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  1. My uncle had a contract with the city of Paso Robles Calif for close to 20 years to run the dump. He found about one of everything over the years. Had Massey Harris Pony tractor dropped off. Just like the law mowers, somebody had running without much work.
  2. I came to that conclusion a few years ago. Something about salt air and common sense, cannot find in the same area generally.
  3. The mechen of tic tok , on the radio this morn kids marinating chicken in NyQuil is one of the latest challenges. Some have over dosed, not sure if any died. The bull challenge should provide a much better adrenaline rush.
  4. Yes you tube has pictures so you don't need to read........................but when the guy starts "I am doing this water pump the second time because I did it wrong the first time". The last how to books about auto stuff of the 80's and 90's was more or less worthless. The auto parts store here have given up selling the books and say go to you tube, and there are some really well done pieces out there, but plenty of garbage ones as well. Maybe they need to be rated by real people working on the vehicle every day before the video goes public. I think some of the bad advice is what got the car companies to say see the dealer. Many people where better litigants than mechanics. So say nothing and it cannot be misunderstood. But that leaves those that want to do things for themselves in a poor place. But I have no experience with a subscription survive so maybe it fills that void.
  5. Glad the people are Ok. I just was talking about hand signals with a 16 maybe 17. His answer was that was still taught in his drivers training class he had to take.
  6. I have old junk truck with a set. I don't know how wide of a tire they would take. I want to say the ones on them are only 6 or 7 inch wide tires. If any body wants them the other truck I got this for parts for has long been parked too. So if you come get them ..............they will be cheap. As I understand way back hen 16.5 and 22.5 where new it was to keep the tubeless tire a bit bigger so nobody tried to put them on any but the right tubeless wheels. I have mounted the 3 piece Firestone widow makers and never had a problem. But always very careful, with a clip on chuck. The tire shop in town would not air up new tires on the 2 piece with the snap ring 20 years ago. Those you can see the ring is in the grove and all is good. Have not had need of that store since. I run truck 8.25 x 20's on my grain drill as the last real drill tires only last 3 or 4 years with maybe 2000 acres. The last one I needed in a hurry and mounted tubeless on the drill wheel as that is how the drill rib tire was. It would make a month or so but then need air so I got a tube and they are good for several years without adding air.
  7. Was out and about to the bigger flatter vineyards in country that is more commonly machine picked. Oxbo is the current brand, saw 3 of them. Sorry I don't carry a phone and don't know how to use it for pictures anyway. Way more sophisticated looking machines yellow paint or stainless steel. One generally comes much closer to home in a month at the tail end of picking season, maybe pictures then.
  8. The tassel on top of the corn plant makes pollen which needs to fall or get wind blow or carried by insects to the silk that is on top of the cob. Or in Sledges high powered hybrid the tassel is removed before pollen is made and human hands provide pollen for the silks(may not be a real hand that delivers it). 😵 In todays world the pollen and silks can choose to be called what every they want. But way back pollen was called male, and the silks female.
  9. You made my day Mr Newman. I can only imagen. I think a JD from 05-09 time, was the newest thing I have been in 😵 way more buttons than I knew what to do with. I just had to steer so the baler stayed on the windrow.
  10. Neat stuff to find unexpectedly. Hope the tractor was in running condition and not parked for a reason. My guess is date the oil bucket you are within a year or 2 of the last time tractor was started. Mobil was the brand dad used in 60' and 70's. I want to say Mobil changed to a all gray color in the 70's. I would guess with the 3 brands of oil can you could time line down to just a few years.
  11. ray54

    The Dog Thread

    😏 He must be retired by now, got a be a real old picture . Every slot in the rack for long guns is full and a lot of ammo on the shelfs. 🤣
  12. No fresh eating grapes. Just be juicy mess, no stems leave the field. Where I worked all hand picked. Still mostly a sticky mess as well. Picked into a plastic tray 18x30x 6 ,30 to 50 pounds dumped by hand in a 4x4 foot square bin at 1000 pound.
  13. Drive over the vines row a tire on each side. The rods oso late up/down and vibrate (in Jeep's pics). As those that have operated, knock anything it can loose from the vines including lizards, mice, snakes, wind blown trash. All falls into a tray on the bottom (Aces 2nd pic, show a elevator and the galvanized tray on top to put it in a high dump trailer very similar to what is used in silage).
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