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  1. Ok we had one on a dmi and wind always swirled around behind the four wheel drives and the leaves and mud clods from the duals (woops) would fill it sometimes.
  2. Carrier looks good but I wonder how much trash will circulate and drop in there and eventually the dirt won’t fall thru and some rain and its packed mud.
  3. Be prepared for some parts that are no longer available, at least from CaseIH.
  4. Here I thought this was about Mike Stamps the crook from Michigan.....
  5. jass1660

    What is it?

    The original flux capacitor
  6. The wheels are power up and down the markers only float down and power up.
  7. Saw a lot of Rangers over in Finland all were diesels. Not much reason to have a full size four door Bronco, I don’t see the Expedition or Explorer going anywhere.
  8. Mine were always loose when planter was raised.
  9. I no tilled for 25 years and they kept coming up every year.
  10. Freeze and thaw cycle will bring as many rocks up as ripping does.
  11. We’re finally able to try and harvest the last 500 acres of beans here in Northern Illinois while a guy across the road is drilling beans....
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