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  1. jass1660

    Weather just wait a minute it will change

    We are in North east Illinois
  2. jass1660

    1460 final drive

    They had us run Hytran in ours.
  3. jass1660

    1460 final drive

    Most dealers here have a rebuilt one to exchange and charge for whatever they fix in yours here.
  4. jass1660

    Weather just wait a minute it will change

    We had it up here too then by 4 clear skies and sun. Wind starting to let up a little now.
  5. jass1660

    What is this Tube strapped to the frame rail?

    Here’s some of the wrenches.
  6. jass1660

    Salesman gave me a set of these to try.

    Didn’t have that problem hooking the horses up to the implements back in the day.....
  7. jass1660

    Candidate disparages agriculture

    Record huge crops have made a way bigger drop in prices then the trade disputes. But with no skin in the game you really wouldn’t know
  8. jass1660

    Hy tran

    Only one company produces Hytran.
  9. jass1660

    560D axle

    So far....
  10. jass1660

    Testing my moxie

    Garbage collectors start at $38/hr in my area....
  11. jass1660


    Olds cutlass with the good ole 5.7 diesel....
  12. jass1660

    What can anyone tell me about an MF 12 lawn mower?

    Nothing as classy as a Massey!
  13. jass1660

    IH DV444 (7.3) Diesel Engine

    IDI 7.3 mechanical pump.
  14. jass1660

    Anybody need a "West-coaster"?

    I’ll take the Mack
  15. jass1660

    1063 corn head

    Weld on top of old one.