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  1. The "In jail" scam.....

    I’m STILL waiting for the IRS to arrest me.....
  2. 1206 Wire Harness Question

    1206 only had alternators.
  3. cyclo seed drums

    I believe they are a different diameter. I know the older ones varied by row number versus the new ones all have 8 rows.
  4. cyclo seed drums

  5. 1666 in wheat questions wanting to bale straw

    I always put the vanes in fast position, took keystock grates out and put the smooth ones in set chopper for windrow and only ran rotor dast enough to thresh it out and clean sample and was always able to bale behind it. And took spinners off of course.
  6. And according to Bitty pretty much all the Allis will do is sit around....
  7. My favorite International machinery.

    I to believe New Idea made them. I saw them in Ford colors once as well.
  8. IHC parts dept 1980s

    Porkchop sideburns and flannel. Lol
  9. I found a picture of IHrunner on the WWW

    Bet that gets a little warm.....
  10. What did this 466 come out of?

    Wonder if it’s out of a genset or irrigation or marine?
  11. What did this 466 come out of?

    35,37 65,67 all used a 466.
  12. Phone cases

    Otterbox on an iPhone.
  13. Cream puff 2+2

    https://eauclaire.craigslist.org/grd/d/international/6510184712.html this one is nice
  14. Cream puff 2+2

    That’ll buff right out....
  15. Cummins 24v help PLEASE

    Nobody reads the bottle. 911 only to be used to reliquify gelled fuel does nothing to flowing fuel. 01 might still have mechanical lift pump.