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  1. It's a replacement Lucas from Springfield Reman
  2. Steiner tractor Parts should have the kit you need
  3. The top cover on the speed transmission needs to be rebuilt or the linkage or both . There wasn't a lot of adjustment built in for wear.
  4. 86series top cover will fit on 06 ,56, and 66 series rear frame . If the 3point came up to far it breaks out the top cover so it probably got replaced
  5. What size tires is he running? 18.4 38 I would be in direct first
  6. This is a dry sleeved engine should be able to overhaul it . But if you want a different engine 560,706,806 ,756,856 would fit. Engine numbers would be c263,c291 ,and c301.
  7. Get yourself a set of angle wrenches great for hyd lines ,carberators, adjusting timing,and any place you can't in to turn a wrench. Harbor freight has a set 3/8 to 11/4 I got a set of standard and metric.
  8. 3/4 Reidi rod cut to the length for the amount of weights you want to put on.
  9. Scale Models is still making toys 1/16 ,1/8 and pedals. There are still in Dyersville Iowa can I ask why you need them ? I may be able to help you.
  10. Your 7120 will run the planterjust fine if you set your flow control properly. Put a pressure gauge in the motor supply line you have to keep the pressure under 2000 psi or you will lock the flow out of the pump where you have it set at . I have set a lot of Deere planters on Magum tractors when I worked at the dealership send me a PM if you more information.
  11. If memory serves me right the first and maybe the second 407 blocks didn't have enough water jacket on the right side to cool a turbocharged tractor it would crack the sleeve. This happened on the 1256 you can tell the early blocks on the right side it followed the curve of the sleeve. The later blocks were smooth on the right side and I thought they used those blocks up on the 856.
  12. Battery wire connection on the switch will lose its connection at the switch . It is not the voltage regulator it only job is to keep the voltage between 13.8 and 14.2 .
  13. Reverse is half the speed of forward . The springs on the hydro are getting weak the load can overpower the spring and return the shach plate back to neutral .The hydro linkage should be rebuilt but you can put a 1/4bolt n the reverse slot so you can over ride the load with the hydro lever.
  14. You may have the splines on the iptogear going bad. Does the remotes work Without making noise? Do You have power brakes and TA if you do they use the same hydraulic pump.
  15. Your check valve on number 1 is not holding. Number 1 has priority over the other valves and isn't getting signal to the pump to engage.
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