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    All tractors Red, Green and Orange. Threshing Bee's. Farming. Most of all my loving wife and family who share(or put up with) my interests.

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  1. Very nice. I have a few to drop off by you
  2. Sorry for the loss. That overweight thing can be serious. My wife is in Sioux City now watching here sisters 4 kids. My sister in law's husband(42 years old) who is a Physicians assistant and has to be 350-400# and maybe 5' 11", had a major heart attack Monday. Surgery tomorrow in Omaha with a triple bypass planned. My sister in law is maybe 120# They been married 15 years and he was stout when they got married. But the last few years he just ballooned.
  3. It looks burned about the height a tomcats behind. Its a lighted fighter plane. Thanks. Mike
  4. Its a 317 V8. Plan on dropping all fluids tomorrow and see if I can get it running. Then get the brake cylinder working. We put a battery in and everything works. Even the hood ornament lights up and the reverse lights still work. There is a whole stack of service/tire/battery receipts in the glove box. A rebuilt transmission in 1971. The invoice is for 249.95 installed. It has South Dakota plates on it. I plan on leaving it as is and may take it to shows as an untouched original. My youngest son has mentioned taking it to prom. We will see on that one. My wife said I havnt been this excited since our wedding day. I said "you meant the day before the wedding didn't you"?
  5. Picked this up today. Last on the road in 1991. I hate cats and that shed had a couple dozen or more in it. Poop in the dirt everywhere. The plus is zero mice in the car. The bad was they pee'd on the car and you can see it on the paint down low. All original 7X,XXX miles on it.
  6. My brother in law had some (white) guys from SA work for him a few years back. Squatters killed their parents and took over their farm. And of coarse the squatters did nothing with the farm. Don't ask them what they thought of the people who are the majority over there.
  7. My brother is big believer in LS swaps. 5.3/6.0.
  8. Seen one on fire on I90 in MN one time. Ever notice on a windy day only 1/2 to 2/3's of them are turning. Why? It could get ugly one day if the government either decides to pull the plug or runs out of money to keep subsidizing them. To tall to store corn in.
  9. Brother in law just dealt with heads on his 98 chevy. Water pump went out and got really hot. There are two vortec heads. Pickups/Suburban's with the factory tow package have a heavier duty heads. They don't flow quite as well as the std vortec heads but are less prone to cracking.
  10. The bearing is a 509598E or if White still uses the W then its W509598E. Looks to be available.
  11. The Oliver 2255 was one of the early ones. They had a 3150 Cat. I repowered a few with 3208's. Looked cool, but dumb idea. Heat from the manifold heading right for the platform. Awkward piping under the hood to the muffler. IH did it better with two mufflers. I don't know who was next IH or Massey. I had to add a turbo to a guys 180 White. Dyno'd it a t 225 hp. Someone else would have to chime in which V8 was best. My guess would be Perkins-1 Cat-2 and DV550-3 Local repair shop said he had a pile of DV550's on his iron pile at one time from tractors he had swapped them out for DT436/466's
  12. My son said the same thing. It still has the seal on the vent. I don't have the heart to cut the top off.
  13. Got this out of a old barn yesterday.
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