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  1. Garfield's πŸ˜‰ (a yellow tom has to be Garfield unless you already have a Garfield) back story is, we moved across the road to help dad out after mom had a stroke. My wife had been carried away with way to many cats at the old place,so I said no inside cats. A grey tabby showed up and had no use for people or dogs but left us with more wild momas. Got them trapped and fix (more than a dozen). All of a sudden we have this yellow thing hanging around. After 6 months she announced "I touched him". She put food out he would come and let her touch him for several days. She comes in the sliding glass door and he is right on her heels. He walks around looking the inside over and parked on a chair and went to sleep. By the next day he was king and let us stay as squatters.🀣 All over 15 years ago. Last year one evening as I am going to bed one of the fixed girls is meowing at the door.She has been around but goes months that you don't see her, a perfect cat in my book. She looked at me and I could tell she was not doing good so let her in. He boss got here "good cat food" out and said she can stay tonight. Well she fooled me she stayed several months. But her stay prompted a need for a cat box. Which Garfield decided was the best. The "good cat" did get back up to fighting condition even being very old for a barn cat. Went out several times and always returned. Well one day she decided she had it with humans,took off. Saw her around the barn in summer,but has been some months again. But Garfield just sleeps inside all day making sure he never sees any of the mice that have moved in. I guess he is a good democat.🀣 My wife is a sucker for all us lost cridders has been looking after me for 40 years. Have been afraid to get another dog after the last one went to the happy hunting grounds. I don't need it kicking me out of the house into the dog house.
  2. There is a pesky yellow cat that was allowed to take up residence in the house during the day. From past experience I had said no inside cats,so we compromised he is out at night. He like to pester me as I sit near the fire with a lap top,and has been known to step on the key board if he has a chance. But here was the only place that had changes. Today everybodies location is back when I came here.😡 Might have started after the grandkids where here for Thanksgiving too. So it helped to ask,πŸ˜‰ even though I didn't change anything. I like this kind of fixing,so thanks.
  3. I have a Hart GN stock trailer from 75 my dad picked up at the factory. It needs a little more tlc but hauled a lot of cows a lot of miles. But don't think I have ever seen another out here. Someone my dad got talking to at a bull sale had a new Hart. This fella spent a week or better in Chickasha OK looking in different trailer builders shops, and was telling any that listened Hart was the best deal. So my dad ordered this trailer,bought a new GMC pickup to pull it.
  4. A lot of those used to pull double box trailers for semi local freight companies. Drop one trailer and go around in town with one trailer. Then switch trailers and deliver the second load.
  5. Are others seeing miner changes to page headings. The last thing is yesterday I could click next at the top of the page to look at the older post,today I had to go the bottom of the first page first to find next to look at older stuff first. Until a week or so ago there was more information under peoples online name,like your location if you had not hid it. Since I am not computer savvy is it something I changed without knowing on my settings,or is it the site has been changed? Not that big of things but it is nice to know what part of the world people are from. Like with weather related thing if I say no snow here, being I am in central California that is normal. But if I see your from the "great white north",I know thing are not normal.
  6. ray54

    Thunder snow

    My billionaire neighbor have not even put up towers to cover much of the neighborhood. With wifi they make hot spots at their wineries and mansions. But after the very local (I am 5 or 6 miles from the epicenter)6.0 earthquake in 03 we never lost land line service but cell service was hit and miss for several days. So the landline stays until it is not working.
  7. My little country town or El Paso De Robles, California,99% of the time just call Paso Robles has a connection to Frank and Jesse James. Their uncle Drury James was one of the founders of the town. He arrived in 1868 and bought a 1/2 interest in a Spanish land grant from James Blackburn. The Salinas river which is dry most of the time has sulfur hot springs that bring hot water up the surface of the sand in several places around Paso Robles. The native Indians used them to relieve aches and pains of arthritis. The Franciscan missionaries from Spain had carried on using the sulfur waters with some saying it did work wonders on joint pain. So the Americans Blackburn and James had the idea they could have heath resort upon the pain relief the hot sulfur waters could provide. Some time in the 1870's Frank and Jesse James hide so well there is 2 plus year time that they are not reported to have committed any robberies. Or had any reports of them being seen in any of the places they normally could be found. So there have been many stories that they spent this time on their uncles California property. Blackburn and James built a fancy hotel that did have a tunnel that went several blocks across town. But other than this there is no concrete evidence that Frank or Jesse ever spent any time here. But there are several books of conjecture about them being here. In the last 20 years my little town of 10,000 in my youth has grown to 36,000 and has become a destination for wine lovers. Which circles back to the hot springs. In the early 1900's Ignace Jan Paderewski well known Polish pianist was touring the USA and his arthritis became so bad he could not perform. Someone recommended Paso Robles hot springs and mud baths. Which helped his condition so much he bought property in the area and planted the first grapes on anything more than for personal use.
  8. My son told me of a Canadian that has been protesting black Friday shopping on the ground of climate change. Oh he started being offended in 1992. πŸ˜‰ Just has not got traction yet, maybe next year.🀣 Yes I stayed home and kept my fire stoked so I save money but not carbon credits.
  9. Gary and Anson you just keep sitting around the fire telling stories about the great greats and I will be listening (reading) cause that was all good stuff. Right on track for a day were a guy could freeze outside even in warm sunny Californy. About 40 but off and on rain all day on the "sunny day",tomorrow they have been saying is the stormy day with snow down to 2500 feet. Being a late comer only having my G grandpa show up in the in the 1890's we missed all the gold rush,and the big excitement. But have been fighting climate changes 😡 for better than a 120 years since it only lands on average about one in 20 years. So until your done for the year you don't if your wet or dry or hot or cold. Hay Sledgehammer how about shot of the penny front site. We get are heads together around the key board we can build you a story to go with the that gun. Do you have any idea of how far west the story of your gun could have started. If you had a state you could google and see it there is a old state brand book and if it could of been a registered brand once.
  10. Very nice looking cows and country Mike. Nice to have gentle cows too. Sandhiller is it all vets in your country to do preg checking? Here we have several AI guys that also a lot of preg checking. The one did travel all over the west to preg for big bunches of cows. Doing it year round and all the time they seem to be more accurate than most vets around here.
  11. ray54


    I won't stur the pot to much πŸ˜‰ and say I noticed the dirt first,but it did catch my eye before I turned the page. But the sales staff was hoping you would take a new disc with the new tractor. So it is no happenstance that the disc is doing a excellent job.
  12. Diesel Doc and Gearclash thanks for the education,and memiers. The first tracked tractor I opered was AC K on butane. Always started on vapor and switched to liquid after 5 or 10 minutes,now I know why. Was retired before I was old enough to thinking of asking why. The tank would of needed replaced to a higher pressure propane and other things needing repair, so it was retired.
  13. The lesson to turn you water off was big news here in San Luis Obispo county Christmas 1990. Even the beach houses with the warm Pacific waters lapping at the foundation.πŸ˜‰ The start of that nasty global warming 😡,stayed below freezing 36+ hours. Was 2 or 3 weeks before you could buy plumbing supplies. Lots of pipes in attics. I am sure it would be as bad today if not worse.🀣 The first 2 or 3 miles from the beach,citrus and avocado country. Over the coast ridge we get down to the teens most years but the only time in 65 years that it didn't get above freezing during the day.
  14. Extra celebration the first rain of the growing year here on the left coast. The last rain was May,had 1.20 inches this morning and good showers during the day. More predicted over the next week. Safe travel to all even if your just going across the yard and not the country. Our blessing of rain is not being so kind as the storms move east it seem. HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone.
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