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  1. The several times I had the regular flu shot I got sick 4 or 5 maybe 6 days later. I assume a reaction from the shot. More or less the same as getting the flu. I have had the flu bug and been less achy, I know. So since this causes reactions in some forget it.
  2. ray54

    Heavenly Father

    Well said. Thanks for reminding us.
  3. ray54


    Seth VT must have much much better teachers than Calif does. My wife taught for 24 years over here about 1/3 of the teachers where useless. Some were tired of it after 10 years but knew a good deal when they had it as far as how much work they had to do. Others never had the ability to teach, but got a job anyway. The last straw for her was the favoritism by the principles. And she being a conservative got most of the problem children. The last one was allowed to anything he wanted. Call the principle, take other kids out side left the demented one destroy anything in the room. She
  4. Already before Trump there has been a shortage of farm labor in California. The illegals all have some kind of papers with a SS number, stole, faked, or made up. Must of the farm works today are on the H2A program here legally. Or the older ones all came from Reagans amnesty program and have green cards. Labor is regulated to death, you must provide housing and transportation in many cases. But California has a rule the work day starts when they step on a bus. So contractors look for any way to no provide transportation, but most do for the H2A program. I do not deal with the wor
  5. After commenting I herd of another that sells you a fat steer for 3.50 hanging weight. You pick it up ready to put in your freezer. So this is everything for one price. But you buying his animal, not something you raised.
  6. ray54

    Furnace Help

    Another thing to remember is the copper line from tank to regulator can start flacking off inside and block flow. I would guess 20 years or more but have seen it twice in the last 30 years. The lines came with old tanks and regulators so they could of been 50 years old, I don't know. Could become more of a problem, I would guess if copper is smelted outside North America in the new stuff. The flame on the kitchen stove would be weak, go tap the regulator. The other one flame would go out on the pilot of a water heater. After a new heater, and new thermal couple, it still went out.
  7. In my time slaughter has always been different person than the process/cut and wrap business. Started because of all the heath laws. Currently we do have a small slaughter facility that also cuts and wraps but it is 40 miles away. It was 2019 when we had the last beef slaughtered, was $175 + the hide I think, and that migth be the old friend discount, cannot remember.When working closer to town the slaughter disposes of offal, I put it out as coyote bait.Ageing 3 weeks cut, wrap,and flash freeze was 1.25 on hanging weight. I am sure both are higher now. The 2 cut and wrap places have bee
  8. ray54


    My adult son has taken to calling the cow herd here "The Democrats". With nary one snowflake( or rain when it should be poring, just enough rain to wash nutrients out of old grass and not enough to grow new grass ) and lots of last years dried grass we have feed hay for a very long winter for us. So you that know cows will understand where the political term comes from. 🀣 So Jeff do some deep thinking on those midnight fuel runs for other terms that vail your thoughts from the PC public πŸ˜‰ but lets the heifers know how you really feel.🀣 The Shakespeare list looks like a very good start.
  9. Amazing to watch vineyard stacking today. One instrument and one man, get the transit set the man out on a ATV places the stacks. On rolling to steep ground that is just amazing that the lines are straight from all angles. Only 20 years ago it was 2 or even 3 people out there for more time.
  10. πŸ˜‰Need more cubic feet of room for all the packages they deliver at a loss to the post office. 🀣 More volume you can 😡 make up the loss.🀣
  11. I don't know if there are any match books hid here anymore, us to have a bunch. Not a collection but used burn thrash ( Oh for the good old days) brush pile and thistle patches. Last thistles I burned cost the landlord $1000 bucks. He had some small brush piles burning, so I asked if he cared if I lit 15 acres I was discing. He said go for it. Well he had not checked if it was a California Air Resources Control Board approved burn day, and it was not. And he did not have a permit. And it just happened even though it was safe to burn there was a convict hand crew out at the season
  12. ray54


    It says meat is the better tasting and eating food. Vegan, just stubborn to admit it.
  13. Two weeks ago 3.15 yesterday 3.49. Another of the generally cheaper places 3,45 for 87, 3.65 for 89, and 3.99 for 92 diesel was 3.55. So I am sure there is already $4 gas in town. back in I always keep gas on the ranch so put few extra gals in Jan.
  14. The best I have seen at preg checking is still guessing. This guy that made his living preging and doing AI work. Would go to big ranches and do 1000 in a day( his claim I did not see it) and travel all over, did it year round with the travel. Was better than most vets I have seen doing the checking, but could still be a 3 or 4 week time. So unless your vet does more than most vets do don't be to upset with his work. And of course momma is a cow not a machine and living things all have there own time, not a exact 9 months to the day thing. But good that you had a inside place in the cold weath
  15. But, but Danny unless your making smoke for flavor 😡 you want dry wood, not green wood. 🀣
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