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  1. I’ve used a couple gallons of washer fluid in the radiator in the semis a few times to make it back home.
  2. Corn only up 2 cents doesn’t seem like much.
  3. So it’s legal in some states to have weed but still federal offense.
  4. If he put def in with the fuel he is screwed. Whole fuel system needs flushed and probably new injectors as well.
  5. Can’t recall last time I’ve seen a Willett, see more Dohrn and Standard Forwarding along with the big lines mostly..I run to Davenport five nights a week and it’s all us same old saps out there....lol. Jerry
  6. Oh well. This one pulled the 4-14” plow better than the 560 does.
  7. Someone just stole my MTA on auctiontime this week for $1900. Oh well is what it is.
  8. The one with the full figured women. They need lovin too....
  9. In paying rent on the house I live in I am indirectly paying property taxes so I should have the right to vote as I don’t want taxes going any higher.
  10. jass1660


    I think the combine has already jumped to the 50 series.
  11. Where’s the cathouse.....
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