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  1. Don't show that bale gun to the Post Office-------------- Mike
  2. I swear I can smell those bales from here-----nice!!! Mike
  3. I think we need more info------ Chevy was pretty standard stuff, compared to say, Ford. I mean, things like two 351 cubic inch V-8's, that were almost completely different, or 427, 428, and 429 V-8's the same model year.....???? Roast away---- Mike
  4. Definition of "moving violation" YUCK Mike
  5. OH BOY----a baler thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  6. Alarm volume set too low----didn't hear the "turn around" signal.... Mike
  7. mikem


    Now we know where "Elf on the shelf" got it's start............ Mike
  8. You been watching the "science channel" again-----I can tell............ Mike
  9. mikem

    Fly traps

    I think you better get first frost REAL soon!!! Mike
  10. How come all those Tootsie rolls hit you in the back of the head???? Mike
  11. You beat me to it, but so am I........... Mike
  12. This has to rate right up there for 'ultimate restoration'...... She'll be in the neighborhood this month---------- https://www.up.com/heritage/steam/schedule/index.htm Mike
  13. How much for the tractor with belly mount mower, and GPS?????????????? AWESOME!!!!! Mike
  14. To 'kind' of go with the dog thread, I have seen "Pointers" and "Setters". Mike
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