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  1. I cut 1000's of chains at the dealership. The worst, most shot, stretched chains had used motor oil on them. It starts out by having contaminants in it from whatever engine it got taken out of and it draws in and collects more yet. I would run them with nothing vs used oil. Chain lube is the best to use. Crary spring loaded holdowns are the answer for keeping the knife down. Sold hundreds of them and use them myself. They have replaceable wear pads as well.
  2. I love watching swallows dive at cats. If I could just figure out how to attach talons to their feet. Level the playing field.
  3. I also like the looks of the original generator. Unless your adding a bunch of stadium lights an alternator is unnecessary. The generators also seem to last a lot longer than an alternator.
  4. I've had one for a couple years. It's a great tool. I've dismounted all the way from car tires up to 20.8 x 38's. I also bought some Ken-tool tire irons from a local farm store. I am almost getting good at it. Still hate fluid filled tires.
  5. Big tractor parts in North Dakota.
  6. With all that going on back there it looks like you need a Hoyer lift. Good thing you don't have fenders.
  7. 99.99% of my customers were no trouble. It's the handful of "prefered" (prefer not to see) customers that could make a day interesting. I said to the other parts guy I worked with for nearly 20 years we should write a book "Tales from behind the counter" about some of the stuff we seen. I seen one of my old customers obituary in the paper saturday. He was a great guy. But I remember him buying a battery on day. He came back an hour or so later saying the battery was no good. I could see he had put the neg cable right over the black plastic cap. I pulled the cap off and said "now try it" He scowled a little bit, grabbed the battery and headed out the door. Seen him many times after that. But never teased him. I could go on and on. But whenever I put a bearing in anything I think of the time a fella came in with 5-6 steel balls wondering if I had any that size as he had lost a few. I measured one and went over to the boxes that had all the IH steel balls in size from small to large. Nothing was quite the right size. I asked him what he was working on. He pulls out of his pocket the inner and outer races of a ball bearing. It had failed and he wanted to put the steel balls back in it. I should have asked him if he was scared of kryptonite. Being a good actor was also part of the job. If you looked unconfident then you were in trouble. But if you were to cocky that was also trouble. Had a young fella start by us when it was decided to go with three partsman. Poor actor. A guy i didn't know came in one day and went to the young partsman with a broken oddball wagon spindle wondering if it was something we stocked. i was helping someone else but kept my ear on them. The customer was getting a bit irate in that he couldn't believe in all those bins there wasn't a spindle for him. He was there 10 minutes verbally abusing that young fellow. Just wouldn't accept NO. I calmly went over, asked him the brand(don't remember what it was) looked it over and said "Cambells supply in Rock Rapids is a dealer and stocks them" He thanked me and headed 25 miles down the road to Cambells. The young guy says to me after. i didn't know they were a dealer. I said I didn't either.
  8. Ebay still works pretty good for me. You have to live with their fee's. I does seem some of the current buyers are less knowledgeable on the parts they are buying than when I started selling on there. They only read the heading and not the item description for the details. I quit selling A/C compressors because they would just slap them on with flushing the system. Adding oil or evacuating it down. The compressor would fail and they would wonder why. Or they buy a part and find out that wasn't the problem and return it.
  9. Beautiful! Some day I would love to have one. That 301 has a sound of its own. A 200 would be fine as well. I looked at one a guy had for sale a few years back. Popped out of 3rd and 4th pretty bad. I had just got done rebuilding a guys D17 SIV for the same problem and I knew how how expensive it is.
  10. Ive had 1966 plates on my Catalina for 3 or 4 years. I asked a trooper friend of mine when I put them on. As far as he knew, keep your up to date plates in the car. I have them under the drivers floor mat. Interesting side note. 1966 was red with white letters. On the back plate there is a clear white finger print in the corner. Being they were made in a prison it would be neat to track the guy down somehow. I like the looks of the new black plates as well.
  11. We used to stock it in grease gun tubes or gallon paint can type containers. From John Deere it comes in grease gun tubes. An air or electric grease gun works great.
  12. EPO grease is the same as John Deere corn head grease. New Idea and Case/New Holland disc mowers use it. We always used in New Holland rake gearboxes. Works good for an 80-90 replacement in a lot of applications.
  13. Kind of proud of this picture. The most recent was taken at my wife's parents 50th anniversary. We don't take many pictures and since our church quit taking directory pictures, we hadn't taken a family picture in years. My wife Karen and kids Abby, Matthew, John and Amanda. Ages 21,19,17 and 15. Life is great, but time slips away to fast. The second picture seems like yesterday instead of 11 years ago.
  14. How far north are you? We were in Sioux Falls yesterday and it pretty much rained all afternoon. K-101 out of Luverne announced hail and strong wind in Nobles county. That would be the Worthington area. I heard they got 4 plus inches.
  15. The sheer arrogance of those regimes. They never would have believed that we knew almost every major move they were making. Those poor German sub commanders had to think something was wrong to go from the "happy time" to staggering losses.. The Japs figured their language was to complicated for us to break their code. Some have estimated that our code breaking shortened the war by 2-3 years. Seems I read somewhere once Patton wanted to turn around and whip the ruskies. Funny he was mowed down by an unknown driver. A guy has to wonder.
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