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  1. I run duals on one of my tractors just for the same reasons pulling dual rakes on very steep hills. I would rather move out the wheels on it though but for two reasons I don't. One the wedge locks have been in place so long I really don't want to mess with them.Two ,where I store it in winter width is a issue.Just remember your only extending one side of your foot print on a hill and putting stress on the lower outside side clamp on. Your width between inner wheels has not changed and your high side outside dual is doing nothing to help you and really if you hit something with it acts as
  2. Boils down to after being a skeptic on IH hydro tractors ,being raised IH,on Hydro drive combines and gear drive tractors that IH hydro tractors you didn't want to farm with.That came with no practical experience, just brothers, neighbors and every Tom,Dick and Harry that never owned one,drove one but knew it all anyway. But after owning two for many years now my opinion has changed from never owning one to never being WITHOUT ONE. Like other hydro owners,I got nothing bad to say about them.
  3. As far as "moisture not lacking " same here. Roughly a month or so ago we were dry. Was kinda scary for early spring and snow this winter was below normal. But now rain,rain rain.My grass hay which goes south for horses mainly is no kidding bout chest high. It pays to put fertilizer on it and spray for weeds for sure.Now just need some of those 90 degree days with a 10,15 mph breeze. Sooner or later we will get them. But I will never wish the rain away, without it nothing grows,life is bleak, worrisome and stressful.
  4. I also think they are a nice,sleek looking tractor. I always thought they were cool and would have loved to had a new one off the line but was to young for that.I owned only a 3088,no cab but they came I believe without cabs and always looked incomplete. I been looking for a 50 series but not to hard.Should have bought a 5488 2wd bout 6 years back for $9500 but just didn't. But own the next coolest thing,782 Cub Cadet and it is in storage. One thing I will never buy is a red Case when they came out,I could have cried.
  5. I love to have a 140,just think they are a versatile little tractor but really don't have much use for one.If I was produce farmer that would be the ticket. I have a 100 here and it just sits.
  6. Good for her, how old is she and is she married......Maybe trade my other half in.............?????? I never underestimated a woman, spoke to her as a equal in business and pleasure. Many women are my superior anyway,just amazing how much some can get done but same as men.Lazy and hard workers,bad and good etc.etc
  7. Your right,a working seat is amazing compared to a bottomed out one.I just took the time to clean and loosen everything up and they are much nicer. Plus I don't run them through the field 9000 miles a hour like a Fendt mowing hay which helps because you never stay in the seat.
  8. Not a pretty site.
  9. Yes ,I agree.I also flushed gear driven tractors with half hyd oil and half diesel fuel .I never did that in a Hydro though, I don't know if that's advisable or not. In a gear drive it was just starting it,and driving back and forth a bit to stir up the crap and drain it.I don't know enough about the hydro drive to advise it or not. I dont know of if that fine dirt would score spools,plates.Maybe some one else will have thoughts on that.
  10. If I were you I would use only HY Tran,CIH oil in your Hydro.The little more your going to spend will be PENNIES compared to fixing the Hydro.I know that other oils probably work fine but for peace of mind or at least mine I run Hy Tran in my hydros. But at any rate I wouldn't do much with it until you change oils and filters dirty, water laden oil is not not good for any system but for a Hydro drive it is murder.
  11. My daughter lives in Columbia Falls,she has been to Australia, all the major parks out west, she is a outdoorsman and a animal biologist.She said Montana,Glacier, is the most beautiful place she has been.I visited her once, spent a week out there,went to Pole Bridge and on to Canada where your faced with a ranger station and a do not enter sign in the middle of no where.So beautiful beyond belief so we went back the next day.She loves Montana and will never come back to PA, to crowded for her she says. I can't say I blame her, if I was a young man I might be heading out there myself.
  12. Got a Mitsubishi 180D,gear drive 4wd.234 is its IH sister.But I bought it with bad motor thought no bigge getting parts from IH.I was wrong and IH engine displacement was 1hp less and rings pistons would not interchange. CIH said they are a tank of a tractor, tough made with iron but just hope things don't go wrong because parts are a nightmare if they are even available. I had to do a vast search heard many suppliers said no way,but found one way down south that had OH kit with pistons,rings.700 bucks for kit and the 3 little pistons no bigger then soda can.I thought Mitsubishi, big name ,no
  13. Yes they only ractchet style parking brakes and do not trust them for safety in any situation
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