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  1. I bought one new in 2001. Stainless with the longest barrel I could find. I'm not a marksman so I can't tell you how well it shot but sure as he'll was fun. Sold it when I moved to "town" to help pay the bills.
  2. I don't think yard maintenance was the only reason that guy owns sheep....
  3. Pony start 730 is a tad rare isn't it? If not rare a bit odd lol
  4. https://www.lawnsite.com/threads/are-the-new-stihl-zero-turn-mowers-just-repainted-ferris-mowers-how-much-will-they-cost.512985/ This says Briggs and Stratton which owns Ferris
  5. Place near me sells them. Haven't looked at them close but they sure resemble a Toro/exmark from a distance.
  6. I have a '13 Toro Timecutter 4235 homeowner unit no idea how many hours I don't mow alot just lazy lol haven't changed the oil in the kohler but twice. It needs valve cover gaskets and have only replaced blades twice I believe. That was because of being bent lol found some gator blades for it but I think that was a waste because it doesn't spin them fast enough.
  7. Beat me to it.... Bill his own self too... where you driving the train?
  8. Parts.... they are hard to find and easier to ship lol Got a 1640 that is probably the same way. The low hour d466 is worth more alone than in the machine
  9. My Dad has a single six like that. Also he has a High Standard semi auto 22lr he bought in high school in the late '50's
  10. I was always told that was the way to do it. The beaver wouldn't build back as fast because of the residue
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