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  1. Maybe those are homeless "comfort" stations....... Mike
  2. With a crew like that you can BRAG A LOT!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  3. My 1066 only leaks when it's below 0...Quits as soon as the oil warms up. Pie pan with a rag in it on the cab floor, and change the rag as needed. Worry about it next summer. Mike
  4. I always figured the PB-Y would be the ultimate RV vehicle. Plop into a lake...get out the rods and reels, and go to it. If they aren't biting, crank er up and move on.... (trolling could get expensive tho---) Mike
  5. mikem

    Ouch! What hit me?

    AWWWW GEEEZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another weather crisis..... (How do you justify that with global "warming"?????????) Mike
  6. What could POSSIBLY go wrong-------------------???????????? Mike
  7. I have enough problems when you turn around and go backwards, and right changes to left, and left to right.................. Mike
  8. Me too.........22 years of this didn't help........... Mike
  9. I have two in the 1066, I got them from the local parts store.....cheaper for both, than the IH price.... Just sayin.... Mike
  10. Looks like the "when all else fails", stuff is sitting by the barn........... Mike
  11. mikem

    Any day now

    Didn't she have a bit part in "Men in Black"?????? Mike
  12. mikem


    AFTER withholding has been canceled for a year!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  13. First time making fox hat I bet it was a first for the fox too.......... Mike
  14. mikem

    Power King tractors

    Saw this at the dealer just up the road the other day.... Not real cheap, but kinda cute... 1986 CASE IH 235 Mike
  15. What he said!!!!!!!!! VERY NICE Mike
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