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  1. jass1660


    The single outlet is a return to case for hydraulic motors.
  2. https://pittsburghpower.com/products/max-mileage-fuel-borne-catalyst Eliminate the problems before they start.
  3. The problem with lower temperature burn is it leads to carbon packing in the rings and dirtier air back thru the egr. Pittsburgh Power carries a fuel catalyst that increases burn temp and length eliminating 70% more of the carbon in the cylinder keeping dpf cleaner much longer and eliminating lots of emissions problems.
  4. When you have a 15” bean planter it plants thru tire tracks. Should be fine.
  5. Powered grease guns are nice but real easy to blow seals out and over grease.
  6. Dad broke axles on 915 final drives.
  7. And then every 4 years when you renew your license you have to be re finger printed and background checked. Got tired of that and dropped it. If we need it at work the company can take care of it but since we keep hazmat under 1000 pounds we don’t need one.
  8. There are numerous 50,000 watt radio stations across the country.
  9. Little snotnose Tommy is still alive, uncle Lar has been gone quite some time. John Records Landecker and the boogie check is on WGN am Monday thru Thursday nights 6-10 pm.
  10. Been hearing about 12 week wait for all makes of engines.
  11. Sold an B with cultivators to a guy and his kid wanted a blue tractor so they rattle cannned it.
  12. Just locked her down for the test drives….
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