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  1. If it is the last one gotta be valuable. There's only a few tractor models in the IH family that are iconic. I would say M,1026,1066 and when you get into the CIH's would be the first Magnum's. Please don't torch me on my choices as iconic, just the models that the other colors know also and show a little respect to.
  2. If there is no calcium in the tires, doesn't really seem terribly over weighted .If they are 150 lbs per set that's 900 lb per side. I know those tires won't hold a drum but water with calcium is heavier than straight water.Probl.not much different than fluid and couple sets of weights.
  3. That's funny, sorta like put one dairy or beef cow out there alone in a field and 4 different feed guys will tell you how to feed it,they all will be different and the other 3 will be wrong according to each guy.
  4. Certainly not a run of the mill beat 706.I can see he took care of it painted in places,wheel studs painted, nice seat,good rubber. That tractor meant something to him .I don't know background on his story but for sure looks like a heirloom to me.
  5. Last batch of new skidloader tires I got,one separated before the tread showed much wear.I now get used or replaced tires of JLG lifts.I live close to where they build them and refurbish the rentals and government returns. $75 12 16.5s isn't bad and they as long as new ones or longer.
  6. I have a 8370,14 ft cut center pivot.I run the cheapest hyd fluid 303 tsc because it's just a pump and motor,takes 25 gals and if the suction hose or pressure side blows its all gone before you can even think. .
  7. Kids r kids and its our job to protect even when they know better. 8 years and up on farms they should know better because many have run stuff already. It's the 3,4 and 5 year olds that can get themselves in trouble. My son was very young would watch me start a 574.I left the key in it (my fault),fuel was left in the run position. I guess,never dreamed he would be on it. He started it,it was in low gear,tractor headed off down through the yard slow,ran over bushes and through a fence untill someone stopped it. He was found hiding behind a bush with his thumb in his mouth. He was probably only 3.
  8. Well that's pretty good and I know you're joking lol.But no my standards aren't that high,actually my bar is pretty low and realistic,just different standards. But yes since I was once a pedal to the metal dairy farmer I understand fully.
  9. Looks like the paint will wash off with the first pressure wash. No thanks, bought a pile of tractors of all flavors in my day and never did or would buy one with a paint job like that.Made me a leary and if I couldn't be comfortable using it on my farm how could the guy the guy I was selling to use it or how could I even present it to him without apologizing for it. Rather buy a dented up old war horse then a painted up pig.
  10. I was a skeptic too untill I had problems with pump on a skidloader. Did everything possible to get it started,consulted with my injection pump guy whom I used for years.He asked me if I used lubricant,I said no,why diesel fuel has enough lubricant.His reply was why is it used to clean parts in a pinch then,you don't wash parts in oil to clean them. He said metering valve was hung up he bet. Well I tapped on side of pump to no avail.After another call he told me to pop cap off and see if valve,chain was moving.I looked and no it wasn't. He said get some lubricant and just dump it down over top of chain and see what happens. Well did all that and it immediately it fired up.That itself made me a believer in fuel system lubricant and anti gel. If it is snake oil to you fine,to me it's a essential lubricant just like motor oil.If I save a injection pump for a few dollars it's well worth it too me.Also in my climate when zero t emps are real,I have absolutely no problems with fuel gelling.
  11. Yes ,I don't trust even what the fuel oil company puts in when delivering it.I add Howes to every fill up on my own.Its cheap,very,very,very cheap insurance from past experience believe me.
  12. I got a DuAll 3100 on a Hydro 70 with zero issues. It was on a Hydro 186 when I bought it. Guy hardly used it at all,just as new except weathered from sitting out.He bought a 4wd with a loader on it.I had to make spacers for frame rails but that wasn't much.For sure it would take a bigger tractor but as long as you use common sense your fine.
  13. Critical to have on/off/start cable EXACTLY where it should be.Will be almost impossible to start when cold correctly if not fixed and set. Put the ether can aside until all other issues are taken care of first.
  14. Have two hydros and a 1026,world of difference tween high and low range,only time any of mine gets high range is down a highway. Depending on what your doing it would seem weak if it is bad or not.If the owner ran it like that all the time it might be weak.Never had any of mine stuck,you try putting pressure on it and rocking back and forth a bit
  15. Well I would go by the manual .My story on a massey dozer I bought in pieces at a auction. It was literally in a pile,just tracks and frame.They said it was all there owners took it apart and never put it back together. But of course it wasn't all there and many engine parts missing but that was my fault for not looking beforehand.Dip stick was missing.Well put it all back together, engine OH with new crank plus other parts including new dipstick bought from my local massey dealer. 3.152 Perkins only a million out there. Well after two years another OH many oil leaks investigation was in order. After one oil change,and oil leak repair I was ready to try to figure it out.I looked I the manual, I believe it said like 6,7 quarts or something of motor oil.Well I put the stated number in and not on the stick.I kept going and counting it took well over a gallon more to bring it up to full,like 5 quarts.Well no wonder it was blowing it out and leaking it like a sieve. So I pulled dipstick headed to my massey dealer because he had a dozer just like mine,that's where I bought the dipstick along with other parts and wanted to measure mine against his.Walked in told the owner,old massey guy what happened and what I wanted to do. He didn't even have to go outside to measure, took one look at it and knew it was wrong.He said that one I had was for 3.152 in tractors or skidloaders they had a different shaped pan,my dozer took a different length of stick.Took mine and handed me the correct one.But for the life of me I never thought to question the stick since it was new and bought from a dealer.Costly lesson for me.Parts guy order it for a 3.152 not for the dozer.
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