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  1. Plus these idiots JD guys(well some not all),they will have a old 20,30,or 40 series on a mixer wagon.Their help is riding the clutch in our small barns and feedlots.They complain,moan ,groan about constant clutch repair,tell them they should buy a hydro.They hit the roof,no pulling power,repair everday and you mite as well have to sell the farm to pay repair bill.
  2. Love the hydros,got two of my own.But a old IH Hydro guy told me rarely you will see only one hydro on a farm. Guys that have them seem to always have more then one.
  3. Bought a round baler from Gunther when he was alive,close to 40 years ago.It was as advertised,almost new at the time.Good dealer,good quality stuff,good to deal with.I never heard a bad word said about them.
  4. Cab over models.Got one on my 1810b that looks like it.
  5. Love making hay.I got old wore out equipment but I make sure it is all ready to go before I start.I work backwards on getting it field ready.Baler,rakes, mower.That way I won't be itching to mow before it is all fixed.I sell all my hay out of the barn.4×4 grass round bales, cash. People come from all over and I can sell more then I have.I been doing it for many years. You either like or not.
  6. Well I did raise my kids on farm.I sold out when last one was in college.They all got to work on farm.4H,horses and cows.So they did get the farm blood in them.But it was a time for me to did it .We all will quit one day,it is just a matter of how,why and when.
  7. Spring was the toughest for me.Buying seed fert.fuel, all that work ahead not knowing if it was going to rain or drought.If milk prices would fall more or come back.Dr used to ask me if want something.I say no I know what it is,told her,she say ok but let me know and if it gets to bad meds.or change it.I was lucky,hit a good streak,high milk prices.Thought well not getting any younger, milk won't change,ups and downs get steeper.So sold my beloved cows,kept the farm though.It was tough.But had suicide in my family and know at least farmer friend that shot himself.Life goes on,cows ,farm not worth it.So talk to your banker,Dr.wife,spouse. The sun will rise again.
  8. Well I have those little final filters in a lot of of machines.I always was under the impression it is for the micro dust that gets threw the 1st stage filter.It seems to me that little bit of dust that would occur when you remove the filter wouldn't really matter because of the engine being off.I also believe more dust gets into a air intake threw bad hoses,missing clamps,etc .then just by changing air filter.I also know a clogged air filters can lead to higher oil consumption,that motor has to get air from somewhere and and sucks it up threw crank case.
  9. Well there is one sibling in our family who blamed blamed my mother and the rest of us for her troubles. My siblings would not say anything to her ,I took all I could,could not take her lies and accusations about us any longer.I told her twice,very loudly I am told but it made me feel better,it was the truth and by not saying anything it was like she was getting her way,we were wrong and she was right which was the farthest thing from the truth. Sometimes it's best when you say what is on your mind,at least it makes you not feel like a doormat.
  10. IH Engine Oil # 1 in all my IH's. Is there any other?
  11. Always hated cutting wood,from "go help your father cut wood" every Saturday to heat a old stone farmhouse to right now when it is single digits here today to have to split wood to fill up our wood cellar 45 years later. I guess I never learn but to cheap to have put in oil or natural gas in our new house and surrounded by trees that need cut. But gotta love the heat that wood puts out,if it gets to hot just throw open the windows and doors.
  12. Don't know about yours but mine have always bolted to platform.560,656,H70
  13. Got two of them,both were missing rods,parts, but not hard to figure out .You just kinda got to hang them on.You will have rods that bolt to platform to support rear .They are great,it's not like a cab at all but they keep you a little warmer and really help the tractor.The gas tractors run better too,keeps carb from icing up.
  14. Well before you posted this your story was just another bad horrible story. Now after I read it I realize it was on national news.I read it before on Fox news. When I read it then I was like how could those people do that. Sorry for your situation.
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