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  1. And Folgers has those handy red containers with the finger grips that are useful around the shop!
  2. I really have no idea on the 500. My best suggestion is to take the old hoses too Napa or some other auto parts store that will let you go back to the hose rack. Compare the bends to some of the automotive hoses until you find a couple that you can put together to work. Use metal tubing and hose clamps to couple the various sections together to get the shape you need. It's getting really hard to find some of these parts.
  3. And get a quick complimentary visit from your favorite ATF agents!
  4. Its the nature of the beast!
  5. That is definitely something to be very proud of!!
  6. Remember many third world cultures are blade based. Knives are regularly used by them for work and ceremony as well as crimes. Bring in lots of immigrants, take guns away from the law abiding and these are the problems you get.
  7. It is the camel's nose under the tent! If this flies, more will follow! Resist if you can!
  8. Put silicone on the screw before you thread it in.
  9. Kind of like the Kansas City shooters!
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