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  1. I grew my beard when she was in 8th grade to make myself look scary to the young men. It was a failure.
  2. Great thing to do. One of my daughters works in a nursing home part time. 2020 has been rough on the residents.
  3. Just got emailed some pictures that were taken this summer by the Granite people. Always a great show. Started in 1985 or 1986 by a neighbor across the section and a guy from Granite, IA . I had just finished restoring what we think was my grandpas 1935 B in the winter of 86-87. It's been there every year since. My oldest daughter has been either riding on it or driving it for 21 years. Proud to see all four of my children in the parade every year. Daughter on the 1935 B. Oldest son with a 560/412 plow combo. Next son 1928 10-20/No2 subsoiler combo. Youngest daughter 1939 B w/cultivator. Me on
  4. I have given up. Just tried to register again. Same think comes up as the last time "the email address or domain entered has been blocked by the forum administrator" We have had the same email since we got a computer. I am just plain to computer stupid and have no idea what is wrong. Must be a gated forum. No outsiders welcomed.
  5. I've read it for years. Tried to join their forum a few weeks back when someone had a parts question. I couldn't get logged in no matter what I tried. Just gave up.
  6. Weld on repair ball sockets are available for 3-point lift arms. I am sure your old one could be cut out and a new one welded in.
  7. My brother in law had a couple of white guys from South Africa work for him. They both grew up on farms. The one's dad was murdered by squatters. I guess it's a mess down there for farmers.
  8. Isn't the problem with any vent less not the fumes the emit, but the oxygen they remove from the air in an enclosed space?
  9. Thanks. I am just grateful to have a couple sons and daughters who enjoy it. With out the youth the hobby will die. I grew up with a NI 327 and then later on sold lots of parts for them. Bed bearings, rubber finger wheels, snapping rolls ect. In out area 90% NI. Mounted IH and JD 300's made up the other 10% Had NI used stalk roll knives instead of the 3 BPA loss snapping rolls, it would have been the perfect picker.
  10. When I bring scrap in, the yard has a pile of way newer appliances than I have. The scrap man says a 10 year old now days is an old fridge.
  11. Supposed be an Allis wagon. The gentleman was an avid Allis collector who is in his 80's and selling off a few items. In July I pulled home the 66 combine his dad bought new in the 1950's. It was always shredded. The Granite Ia threshing bee featured Allis this past summer and it was fun to bring it there.
  12. Great picture! Just wondering. Does it pull the husk of or does it leave it on? I have a neighbor that sells sweet corn. My wife said "maybe that would work for that"
  13. They did. I bought a few more items from him and need to pick them up yet. Making room in the sheds first.
  14. Pulled these home yesterday from down by LeMars yesterday. Can't wait to try it out next fall.
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