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  1. Jacka

    Old IH drill

    Looks like a MF model to me .I had a smaller version of that drill.I know the seed rate drive looks exactly like mine was.I don't know if they used that drive on different models though.
  2. Jacka

    Advice Hydro 84

    I also believe that a fuel transfer pump is unnecessary.I also concur that you need a strong stream of fuel to the fuel filter and system. I too have many hours on 574 and that saddle tank fuel system is like all fuel tanks to be checked for debris and junk in the tank periodically. It won't take much to restrict the flow It's like any motor,starting them is where your weak link or nagging issues raise their heads. Engines will keep running with issues depending on how bad they are. Heck that's how we trouble shoot something out on the farm. All in all Galloway is learning a lot.
  3. Jacka

    Advice Hydro 84

    But in all serious ,just make note where EXACTLY that spot is on your start position,a little either way will make a big difference.Once you do that and know exactly where to place your lever, you checked that box in eliminating a cause in your hard starting.You can move on to other possible causes if you still have any.
  4. Jacka

    Advice Hydro 84

    Glad to hear it.I doubt the tractor is getting smarter,even though these IH's are at the top of their class.I believe the tractor is just getting you trained.Sorta like two old married people .They spent a lot of years training each other until they got it right.Some just take longers then others.
  5. Jacka

    Advice Hydro 84

    Well I think you are getting closer to the root of the problem.I know for sure on my 574 that it would increase engine idle and not function properly when you left it in the the start position.In fact when you moved it through the start position to the stop position to shut it off it would momentary increase engine idle.I also ran my 574 daily for 20 plus years,not a know it all just have lottsa experience.I almost certain your functions the same way.I know there are very knowledgeable injection pump guys on here ,maybe they can help you more.I still say that it would be time and money well spent for you to have a your pump looked at on the tractor if at all possible by a knowledgeable mechanic .I know you have to take them to pump shops to have them rebuilt or worked on.It might be something simple that can be adjusted or repaired right on tractor at your farm and that would save you money.
  6. Jacka

    Advice Hydro 84

    A easy way to get it close to correct position is to start tractor or when you get it started sometime is to move lever toward the start position on your decal with tractor idled the whole way down. That start position in the pump with the tractor running will cause it to run at a high idle. That sweet spot is where your cold start setting is on your pump.You just then have to note where your lever is on your decal at that time.Thats why if one forgets to move lever back to run position after starting tractor doesn't run correctly.I have forgotten more then once to move my back and then say oh yea ,sorry tractor.
  7. Jacka

    Advice Hydro 84

    Well that I think is you found part of your problem. That cable that start ,stops,and has a setting for run needs adjustment I bet. My 574 was same way,you have you find spot on lever on injection pump where pump is actually in the start position. You can fudge the setting on the lever a little when you know actually where pump is ,either on start or run.I still say get someone to set it perfectly unless your only operator to run it.More then one person on it leads to confusion and less likely to fail.
  8. Jacka

    Advice Hydro 84

    If it is getting air in the system in a gravity fed like that you would see seepage.If you aren't getting fuel or fuel Check to see if line is clear under tank.I had a 574 diesel which had saddle tanks and never had a problem with fuel delivery.I don't think putting fuel pump would be helpful at all. I think it be waste of $.Gravity fed system is least trouble free. I would have fuel injection pump checked by a certified shop or mechanic
  9. Jacka

    New to the tractor world

    Hello,I would not buy anything until I tore it apart.If it had something over the muffler ,I'd say remove the plugs soak the the pistons and you might be surprised.However speaking from experience of buying a tractor that also sat out without protection over muffler I'd say that probably be a waste of time.I would think your head has some damage if not only stuck valves.You don't want to turn it over like that.I also see in picture where you in a cold climate,that rain water along with snow melt went right down in your motor as you know.This could have froze and thawed as it melted and caused issues beyond locked up motor.You did not mention if had antifreeze in it ,that's a big question mark there,hopefully it did. It might be fun,it might be a money pit,but it does look very nice.I know for sure you will have a headache or two. But when you get it running,I know from experience it will be satisfying.
  10. Jacka

    Which weights??

    I know I am little school but I rather run tires with fluid then those without.I might be wrong but I feel the ride is better with fluid then without. I know calcium is hard on rims ,tubes and tires but also the fluid gives a little. Plus you can't beat the added weight in a compact area.I think it is worth it.
  11. I use regular tractor supply type in my Alamo A boom mower works fine.303 specs.On my Alamo batwing mower serial # plate is riveted on center deck between two back wheels.
  12. Jacka

    These 68s are just getting to high

    What always kills me is that people think their own experiences are gospel.I have no doubt that ANY engine,component,or machine can fail prematurely at any time depending on conditions and OPERATOR.I how ever don't believe labeling one engine or brand of tractor junk.I believe that manufactures do not put out a machine ,after all the testing they do to have them destined to fail.I believe that people with knowledge and desire can get engines ,tractors and machines to perform where others can't.To label this 1468 junk ,ticking time bomb is just ridiculous. If you dont like them don't own one.
  13. Jacka

    2018 Harvest in France

    Yes you did .Thank you.
  14. Jacka

    2018 Harvest in France

    I am wondering how do the European farmers afford about all new or late model equipment? In all the pictures we see over here in USA ,whether TV or still shots you guys have really good equipment .Do you use any old stuff in daily operations? There are plenty of farmers here that use late 60's,70's 80's machines.I know most have a spouse that work off the farm or themselves have to, to make ends meet.I was one of many dairymen whose spouse had to work off the farm.What do you guys do that we don't .I know there are many here that have new machines but I believe that there are just as many that don't or more.
  15. Jacka

    Advice Hydro 84

    Well been following along with your progress on your tractor.What you just stated in your last post with the cranking that your doing to create that black smoke it is getting fuel. The tractor is able to spin enough to create that smoke ,it should be spinning fast enough to start. I would eliminate your starter,battery cables,etc .as a cause 4 your lack of easy starting now.It will shorten the life of these components though with it have to be cranked so hard and long to start.I would have someone who knows enough to check timing,fuel pump delivery, fuel pump,and injectors. It has to get fuel at the proper time to fire hence start.If it is not getting clean air through the air filter that will make it hard to start. Black smoke can be a indicator of lack of air. If all this is done and still dosent start,I say compression issues in cylinders and overhaul in your future. We all know what a worry it is when you just can't depend on a machine to start.