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  1. Thank you Dennis, I appreciate it. Brian
  2. Hi Dennis, Thanks for the reply, I went there and it asks for user name and everyone I put in says I cant use ☚ī¸ Hopefully Administrator comes through. Brian
  3. Message sent. Thank you!! Brian
  4. Hi odSteve, Would you be able to check with the owner and see why our email keeps coming up as not usable? I have tried everything I could to try and get a hold of the moderator but unless you are a member you cant get through anywhere. Would appreciate any help. Thanks Brian
  5. I also have been trying to register on OLDIHC and have been getting the same thing with email address can not be used. Brian
  6. I have been using Cuddeback cameras for many years and very happy with them. Just last year went over to their cell link system and so far have been real happy with them, it uses a cell service and will text and email you the pictures. I think you can put up to 25 cameras on one cell service they all link to each other back to your home camera. Brian
  7. Merry CHRISTmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year to all. Brian
  8. Good morning, The truck had been sitting since 1981 so the motor is froze up. Owner was within a couple miles of home and the front drivers wheel locked up, so he towed it back to his garage and that is where it sat for the last 30+ years. While i work on freeing it up i have time to find the few parts i need, before it hits the road i will either make or find something close to work until i find an original. Brian
  9. No luck yet, still looking 😔 Brian
  10. Thanks guys for thr reply!! I have a message into Charley, Hoping he can help out. Thank you, Brian
  11. Hey Kevin, I did see that not the right size. Thanks for the reply!! Brian
  12. Thanks for the reply Howard, I will try them in the am. Brian
  13. I plan on calling Lightline tommorow, I have been trying to signup for Old IHC, keeps saying it wont accept my email, and I cant figure out how to get a hold of a administrator. I will look into Binder planet later. Thanks again for your help!! Brian
  14. Thanks Kevin for the reply, been watching ebay and contacting salvage yards but nothing yet. Will find some day. Brian
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