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  1. Stupid question about 88 series seats...

    No the seats on 56 and 86 series were hyd but not load sensing. Also I think 94 series Case tractors used the same seat.
  2. Stupid question about 88 series seats...

    That type of hyd seat was used only on 88 series and early Magnums.
  3. Case IH Cyclo 800 planter questions and parts

    6row planter doesn't have the height sensing it just collapses the cylinders. The markers are electrical and can be automatic or manual if it has one switch with 3 positions and no lights than its manual.
  4. 806 Frank

    To remove top shaft in TA housing you have to split tractor between TA and rear frame housings not clutch.
  5. Gear oil question

    85w 140
  6. Case IH Cyclo 800 planter questions and parts

    Check the seed sensor does it have a red IH on it then it for a seed flow monitor. If no red IH than it for the cyclometer3monitor you can use the seed flow monitor with any seed sensor but not cyclometer3 spelling not right. Should be able to pick up a seed flow cheap. Wouldn't plant without it.
  7. 1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    The arm with the bolt looks like it is on upside down. I have found that the splines on he spindle are harder than the arm so new arms most of time fixes the closeness but you have to put the snap ring back on if you are going to use CaseIh parts. The one with a bolt in it is after market l think.
  8. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    Hold the light where I'm looking not where your looking.
  9. 3588 Doors

    K and M make a door kit that lets the original door open wider and has a gas cylinder closer that works well. If you use the step kit it makes it even better. On a 2+2you have to be careful so the front tires don't hit the door and tear it off. Did 3588 for a customer who had a hip and knee replacement and he loved them.
  10. 806

    Find a used QT Year-round cab off of a 06 or 56 series nice cab roll guarded and not too loud.
  11. 1206 to 1256 shifting conversion

    The thrust bearing goes between the two levers. The bearing is from the unloading auger on a 715 combine. You have to rework the half moon key to get it to work. Email if you want more information .
  12. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    1206 first rowcrop with 18.4 x38 rear rubber.
  13. 1206 to 1256 shifting conversion

    If you rework the shifter you got with new bushing and some needle thrust bearing it will as good if not better than the 56 series shifter. The straight line forward to reverse will be faster than h pattern. I have reworked several.
  14. combine pump on tractor

    The 100 series pump is the same you just have to change to manual shut off and change nose cam. The inline pumps on combines didn't have a torque capsule.
  15. White demos.

    What years did the white demo come out like the A and cub. The reason why I'm asking a friend sent me pictures of an M that has white paint under red the owner said the tractor was built or purchased Jan. of 1945.