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  1. jass1660

    ss question

    Rental income is considered unearned income so only income taxes paid on that no ss tax paid.
  2. The early 71 series, 2 spd reverse had that cast bottom which is nla. When the 4 speeds came out they went to a regular exhaust tubing elbow and all of those had mufflers under the hood. Had an early and late 7140 along with a late 7120 at the same time and never had any trouble with the hydraulic couplers. I believe they all took the same cab filter.
  3. I threw three under the hood mufflers in the scrap pile years ago all with less than 300 hours on them.
  4. He is a pretty good tour guide....
  5. We eliminated these issues. Bought MFWD’s.....lol
  6. Get one aftermarket from Dave Thomure.
  7. We always changed the Magnums at 1000 hours as I believe that was the recommendation. So a $1000 for oil and peace of mind equated to $1/hr.
  8. When it comes down to it the initial purchase price is shock but in the end the cost per operating hour is what determines true price.
  9. We always had more rot on the bottom elbow on ours.
  10. Some of those are 30 years old, of course they are starting to rot away.
  11. Corn is the easiest crop to thresh and clean. Only have to worry about some cob bits in sample and setting top sieve takes care of that most times.
  12. Seen Atlantic,Pacific,Gulf of Mexico,Baltic Sea, -35 degrees, 112 degrees, snow on top of a volcano in Hawaii, even been on the island of Fir...
  13. Don’t really give a $hit just posting to keep my count up.
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