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  1. Free up your hands for steering and hydraulics
  2. Any literature pics showing this?
  3. I’ve never seen a threaded one.
  4. Better than being left leaning...😉
  5. You’re spine is out of alignment you lean heavy to the right instead of being balanced by the way your soles are wore.
  6. The pool for old school drivers is gone in every trucking field. We have good equipment and benefits, not that hard to follow their work methods and are well compensated yet we can’t hire any that will listen. Used to be 3 years all weather experience required they now will hire right out of driving school with the thinking they won’t have bad habits yet and can learn the UPS way from the get go.
  7. I had to quit wearing pull on boots all day at 35, I can wear pull on boots for going out and special occasions but working and driving all night have went to Columbia lace ups.
  8. Not sure. I know if you mix certain types it clumps up from the reaction.
  9. I think all we need are M’s and H’s….
  10. But does it really with the proper gear ratios it’s negligible.
  11. Articulated ones get by fine…
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