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  1. mikem

    48 below and no power

    About 15 years ago we had a bad ice storm and the power was off for 13 days. I kept the house running, and a 3 barn, 3300 head hog site running, with a 25KW (Navy surplus), generator. Power provided by a 5 1/2 cylinder, flat head, Continental, GAS engine. At the end of that ordeal, I decided that "home-made" power is WAY more expensive than the "store-bought" stuff. (and a LOT more work) I DO NOT complain about the REA bill anymore!!!!!!! Mike
  2. mikem

    Snow Pictures

    That's a snowflake collection, sorted by age and height........ Serious collectors will re-stack them several times during the winter. Amatures just go south for the winter....... Mike
  3. mikem

    LBJ custom built Glastron boat

    Not the first time I have heard of that kind of suicide... Mike
  4. mikem

    Go t a baby that nobody wants

    OOOOOOHHH!!!!, a calf thread!!!!!!! She's a cutie. Mike
  5. mikem

    Flatbed ideas

    I have been using 2X6 tongue and grooved, treated from Menards. Pretty reasonable and seems to stand up well. Try to do a time at the yard they will let you "pick u-r own" Mike
  6. mikem

    Fuel Rock

    Be sure to put a hidden 'shut off' device somewhere in the wiring, so it don't get used as a "walmart service center" I use an alligator clip to hook/unhook from the battery, and since the hood only opens from in the cab........ Mike
  7. mikem

    Table for Lorenzo

    WOW------ How would you EVER decide where to put it??????? (look close at the legs, if you don't catch on) Mike
  8. mikem

    USS Hornet

    If you get to Baton Rouge, LA, you can tour a WW II destroyer....... USS KIDD.....amazing how small everything is, and how PACKED IN. Here is a link to the WW II museum. https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g40024-d282339-i22680317-USS_Kidd-Baton_Rouge_Louisiana.html Worth a look----plan a few hours. Mike
  9. mikem

    10 o`clock? 2 o`clock? 4 o`clock?

    Me too-----------we must be getting old. Mike
  10. mikem

    Auction up here with IH stuff TD24

    Here's a link--- http://hiattknudsonauctions.com/murphy-2/ Mike
  11. mikem


    Bought a 2010 RS/SS, 6.2 V8, Auto, all the goodies. Fun as heck to drive...... Back seat is totally useless, when the front seats are back. Rearward vision almost non existent. Fun as HECK to drive..... Useless in the snow.Tough to get in and out, but FUN AS HECK to drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Owners manual says the computer will shut it down @ 155 mph, I chickened out at 135.........Did I say how much fun it is to drive??? Suburban is more practical, and more comfortable, but it's FUNER TO DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  12. mikem

    Good reason to close highway

    Those reasons will work, till something better comes along------------ Mike
  13. mikem

    Mystery Part topic

    We save that stuff, because where in the world, would you find another one if you needed it????????????? Mike
  14. mikem

    The Dog Thread

    A little humor for the thread---- Mike
  15. mikem

    Stomper at Louisville

    Should be some way to hook a fish net behind that kid.... Mike