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  1. What you can't do with a table saw and a 2x4. Hats off to you Waldo.
  2. They were also in International TD15B bulldozers up to about 1972. This one in the picture is from a parts machine and the turbo would have mounted where you see the flat flanges on the manifold with bolts missing.
  3. Most work this TD9 has done in quite a while. I spent all morning spreading the gravel on my driveway into the cottage and then took a run at the stump you see in 3rd photo to try and loosen up the right hand steering clutch. Still frozen (and will probably have to come out) but I did shine up the blade today. It has a few other minor issues and needs (at least) one injector tested but overall I was quite satisfied with it starting up good and running not too bad.
  4. Not sure. Maybe some air pressure to blow the junk out of it, is all that it needs. My diesel guy got back to me today and said that he could service it but parts are expensive. Does the top part of the injector just pull out of the nozzle body or is it threaded in?
  5. I have the Bosch APE 4A-800 (or 80Q ?) injection pump on my TD9, too. It runs fine. But I have one bad injector and I thought I could swap out another injector from another motor that has an IH pump. Top injector in photo is the Bosch. (does it look like yours?) Bottom is the IH. Different animals. Not sure if I can offer you any good advice, WaldoTD9, as for bench testing a Bosch but from what I am learning, to convert to an IH pump you need lines and different injectors, for what it's worth. (I have the IH parts but going to see this week if any diesel shops can repair/replace my one injector. If not then I guess it's a complete changeover. )
  6. FINALLY, I have this TD9 running well. (did not spend much time on it this summer for various reasons, but...). Extra parts from other machines helped the cause. Anyhow- I put a new starter on it with a solenoid on top of it so the fuel filter housing had to be changed. Then I thought I had carburetor issues and did a lot of fussing/cleaning with that. New batteries. It had newer spark plug wires and plugs when it came here so I didn't spend much time with that. BUT- I should have! It came down to the spark plug gaps were way off so with 30 seconds of plier twisting and reinstall- it fired up instantly. One bad injector on # 3 but I have another one to swap into it. 8 times out of 10 it's the simple things. Now- it has to do some work. Thanks for everyone's help and comments on this.
  7. Thanks George. Always appreciate your help. 👍
  8. Thanks Hector but I think my carb is OK now. But I have a question as to the proper setting for the Primer "needle" and was wondering if you or anyone knows what this should be? I turned it all the way in finger tight then added the flipper attachment with one screw so it will turn 360 degrees but stop when it hits the pin. Should it be all the way in or part way out or? I show this in the picture with the yellow arrow. It started once on gas but can't get it to start now.
  9. The TD9's went up a lot in price in 9 years. Check out this invoice from 1957 (machine was a 56 and I still have it). Maybe someone with computer smarts can tell me what the US/Canada exchange rates were in 48 and 57 as this machine (my Dad's) is in Canadian dollars. (Personal info. blotted out but you can see what he traded in and what the payments were).
  10. Thanks Hector. You don't have a venturi on the shelf, eh?
  11. I might have the same issue as you do, Matt. I opened the oil level tap on my American Bosch APE fuel pump today and it looked like diesel fuel coming out of it instead of motor oil. The IH pump I have from another TD9 (91 series with B model pump I think) has different fuel lines and what appear to be different injectors. But the timing gear on the Bosch machine looks like part # 8146DA in my book and the IH TD9-91 shows same gear as 8146 DB. So I am guessing that they are the same timing gear and my theory is to upgrade/swap the Bosch pump for the IH pump since I'm lucky enough to have this second TD9 for parts. I hope it's as simple as this but ???
  12. Is the venturi with the broken piece of casting (on left carb) a threaded thing/ pressed in or just not replaceable? The two punch holes makes me think you put a tool on this and thread it out. Just guessing. ???
  13. Final hookup with fuel lines connected and new starter (with solenoid). Later on I hope to switch the dash/controls and air breather from my TD9-91 onto this machine to gain more leg room in operators seat.
  14. Great. Thanks for the comments. Quite helpful. There are some other parts from my TD-9-91 that I intend to changeover onto this machine to update it (somewhat).
  15. Agreed. The machine serial # says its a 1951 but I think someone put an older engine in it at one time as the Engine serial # is TDCBM16175. It's been doctored with, for sure.
  16. You can see in the picture how I added the dual filters on one bracket to solve the starter issue. The secondary (right) filter is empty and blocked/plugged off. But the original single filter that came with the beast had a Fram C1161PL filter which crosses to a Wix 33148. That is the same filter used on the IH fuel pumps. So I wonder if this will be an issue with the Bosch pump? (I can't see that being a problem, it's nice and tight and doesn't leak--- but???)
  17. There was another one at auction I think I mentioned to you before- is that sale over? Must be a decent set of tracks/sprockets at a decent price somewhere in your part of the world? 50% UC, at least, would be better than what you got?
  18. It's a weekend project and slow going. Starter and new batteries turn it over fine. Almost kicks on gas. Got the carb off now and cleaning it but trying to get the other carb on the newer TD9-91 retrofitted to this one (see my carburetor posting). The "newer" style carb has a Primer/flow control which should be better but the venturi has a chip out of the casting. Will give it another go this Saturday but the weather here is record breaking heat and it's all outside (ie. no garage- no AC). After the carb the magneto or timing may have to be adjusted. Will keep you posted. And yourself? Track issues all solved? BTW, it's taking 5 or 6 shots at the can to get this message posted. Even after I cleared my cache twice.
  19. Thanks hardtail and Ray54. If you get a chance, take a look at my carburetor posting from the other day.
  20. Took me 3x to post the above message. Cleared the Chrome browser twice.
  21. Stupid question but I am assuming that you fill with oil at the top arrow and the tap on the bottom yellow arrow is the fluid level? I have one answer back from a local diesel injector/fuel pump shop that 10W is the oil to use.
  22. What kind of oil is used in a Bosch injection pump Model APE4A-800 on older TD9's ? Thanks.
  23. You can see my "Primer" control in the left hand carb painted red. This is from a 1956 TD9-91 with D350 motor. The carb on the right is from the older 1951 TD-9 with D335 engine. The newer Primer will not fit this one. SO- notice the venturi (?) in the left hand carb has a broken piece of casting. If I read my parts book correctly, this is the venturi Part # 362 546 R1. If I can replace this venturi I could use this newer carb (with primer) on the older machine. The 4 bolt square pattern bolts up the same. Q. Is this venturi part # available anywhere on the planet? (and is it a replaceable part?)
  24. Thanks George. I'm wondering if, with the right size fitting/adaptor, my Primer "needle" from my D350 carb will fit into this older carb? (I will get some pictures up here soon).
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