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  1. I spotted a 1984 s2300 with a L10 cummins engine how hard or big of job would it be to swap my mv446 to the L10 this guy also has one with a big cam s2500 ih truck. but my local mechanic thinks its to big for my s1924. He also thinks the L10 is to big ......he really doesnt want to do it. So finding someone to swap it at a reasonable cost is the kikker. Any ideas i do have a dog house spotted what else would i need. If i have a doner truck and tranny 9speed how bad a job is it? Would it bolt in?
  2. So an avs2 800cfm would be best choice manual choke and secondaries? Edelbrock of course.
  3. Also whats the best rpm that i should try to run , i have been trying to stay under 3000, but i slowly loose ground and have to shift to 2-2 instead of 2-3 then i can wind up again. Then i just crawl up the hill 10mph till i get to the top before shifting up then its good and i can get a run at the next hill. The first i have to drop down to 30mph or so to go around the corner just as i start the climb.
  4. So are you saying i need a different distributor? Or just different carb? What do i need to do to dump the air pump? Or smog pump as some call it? will that help to? I am leaning towards an edelbrock 800cfm ps2?? manual choke. I think they have one for about 375$ and i think it has manual secondaries.
  5. This truck still has all the original smog stuff on it, air pump extra vacuum valve on firewall with oil running down the firewall from it etc, how much of this stuff can i delete and will i gain some power doing so?
  6. Would that dt466 bolt into my 79 s1900/f1924 according to the serial number plate on the cab. Presently has mv446 in it. with a 5+4 tranny.
  7. I have a 1979 f1924 with an mv446 engine with a holly 4bbl carb. Wanting to get more power out of it for pulling up hill under 52000lb gvw. Thinking of a swap to a edelbrock ps2 carb but what cfm should i go to. Or are there other better options? I don't find any cfm specs for the holly that is on it. Thanks Farmer Ray
  8. I have an mv446 with a 4bbl holly on it anything i can do to get more torque out of this engine? Thinking of edelbrock ps2 but what cfm should it be. Im pulling 52000lbs up a darn hill at 10mph in 2+2gear. it has a 5+4 tranny setup its in a 1979 s1900/f1924 plate on door says f1924. its a new to me truck and in beautiful shape one owner . Just like to go up the hill faster open to all ideas. Thanks Farmer Ray
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