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  1. My grandma would e the one for me. And her sister. You went to basic about 30 minutes fro me.
  2. Same here. Used to live for the fall and hunting season. Still go once in a while but haven't shot a deer in years now. Oldest boy likes it so I've kept going to be with him. He moved out of state this year though so don't know if I will go at all this year. Used to be we hunted somewhere else all the time. As I got older and had my own farm to take care of it seemed like I was just setting there thinking about what i needed to get done. Kind of a double edged sword having my own farm. I can go right out behind the house but never enjoy myself cause something always need done. Same with fishi
  3. Congratulations. Wish you many more.
  4. Pdfl bwgr. Oh wait. That's your other thread I was looking for. lol. Have the same problem here with the cookie dough
  5. Good job. Teaching him young. Memories that will always be remembered.
  6. Congratulations on the new son. Sorry to hear about the loss of the dog. Had to put our heeler down last year. Haven't been able to bring myself to get another yet.
  7. 1466fan


    Only drove one. Feed store I used to work at had one. 300 w/ a 5 speed. It would run on flat ground and got around pretty good in the field. Worthless on a hill though.
  8. I also didn't grow up in that time period. Like has been said about Eddie. That's what I grew up listening to. 70s and 80s rock. Didn't listen to a lot of older stuff till I got Pandora. For some reason the Beatles just never appealed to me. A few songs that are alright I guess. Anyway to the topic. RIP Eddie. Definitely a fine guitar player.
  9. Nope. He ranks right there with the Beatles in my opinion.
  10. I may be way off for some of you. But I cannot stand the Beatles. CCR has gotta be at the top of my list for that time period.
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