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  1. And so it starts again......................................... Mike
  2. At least "Cal's" ads were hilarious. "and his dog spot" Enjoy Mike
  3. Keeping our sanity. You're statement implies that we had some to start with.............. Mike
  4. We got some "hand carved" stuff from Lumber Liquidators. (Uneven top surface) (It doesn't show 'mop' streaks, was the selling pitch.) It shows streaks after the finish gets worn off the high spots though. Looks like crap now. I'm afraid the only way to fix it will be to sand it smooth. Mike
  5. Somebody has to post this.... Mike
  6. Since I found a C301 engine, It's time to get the 806 LP out of the trees, and get started!!! Let the fun begin!!! Mike
  7. At least you got it out WHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  8. When the bell sounds----------come out swinging!!! Mike
  9. mikem

    Corona virus

    And I'm 100% sure that 100% comply------------right!!!😠 (OKAY-----who stole the old emojis???) Mike
  10. "shows" 277 hours------------ https://steffesgroup.com/Auction/AuctionDetails?Name=dennis-jones-farm-retirement-j-jones-farms-in-32609&Sort=Catalog Order&PageSize=50&Page=1 Mike
  11. As long as my Gramma was alive, you didn't "rip" open a Christmas, or birthday present. They were un-wrapped very carefully, and the paper saved for the next event. I still have a tough time ripping open a present. Mike
  12. Filled the pick-up yesterday for $1.55 a gallon..... Everything else gets filled today-------including the pickup-up with the 100 gallon tank in the back. Mike
  13. As of yesterday, it's still a go.... Will keep you posted. Mike
  14. I just decided that with everything that is getting cancelled, that I am going to cancel my birthday next month, and stay 72 for another year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  15. YOU GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That wasn't so tough was it???? Mike
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