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  1. Trailer best quality made to haul tractor ?

    Hudson is my favorite brand. I have had a 5 ton trailer for at least 15 years now and fixed only the brakes and tires. I like the fact that it is rated for gross payload weight, not gross trailer weight. In other words I can put 10000 lbs on it and be within the gross weight capacity of the trailer. Very well constructed. Mine is a HSE Deluxe with a 2' beaver tail. If I had it to do again, the only thing I would do differently is get the deckover version. In a perfect world i would have a gooseneck. https://www.hudsontrailers.com/hse-deluxe-5-ton
  2. Chainsaw Mill

    I use an old wooden ladder I bought at an auction for the first cut. Wood is easier to attach than aluminum, but is heavier.
  3. Chainsaw Mill

    Sonny: I see your back must be feeling better if you can wrestle that beast!!
  4. TD9 spark plugs.

    Rock Auto has the Champion 543's for $7.95 each: https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=317992&jsn=257
  5. Knife control

    I have to disagree with the argument that watching Wiley Coyote blow himself up or Yosemite Sam shoot up the saloon is the same as the graphic violence inflicted in video games. For one thing, the kid isn't doing the violence in the old cartoons. In video games the kids are doing the shooting and violence. For another you knew that they weren't going to kill Bugs or the Road Runner! Wiley always got up even if the anvil landed on his head! Sylvester never swallowed Tweety ( at least not without barfing him up)! Movies may have depicted violence, but you did not see it in the graphic details that you do now. The realism is extreme now. As to the knife attacks, these people come from a society that has always glorified swords and knives, so they are logical choices. With guns banned, any person is an easy target for guy with a pipe, etc. In the US, you may get away with the pipe threat, but you may also get blown away, and the criminals know it!
  6. tubeless tire bead sealer

    Sometimes a ratchet strap tightened around the middle of the tire will help spread the beads out some.
  7. Has anyone been able to do any field work

    The planters have been rolling most of the week here.
  8. Hooked My Neice Up.

    They are both too pretty to be related to you!! LOL! Just kidding. Beautiful baby.
  9. Knife control

    + 1
  10. It has turned into a great fishing expedition. The Feds will keep asking complicated questions they already know the answer to until someone misstates something. They then charge them with obstruction or lying to the FBI and try to force them give up dirt on someone else. Remember Martha Stewart. As much as I don't like her, they couldn't prove insider trading, so they managed to get her for lying to the Feds.
  11. Run Tony Run..... get out while you can

    +1. When it is reflected off it has to go some where! It does make the house cooler though!
  12. Dan: The cap is sealed. it breathes out the tube in the side of the neck. My 500c has the same setup and the tube just goes down the side of the block and breathes into the belly pan.
  13. I wonder what the removal procedure is for this

    I wonder if it has ballast in it??
  14. 250 series TD25 cable dozer

    Kevin: My old D2 caterpillar manual talks about using corn starch blown in through the intake to deglaze the cylinders and make the rings seal. I wonder if that wouldn't work with the clutches as well.
  15. Gasket part # needed

    My mistake, that is 15 thousandths with the anaerobic gasket maker! I have a decimal problem. 0.015 https://www.permatex.com/products/gasketing/anaerobic-gasket-makers-flange-sealants/permatex-anaerobic-gasket-maker/