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  1. Anybody else hear it running????????? BRAVO!!!! Mike
  2. I love the "Emergency Parking Only" sign in the background!!! Don't think they will get a ticket. Mike
  3. Bull-racks with straight pipes, and jake brakes are my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't help living right at the start of the town speed zone.... Mike
  4. mikem

    December 5 1933

    I still haven't caught up!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  5. When I was a kid......(dirt wasn't new, but it was still under warranty), I saw school buses with snow plows in Montana. Long nose Jimmy's with Detroit Diesels, and twin screw rear end. Similar to this chevy, but with a longer nose, and another rear axle. Mike
  6. There is a goose-neck ball on it. That being said, you better have your dentist make sure all your' fillings are tight before you head down U.S. 81, south into Nebraska................ (concrete gets REALLY bumpy this time of year) Mike
  7. Covering it with snow count??? Mike
  8. I don't think the bozos () have ANY idea how much that could cost, assuming ANYONE would actually sell anything to them. Mike
  9. https://www.purplewave.com/auction/191218/item/DE4367/1966-International-Loadstar_CO1600-Trucks-Truck_Tractor-Kansas Mike
  10. Do you suppose the number of "fixes" Boeing put into the 'Max', has anything to do with the vast increase in the brands/colors/sizes/sticky-ness of duct tape found in the hardware store lately???? Mike
  11. Works until the first Cub-Scout meeting---------- Mike
  12. mikem

    Christmas Parade

    No parkas, no mittens with hand warmers, no jumper cables, and NO SNOW.............. Can't possibly be a Christmas Parade!!!!!!!!!! Have fun. Mike
  13. TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  14. Our local rural electric has a rebate program for the Rheem Marathon Hi-efficiency electric. Comes out pretty close to free, if I remember correctly. Mike
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