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  1. Does the filter housing base have a noticeable curve upwards or seem "flat"? Mine has a curve which allows a solenoid type starter to fit on.
  2. 1108940 also fits TD9's. See my starter posting on the engine page but yours should be the same as mine. I will be picking up a new starter in the morning to replace the manual bendix and will let you know the part number if that helps.
  3. This is what it looks like now with the D350 dual filters/bracket mounted. Now, a newer type starter with solenoid will fit to update this monster. Still need to rig up fuel lines. Waiting on the new starter to arrive.
  4. Thanks Buddy. This TD9 (1951) is in better shape than my TD9-91 (1956) so from what I can tell from part numbers from 2 different books for each machine, some parts are interchangeable. Compare this picture from the seat of my TD9-91 to the second photo at the top of this thread. The updated versions moved the air cleaner from between your legs to under the hood. The tranny shifter lever was moved to the right. The hydraulic lines and piping were moved from "in front of your face" to under the seat. And the dash and controls are different. I think all these side panels/dash/tranny cover/hydraulics shown in this photo will replace the same items on the older dozer. More room, nicer to operate. The advantages of the "older dozer" are a better UC and running motor. The older machine had a manually engaged starter with no solenoid on top of it. The fuel filter was a one element unit for a Bosch injection pump. To update the starter to a push button type with solenoid on top, I removed the single filter element housing and bolted on my 2 element bracket from the TD9-91. It curves upwards which gives room for the newer style starter with solenoid attached. Learning some new tricks but I am lucky enough to have the newer TD9-91 to swap parts from.
  5. OK, I have this figured out. The 1951 D335 manual hand lever to engage the starter is still there but disconnected and a push button/ relay block was installed. Previous owner had starter issues so I thought that my starter off the D350 would work- 12 teeth etc. Next problem is that the solenoid (on the D350 unit) wouldn't fit under the fuel filter element base which is a single filter for the Bosch fuel pump. But to solve this, I am taking off the dual fuel filters from the D350 which has the same mounting bracket but "curved" higher so the D350 starter will fit underneath it. Need to plug 2 lines to one side of this element or I can add more fuel lines to obtain a primary and secondary filter system. Not sure if it matters with the single filter Bosch pump. Yes, the D350- TD9-91 series was push button start. The D335-TD-9 will be, now. Will let you know the outcome.
  6. 1944 engine in a 1951 machine. Guess anything's possible.
  7. Thanks Ian. The serial # of the dozer says it's a 1951 but I am wondering if the motor is older. It has a stamped serial # TDCBM 16175. Does anyone have a listing of engine serial # production years?
  8. Would the starter for a D350 engine fit onto the D335 engine to get away from the manual lever start? (5 years newer).
  9. td9bcf180

    Update stinks

    That's what I chose- "All time". Still wants to freeze up on "Saving".
  10. I just tried a few seconds ago to reply to you and it hung up on "Saving", again.  But yes, I used " All Time" as the time range.  I just went back and cleared browsing history/cache, again, to post this message. And that didn't work either.  So now I'm on the 6th retry but now I'm trying to send to your private inbox.  It's weird.

  11. td9bcf180

    Update stinks

    I use the Google Chrome version as noted above but over the last week it still hangs up on my replies until I log out, clear the cache and then I can repost. What else can I do to resolve this?
  12. Great. Thanks for these comments and advice. It looks to me like previous owners put new chain onto the dozer without changing the sprockets. And then they put it on backwards. My sprockets on the TD9-91 are better but the chain/shoes are completely done. The chains seem so good to me on this purchased machine that maybe I should consider weld on sprocket rims for the TD9-91. Trying to sort out all these issues (as you can see with my other messages) to decide whether to fix up the TD9 or part it onto my TD9-91. And I'm leaning towards that more and more.
  13. Just bought a used TD9 dozer. It has a Delco Remy starter # 1108925 which has had "issues" and worn corners off the flywheel teeth. My parts book says it fits TD9's up to serial # TDCB 43521. This machine ends in serial # 44576 so it makes sense that this is the wrong starter for the machine. It should be a Delco Remy 1108940. BUT... I am suspicious that the engine may have been changed/updated at one time. It is stamped serial # TDCBM 16175. Is there any way to tell which is the correct starter for THIS engine from this engine serial number?
  14. What do you think of the sprocket shown in the 5th picture from the top on this thread? That's what's on the "new machine" with the good chain. It is not the same sprocket(s) shown just above this message.
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