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  1. ^^^^^^^one less liberal one on the Supreme Court to decide the contested election results......
  2. Well the rust is helping it slowly disappear
  3. Shoot figured MTO was trying to raise some cash....
  4. I’ve got a truck I wish would disappear....
  5. Hope you’re not driving it around with no air filter. Doesn’t take much dust to score those cylinders.
  6. Torque curve is different. Combine runs at full throttle majority of the time. Tractor doesn’t.
  7. You need a tractor pump or have the combine one reworked.
  8. I think it’s in operator manual.
  9. We had a 1990 1660 dad added field tracker to after we got it.
  10. Power goes thru safety switch from push button if I remember right.
  11. I meant truck drivers. Blink lights when you let them in, flash to let you know you cleared them, stop if you were on the shoulder. LA traffic or DC is the worst I’ve been in.
  12. I’ve got 3 million miles accident free in a truck in the Chicagoland area and it hasn’t always been easy. Hardly any courtesy from other drivers like it was 25 years ago.
  13. Think we had a Tempo for drivers ed or maybe a Fairmont crap that was 37 years ago.
  14. It would take will power on your part Mark. Research paleo/ketogenic diets.
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