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  1. 1466fan

    Tuff decision

    Sorry to hear. Had to put our heeler down earlier this year.
  2. Just water here and lots of it. Several tornados last night but none real close to home. Looks like Jeff city and golden city got got hard though.
  3. 1466fan

    2019 hay

    Looks good here if it dries up enough. Water standing and had another 3 inches since yesterday. Not gonna complain about rain though. Lot better than the drought we were in last year. Fed hay in late June last year.
  4. 1466fan

    Who remembers

    Got my grandma's when she passed away. Dad gave me first choice cause I was the oldest. Always remembered it being there my whole life and it's the only thing I really wanted.
  5. 1466fan

    Feeling old

    I'm definitely feeling old. Twins just graduated high school last Saturday. Oldest graduates college this Saturday. Gonna be real quiet around home before too long.
  6. Had one here for about 3 years. Last time I seen her was right before deer season year before last. Seen her first time cutting hay shortly after she was born. I'm assuming somebody shot her that year.
  7. 1466fan

    Fleet Filter

    Haven't ordered yet but probably will this weekend
  8. 1466fan

    Fleet Filter

    Seen them on there. They are cheaper than I can get local but not quite as cheap as fleet filter. Iv e never heard of them before though.
  9. 1466fan

    New joke

    I did own a big red at one point in time.
  10. 1466fan

    Fleet Filter

    Looking online and the filters are around half price of what I can get locally. Anybody used them.
  11. Give me something to look at when I get home tonight. Spent the better part of the last 3 weeks out on the road. Ready to get home and stay there for a while.
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