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  1. You might surprise the world if you ran into the right categories like ,Electricity, Guns,and Tractors. I surprise myself every once in a while. But not so good at movies, literature,art,or movie stars.
  2. Not into bee's but allow a bee keeper to bring bee's here. The only thing I can think of that I use that kills any insects is the parasite control agents put on cattle. Since bee have not been sucking blood out of cattle they should be safe. Very informative article. Thank you Ian.
  3. Great pictures you got a lot of different angles and put so effort into it. Get you a set of wheels to cruse the country,😉 you will be the next Brady on here.
  4. You know about gas start diesel,I guess? Just because you have spark plugs does not mean it is gas. But there are not 2 engines,that is a Caterpillar thing.
  5. I have not turned many over,but would of said the red one is the real Cat. I believe there are 2 sizes bigger Ca'st got a longer box than a D 2 or 4. It could be both are the Cat boxes just different vintages. I will look in the shed as I have one Cat box off out there.
  6. ray54

    Old disk plow

    😉 Paint it to what ever color your tractor is. Take to a show 😵 all the experts will come tell you it is a different color than you painted it.🤣 Was being tongue in cheek, of course but if nobody here knows? Some of the smaller companies used different paint colors at different times. So manufacturer may not mean much.
  7. Sounds like you need the service books. Without trying to offend I will start at the beginning. Steering clutch drives each side until released,then it coasts until the brake is applied. No boaster or anything that makes a difference engine running or not. A wild guess says your pump is not going to be enough GPM to make operating the dozer blade at a speed to be convenient. But taking a closer look maybe the pump will be more GPM than first thought. Looks like it might be very modern,beyond my experience. Louie is the expert. So come back with more questions as you get there. Good luck. Looks like a clean tractor.
  8. Hope all is working on the updates to Nellybell. I have been involved in repairs to brakes on that vintage of truck before. Ran into problems trying to use anything but the original style booster. Probably easier to start fro scratch like you did than piece things together. But anyway hope you have success with it.
  9. That takes me back 50 years. Dad borrowed his BIL's A and No 5 to cut sudangrass one summer. My first experience on a putput. Uncle retired a year latter and the A is still here,but it has been dead for 15 years. Cut a lot of hay with it till 83 or 84. Got a New Holland 907 swather. Cut several odd patches and so slow to cut and come back to rake. The mower never got hooked up again. But the memories are all good. Thank you tommy.
  10. Strong800 I don't know your age, so you may not have heard of Jack O' connor since he died in 1978. A gun writer to compare to any of today's to as far as telling a story as well shooting just about anything but the African big 5 and big bears with a 270. No matter what gun you have to hit a animal in the vitals to put it down. The 270 has lost in popularity but will always get the job done if you do your part. Not a real fan of some modern rifles,but in my old age liking SS more and more as well as synthetic stocks.This could grow on me,😵 give it time.
  11. ray54

    Thank you LORD!

    This part of the world we change that to.😉 The rain stopped so this is the first day of the new drought.🤣 We need it dry from May to Oct,don't need to mold Tony's almonds or the wine grapes now surrounding me(or a 100 other crops). I might end up even 😵 crazier with summer rain. 😵 To bad the Fruits and Nuts that don't hang on a tree grow so well here.🤣
  12. Old friend neighbor showed me a picture of his dad and another neighbor pulling a Holt 34 with a Cat D4 and D2. Sidehill machine leveled to the max and still out of level.He had a restored Holt 34 and put on a antique harvest day for close to 10 years before he died.I think it was the old family machine but I don't know. I hope the sons are keeping it in the shed with the fleet of Cat 30 gas tractors he had gathered.
  13. I don't know what model Savage mine is but it has a detachable magazine,that has never given trouble. The magazine popping out is a feature I really like for a on the seat in truck gun. 😉 Makes the Fish and Wildlife real happy if you have the magazine out when you stop and visit out on the public road.
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