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  1. And make sure the bottom is closed....
  2. Last semi I had you could lock all four together sometimes get you unstuck sometimes get you stuck deeper....
  3. Twin screw isn’t much better, one wheel out of four will spin.
  4. When I was dumping on the go and went in circles per say turning with the auger to the inside.
  5. If I was dumping on the go left it out otherwise in. As long as they are now on these big machines I’d be nervous leaving it out.
  6. jass1660


    Plenty of 2019 inventory around been hearing commercials for weeks for gm stuff on the radio.
  7. Seems one time on my 1660 when the cab solenoid was going bad the hydraulics would act that way.
  8. Guess what Mark, nobody looks in their mirrors they all got back up cameras when in reverse and phone constantly in face down the road. Heck I see numerous over the road truckers with the laptop on the dash and a movie playing.
  9. Our trucks at work that all have emissions and DEF a few guys have accidentally put gas in instead of diesel and they didn’t make it a half mile and computers crap truck down because of gas in the fuel.
  10. You got this. Hang in there and don’t feel bad about asking or accepting help.
  11. jass1660


    No they let us taxpayers take care of them....
  12. jass1660


    Nobody has ever said they wished they would’ve worked harder or went to the office a little more.....
  13. I thought 2+2 was a tractor.....
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