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  1. Make sure your getting alternators with the 3 terminals. Those have the heavy duty swing arm brushes. The 2 terminal alternators are for cars. The car ones also have a lighter duty front bearing housing. Seen those cracked out before. The car ones had no core value when a guy would bring one in.
  2. It would if its overcharging. The red wire was the one that got rusty and would do funny things with the regulator. just giving a helpful suggestion. If I remember correct guys would modify the alternator wiring as the factory ran an unnecessary loop thru the cab
  3. You could be correct. I am thinking of the 3650/486. It had all the rollers and belts. I had a chart on the wall at the dealership that gave all the New Idea/Hesston to CaseIH hay equipment model number cross references. There were a few 3650's in our area. No 3450's around. Thinking about what I stocked for them is the bearings on the rollers. Seemed the early ones had round ID bearings and the later ones had larger hex ID bearings.
  4. Make sure you are replacing the 2 wire connector that plugs into the regulator. They get rusty and will pop the regulator. I always handed out an alternator and a connector.
  5. It was New Idea built. 486 if I remember right. Soft core bale. Might find more info on the 486 if you do a search.
  6. He used to be in Minnesota. Our shop sent quite a few tachs to him. I was always impressed on the 66 series tachs with the center knob. He made that convex lens perfect. Turn around time could be slow sometimes. But worth the wait.
  7. Our bachelor neighbor across the section had a 4010 with a Y a R cab. He died in the late 70's and it got parked under a group of trees on the yard. His sister rented out the land but wouldn't sell any of his equipment. She died in 1997 and they had a sale that fall. Couldn't believe how much stuff had been packed in that house. Anyway that poor 4010 had sat outside all those years. It only had around 1500 hours on it. It had so much water in the engine the oil filter housing had been pushed out of the oil pan from ice. Pedals were stuck. Levers where stuck. That tractor brought 5800.00 because of the low hours! I talked to the local repair shop that later worked on it. He had more than double the price into it when done. The acreage is now farm ground.
  8. The very early NID's with the round stamped steel knife tops where built by lely. The later ones with the egg shaped tops where a mixture. The 5400 series was all NID built as far as I know.
  9. That is true. They turn in opposite direction so they may be correct with a 1/4 turn. Except that inner one.That looks messed up. I will turn mine to see what it looks like.
  10. That looks like a mess. The tops have a square center and my guess is they had the tops off the check the oil and didn't put them on right. They will hit if it was run that way. They have to be indexed. I took a picture of my 3206 tops. Mine isn,t perfect anymore as its been 8-10 years since I put the last shaft in.
  11. Thank you obama! Same problem. Our Blue Cross went from 2500.00 a year to over 11,000.00 with a lot higher deductible since the so called affordable health care act B.S. went into affect.
  12. On both the CIH and NID the heads should alternate 6/12 position, 3/9 position. Its an easy way to tell on the 3206 if the shaft is twisted. I've seen the hex spun out on the NID mowers, but never seen a shaft twisted on a 5400 series. I have put two shafts in my 3206 since I've owned it. The 1st one was 100 something and the last one 200 something. I had always stocked them from New Idea as they were less money than CIH. The tops on the gray 5400 series use different knives/hardware then the red 5400 series.
  13. The CIH 3206 is the old New Idea 528 mower. New Idea must have dumped them off on CaseIH. They are basically the same design except the drive shaft. Instead of the 1" hex shaft used on the 5400 series, the 528/3206 used a 3/4" square shaft. It is definitely the weak link of the mower. The lower pinion gear on the 3206 that the drive shaft goes into also has smaller ball bearings which didn't hold up well with years of hard use. The red 5400 series have the segmented hex drive shafts and larger knife blade pivots. The gray ones have the one piece hex shaft and use the same knives and pivots as the 528/3206. Any 5400 series is a good mower. I would add. The 5 and 7 disc units(5407/5409) were harder on cab glass if the curtain was bad as the end disc threw stuff at the cab. I spent 20 years behind a parts counter selling parts for both mowers and have owned a 3206 myself since the early 90's. Skip the CIH and look for a New Idea.
  14. Reman Deere clutches were at one time AG parts. AGCO's were Hy-Cap. Deeres are probably A & I now that they own them.
  15. the 1994 on up Dodge's where terrible for rusting out. GM called the flaking off of paint "delamination" The paint didn't adhere to the undercoating. My 1991 GMC was repainted for free by GM at Billion GMC in Sioux Falls in 93 or 94. Most people didn't realize GM offered a free repaint. I had noticed a dime size piece of paint missing on the hood. Called up Billion. They ran the VIN and I got a free paint job. Jet black pickup. Had it home a couple days and sure enough I look out the window and a @#$% cat sitting on the hood minutes after I got home from work. Needless to say that cat know longer answered to "here kitty, kitty"
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