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  1. I have one of those rears in pretty nice shape....unfortunately it's here, and the tractor is there..... I don't know what the freight would be, but I bet you can find one closer. Mike
  2. Prowling through a sale bill, and found a 560 for parts, with an odd, (to me), two point. Ring any bells with anyone??? Mike
  3. We will GLADLY trade heat for rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  4. mikem


  5. We had what were called "Oil Burner Routes" in our area when I was a kid. Low altitude bombing routes. Used extensively by B-52's. (Low altitude, roughly 100 to 200 feet.) There is a reason the B-52 was known as the "aluminum overcast"!😉 They would bring you to full attention if they came up on you from the rear, while you were cutting hay. Mike
  6. mikem


    What is it? The correct answer gets you a warm, fuzzy feeling .... Mike
  7. Unicorn trap??? Mike
  8. Anyone else ever have one of these? Wish I still had it...prices are nuts... Only vehicle I ever had that the engine quit when the brake light burned out...??? Took a while to figure that one out.😵 I used it to check cows, until I realized that I had Badger holes bugger than the front tire!😲 Mike
  9. I hope O.T. won't mind my posting this here..... Taken at Ft. Snelling MN. Mike
  10. I bet he was gonna put it in the bank!!!!!!! Mike
  11. Fixing the 'climate change' problem........................ At the appointed time, all left wing climate loons take the biggest, deepest, breath possible....... Hold that breath for ONE (1) hour.... PROBLEM SOLVED! anything else I can help with???? Mike
  12. Good evening ladies and gentlemen....I am your captain, and I would like to welcome you aboard the worlds first, TOTALLY automated airline flight. I am waiting at your destination to welcome you there. Sit back and relax, and remember that absolutely NOTHING can go wrong------go wrong----go wrong-----go wrong------ Mike
  13. We call that, "Watch your dog run away for three days" country!!😊 Mike
  14. Anyone ever hear of this thing? https://www.drivingline.com/articles/ls-on-the-cheap-why-a-retired-chevy-caprice-ppv-is-the-ultimate-daily-beater/ I'll take one!!! Mike
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