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  1. So sorry to hear this. Will keep your family in our prayers.
  2. They call me the breeze, I keep rollin down the road .
  3. I got a 660. I have pulled it with 85 horse in a bind. It'll work but pulls it hard. Usually have the 1486 on it and it pulls it good. I see that's a newer one though. Thought you were asking about a 650.
  4. If you come up through here supposed to be freezing drizzle tonight and into tomorrow morning.
  5. I feel for you. Lost my job in November for not playing along. Started a machine in 2020 going to south korea. I told them as soon as we got the job that I did not and could not do it with my farm. Had already installed one like it and it took a month. Difference was I could come home on Friday nights with it. First was told I wouldn't be required to travel. 6 months later was told they didn't care about my farm I would have to go. That's when I bought my dump truck. November they come around again and I told them not only having a farm to take care of. What happens if I get over there and test positive for covid? They said I could get a shot, nothing they could do about it. What if rocket man gets even more goofy and starts lobbing missiles. Who's gonna pay to take care of my cattle? Not their problem they said. So I was walked outside door after 23 years for refusing to do my job they said. And now it looks like they may not send anyone.
  6. Wasn't me. But you weren't too far from me. I'm about 45 minutes from springfield on I-44. About the same from Mansfield on 60.
  7. Sorry to hear this mader. Will keep you all in our prayers.
  8. Sorry to hear about your sis. Will keep you in our prayers. My wife works in hospice billing. Sadly the same lifestyle you're speaking of takes many. She says that they have people in their 30s and 40s going on service all the time for the same thing.
  9. Done. Hope they figure it out and she gets to feeling better.
  10. It didn't say what from. Just seen it this morning.
  11. Seen a post on Facebook that said he passed away.
  12. @Missouri MuleWere you looking for a Bridgeport mill a while back? Couldn't remember if it was you or not but seen one on marketplacebin Ozark,Mo

    1. Missouri Mule

      Missouri Mule

      I was. Ill check it out. I kinda backed off looking while I have been busy with hay 

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