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  1. MX275 Magnum

    Possibly time for new filters? Also try this, turn key on, let pump run for maybe 10 seconds then try to start. Jim.
  2. Congratulations, get the 1206 and keep busy with hobbies. I work in a 2 man flight department. When the other guy is on vacation, the contract pilots we use are 71 and 75 year old retired airline guys. They have no hobbies so they keep working. Enjoy, Jim.
  3. 2007 8010 in Iowa

    May look at an 8010 at Reckers in Iowa. Sounds like a good guy on the phone. Anyone know him? Thanks, Jim.
  4. Poor UPS service

    I have had 1 lost and 3 or 4 packages come later than the tracking says. And if there is a dusting of snow, they wont come in driveway.
  5. Pressure ,well water tank ,making noise ?

    Either the bladder just ruptured, or you have a split or worn through spot in your line in well above water line allowing some air in when pomp is not running. Jim.
  6. The most exciting rows!

    I just finished my last 6 at 1:30. Wish I had more.
  7. In happy news

    X 10
  8. Tinnitus

    Dirt bikes in the 70's, Tractors in the 70's and80's, and the real killer on my ears were Hawker 400, 600, 700 and 800xp aircraft. Chief pilot would not allow use of headsets. Now we use Bose noise cancelling, very nice. Constant ringing when except when noise is present.
  9. 1480 plugged rotor

    Back in Pennsylvania now. Pulled concaves out and dug for a bit then drove outside and engaged separator and it worked. then I see that the center auger was not turning, when concaves went down it stopped the auger and stripped the gears. I got that repaired yesterday, now to get the right side supports back in and reshape and weld the 2 truss hangers (just big oval eyebolts). The reason the right side of the concaves dropped was the bolts came loose on one of the brackets that hold it. The wife did help me. Will get it finished and serviced today. Thanks, Jim.
  10. 1480 plugged rotor

    Thanks everyone. Yes it is wrapped up tight. I will unbolt it Monday when i get home. Nice drive from MSP to Worthington. Running lots of beans and some corn. Saw a big JD Combine sunk in mud. Felt bad for them. A Case IH Flagship Combine was harvesting future son inlaws property but was done before i could i could get a short ride. I love the huge fields, my largest is about 30 acres in contour strips.
  11. 1480 plugged rotor

    Finishing beans last night had 50 foot to go and combine bogs down fast. Took side panels off to find concave came out of brackets on right side so rotor plugged up tight. Tried briefly to rotate it backwards with no luck. Now we are driving from Minneapolis to Worthington for my daughters wedding Saturday. Be home Monday to fix it. Anyone else have this happen? Thanks, Jim.
  12. Lime/fertlizer spreader

    I extended the guides to within 1/4 inch of the spinners with sheet metal extensions, fastened with a few self drilling hex head screws. Easy to remove for lime. Probably more important was adding to the divider(the one behind the gate to where the material drops off the chain). I also used it for side dressing the corn this year, put axle extensions from Unverferth on it for proper spacing. I put 225# 46-0-0 on and I noticed some fluctuation of the urea at that low gate setting. Seems fine with 300+# setting with other fertilizer. I do have a remote camera pointing at the spinners and gate area for that purpose. Jim.
  13. Lime/fertlizer spreader

    I use a Stoltzfus Redhawk 80 for both. Not as good as a dedicated fertilizer spreader. I made a hillside kit which helped a lot. Works fine with higher rates of fertilizer. But the rate per acre is very accurate.
  14. Went to look at it. Must have snapped a rod. what made me turn and run was the 90 wt. gear oil in hydro trans.
  15. Going to look at a 7235 compact diesel with a bad?? engine. Anyone know of an engine parts source? Its the K3G engine. Thanks Jim.