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  1. Really nice,that's what my tractors need .
  2. Well you went to a lot of effort,the injectors should be tested.I am at the point where ANY motor work gets done other then a water pump,I pull injectors, pump and usually first. It is almost a mainttance thing, kinda like a tune up on a gas engine.I am not saying what you did was not needed just it is one more step to eliminate your problems.
  3. Jacka


    My wife and I left in late summer of '88.We were just kids.
  4. Jacka


    I was just messing with you know all to well the area. When I was a kid into the teen's it was country.I hauled many of load if fertilizer,seed out of Souderton area.We lived and farmed right around and all with in a few miles west of Valley Forge.We were raised there,we ended up being the only farmers left in several townships in the 80's.I moved as a young man with a family to the foot of the Appalachian Mts in South central PA. Bought a farm and raised our family.I had a bunch of family follow me which is nice and a bunch stayed.But the farms and fields are gone,the roads I pulled 2 wago
  5. Jacka


    It makes you wonder. First take on Bill Gates being largest ag.landowner in the USA was hey maybe he has farm roots,wants to raise food for the masses.He wants to farm be it just as a landowner ,maybe climb on tractor,combine or raise cattle, hogs,chickens few thousand sheep I don't know.I was giving him the benefit of the doubt. But all those thoughts went away this week when I read he thinks every American adult should eat only synthetic steaks.I don't care what synthetic steaks are made of ,no interest to me. The larger question is why buy massive amounts of land if your not g
  6. Jacka


    Ool,big money country .
  7. Years ago drove through Amish country to a cattle auction. I passed a group of Amish in dead of winter after weeks of sub freezing temps and near zero in a cemetery. They were armed with digging bars,picks and shovels. I thought man they are in for hard digging.Returned hours later they were done.
  8. Jacka


    Good idea ,Hemlock is the best, strong, straight and the carpenter bees will not bore into it.
  9. Not to argue with you at all but don't people say that about everybody who charges for a profit on what they do? From people selling corn and hay to cattle feeder in a drought, to truckers adding a surcharge,truckers complaining at service stations buying fuel to fill up the truck,insurance companies premiums are to high but they are paying out for losses. It goes on and on around and around.
  10. After a lifetime of having and being around animals,it amazes he how then can manage to fit themselves in somewhere but cant get out without my fingers getting smashed.
  11. Well I know this thread is about the loader and block heaters but anything with a battery can start a fire.I just think it's dumb luck .I also used to take batteries out or unhook them but now it's impossible. I just have everything insured at outrageous cost but nothing I can do.Just hope it pays if I ever have to use it.
  12. Guy better not slip or get out of time with the plunger or his arm or arms are gone.
  13. Great job,I been following from the start. Excellent.
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