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  1. Thank you for the good info. We may be lucky as our 806 is a 1967 model - may be late enough to have the cooling oil jet tubes? Do you have any suggestions in finding an appropriate turbo for a 50+ year old tractor. Our CaseIH dealer simply said “well you can probably find one on the internet” which I believe to be true but not real helpful. Thanks for helping as much as you have!
  2. I appreciate all the thoughts - particularly the two recent ones from DzlDenny & SearcyFarms. Based off what you two just stated I’m going to put a straight pipe on our 8 & try to figure out the turbo setup. We’re in southern Indiana - lots of hilly small timber, hay & crop fields, so over the past 5-6 years we’ve walked away from crops & switched exclusively to cow-calves & timber. I enjoy corn, soybeans, wheat but to keep up with newer “not new” equipment I can’t find big enough fields close enough to make a go of it - at least not as much as we can with cattle. Without our 1960-70s IH equipment we’d be out of farming completely. Our 8 pulls a 15’ bushhog over pastures & sometimes hay ground. The 8 handles it just fine - mostly. But if i could do the turbo for $1-2K I’d probably move in that direction. Our 966 has a turbo from a previous owner & it has been a very good tractor for the dozen years we’ve owned it. And our 5088 has one too. But where do I start if we try to make the 8 into a fake 1206? Our two sons are in their 20s so I’ll have more help then I want! Thanks again, Jonathan
  3. JimW, is your small tractor an 06/56 standard or Wheatland with an adjustable front end? If so do you know how it came to be an adjustable? We have an 806 Wheatland that needs the fixed front end rebuilt & it might be much better & cheaper to go with an adjustable set up - and I’ll spread it out about 8” for needed stability. Thanks in advance, Jonathan
  4. Sounds as if NE1206 gave all the info needed. Our F1256 front wheels are interchangeable with our F806. But they will not work on our I806 with all three tractors riding on 10.00 X 16SL 4-rib American Farmer tires & with 8 bolt hubs. The I806 wheel requires a 2” offset & the Farmalls have about a 3.5 inch offset. I can measure if needed. Edwards Salvage in Crawfordsville, IN usually has both in stock for a very reasonable price as does Tony Govin in west central WI. - Jonathan
  5. Great stories & insight! A big help! Thanks, Jonathan
  6. Our 806 has started leaking hyd fluid under the steering wheel at the top of the steering column. I bought a repair kit from local CaseIH dealer - - $100 for two washers (actually I think a rubber seal? & brass collar? but I’m a little irritated at the cost & lack of dealer help) - - & bought the dust cover boot. My problem - - it’s been 20+ years since I last did this type of repair & it was on a 1066 so I have a some recall on this chore. But this morning the dealer said “yeah, those two bushings or washers in the kit replace a bunch of old style parts. It’ll be easy & better!” At $50 per “washer” I don’t want to mess it up. Can anyone tell me what parts I take out & throw away & replace with the two new kit washers? I tried to find other RPF threads but they just state to dynamite the steering wheel off & swap parts one-for-one and my dealer said swap two washers for a bunch of parts. Thanks! - Jonathan
  7. Good help - that’s what I was looking for. I appreciate everyone pitching in with ideas! - Jonathan
  8. I appreciate the help on the discbine & conditioners - I was part of the labor pool that ran those earlier test versions when in college in Illinois in the 1970s & when working big irrigated alfalfa fields in NW Nevada back around then. That’s why I specifically asked about “disk mowers” & nothing else. We don’t even row crop anymore - our part of southern Indiana is lucky to have a 50 acre field ievel enough to row crop & with such patchy fields we can’t justify the capital needed for the equipment. But cattle - - that’s a different animal. So I was just looking for ideas to start (or deviate) from.. One of those “measure twice & cut once” approaches. Vermeer 8040 & 1066 sound like a good match. Thanks again - you folks have put together a powerful resource in this forum to keep lots of farmers going. - Jonathan
  9. I was inquiring about just a disk mower. Not a diskbine or conditioner. Thanks anyway - - interesting exchange of ideas!
  10. Any suggestions on size & make of disk mower to match up to a 966 or 1066? Thanks, Jonathan
  11. Yes, it’s a Wheatland with the standard fixed (non adjustable) front end width that sits back about 12” compared to row crop Farmalls. From the last couple responses it sounds as if we’re looking at a complete rebuild? Thanks!
  12. If it was the steering cylinder or steering pump would they be leaking some? Both seem to not leak at all. Thanks for helping out!
  13. Our new to us 1967 806 D International has annoyingly sloppy steering. Wide front end wheels seem tight - do not wobble when running down the road. But the steering wheel turns 1/3 to a half turn before wheels follow. Granted it is 50+ years of wear & tear but everything on the outside seems reasonably tight. Any suggestions where to start?
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