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  1. I pulled the pump tonight and it’s bad. I will replace it this weekend. Thanks
  2. Pto still works. I swapped the relief valve and still no response from 3 point or remotes.
  3. I was spraying beans with the 1066 when I lost the rear remotes and the 3 point no longer goes up. All the other hydraulics work. Oil is clean and changing the filter did not help. Where do I start troubleshooting? Thanks
  4. I purchased an IT manual so i have the instructions. Thanks for the part number and I will make sure to check the play in the front drive shaft as you mentioned.
  5. Thanks i will take a look at the check valve. Do you know if the front seal is simple to change or do I need to take the injection pump to a diesel shop?
  6. I checked the oil in my 706 today and it had 2 gallons of diesel in the engine oil. The engine is German 310 diesel out of a 715 combine. It has a Bosch injection pump with a electric fuel shut off. Is there a seal on the injection pump that is causing this? If so how hard of a repair is it?
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