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  1. what is guy supposed to do?

    Thanks guys, I think I'll give the KOO (the king of obsolete) a call, and see if he comes anywhere near Toronto to pick up the '58 and its parts brother (we have no idea what year it is). I've had enough - they've gotta go. Hank
  2. Howdy boys, here is the thing, my old '58 td 9 is in trouble. I got the old thing running on gas and diesel about 2 years ago and after spending some serious coin on a new rad, gauges, seats etc , I now have water in the oil. So now here is the questions. #1 do I spend more and take the engine out to repair not knowing if the finals and trans are good? #2 and how much would that cost in canada where every thing seems so much more then the boys south of the border? #3 do I really need a dozer and an old one to boot, the answer to that is not really, but it's nice to own one. Thanks for your answers in advance, Hank
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