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  1. Will I have to log back in everywhere?
  2. How do you do that on iPhone and iPad?
  3. I told my kids when the undertaker asks smoking or non smoking burn me up and dump me in the wind.....
  4. I think every weekend is a three day weekend for the number nines....
  5. It is a federal holiday goes into effect next year. Illinois started it this year so everything state run is closed today.
  6. We’re all going to die and be dust some day. I get up I work I go home and repeat.
  7. You’re a day early Ace....
  8. Hardly no proof they did anything.
  9. I wasn’t referring to the owner or the truck.....
  10. Lot lizard with a mattress on her back? An owner operator....
  11. Must be operator error, just sold one with 450k never opened up. They’re bringing big money. Last one I saw on auctiontime 325k miles clean body brought $9900.
  12. Civil war won’t be fought with bullets, food and money is all it will take.......
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