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  1. Anybody remember this "blast from the past"???? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soylent_Green HMMMMMMMMMM Mike
  2. steel price

    UP---I hope!!! Mike
  3. I sure wish this was closer------

    WOW-----------sold for $5280-------- Mike
  4. My favorite International machinery.

    It sure WASN'T the 55T, PTO baler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  5. What a crappy spot for an oil filter

    Have a TD-14A that is the same way. Used to have a TD-20-200, that was the same deal too-------- On the upside, it did cut down on the rust on the skid pan. Mike
  6. It wasn`t even opened yet!

    Supposed to "COST LESS", "LAST LONGER", and "DISRUPT TRAFFIC LESS", than other construction methods............ At LEAST two fails out of three claims............. I am SO glad the gubmint is running healthcare----------(SARCASM) Mike
  7. Tractor Mechanical Advance Distributor

    My 706 does, and it is one of the things that works Mike
  8. Ever Done Something Really Stupid

    Funerals too..... Mike
  9. Ever Done Something Really Stupid

    Daily!!!!!!!! OUCH----DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  10. Interesting Super MTA add on.

    You will notice that the picture was cropped so you can't see the KID riding on the twine box, tying the bales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I gotta do another week of therapy------ Mike
  11. C-200 ih engine

    I will check and get back to you--- Mike
  12. Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

    About the third time they get up to go "check with the _______, I get up too, and say, Let's go, I want to talk to him too... The reaction is always worth the price of admission, especially if you are putting the check book back in an inside pocket.... Mike
  13. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    We have done the St. Paul, MN, to St. Louis,MO, part of the Miss. Then we did the Memphis, TN, to Nawlins,LA part of the Miss. Last summer we did a Loovil,KY, to Huntington,WV, round trip on the Ohio. (Mom was from Huntington, and the house is still there) This fall we are going to finish the Miss, with a St. Louis to Memphis trip. I can hardly wait!!! Mike
  14. Vintage Aerial

    https://vintageaerial.com/ HMMMMM---nothing for Clark, County, SD.... Mike
  15. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    OOOOOOHHH!!!!!! Those big windows just above the paddle wheel is the "Engine Room Bar"!!!!!!! Have spent more than a few hours in there enjoying good friends and good music!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE that boat!!! Mike