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  1. Broken studs in ANYTHING successfully removed are a reason to party,put's a smile back on your face and gives you a you can do anything feeling.But what I do instead of letting them cool and shrink on their own after nut is welded on douse it with cold water.Water doesn't have to be a cold or even a lot .It just shrinks it faster then metal surrounding it opens the threads right up.I even heated stud bolts red hot when a welder is not available, cooled with water and clamped vise grips on and got'em out that way.But it ALWAYS helps to ask forgiveness and say a little prayer when clamping those vice grips on because your living on the edge.
  2. Jacka

    Free BS 1066

    Wow,$296 for a 1066 delivered to farm.It be here asap,like day or couple days .I would haul nother tractor there push it on if I had to cause I did that more then once already.
  3. Jacka

    Free BS 1066

    Well I also complain about all the stuff I have to keep running, fix ,restore etc. But usally all I can bring myself to buy is a "bargain".I also as I get older feel the lack of ambition and the "oh no not again feeling".However it seems to be such a waste in that field, eyesore even.If you get it out of there and it's to far gone to bother with at least it will be somewhere that can be parted out and eventually scrapped to be melted down to somthing new.It just seems wasteful to let it set.
  4. Very least they could have changed the filters on the 10 after $5 overhaul, nothing points out patch job,taped together, lipstick shined up then spray paint over the filters.It would stear me away.I prob bid on a old beat looking one before it.Just advertises that you just painted it,your all for the shine, you really don't want to put 20 more bucks in it,your all about just unloading it.
  5. Saved big bucks by traveling, I just jump in my rollback take cash ,check whatever and head out.Too far buy it over phone sight unseen way before cell phones and internet. Guys would oh and ah but say look what it cost you to travel.I say cost ? Your way wrong look what it SAVED me to travel therefore it MADE me money to travel.Did you make thousands by staying home yesterday?They just grumble, say I am cheap and walk away.
  6. Jacka

    Free BS 1066

    Looks like there is a water filter right above alternator.kinda hard to see and they were standard on later ones.My two have them, owned more and only had one old 9 without one .
  7. Jacka

    1086 emblem

    Sensible to keep it, unless money really is no issue and you just want a newer tractor.Old ones no DEF,regen, computers less headaches. Large farms with thousands of acres and many employees have to have new equipment.
  8. I got the 4th Hydro70 off the line.Probably not worth anymore then any other one with my luck.
  9. I agree, but to me it would be a investment. If I thought I could buy and make money on it be the ONLY way I would buy it.But really the guys in 10,20 years that like them will be all gone and the market will shrink. But this is the first one which will hold its place and make it stand out.The average run of the mill 30k 1066's,1456s,1206's that are restored are on the way out now.I can't see a lot of buyers for them in the future.
  10. I don't agree with "nothing smaller then a 1086 for a 15 batwing".I have one,ran it with my H70 with zero problems,cutting weeds as high as front of tractor .I mow mostly with a 1066 on it.Just because it has a cab.I never understood the thought that one needs a thousand hp on a rotary mower.Once you get them running, they are pretty efficient in use of HP.
  11. Wow,to be that close to it be awesome. But to know what we know today, we all would have went and somehow borrowed the money.But that's the way it always is,get back,keep those old muscle cars that we beat, then junked or sold for a 100 bucks.
  12. Jacka

    Dash pic of 450

    Very nice dash.We also did very little after dark and nothing on Sunday. Dad always said things were harder,never seemed to go as well.Sundays never went well,seems you got as much done in 6 as you could in 7.We were ones that got up early and got things done during day light.My dad said my uncle,his brother,would lay in bed till noon,milk cows work half the night and milk at midnite. He said he never got things done on time.Well he went under and had to sell.Problaly the best for him.I just know that carried into my farming career, if i couldn't get it done between killings it waited untill next day. I was exhausted after evening milking,was not heading back out to fields.Seemed to work for me.Life is a marathon not a sprint.
  13. How can people lie,cheat and steal and sleep is beyond me.It's just some have no morals and what they tried to do is no different then trying to rob and getting stopped by a Good Samaritan.
  14. Shotguns my favourite two but not with slugs.Slugs are great for big game but not inside a house.You could miss or go right through and kill someone else in your house.Heck if you live close to someone which many don't you might even kill a neighbor. I rather use and have in mine high brass or 3inch magnum rounds with 2s,4s.I have 00buck as last round loaded but those hornets chasing intruder can be dangerous too for a innocent in another bedroom.
  15. Never hurt a TA using it that way just go smoothly and swiftly. Been in IHs all my life from letter series to 88 series.TA's are not fragile as farmers let on.Wide open pull tractor down to nothing plowing,pull ta back ,push forward keep motoring year after year no problems. TA's use on the road no different. I live in hill country, twisting roads and hills.You pull loaded wagons up and down whether grain,silage, hay,you use that TA,heck far better than shifting without one if your so unlucky not have one .There also is no guarantee that just because you have a ta you won't have to shift on a hill anyway so you better be good at it.Like other poster said just don't use low side as a brake,sure way to blow one out.My neighbor did that with his 706,flying down road with loaded silage wagons,pull ta back to use to slow it down.He thought it was cool.Well blew a few out that way,called them junk switched to JD's.I said good riddance.
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