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  1. jass1660

    A year

    DEF average is 120-140 miles per gallon so it adds about 2 cents to your fuel cost per mile. Some of the best owner operators in the newer equipment are averaging.38 cents a mile all miles for fuel cost.
  2. jass1660

    A year

    No question on that a bull rack has the second worst aerodynamics only thing worse is a car hauler. We have negative effects from pulling doubles and triples as more air gaps.
  3. jass1660

    A year

    National average is 6.6 which is pathetic. New trucks are averaging over 9.
  4. Or try this link https://warbirdsnews.com/warbird-restorations/b-17e-desert-rat-restoration-update-november-2022.html
  5. This is apparently a neighbor to me. I’ve wondered what the wings outside his building were for. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1127412110652430&id=218159428244374
  6. Well aware of shelling, we had a MM 1210 and later a White 1210A sheller and all summer we shelled in the neighborhood until about 1992, man I hated round cribs….
  7. It is now referred to as “shelling corn” according to twitter.
  8. Cat 45 and 55 tractors, along with Fords and later NewHollands had funk in it.
  9. jass1660

    735 plow

    Until the head is wore down to far and the square part spins in the hole.
  10. No hardly any drawbar weight most carried on the wheels in front.
  11. Brother in law had an 1976 1850 it was blue.
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