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  1. Will remember him in prayer.
  2. Not familiar with your tractor but rusted brake parts are common if it sat for years even more so if out side. I had crawler rust in 6 months time once.
  3. Most fertilizer does not move into the soil fast. Even dwarf trees the roots will go 6 to 10 feet in not to many years. Unless there is a hard pan or rock. But since you said removing trees, looks like trees can get roots down. As others said get soil tests, out here leaf tests are big with the permanent crops. In the wine business we added micro nutrients in quarts to the acre of micro nutrients products. Maybe just moderate amounts of fertilizer for cover crops and then mow or till the organic matter in. Start building soil now even though the trees will not need help for some years. With y
  4. Spend time with them but as others put, you still need to be the parent not a friend. Chores and animals to give them responsibility, consequences if they don't carry out the responsibility. But of course within their ability by age and size and level of maturity. As they get be teens you need to open to their interests not your. Have 3, one wanted sports, 2 wanted 4H. As a parent would of been much easier to force 4H on all of So are going to go astray no matter what is done. I have to say genetics tell at times, and know amount nurturing help them. Have some friend
  5. 😉You where expecting good advice 😵 from RedPower Marriage Counseling Services ???? 🤣 How did that work for that TCM guy.
  6. Mike now that you bring it up I have driven a Fiat crawler with New Holland name all over it but was still red/brown color. No idea where or which way the clutch went. But just had to keep it straight to not run over any grape vines. To soft to hold a wheeled tractor, but the tracks stay up on top the muck down under. I believe I had the crises moment as a kid when first running the Popping Johnny . But don't remember any damage to anything.
  7. That is the right place for it.😁 All the Cat's, AC's' and IH crawlers had the clutch on the left. But one neighbor, a guy that made his live flying people, he said Cat and AC had the throttle backwards. 😵 I had never thought about just learned to pull them back harder for a little more. He said IH had it right to give it a push for more go.🤣 But I baled a lot of hay with JD A so I knew where that clutch was too. I still miss the hand clutch on my baling tractor to easy into a broken bale or pile in the windrow. Good to know Oliver used that double H on more than
  8. Prayers and my condolences. Sorry it took such a event to get siblings together.
  9. No wonder you did not hear the rattler a rattling yesterday.
  10. I did by accident find a thread on the Case 3 wheeler on THE COMBINE FORUM back in 2009 and 302 is the model number. Thanks to my wife even got the picture harvested and posted.( Pun intended.) Sorry for taking your modern 3 wheeler so far off track U-C.
  11. I have not baled my thin drought damaged forage mix yet. But I do have the 290 out filled with wire. The loop on the top of the twist was always a give away that the bale came from a IH baler.
  12. I don't think I have a picture of it. I discussed the Case sidehill 3 wheeler with a fellow on the Combine forum he was in Washington state and was friends with guy that a number of them. He had picture I will check and see if pictures made it to the newer forum. My aunt had hated how much it took to keep the old thing going, so when someone asked it got cut up when scrap was at $200 ton some years ago. It was a 302 or maybe it was 303 or 304. There where a more of the same sidehill model without the rear drive wheel. But not that many of any of them.
  13. Yes Case had 3 wheel sidehill combine in the 1950's. My uncle had one. I got turned loose in a 8 acre field at about 14 or 15 years old. To back up even on flat ground you had to engage the rear hydric drive too. Wanting to get it all I cut right up to big old oak tree and backed away. Well nobody explain the backing up 😵 and something broke at there it sat. Uncle had some discouraging words for me. After he took piece to be welded my says 😉 don't worry I have seen him break it twice in one day before. The next year I ran the most worn out Massy Harris 92. Different things to worry
  14. Prayers for Sharon's recovery.
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