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  1. My doc had me drink a 10 ounce bottle of magnesium citrate take two ducolal tablets then mix a bottle of miralax with 32 ounces of Gatorade and that was it. Was completely clean he said. Found 5 polyps all benign.
  2. Started my colonoscopy prep at 6 pm on a Sunday doctor just gave me list for all over the counter stuff, by 1 am all was done coming out.procedure at 11 am Monday in recovery by 1130 and did endoscopy as well. I basically fasted all day Sunday so prep wasn’t much. I guess you could always go to Taco Bell for a fast clean Out!
  3. TCM used to use gasoline......
  4. It hit me after I woke up....been a long week
  5. This is what is on my 1206 was on the 806 prior, it can be for sale.....
  6. Maybe try the chemical they use to kill volunteer corn can’t recall the name.
  7. Looks like a Super H grill on the one.
  8. Had mine done this winter, 1.24 was number. Fella at work had his done, 6.0.
  9. Are you talking about an air conditioning kit or an upholstery kit?
  10. And now the Pro Farmers Trespassing tour is going on and no doubt will come up magically close to the government numbers once again....
  11. Their line of battery operated is called fuel.
  12. The Milwaukee Fuel cordless has been outstanding for most from what I’ve heard.
  13. I noticed the newer combines don’t have a foot an inch pedal any more.
  14. Make Atila Go Away Donald Trump is a God. Trump 2020
  15. Not recommended or covered until 55 or older.
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