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  1. Its about 45-50 miles straight east of me. Must be a large front. I talked to a friend of mine from by Horicon WI and they are getting the same snow/wind
  2. Sioux falls kelo weather was predicting 6-8 inches. We are 25 miles se of SF.
  3. Not sure how much snow, but its 1 degree out and wind gusts of 45 mph. We were sitting really good on very little snow until yesterday morning. Kind of a mess out there. Darn global warming.
  4. Cute. Nice to find an use for the ford tough body once the 5.4, 6.0 or 6.4 engines fail.
  5. Not to far from there on Philips Ave is another neat building with "Dempster" and other stuff painted on it.
  6. You will want it free'd up. When I bought my 656H years ago it to was stuck in low range. Mine was froze up in the dash where it pivots. Take the pins out of the rod going down and see if the lever moves. When I got mine free, Its been 15 or so years ago, but I remember it was a bugger getting it free. I then added a grease serk. I always start it and shut it off with the range in neutral. When its cold you can have the range in neutral and move the S-R lever ahead just a little to warm the hydro oil before driving it.
  7. I have wondered about the parts availability. I used to stock the discs. They were a finer spline than the Super M discs. They were about 35.00 a piece then. Double what the SM's cost. I wish I had a bunch of them today.
  8. I thought they used the same bull pinion seal as the band brakes. 357975r91.
  9. Interesting reading. Its a mixed bag of different scenario's(don't know if thats the correct wording). I seen on KELO news awhile back the South Dakota prison system is seriously short guards. From what I am reading I can understand why. Jesus say's not to forget the widow or the prisoner. I don't know if the prisoner of 2000 years ago was more open to correction or the system is making that correction more difficult. I watch Gunsmoke on ME-TV at noon. Matt Dillon seemed to have a different approach as well. More black and white. I will add that I have an uncle that I haven't heard from in 35 years. I knew about that long ago he was sent up for armed robbery in Colorado. I just got a Christmas card from him out of the blue a few weeks back saying he is trying to get his life in order in prison. He was out and then back in for attempted murder of a patrolman. Parole date of 2070. I sent him a letter back and now really feel the need to visit him in prison. And there is the Jesus vs Matt Dillon choice Until I got that card/letter I would have said Matt Dillon. Just makes you think.
  10. When the kids were young I removed the left hand armrest and fabricated a buddy seat that mounted to the armrest stud and hooked on the edge of the seat suspension. It would easily lift off to reinstall the armrest. Funny. 20 years later it's still in there as my wife will ride along now and then.
  11. Global change must be real. The gravitational pull of the earth is increasing. I can't lift what I used to. Boy that is one crabby looking kid. Looks like global change is making her constipated.
  12. We were out in the Black Hills last summer. Decided to trailer my 1966 Pontiac convertible instead of driving it out there. 350 miles of not listening to the noisey top. Ended up buying a former BH national forest truck. Trailer-ed it home and my wife drove the Pontiac. Its a great running but butt ugly 1966 F250 4WD with 4 speed and 352 engine. Its a beast. Also my first Ford pickup. That one looks 10 times better than mine.
  13. I had to laugh at the time. Years ago I went to a mostly car museum that had a few tractors including a 15-30 parked inside. The sign said "A joint venture between McCormick and John Deere" I went to one of the museum people and told them that was not correct.
  14. I am on a new password as well. We also had to get a new computer this weekend. Brother in law switched everything over on Saturday. Windows 7 to 10 thing. I finally clicked on the "forgot password" and put in a new one.
  15. It had to be a late one with the mounting bosses/holes drilled in the rear casting.
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