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  1. We had to retro fit our 1660’s as well, I think my 2366 was factory.
  2. The splines wear faster running dry.
  3. Subscriber only it won’t last 6 months and no traffic....
  4. Please read what she said.
  5. BJ and Sally as well as MTO has made that comment, takes time to weed out what was on there that shouldn’t have been. I’m not sure why everyone is so impatient? If one has nothing better to do than peruse an anonymous Internet forum one needs to question there use in life.
  6. Pretty sure he lost the original company in a divorce or something, the Estes stuff out now he has no affiliation with. He was in Illinois originally.
  7. I think triple R has correct manifolds.
  8. I had a couple 1460’s and 1660’s with both Estes disrupters as well as Estes custom and hardfaced rasp bars, they went thru tough stems better than our 1460 with the specialty rotor. I’m talking the original ones that Don Estes himself designed and sold.
  9. As has been stated it will return.....
  10. Much better separation with key stock, smooth ones are for crops like wheat where you are trying to preserve the straw. The majority of the crop should be separated out in the concave, not much left to come out in the grate area.
  11. Better off with key stock grates for corn and soybeans.
  12. Site has been a nightmare on mobile devices for quite some time.
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