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  1. Your 100% right,when farmers are involved and they live on the farm,business it's a whole different story.If they lose their business they lose there house.Their kids have to be uprooted,maybe move to another school,away from friends.They have embarrassment at school,fathers and mothers have to find a new place to live,jobs etc.It is not the same say as a store owner or business owner in town who has to sell or close up shop.They most times have a house elsewhere,their kids wont have to move. That's why farmers will work to the end,save their family,that's why I did it.I am just one of the lucky ones,got out ,still have my farm ,machinery and life here.The general public has no idea what we went and go through.
  2. Just my two cents, but it seems like the seller and buyer both made out and both are happy.Things always have a price put on them but the value is only truly realized when that item is sold.The thing about stuff it it is only stuff.We all probably remember back in the 90's when the 2 cyl JD and letter series Farmalls were the rage.The people that wanted them at that time were farmers that had them as a kid or farmed with them as their first tractors on their own farms.Then as more of them ,hate to say die off but as less buyers for those older tractors price has come way down.I can see that starting in the 60's ,70's even 80's tractors now.The guys that have them ,bought them to use,collect or investment will have to realize there will be a market ceiling for them also.That is either with their capability in the field or collector value.The next generation might see their dream collector tracor as a CIH 7150 they remember that their dad bought new when they were five.I am kinda dealing with that now,you see the price of either your collection ,investment or field tracorts not appreciating or heading back down a little. So Famerboy72's decision based on their needs and wants sounds like a rational one to me.
  3. Metering valve hung up/stuck in pump. Do use lubricant in your fuel? You can try tapping on side of pump,vibration might jar it loose.I never had luck with that tactic though.
  4. Engine doesn't have to be "screaming" anyway on any tractor ,you adjust throttle for the job.I know when baling at 540 rpm that motor is little less 3/4 throttle.Your baler is full,you back up tie ,eject bale and back in the row again.Like Matt Kirsh said hydros are run a certain way,you lug them they overheat.I was just saying in my original response it just seems like a unnecessary addition to a 1026 or any hydro.I guess also I am not a foot throttle fan,maybe that comes from my hatred of JDs.The old 20 series,bouncing across fields with your foot getting on and off pedal,very hard to maintain a constant,consistent rpm. JDs needed them because wide open on throttle was 540 /1000 rpm. Really in my opinio a engine is just a powerplant,keep it at constant rpms would seem more efficient to me.Hydros are the best at that.
  5. Seems like a waste of time,money and ruins the one of best functions of a Hydro to me.I would never ruin the originality of my 1026,H70 and install one of those.I spent 1000's of hours on mine from loader tractor use to plowing,mowing,raking ,baling hay plus all types of general use and never felt the need for one.One of the best functions of a Hydro is to set the throttle and leave it.Forward and reverse, pto or loader work never touch it. Simple, efficient.
  6. So cool love those old cab over tractors,you talk about a slick looking man's truck that's it. All these new trucks,guys sitting down in a hole, just look the same. I had a cab over on the road ,still have it but not road worthy,great to see out of ,turning radius was great to for a old truck.but they have there downfalls,lifting the cab up for every liilte thing u had to do with motor,heat from the engine got tough in summer,also if u were in a wreck you could count on being 1st on the scene
  7. Jacka


    Kinda off topic but how and why did you get from eastern pa to Wyoming
  8. Well what I was looking to achieve was efficiency and it seems like my own ignorance about how they work it will be impossible. I just thought if I had it hooked up and using it whether on a welder and not striking a arc at the moment or running it at the house or barn was I guess wanted more efficiency.I thought it would be nice to have tractor not running full bore if you didn't need the juice at that time.Just like a little suitcase generator, a gas driven welder or something.I gather from all the conversation on the topic is that it will not work with your standard PTO driven generator. Thanks to everybody for their input.It never hurts to ask a question,usually you always learn something.
  9. I have a question for you all,is there something made that I could install on a1066 to control governor/throttle for pto use.I like to have something like that to control throttle when tractor is on pto generator.It could idle up and down on its own when generator calls for power.I believe it be ideal in situations like welding in the field,generating remote power.
  10. That's a shame about shortening that hood,1456 and 1026 are only ones that take that hood. He been been better of selling what didn't fit and buying tin work for 856 at salvage yard,having hole cut for pre cleaner,he would have been money ahead.
  11. Good luck farming,it is tough at times but good and rewarding also.I own one and was born into farming.I worked away and then farmed full time.I sold my dairy cows years ago because I was getting tad wore out.I still crop farm and work away now. But one thing for sure when I was young all I could think about was farming on my own,not working for someone else.I did and glad I did. If I didn't take a chance I always would have regretted it and been wondering how things would have turned out. This country needs young farmers more then it knows. Go for it and good luck.
  12. Jacka

    Early 656 Hydro

    Our neighbor had one just like it.I wish I would have bought it at his auction. He had a bum leg from being in a war,couldn't push in a clutch. He also had a M with a M& W hand clutch on it.
  13. I agree.I sorta like positive and 6 volt in the old tractors.It's kinda unique in today's world .Basic,simple,generators,separate voltage regulators.I know my comment is off topic sotra but I would start by switching this tractor back to positive ground unless it was switched over to negative ground properly.I know my old M if you by chance hook the battery up to negative ground the fire will fly and it is still 6volt.I don't understand how this tractor doesn't unless it was switched over before the present owner acquired it.
  14. All this good and bad engine talk kills me ,for every good one someone has a bad one story on same engine. It goes to show you how different each engine is and how all the little things come together to make a good or bad one.I guess only hands down, can't argue good engine is a 414dt out of a ole 1066,IH just got it right the whole way thru.No bad 414s only wore out ones.
  15. Jacka

    Old IH drill

    Looks like a MF model to me .I had a smaller version of that drill.I know the seed rate drive looks exactly like mine was.I don't know if they used that drive on different models though.
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