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  1. jass1660

    Ih 80

    And with any luck you won’t hardly use it.
  2. Well you guys have his number now.....
  3. They just end up as a culvert anyway.......
  4. jass1660


    Sold a Farmall A with cultivators to a fello, his boy always wanted a blue tractor so out came the rattle cans and it was done. I got my 2k from him so I didn’t care.
  5. You can run the rear hubs whichever way you need to for rowspacing.
  6. Make sure the cab solenoid is functioning first then do some troubleshooting, not that big of deal to learn.
  7. jass1660


    Different combination of the double sprockets on the left end of head.
  8. And once they are given their 160 acres they will sell it and blow the cash.
  9. We’ve never harvested as much 15-17% corn as we have this year.
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