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  1. Thank you I'll give them a call tomorrow
  2. Looking for the part number for the s2e turbo to put on my 1566 or where to get one.
  3. I ran the tractor this weekend was gonna put it on the grain buggy made an hour of work and then she made a loud bang then started knocking. Trucked it back to the shop finally pulled it in tonight and pulled the base off expecting pieces. There was nothing in there do pulled the valve cover next and found number three intake rockets shaft broke on half.
  4. It will still smoke white smoke operating temp.
  5. It smokes a little bit of white smoke at idle
  6. I ran it on the dyno again today not changing anything and it put out 165hp first run ran around the front of it and the exhaust mainifold and turbo were cherry red and it was shootimg flames out the exhaust. i turned the screw back in to where it was when i got it which was two turns in and it ended up falling on its face at 110 while still throwing flames out the exhaust.
  7. I just got a 1566 changed all the filters and did full service. I've drove down the road a couple times seems to run good I put it on the dyno today and it was only putting out 120hp. So I turned the fuel screws a couple turns and got it to 140hp but it wont go any farther than 140hp. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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