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  1. You are right----they are passed from one post man to another....until there is NOTHING left. Mike
  2. Charge up the phone--- Take lots of pics... Keep us posted...πŸ‘ Mike
  3. I got one of those I had as a kid............ Mine has at least $500 worth of patina on it tho----- Doesn't seem to bother the grand kids a bit--- Mike
  4. Be worth the drive to hear all the Hit/Miss motors running at once!!! Mike
  5. Had a meeting today---------------IT'S A GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. mikem

    Thank you LORD!

    I always heard that living in California was like living in a bowl of granola---------- What wasn't fruits and nuts was flakes.......... Sounds about right. Mike
  7. Tip cleaners for acetylene torches are VERY good . Lot's of size choices. Mike
  8. Here's one for the whiners.......... Mike
  9. That is just FLAT KOOL!!!!!!!!!! (the 57) Mike
  10. Does that say "powered by Pontiac" on the front fender??? Mike
  11. mikem

    Simple question

    Where's the GROAN emoji!!!! πŸ˜– Mike
  12. Pumpkins, how do they grow? For some reason, this popped into my head---- "Mary, Mary, quite contraryHow does your garden grow?With silver bells and cockleshellsAnd pretty maids all in a row…" Sorry---- Mike
  13. mikem

    Simple question

    RUN....Don't Walk!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
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