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  1. Try Russian Olive or Autumn Olive.It chokes out Mutilflora Rose.Takes over a farm or wood lot in no time.
  2. I got a Kasnar on my Mossberg 22mag Chuckster.I got the rifle for Christmas in 1974 or 5 I believe. I bought the scope the next summer at a local hardware store (that's when they were great stores).I think it was made in Japan but to this day its as accurate as it was almost 50 years ago
  3. You know,I agree.I should also say cross chaining is more to me term then a practice.I look at the points of what your hauling and chain it to keep it from going the way it wants. I also add extra chains. Its easier,faster,safer to load something once than try to get whatever it is back on the trailer after it fell off even if no one gets hurt or property damaged.The idea of just crossing chains and your 100 % safe is ludicrous.I also like to go high on load latch points if the load has high top weight. I seen too many DOT class drones that don't think out of the box and look at what they are hauling not just the weight of it.If you go with flat low latch points and your load is top heavy doesn't take much to stress those chains to the max and if you have Itty bitty of slack from either a over looked catch point or just needed one more crank on ratchet binder you might have trouble. I know hauling odd ball farm and construction equipment makes you think.
  4. I hauled a lot of equipment and always looked at the angle of cross chains. I envisioned what could happen exactly the way you described it happened .I have been in many DOT classes, work now for the DOT and never once did anyone mention angles. I have questioned inspectors about it and they blew me off like I was nuts and not doing what the state mandated. I even suggested to fellow drivers about it and they just said nah you aren't right and took chains further down the deck.So I keep my mouth shut if I am not hauling it.
  5. Yea I kinda thought the same but didn't know if sat somewhere where and the sun came through the glass and magnified it.But I have a 1066,always sat in a shed since new ,no cab.I am second owner and the tach is real hard to read.It hasent even been out of the shed since February. Plus my eyes aren't the best anymore in poor light. It was a nice 10 but in my area most farmers want newer tractors, CVT,etc and most part timers are JD guys.
  6. And yes it was sold ,I know where it went.
  7. No it, has junk but also new stuff, and low hour stuff. Ride & drive too.No I bought and sold a lot of tractors of all brands, years in my day.It was a clean 10.I have several now and don't need another. From a estate, hour meter cover was faded and couldn't read hours. But was oil black,frame nice ,paint was very good ,maybe a old paint job buy almost looked original too me. I think it was a honest tractor and sounded great with a factory muffler.
  8. I seen a very nice 1066 with a red cab yesterday sell a consignment auction sell for $10,500.All glass, doors, interior nice, AC,CB,good and what looked like original rubber. Front end not welded dual hyd and single piece drawbar
  9. Jacka


    Well now not so sure.I started it up this am,expecting it to be burping coolant out the radiator. Well removed cap,nothing,looked at coolant wasn't circulating at all.Blocked radiator warmed it up watched coolant start circulating when thermostat opened. Nice normal flow,nothing violent, turbulent, frothing, burping at all.Let it run for 1/2 hour with radiator blocked seems ok.I ran it for 2 hrs hard on a rotary mower,3/4 open entire time. Never got hot(i have temp.guage in place of light),never smoked,nothing.This happened once before after it set.I heard about seals seeping around a injector, could this be the problem?.If it sits a few days could enough seep in around a injector, go through a exhaust valve,enter exhaust manifold and lay there,tractor is fired up and it burns it off?Also motor oil is clean,no sign of moisture of any kind.
  10. Jacka


    Well I think the 1026 has a blown headgasket.I hope that's the issue. Started it yesterday after a long winters nap and it had white smoke,exhaust manifold was steaming. I hoped it was from worn valve guides,seals and oil just seeped back down into the manifold but it didn't quit smoking. It didn't smell like oil but sweet anti freeze. It is also not fuel slobber. I shut it off and the top and bottom radiator hoses were under a ton of pressure. It's got well over 10k hours, tack was broke when I bought it years ago.I pulled many other engines apart but never a 407.Any tips ,short cuts,things to make my life easier and the job less work .I plan on just taking the head off sending it out to be checked and valve job.I hope that won't be to expensive and parts are available. I am keep my fingers crossed on internal engine damage. This tractor doesn't get run hard anymore or worked everyday.50 hours a year would be a stretch.
  11. Spend some? Farmers around her spend it ALL and the machinery dealers push,push push and are grinning ear to ear.
  12. Very nice,your leaves are turning I see,ours are too here in Pennsylvania, just starting
  13. Yup,there is a "family" or better description is a group of people with the same dam and sire only a few miles from me that are CRAZY.They fell out with feed dealers,equipment salesmen, neighbors,milk truck drivers, companies and Co-ops,artifical breeders,each other( husband, wife and grown boys )and myself. They are all quick tempered,loud mouthed, obnoxious, stupid,never wrong always right and NOTHING is their fault.Don't pay their bills(stuck me for tens of thousands when filing bankruptcy).I chose to right it off on a bad decision to have compassion instead of business sense. No one I ever heard ever had a nice thing to say about them and if this happened to them wouldn't suprise me at all.
  14. Since when did killing someone other than in self defense solve anything.
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