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  1. What's the diameter. 2 thousandths is quite a bit of press. Even if you get it in the id is gonna change and have to be honed.
  2. I thought you were talking about this guy.
  3. 1466fan

    New ride

    Like the truck. And the mailbox. That's the same as the one I get my mail in.
  4. They got a power drop back yesterday. He's got a camper set up for a few days. Insurance said they would pay rent for a year as long as they were building back. Raised around 1300 for him at work yesterday to help get some clothes and stuff. Think a couple of the churches close by were going to take up a collection for them too. They seemed to be taking it a little better today. Kinda getting past the shock.
  5. Thank You! House is a loss. They were able to salvage a few things. He had a ton of guns. Said most of them were in the processof being cleaned and would at least be functional. Able to salvage a few pictures and wedding rings
  6. My neighbor. Has the farm that joins mine and I've also worked with him for 22 years lost his house to fire last night. He just got recovered from having open heart surgery last year so he is really down. Definitely needs prayer. He is probably one of the best guys I know. Always helping everyone out and the first one to pray for someone else when needed.
  7. 1466fan


    Just got a new one myself yesterday. Old one blew up a couple of months ago. It was an old one I had got free at work. So no big loss. I had got used to not having a hose in the floor so gonna be nice to have another one.
  8. Yeah. Seen after I posted that one wasn't true. Glad he was there and a good shot. I never feel bad for carrying. If somebody doesn't like it I don't care. Who they gonna come running to if it hits the fan. Bet it ain't somebody that thinks guns kill people. It's gonna be the guy that's got one and knows how to use it.
  9. Thought I seen this morning the guy that took him out was a former fbi agent.
  10. I know exactly what you're talking about. We're farming the same dirt. I always tell my wife I gotta get up and go to work so I can afford to farm.
  11. If he doesn't have one already he definitely need one
  12. When I was a kid. Mid 70's. I had a contraption that went on your handle bars. Made a motorcycle sound when you twisted it. Maybe he had one of those.
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