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  1. 1466fan

    The verdict

    How can you be guilty of one charge that says it was accidental and another that says you had intent to kill. I'd say this is far,far from being over.
  2. 1466fan

    The verdict

    The verdict is. If you don't resist arrest you most likely don't have anything to worry about. Whether the officer made a bad decision or not in all these cases would not be a question at all if not for running and resisting
  3. I got a feeling this crash may be way bigger than the last one.
  4. I got a couple at work I'd like to tag. Right up side the head.
  5. Nope. I'm right there with you. Provider took the government money and installed fiber optic. Right across the road from me. Nobody can hook up to it though. Their system is maxed out. But they took the government money and buried it anyway. Problem with government programs. Thats how we wind up with things leading nowhere.
  6. Prayers from missouri
  7. Like to kind of keep track of the cardinals. Always liked listening to the games on the tractor. After the pulling of the all star game from Atlanta and talk of another walkout next year I think I'm done with baseball just like the other sports
  8. I got a strange one with that. 1486 acted funny on a hill a couple of years ago. Stopped to kick a bale out and parked to check thing out. Couldn't find anything wrong. Tractor won't move when I get back in. Clamp had loosened up and the axle spun inside the wheel. Destroying the inside of the wheel.
  9. 1466fan

    Covid Shot

    On the plus side the flu is about gone now.
  10. It sounds like the cop probably used very poor judgement. Whether he was a dirty Harry wannabe or just heat of the moment. However it doesn't sound like some of you have a driveway just over the crest of a hill where the jackasses on their crotch rockets like to top the hill around 100 and open it up down the straight stretch. Had several close calls in the pickup and tractors. Been more than once I wanted to pull one of them off their bike and slap them up side the head. I got kids and family on these roads as well. Personally I think some of the idiots need some sense knocked into them. And
  11. I've drank more beer with Hank Jr. than anybody else.
  12. My wife makes and sells cakes and cupcakes. She made cupcakes the other day with one of these in the middle. She usually sells all of them but I got to sample since it was something new she was trying.
  13. When my wife was pregnant with the oldest boy she craved the hot sauce. Like we had to go there 2 to 3 times a week and she would eat probably half a jar everytime we went. Can get the hot and mild sauce in town at the store now so she keeps stocked up. I just barely get any on the corner of the chip of the hot stuff. If you're ever up this way holler. I'm always up for Mexican villa
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