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  1. Or have a machine shop take another fan of similar size and pitch and modify the hub to fit.
  2. I had a friend (now deceased) who flew 47's in the European theater. He got shot down low level over Belgium and was wounded slightly in the leg. Parachuted into a freshly plowed field that had one tree in the middle. Using his hunting knowledge he crawled up in the brush around the tree and sat still for two days. Since they saw no tracks in the filed they never looked towards the middle. He sat there for two days until they finally gave up and left. He got hooked up with the Resistance. They tried to get him out through Switzerland, but he got given away to the SS along with a Canadian. They were being tortured in a basement when he got loose and killed the only Nazis guard with an icepick to the ear! They escaped through a basement window, got back with the Resistance and wound up swimming across the Pirennes river into Spain in wintertime and escaped out through Gibraltar! It took more than a year for him to get back to England and he was listed as KIA during that time. He didn't talk about it much, but one night during a fishing trip, he and Lewis Pendleton, a Medal of Honor winner whose neck was scalloped out by a close call with an 88 shell, sat up drinking with an Airforce friend of mine and talked about it. Some really tough cats!!
  3. We lost a young man last year when the string from his hoodie got caught in the spinner of a lime spreader. That is just the worst hing I could imagine happening!! you never get over losing a child, especially when you feel you should have been more careful! I wouldn't be able to survive that loss!!
  4. If you add white oak flooring over it will help unless you are hauling large rocks and boulder. Then the lightweight C channel underneath will start getting smashed.
  5. I have a High Standard and a Ruger MkII. I like them both. Last Christmas I hit a 10" round steel 4 out of 10 rounds at 100 yards over iron sights with run of the mill ammo in the Ruger! (My Godson who is a green beret sniper hit it 5 out of ten times, so that made me feel pretty good with my 57 year old eyes.)
  6. SD what is the better alternative there?
  7. if it gets the job done, good for you!
  8. Ouch! Makes my back hurt looking at it.
  9. Rawleigh99


    Do you ever catch anything big enough to eat! LOL
  10. I wonder what the wing loading is on that!
  11. I thought they were called "Slugs"?? Or is that with engine and no cab?
  12. Don't you add Epsom Salt for that?
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