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  1. I have the same problem on a 1700. This one goes down when sitting seems to stay up if using it several days a week, as it hauls water only the last 7 years. It seem sitting long times little cracks in the rubber hoses loes a bit and it does not make a mess like you would think. Doing the hoses for the front helped but has not cured it. But I did the wheel cylinders first. Mine has had so much fluid over the years the booster would of been filled by now. The booster was replace 20 years ago as well, but then brakes locked and would not release. The good about mine is if you fill the master cylinder before stepping on pedal it has brakes without bleeding.
  2. The shape of the radiator is wrong for Cat or AC so that leads me to think the IH TD 35 or 40. Cab is most likely home built. Yes lots of horses to pull a combine on the hills. Somewhere in the pages and pages of this thread there are some real nice picture of horse pulled combines. The earliest combines where powered by a ground drive bull wheel rather than engines. So 30 to 40 horses where used to pull one combine. After engines powered the thrashing only 20 some horses where needed. My grandpa bought a Cat diesel 35 in 1934 to pull his combine. I am sure he would of bought less horsepower except the combine needed that much tractor in front of it. To pay for that much tractor he took all manor of heavy tillage jobs, will to run 24 hours a day. A home made cab was added to help keep warm at night. My dad was the night time operator. Being a horse lover, dad never had a tractor with working lights in my time and never anything good to say about the old wooden cab in grandpa's barn. Having run a modern combine a few hours with the AC broke a cab without AC is BAD.
  3. Thanks for the D6 drawing Gary. Those I know about, sometime I think to much. Other times they still fool me. But I have warn a seat or to out on several. A lot of that time on the side of a hill like the Swiss haying pictures.
  4. Not the expert on gas Cats, but not big enough to be a 60, which about only leaves a 30 with the mounts for a big round fuel tank. Because even back in there time they where known to like gas lots of it.
  5. That's why we "imported" that wolf out of Oregon last year. The poor little bogger made it from the Sierras and across to the coastal Santa Lucas only to end up flattened trying to check out LA. So we are stuck with the lazy big kitties that only take a bicyclist every 5 or 10 years. But the "rats" just keep on multiplying. Sorry for running your serous question off the tracks PettyGoat Junction. I like your sig line or what ever the proper name would be the "anything that gives me a feed bill" is true of many of us. My son who went city, married a surfer girl. Who has fallen for hair goats as she is into home grown wool. And he still has to mow weeds as her goats don't eat grass very much. And they have the rat issue as well. I think their mine Aussie dog is helping.
  6. We never got any cherries off my trees until the youngest son at 6 got a BB gun and would sit in the tree. He got to be a good shot. All the half wild cats learned to sit by the tree too, as birds would fallout every so often. He spent hours sitting eating a cherry every so often as well. The birds would leave it alone more less after some years of this. About the time he needed to work and not have hours to sit eating cherries out of the tree the tree died. Some kind of a canker as the bark would sun burn and another limb died. After a few years the apple trees seemed to get the same thing . But did not died as fast as the cherries. I had thought of making a PVC pipe frame as the best cherry was 15 to 20 feet high. But being on a side hill would of been hard to do. Now 20 years latter netting to cover would cheap to get from the vineyards that use miles of it. They cover the whole canopy and still get some bird coming up from on the ground into it. They use it a year or 2 and then start over with new because of holes in itπŸ˜‰ but if free you could overlap or patch it together. Mine where planted in former pasture/rangeland with very good soil so never used fertilizer. Did spray copper for peach leaf cruel . But that was a very busy time for paying work so was very poorly done with a hand sprayer.
  7. ray54


    Never having run a IH wheel tractor hand clutch is it backward to a crawler clutch like the JD is. It may have helped in that besides being the other side from a crawler the power come from pushing it rather than pulling it, so backwards on all accounts. I baled thousands of bales a year for 20 years with JD hand clutch and a engine driven baler. I could easy the pickup into wades of hay with a hand clutch very easily.
  8. A old 89 Ford 250 I pull trailers with but never get far from home ripped a sidewall on already smooth tire last week. The fronts where not bald but old could go any day. So I called a local shop that is very old time. They had at least 2 choices in stock in 285 16's highway tread the China ones 340 or Cooper 445. As I will not wear them out before they rot I went China. But the fact he had inventory and I had choice the day I needed one was pleasant surprise. I am wondering if being closer to the ports and several huge tire warehouses in the state if our supply is a bit better on some things. Tractor supply has been low on oil, but always something.
  9. I was hobbling bad with a hip joint that was gone and on the way to getting it fixed, but insurance wanted physical therapy and it seemed 100's of tests. All the reasonably close parking was handicap only around those places. So I asked the doc doing surgery about handicap parking pass. Gives me the paper work, get to DMV and they wanted 10 bucks or more and it is only good for 6 months. My wife got one with a knee replacement and it is good forever and free. So reading up on it short term ones cost and forever ones are free. Since she retired that same year 90% of the time I would use one she is along so I never got another. Oh 706 you would not want to see me in spandex but I don't smoke or get any welfare I can use at the grocery store. But most people I see pulling next to us, look like they could win a race with ether of us no trouble. I will admite to taking covid payment for livestock programs and drought releve for livestock feed. I don't know if I should but the big outfits don't leave it on the table, so I figure I better take it or get out of the business.
  10. Deteotison is in the Projects, Builds, & Restorations listed as Fordson F project.
  11. ray54

    Fuel prices

    That is less than I payed the in Feb just before the real shooting started in the Ukraine. But it was clear diesel, not red. Still very glad to have it.
  12. ray54


    Just had cab over cattle truck buzz by here. Dozens of trucks a day go by to the lime quarry at the end of the road but years since any of them ran a cab over. Back in the 80's nothing but cab overs. At 150 yards and lots of trees only a guess but a truck and trailer version of cab over just headed in the back country here. By the numbers that existed out here at one time if not Freight Liner it would be a Pete, less than 10% chance of other make. Would it be proper to call a truck and trailer double decker a Bullrack? And the other thing to confound all of you east of the Rockies it will be made to side load. Still find places with no room to make a yard to back a semi to the load out shoot. I suspect this truck may be affiliated with the last Basque family that has last 2 big bands of sheep as well as having expanded big into the cattle business.
  13. I can remember attendants coming out and pumping gas and checking air, oil, water, washing windows. The lowest price was 17 or 18 cents a gal. Then when pumping your own was new and first going over a $1 , so all pumps where new to get that extra digit. But am not remembering when pay first became the way of business. At least in the 90's maybe before. Asked the soon to be forty year old son, he remembers the card lock from distributor that filled my farm tanks. I did have a separate tank for the car on the farm for a few years. Then they update the key lock pumps to card lock so they where not limited to how ever many key slots the pump could handle. That 20 to 50 cent jump you all talked of last week landed here today. Yesterday 5.49 today same station 5.76.
  14. Yes I do. And thank you for providing.
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