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  1. Looks like a cat for IHRunner! The dog is better watch out.
  2. I've been using the same things that bitty posted. They are cheap plastic fixtures, but I buy them 8 / $65 on Amazon. They Daisy chained together with included wiring and also come with plug wires with switches on them. They go up using little metal clips that gets screwed to studs. I wouldn't call them a real light fixture, but they certainly are easy to start where you need light. Very bright too.
  3. My 7 year old daughter and I watch it too.
  4. Suppose the parents believe their 4 year old child really really wants to commit suicide. Should they be able to do it? All I know is I had to try to explain this to my 7 year old daughter who is in the 2nd grade this Fall because a boy in the 8th grade decided he was a girl! If the parents had told him to wait until he graduated it would have saved a lot of young kids from having to learn about such things WAY too early! The 8th grader's brother is in my daughter's class so there was no getting around it. I down played it and told her he decided to dress like a girl and for her not to make fun or say anything about it. She thought it was funny, bless her heart, and I left it at that! My point is that often an individuals selfish desires impact many others.
  5. I asked a cop on the way out if he had seen any counter protesters and he replied: "It is too cold for those ******** to come out!" LOL And yes, the Governor tried to take credit for it being peaceful! What a weasel! One recall petition got close to the 10% of registered voters called for by law, so the Democratically controlled legislature changer the threshold to 25%! They are no different on the state level than on the Federal level!
  6. If the grooves are bad under the sleeve, you might want to build them up with JB Weld and shoeshine them down with sandpaper so that the sleeve has a smooth surface to ride on.
  7. My friend's husband paid $1,600 all in with tax at Costco last week. So far so good!
  8. The thing that makes it hard to calculate is that people came and went the whole time. Lobby Day started at 8:00 am and went to 10:30. I got there at 11:00 and passed quite a few people leaving. I left just before 1:00 and people had been coming in all day. Overall I think the number is low, but it may be right at any point in time. Who knows. It was a LOT of people, most carrying, with no problems (not counting the one woman who was arrested for wearing a mask after being told not to twice by the police).
  9. I am sure you are right. Sorry. It does shoot nice, and I figured if the 41 was Elmer Keith's favorite round it would work well for pigs up close!
  10. I have an old three screw flat top Single Six in 41 magnum. Am i wrong in thinking I has an alloy frame? It was used so the finish is rough, but it shoots nice. I got it as a back up for a pig shoot back in 1999. The shoot got cut short by my father's death unfortunately, and I haven't had a chance to repeat it.
  11. I am the one who went. i felt completely safe and welcome. Everyone got along great. Every race, creed, etc were present. A gay and lesbian group even attended that morning. The organizers provided a block long row of port johns and volunteers to pick up any trash left behind, which was not much. They let the streets cleaner than when we got there. 6000 went on the Capital Grounds where you were not allowed to carry. The rest of us stayed outside and carried. It was about 20 degrees that morning and no opposition showed up. Not that it matters because they are going to screw us anyway. Hopefully this will be a wake up call to the other states to watch their backs and participate in voting in great numbers! This will soon be coming to other states near you!
  12. Not a bad looking tractor for its age!
  13. You are probably right about the terminology. Since we don't have rocks I have never even tripped one, but I know you back up to reset it. We don't do a lot of plowing, just a little organic land and scrub land being put back into production.
  14. It hurts my heart to see them burned on TV.
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