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  1. 1466fan

    40 Years ago

    Congratulations. Just had number 27 on the 12th.
  2. Thank You. Get to spend it at work.
  3. Went to a meeting a while back with a company. Looking into building a barn for pasture raised eggs. During the discussion about the types of chickens they used he told us it had to be Brown eggs. Why? Because the consumers are convinced that white eggs can only come from caged chickens. I'm assuming these are the same morons that think milk just comes from the store.
  4. 1466fan


    So sorry to hear this. Had our heeler for 15 years and had to have her put down earlier this year. They become family in just a very short time. Seems like they can win your love in an instant and keep it. As I said sorry to hear this and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Seen it might not be a dog. Either way an animal of any size can become family. I feel bad if I'm hauling off an old cow sometimes when I've had them around for years.
  5. Nice. I got a 66 and 86. Would definitely like a 56. Don't see that in the near future though.
  6. Sorry for your loss. Sounds like he was a good man.
  7. Calling someone a denier means they choose not to believe something that is true. Which science will you believe in 10 years from now. It's all about some rich ahole trying to get more money and nothing more. I think we should try to do the best we can as far as pollution but also think that you shouldn't preach at me from a her. My carbon footprint for a year is probably smaller than most of these folks vacation in their private jet. But still wonder which science you will believe in 10 years. Wonder how many of these experts had both these opinions.
  8. Fought it as well. Just got through baling some last week. Haven't heard any results on outsider. Sprayed some with roundup. I think all that done was killed everything else which made it even worse. Turned it brown but didn't kill it.
  9. Looked like all the libs think trump done it.
  10. Maybe you can't write. At least 2 of your posts sound like you are confused about whether an ar15 is automatic or semi automatic.
  11. How do you know. You hang out with them or just relying on what the media is telling you.
  12. Used to farm with little old gas tractors too
  13. No different than when I was growing up. All the jacked up trucks with big cammed up motors. The tires were bigger than the wheels instead of the other way around though.
  14. Our 5 year was everybody getting drunk. 10 year was a 3 day ordeal that cost 150 per person with a black tie event. Nobody went to it so the people in charge got mad and said they weren't doing it anymore. So last couple were put on by the class drinks at a bar or the river. Guy we graduated with owns a campground. I'm good with a few beers but getting ,,,,faced or being around a bunch of people who are doesn't appeal to me anymore. I do stay in touch with the group I ran around with in school though.
  15. Had about everything here. 350s,454s,a 460 ford. A couple of 6.0 chevys. And an 8.1 chevy. 07 was my last diesel till this year bought a 17 ram diesel. Mileage wise and pulling wise none of the others would even come close to touching it. Don't pull all the time but when I hook a trailer up its hands down the best pulling truck I've owned. To each their own I guess but I missed having a diesel every time I hooked a trailer up. Don't know where it is that the prices on used diesels are flat compared to gas rigs but it sure ain't in my neck of the woods.
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