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  1. Pulled many a load with those trucks. Didn't go anywhere real fast when loaded but got the job done. Had a lot of 350s and a couple of 454s through the years.
  2. I'm telling ya. I bet he has a poster of the squad.
  3. We still find some of my father In laws stuff. Usually with the lawn mower. Lol. Parts where he had worked on something out in the yard.
  4. Take them rascals out in the swamp put em on their knees and tie em to a stump. One of my favorite songs and would be a good way for our society to operate.
  5. 1466fan


    Got a a bottle of chivas regal the other night to try after talking about it on the other thread. Thought it was good. Usually drink gentleman jack but wanted to try scotch. It was a same but different kind of thing. Had a little different flavor than whiskey. Was pretty smooth.
  6. Yeah. But most likely they'll get a slap on the hand. Maybe do a little time then right back out doing it again. I agree but think they should hang out in front of the courthouse for everyone to see. I better be careful or I'll get scolded for wanting vigilante justice.
  7. Yeah. Where the he!! Did that come from.
  8. Luckily I wasn't involved on this project. Got another one going now for same company, different plant. Luckily it will at least be cooled down before installing it. Hard hat and vest is normal on most of them. What I can't understand is how a mask and shield are going to make any difference when they're not allowed to interact with anyone in the plant. I mean the guys traveled out there together , go out and eat together, back to the motel together. But they need a mask and face shield to be around each other in the plant. Doesn't make any sense I don't care what anyone says. And while I'm talking about masks I'm tired of seeing people in commercials wearing them. Can we just have something that looks normal.
  9. We've had guys working out having to deal with that. Mask, face shield, safety best and hard hat in temps over 100. Won't let them use company bathroom either. Have a port a pot set up outside. No place to even wash up since they're banned from the bathroom. Now theirs some good thinking.
  10. One thing for sure around here. Wal-Mart has been good for the smaller grocery stores by forcing masks. Their parking lot looks like about half as many people as usual and the smaller grocery stores are packed. I don't go to wal mart unless I just have to anyway. Less likely to go now.
  11. Picked up some of the chivas regal. Not home yet but may have to get into it tonight
  12. I'll probably p!ss some people off up there tonight. Got me a Trump 2020 mask. I may not eat just so I could possibly offend someone.
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