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  1. I should disagree. We go out there a couple times a year and noticed it gets busier out there every year. I think last summer it must have set a record. I took notice of more California license plates for example than I ever seen before. We always have breakfast in Custer. One morning an SUV pulls up to the cafe with CA plates. They were the only ones in the cafe wearing masks. Not knocking it. Just thought it was interesting.
  2. I can't help but think: Here kitty, kitty, kitty......
  3. I have a Winchester 9422 I got when I was 12. Smooth as silk action. Deadly accurate. When My oldest daughter turned 12 ten years ago I bought her a hex barrel Henry .22. If I didn't have my 9422 I wouldn't have known the difference. The Henry is accurate, just not nearly as smooth as the Winchester. But that's why used 9422's bring big money.
  4. The one my brothers shop made stand does not have a worm gearbox. He said you dont let go of the handle until its locked. Mine has a worm gearbox and it stays where you want it. Think of the steering on an F20 vs a Regular when hitting a rut.
  5. Local service station when I was a kid used gasoline in his parts washer. As a kid really didn't think nothing of it. Looking back that was crazy.
  6. I am really surprised they are NLA as far as Nelson built. When I ordered them on the Nelson muffler program they came in display boxes of 9. Sold 50-60 a year. A guy on the Allis forum got Nelson to reintroduce the correct D15 and D17 oval mufflers. I bought one and it was well built and sounded correct. I am sure if someone is willing to do the leg work it could be done for the 403551R1. I was told by a guy who sell Steiner parts that their muffler is correct. Is the 360720R291 still correct?
  7. cedar farm


    Maybe better hurry up. Its 64 deg warmer today than the bottom of last week. A very nice 44 deg. Looks like the global warming kickoff has started
  8. cedar farm


    I could help you out by setting fire to some old 20.8-38's and 18.4-34's and countless one's from auto's/pickup's
  9. Needed a oil tube gasket for a DT414. 671821C2 is now 24.91. Broke open a kit and stole one out it.
  10. Can't swing a dead cat with out hitting a Dollar General as well.
  11. I have an OTC 1735B stand. love it. Had a DT436 on it and with its worm drive gearbox you can just spin it around and it stays where you put it. My brother build one with a regular gearbox. He said look out if you let go of the handle.
  12. That makes me mad when I hear stories of people not describing things correct. Muddy's the waters for everyone. Most are good. I bought a starter for our old 1996 Suburban a few weeks ago on ebay. The starter did not have the provision to mount the heat shield. I didn't complain but sent a message maybe they should revise their starter for it as long term I could be a problem. The guy apologized and refunded me the starter and told me to keep it. I didn't ask for that at all. That is great service.
  13. The buyer pays no fee's. The seller does.
  14. I sell 400 bales of oat straw a year to a local landscape center. 100 of them are 1/2 bales. I re-set my length of bale trip arm stop and back off the bale tension. They are actually square bales and are cute. They say the older ladies really like them because they are so light.
  15. The Oliver/White 2 and 3 speeds as well as the MM Ampli-torque used a sprag as well. Many a time rebuilding one and the old sprag would fall apart all over the floor. There is a local machine shop that would rebuild the shaft were the sprag ran on. One new mechanic didn't think reading the service manual was necessary on the details. The sprag went into the tail shaft housing of the Olivers. You always grabbed the output shaft and it had to turn free clockwise if I remember correct or the sprag was in backwards and had to be flipped. He didn't read that part and re-installed the engine/t
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