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  1. ray54

    Best vehicle to pull 5k light weight camper

    I looked at Pathfinder before we bought last fall and they are a as yet unproven transmission. They may prove out but have had some little things according the mechanics I consulted. So to tow with it would be pushing things in my opinion. We did just drive the next smaller Nissen as a rental for a month. It was easy in and out,but middle seats are cramped for a adult. But still glad to get are car back from the body shop after a tree limb kissed the roof and broke windshield on a rainy day going to town.
  2. ray54

    “Reversed” loader tractors

    Troy there was a 3 wheel loader made. The only place that I saw it in use was California highway maintenance so that may say a lot about them. Somewhere on the web I saw a picture in the last months that jogged my memory. I want to say all wheels and tires were from a truck, but maybe just the rear. The rear had yoke and pole built in and they towed them behind a dump truck. Makes me thing they may have had air brakes to make the towing easier. Now you really have me wondering about power and steering. Even to this day CalTrans leaves asphalt, gravel, or just fill material in odd places along a highway. Today have tilt bed trailer behind a dump truck with a loader. But back in the 60's they had the 3 wheeler loader they towed.
  3. ray54

    New joke

    You mean they don't have a big case all locked up with Black Hill Gold sparklys😉? Local Farm Supply coop has far bit of it 😉, got myself out of trouble or kept it from starting several times. Also buy a few living flowers like roses and tulips in bloom there too.😊Going to be 40 years next week, reminds me I need to stop at the farm coop soon. There still several pallets of fence posts in my gun safe 😉 dad bought in the 60's.
  4. ray54

    Door to door salesmen

    What's the matter MTO getting lonely at the shop😉. The Jehovah's Witness are sending first class letters here. Been 3 or 4 years since they left anything at my door. Oh there was a clear plastic bag on the barbwire near my mailbox this fall,on closer inspection a clothespin holding it with a JW track. I don't remember pointing a gun at anyone that drove in.Some times I think I should. Did have a car with more than one of the new "immigrants" drive in wanting work. Which is BS cause the grape and vegetable guys use all they can get that will work. In fact the strawberry guys are using the H1 program and getting them legal for 6 to 9 months and hauling them back home. Also 2 years ago salesman selling some kind of snake oil to mix in fertilizer as well as oil and grease stopped in. Was half way plausible claims had references that I could of called but did not. Suckered for 5 gallions that would do 10 to 15 acres. Put it on less than 10 and no noticeable difference.Thirty years ago extension agent told me if you cannot see a difference it is not enough to worry about. Never pushed the oil and grease stuff, but was a name I have seen even if I cannot remember it now.
  5. ray54

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Thank you for more detail than I can hold in 3 or 4 times of looking Roger. You even answered my question of how many they blow up. Not a surprised that there is miss information out there today, but how back in the day did they keep fools from operating them?
  6. ray54

    When you don't have a horse trailer

    A character that lived here had a bus someone had converted to a motorhome.He having worked as a carpenter had no problem remodeling the floor plan to suit his wants. Part of his needs was a stall to haul his mule to Idaho to pack deer and elk out of the mountains. It worked ok till the time he was stopped at a state line for ag inspection,and the mule started braying. He never told how much that cost as he had no vaccination paper on the mule and had just said nothing to declare. He was quit the talker and had a way to embellish a story without it becoming all a lie. So maybe he just talked until they wanted to go home and sent him on his way. But did drive his bus in a local parade with the mule riding with its head out a window or something so everyone knew the mule was aboard.
  7. ray54

    Bugs, Gee who could see this one coming at us

    The latest research on bees is leaning to varroa mite is even more destructive to bees than they thought. The varroa mite was becoming a problem in the late 70's. By luck the first bees from Europe did not bring the mites. The mites came and bees have been having trouble ever since. I have almost always had wild bees in 2 giant oaks in my yard. Some times 2 hives in the same tree. I don't watch them that close but at the worst of the drought no bees one year. But 2017 had bees all over. They started 4 new hives that a amiture bee keeper captured when they swarmed. He has been doing things that some woman in Germany has promoted and he said his hives were doing better. Have to visit him and see what he has to say now.
  8. ray54

    IH pickup on new TV show...

    My wife had to play the Mongolian Cowboy for me and just amazing how good it sounds. To get back to IH trucks, been more than just one or 2 on the local Craigslist and then some of the bigger ones too.
  9. ray54

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Hay I enjoyed the hop down this trail. Keep running rabbit stories. Looking for the manual for a tool and chased my family rabbits this afternoon with pictures a cousin copied for the rest of us.
  10. ray54

    Boot legging.

    Taxes the reason politicians had to have legal pot out here. After the first year about a 1/4 of what they hoped for. Just cannot rape their heads around pot heads want the cheaper untaxed pot. I have not bought any new machinery in 30+ years, but I think the sales tax is 1/2 the normal rate they as being so generous.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hay for horses is taxed at feed stores, have to file exemption papers to not pay for food animals.
  11. ray54

    Who needs jumper cables anyway

    Hay be nice I have been known to use a vice grip as a battery cable clamp. Mostly on the old Cat D6's on the pony motor and no charging system. After start vice grip goes back in the tool box. For longer term uses like 15 gallon spot sprayer I try to use the "off brand" ones.
  12. ray54

    Sugar for diabetics I guess

    I was one of those that said never bottled water. Well we had a spring with very good water that had been used since the first Spanish Missions (1770) never a big source of water but never got less in a drought years ether. Then Stewart Resnick (Fiji Water, Wonderful nuts and pomegranate,and Justin Winery on several sides of me) came to town and in 2013 sucked my spring dry with his 1000 foot irrigation wells. Two wells latter I have water for cows and to flush with, but hard, hard (plugs the coffee pot in 6 weeks) so I drink bottled water an brand but Fiji. No more filling water jugs. Just grab a few bottles, everything that moves has a bottle or 2 somewhere. Summer just put them in the freezer and carry in a 6 pack ice chest along with lunch if I an out far. Not many years ago I would of never believed I would buy water. Also catching rain water in a plastic tote to use in all radiators. Probably better than the spring water for that.
  13. ray54

    Cattle motivation, What do you use?

    I can sure agree about slow and quit being the fast way to work cattle. Also good facilities help but I have yet to see a lead up alley where you don't need hot shot.Not every cow but, but I have a the vet or who ever preg checks will go get a hot shot out of there truck if I don't have there. I have also told people if they don't put the hot shot I did not need there help and they should go home. The Dr Pol show makes me just shack my head, what is he and the livestock owner thinking. At least several heavy duty corral panels.
  14. ray54

    Mccormick Deering hemp binder

    I have heard that too, for the cloth. But hard for me to believe, the hemp rope use to be nasty prickly kind of like barbwire. A cotton rope was much less prickly, but maybe with more processing hemp gets soft.
  15. ray54

    Barn pictures

    I have to say the idea of a barrel roof barn goes back much before 1950.My dad had a ranch rented from mid 1960's to later 70's that has a barn with the curved roof and laminated 1 x 6 to form the arch.Some very good pictures at a winerys website Thacher Winery (sorry for my ability does not go to making a link) as they promote it as a wedding venue. I can remember they put aluminum roof on in 1960 or so and that they did it in one day.Seems way faster than I would think but the contractor was noted to have been a tightrope walker with the circus in his youth. I had it in my head this barn was built by wheeler dealer Lucky Baldwin who died in 1909. The property has been known as the Kentucky Ranch because Baldwin thought the limestone based soil is much like the BlueGrass country of Kentucky, just not the rain to keep it green all summer. But getting a roof in 1960 suggests it was built near 1930 if not before.