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  1. Years ago when we plowed new tractor rear wheels were set at the dealership 30 inches center of tractor to inside of rear wheel. Some customers wanted 31 so tires didn't rub the furrow wall so hard.
  2. Sounds like you have a battery cable poor connection at battery terminals , frame ,or starter.
  3. The Stocking caps and Scarfs were sold to and for the general public. The official uniform in the 50s through the 60s was dark grey pants and shirt with light grey yoke for mechanics and white yoke for partsmen and salesmen. IH then switched to brown pants and beige and red striped shirt for mechanics and parts and sales had white and red striped shirts the truck division went to dark blue pants and light blue shirts with dark blue collars parts and sales had white with blue collar shirts. Then Case came into the picture and there was no official uniform. Then they went to a red shirt and black and grey stripes with grey pants for service personal.
  4. Check for an air leak in the supply and return line in the diesel system. Air leak lets a siphon start and put fuel back in to tank. Also check your electric pump.
  5. Big Steve

    Poly for 1063

    Find a good used metal one there better than poly the poly has problem with static electricity holding shucks on the head and a good polished metal head will pick up down corn better in my opinion
  6. What is your gpm at 0 or under 500psi if it is less than 8gpm your pump is bad or you got a leak. Try lifting a load on your 3pt they work. ok with a bad pump till you put a load on them.
  7. You can help support the drawbar by running a heavy log chain around the 3point arms and under the drawbar with the arms all the way up adjust the 3pt arm turnbuckles till the drawbar is just off the bottom plate that way when the tongue weight comes on the 3pt helps carry the weight and help can't raise the 3pt too much because it is already all the way up.
  8. I had one that washer 1301642c1 came magnetized and the solenoid wouldn't move the poppet if memory serves me right. I think it was on the jammer solnoid.
  9. IT The picture is of a 455 you can tell by the cast standards. It mounts to the tractor using a long pin and eye bolt in the front corner of the front bolster like the M in the background
  10. What model number cultivator are you looking at ? The M came with a 448 which is a one piece that went across the front. The 450 came with a 455 which was a two piece and used the vertical holes in the front bolster to mount it.
  11. I don't know how if got there.
  12. If You have o-ring part number 86637641 bad in the control valve . It sits right beside the control spool
  13. I run with it in after I had a ornery light pole jump out and hit our 1460.
  14. Samuelson Pedal Tractors in Dyersville Iowa phone 563-875-6222. They should have anything you would need. Have used them for years.
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