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  1. Years ago one of our customers got pulled over spreading manure with his 195 NH spreader. No visible SMV sign.
  2. They were on a large wooden skid facing up with the tongue swung off to the side. We unloaded them with a large forklift.
  3. Watch your bridges and mailboxes. A guy bought an used 16" 116 from us. Hit a bridge on the way home. Most of the 116's we sold were 14' because of road hauling width.
  4. I don't smoke, but put gas in the pickup in Worthington, MN and seen cigarettes were 10.00 and up for a pack. A guy ahead of me bought a pack, complained and said he was moving to South Dakota. I am sure all the border towns in IA and SD have seen an increase in sales.
  5. The #1 engines used for retro/classic car swaps are the LS 5.3 and 6.0 GM engines. They are simple and reliable. After all the years of reading about people complaining about their 302/351's getting 10mpg on a good day. Triton's blowing spark plugs, cam phasers and getting 10mpg on a good day. 6.0/6.4 diesels having every conceivable problem an engine could have and getting 10mpg on a good day. Now reading 3.5's may or may not blow up depending on the phases of the moon that Ford still can sell a pickup. My Suburban's 5.3 has over 250,000 miles. My 3 2500HD with 6.0's have 170,000 256,000 and
  6. That is slick looking. Now I know what to do with some seat supports I have laying around. No longer can my wife say "there's no room" when I want her to take a tractor ride.
  7. I didn't do it myself, but my sons 460 and 2 of my 560's have round bar stock welded to the platform as well. Works well.
  8. We have that with cats. I heard a guy one time say "I had to many and his local town didn't have enough" The lowest blow is when someone drops off a pregnant cat. There should be special prison's for those people.
  9. That short throw is because of their constant mesh trans. Only shifting a collar. The WD has a longer throw more like an M because it's sliding gear trans. The collar shift is the Allis's achilleas heal. To narrow of collar combined with a guy can shift on the go and grinds it into gear. Every trans I did both the collar and the cogs were rounded off, Maybe grinding the detent to force it on a little farther one way would help for one gear, in my mind you would loose that distance shifting the other way. Both Allis and Oliver were ahead of the pack in constant mesh transmissions. A trans
  10. In the early 80's a bunch of black dogs disappeared in the area including our black lab. Rumor was going around it was devil worshipers looking for sacrifices.
  11. The brakes on WD/WD45 and Series 1 and 2 D17's can be a bugger. On those the shoes crown the drum and have to be removed from the top. The lower anchor pin rusts in place(often mice urine and nesting) Usually welding a large nut on the stud that sticks out and working it back and forth gets it loose. The torch is a last result. The D17 series 3 and 4 you just remove the axle. I have never done a D15, but it looks like the shoes are inside the drum and it's just a matter of removing the axle. Sweet little tractor. I always wanted the whole D series. Does it jump out of 3rd or 4th gear?
  12. Pet him and you will never play piano or guitar again.
  13. Originally they had 1' x 1' pads at the base on each angle. Those would be set down in a hole and backfilled with dirt. Most people cut the windmill off right below the surface because those pads would be near impossible to dig up. When I set mine I used a post hole auger and set it down about 3 feet below the surface. The I drove 4 fence posts down along side the angles down below the surface. Then pour concrete around them. To set the windmill I tipped the loader bucket down. Went up against it and chained it tight against the bucket with binders. Then just set it those holes. I t
  14. A couple things. Did you grease the new bearings? They have minimum grease from the factory. And second the rock flex disks ate bearings for lunch. If they wern't chucking bearings they were breaking those D-rings. I sold countless standard stands to guys to convert their rock flex disks. Later on to address the problem CaseIH later offered trunnion bearing update kits. Sold a lot of those and they fixed the problem. They allowed the bearing to move on all directions. Funny thing is those trunnion brg kits were very similar to the trunnion type set up Allis used back in the 1950's and on.
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