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  1. Should not have been more than 60,000# or close. Rig capable of 80,000#. Also a long stable rig. Just my opinion. We hauled 3 back to PA Saturday and the idiots in cars and semi rigs were all over the the road. One rig in the middle lane swerved into our lane then went right over into the other lane. too much texting and cellphones!
  2. We will be there Thursday morning until Saturday afternoon. We are bringing my Sons 1066, 382, IH cart and my Wifes Farmall 340. I retired from my flying job to be here and also to get my life back. See you there.
  3. Problem solved. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you! I will test this morning and let you know. Thanks, Jim.
  5. I have an Mx 200 in for fluid and filter service. The customer said the brakes grab until the tractor is completely up to operating temperature then all is good. I test drove it and gently braking from about 8 or 10 mph, all normal deceleration for a few seconds then it seems like the park brake engaged. Puts you into the steering wheel. Same scenario but braking with only one pedal, all is normal. I changed HY-Tran, filter and cleaned suction screen and no different. Any idea's? thanks, Jim.
  6. I jut got an out of frame kit from Rileys for a D268. It consists of Absolute bearings and gaskets. The liner kit box says Power Seal and the sleeve and piston inside are marked Anglo from England.
  7. ih88

    Shop lighting

    Here are ones I got at Menard for under my loft. They are very bright and only $20 apiece. Got pullchains on them and you can plug up to 17 together.
  8. My Son and I built our 60 x120 shop in 2011. We built all the wall panels on a jig before excavation. Put the loft in about a month ago, now prepping for some concrete. Hate seeing some equipment sit out while doing this.
  9. Don't force it! Get a bigger hammer! Your not holding your mouth right.
  10. Piece of dust floating past camera. Lit up by IR and too close to focus on.
  11. This tractor has spin on filters. Also tried with no air filter. I will pull the rubber hose off and check it. If thats not it, off comes the pump.
  12. It has spin on filters different from what you show. Monday I will take the rubber fuel line off and check it. Air intake is clear. Thanks guys. I will keep you posted on what I find
  13. Starts good, runs good except at higher rpm's about 1800 and above it will start to miss, put out blue smoke and looses power. And rpm's. Does not surge. 2 new air filters also. Did not check from filters to pump. Yes it has about 1 foot of rubber hose from filter housing to another steel line that goes to pump. Sounds like that line may be a potential problem.
  14. Good return into tank. This happened before filter change that he did in August. New filters today to be sure.
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