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  1. 1466fan

    Yellow Vests. France

    The same can be said about democrats. I don't call myself either. An informed person votes for the best of the candidates. Doesn't seem like either party can get anyone past the primaries that is truly worth voting for. But you can't say it's only the republicans acting this way. Very apparent when you see them vote on something. Could be the absolute best thing for the country but one party will vote against the other. In my opinion they all need voted out. I do tend to vote Republican but not always. Didn't vote for our last Republican governor. He's gone already.
  2. 1466fan

    Late Xmas gift

    Very cool. I have several that my grandma made. Wouldn't trade them for anything.
  3. 1466fan

    Santa Claus came early this year !!

  4. 1466fan

    I don't know why she is mad.

    I like it
  5. 1466fan

    Some 1486/66/56 eye candy for today

    Ive got the 66 and 86 covered. Would like a 56 to go with them.
  6. 1466fan

    President George H.W. Bush

  7. 1466fan

    Winter wood supply.

    Me too. I love the heat and the hot water. Just don't have the time I used to for getting it cut.
  8. 1466fan

    Milo headed south

    Looks like they're doing work on the conveyors on top of the solos to me
  9. 1466fan

    A old farm photo with Red Power

    Cool pictures. Neat when you come across pics like that.
  10. 1466fan

    Prayers for the outlaws

    Praying for their family
  11. 1466fan

    What's More Annoying Than Telemarketers

    Donalds been texting the last few days. May see if he wants to hang out now that I have his number. Lol
  12. 1466fan

    Ohio people ❗️Please get out an VOTE ❗️

    Setting out front waiting for the doors to open. Everybody get out and vote today. Regardless of which way you vote it's your duty.
  13. 1466fan

    Completely restored 966 and its looking good

    Keep the pictures coming. I like it. Pretty good looking tractor in my opinion. I'm not a member of the correct police though.
  14. 1466fan

    My final harvest

    Congratulations. Enjoy your retirement.