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    Current fleet: 1951 TD9, 1956 TD9-91, 1959 IH BCF-180 Tandem, 1970 Timberjack 230 skidder, 1943 Chev CMP Army Truck. Former owner of a 68 IH TD15B, 71 IH TD15B, 55 IH RF170 Tandem, 68 IH Loadstar 1800 Tandem, 75 IH Loadstar 1800 Tandem, 82 IH S2500 Tandem, 86 IH S2500 Tandem.

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  1. No lorries here, nay-burr! Is it gar-aje, gar-age or graje? Rooooof or Ruuuuf? (point is- if we all pronounced every word the same way, we would be a dull lot. As in your last statement- "easily amused is the way to be- it's a happy life" . Agreed.
  2. Yes. And the "woke" are in for a rude awakening some day.
  3. This is my real rant for a Friday. A FISHER is a 4 legged animal that lives deep in the bush/forest/woods and is valuable for its fur and thus to the trapping industry (what's left of it) in Canada. So I was amazed to read last week of 3 fishers drowning off the coast of Newfoundland when their boat capsized in stormy weather. How these critters managed to captain a fishing vessel and end up at sea is beyond me. The words "Fisherman" or "Fishermen" are apparently no longer in the dictionary.
  4. A guy told me one time that his neighbour (USA = neighbor- both are correct spellings) bought a new truck- a 10 wheeler- to pull his 48' semi trailer. "Not sure what make it was but I think it was a KENMORE". My reply was "I bet the motor sounded like a washing machine".
  5. Thanks Mike. If it sat around that long in this part of the hemisphere I'm sure something would have been seized up on it. (steering clutches, for one). Still a neat video.
  6. Is this a TD9-92 series, TD9-B or newer? Just curious.
  7. We have a 2017 Journey. 97000 km or 60000 miles. Brakes all around 2x. Should trade soon before something major happens. 🙄
  8. td9bcf180

    1981 S1724

    Looks like a good project, IH Keith. Mouse issue- not so much!. Good luck.
  9. "Nobody saw him runnin down 16th avenue They never found the fingerprint or the weapon that was used But someone killed country music, cut out its heart and soul They got away with murder down on music row" George Strait (Alan Jackson, too). For us traditional country music oldtimers. 🎻 🪕 🎸
  10. Congrats to you and your family, barnsfull. Nice to see this. I'm on part of an old farm (not originally my family) but live in the same county for 8 generations. I still own the land (this County) where GGGG Grandfather and family settled 194 years ago and are buried on.
  11. Happy Birthday Sir. Welcome to the club. Have a good one.
  12. Preacher man says its the end of time and the Mississippi River she's a going dry........ And a country boy can survive. Hank Williams Jr.
  13. I carried some of this discussion over to the construction page but to update- DoubleJFarmsWA and I have talked privately and although I now have 2 TD-9's complete (one runs, one doesn't) and one motor out of a Drott shovel, I don't know what parts are good/bad and what I need to rebuild the original TD9-91 series. Will know more later this spring/early summer. IHOak and Paul Byrd seem to be in the same boat. As you can tell, this is a project of low priority with me (at the moment). Good luck with yours and keep an eye on your wallets.
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