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  1. Yes I agree. Wix has a great site. I only got one filter that they say would fit a machine and it didn't.Just after that I buy that filter from a New Holland dealer.
  2. Jacka

    Fuel prices

    Okay, well here in Pennsylvania it's 469 regular. On road diesel well over 6 bucks
  3. Jacka

    Fuel prices

    Under 4 here is only a distant memory. What state do you live in?
  4. I like when old machines get fixed from years of cobbling up.Though for sure I was one of those cobblers. I did it out of necessity and not having quite the tools for machining or blacksmithing. I too look at the manufacturers components verse brand of machine.Far to easy for a dealer to say not in my book,can't order it ,buy new machine.
  5. My dad always planted couple hundred acres of wheat to help with cash flow in summer in the 70's.Bins were less prevalent, and we grew about 400 acres of corn couple hundred of beans along with brood cows. Small farm for sure compared to you guys out west that have thousands if acres.
  6. I agree with all of the above. Sadly it's a sign of the times.Schools do not teach sentence structure, grammar etc. at the same level or put as much importance on proper english,word usage.Heck even the teachers now can't diagram a sentence.
  7. Yes,that is only for when pressure builds up and cap releases it and it is supposed to flow down the side so no one gets burnt from hit coolant
  8. Yes that's just for overflow.If it's burping out check your radiator cap for a tight seal,good gasket not bent.Also don't put a too high pressure cap on it,old radiators will spring leaks.8lb is all I would do no more than 10.Flush the fins first good on the radiator, then check belt to make sure is tight,not wore down in pulleys.Then thermostat. I would try flushing system then if that doesn't work.If it still won't cool,pull the radiator and have it flushed, pressure checked for leaks at a radiator shop.
  9. One thing I like about transmission park lock and living on hills.Nothing is flat driveways,fields etc.So you always have to put it in park and your park lock better work or your either get run over or it runs way even if it's only a few feet.So you gotta keep them working.I don't like starting stuff standing on the ground either but a IH with the park lock working and down is pretty safe.I cringe when you see people doing stuff to tractors that they really don't know what their doing.I do and agree with tractorman Mike, I double check before I hit the switch.
  10. Great mowers.I had 100 to 1000,semi mount, fast hitch and 3pt.Got a 100 and 1000 now.Dad bought a new 100 semi mount when I was 6 or so never forget it coming home from the dealer.Mowing hay,trimming up can't be beat.Nice quiet and just sing .
  11. Also use lubricant in your fuel.Even if your supplier says they do,its cheap insurance plus the fuel needs it.
  12. Jacka

    scrap price?

    Yea I got some junk here needs gone,not enough for a container but enough that's getting in the way.I hate hauling it in because you drive in a scrap yard and law of averages sooner or later your going to cut a tire.
  13. I been reading this thread all along. You keep talking about your 1066 like it is a dog.I just couldn't understand how this 1270 will out pull a 1066. Just my opinion.But after reading this thread I can.
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