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  1. ray54

    715 & 815 Threshing abilities

    Me too. A miss speak,an just ment sprayed before harvest to clean up any stray weeds??????????
  2. ray54

    What, Pray Tell, Is This?

    I knew a guy who left here for Texas 30 years ago to help start a vineyard. For the first years there were reports of things going Ok but not great. Then no news,so I always wondered if how well it turned out. I am sure the wine business is the same with citydots that have money. Some vines out front,ship in juice from New Zealand,Chile,or South Africa. Take wine to computation and get a gold award and jack the price up as the winemaker turn his nose up higher than before.
  3. ray54

    What, Pray Tell, Is This?

    Art, I didn't think you were in wine country.If you want to be organic in grapes a weed badger or a crew of illegals to hoe.Then add some fungal disease trouble makes real fun. Not many organic wine grapes. Feeler arm to guide it around trunk and stake.If grass ever gets over 6 inches tall your done. Neighbor got one cheap so tired it in high density walnut trees,gave up real fast. Maybe under conifer trees where needles slow weeds anyway.
  4. ray54

    The Steiger built prototype 4366

    If only,🤔 we could know more before we all did things. I kinda think if IH engineers would of guessed better the diesel V8 engines would of never been used in a tractor. But even in hindsight we still miss seeing everything sometimes.
  5. ray54

    Went in for my first repair work

    You have done the pain now do the work at the pace doc and PT think is right. My hip has been great since replacement,just all the rest that like to tell me they are not new anymore.
  6. ray54

    Either injection?

    I have been around a lot of AC crawlers with a Detroit and every one of them had a ether can on it somewhere. Helped the neighbor out cleaning up rocks with a HD5 loader. Had to shut it down to hear his directions. Every start needed a squirt on a warm afternoon. Amazingly he finally had new injectors put in and after it ran a little it would start without juice.
  7. Matt from way over here my first concern is maybe you need to be more involved in political things that affect all of ag. But then I know nothing of your circumstances. Think about how many nutty groups there are. If their dreams came true we would all strave. Some county FB are much different from others as well as state FB. But if you don't run up on old fossils like Amo is dealing with many would like some new people to give a hand. As there are less and less ag people we all need to be involved in politics.
  8. It is 40+ years since I have really looked at Roberts Rules.Most organizations have gotten a lot looser in the following the rules from my observation. The rules are just a order in which things are done.Also to help the chairman keep everyone on track and not jumping all over on subjects being discussed. I am guessing you maybe are more at odds with the State Policy book.I am assuming every state has a state Policy Book as I know Calif and the American FB both do. I have never gone higher than county board level but been there on an off most of 40 years. I don't remember Policy books being given out years ago,but now every board member gets one every year and the polices are published in the weekly newspaper the state puts out right after the state annual meeting. In this state the county dose not have to be in lock step with the state.A recent example is the Right to Repair ,state wants to stay neutral as they are always looking for perks from the tractor companies. Several board members here wanted to go against the state and are for giving more power to consumers. Finally did not rock the boat but could of,and lobbied different than the state but not this time. So I am guessing again some of the old fossils are using Roberts Rule to shute the younger members down from changing some of the policies that have been around forever. Depending on what or how important the issue is to you will have to be your guide to how far you push the issue.Look at how deep the divide will be if it becomes all out war. Don't take this as saying don't fight for change,but be aware of what could go wrong before diving in. Rollie you got me thinking if your willing and not a rebel the way off our county board is to die. Well not quit but that is how a fair number go.This is a very diverse county with vegetable growers that harvest every month of the year,cattle, to the dying grain,hay,and tree nut businesses, to the wine business that is mostly citydot run and controlled. Wine grapes are the largest crop dollar wise and we have trouble keeping a handful wine industry people on a 30+ member board.
  9. ray54

    Unexpected helper

    You had when you felt something on the lever. Cause I am a little jumpy as I almost stepped on a rattlesnake last Thursday. I was looking and had a shovel handy for just such things. I have since mowed the weeds at that gate. As I go thru it twice a day to pump water for cows I just put in that field.
  10. ray54


    There are some not so good things with the sleep number mattress but we are on the second one. Close to 20 years since the first one. Really good if one wants firm and the other a little softer.
  11. ray54

    Liver & Onions

    With me liver is a texture thing cannot get it down and the taste is not much better. Now beef or venison heart,sweetbreads,and rocky mountain oysters are all good. But have to watch how much of any because of gout even when taking allopurinol. Sweetbreads are a gland in the neck of cattle,not found in the gut anywhere near the pancreas.
  12. ray54

    Is global warming for real?

    IHRunner did you start out this way or did someone have to help you?lol Any way I like it. Very much like my youngest son. He came home from kindergarten very sad because the rainforest was going to soon be gone. I got the old World Book out so we had a idea of how many acres there where, and x million acres and divided by x thousand destroyed a day by there numbers. By what every phoney number greenies had the rainforest should have already been gone. Started him down the road to being a non believer of all thing shouted by so called experts. Prove it with numbers you can back up. The climate has been changing as long a we can see back in history,or was I already sold a bill of goods in the 60's and 70's. I was taught the glaciers made the Ohio river by being that far south. The oil is in the Middle East because that now desert was once jungle and rainforest. So maybe in 200 years there will be enough data to start telling if man has any real effect.
  13. ray54

    Fireworks legal in your state?

    Kind of surprising but fireworks are legal in the Land of Fruits and Nuts. Very limited in where you can set them off because of all the wildfire danger. But not banned all together. I believe it is each fire district can make the decision about if and where fireworks can be sold and used. In my county they are sold by non profit organizations, so a great fundraiser for some good causes. I think it is that way statewide but not sure. But there always has to be wingnut or 2 that set them off in the wrong places and cause a fire.
  14. Yes I remember cans that opened with a key. In my mind 1 and 2 pound cans where the same diameter the one just taller. The 3 pound can didn't come until after the key,or was it my folks never bought 3 pounds till latter. What other products came in cans with a key? Maybe peanuts or mixed nuts?I think canned hams and Spam cans had keys too.
  15. ray54

    Moving to Western PA, MTO here I come.

    Why that tail gate is like new. Only one little strap to keep it closed.