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  1. Just missing cattle prods!
  2. RF engine sells federal mogul.
  3. What a coincidence. I am in Bozeman now and drove through Yellowstone yesterday. Entered from Livingston and on the way out went through Columbus. Its ashamed how Bozeman built up. I come out here for work at least 2 times a year.
  4. Yes, it made it much better. But now I wish we would have put13.6 on instead of 12.4's. Oh well.
  5. It did. Her name is Carol. I corrected it for our friend Bitty. Thanks for the compliment MTO!
  6. Darn auto correct!
  7. Here are more pics of the Wife's 340. She saw the one in the museum by Bloomsburg last Red Power Roundup and fell in love with it. We stumbled across one last August, rebuilt and restored it over winter. We also put 38" wheels from an H on it. And one before picture.
  8. I bought this machine for a really good price last week. We got to use it on about 10 acres. Sure beats my NH 488. I can't believe how heavy it is. Does anyone have any experience with them? Thanks, Jim.
  9. ih88

    Farmall 340 and 1066

    Almost forgot this one.
  10. ih88

    Farmall 340 and 1066

    Thanks! I am glad i didn't keep track of the hours we have in them.
  11. About done with the Wife's 340 and Sons 1066. Complete overhauls and tons of bodywork and paint. This is my first attempt at posting pictures in a long time.
  12. I got my 445 to not break bales. I make them fairly heavy and occasionally the thrower breaks a string. Mine was all timed and still broke a lot until i added the wear plates to top of bale chamber and switched to poly twine. The poly twine i used was 170# knot strength and i have some 230# poly to try this year. Maybe it will survive the thrower this year.
  13. ih88

    Randy Sohn

    God bless Randy, you will be missed!
  14. I have been running the notched on both sides of my 900. Some of my soil would not close up with the smooth. The seed slot closes now. Mine were from Shoup, reasonable price but i am not super impressed with them.
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