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  1. Me too,I like the look of it with cab
  2. Jacka

    560 grill

    I think I took some off corn crib to replace some.
  3. Got two Hydros and to me that "clutch" pedal does not exist. It's a pain in the rear to use no touch or feel and it was designed not to have any. It's a emergency stop only.I am with bitty,use the control handle,if not you might as well be on a JD.
  4. Really like the styling of the 88 series,coupled the with convenience,efficiency, pleasure to operate of the IH Hydro tractors is a winning combination. I always wanted a 186 to add to my Hydros now but man this a beautiful tractor.I guess I set my sights a little higher now.If only that Powerball number will just come through, I only need to hit one time.
  5. I got a 1066,dealer called it a High Clear cab and it has decals on fender saying so.So I always called them a High Clear. Did they put a serial tag or anything on the cabs to denote what they were. I could never find anything.
  6. Ok,well one of my faults is taking everyone at their word. My dad was very strict about that. Unless you had proof the word you dud not dispute what another man says. But hey,I figured those old filters were made out of cotton material how would sisal,hemp,work.But necessity is the mother of invention.
  7. ARE you kidding?I am very cheap but don't know if I go that far unless I am very far from parts place and it has to run.But if what your saying is true and you done it all I say is wow and good for you.
  8. Well I would get in for sure,but I don't have to worry about her showing up at my doorstep. Ubers in my area are toothless meth heads with rust bucket rides.
  9. You getting it or just have peace knowing where it is and having first chance to buy it?I have a 66 series tractor that a son tracked me down on.It was his dad's and he remembers when it came to his farm and his dad using it.His dad passed years back.He lives a state or two away and I told him he gets first chance to buy it when he is ready.I think it just makes him feel better that when he is ready it is his and he doenst have to wonder where it is .
  10. Well, say it's a fair question if all it does is pick up and lower a blade.To my knowledge old letter series did not a cooler.If it's tween running machine and scrapping it because of not being able to repair it it's your call.I have used after market coolers in Hydro tractors with great success, takes a little thought but zero problems.Good luck.
  11. Jacka

    Free BS 1066

    Good to see,hope it works out,curious to see what it needs to run and maybe why it was parked
  12. I run fluid all my tractors since time began plus at least one set of weights. My dad always did the same,that's why I do it.NEVER had a rear end go,bearings apart.Put one clutch in a 574 because it flew apart. Pulled 4/16's with a 656 as a kid we plowed hundreds and hundreds acres a year with it as it was the big tractor. Have 1066's and on down now ,don't do much heavy tillage anymore but pulled 6/16's in sod and corn ground for many years. I read and hear about all the rear end work,clutches and TA's and wonder how it happens so much.I overhauled quite a few motors but not drive train iss
  13. IH stamped on them is cool,adds 10% more HP to any other color tractor.
  14. I like the days of 20 bucks each or better yet they didn't strip the tractor and sold the weights with it. I hate when they remove rear weights,just dosent look right.
  15. No your not in the minority. I too look it over, see if it is apparent what the problem is before I run for owners,repair manual or call and ask my buddy who repairs my stuff that I can't or am to lazy anymore to do. (More of the latter then the former)Taught my kids boys and girls to do the same and try to be self sufficient, his a long way to build confidence to be on their own.I don't want to look dumb and waste another's time if it is apparent and if it's something I can figure out and fix on my own.Thats how you learn but you also learn by asking questions.I ask tons of them.But maybe the
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