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  1. You gotta remember. They were eating tide pods.
  2. 1466fan


    Aw cmon. I don't think he was posting it as a lie. Besides the media uses partial info and propagates false narratives everyday. Why don't you go after them. I mean it would be the right thing to do like turning in the guy with the campaign shirt on.
  3. Agree 100%. Negligent you might have a case. Intent. I got my doubts.
  4. Found a shed from a black snake a couple of years ago. Must've deleted the picture. I didn't bring it to the house. Stood on my tiptoes holding it up and still had probably 6-8 inches on in the ground. Got back to the house and has the boys measure up with my arm up. Just a hair over 7 ft so it was a big one.
  5. Finally watched the videos. Including the one today where he was evidently resisting when they put him in the vehicle. As the the young lady said stupid choices come with stupid prizes. Now I figure a jury is going to be next to impossible to find given the coverage it has received. With the upped charges they pushed I would have to say they wouldn't want me on the jury. Negligent? Most likely although I have not seen all the evidence. That would have been the original charge before the antifa supporter took over. The new charge says with intent. I'm sorry but from what I've seen if the jury does their job this guy walks. Wonder if theirs the possibility this might not have happened. First if he complies but he did have meth and fentanyl in his system. And being from Missouri i have seen the effect meth has on people. Second if of a big group of people hadn't have come out and started gathering around them. I've been called a cold hearted ba $%%^* before but he made a choice to resist. They were trying to put him in the patrol car.
  6. Same here. St, Louis and KC. Somebody would get shot around this part of the state.
  7. I think I wanna start a protest cause after 50 years my white privilege hasn't kicked in yet. Had to work my butt off my whole life to get where I'm at.
  8. Lol. My wife says I should never have Facebook cause I'll just be on there pissing people off all the time.
  9. Just be careful not to do it in a liberal state where you get arrested trying to defend yourself.
  10. Yes. The black snakes are very good at finding a place where when I find them I cuss, drop everything and dance around. Don't mind if I can see them but do not like being surprised.
  11. https://www.foxnews.com/us/california-man-filmed-pointing-ar-15-at-protesters-arrested-charged-assault Glad I don't live in California
  12. https://www.foxnews.com/us/california-man-filmed-pointing-ar-15-at-protesters-arrested-charged-assault Glad I don't live in California
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