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  1. Real truck engines have gear drive water pumps.... lol CAT
  2. Is it manditory? I would think your governor would be putting a stop to it if she wants a future career on the correct side of things. I'd be righting letters to her and maybe her future boss if it's not stopped.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/reel/421344120457658/ I got this......
  4. I like crocs.... but not the 304.....
  5. Dad bought a Sikeston built trailer once...... that's all it takes is once lol
  6. A 200k mile 15yr old truck these days
  7. There isn't much there to see lol
  8. Dad used a 12rn 500 cyclo behind a 1206 for years no problem. With fuel prices I'd go with a 7000 jd finger pickup or kinze 12rn kelderman fold and shift up throttle back.
  9. The grain set up is HUGE.... still not many or any elevators around here that can handle the yields that are being put up. Seen some absolutely huge private grain handling facilities put up in the last 5-1] years. They pay for themselves.
  10. Try 230+ here in Illinois. Dad's little 250 acres averaged 265 in '23. But to answer your question..... ALL of them lol
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