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    Current fleet: 1951 TD9, 1956 TD9-91, 1959 IH BCF-180 Tandem, 1970 Timberjack 230 skidder, 1943 Chev CMP Army Truck. Former owner of a 68 IH TD15B, 71 IH TD15B, 55 IH RF170 Tandem, 68 IH Loadstar 1800 Tandem, 75 IH Loadstar 1800 Tandem, 82 IH S2500 Tandem, 86 IH S2500 Tandem.

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  1. Wish I were a little closer to you. This pump works OK but a spare never hurts.
  2. Carrs are located on the Canadian side of the border in Northern Minnesota I think. Barwick, Ontario. You could try them. I'm in the same boat as you, DoubleJFarmsWA. Hope to get back at it next spring. Looks quite sad, these days.
  3. And I thought some of the logs in the pics. I posted on "Logging Sleighs" were big. Nothing compared to these dandies in NZ. Does Oz have the same kinds and sizes of timber?
  4. No apology needed, Mike! The TD25 you show in the picture is red so I thought maybe late 50's and maybe gas start. I grew up on TD9's, then TD15's and run a few Cat D6's along the way plus an AC. But a TD25 must have been a thrill ride for power as you noted. Thanks for posting all these pics.
  5. A few more pics from Algonquin Park Museum.
  6. Same here. Eastern Canada supplied white pine mast timber to the British Royal Navy starting 1800's as we were a British Colony then. That started to fade out around 1860's and sawn lumber for domestic and mainly US markets developed. Pulp and paper 1900 and on. This last squared timber train load of logs from Algonquin Park, Ontario was in 1924. Photos courtesy of Algonquin Park Museum.
  7. What model year was the TD25, Mike? Did it start on petrol, before switching over to diesel?
  8. I never was lucky enough to operate a TD25 but that sure is one powerful looking dozer. (petrol/gasoline start and switchover to diesel?) Thanks for posting these pics.
  9. Amen. My Dad was a WW2 vet. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_War_Memorial_(Canada)
  10. I have a 1943 Chev CMP (Canadian Military Pattern) 1500 weight truck like many this gentleman has for sale. A "back field" ornament. Bad shape. Keep an eye on the results for us, hardtail. Maybe you will scoop up something, there?
  11. Pike Poles used on log drives, too.
  12. Hopefully not, but you never know. Handgun sales are now illegal north of the 49th parallel. Our great Emperor decreed an immediate ban on sales/purchases/transfers 5 days ago. I'll say no more.
  13. Don't see anything IH on the website but it's pretty neat stuff, all the same. https://mcinenly.hibid.com/catalog/400908/arlon-bauer-unreserved-military-and-equip-auction/?
  14. Old hewing axe for squaring white pine timber. 100+ years old and hanging on my wall. Handle is new and fits offset into head for a "left handed hewer", so I was told.
  15. 100% agree. And it's not just farmers but everyone trying to make a living off the land-loggers, etc. etc. UN= Useless, Non-reality agency. Not what it was originally intended to be.
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