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  1. I think that is what they mean by "speaking in tongues"!!!
  2. Ford has some very specific fluids for their automatics now. My '06 F250 calls for Ford LV(?) fluid.
  3. I like a good variable power on my 17 to scope out the groundhogs, the I reduce power for shooting. Sometimes they will lie in the top of the hole with just the top of their head and eyeball peeping over the top. If you an see that you know to wait for them. My eyes suck, so i need all the help I can get.
  4. AS long as the cart guy and the combine operator understand between them who does which it shouldn't matter.
  5. I have considered using Evaporust in the clutch housing to dissolve the rust and free it up. My only concern is whether it could penetrate between the discs to get to the rust. It works great on other rusted items and won't hurt non ferrous metals. i have an early Cat D2 with the small port over the clutch that had a mouse nest built in the clutch compartment. it has been soaking in kerosene for 10 years or so. That had rust all through the release mechanism though.
  6. Rawleigh99

    Bolt 22LR

    When I was in high school most of the trucks in the parking lot had guns hanging in the back window because the kids would go hunting after school.
  7. LOL! That is the one I was thinking of Buddy!
  8. Rawleigh99

    Bolt 22LR

    I have a friend who has one of these to shoot as well as an M1 Garand. Both are fun to shoot.
  9. And most of them don't farm!
  10. Rawleigh99

    Bolt 22LR

    I had an early Remington 592(?) that would feed worth a crap. i took it back and got the Savage bolt 22. I liked everything about the Remington, but it would not work.
  11. Posi Lock for sure! Expensive but exquisite to use!!
  12. Rawleigh99

    Bolt 22LR

    I have a Savage Mark 2 22 that is a very nice and accurate gun. I always thought poorly of savage until I bought it. Make sure you get one with the accutrigger, which is much lighter than the basic trigger. Mine has a heavy barrel and the laminated stock, but what you get depends on what feels good to you. I would recommend it in that price point. It is also a good gun in 17 HMR.
  13. Rawleigh99

    Home or away?

    Out doing the Lord's work! God Bless you!
  14. Rawleigh99

    Home or away?

    I have Christmas at home with my 7 year old daughter in the morning, then drive 40 miles to the in-laws for lunch.
  15. Rawleigh99


    I just clicked the "Keep me Logged In" button and I only have to do the robot thing after any software updates. Prayers and blessings from Virginia Charlie!!
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