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  1. Allis used Detroits in many of their machines. The HD 5 used a 2-71, the earlier HD7,s used a 3-71.( later series used a 4 stroke engine ) The HD9,s and HD10,s used a 4-71.The HD 14,s ,15,s and 19,s used a 6-71.The HD 20,s used a 6-110 motor. In 1953 ,Allis Chalmers purchased Buda engine company.
  2. Hi Lance ,tried to send you a PM ,but no dice ?Perhaps you could phone me some time ?

  3. Not spelled correctly;no "u" in Brno. Brno is the 2nd biggest city in Czechoslovakia by area and population in the Moravia district.The factory was started in 1918 from the Austro-Hungarian artillery factory and became a Czech state owned firearms factory.They were very diverse ,repairing railway carriages to military rifles,then venturing in many other areas,telegraph and communications,typewriters(under licence to Remington)a tie up with the Austrian Mannlicher rifle company and lots of other stuff.Prior to WW2 they were a big player in their right.They scaled down in lots of areas ,and are currently a fully owned subsiduary of CZ. (ceska zbrojovka a.s.Uhersky Brod).The quality of their firearms is as good as anyone else out there,large and small bore .I once had a Brno over and under 12 gauge with a second set of barrels ,20 inch long in 12 bore ,and the top barrel was an 8x57 JRS ( rimmed) mauser cartridge .I was short of cash at the time ,so I foolishly had an intermediary consign it at a gun shop,and have yet to receive any payment for it .That was in 1976 !! I am still pissed about it ,as it was a beautiful combination,and would be worth a lot of money today.
  4. should be a group 4,usually about 1200 c amps ,950cold cranking amps
  5. Actually ,a nautical mile is longer than a statute mile ;6076 ft vs 5280 ft.
  6. Hi Ian,In 1980 ,I was passing through Marble Bar on our way back to Darwin in a Bell 47 helicopter.I stopped for fuel in one of the main streets and filled up my jerry cans with pump gas (no av gas there and the rotor length precluded me getting too close for the hose). It caused some considerable interest for the odd local foolish enough to be venturing out in the heat.It was very hot ,If I remember correctly ,it was 46 C ,which is about 114 F .At that temp,the lift is reduced considerably. Not as hot as Jalalabad though, 53 C one day with a 23 lb flak vest on !!
  7. It is a Td9 ,standard length trackframe ,two carrier rollers.
  8. Great picture ,Gary.Even the hat is "era" appropriate.
  9. The first D5 SA came out in 1967.It had the same engine as the D6B,the D333,93 hp.and was the 21 J .The D5 SA , (98J) were built 67 to 77 and were a direct drive 6 speed,as were the 26X,s built from 77 to 84.All the other direct drives were 5 speed .There was a powershift option as well,also narrow guage,60 inches The D5B,s came out with the D3306 engine ,105 hp in 1977.
  10. The D5 was built only in 1939.the D6 4 and 5R series started in 1941 until 1947
  11. Hi, Old Binder Guy, no,you "didnt get it all wrong" at all,and I apologise if you thought I was suggesting that.You have some wonderful pics there,and I for one am grateful you posted them.As time goes by,we all get a little fuzzy on stuff after 40 odd years .Another Cat friend of mine and I had been recently talking about the D5,so it was relatively fresh in the memory bank,and I just was able to "finetune " a few of the numbers etc,regards,Peter
  12. The D5 with the 6cyl engine was only built in 1939 and only 46 were built. It was basically a D6 unit fitted with a special 5 track roller D4 chassis .It is assumed that they used the engine from the D6.That is not correct ,as that engine (D4600) was not used in the D6,s until 1941 when the new series ,4R and 5R was introduced.The D6,s at the time the D5 was built, were still using the 3 cyl D6600 series engines. The D4600 engine was also used in the early DW10 scrapers..In 1947,the D6,s changed to to 8U and 9 U series ,with the D318 engine ,also 6 cylinders.
  13. Yes,I forgot to say in my last post that it was a D7. Position of the exhaust is deciding factor.
  14. Both the D6 9U and D7 17A,s look very similar when viewed from the rear.They have the same fuel tank ( 65 gallons )and seat,the track guage is the same -74 inches.( 60 inches on D6 8U)The main difference is the exhaust is on the right side on the D6,while it is on the left side on the D7.As far as the cold goes,we would be working in northern Canada in the winters(late 70,s ,on 6,7,s and 8,s with no cabs ,just Rops and pieces of tarp.Some days (and nights ) it got as low as 55 below C. The D6,s were the warmest tarped in all round,plus a piece of tarp over the steering clutch levers to keep the heat in .Fans reversed and rad had to be clean ,and you kept working them,especially when ripping in the frost with the D8s.They were the coldest ,as you were sitting up high like a bump on a log.
  15. Matt,the PSI,s have nothing to do with it. In any indirect engine with a pre-combustion chamber,( assuming your batteries are up to snuff to get the normal cranking speed)there is not enough heat generated to light it off,hence the gas side starting to warm it up,so the atomised fuel will ignite. Also contributing to that is the injection pressures are lower on indirect than dircct injection engines (before common rail) . On any engine ,if it is in good shape ,the the compression psi will be the same or similiar on any type of 16.5 to 1 engine .In this case , about 242 psi at sea level,if the engine is spec. When they have been running,they will start straight on diesel if your batteries are good. Like I said before ,the Australians and Brits had the SAME engines in their IH products and they went "modern " and used glowplugs instead.It has nothing to do with "tolerances and poor starter technology" as you have alluded too.I have a late model Cat Skidsteer ( indirect injection Perkins ),and that thing will not start without glow plugs at all when cold ,and that is modern stuff , also my Cat excavator has the same issue ..As far as John Deere and their pony engines, your theory is shot as they also had an electric start option if you wanted to pay extra for it .Same as Caterpillar 36A and 46 A D.8,s also had pony or electric start options .Now if the engine is worn out ,that is another story as it will be losing compression PSI, be it direct or indirect injection,and it will be harder to start as you well know .
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