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  1. Did any of the 66s come from the factory with emblems? I thought they were all decals. That's what our 1971 1066 has.
  2. Nice tractor! I REALLY love your 560. Dad has one just like it with the wide fenders and a Du-Al loader.
  3. I think that 12 was standard and 17 GPM was an option, but I can't say for certain.
  4. Nice tractor and good work! Dad and I have 3 standards like yours. 2 with 282s and 1 gas. I always liked them even though they are too small to be considered desirable muscle tractors by most collectors..
  5. S = Torque Amplifier Y= 12 GPM Hydraulic Pump
  6. Were non-adjustable (fixed-width) front axles available on the 66 series? I have never seen one.
  7. Here it is in a video from 2013.
  8. I too am sad to hear of Rush's passing. There will never be another Rush. He was larger than life. The single most important thing he did is to educate and inspire his millions of listeners who will carry on his legacy for many years to come. "They" are rid of him, but they know they can't put his ideology/teachings in the grave, hence all of the vitriol.
  9. Both of these photos are from the IH Collection of the Wisconsin Archives and both have the pivot on the right. It seems to me that more often than not, 66 series rain caps were mounted sideways in the literature.
  10. Was that a Swenson tractor, by chance?
  11. Here in ND 400 Cyclos seeded untold acres of flowers. IH made a "Sunflower Special" Cyclo. Other than a different drum, I'm not sure how they were spec'd out. I am guessing they were a stripped down machine with few options, no fertilizer, etc. I'm guessing most of those were sold in the Dakota's. Dad had a 500 that I seeded a few acres with back in the day behind a 1066.
  12. This belongs in The Awesome Picture Thread!
  13. "Here I sit all broken hearted, tried to $h!t, but only farted. Then one day I took a chance. I tried to fart but $h!t my pants!"
  14. Take a look at the crazy zig zag route my sister's Christmas gift is taking! No wonder our crappy postal service is broke...
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