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  1. Hi Binder Dan,,my comments were based on my book giving a weight of 17500lbs bare tractor . . I omitted to take into account the weight of the canopy, blade rams and winch and side mounts etc,so putting it to probably 22000lbs plus.So your decision to go with the bigger truck made a lot of sense,especially considering the distance and terrain,but mainly for the "stopping" part !! I was close to 30000lbs ( at scales) all up ( truck,trailer ,tractor,tools, slip tank etc) with mine ,and I knew it was there,so that extra you had on may not have made the trip very comfortable with the one ton,
  2. If you had the TD14 moved a few inches to the rear of your trailer ,the 350 would have sat level and been a lot happier,still keeping about a 1000 lbs on your hitch .I rented a trailer ,same as yours with the 10000 axles,same configuration etc except bumper hitch instead of 5th wheel, with my Dodge 3500 1 ton,with a similiar weight 4 wheel drive tractor with no problem.I hauled it 1150 km,over the Rogers pass,(snow covered)no problem at all. I am sure you would have been fine ,especially on the long hill portion, just dont run it in drive or overdrive on the hard pulls, keeping the engine re
  3. Yes Mike ,the Engine was 288cu.in. Designated PA 6, built from 1938-1961, delivering about 50 hp. The PB 6 was 61-64,also 288 cubes. On a side note ,there also was a PC 6 version,slightly larger bore ,305 cubes,with a CAV DPA type pump., built 59-64. Almost 320000 were built .Talking of tractors from that period,there was a Massey Harris 744 D ,which was built in Scotland having a Perkins P6 engine in,rated at 46 hp.It was basically a MH 44 with the Perkins engine .All Scottish built Masseys had a 7 prefix in the model numbers,hence 744.There was also a Massey 745 later on, with a Perk
  4. 7310 stuck with the drill; not stuck too badly ,so left discs attached to big tractorwhen I pulled it out. Folded up for road travel.
  5. Here is a better pic of the discs.Do a great job  on the straw etc, due to their weight;about  29000lbs. Pulling out the stuck 7310. with the drill attached.Wasnt stuck too bad ,so Didnt need to unhook the disc off the big tractor.

    9470 and 35 ft vertical tiller.jpg

    7310 stuck.jpg

    35 tiller on road.jpg

  6. Sorry guy,wrong color,but still farming.Tilling up ground too wet to seed in spring."Volunteer" barley and canola,bit of red clover and weeds.I then seeded it to winter rye mid September.Up already about 3 inches,but now covered in a foot of snow .The other machine in the yard is a "demo" machine and drill the dealer brought out .57 foot drill, holds 40000 lb of product,520 hp tractor .Cool $1.1 mil.Needless to say ,it went back to the dealer after demo !! Discs 35 feet wide ,and work best at 10mph. Havent got the "offset" quite figured out ,hence a bit of a feather on one side depending on
  7. The Fordsons,with the P6 option, (E27N ) were a completely different tractor from the model F in the picture, and the "back end" of the P6 versions was vastly different from the Model F . The Model N Fordsons were very similiar to the model F. The P 6 equiped ( E27 N ) models,like your friend has, had a crown wheel and pinion,instead of the worm drive ,hence having a totally different casting,big and "square" looking nothing like the one in the pic.
  8. Yes,U-C,definitely a Model F.THe later model N was similiar,plus fenders were added by then.They had the worm drive rear end .which ,under heavy load ,were notorious for "rearing up" sometime s killing the driver.The Soviet Union imported 25, 000 ,between 1919-1927 on a contract from Ford ,then cloned some of their own,but apparently ,of much inferior quality.
  9. A few years ago,he was making a movie here in Alberta ,Canada.He had his own helicopter ,and one of our company instructor pilots ,got to fly him around for several days in his own machine .He said Clint was a great guy.The rest of us were pretty envious ;would have been a great job.
  10. Traton,who are the trucking division with VW have had a small stake (16 % approx) in Navistar for 4-5 years now ,collaborating on technology etc,so it was bound to happen sooner or later.Not all bad ,they will still be Navstars,and built in the U.S.A bit like the Mack /Volvo setup. Mack is still Mack,and Volvo still Volvo.Both still good products.
  11. Fixed rate is 3900 rounds per minute .Originally there were two rates ,2100, and 4200 which could be selected. When they fire ,it sounds like a big buzz saw. Once ,when I was trundling up the Kunar Valley ,( next to the border with Pakistan,) in a UH1N (Bell 212 )at 100 knots, one flew underneath me from behind, scared the living crap out out of me !.He was clipping right along, and threw out some chaff. Looked pretty cool, F/O tried to get a pic ,but wasnt quick enough. They have to be one of my fav orite aircraft.!!
  12. Was a C-47. (DC3 in civilian clothes)
  13. Hey Mike ,remember our conversation with "Joe" Lucas in Nelson?
  14. All of the winches only get their max pull, ie 8000,10000 lbs etc on the FIRST wrap only. I have a Ramsay and a Warn,and on one of them,I have enough line on to fill the 1st wrap only ,about 25 feet,( that is where you get your max capacity,and you have less than Half of your amperage draw,so batteries last twice as long)and cut of the rest ,make a couple of eyes on both pieces so you can join them if you have a long pull.Once you have filled the 1st wrap,unhook and reset your cable ,so you are always on the first wrap.On the other winch ,I have disconnected the rope (still keeping the f
  15. Pukeko

    New Ride

    Yes Mike ,I know you can run a bead with the best of them, I too need the reading glasses,especially in poor light,and the arms seem to be getting shorter as well. As far as the virus, emanating from the land of the yellow people ,it is causing havoc here ,but not to the extent of down there.We had 121 cases yesterday in Edmonton,but no lockdowns or any of that nonsense ,except the usual media driven panic,so I was rather perplexed to the total panic over the 13 new cases there. Unfortunately ,we too, have total idiots running the show from from the part time drama teacher in the guise of
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