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  1. mikem

    What is it?

    Once gain---------------WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The amount of knowledge here is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  2. I suppose that rules out mowing hay with an 8-N Ford, and an IH mower at age 6 then-------------- Mike
  3. If it's already so wet the sprinkler is getting stuck ?????????????????????? MUST be to avoid soil compaction----------NOW I get it!!!!!!! Mike
  4. mikem


    I had a boss once that would do stuff like that all the time........hired help.....no way But he never tried to make the help do it. Mike
  5. mikem

    New member

    Welcome----- What they said-------- OH, and keep your overshoes handy, it tends to get deep in here now and then. Mike
  6. mikem

    What is it?

    I don't have a clue what it is----------but good luck finding another one, if you want a set. Mike
  7. I have a friend with a B&S engine in a riding mower.... He went thru a LONG string of bad coils, right out of the (new) box. As I remember, they would start OK once or twice, then be a no start, after being shut off. Mike
  8. Looks like somebody finally came up with a more worthless cargo bed than the Avalanche has------------ Mike
  9. mikem


    California wild leg???? Mike
  10. mikem

    Mixed twins

    Do you suppose there needs to be more study done on this subject??? (A clip from the wiki, freemartin post) Other animalsEdit A freemartin is the normal outcome of mixed twins in all cattle species which have been studied. It does not normally occur in most other mammals, though it has been recorded in sheep,[13] goats,[14] pigs,[15] deer, and camels.[16] Just sayin---------- Mike
  11. I got this link in my e-mail today from a service buddy, and decided to share. I'm not a bit ashamed to say it brought tears to my eyes--------- Mike
  12. mikem

    Mixed twins

    Aren't the twin hiefers normally barren, or is that an old farmers tale??? LOVE the names, btw. Mike
  13. I hope he's coming FROM a sale, not TO the junkyard..... Mike
  14. mikem

    New joke

    Don't forget the trained attack goats............. Mike
  15. When iron was high, there was a school bus, cut off at the bottom of the windows, that a guy hauled scrap iron with. Mike
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