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  1. jass1660

    Case 585

    The post auger is pulling the three point down.
  2. jass1660

    Meet the Little Farmers

    Me and my two youngest at the local threshing show.
  3. jass1660

    1066 registry

    06/56 fenders had two light holes, 66 series only one.
  4. jass1660

    Happy birthday ,JASS1660

    Yeah we were young then....
  5. jass1660

    Happy birthday ,JASS1660

    First three letters are my intitials, the last stands for senior as my first born and namesake had just been born when I joined red power. That was over 21 years ago.
  6. jass1660

    RIP Aretha Franklin

    Queen of soul died same day as King of rock and roll.
  7. jass1660


    Maybe it’s a metric gallon....
  8. jass1660

    Happy birthday ,JASS1660

    Thanks fellas. Get my 5 hours of sleep and go back into work tonight for another 12 hour shift.
  9. jass1660

    what goes wrong in a mans mind

    Depression doesn’t have to do with how hard of physical work you do or don’t do or how close you are with God. You can be spiritual but not religious.
  10. jass1660

    Reliance sleeve o-rings.

    Have the rods and pistons balanced.
  11. jass1660


    Nothing like good old scamsoil....
  12. jass1660

    2588 or 2388 Combine

    I didn’t think there were any 2788’s, thought they went to the 50,6088 from 2588.
  13. jass1660

    For MTO

    Here you go Mark, a WD 45 that you won’t have far to fall from.
  14. jass1660

    Interesting 1566

    Dyno does engine horsepower load cell tests pounds of pull.