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  1. Big Steve

    Fuel Filter ?

    Filters should be installed before the electric pump to protect the pump.
  2. Big Steve

    Using the TA Question

    Hyd TA is designed to be shifted hard and fast that's why 86 series TA shift handle was designed with the spring to put in gear fast but it wasn't designed for a brake on the road the low side clutches were put in to keep tractor from freewheeling like the old mechanicals did.
  3. Big Steve

    MX200 problem

    If the fan drive assembly part number 255030a1 is bad the fan will not run fast enough to keep the engine cool .Use a photo tack to check fan speed when engine is hot. That assembly was used on early serial number tractors.
  4. Big Steve

    Coupla' Carb Questions

    When installing an electric fuel pump make sure you are getting one that provides 3 to 7 psi and no more or you will over power the float and needle valve and flood engine .
  5. Big Steve

    806 Flywheel and rear plate

    If the engine is at top dead center number one than the flywheel tdc will be at 2 o'clock approximately
  6. Big Steve

    1206 Solar turbo rebuild

    Is there anybody who rebuilds 1206 Solar tubros?
  7. Big Steve

    Pumping hydraulic oil from tractor

    Bad habit to get into gear pumps can take some air but the new piston pumps cant.
  8. Big Steve

    Pumping hydraulic oil from tractor

    When I was younger and stupid used to pull pto run tractor nose in road ditch lift pto out . Ruptured 5th lumbar back surgery now I use a shop or truck crane. On the subject of draining rear ends, thirty seconds of cavitation can ruin a pump I'm not rich enough to take the chance for fifteen minutes less work.
  9. Pull the 3 pt top cover and pull the remote look for oil coming out of left front corner wheretop cover meets rear frame there's a Teflon seal ring there also check the flow coming down by the 3pt valve release remote lever and see if you have less oil if you do bad relief valve or oring in or on hitch valve. Also you may have blown the pump flange oring I always install a Teflon ring inside oring.
  10. Big Steve

    I have a question about a Farmall 1206

    A lot of 1206 in are area broke the white clamp on style and replaced them with wedge lock wheels which came red but can't say about fenders unless they got replaced also because they would have came red also.
  11. Big Steve

    666 gas

    You are right Matt heat must have gotten to my brain.
  12. Big Steve

    666 gas

    Try pulling choke out when it's missing if it runs better problem electrical no change problem fuel.
  13. Big Steve

    756 Gasser Update

    The tractor is vapor locking that's why it runs fine when the fuel and engine are cool take the hood and side panels off to get rid of excessive engine heat. Check the exhaust manifold for cracks heat riser operation.
  14. Tuesday morning local Ford dealer found 2 Ford 350 dually's looking just like the Chevy. They also got a small dump truck.
  15. Big Steve

    Need more leg room in the 15

    The air seats in 86 series that I have seen you lose leg room. I'm a big man so I just rebuilt the hyd seat and installed a new gas accumulator .