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  1. Excellent planter. Had 3 of them thru the years. Normal wear items on any planter, opener discs,covering discs, firming points and bushings in linkage on row units. Condition of rubber cut off wheels drum condition seal on hopper lid and look for cracks in fiberglass seed hopper.
  2. Well Jeep is bowing to the Cherokee nation...
  3. Site doesn’t work right on my iPhone since the last update.
  4. Yes antibodies present. Why shouldn’t I spread it to someone else? Somebody gave it to me...
  5. I fought it off naturally advil and sudafed 70 hour work week and 5 hours of sleep a day. I’m still here.
  6. Micro chip doesn’t work without a power supply
  7. But they aren’t fat like Americans....
  8. Guess it wasn’t built Ford tough....
  9. But if a company mandates it you have to decide if you still want that job or not. Local hospital reported only 50% of staff took it, mostly the old ones younger ones were not interested.
  10. You need to reserve golf cart as soon as they say you can if you want one.
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