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  1. Evaporust is good stuff! I want to fill a stuck steering clutch compartment and see if it will free it up!
  2. You recon the Chinese and Russians are laughing at this one??
  3. Why is spaying or neutering your dog any different???
  4. Those grapples are really cool and useful if you're moving logs.
  5. Don't worry, according to the media now I'm just a grumpy old hater too!
  6. It is kind of like the people who respond to a question on Amazon or another shopping site with "I don't know, I haven' t tried it yet" or something like that. That drives me nuts! If you don't like the question or don't know the answer, move on! Don't waste everyone's time and space by saying you don't know or giving them crap about asking!
  7. I have an old Abrasive Manufacturers (I think that is their name) surface grinder. It does have auto feed and a magnetic chuck, but the coupler for the motor is beginning to go bad and looks to be a mother to get to. It is powered by leather belts and has the old glass oilers. It still works OK though.
  8. That should work fine. Some would say straight 30 weight ashless, but I don't think it matters.
  9. Told you it would be blamed on the russians!
  10. Even trammed in you can still get a visible mark from the edge of a cutter. You cannot feel it is but you can see it.
  11. I'm almost scared to ask what happened to him Mike?
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