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  1. 1466fan

    Just so we don't forget what happened 49 years ago...

    That's a cool memory. Neat there was still some evidence of it. I was still a month and a half from entering the world.
  2. 1466fan

    Prayers for those lost in Branson

    That's what the owners of the company keep saying. The line of storms was on the radar for several hours though and had produced wind damage north of there 50 to 60 miles earlier in the evening. Plain and simple they should not have been on the water. I know it was on the radar that long because I was trying to wish some of the rain my way. Hadn't had anything measurable for close to a month.
  3. 1466fan

    Prayers for those lost in Branson

    I agree. Was a storm that was on the radar all afternoon.
  4. Prayers for those lost on the boat ride in Branson. Not that far from. 13 confirmed dead now.
  5. 1466fan

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    Agree. If she is following the rules the USPS set she has done what she was supposed to do. If the carrier and postmaster can't do there job they should be replaced by someone who can. If she were to change it to suit the carrier what's to keep the next one from coming along and saying it's too short. Doesn't meet the regulations.
  6. 1466fan

    45 years ago

  7. 1466fan

    Getting Buzzed Yesterday

    I thought maybe you'd found this when you said you got buzzed.
  8. 1466fan

    OK, It Can Stop Raining Now For a While

    This part could too. Everything is burning up here.
  9. 1466fan

    Can't make a official announcement but....

    Congratulations. Just in time for father's day. Having kids was one of the great moments in my life.
  10. 1466fan

    winter...down under.....a few pics

    Nice pics. Is definitely beautiful country. Like the cage
  11. 1466fan

    Some of you remember these.

    My wife's grandma called the phone company and chewed them out when we all got private lines. She spent most of the day on the phone whether she was talking or not.
  12. 1466fan

    Ok enuf Rain

    Could use some rain here. Been setting record highs which were last set in 2012 when we had a bad drought. Trying to get hay done. This week' been good but the last couple had just enough rain chance to keep us from cutting. Didn't get any to speak of but enough chances they we didn' cut.
  13. 1466fan

    Mark Forum as Read

    Yes it is.
  14. 1466fan

    Mark Forum as Read

    Just accidently hit it. Samsung galaxy smart phone. No prompt. Marked them all as read.
  15. 1466fan

    Sometimes things don't go as planned!

    That'll make you say oh crap.