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  1. 😉 Slow learner and tested it to see if it still worked?🤣 I will not ask what part of body you used for test.🤣
  2. ray54

    Hey you welders

    Ok mixed coated and the old photo gray/ auto darkening, way behind on technology as is normal.
  3. Thanks for the answer. Always interested in learning about other places. So you have given me information to ask more questions.🤣 I think of your grass staying green most of the year or maybe all year. Do you get a dry season or time of year that grass could burn 100's of acres per hour like California and many other places? I understand the part that the pines could burn once you get them started even when not real dry like are dry season that is months without a rain. Also seems the world is full of people that have "never done it"( in this case raised food) but all want to tell us that do "how to do it". 😉 Hope all goes well with the "overhaul", been there done that. Had a hip replaced in March of 16, not as much recovery as the knee's my wife had done before that. But with good therapy hopefully, 😣 and some pain in the short run you have less pain long term. I know it was worth the effort for me, just have other questionable parts that may need a overhaul at some point.
  4. ray54

    Hey you welders

    New helmet with auto darkening and the adjustable shade of darkness. I was not so happy with the auto darkening of my eye glasses the first time. But too poor to buy more right away,and Doc convinced me my eyes would be better off working out side with that. So I have found some things like using one shade lighter seem to help a occasional welder. I know it costs a little more and you 😉look less professional, but buy 5 or 10 pounds of rod not 50 for farmer welding unless working a job that you will use a good part of 50 pounds. Since humidity is generally low here in summer,setting 7018 in the sun when I start a project I can tell a difference. Mark maybe it is because I don't need another welder, but a lot of good AC/DC buzz boxes show up on craigslist here. Sounds like any that is working will do the little your looking to do. But I have been lucky and mostly use a engine driven Lincoln SA 200 DC.
  5. You need to get new taxpayers some how. If only welfare folks have kids it ends MUCH SOONER.🤣
  6. To each their own way, I weld nuts on if possible. Other than pipe easy outs are less than 10%, but I am careful to not break one so.
  7. Your loosing me, when is a tax deduction the same as welfare? A deduction was put in place to want to make you more inclined to do something, in this case own your home rather than rent. One political party has built itself on the backs of those in need. Not that we don't as a society need to help people at times. But politicians have used poor people to keep themselves in power by dumbing them down and keeping them on a treadmill of getting along but going nowhere. There is nothing saying a person needs to work, but that should not entitle them to the same things that working people buy for themselves. Example why should tax payers buy cell phones for poor people? I strongly advocate little dormitory rooms and soup kitchens for as long as you wish to live for free. If you want a steak rather than gruel get up and go to work. Look out in the real world animals all get up and go find food, or they become food for another. There is no reason other than political gain to keep people for generations on welfare. Not that there are not cases were people should not be given more by the tax payer but not your 3rd generation welfare recipient.
  8. ray54

    406 day

    The first 2 or 3 years I was married we had a party line yet, which was in Feb of 79. Bell took over the local phone company in 1960 but we still had 8 phones to 1 line until the 70's. The party line was one of the harder things for my wife to get use to. With the 4 party the only ring was your own phone.
  9. ray54

    406 day

    You lucky guys. Have second area code on top now so all calls off my landline are 1 + area code.Been a year and half the time I still forget. No cell service on most of the ranch so i get to push the whole 11 all the time. But hay it is push instead of dialing.🤣
  10. I had the tecky son look into things,he bought 2 app farm spray and field navig. Put it on a android and not really doing much. As at even driving 3 miles an hour it is way behind were you are. His suggestion is the "device" is to slow,need a newer or faster processor. Since I only spray a 100 to 250 acres a year I cannot get excited to buy something too expensive. Besides I use to spray a lot more without anything to guide me other than my eyes. But the price of chemicals is going up even without the newest and best. The $1000 a jug Milestone compared to Banvel at $250 about the same rate I just spread it out farther. And the thistle has gotten so bad I need to do better. Would the antenna help with the speed? I know nothing about devices. The only dealer that has any help is into auto steer and all the top line stuff since it is for the vegetable guys where it pays big time. I feel like I don't even know what questions to ask.
  11. ray54

    Early days of 4wd

    Don't get you hope up to much about the speed. The old guys that spent money back in the day where not in a hurry. That slow and steady thing.🧓 Would not surprise me if it tops out at less than 55.
  12. I have a very similar Loadstar 1700 with a 404 (from the falling apart decale about vacuum lines for California smog) and 5 and 2 transmission. The one pictured is missing the power steering pump up high with the alternator. I have had very good service out of mine. A little over loaded and that engine moves it down the road pretty well, but no tag as this one ether. Hauling grain to town 20 miles on all country roads with some good hills to pull it was about 7 mpg including idling to run the dump bed on the pit.
  13. Yes a lawyer make work/money for lawyers thing. California is full of this type laws. A big one some years ago had to due with disabled bathrooms. The height of sinks and such seemed to be a moving target. A wheel car bound lawyer terrorized small restaurants and other businesses,file against them then take a cash pay off to go away. A judge finally shut him down, but I don't know if the law was changed. From what I have seen about this you, want to cause trouble,just drive around and see a tractor moving and file against the farmer. It was not clear in what I saw if the person instigating got money or if all fines/damages cost recovery went to government. But if person filing the case gets money it just becomes a put farms out of business plan. So sad the envy and greed the socialist employ to destroy all things they don't control.
  14. Condolences to you and all your family. I will add you to the list to pray for. This has been a great community to support other members in pray. You all were great support when I had health problems back in 2016, if I didn't say it then thank you all.
  15. Funny how that pickup box gets full so fast. A really good place even lets it go for the by the pound price at reasonable guess on weight.
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