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  1. HI I have a spair big manual service and a operator manual and they said it start on 24 bolts with 4 six volts batteries
  2. Yoo could check with BERNIER BRAKE CLUCH in MONTREAL PHONE 514-354-5222
  3. The model with gas motor is TC-5 with a C 135 motor
  4. The 500 c have 3 cylinder motor and the 500 has 4 cylinder
  5. When you adjusted your cluch you need to take 1 to 2 notch and try to angaged the cluch lever and if she have no snap you take 2 more notchs and when you adjusted the cluch if you give to much adjustement she not angaged you need to desajusted and reajusted but if all the gears gring when you angaged the transmission it is the brake facing is't working correct
  6. When you adjusted the cluch you should have 60 to 65 pounds on cluch lever and make sure if the coupling brake cluch facing is in good condition
  7. I have a guy who has one BOSCH injection pump for PU 27 258819R92 and part number on tag is 258819r92
  8. If you could removed the greace fitting and if you can use a hydrolic jack 20 on track frame near the sprocket if you can and the trak should gett some loose I did it on 12GB ALLIS CHALMERS he was sitting for 20 years
  9. HI I am sorry have no more radiator fan ,sorry I did't recieved that message
  10. You could check in intake manifol if the butterfly are free
  11. I am not a mechanic men but a motor in good condition should't smoke like that and if he was smoking blue could be rings,smoke black is missing air or bad injector and if the smoke is white should have wather probleme and could be turbo with grey smoke and if he is not spinner trak he is missing power ?
  12. You better stop before to late and cust a motor
  13. I am still have some very good stering cluch discs. gemdozer@hotmail.com
  14. The td5 cover is 635062r21 and the 500c the cover is 676863r1
  15. I have a complet carburator but the lever is't the same model he is for TD14 you will have to take the lever from your carburator
  16. This carburator piece is venturi from F8 carburator for TD9 and part number is 362546r1
  17. The 5 picture sprocket is't very good the other one are better
  18. The TD15 startor DELCO IS 1113345 and the INTERNATIONAL parts number is 305 514 r91
  19. Sorry am french speaking I check this morning and am still have the streaner and want $20.00+ shipping. gemdozer@hotmail.com
  20. Yes but make sure tomorrow if he still on racking and comback to you
  21. The oring parts number is 285 253 r1 5 1/2 x 5 3/4 x 1/8 and the streaner is 622 255 c1 and should have the streaner but not sure for the oring
  22. The streaner is in bottom front cover rear the oval cover and near the big hose
  23. Dont forget to removed the front transmission streaner for cleaning
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