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  1. I think it be wise to keep that cab on it.I never been in a cab like that but it looks like it would be tighter and less rattling then the other early IH cabs or cabs they aftermarketed for IH.It would be nice to add a.c to it..It does look tight inside though ,not a lot of room.I have deluxe Hi Clear cab on one of my 1066s(at least that is what I think it is),it's best with windows and doors off in summer. Winter it keeps wind rain and cold out that's about it.I had a red cab on one ,I though it was the WORST for seeing out of,at least row crop work we do in the east.
  2. It looks like 2 mufflers unless one is a fake,maybe it looks like a v8 or v6 repower
  3. Jacka


    I was thinking about going,but next week 1st stretch of good weather to make dry hay we had in 2 years. We had zero weather to make dry hay last year.I gotta stay home,who knows if or when next good weather will be.
  4. Farmers are farmers,your not loaded untill your overloaded.It looks like you got flat ground that helps a lot. In the Appalachia mountains it gets kinda touchey when you got a bit much behind you because it could end up infront of you.
  5. I had 574 with a Dunham loader on it. What it could dig and carry was not always the issue. It had the shuttle shift like yours,never worried about the clutch ,that shifter is perfect for loader use. The issue with it was it had swept back front end and and you had to be very careful about weight on your front-end.I broke a couple of spindles with just heavy round bales.You really had to watch rough ground.
  6. I kinda like the old look of the cab,be cool to update it with A.C. if you could.
  7. I have spin ons and canisters.It really makes no difference to me.I would say though I would not change either over to the other unless I could not get a filter.I do like the canisters to change, just put a wrench on and turn.I also like the orignal look of canisters.The only place I would change I guess from a canister to a spin on is hard to get areas.I have MF crawler,engine filter was changed from canister to spin on for ease of getting it off,just no room and you have to stand on your head.It still has canister for couple hyd.filters one is a bear other is not.
  8. What do you mean pump jack and cheap fuel? Was that a gas well on a farmers land?Did he get free gas from a pump right on his farm.
  9. Why L.P. gas tractors ,what was the benefits other then clean burning?Why more in Texas, Oklahoma then any other place? They only show up in east at consignment auctions and I never seen one in use on farms.
  10. Jacka


    Ok,one of my other tractors they are on the inside. Thanks
  11. Jacka


    Okay question for you guys.I bought these snap on duals and was putting the nuts on today getting ready to install them.I happened to notice the valve stems on the wheels on the tractor are facing out.Its very close to where the dual rim will seat.It never occurred to me to look at it before I started this.Is that a no no? I was thinking I have to switch tires and rims from right to left so valve would be on the inside.Has anybody run them with the valve facing out.I think though I could take a torch and just notch it a bit to increase tolerances a little.I thought if it spins inside the rim just a little it could cut the valve.Thoughts anyone.
  12. Jacka


    Well good,I know on my 1066 I plowed pulling a 6 16" and never had a problem with a set on the the land side.I heard people say they will spin inside the rim.I never noticed a problem with 6 clamps but I always checked them after I ran them to make sure they stayed tight.I know Stronger800 said about running on hay but I have a 14 haybine,pulling 2 rakes.I should be able straddle one and not catch the nest one. If not it is 1st cutting long stem grass hay and the rakes pick it up.I rather feel safer on this very steep hill.I would before unhook one of my 1066's from haybine and use it.I just got lazy and don't want to unhook if don't have too
  13. Jacka


    Ok thanks to all ,I will go check them out.My hills are a killer,them seem to get steeper as I get older.
  14. Jacka


    As far as what wedge locks have to do with duals are,wedge locks on inner wheel should hold to axel better I assume with the strain if the extra wheel verse bolts and clamp wheel. One thing I never thought of and why would going into turns with duals any different for a hydro verse gear.If I moved single wheels Al the way out turning radius would be the the same.Am I missing something?
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