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  1. Fords were steiger built too.
  2. Full moon occurred at 535 am yesterday morning.
  3. Do they even make a muffler eliminator for a na engine?
  4. Now now Mark, you never know what someone’s estate has to settle…
  5. What about a muffler eliminator then get a muffler from your buddy at the bone yard for above the hood?
  6. Only diesels at my building. The guys at the buildings that run them say no power and a pain to fuel. We have both lng and cng. Lots of maintenance, coil packs and spark plugs every 60,000 plus high priced special engine oil.
  7. Shell has closed down their hydrogen refueling stations.
  8. Is it left handed or right handed?
  9. About 12 minutes. Hopper capacity is over 400 bu.
  10. One 7000 acre farmer here bank took some equipment rest on auction in March and landlords in line to get any left for second half of their rents.
  11. This farm is rocks,clay and rolling hills there will be a lot of unhappy landlords in another year I’m thinking.
  12. Where is this $100 land? Neighbor decided to hang it up and 4 brothers that work together rented all 300 acres for $370 an acre.
  13. Hope these guys are doing alright.
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