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  1. Probably not the only reason but dad said when he worked at the dealership in the 70's tractors would come in on RR flatcars and windows would get broken out and radios stolen somewhere along the line.
  2. I don't have one in front of me right now, but I did look in the 1206 parts book specifically for any mention of a hand clutch because I have laid hands on both a 706 and an 806 with hand clutches, so I was curious if it was an option on the 12. I didn't find any evidence in the parts book or any literature. BUT, stranger things have rolled out of Rock Island!
  3. The 856 standard "wheatland" was the last / largest wheel tractor to offer a hand clutch. There was one on an auction in IA a few years ago. It's the only one I have ever seen or heard of in existence, so I can verify there was at least one built from the factory. It is shown as an option in the 856 parts book.
  4. My 13 year old daughter made me this using her Cricut. It was all her idea.
  5. russtred

    2+2 question

    I have read the front axle is the same used in a 574 rear end. I don't know if that's true or not.
  6. That turned out beautifully! Nice work!
  7. No. Hackberry is a different tree. They look somewhat similar, though.
  8. I would think the Electrall 50-T baler has to be a rare bird!
  9. It was also used on pull type combines, like the 52R and 62R.
  10. Same here. Most 06-66 series had cabs in the Siberia of the lower 48. A lot of them were aftermarket, but cabs were the norm.
  11. Too bad they torched the axles off.
  12. I got a couple Craftsman C3 aftermarket batteries because that's all that is available. Typical chinesium crap...
  13. Sorry for your loss Dale. It is a good reminder to give my Dad a call and thank God for him! You just never know...
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