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  1. Everyone have a Healthy, Happy and BLESSED Thanksgiving Brian
  2. Heading down to Mo. to build and move some stands around and install some more cameras, not to many pictures of bucks yet 🤔 Brian
  3. Thank you Sir for that info, Will pass that on. Brian
  4. Thanks for the replies, will send info to my brother. Brian
  5. Does anybody know what model or make of tractor this is? My brother can not find any numbers or tags on it. I've never seen front wheels like this almost like they are from the Railroad. Thanks, Brian
  6. Mama out with potential bucks 🙂 and a couple more pics. of bucks Brian
  7. Heres a couple more pictures of bucks from yesterday. Brian
  8. Here is a couple of small Bucks that started coming in. Brian
  9. Merry CHRISTmas to all. Brian
  10. I dressed my 56 up as Mater for our local lighted parade. Merry Christmas, Brian
  11. Thanks for the reply ray54, I ended up getting a 90 weight oil. Thanks, Brian
  12. Good evening, I have been searching the internet and read through my service manual and can not find the type of fluid for my T-1 trans (3 speed on the tree). Does anybody know what would be correct? Thanks for any help!! Brian
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