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  1. I just adapted a rubber air filled one from the farm store to mine back in the day.
  2. I understand you have made poor life choices but no need to bring snarkiness here...
  3. Somebody piss on your cornflakes this morning? There are a lot of ignorant farmers and wanna be truckers out there, I have family that drives on the road too...
  4. No step side, always an 8’ regular bed GMC. Rockford’s dad on The Rockford Files had a Chevy stepside pickup.
  5. That’s because they are automated manual transmissions a leak would be noticeable.
  6. Probably had enough metal wore away wasn’t a tight tolerance to make any more shavings after filter extension put on.
  7. I65 thru downtown is closed to I70, just take 465 south to I70 if that’s the way you’re going.
  8. Grand Caravan Del Grande in other words a clapped out Dodge minivan....
  9. Funny thing....gas and diesel vehicles start on fire too...
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