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  1. Gary just some of your part of the world in stuff Montana Historical society has on you tube. Campbell farming corp on the Crow reservation. There are links on Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club site. Some steam engine,Holt Cat's, and the big gas tractors. Plowing,planting,reapers,and thrashing. Even a self propelled holt combine. Sorry I have not mastered a link yet.
  2. You keep wasting paper we will keep on 😵 wasting are time looking. Never a waste,more like therapy to slow down. Thanks again Gary.
  3. ray54


    The coyotes here howl, not as much as they yip but some nights you would say all howling. Since I can put my foot in the Pacific Ocean in a hour I think I am in the west. The first 1/2 of my life never heard or saw a coyote. The ground squirrels were controlled with 1080 poison bait. Took care of all stray dogs and coyotes. About 1980 the save the planet from man crowd started getting power. Before 1990 no more 1080 no good control of ground squirrels. I have a pair of coyotes take a fawn down less than 200 yds from my front door. I firmly believe with lots of easy to get food in 4 or 5 generations of coyotes would get larger. Another proven to a degree fact is the farther north animals live they tend to get bigger because the larger body mass takes longer to cool in the center and there is more muscle to consume when they cannot hunt so larger animal has little better chance. The same as desert animals will be smaller than the average of their kind after a few generations. Hay Sandhiller I have had one of those times as well. Gathering cows at first light in a brush country.Riding a ranch road that was powdered leaving nice clean hoof prints. Took most a hour to get to end of the country and come back with no cows. Very clear cat tracks coming off the bank walking in the horse tracks 20 yards and going off the lower side.
  4. He left his number and a email in a post,see if it is still good. If you look at the date it was way over a year old. As a member you can check his profile and see he has not visited since May in 2018. Good luck in finding the all most impossible to find.
  5. ray54


    So easy to love wolf,coyote,mt lion,and bears when your safe in the big city. Gets a bit more real even in the city when Fluffy does not come home one morning. The wide open spaces had been doing fine without wolves for most of a 100 years. The mt lion is a expert at using cover. I would think most you that have spent time in lion county would never believe how close to them you have been. By chance I drove my pickup out across the hills on the home ranch looking for deer,right before sun up. I spotted a doe in 2 foot high dry grass with milk thistle patches. Took the sidehill apart with the binoculares,spotted a buck facing me. But looking over his shoulder, you would think a truck 150 yards away would have him watching. So spent several minutes focusing on where he was looking, about 50 yds from deer and 200 yds from me. A mt lion the same color as are dry wild oats and other grasses just standing there. Take your eye off him and even knowing where to look it was hard to find him again. This just a year or 2 after they were protected in the Land of Fruits and Nuts, and I chickened out and did not take a shot.🙄 What was I thinking. In my opinion the good news is a wolf opened a tent last week and tried taking a bit out of a family sleeping inside. If the wolves are more ambitious than mt lions and attack more humans hopefully city folk will wake up. Our ancestors didn't hunt them out of the lower 48 because they are lovable and fuzzy. Oh no humans more than scratched and park rangers killed the wolf. News made it out as VERY VERY UNUSUAL incident, we will see how unusual.
  6. I don't think a TD 18 engine would just bolt up ether. A good friend has both a 15 and a 18,at a glance it looked the same so I asked. He said things are a close copy but just a little bigger on the 18. So measure closely before putting out any money. Not looking to start a fight but a old 50's Cat D6 9u serial number is the same size and has a whole lot of parts available new from Cat,as well as after market parts.Out here in the Land of Fruits and Nuts (Calif) all the tracked tractors were used to farm with so a lot of bear ones (no blade) are getting real cheap. I think the blade off the TD15 would be easier to put on a 9u D6 than graft a different engine into the 15. But I don't know if there is a crawler within 500 mile of your location without a blade.
  7. ray54

    Cover crop

    I need to trade the common vetch in for this hairy vetch. The common is excellent cattle feed,but any little bit of any broad leaf weed killer takes it out. And I have yellow starthistle that needs spraying in it.
  8. ray54

    Never Mind

    Maybe we can get answers for question you have not thought of yet.🤣
  9. If you don't get this fixed you sure don't want to keep them. Put a few of the neighbors cows out, one cow was in great shape the rest were real poor. I got done fixing the fence, an the good one was sucking on one of the other cows. But sometimes it takes a lot more than a inexperienced person thinks to keep cows going.
  10. Thanks Mike I need to know what green grass is. 107 F here today, 2 months before we can think of rain but could be much longer. Weaning the calves from the picture in the Sweet Corn thread. Put rainbird sprinkler in the pen that covered a 1/4 or more calves seemed to like it. The wild boar,😵 (there just more hogs to me) look just like the all colors you find here. My son put one in the freezer today. Very rare to have hunting privilege go with land rent anymore here. Back when I was a kid most times was not thought about, just hunted if you wanted to as the renter of land.
  11. Hay searcyfarms many more in the USA may have eaten kangaroo than we know.😉 For 40 plus years a uncle was a distributor for Farmer John pork and had a breaking plant to package beef for a small grocery chain and most local grocery stores and restaurants. He was very opposided to beef imports. He was very wound up about a firm from Australia adding roo to its burger meat in the 70's sometime.
  12. My sweet corn crop is history. It did good, not like you midwest people are us to growing but it tasted fabulous. I work with what I have,good dirt but no rain in summer. The old dust mulch/summer fallow method. But this year I got 3 inches of rain after planting, had weeds but not horrible. The SIL hauled his M 20 miles to have Red on the Oliver planter. My son, daughter,and here kids. Me with the biggest plants. I am 5/ 11 to give you a idea of how tail. But some that was only waist high produced as good. And the girls got there turn,loved there share too. The 4th pic was Friday morning about 8am, the 5th was 5 pm. The hardest part is keeping the moisture up so the seed comes up, so really only few days to plant. So rather than planting 2 or 3 times I look for the shortest and longest days to maturity and several in the middle. I like to plant a 1/2 pound of each a pound would be better but seed from the catalogs is crazy expensive in my book. By having 5 varieties we got a little over 3 weeks out it.
  13. 😵 Why would you think JBS would lie ,cheat, and steal.😉 O'h that's right the Brazilian government got mad that there cut was not big enough. Even put a few people in jail. 😵 But surly that would never happen here.🤣 Only if they think they can.🤣 Oh well what am I worrying about government approved all the mergers in the meat business,told us lots of competition left. 🤣If you believe that I have some ocean front property cheap.
  14. Had a 81 Oldsmobile that cat plugged at 30,000 didn't smog check here yet, so ran it a few years and another 30,000 with a test pipe. Then GM had a recall and put a new one in. Were not happy to have weld pipe in and old cat to send back,but they did it. In 99 we had Hyundai the kids drove to school that a catalytic converter was worth more than the car when it went bad.We had about a year till the next 2 year inspection,so used a digging bar and poked a inch plus whole thru the catalyst ran fine. But none of the 20 or 500 computers the 90's and newer cars have.
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