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  1. Bare tractor is around 18,000 to 20,000 lbs with all the extra guards, frames, and winch could be over 26,000. I would say its good to put a bigger truck in front of it. All it takes is one brain dead driver to destroy your day. The stopping is most important part.
  2. ray54


    Does not matter which denomination, many organizations that say they are for the worship of God and his arisen Son are getting off the way to eternal life. There are truths in the Bible that all must account for before God, not man. Just because someone the world says is important says so is not a reason that will be expectable at the last judgement. We all need to spend more time in the study of the Bible. May the sprit of God speak to us in a ways we understand.
  3. Gee I needed a warning almost fell out of my chair, good thing I was not eating or drinking. But hay TCM's😵 time in the sun is getting extended we better stop bring him back.
  4. And that sound like a story for another topic. But I am all ears. I have heard the champion generally falls of at the home town rodeo. And if this has not scared another one off hello Wil . We do talk tractors some of the time. But dang if I know what happened to information on a little red tractor.
  5. 🙏 That all continues to heal as you hope, and no set backs along the way.
  6. My guess is it will, if from the same time. I know the TD 14 and and Cat D6 from the 50's had the same bolt patterns for winches and rear hydraulic pumps.
  7. Yes I learned the hard way those "dumb" ones are the ones to be careful of. Use to sell hay to a guy that had lots o fuzzy math always rounded to his favor, you question it and "I'm just a dumb Wapp you figure it."
  8. I have been avoiding the news, and am a bit behind but the King Gavin got his hand slapped by a judge for over stepping his authority and for going out to supper. Much like aunt Nancey not a big deal to go out, if you where not telling everyone else to stay home. But to get even he put 40 of 58 counties in lock down again. The only good thing is no schools getting close if they had reopened. But sadly most only had lower grades under 4th. And even sadder many teachers have refused to go back so many schools would be back if they could find teachers.
  9. I have no idea how things get started but a family out here has had a connection better than 30 years, and have been a experimental JD farm ever since. Dryland barley mostly, plant from 5000 to 10,000 acres a year and summer fallow about as much. Push come's to shove 3 Cat D8 H's are the main power. Had a Big Bud back in the 70's don't know if it is still around or not. Most of there land is well away from the public, and the climate being such they can work ground all year as the rain fall is about 12 inches average I think helps. Rather interesting when Deere was working on the h
  10. You could see if General Gear in ID has any information as they sell after market steering clutch parts as well as used parts. In a Cat that only has the minimum dimension I have guessed from the thickness of the new ones. Then added more used ones to get the same as height of new stack.
  11. My mother always had milk in the freezer back when I was a kid. It would separate a bit, but would give it a good shacking before opening. My wife drinks lots of milk and says the flavor is just not the same. Even though town is still 15 miles away we go more than once a week like my mother. To many cases so closing back down. But schools that had gone back are able to stay open this time, but mostly only open for 3rd and under.
  12. With the craziness I had the TV on and son had been watching history stuff, and here come some custom motor cycle builders show. All at once they are going to build a trailer to pull, and haul cows in off the road. I don't think it was India but could of been. Cows where milked but they did not eat meat or at least beef. So bull calves were dumped along the road. Were the hero would load the 200 lbs calf into a passenger to hold as they "saved" the skinny little things. So they "improved" the situation by building a trailer to tow with the new motor bike that was donated to third world animal
  13. Some people like horses more than machines, my dad being one of them. In the fall of 1929 grandpa rent a farm 10 miles from home pulled dad out f his senior year of high school he planted 80 acres of wheat with 6 or 8 horses and in spring summer fallowed about the same. In 1934 grandpa bought a diesel Cat 35 crawler. The first time my dad had to farm at night. He farmed with tractors by the time I can remember but always had horses to ride until he died.
  14. ray54


    We could start guessing game of picking their favorite oil. Low ash 30 straight 30 conventional 15/40 conventional 0/30 semi synthetic 0/30 full synthetic 😉😵🤣
  15. 😉 Your neighbor just buy a Tesala and is "fueling" it up. 🤣
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