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  1. 2 of my boys got it. Required to attend college this fall. 20 years old. Skinny as a rail. Is now on Cholesterol medicine. His was higher than mine. No problems before vax. Is that what caused it. Dont know and can't prove anything. Seems kinda suspicious though.
  2. I haven't got it and don't plan on it. Most of the info I've seen from the university studies and such say having it is as good or better resistance than the experimental vaccine. Seems our government is **** bent on trying to force it though. And don't you usually get paid for being part of a medical study. You can't even sue if/when this Vax goes bad.
  3. Been hitting pretty hard here. Had it a month ago. 5 of 7 at the house caught it. 1 boy had been vaccinated and had it, other didn't test positive or have symptoms. Daughter in law had symptoms but tested negative and had been vaccinated. Just got a message a guy I work with died. He had been vaccinated. Another in the hospital but seems to be doing better. Another guy there lost his wife and brother. Nasty crap that has been unleashed on us.
  4. Got around 1.75 since Friday. Oldest boy lives in Columbia and said it was flooded out up there.
  5. Could very well be. Being I'm a complaining Caucasian I guess.
  6. Good. Glad it was miscommunication. I've spent some time up there and thought it seemed like pretty decent people up there. The reference was made that you couldn't find a Caucasian man or young man to work like that. I take offense to that. While their are certainly some worthless people everywhere I have seen you post about your kids and looks like they turned out good. As well as many other here. Work my ass off every day and don't like being lumped in a group because supposedly all whites are now lazy and do nothing but complain.
  7. Oh I know that. Just saying everybody thinks it's a good story. And it is. But alot of those same people wouldn't be pleased if somebody here was using the same equipment.
  8. I'm glad I don't live in Nebraska. There's some idiots around here but people aren't all that bad.
  9. I'm on over about 30 minutes the other side of Buffalo. Mr Ed's is a must stop when we're over that way though. Got started years ago when we used to go up north for corn.
  10. If I wasn't haying id come meet up with you. Never pass up a chance for a burger at Mr eds
  11. it will as you know in this part of the world introduce them to Busch light
  12. Come on down. I'll show you several. Every generation has its worthless people. This one's no different. I raised my kids right and none of them are afraid to work. Get tired of hearing how they're all worthless.
  13. Lol. If a white kid was trying to get started in that you all would be saying dot needs to get that pos off the road.
  14. Man. I'm glad all people aren't like you. Just roll over and take it.
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