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  1. This ^ is a nice looking tractor! I was trying to picture what a 1066 NF with deluxe cab would look like. I realize it would be as ugly and impractical as "Madam Speaker", but very rare and unique...
  2. This post got me thinking... Has anyone ever seen a 56 or 66 series narrow front with a cab on it? Was that even a factory option? I don't recall ever seeing such a unicorn. I've seen 86 series set up like that, not saying it was factory...
  3. When they swapped out the 550 for the 466, did they get different frame rails or fabricate motor mounts?
  4. @db1486 Did you ever have pto driveline problems behind the 2+2? Dad said the dealer sold another 1482 to a guy across the line in Canada who ran it with a 8430-8640 JD and he kept taking the driveshaft out because of the way the tractor articulated during turns. He said one time the driveshaft went flying and they found it lying about 100 feet away from the combine! It very well might have been operator error...
  5. The guy who bought it pulled it behind a 5488. I'm not certain dad delivered it with a 1486, could have been a 10. I also don't know the specifics as far as if it had duals or not or what it had for weights or chloride... I've ran a 914 behind a 4630 JD, that's the extent of my experience...
  6. https://octanepress.com/content/designing-1482-part-1 https://octanepress.com/content/designing-1482-part-2 Interesting note: IH claimed a 1086 was big enough to handle a 1482, but my dad told me a story about when he worked at the dealer, he delivered one to a customer with a 1486 IIRC and he said the 1482 was so heavy it shoved that tractor all over the place on a flat road and it didn't have the brakes or traction to safely stop it. He is pretty careful so i'm sure he wasn't in Hi-4 with the TA up at 2500 RPMs! He said he couldn't imagine a tractor that size handling it in a field with a hopper full of wheat...
  7. russtred

    Nov 10 1975

    My son is 7 and he has been obsessed with the Edmund Fitzgerald since I told him about it a year ago. We listen to the Gordon Lightfoot song all the time and we watched the 1995 History Channel Documentary about it on Sunday. He has made a several cardboard box replicas and drawings of the Mighty Fitz. He even prays for the 29 men aboard every night at bedtime. I'm guessing there aren't many other 2nd graders out there that know or care about a ship that sank 37 years before they were born....
  8. Sorry to hear this. Prayers for you and your family...
  9. https://octanepress.com/content/secret-4366-garage
  10. I thought it was odd that 483 and 483B both cross referenced to PPG 81518. Upon further research, 483B contained rust inhibitor, but is the same shade. Learn something new every day!
  11. According to my notes, it's IH483 (Federal Yellow) / PPG 81518. There is a slightly different shade called 483B that was used in the early to mid 70's. Hope this helps you!
  12. And here we have a McCormick-"Deere"ing Model R with 4 cylinders. Traction might be a bit of a problem.... This was taken at the Divide County Threshing Show in Crosby, ND.
  13. This is how a REAL champion acts.
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