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  1. No the old gasket was on the head when it went to the machine shop and is long gone now.
  2. After comparing this to the head, this appears to be the correct gasket. Thanks for the input. Here is a picture of the gasket on the head.
  3. Checking this new reliance head gasket for a 263. The old head gasket had perfectly round holes. This gasket has egg shaped holes. Parts counter said it’s correct. Is it?
  4. Yes, I have done about five head gaskets before. I'm not a novice, but I also don't have as much experience as many of you. We often trade things back and forth; however, I need to put a value on my labor. I was thinking along the line of Tractorholic that I don't want to charge what a dealership gets, but I don't want to do it too cheap. I am thinking $35 an hour. Thanks for your replies.
  5. My neighbor has a 656 with a 263 engine that needs a head gasket replacement. He will be paying for parts and machine work. He wants me to change the head gasket. What’s a fair price to charge for labor?
  6. I pulled the pump tonight and it’s bad. I will replace it this weekend. Thanks
  7. Pto still works. I swapped the relief valve and still no response from 3 point or remotes.
  8. I was spraying beans with the 1066 when I lost the rear remotes and the 3 point no longer goes up. All the other hydraulics work. Oil is clean and changing the filter did not help. Where do I start troubleshooting? Thanks
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