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  1. Sell all your TP for big money, wipe with your hand only. You won’t touch your face anymore....
  2. The loans have an interest rate of .5%. And you don’t even have to pay it back it is forgiven if you use all you borrow.
  3. It’s here to stay, it’s mutated to two different strains one more severe than the other and it continues to mutate. Whether we build antibodies to it or not is still yet to be seen as it is a cousin to the common cold which is always around.
  4. Think I will spend it all on toilet paper for when this comes back in the fall.
  5. jass1660

    Randy Sohn

    RIP. Dam you covid19
  6. Can’t walk into any dealerships around here right now, call ahead, hope they have it, we’ll put it by dumpster, you leave check in drop box. Stay 6’ away.....
  7. Yes that’s one of two he had for them.
  8. We should be glad they decided to keep the red paint.
  9. This thread is making me want to watch the movie Used Cars.....
  10. That’s a pulling engine that belongs to LaGod and Hypermax.
  11. We just had a healthy 51 yo driver with no other issues die from it.
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