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  1. You must live in a bubble. All Friday night the news and social media was talking about I29 being closed and flash flooding on going and more to come.
  2. They look like John Deere’s now
  3. Actually we’re probably back to what normal interest rates are. After 2008 crash gov kept printing money and got us all used to the low interest rates and trained us. Much the same as $4 gas then if it drops to $3.25 we think it’s better. My first tractor loan in 1985 when I was a senior in high school was 17%.
  4. We used the new ultraction in our 7120 back in 2002? Halfway thru planting the brakes delaminated lost tractor for 10 days at dealer
  5. Think the Ford was 7.5L 456 cubic inch.
  6. I believe the turn signals and hazard lights are all one unit.
  7. They’re 79 years old and bought it new, don’t think they’ll listen to much….
  8. Well it’s 2.5 liters bigger…. I would take it over a 466 in a truck anyday.
  9. But you’re letting it get to you.
  10. Vinegar will kill the crop, they are selling a vinegar concoction as a weed killer at the home stores now, all natural….
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