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  1. Messing with Nature; humor for winter

    California is in conference with Cook county IL to see how to count those votes already.
  2. New joke

    You sure that was not the profit from one deal she got him to supply something to the government. I remember hearing it was something unreal,for any but a inside deal.
  3. Super Parts People!

    There are parts men and people that are just a body behind a parts counter. Some people have a something that makes them better at listening and understanding what you want. Some of the ones that cannot cut it just don't have the right thought process and are trying and not stupid people,just not the job for them. But a good percentage of the young ones are not real interested in any job and will not be a help to anyone. After dealing with a really good parts man,many of the others will be a disappointment. One I would of put up against any other,could be on the phone as you wait holding a broken piece of some old thing. He gets off the phone and goes in back without saying a word to me,and comes back up front looks you in the eye and says this is what you need. Proceeds to wright out the ticket and knows the part number without any looking and away you go again. To bad this one has been dead 30 years by now.
  4. Mira fount waterer issue

    Thankfully don't have the cold to deal with and not sure of what is involved,but assume that no room to lengthened arm on float. So and a pressure reducer does wonders for float valves working with high pressure. Closing a regular valve only reduces volume not pressure. Took some time for this to sink into my brain where I have a trough that has 100 to 120 psi. The pressure reducers are cheap in the 3/4 pipe size,but had to be replaced before 10 years to keep float from weeping water all the time.
  5. Stolen Tractors

    A some what questionable local had JD 2950 disappear,story went he had insurance on it and got payed off. Stopped farming with a fair number of bills left hanging soon after. About 20 years latter tractor shows up on a 10 to 20 acre rural home been cutting the weeds every year. Son of upper middle class folks had been parked out of there away from them with his additions. They dyed and his money ran out so he resorted to stealing to get his drugs. Sheriffs caught him and checked out what all they could seize under drug seizure and found the stolen tractor. About the same time several people where caught burying backhoes,skid loaders and other construction equipment. Had remove serial numbers and other identification off them. Never really had a reason to bury them other than to hide them but of course all had been stolen when checked out.
  6. The new New Holland Crawler

    Very nice looking HD 5. I have a similar one with new undercarriage that a mentor/landlord got to play with. His son and son BIL attack a large oak stump. My dad saw him ramming it in a higher gear. Shortly the dad payed $3500 for a final drive repair. I have another one uncle bought new and had rebuilt,and retired several years latter.Been here since 70 and treated me very well. All kind of city folks trying there hand a farming with the grape business taking over here.The one with 3pt problems every year is getting the reputation of breaking a anvil with a rubber hammer. But I know other have had trouble as well just not as often. Another old timer running one and at 5000+ hours is seeing a rear end overhaul in the near future. Dealer mechanic told him he had done better than most. So I will guess they are not as robust as the old US made iron,but they do have things the old ones don't.
  7. Getting old

  8. The new New Holland Crawler

    I my part of the world with hills with all the vineyards the NH crawler is very popular. But there are several others Lamborghini,Same,and Morooka. Back in the 80's there where some Fiat crawler labeled as Heston,which became NH. The NH week point is the 3pt hitch if they are jerked around and finals don't make much over 4000 hours. Lamborghini will break frame rails if you put a big sprayer on the 3 pt and then weight the front to keep it down for hill climbing. Not many of the others to really know much. Have a good friend that has used T and TD 6's and finally got a NH as was having trouble finding parts for IH anymore. Lets the help run the NH and still runes a TD6 till he is out of parts tractors. Dieselox4 In my option your better off with a HD 5 than a TD 9. But a abused 60 year old tractor is disaster waiting to happen so hopefully you got cared for machine no matter what brand. Since they are a smaller machine you need to take your time and not us it as a battering ram. But I have a HD 5 that been a very good machine for me.
  9. Any of you guys remember rendering lard?

    I would go crazy over the cracklings too. That was the one part I have never seen or heard of being sold. My mom would add a few to scrambled eggs to make them last and go farther. I was never given a day off from school to help. But was a real big deal as long as my grandparents where around on my dads side.They would do 3 to 5 hogs on the day so everyone had pork for all winter. As I recall they sent ham and bacon to town to be cured,latter years hams where cooked as a pork roast. My guess is about 1990 the last time my folks and my BIL and sister butchered hogs. Today's " other white meat" is so lean,the best pork chops in the last 15 years have been from wild hogs that had been eating well.
  10. Here Cadillac,Buick,Oldsmobile,and Pontiac. Sold the IH part in early 70's and sold cars for another 10 years. The last IH dealer sold Steiger and Wilrich.
  11. My 55 W Baler saga comes to an end today

    Good to see your filling the shed before the dust has settled from the building. Yes dry around this part of the world the rain is very slow starting. We consider are wet time to start in Oct or Nov,but Dec is about gone and no rain in site. But we have until April for it to happen and only averages about 12 in the country Tony got the baler from. I have made more with rain at the late end of season than having it to early in the season. But we take it the way the Lord wants not what we would like. I learned to bale with a IH 56w, the wire twister was the best part of it. My area 15 to 20 miles west of Tony's pictures gets about 20 inches of rain and grow some tall oats and barley at times and it didn't always feed into the baler the best. Maybe the baler would of worked better if I had Farmal in front of if and not a popping Johnny. I could ask Tom if we could plant a acre or 2 of oats at Santa Margarita if you want to put the baler to the test.
  12. Almost Christmas and no frost

    It has been pneumonia weather here 50 degree swing about everyday since Thanksgiving. Set a few record highs, lows have been from just above freezing to 22. I am surprised you have not had frost at your place Tony. Some rain sure would be nice .
  13. Hidden foreign land ownership in Wisconsin

    I am under the impression that USDA farm subsidy information is public as well. Here again you need to spend time doing the reading of the papers yourself. The Environmental Working Group has a web site you can look up what has been payed out in different counties. I have looked in my county and my name is there,and the numbers are somewhat close to what I have received. County office directer told me they can be way off, but other than that I have no idea.
  14. Hidden foreign land ownership in Wisconsin

    Deeds and such are public documents in the county recorders office. Better be that anyone can look. Just you have to do the digging yourself. No reason for my taxes to pay for a government flunky to find what you want to know. An the ownership could still hidden in a LLC or corporation but that too should be searchable to find corporation officers and legal signers of documents.
  15. ground/chopped hay in feed

    Cannot help with the grinding and mixing part. But your comment on limiting consumption with salt I have experience with. From the 50's up to 2000 ,the only supplement are beef cows with calves got was cottonseed meal,barley and salt at 33% and all the last years old dry washed out grass. With the Mediterranean climate we hope for fall rain to start are green grass,this is one of the years we are waiting. But even with a wet Nov we can be cool enough to not really have any grass the cows can eat. Always being optimistic we start calving in Oct,but the calves are ready for eating grass on there own when it comes in Feb or March. But the salt got so high priced in early 2000's feeding a salt mix as it was called is not done any more. In some regards our range land is not the best, and in years like this year dry feed has had a inch of rain so all water soluble vitamins and minerals have been washed out of it. But with the old salt mixes cows would hustle the hills to fill there belly. So why do you need to put hay in the grinder,total confinement?? If the hay is a cheap part of the ration feed it long ,free choice.