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  1. My dad had one before I was old enough to drive. I was old enough to remember how it ran though. It would definitely light them up.
  2. Here you can get a waiver for farm use. Have to have health card for everything else though.
  3. Really. We usually try and help each other out on here regardless of the brand of equipment someone is working on. And to the question. Idk but would gladly help you out if I did.
  4. We cut a slit in the mide of the back. Hook your fingers in it and pull both ways. Peels right off without much mess.
  5. Looks like a good dinner right there.
  6. Same here. And when the kids were still in school it was dark when they got on the bus either way in the winter. I prefer dst so at least I got a little more time to get the cows fed when I get off work.
  7. Same here. Neighbors leave theirs on and leave it piled in the ring. It's usually strung all over his pasture by the time winters over.
  8. Gotta get stacks if you wanna be cool like the high schoolers.
  9. Same here. Wish they'd leave it on dst. Gonna be dark when I go to work no matter what. I like the extra hour of light to get feeding done in the evening.
  10. We stack ours on their face for that reason. Takes a little longer stacking in the barn but worth it if you haul them on a flatbed.
  11. Glad to hear everyone is ok. Got the call twice last year with my twins. Once they were together. Last one by his self. Neither at fault both times someone pulled out in front of them. Both cars were hit hard enough to total them but only minor cuts and bruises. Is scary to get that call though. Once again glad to hear they are alright.
  12. Don't know what everybody is looking for. I've had many vehicles over the last 20 to 25 years. 200 to 300 thousand miles with nothing but maintenance. I've got a soft spot for old vehicles but most of the old ones would need 2 or 3 engine rebuilds and a couple of transmissions in that many miles.
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