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  1. 1066 Cat 3 Hitch and Other Misc Questions

    10 takes 5 gal,9 3gal,
  2. 1066 Cat 3 Hitch and Other Misc Questions

    have some 1066's now had some 966's also . I farmed with them both at the same time.I just like the 10's ,more factory power, larger oil pan, better cooling,(at least in my experience). They also have a better sound in my opinion. I went from a 560,biggest tractor I had ,was looking at 806s, 966s. A jockey had a 9 but also a few 10s and 14s I was balking at the 2 larger models said they were too big,didn't need that much tractor, etc,ect. He said they all turn the same in the barn yard.He had a point. I bought my first 10 and was never happier.
  3. Front tire size to go with 15.5-38

    Sorry to get off topic but what is "plowing around the field". Is this a way you plowed a field?What was the reason to plow this way? I started moldboard plowing at 16.I rode on the drawbar of a M way before that when i was too little to plow.I would hook up the trailer plow when my dad would hit a rock and it would trip through the clevis and unhook. I watched and was taught how you plowed a field.If you started a land in the middle you kept plowing out to the sides until it you made more time by going to the end and plowing back and ending up with a clean up furrow in that section.You plowed in lands so to speak.You did it this way to section a field off so you weren't wasting time running on the headlands.The next year you had to remember or look at the field to tell how you plowed it last year and plowed it the opposite way to keep the field level.I do know the furrows always had to be straight. I do remember now though I read article years back,I think it was said to happen in Texas or Oklahoma.This article said they would rig up a tractor so it would plow in circles with no operator.They would run all nite long plowing fields. These tractors would sometimes jump out of the furrow and end up across roads and fences. I guess it was a common practice.Pretty cool though. Plowing gets pretty old and boring then you have hundreds of acres to do,or thousands for some.I know fender tractors are cool now,but driving one all day in the heat ,eating dust, the screaming engine ringing in your ears , your friends are going out tonight ,all you do is want to get done.
  4. Front tire size to go with 15.5-38

    Very nice pic.,love the hydros. I would love to make a few rounds with your 544.Is it fast hitch? I want to own a 544 just like that. I have two hydros of my own now, just bought a 720 5-18 plow ,will pull it with one of my 1066's.But I think for sure I am going to hook it up to my 1026 for a few rounds just to warm the old girl up a bit.I like to see how she pull.
  5. 1066 oil drain plug w/pics

    only thing I can say is is there a burr on the pan?I also have 2 10's I cant remember if they have a brass washer or not.I know i bought a 1026,it dripped all the time.I removed the washer and looked at the plug and it is tapered.I threw away the flat washer put plug back in and drew it up tight not a problem since.That washer was not supposed to be in there I guess ,the plug never got seated.
  6. Everyone has their opinion.I think also you cant go wrong with what the owners manual says in weight and viscosity.It is when you start getting into brands that people start to fight.I have a good friend who is a better mechanic then me,he told me once years ago after I overhauled IH diesel tractor,he doesn't get to excited about brands of oil,but CLEAN is the best oil.
  7. Spring plowing with the 656

    NIce,spent many hours on a 656 gas pulling a 710 automatic 4/16s,plowed hundreds of acres in spring for corn and beans,plus in fall for winter grain. That tractor ran wide open and gave all she had,remember when ground was tight plowing sod under,low gear low range at times. But hey i was a kid it was fun,more fun for me then the 656 i bet
  8. My favorite International machinery.

    Lotsa red equipment on being pulled by other color tractors in my area. IH equ. just seems to work.My favorite point I like to point out to the green guys is the use of IH tillage equipment.I asked directly one day a Old Order or Team Mennonite,(They use horses for travel and have steel wheel tires on tractors),and in our area basically are 90% John Deere, why they all have IH plows.He avoided the question and just said they are better.I pressed and asked why he thought they were,he said they go in the ground easier,plow straighter and don't break like the other brands. I never plowed with anything else so i didn't have anything to compare them to.I know at auctions they can't hardy give a green plow away.
  9. 1947 Farmall H

    I do the same thing,keep cans on the exhaust.I have too many tractors for the space I have so I have to pull them in and take off mufflers in lower hanging buildings.I also will cover any air intakes if I take them off for storage.I made a mistake years ago buy not checking a can and dumped a nut down in it,not once but twice.1st time pulled head to find out what I did,second time figured out what cylinder it was in a pulled spark plug.I was lucky and cranked it up to top ,fished it out with a magnet.Nice old H,better yet it is family.
  10. 1947 Farmall H

    I did not know any of that info.in relation to the paint tint,really cool information .Thanks for sharing.
  11. Help w m hydro fliud

    Well speaking from my own experience of our old 42 M being in family since new,I put hyd.oil in against what my father said and local IH parts manager said. They both said no it's not right. Well I did and tractor just had a old loader on it wouldn't wrk .right. Put a scycle bar mower just to trim a bit and run it a few hours a year and hyd.pump would whine and not lift. Changed oil to 30 weight it it was and still is fine.Our SMTA takes hyd.oil.It is where they switched I belive.I also live in North East where it gets cold.Tractor used to get started in dead if winter daily with ZERO problems.But hey do what you want,it is your tractor.
  12. Help w m hydro fliud

    Don't use hyd.fluid,use straight 30w non detergent motor oil,hyd.fluid will cause cavitation,and they just won't work right.in these old letter series,I believe they didn't change to hyd fluid till super series
  13. International 1026 oil capacity and a pic 😃

    If u got it even up with trading that 806 ,u got the deal of the century.
  14. 656 hydro cost repair

    If this is your 1st Hydro I can understand your concern about a rebuild. When I got my first IH Hydro I was same way and I still have that tractor along with another hydro.I ran it just like my gear drives ,put 1000's of hours on it with ZERO problems. The advice I would give you is to service it ,work it only in low range,and do not lug it or run it at low rpms when working it ,run it like a normal tractor.I had no problems with my two,like most people do a lot of my own mechanical work.I also when talking to people that have worked on them if something happens to them it is not always a major complete rebuild. There are check valves,controls,etc.that can cause problems and are a thing to look at before a major rebuild.I would use,work it and not worry about it since you already bought it.I would not farm without a Hydro now. Good luck.
  15. 656 surging?

    I would go the easy route and necessary route first,make sure needle valve in the float is not hung up.It takes a very little amount of varnish,dirt,or hardened gas residue to hang them up.I also would clean all jets in carb bowl to make them spotless.I am not sure about that carb on that model but it also might have a screen in the carb where your fuel line goes in .It could have dirt in it also.I know my old M and 560 had them.The 656 could be surging because it is starved for gas, gets a little ,revs up and then runs out of fuel and rpms drops.Tell him good luck.