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  1. General gear has some downloadable manuals on the td14 dozer which should share a similar engine to your grader. http://www.tpaktopc.net/td14strcltch.htm
  2. I have a grizzly 15-in. I've had it for about 15 years. I assume they're still pretty good machines. I also have their 8-in planer and 10-in left tilt table saw. They were built in Taiwan rather than china.
  3. Good job! You did the right thing. And good job Seth for helping out a fellow member. You're a good guy, no matter what MTO says about you! LOL
  4. I love my Marlin model 39a 22. It is an awesome accurate gun. I hope Ruger does right by them.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be safe out there.
  6. I have just gone to using Cat EC-1 rated coolants to avoid these problems.
  7. Yikes! I almost did the same thing with a burn pile and some gasoline. I pause for a second to talk to somebody before I lit it and the gas vapors had run along the surface of the ground out past the edges of the burn pile. I got a insignificant flash burn and lost some hair, but otherwise I was okay. It could have gone badly though! Fortunately I only wear cotton work clothes when I'm on the farm so that helps save me. I hope you heal quickly. I can't imagine how uncomfortable it is and I'll keep praying for you. There but for the grace of God go i!
  8. oscillating multi-tool with the small triangular sanding tool on it. The pad is about the size of your thumbnail. I got this attachment from Harbor freight. It sticks out the fromnt of the tool and gets into crevices quite well. https://www.harborfreight.com/multi-tool-finger-sanding-pad-and-paper-set-4-pk-61832.html
  9. Geodetic survey markers set up by the US govt. They are used as benchmarks for all surveys. Around here the surveyors use them to establish elevation above sea-level for the FEMA flood insurance.
  10. Mike: Is there any danger of cracking an parts of the engine by shocking them with cold water? I have always wondered about that. Love the pictures. Are they trying to prime the pump on the Massey??
  11. Good way to become a human bug splat!!
  12. I looks both ways, right! LOL. My pet peeve is prescription drugs with so many warning the label has to fold out and they hide the directions for use in tiny print somewhere in the back! Aren't the directions of how many to take and when the most important part!!! Maybe if they put that up front in bold print they would not need all the other stuff!!
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