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    Glad your getting rain,nothing better than rain during a drought.
  2. Doesn't sound like you had the weather to make hay,especially clover. You need hot dry weather and preferably a good air.I think it will at the very least get dusty,moldy if you try to put it up dry.If you wanna beat the rain maybe someone cam wrap it for you.
  3. How would you take the wheels off and move it then? If you did that you have to build cribbing to slide it in and out.Measure it if it's too wide for interior or too high with the wheels on get the smallest diameter and narrow wheels you can find and put on it.If not get steel or wooden disks made just to load or unload it.
  4. Lottsa turtles in my area.Woods turtles,Box Turtles,Painted turtles and Snappers .They cross the roads here.all the time now. Those water or pond turtles too are in all the rivers and creeks.
  5. They were the "real" truck back in the 70's when I was a kid.Every farm that had a grain,hay or cattle truck had a IH.We had a Ford and a Dodge.But man those fellows with those single or tandem axle IHs they had it all in the eyes of a teenager.
  6. The 2400 I had had those extra springs on.I liked the size of the bale of the 241 for feeding my own cattle. I also like how it made the bale to weather hay in the field.The baler would actually layer the hay better than my newer fixed chamber baler.It just tumbles it around and ends stick up.I would let them sit out and feed them all winter in the old 241 and had only a little couple of inches of waste on top and a little more on the ground. When you figure a 5x6 bale with 12 to 1500 lbs in it that's very little wasted. I switched baler because I went to selling the hay more and my customers like a 4x4 better. They don't even want 4x5 most are small horse people or a few cows with a compact tractor and just roll them to where they want them.
  7. I was not insinuating your a quitter by a long shot.You couldn't have been because you used yours day in and out.You lived the short comings of your style of baler and just time to move on.I had a 2400 just for parts.2400s had the wider end belts I believe, my 241 had narrow belts all the way across.No the quitter types I refer to would be the guys make one round across the field,cuss,holler,swear,call it junk and go buy a better,easier baler.I have family members that fit that description. One thing is bearing replacement was far harder than my newer (not by much) baler.I even re laced the main bottom belt on the 241 by myself and the threat of doing that again kept me up at night.It was a good baler all in all. Finicky on hay,it liked long stemmed orchard grass,not slippery and first cutting alfalfa. It would make a big bale with lots of hay in it.Just had to keep feeding it even.
  8. Jacka

    IH hydro

    Love my Hydros like I said on this site many times and I bet people are tired of me saying so.Whether it's my H70,1026 or H100 I NEVER use the foot valve.The lever does it all.Is very smooth forward to reverse in my opinion.I also never throttle back when changing motion. Forward or reverse 90% of the time is done at same throttle setting,if anything I would throttle up.I pick my Hydros before any of my gear drives most of the time anymore.
  9. I had it's predecessor 241.Bought almost new,a year old.It baled 10s of thousands bales for me.It took a learning curve and I was the only one that ran it because no one else ran it enough to know what worked best for it.It would make a good tight heavy bale but it took attention to do so.They definitely were not a baler to put someone on for a day and expect them to have success.It was best if you knew that this was the only way to get your hay baled and quitters need not apply.
  10. I know for sure Fords lift like you wouldn't believe.I go to a monthly consignment auction and they use them.I seen them lift and carry huge amount of heavy equipment 8 ft in the the air.30 years ago was a wow moment at this auction for me.A Ford was carrying a JD 336 or46 square baler through the crowd above everyone's heads to be loaded. No wheels off the ground of the tractor, just moving along.They impressed me.
  11. I also know,at least with mine you can move your tandems a bit to adjust load weight. I do that.
  12. I got a 30ft Donahue ,they are pretty slick.
  13. "find yourself a hydro" That's what I was thinking but didn't want to come of as Hydro snob. Hydros spoil a person.
  14. I noticed the lots here are full too.Just last year the Kubota dealer almost looked like they were closed.One or two pieces on the lot.Now it's stuffed full.I noticed other Kubota dealers same way plus Bobcat,NH and others. New cars haven't been in my needs for many years but used are what we buy.I think people are stuck on covid pricing on pricing their used junk.I can't see how many farmers want to run out and pay 3 or 4 times the increase on equipment when most of their products have not kept up or went down in value.
  15. I have a old Mule,actually the first model ever made,the 1000.I only wish I had it 30 years ago when I was farming more.It saves a lot of steps,cheaper to run than a pickup by far.It's in the category of a skidloader to me,I wouldn't farm or be on a 1 acre lot in a sub division with out one. If I could drive it in the house to the kitchen I would.
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