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  1. Rawleigh99

    repower on Drott 150

    Ed: You ought to post this on the Construction Forum as well. You would get some good input there from people that don't frequent this side of the Board much.
  2. Rawleigh99

    Stay on top of environmental issues

    They have let slip that it is all about redistribution of global wealth.
  3. Rawleigh99

    Salesman gave me a set of these to try.

    They help a lot, but are kinda expensive.
  4. Rawleigh99

    International 500C

    It uses gear lube in the diff, but I cannot remember which weight right now. I used the corner cut from a heavy duty contractors garbage bag and Gorilla tape to make a shift boot. It has lasted longer than the crappy rubber ones they sell now that go to pieces in less than a year!
  5. Rawleigh99

    Working a TD25C in modern times?

    We will be waiting for pictures and video of course!!๐Ÿ˜
  6. Rawleigh99

    What do you see?

  7. Rawleigh99

    rust reformers?

    If you don't scuff it the next coating won't stick well and can peel off. You can use a Scotchbrite pad to scuff it. Also there are etching primers that can go over it. The best way to deal with it is to prime or top coat it before it has completely cured and then you get a chemical bond.
  8. Rawleigh99

    Whatโ€™s so special about a Henry Rifle

    All the .17 I have shot is plastic tipped and rim fire, so I see no problem.
  9. Rawleigh99

    Gas tank dip stick

    Hardwood dowel here. Carve notches around it for the various levels.
  10. Rawleigh99


    Like Chipman said, when I saw the alternator I am pretty sure it has been converted to negative ground.
  11. Rawleigh99

    Rotary PTO driven mowers opinions

    You suck!! What a deal! ๐Ÿ˜œ
  12. Rawleigh99

    Rotary PTO driven mowers opinions

    Shulte, if you can afford it!
  13. Rawleigh99

    ultrasonic cleaner for carburetors

    I to have the large harbor freight. It works OK, but I would have bought one like shown here over it if I had known.
  14. Rawleigh99

    International T6 project

  15. Rawleigh99

    1968 IH 500 sprockets

    I can certainly email what I have, but what you saw is what I've got. Someone posted it a long time ago and I copied it. i don't have the original. Let me know.