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  1. Wanted to put a loft in the shop last year and ran out of time. Looks like it will be another year.
  2. Should have asked on here first. They look nice.
  3. The Goodyears were radials. The Firestones are bias. I just spray and plant with it. Thought with new tires it would be fun to disc with it once as the 282 was replaced at one time with a 301. But my back was mad at me when I got done. Should have used the White and 490. Thanks
  4. That is interesting with Firestones. I just put a new set on my 706D and thought I would use it and my old #37 disc to till up a small area where I had oats and next to where I had tile put in. About hopped me off the seat at times. The old Good Years never did that. No weights on the tractor.
  5. The 86's had a great forward view vs others at that time. All 86's should have left the factory with a tilt wheel and electric controlled T/A and transbrake.
  6. Doesn't surprise me. In today's world boys/girls don't know if they are girls/boys/other. Same people don't know if they are red, yellow, black or white. When I look in the mirror I still see a middle aged white guy.
  7. Ford bought all of their equipment. There were a few Ford disks in our area. They were White 271's. There plows and planters were also from White. For a parts guy it was nice that Ford put the mfg prefix in front if the OEM part number.
  8. Seen one catch a hummingbird that was hovering over my wifes flowers the other day. I wanted to be like granny with Sylvester vs Tweety. Drop it! Drop it! Not to mention I have to look down when walking across the yard. It's like walking thru a minefield. I use those cheap blue gloves to pick the piles up as I see them. In my lawn make me the maddest.
  9. I HATE cats! Sitting with my wife(loves cats) on the porch having coffee this morning one of our half grown kitten jumps on my lap. My wife says "she doesn't know you very well yet" Picking apples this afternoon I thought I would play catch with the cats on the yard by throwing some of the mushy apples that were laying on the ground to them. Funny they didn't throw them back to me. That's just their unfriendly nature. I should let everyone know. When a cat meets its end, an angel gets it wings. I think we all want angels to have wings.
  10. When I was parts manager I ordered most of my mufflers on the IH/Nelson direct ship program. The 403551R1's came in a display box of 9. I had ordered 100's of them thru the years. Looking back I wish I had ordered 100's of them for myself. The 360720R92 used on A,B,C ect came in a box of 4. That was a great program. Nelson offered mufflers for all makes. Sold a lot of John Deere, Oliver, Case and Allis mufflers as well. Nelson had a top quality product back then. A shame that's all done with from what I have been told. Bought a 560D a couple years back that had been sitting in a shed for 8-10 years. The guy says "by the way I have a new muffler for it" he comes out with a genuine 403551R1. Yeah I took it along.
  11. Allis WD/WD45 used the same Delco set up.
  12. Just read a quote from Gandhi in one of my farm papers that sums up today's world. "The things that will destroy us are: politics without principle. Pleasure without conscience. Wealth without work. Knowledge without character. Business without morality. Science without humanity. Worship without sacrifice" Everyone of them fit.
  13. cedar farm

    656 grill

    I have a 1969 656H myself. When I bought it the grill was gone as the bar grills fall out pretty easy. Although not correct, I put in the early 656/706 grill. They don't fall out.
  14. The ones you bought are from A & I. You will be disappointed. Throw them away or return them and buy the OEM 380712R1 from CaseIH. You will still have to modify them, but they actually have spring action. I have sold and used both and there is a major difference in the rubber.
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