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  1. Interesting this one has an adjustable front axle. Do you know if it was ordered from the factory that way or if it was swapped? Dad and I have three 706 standards, 2 diesels and one gas. Would love an LP one to round out the collection. Nice tractor!
  2. I have been very pleased with my Hobart Endeavor for $100! It is comfortable and has a large lens. Shade and sensitivity are easily dialed in to match indoor or outdoor lighting conditions and it has 4 sensors. It also has grinding mode which is nice because I ain't much of a welder, but I'm one **** of a grinder!
  3. I had a 1990 Ford F-150. Every time you worked on any part of it, you needed metric and SAE tools. It was mix-n-match from bumper to bumper.
  4. My Grandpa was a die hard JD and Ford man. He had a '74 F700 grain truck he'd bought new. It was his pride and joy. I will never forget the day I discovered he had put an IH muffler stamped with the logo and part number on it. It seemed like sacrilege for him to do that!
  5. Dad hauled 24 feet of 620 drills on a drive-over transport similar to this one. It wasn't as convenient as a factory transport set up, but it worked ok.
  6. Sadly, it doesn't fit THEIR agenda. Prayers to that poor family. I can't even imagine...
  7. My favorite scene in Days of Thunder...
  8. Dad's 1066 started cutting out and losing power while cultivating sunflowers. If it sat a few minutes, it would start right up and run fine for 5 minutes and then it would start cutting out again. He replaced the filters, but it still sputtered and had low power. Bled the lines, etc.. Finally, he ran out of ideas and bent a hook on the end of a brazing rod and started fishing around in the tank. He pulled out a knee length tube sock that was apparently used as a temporary fuel cap by the previous owner. Problem solved! The weird part was that we had put quite a few hours on the tractor be
  9. russtred

    Good ratchet

    What is interesting is that it's virtually identical to an SK 42470, yet it's stamped "JAPAN". I guess they copied it exactly...
  10. russtred

    Good ratchet

    Pretty sure that is a TrueCraft. Kind of a hybrid Craftsman/SK clone. As far as imports go they were much better quality than any of the chinese stuff. Home of Economy (regional farm store) here used to carry TrueCraft tools so I see them from time to time.
  11. That's a bona fide Golden Jubilee, isn't it?
  12. Interestingly enough and relative to this forum, did you know that Linda Ronstadt's family ran a large IH dealership in Arizona? Suzy Bogguss's dad was a machinist with IH, and more widely known, Neil Peart worked with his dad as a partsman at an IH dealership before joining RUSH and Paul Wallem's (Author of the Breakup) daughter is married to Melissa Etheridge. There are other IH / famous musician connections, but those are off the top of my head.... Oh, and Zac Brown is a SCOUT fan....
  13. I know IH didn't apply it to all of their products right away, but I am 99.99% certain that the "man on a tractor" logo debuted in 1945. I would assume old decals on hand were used up first...
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