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  1. 1466fan

    New Zealand

    I'm not seeing it on NBC or CNN either.
  2. 1466fan

    New Zealand

    Where did you see he referenced trump. Can't find that even on NBC.
  3. 1466fan

    Music thread

    They are pretty good. I like Stone.
  4. 1466fan

    prayer request

  5. 1466fan

    Carry a Spare- Only in Texas

    Had it on the news. Cops couldn't ticket him cause no law against. He's being investigated for animal abuse though. Said he had to get to work at stock yard or sale barn and his trailer was broke
  6. 1466fan

    How windy is it?

    Same here
  7. Any gas station or wal mart has readily available birth control. The problem is lack of morals. But the biggest problem is lack of personal responsibility. Everything is always someone else's fault. Oh poor me he didn't have protection and I just couldn't help myself. Give me a break. I'm sick of everything being somebody else's fault. I shouldn't have to see tax money I'm paying used to pay for someone else's poor judgement.
  8. 1466fan

    Home Warrenty insurance , are they worth it❓

    Just bought a ram 2500 in January. They wanted to sell me one to cover injectors. 1900 per year. Think I'll just take my chances.
  9. Most went out around here 20 to 25 years ago. Pretty well went to all beef. From what I've heard they are going to put a number on the cows you'll have to be milking and pretty well take the rest that are left this year. Most farms around here have at least one old milk barn on them. Used to make your property worth more. Now I think it would be worth more not to have one on the place.
  10. 1466fan

    She's gonna be upset

    Those aren't ugly tractors though. So you should be ok to take them in. We have a whole container of them in the basement the boys had when they were little.
  11. 1466fan

    Honey Badger

    Honey badger doesn't give a $***
  12. 1466fan

    Update on dad

    Sorry to hear. Will keep your family in our prayers.