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  1. Whoooaaa Nelly,now now. There's a reason that the 10 is a 10. Only messing and yes IH's are the best.
  2. Love the stories of Hydros .It was a eye opener for me when I got my first and realized how hard they pull.I heard for years they were nothing but trouble.(but was a kid and we never had one)and most comments came from JD neighbors.It is amazing how all that power is transformed to the ground. If IH didn't think that they could take it,why did they offer front wheel mechanical drive with them.
  3. Jacka

    Big hydro

    Really,really nice.I wish mine looked as good but I saved it from the crack head thieves as it sat for years under bridge, abandoned by its previous owner as the crackheads slowly stripped it for anything they could sell.The salt from the road crews up above in winter did a number on it too.
  4. My buddy has one ,collected a lot of army or military rifles. Has all kind of Russian, Swedish, French, Japanese etc. rifles. He has ammo for all and would come down to farm,spend all day shooting a dozen or so different rifles,calibers,makes, etc .Awesome it was to shoot 70 year old guns and how accurate they were. He has several M1 Grands.His holy grail is a never shot,matching serial number IH.Really cool,JD could barely make a tractor let alone guns,army weapons, vehicles, cars,trucks ,refrigerators,freezers and everything else IH produced.
  5. No not sandy at all,eastern PA clay,rock and limestone. First time I watched them plow it was when the whole place was pasture and hay.It wasn't plowed because they had cows.I
  6. A 1086 is far more tractor than a H100. A 986 will have more drawbar pull than a H100, not arguing the point.A 20 ft disc would be a load for my 1066 in plowed ground on my hills in contour strips . Why worry about the temp guage half way or little more isnt hot plus thats the motor not Hydro. I have a hyd oil temp guage mounted in my 1026 I watch it,never had it about 125, rarely over 100.I believe if I remember correctly safe is 50 degrees above ambient temperature. But a Hydro is far more than just a loader tractor. I stated on this site before about when I was a teenager watching a large neighboring farmer plow a 100 acre field next to us in the 70's with a H100, 1026 and a 856.All three pull IH 710 auto's 6 '16s through the field. They sure weren't crawling along either.
  7. I disagree "about no kind hydros shine in field".If field work consists of mowing hay,planting corn, drilling grain,raking hay,baling hay,chopping corn, hay,finish disking,rotary mowing,hauling manure.All done with period and size correct equipment.All done with a competent operator they will perform with any gear drive tractor of the same hp of the same era.It also would be easier on the operator in my opinion .I have plowed and disked with all my three but also if I was going to plow all spring I would be using a gear drive 1066 to replace my Hydro100 or 1026 just because it's easier on the 1066.Now maybe it wouldn't make a difference to a IH engineer that designed the hydros but to me makes me feel a little easier. I never ran a bi- directional so I can't attest to their performance, but a IH hydro is hard to beat.
  8. I disagree "about no kind hydros shine in field".If field work consists of mowing hay,planting corn, drilling grain,raking hay,baling hay,chopping corn, hay,finish disking,rotary mowing,hauling manure.All done with period and size correct equipment.All done with correct ground speed and competent operator a IH Hydro will out perform a gear drive tractor in the same horsepower range.Better operator comfort and ease of operation are a additional plus.I know nothing of the Bi -directional and how it performs but IH hydros are as good as they come.If your sub soiling or hard plowing in 90 degree heat than yes I would go to a gear drive.But I have plowed and disked with all three of mine.But I also if I am going to plow all spring it's on one of my 1066s.Just because it's easier on the tractor but it's harder on me.
  9. Have turboed and non turboed IH large frame hydros,much rather have turboed.I plan on adding one to my Hydro100 in the future. But really not the tractors fault, just like the 400 motor series turboed over the non turboed. Just a better running engine in my opinion.
  10. I was thinking the same about the rake,figured to be those ancient 4 wheel rakes.I had one,(mine had rubber 15" regular tires& rims on the front) raked a ton of hay way back when. I started farming on my own bought one for $50 at a auction raked 4 cuttings of alfalfa on 25 acres plus 100 acres of grass for one cutting. They would wrap the hay uptight if you had to rake it more than once or turn it over after dew or a rain.It did the job but when I got my NH55 I was in tall cotton or so I thought.
  11. I got a complete 404 engine and to tranny.I also got a head off a 446 if u ever need parts PM me
  12. It seems to me you make some money farming and I commend you for that. I also think after reading this thread and you are willing to spend money on the tractor to have a qualified mechanic or dealership repair is correct too.If your going to keep the tractor long term and you already rebuilt the trans overhauling the engine is smart business. I would make sure your instrument panel is working and and your guages work before it leaves there.Guessing what's wrong with a motor rarely ends well so your better off sooner then later to have the dealership or a good Case mechanic to look at it. Good luck
  13. If the air filter is clogged that tight, a engine needs air to run and will seek it.Instead of smoke, vapor,steam or whatever coming out of the blow by tube it would be sucking up in.Then also your engine oil usage would be up too.
  14. You said the engine is running "funny" .Is it knocking or hammering or sounds like a miss,not running on all cylinders?
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