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  1. The University of Guelph here in Ontario was formerly the Ontario Agricultural College and apparently back in the day they started keeping a copy of ag related advertisements. Their archives department at the library lets you view these collections, you can't check them out like books but I did convince them to let me scan them. There is 25 boxes crammed with IH brochures, sales bulletins, catalogues, probably somewhere around 20 000 pages of stuff, just roughly guessing by the fact that it took me 3 hours to get through the first half of the first box. The box I looked at was tractors, hundred series through 04/06 series, and I wasn't able to skim through every box but theres stuff on tractors back to pre letter series up to 66 series where it seems to get a bit more spotty, there's multiple boxes on trucks, many boxes on implements, there's some construction stuff, stationary engines, combines, cream seperators & fridges... you get the idea. I know the literature doesn't turn everyone's crank but to me this was quite the find. Not sure how much of it I will find the time to scan but it doesn't seem like they have any intention of getting rid of any of it... i asked. Quite a few of the smaller ads 2 pagers/4 pagers are "International Harvester of Canada". Not sure if the actual publication differed at all from the US version or maybe they just changed "who" it was from. The biggest oddity I came across so far was a 2 page ad for a 404 Lo-Boy , didn't know those existed but a google search brought a few up. I would imagine this ad for them hasn't been seen by many so thought I would share. I'm not sure when i'll have a chance to go look at some more but I'll extend the offer to you guys on here, if there's an ad you'd like to have a digital copy of, send me a PM and eventually if i come across it i'll scan it. Can't guarantee they have it all, as I said it seems to get spotty after 56 series stuff, but there sure is a lot. They've got all this stuff hiding in the basement, probably barely ever sees the light of day so it might as well be shared to the people who will appreciate it.
  2. Wondering if anyone has come up with a good way to remove oil pressure gauge, the style that mounts to oil filter body like on As Bs Cs. Nowhere to get a wrench on and not crazy about reefing on the thing with a pair of channel locks? Don’t have any band type oil filter wrench that small but maybe something like that ? Picture of new gauge:
  3. Try posting this in the technical page , it might get some more traction. Good luck !
  4. This tractor pulled the drill to put about 500 acres of beans in the ground for several years. MX200 has since taken over that job. But those steps were on there the whole time and never had any trouble over our ground. Make it easy for Grandpa to get in and out.
  5. When my uncle bought his 1466 a number of years ago , it was missing the blackstripe decal on the drivers side door. The other door has it. Never knew what the story was , doesn’t matter I suppose. Wondering if anybody thinks I have a shot at finding just that individual decal (separate from the entire stripe) or if I’d be better off having one custom made?
  6. It looks like Messicks has some ? https://www.messicks.com/cas/145210?sectionId=317797&diagramId=1660602 877260-3528
  7. 21U seems to be the winner. Thank you !
  8. Looking at purchasing this mower , I wasn’t able to find a tag on it anywhere when I looked at it. Can anybody identify the model ? I haven’t had luck looking online.
  9. This was taken near Ayr - it was a friend of a friend’s land so I’m not all that familiar with it, but yes it worked up nice , none of the tractors were working very hard. That’s my buddy with the 200, he’s got 4 sets of wheel weights on her. Wasn’t sure how it was going to handle the 3 bottom but he discovered the one wheel / axle clamp on his 300 was cracked the morning of , so on went the weights and the 200 got er done !
  10. Check out some drone footage I took at the neighbourhood plow day. 1566 blackstripe pulling 7 bottoms and more !
  11. Cousin just did this on his '99 MX200, yanked the engine as Nebraska1206 said, didn't touch the cab
  12. Haha that’s the one my buddy just bought. Elmira is my local dealer. $10 and that’s CAN boys !
  13. My buddy has one in good shape and it works. I don't know much about it but I'll try to get some pictures at some point.
  14. I’m in the process of preparing to repaint a 44C mower deck I recently bought with a 782. I’m curious about whether there is supposed to be a seal or felt gasket that goes under the cups on the spindles ? There seemed to be the remains of one when I took them apart but I don’t see anything in the parts book?
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