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    All tractors Red, Green and Orange. Threshing Bee's. Farming. Most of all my loving wife and family who share(or put up with) my interests.

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  1. Star Wars(original) Indiana Jones True Grit(John Wayne) Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World The Great Escape The Guns of Naverone
  2. Admittedly I am stuck in the past as country music goes. Merle. Charlie. Mel. Hank(both). Waylon. Statlers and so forth. My wife had a radio station on in the bathroom. I came in and thought she had a rap station on. Supposedly its Country music. I listened to three songs in a row. Terrible.
  3. The snap-tach indeed made it a big-small tractor. I have a pull type #2 subsoiler I pull behind a 1928 D on steel. You can bury the shank and it chugs right along. Hooked it to my D17 S3 and I just spun. And it was not set that deep. I have an Allis snap tach subsoiler as well. I can bury that shank and keep going with the D17. A Ford N series good or bad, everyone eventually realized the benefits of traction control. And we can thank Harry and Henry for that.
  4. The WD is a 201 and the WD45 is 226. The 226 was one of the snappiest engine per CID of its time. Coupled with the snap-tach load/depth system those little pumpkins would really pull their weight worth. The hand clutch was their version of "live pto" and ran in oil. Kept adjusted they were trouble free. They ran in oil to allow feathering for use on the All-Crop and Roto-Baler. Feather a dry foot clutch that often and you will soon be putting in a clutch.
  5. The Allis 70 series snap-tach plow was to short and would plug in high residue. The later 80 series were better. Most of the 3 bottoms you see for sale everywhere are 70's.
  6. Whoops. Missed that. Sorry. It was in either Green magazine or Two Cyl one time.
  7. Sorry. Descendants of Abraham.
  8. Nelson will work with you to build them. A guy over on the Allis forum has had Nelson make a number of different ones for A/C's. I ordered one from him for my D17 series 3(oval) It was perfect and had the correct sound. Not the sound of two cats fitting in a garbage can like a stanely. Wasn't cheap. Who cares it correct.
  9. We used to update them with the 666/686 shaft. You change reference 21 and 28. The new shafts have a square pin.
  10. Not as big of an issue in tractors as they are mounted solid. But there are different 8.3 blocks for core value. We replaced a 8.3 that had been replaced at on time before in a 1680. The casting # had no core value because it was a non-heavy duty block. That was not good when I told the customer he was out a core value. Ran into that all the time with 06-86 hyd pumps. Had to be OEM Cessna's. Nothing else.
  11. Maybe someone has already mentioned it. But the 5088 has a lighter differential with just bushings. As does the 7110 Magnum.
  12. I always notice that as well. Artillery often fires in a war movie and they just shoot out a few sparks. Props to prop guns don't always match. I enjoy "Wanted dead or alive" but Steve McQueen's gun belt is holding what looks like 45-70's for his sawed off lever action with the short breech.
  13. I read once John Deere used a Case LA during the 2 cyl era to test how much power you could actually put to the ground in a 2WD tractor
  14. I haven't checked lately either. As a hoarder the stuff that I bring in is truly scrap. What I do know is it really varies by area's. A few years back a friend of mine in WI brought in scrap. 40.00 a ton more than here at that time. What doesn't help our area is a group of people(for reasons of PC) that were targets of the NAZI's own every scrap yard with in 150 miles of me.
  15. p/n is 279476A1. CIH is showing 18.00. Have you tried a dealer?
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