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  1. Now that Dave got me looking harder, the guard looks like what was used on wheel tractors as well in vegetable harvest in the west. The very wide track stance with small grousers to fit in the furrows is also common. Most all produce comes out of the field on farm wagons special heavy built, 20 inch truck tires and wheels. With pintel hitch on the rear to be able to gang them together. Front pintel on guard of tractor make sense to back trailer up to gang them up. So I would guess would be this tractor was used new in fresh vegetable country.
  2. Educate me. Did Year A Round make their own air conditioning systems parts. I would of thought they used others parts.
  3. Should not be tell on myself, but had a Cat D6 9u model running backwards twice. Coast starting at noon, backed them up the hill to have more run. Did not shift the forward / reverse back to forward. Instantly had oil boil out of the air cleaner on one, giant dust cloud on the dry air cleaner one. It took me 5 to 10 seconds to figure why oil was boiling out, the second time not so long. No harm that I ever saw from the few seconds backwards. A bit longer might not of been so good.
  4. ray54

    21 years

    I did not know what was coming with the title, BUT WOW way deeper than I was expecting. Nothing I can do but thank the Lord for giving all of you the strength to get you through the trying times. Makes my troubles seem like nothing. The trust and sharing is special to this group. Yes in church, even the neighborhood back when residence where all tied to the land, not investors like now. But I have never met any of you in person. Praying for you.
  5. I should of stated I believe fabrication of was involved but I never saw the creature. I think NH was still the only twin knife drive yet when this was done. This would of been hay heads may not of run conditioner if they just cut grain hay. We have time to let it lay.
  6. I am relatively sure NH and JD headers where swapped with each other in the 1980's. I never saw the machines, but it was from reliable persons (more than one person) . The one doing the swapping was a custom hay maker that ran a lot of machines. I believe it was NH heads on JD swather "tractors". Have not looked at swathers with the idea of changing heads. But would guess within brands might be as hard as between brands.
  7. May you get lucky at the hydraulic shop, I have. I only have old "junk" but by my standards a new JD a 1250 with a JD loader. Cylinder's leaked internally bad, have a JD dealer local that has been good over the years. So I buy rebuild kits so a take it apart put it together in a few hours. Nothing right in the kit, so off to town. No other kit for the diameter of ram. So off to the hydraulic shop, had what I needed in stock less than 1/2 of dealer price.
  8. They have given you most of what I know about them. Out here in crawler farming country there are a few still being used. One on local craigslist for 2 weeks at $5000, includes a blade and offset disc. So if it drives on the truck, and you want to play your set.
  9. Had to be 5 or 6 years ago neighbor could not rely on his T6 and TD 6 to get his vineyard work done on time. So he bought a new New Holland / Fiat crawler about the same size but twice the ponies of a TD6 and the 3 pt and 3 hydraulic valves for $40,000 ++. Somewhere I ran across a price for a new Cat D2 mid 1950's. So using google for inflation numbers for the years between, they where within 2 or 3000 dollars of each other, even with 3pt and built in hydraulics. The Cat like the TD 6 is way less HP than a NH crawler. And the NH are noted to start needing new parts at 6000 to 7000 hours, probably last a bit better with old time farmer owner operator than than the "help" most vineyards use. But the old ones did better in there time, but parts are iffy some times and you need to get work done today. He has found more used parts and TD 6 is going again. Any help drives the NH he run the TD 6 if he uses it.
  10. Old car guys here talk of sending old wheel cylinders to rebuilders that put a brass sleeve in them. No more rust and pitting.
  11. Did Fageal build their own frame for buses or was that a adapted from something as well. The front tin work looks like it could of come from a bus. Only around one that a hippy was using as a home. But got left behind when a piston came out the side of the block. Believe with no papers the ranch dig a big whole smashed, burned and buried it.
  12. Glad you got a chance, and seems you had been preparing for this as well. Good luck making it what you want.
  13. I have had people tell me about engines that used much less of brand x as compared to brand y oil. I now have old Cat D6 with a Cat 318 designed in the 40's as first D 6 with it was 1949 I think. But uses much less Delo 400 than anything else I have pored in. Twenty years ago when we got a Walmart Shell Rotella became a good brand at lower cost. So that is mostly what I used, but tried single wt 30 or 40 in TSC brands as this D6 with use 1 gl in 8 to 10 hours depending on load. The Delo is about 1/2 as much. I have no history on this amount of hours on engine. But know some has been in the fuel pump on this one. I think 2014 was the first year I used this tractor and less than 100 hours a year. But after this I would encourage others with moderate oil use try different brands. It may make a difference.
  14. I have not run a Bosch but Cat's and Simm's I have used the same as I put in the engine. Maybe someone will wake just say I am wrong.
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