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  1. Coffee breaks at 10 and 2, and payday is Friday.. Mike
  2. Why not??? It'll freeze you right to the seat if you put enough in the AC. Just don't light up if you see unexplained white fog coming out around the hood. Mike
  3. That's fine----I won't last long enough to get half the players done anyway... Mike
  4. Lifetime Warranty with no questions, no receipt required Gotta go some to beat that!!! Mike
  5. We went through there,(Palouse), a year ago last month. It just boggles a 'flatlanders' mind how they farm that country, without everything winding up in a pile at the bottom of the HILLS!!! I guess it would help to be raised there to get used to it... Mike
  6. I got this as an e-mail. https://www.stripes.com/news/us/medal-of-honor-sought-for-navy-pilot-s-top-secret-actions-during-korean-war-1.630990 WOW Mike
  7. Or Drank the whole thing... Mike
  8. Everybody that DOESN'T know that look, raise your hand. Mike
  9. In high school at the time. Just got to algebra class (after lunch), when the announcement came on. Moment of silence, then algebra continued. I was actually watching TV when Ruby shot Oswald a couple of days later. An AWFUL lot of unanswered questions about this debacle, still... Mike
  10. Unlike the current President that actually DOES what he campaigned on??? Mike
  11. You can't seriously think this guy is actually going to be the one throwing bones to anyone?? Forty seven years in D.C. with WHAT to show for it? (besides a sizable fortune) I can't see him lasting in office till the 4th of July. Actually I will be surprised if he makes it to inauguration. Mike
  12. It will all be clear when 'they' are beating down your front door... Mike
  13. The answer to # 2 is also the answer to # 1. Mike
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