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  1. I hope you have unlimited funds....
  2. If he ran it very long on gas the head is probably cracked.
  3. Looks like a flywheel for a cook stove....
  4. Gotta love a girl who knows how to handle meat....
  5. jass1660

    Corona virus

    Seeing as most viruses and bacteria are absorbed through the eyes I agree.
  6. And whatever goes in the top comes out the bottom.....
  7. Smoke rolling off the wheel and the lovely hot smell......
  8. Superduty calipers seize up on the equalizer pins more than anything. Then they don’t move back after application. The hoses need changed every 5-6 years as they swell on the inside and limit fluid flow.
  9. If you spec the right gearing and engine along with trans in the otr trucks mileage isn’t bad. I’m running a 2017 Mack 415 hp mdrive 12 spd pulling double 28’s trailers averaging 8.7 most nights.
  10. Yes a difference. The 85-140 is probably rated EP so it isn’t forced out as easily on the bevel gears. I’m thinking EP stands for extreme pressure.
  11. jass1660


    Glad I saw him three years ago.
  12. The Magnums don’t show the gear unless moving. I had one that sometimes would show in reverse 4 when I was in 10 forward.
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