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  1. Shitzu. Wife has been wanting one for awhile. I finally gave in. Never had daughters, all boys. But this little girl has me wrapped around her paw already.
  2. I have a various assortment of tools ranging from cheap to high dollar. But that being said I know alot of backwoods guys with cheap tools and some guys with a truckload of snap on and the payment to prove it. All I got to say is good tools don't always have the best mechanics on the end of them. Best tractor mechanic around here dang sure aint spending all his checks on a snap on payment.
  3. Got this little girl the other day. She rode to the sale barn like this. About 45 minutes. Always said no little yapping dog. But as bad as I hate to admit it. I have grown attached to her already.
  4. Thats more dangerous than driving drunk.
  5. When a zombie bites Chuck Norris the zombie turns into Chuck Norris.
  6. He could've got in the van and be here now.
  7. Hope he didn't fall for this.
  8. True. But back in the day it was 600 all the time. Couldn't turn it down off the line then back up,then back down for the shift. Your controller then was how well you could drive. Not how well you could tune it on the laptop. I'm not knocking either. Its all cool. Love the sound of a loping cam.
  9. I'm confused. I thought when I seen the dip sign it meant time for more Copenhagen.
  10. Reading. He may have been the one putting it on there.
  11. On a lighter note. Had to put our heeler down last year. She had been around for 16 years and I haven't got another for outside. My wife wanted a small dog for the house and I've always said I don't want a little yapping dog. Well she won and got a shitzu about a week and a half ago. Said I wasn't going to get attached to no little yapping dog. Saturday night she rode about 45 minutes to the sale barn with me zipped with just her head sticking out of my vest. Even went in the barn with me like that. Whoda thought that would ever happen.
  12. Have tried donkeys. Unfortunately I have seen them treat a newborn calf the same way.
  13. Sorry to hear. Its a tough day when you gotta let one go.
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