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  1. Hardtail, I noticed that with the long track frame that went to the rear to facilitate dragging the logs. It looked Cat factory too.
  2. Those little super magnets are great for that too. Easy to make magnetic plugs with just by drilling the right size blind hole in the end of the plug. You can also just slap them on the side of the sump or filter housing as well. Here is the magnetic plug out of my AC HD9 trans, it's a monster!
  3. Not IH, but awesome to watch! Reminds me of @mike newman. Definitely not his first rodeo. Love the dog riding along too! https://youtu.be/eKjhwsuNBPY
  4. Good job! Glad you did not find any ugly surprises.
  5. Could be a mixture of gear oil and water. Might want to flush it with diesel fuel. Is it running yet? Your risk is stuck steering clutches.
  6. $4.39 & $5.69 on Eastern Va
  7. If I were you I would go on the wix dimensional filter site I posted earlier, find a spin on filter that meets your requirements and then look at their filter bases and pick one that fits. The nice thing about Wix is that Napa sells their filters. Just drop the first number and use the last four as the Napa number.
  8. Fuel or oil? Wix, Baldwin and others make spin on filter bases. I added a bypass filter to my Ford F250 diesel with a Baldwin base.
  9. Uh Oh Seth ! Another Saab fan! @vtfireman85 Seth is our resident Saab cheering section!
  10. You are my laugh at me but I don't buy new tires anymore. I have a great used tire place near where I work and I can buy like new Michelins LTX for $75 a piece mounted. Most still have the bumps from the little tits on the tread and the flashing between the lugs. I put new tires on the wife's car but I'm willing to take the risk on my trucks. It saves me a whole lot of money.
  11. Might have to tie a string around it to help releasing it during the winter months! LOL
  12. A new thread over on Construction might get you some more input as well.
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