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  1. jass1660

    gas engine in pickup

    10 spd in the Fords. Actually joint venture between GM and Ford.
  2. jass1660

    2001 Ford 7.3 Power stroke glow plugs

    The cheap ones don’t last long I went back to the ones from NAPA to get any longevity.
  3. jass1660

    China back in the soybean market

    Three emotions in marketing-fear, hope and greed. The grain markets have never put a high in in December and prices are up considerably from lows earlier in the year. I think we are in the start of a bull market for grains.
  4. jass1660

    Snowed in, church cancelled, farm pics please!

    656 maybe 06 style throttle but newer ta handle.
  5. jass1660

    gas engine in pickup

    Ford coming with a 7.3 gas v8 and a 10 spd auto. Supposed to be powerhouse and torque monster as well. We shall see...
  6. jass1660

    We`re #1 in PA!!!!! Yee Haw!

    Crook county Illinois this am gas is $2.16 and road diesel is $2.95.
  7. jass1660

    Tough old survivor

    Round baling behind it for bedding.
  8. Engine oil sample is usually around $40.
  9. jass1660

    Drive systems for tractors.

    If we could get the government to mandate E50 nationwide the increase in corn price would help the farmers to actually be able to afford some of this new technologies that in the long run will be cheaper operating costs.
  10. jass1660

    4156 PTO stub shaft

    I’d be very careful on the quality of the adapter you’re using.
  11. jass1660

    Tough old survivor

    I was there with the green one to pick up the cutditioner. JD belongs to the dairy farmer I help out 4455 2 wd 8k hours.
  12. jass1660

    Tough old survivor

    Ding ding ding!
  13. jass1660

    Tough old survivor

    What kind of farm?
  14. jass1660

    Another good oldie came on today

    Must be a rare concert for George, he retired from touring a couple years ago.
  15. jass1660

    1460 questions

    A 1460 without axle extensions shouldn’t be any wider than a 1440 as long as you have 24.5 tires.