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  1. I ran a 15 ft flex wing rotary for years with a hydro 70,mowed overgrown fields as high as the front of the tractor never had a issue ,still have never replaced pto.It never over heated or anything.I now run it on a bigger tractor just because I have one.I know motors and tractors are different ,but you will soon find out if your tractor will handle it. I would not be afraid to do it,just keep her wound up.
  2. Don't ever stick your boot,foot ,hand ,clothes etc anywhere near or on it.If your shoelace would have gotten caught it would have very least broke your ankle,could have tore your leg off or wrapped your body around it and killed you in a second.Ptos killed many and we all had close calls.
  3. My experience with Detroit's were in Euclids and Terex loaders.12 v71 in Eucs,and 12v71 twin turbos in loaders.They really were loud in Eucs and whistled in loaders.Funny bout the Cummings quote awhile back ,went to another mining company they had Cummings in their same size Euclids,but always seemed like they had less power.I don't know if that was just the sound or what.
  4. IH's shine on the pto,always see JD farms with a big red horse on blowers,manure pumps becuse of the over speed pto.Open her up pull her down and still silage heading to top of 80ft or better silos.Put a 856 and 4020,4320 or bigger JD on blowerJD be off after first load.
  5. Jacka

    1066 muffler

    I can't stand running a straight pipe on a 1066.The mufflers do such a nice job of mellowing the sound ,you can really hear the engine just grunt and not that exhust blowing your mind apart.I had a cab 1066 with straight pipe,just never got around to putting a muffler with extension on it.I wore ear protection ,but you could still hear and feel it in your body.My fenders were and are so much nicer to run with mufflers.I got a 312,it is noisy as all get out even with a new OEM muffler
  6. Yes,tractors need fuel for a reason.They made that throttle to go that far and set there for a reason.We all know you don't crank em wide open with no load sitting still in parking lot so they fly apart. But geeze if the old horse is pulling down let go of the reins,don't handicap her. Many many hours ,many days on a 656 gas ,I know off subject,but that little tractor pulled 710 4 16's you better believe she was wide open giving more then she had. Never hurt her,never overhauled ran fine when we sold her.
  7. Growing up on a brood cow farm in the late 60s into the late 70s things weren't to bad never had a lot of money. Dad worked away and life wasn't bad.Farming then was a whole lot easier,steers 70 cents,hogs 75 if I remember becuse us boys always bought one to put in with his so we had somthing to sell and he guess felt we are getting paid somthing. Farming started gone down hill in 80s,corn beans dropped ,% rate went up lenders just didnt lend the same way.Dad under more stress,I get married move out,farm on the side.My dad died at 58,heart attack.No health insurance,no retirement ,debt and all he knew was work.The Dr said light duty,well no light duty then, he had second heart attack lifting 100 lb bags of wheat in drill. Fast forward to late 80s,bought my own farm,debt up to my neck,milking cows,3 years of drought in 5,2 years historic 35 year droughts.Milk price tanks ,fell 37 percent in a month. We course had milk,eggs,beef and pork.But I mean zero dollars,no feed ,had to buy everything just about.sold timber to pay taxes,sold equ.so the electric would stay on so we could milk.Scraped up change in house to depoist it in bank so checks wouldn't bounce and you had more debt.Junk man had better stuff then I farmed with.We didn't drink,smoke or go out so no vices to cut back on.Stress was almost unbearable,couldn't go across road to get milk check out of mail box ,wife had to.BUT RAISED 3 kids who now are very successful, hard workers,smart.They all were in 4H,Pony Club active in school and hated snow days because they have to help me if they were home from school.Barn work never ended. I thank GOD for them and also for keeping them drug free.I am so lucky.
  8. I not well versed on restoring fire damaged tractors at all. Like was said before things that could be dangerous have to be taken in consideration.I would worry about axles and housings just because I farm steep hills and would not trust one that was heated not to break. The tractor would roll here in a second. I don't know how much heat it would take to change temper in steel.That is for some one else to answer,but I burned tires off rims,then later tried to salvage rims had them bend and break.I know it is thinner steel but result might be the same.
  9. Well,like others said dirt,gunk,or float being hung up or needle valve sticking.Gas delivery in my experience with old gas engines the problem most often.But your inline gas filter will have air in it,they are supposed to.The dirtier they get less air.I watched them on small engines have less and less air in them as they age and filter more dirt.I ran one recently untill it was full of gas.I monitored it on a daily basis because I didn't have one to change it,it ran fine right up to when I changed it.
  10. Exactly how I feel,had guys ask if whatever I had done is too much .Well sometimes it was for the quality of work,most times not.I fix 95% of my own stuff,so I know things don't go as planned.I pay the bill smile,thank them and go on my way.I just don't know what materializes in the future,don't want to burn bridges.But what bothers me the most is some one saying they know and don't,be honest and say I never worked on that etc. I do not want to pay you to learn,I might as well do it myself and learn.
  11. I was going from 60hp to a bigger tractor.i thought 806 be nice,big enough to run chopper.Then could not find one in my price range.Thought maybe 966 no bigger plenty of enough tractor.Well guy tried to sell me a 1066 I said no way,no way to do I need such HP.He said they all turn the same in the barn yard.Well,I bought it best thing I ever did owned a bunch of them since,have 2 now.I owned bigger and smaller,newer and older but a 1066 gotta be most bang for your buck.Great all around tractors efficient for HP and I take over a 966 any day and owned several of them.Remember you don't have to use UP if you don't need it.
  12. Yes seems like far from a 5 minute job to me.I say 4 years in the weeds outside not moving probably not your only problem.
  13. 856 for $ 750 ? I would have brought home in a second. WORST case parted it out.
  14. Love fast hitch,if you guys that have fields flat as a pancake would try to farm hillsides with 3pt you would love them 10 times more then you do now.I dont have one tractor now that has it.It is a shame that IH did not look in to the future and see what was possible.Heck they still would have made money selling the patent rights.
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