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  1. Geese here for a couple of days now...but then Dad always said, "Spring isn't official until the geese have been chased south by the weather three times..." Mike
  2. Obviously the weight of all the 'immigrants' flowing across the Texas border is upsetting the earth's balance, and causing the shakes..... Mike
  3. You know------the thing------- Mike
  4. It's SO obvious-----It's going to Aussie land.👍 Mike
  5. Don't worry----------- Mike
  6. In fact, I NEVER have........... And guaranteed to aggravate EVERY liberal!!!!!! https://www.girardbid.com/servlet/Search.do?auctionId=822&itemId=237517#auctionId%3D822 (Not sure I would want something that costs over $4 PER ROUND, to shoot.) Mike
  7. The real deal on Julia........ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julia_Child Amazingly enough, she worked for the O.S.S., (Think CIA), during WWII... Mike
  8. It can be whatever you want, with a drill and a tap. 😉 Mike
  9. + to +, - to - , (Just don't have the pick-up bumper, or any other part, touching any other part of the tractor) Mike
  10. mikem


    Exhaling..........pretty much pure co2..... If all the tree huggers would just hold their breath for a couple of hours the problem would be over.......... A LOT of problems would be solved!!! 😉 Mike
  11. Let's make the skeeters vaccinate each other.......with DDT. 😵 Mike
  12. Used to happen quite often, back when every farm had an above ground 'gas' barrel. Got so bad that some guys would put about 20 gallons of water in the tank Friday afternoon, and run it out on Monday. Usually found the "culprit" within 1/2 mile. Mike
  13. mikem


    I would much rather have my supper made by a cow, than somebody with a chemistry set..... Mike
  14. Using a plastic bag instead of a mask would ABSOLUTELY prevent dying from ccp flu...😲 Just sayin. Mike
  15. Geee, I wonder who they voted for................. But not very long. Mike
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