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  1. I got a couple Craftsman C3 aftermarket batteries because that's all that is available. Typical chinesium crap...
  2. Sorry for your loss Dale. It is a good reminder to give my Dad a call and thank God for him! You just never know...
  3. What about the Ford Metropolitan? I have only seen one in real life. Were they made by a conversion company?
  4. russtred

    Saw this

    14 or 1682?
  5. That is a nice piece and a cool story behind it! I am ashamed of myself. I live in ND and used to subscribe to the magazine, but I never once set foot in the Toy Farmer Museum and obviously never will.☹️
  6. My condolences and prayers are with you and your family.
  7. Prayers to you and your family from a fellow North Dakotan...
  8. Did any of the 66s come from the factory with emblems? I thought they were all decals. That's what our 1971 1066 has.
  9. Nice tractor! I REALLY love your 560. Dad has one just like it with the wide fenders and a Du-Al loader.
  10. I think that 12 was standard and 17 GPM was an option, but I can't say for certain.
  11. Nice tractor and good work! Dad and I have 3 standards like yours. 2 with 282s and 1 gas. I always liked them even though they are too small to be considered desirable muscle tractors by most collectors..
  12. S = Torque Amplifier Y= 12 GPM Hydraulic Pump
  13. Were non-adjustable (fixed-width) front axles available on the 66 series? I have never seen one.
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