what Mark 😉 and Rick 😉 will be poking at each other over next.
  12. That is very true. Also why hay is only baled early in the morning out west with the low humidity.
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