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  1. Never saw one of these before..... https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/1961InternationalFarmall460DHiClearNarrowFront2WDTractor Mike
  2. What them guys said!!!☝️ Mike
  3. Sounds like the metric system has got to the anti-freeze industry...😲 Mike
  4. For that price, they should come with a tractor....or at least part of one. Mike
  5. I stuck two in the 1066. (Katz I think) About 30 minutes of plug in time and she's ready to roll. (Lean-to, out of the wind.) Mike
  6. That's the "20 minute stare" chair. Pour a cup, sit back, figure it out...😉 (Can become a 2 hour stare-chair VERY easily) Mike
  7. Don't forget to charge the phone, and make a video of the trip!!! Mike
  8. Don't forget "MOM'S EATS", In the Middle of Nowhere, KS...😄 Mike
  9. I was always taught that motors run on electricity----------- Engines on something else.... Mike
  10. I don't know how they figure that map is "Mahindra, North America. I live right in the middle of that map, and I don't know of a dealer within an hours drive of here, let alone a factory. Mike
  11. Now we need to find a muffler belt, and the restoration will be complete!!!!!! Mike
  12. ZERO carbon emissions??? Evidently everybody that is going to live there will be holding their breath!!! Mike
  13. mikem

    856 Sold Well

    I see one tank heater....what am I missing? Mike
  14. We aren't blameless either...seems like I heard about some American Japanese that were 'picked on' during WWII. And then there is this.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Civil_War_prison_camps (I have at least one relative buried at Andersonville) Mike
  15. http://usautoindustryworldwartwo.com/internationalharvester.htm ACEM posted this link in the general chat thread a few days back... LOTS of info here... Mike
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