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  1. I know IH didn't apply it to all of their products right away, but I am 99.99% certain that the "man on a tractor" logo debuted in 1945. I would assume old decals on hand were used up first...
  2. Did anyone notice the Steiger cab on the back of the trailer at 2:05?
  3. Thanks for the picture. That sure brings back memories! I spent a few hours in a 1066 with a 500 seeding flowers back in the day...
  4. The dealership was K.R. Flem in Sherwood.
  5. Timothy56, does your 400 have the "Sunflower Special" decals on it? I remember my dad put one those decals on the door of his Chevy Impala when he worked at the IH dealership and I haven't seen another one since. I assume most of those were sold here in ND. I'd love to see a picture if you have one!
  6. @Farmall 1466 Sent you a P.M.
  7. Hard to believe she rolled off the line 35 years ago today...
  8. I have been very happy with my flexfit IH hats from Reinertson's Embroidery of Albert Lea, MN. (877-727-1995 or 507-373-0751) I bought one from them in Huron in 2014 and liked it so well, I ordered 2 more.
  9. Sharp eyes! I had to look at it awhile to see it!
  10. Dad has a 706 with those Krebsbach's emblems on either side of the hood. Used to see a lot of those around here...
  11. About 15-20 years ago, I saw a 1670 that was part of a custom combiner's fleet at a truck stop here in ND. It caught my eye because it had 1670 decals but no leveling system and the sheet metal didn't have the cut-outs for the tires. I stopped and took a peek at the serial number and it was indeed a 1670 but it didn't appear to have ever had been converted by RAHCO. I always thought it was odd and would have loved to know the story on that machine...
  12. This ^ is a nice looking tractor! I was trying to picture what a 1066 NF with deluxe cab would look like. I realize it would be as ugly and impractical as "Madam Speaker", but very rare and unique...
  13. This post got me thinking... Has anyone ever seen a 56 or 66 series narrow front with a cab on it? Was that even a factory option? I don't recall ever seeing such a unicorn. I've seen 86 series set up like that, not saying it was factory...
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