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  1. when your dentures/false teeth jump out of your jaw and start talking back to you.
  2. Another word for appreciate is RESPECT and we don't see a lot of that these days. If you remember/listened to only one thing that your parents/grandparents taught you, well, that's great. But if you learned many things from them, then that's a blessing. I listened and learned a lot from them and even then, I could have learned more.
  3. when your wife is yelling at you to put on a hat and you reply- "what are you saying- we don't own a cat".
  4. Sorry that I'm going off the rails here from your original thread. Saw probably just needs hammered. Hard to find someone that does that and does it right. As for your snowmobile pics they are great and I used to do a lot of it myself. Not interested in snow or winter anymore, though. Health says nay, nay to the cold.
  5. Looks to be well built and heavy/good construction. As long as it saws straight lumber and works well, then you're ahead of the game.
  6. poorf/l: Your sawmill- is it homemade or an old rebuilt Frick, Oliver, or? Headsaw diameter? Looks like a good setup.
  7. The head must have an 8101 number stamped into it to have those older style injectors. I'm guessing a Bosch pump, too. I have the same setup on a 1951 TD9.
  8. Toaster part starts at 9:33. Hope you didn't buy an extended warranty!
  9. Thanks for sharing. Some neat old trucks in there. And some newer ones too.
  10. I think it's Mexico, Mike. Not sure what kind of Gov't they have but probably similar to yours and mine.....😠
  11. Congrats, U-C. All the best to you.
  12. Should have a broken drivers side front spring- or maybe both sides. Like the roadbuilding material, though- don't see any stones. Also needs a few more HP under the hood, maybe.
  13. I get a kick out of the "Keep Left" sign. I wouldn't want to meet this pair on any road as there would be NO left turn except the ditch or embankment. Keep the chain tight I would think, I agree jeeper. And you're probably right, hardtail- ridge beam log for one of those huge resorts out west in B.C., Wash., Oregon, Montana or wherever. What's the 225' ? Surely not log length? Maybe I need glasses.
  14. Special order? Wonder what the end use for that long one was. Or maybe it was all for show? Pretty neat, though.
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