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  1. Good to see you sign on, SBF. Hopefully someone on here can help you out. Might take a while. Good luck.
  2. Used to own a Pettibone Carylift Super 15 with a 471 DD but it was originally a 453 DD. It's still running. Screamin demons, for sure. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
  3. http://www.tractorparts.com/PDFs/IH_ENGINE_IH_6_6A_264_281_9_9A_350_370_ENG_SVC.pdf
  4. According to this the block bores are different. But different sizes of sleeves are available. ??
  5. From what I can tell, this 1951 TD9 has an older motor in it because of the Bosch fuel pump and different head (casting # 8101DJ) to fit "Bosch" (smaller than IH) injectors. The question is- IF I wanted to change the fuel system to an IH injection pump and injectors (which I have) that fit IH head casting # 260692R7 would this head fit onto the older block which has the 8101DJ head? In other words, a head from a "newer" 1956 TD9 D350 engine to fit onto a late 1940's D335 engine?
  6. I have to jump in on this subject in regard to lumber and railroad barons. From this part of the globe, J.R. Booth was known as one of the two largest lumber barons in North America in the 1800's- the other was Frederick Weyerhauser of NW US fame. The link to the article says that in 1892 Booth had the largest lumber complex in the world. Eastern Canadian White Pine was the species of timber most prevalent. He died in 1925, age 98. Take a look: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Rudolphus_Booth
  7. Thanks mmi, that explains a lot of things to me. Someone has fitted an older engine into this 51 TD9 which has the Bosch fuel pump and corresponding injectors. I have a quote request to FP Smith but haven't heard back from them. But the simplest and cheapest plan right now is to get my "cleaned up" injector back and put it in another hole. Long range (next summer) the plan is to switch this undercarriage onto my 56 TD9-91, pull the engine and possibly change the liners/pistons in the block to upgrade to the 350 motor and fit it into my 56. The head on my TD9-91 is good, IH injectors good and an IH fuel pump so perhaps that head can be bolted onto the 51 (or whatever year it is) block (?) That's the plan but my wife says I change my mind daily. ๐Ÿคจ
  8. I tried Hector but he doesn't have any. My diesel injection shop said they cleaned and lapped the valve but it continues to drip fuel. Seems OK when pressure is turned up and suggested that I install it / swap into another injector hole in the head. And it's also an American Bosch fuel pump that feeds these 4 injectors. Two are red; two are yellow so some previous owner has been tinkering with it. No harm in trying this one and take it from there.
  9. Where to buy? Injector Nozzle part # 52613 D (shown in picture) Injector Nozzle Retainer part # 42765D (not shown) to fit in International TD9 head casting part # 8101 DJ maybe 1940's or very early 1950's. D335 engine.
  10. Sitting for 3 years the steering clutches are probably seized up. TD9's are known for that.
  11. What you can't do with a table saw and a 2x4. Hats off to you Waldo.
  12. They were also in International TD15B bulldozers up to about 1972. This one in the picture is from a parts machine and the turbo would have mounted where you see the flat flanges on the manifold with bolts missing.
  13. Most work this TD9 has done in quite a while. I spent all morning spreading the gravel on my driveway into the cottage and then took a run at the stump you see in 3rd photo to try and loosen up the right hand steering clutch. Still frozen (and will probably have to come out) but I did shine up the blade today. It has a few other minor issues and needs (at least) one injector tested but overall I was quite satisfied with it starting up good and running not too bad.
  14. Not sure. Maybe some air pressure to blow the junk out of it, is all that it needs. My diesel guy got back to me today and said that he could service it but parts are expensive. Does the top part of the injector just pull out of the nozzle body or is it threaded in?
  15. I have the Bosch APE 4A-800 (or 80Q ?) injection pump on my TD9, too. It runs fine. But I have one bad injector and I thought I could swap out another injector from another motor that has an IH pump. Top injector in photo is the Bosch. (does it look like yours?) Bottom is the IH. Different animals. Not sure if I can offer you any good advice, WaldoTD9, as for bench testing a Bosch but from what I am learning, to convert to an IH pump you need lines and different injectors, for what it's worth. (I have the IH parts but going to see this week if any diesel shops can repair/replace my one injector. If not then I guess it's a complete changeover. )
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