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  1. I had mine for 20 plus years.They were finicky,on dry long stem course orchard grass or alfalfa I could bale as good or better then any baler I seen at that time.The key I think is you have to watch it carefully and learn how to start and feed it. The bigger the bale you made to was better.I make a 6' bale for the beef cows and they sit out all winter.There maybe be a few inches of bad hay on top but that was it.They made a thatched bale better then any other baler i ever seen.My fixed chamber baler now I have does not weather at all but I keep them inside now to sell.Beef cows are gone.
  2. Well I had a 241,bought it almost new,year old.Put thousands and thousands of bales through it over 20 plus years.I had a nother 241just for a spare and a 2400 for parts.I didn't know 241 had double springs,that 2400 did.I really can't complain about that old 241.It would really eat the hay,and make a decent 1500 lb bale if you knew how to run one.They are not a idiot proof baler.They work best when one guy does the baling.
  3. Dry,but all I do is make grass hay.Its great hay weather,get all my hay in then can rain for second cutting.
  4. Can't help you on the pump repair but what a beautiful machine.
  5. I see all the feed,hay wasted on interstates,highways on the east coast,thought there be a pile of hay. But the trash would make that impossible,I don't even think mushroomgrowers would want it.
  6. Don't like white lettering.I will pass.I go climb on one of my 10's with faded original paint,scratch ,nicks,occasional war wound.I say at 10k it might sell.But seen many common14's in the 5 to 8 range.
  7. Jacka

    What's it for?

    Never new what those curved hooks were ised for.I have two on my 1066 I bought from original owner.
  8. I used to buy only Craftsman tools,occasionally SK but craftsman went way down and returning is more of a chore now.I have had harbor freight impact sockets,ratchets and socket sets with ZERO complaints.I like the way thier 72 tooth ratchets work,feel and sound.I bought some if their testing equ.,fine for what little I use it for.The price is a big thing,why spend 6 to 10 times for something that to me will do the same job.Snap On man loves to sell you his tools and if they are so much better why do they offer free returns for breakage,because they break too.Tools are like a gun ,it's not the guns fault when you miss 90% of the time it's the man's.Tools are only as good as the man using them.
  9. My dad had one new,I had one when I started farming.I also had a couple others for spares.Best darn haybine for the money.Never forget the old IH parts guy.I go ask for blades,guards for a 990 haybine,he said IH dosent make a haybine,it's a mower conditioner.NH makes a haybine.My brother went NH,I could mow circles around him in same field and did.
  10. I just happen to live in a area and have farms that have good air movement I guess.I know I mowed that stuff years back and it was mixed in with grass hay.It rained all summer,didn't get it mowed to mid August.That hay and vetch was as high as 15.5/38 tractor tires .It made a pile of hay.But I found the best time to mow it is in the heat of the day. The hotter the better.I still and use a Hesston sycle mower conditioner to mow it just can't fly threw it.
  11. Crown vetch sure makes the hay though.I got a sycle machine,but mowed it with a Hesston discbine,thats the way to go.
  12. I done many things or made things work.It kills me when someone says you can't do that or that's not right way.Well if you got something busted,if you weld it and it breaks again your not out anything.I am never afraid to try it first.Especially if it is a $500 machine,why put 200 or even the value of in it.You get into new stuff and yes it justifies spending more.Old stuff is on step away from scrap anyway.
  13. "When your options were nothing or try something" That is almost a lost art,its like your shamed to using a different way to skin the same cat.You got nothing now so zero from zero is still zero.
  14. Was that in Pennsylvania,because local house mover had moved a steam engine on a trailer,never got fined because how else was he going to get it where it needed to go. Gotta love us hillbillies and it's called freedom .
  15. Jacka

    Hydro ????

    I also love Hydros and the stories.They truly are something.I love their traction and the power transfer to the ground. More naysayers would run a good one they want to own one even a JD guy but he might not admitt it.
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