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    Current fleet: 1951 TD9, 1956 TD9-91, 1959 IH BCF-180 Tandem, 1970 Timberjack 230 skidder, 1943 Chev CMP Army Truck. Former owner of a 68 IH TD15B, 71 IH TD15B, 55 IH RF170 Tandem, 68 IH Loadstar 1800 Tandem, 75 IH Loadstar 1800 Tandem, 82 IH S2500 Tandem, 86 IH S2500 Tandem. SAWMILLS and LOGGING Equip.

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  1. https://www.tractordata.com/farm-tractors/003/3/2/3326-international-harvester-td-6.html TD6- 40.5 HP (built 1940 to 1956) TD6-61 series - 50 HP (1956-59) TD6-62 series (6 cylinder) - 50 HP (1960-1969)
  2. If you go to the start/home page for IH Construction Equipment the first thread/topic has serial numbers thanks to magicmikey. On page 1 you will see where I got the 1947 year from, according to your serial number. The engine serial number stamped in the block is just for the engine and I don't think there are any cross references or lists for those- which is sort of redundant anyways. Engines could have been built months or maybe a year or so before the unit was assembled. It's definitely pre-1956 as Louie says. 1947 according to what your serial # is.
  3. If I read that serial # correctly it is 16457. 1947 model. Someone has tried to update it it (coil instead of magneto and obvious yellow paint over red).
  4. Take mmi's advice x2. Finals = Final Drive = Sprocket drive (sprocket that turns the track at rear of machine)
  5. Story my Dad told me from his youth (he was born in the 1910's era). Listening in on the party line: an old spinster always listened in on calls to the local store (village- population maybe 50 souls). One day the store owner got sick of it when he heard the "click" on the line when she had cut in to listen. He said: "Sarah is that you?" She timidly said "Yes". He asked "you got any butter there?". Reply: "Yes". Storekeeper: " well how about greasing your a#%e and sliding off the line?" CLICK.
  6. Yes, we had a party line on our original crank, on the wall phone. Our # had a "long and 2 shorts" after it so that's what you picked up on. Usually a neighbor listening in on your conversations! Maybe I'm getting old to remember this.
  7. Hey- no problem, hillman. It's certainly an old style handset carriage maybe 1920's or earlier. Lots of manufacturers in those days. Waterous might have been one of them (Kitchener?) Great pics. Ole Dan the Mack looks like quite a brute. The 2018 Bruce County video is neat and I see a couple of dozers that appear to be a TD9 or 6 and maybe a TD14??? Hard to tell.
  8. Bingo. Muppets! 😂 Similar escapades here. Right on the money, Mike! 👍👍👍
  9. Been to Goderich and Walkerton maybe 45 years ago. Nice part of the province you live in. Thanks again for the pics and info.
  10. A big thank you, hillman, for posting all these photos. Looks like it is a great show. I'm in the opposite end of Ontario or I might have went. Couple of things caught my eye: 1. 650 tractor and looks like a 600 beside it. From what I am told, they have the same engine as a Super WD9 and a TD9-91 dozer- 350 cubic inch displacement. 2. steam sawmill- do you know what make the carriage is? Thanks.
  11. They just removed this bridge in my area last week and are replacing it with a new one. It has been in this location for 69 years and was moved here from another location where it was installed in 1917. It was 106 years old. 107 foot span. Steel riveted pony truss fabrication.
  12. Any Alabama fans here? Just saw them in concert last night. Maybe some other locals on here were there? Great band/great time. Legends, for sure.
  13. Since we are on this subject (and I own two TD9's), would anyone have a similar spec. sheet for a TD-9- 91 series made from 1956 to 1959?
  14. Didn't know that they made an S-11 skidder. These pages should complete all the skidder models.
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