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  1. I read this morning that this will likely crater the Florida Insurance industry. Andrew almost did them in, but the population is much denser now than it was then.
  2. Is this remote mounted or tiller steer. Electric or pull start? I assume from "all of the controls came in a box" that it is remote mounted. Most have the dead man kill switch built into either the ignition switch bezel or the throttle/gearshift. The ignition key switch should turn it off. If not, trace the wiring. If tiller steered it should be right on the front of the cowl.
  3. My wife puts it in her coffee. Personally I think it is nasty, but everyone's tastes are different.
  4. You will eat it and you will like it Dammit!!! If not off to the Gulag with you!
  5. "Stupid is as stupid does!!"
  6. Backpack blower with bad ignition coil, a couple of decent fishing rods , etc.
  7. Nice Leopold! Most sported Redfields around heree.
  8. The 500c&e have the final drive pinions driven by the clutch. The clutch is driven on the inboard side by a splined shaft that goes through the rear end. The splined shaft through the rear rend has a nipple on the end that fits into a bushed hole on the end of the bull pinion. They support each other and the clutch, but don't directly drive each other. It sounds to me like you lost the teeth off of the fiber disks. General Gear has them available. They also have excerpts from the manuals relating to the clutches you can download. Look at the bottom of the page for the manual selections. https://www.tpaktopc.net/ih500strcltch.htm It may be easier for you to take out the seat to get to the tank bolts rather than remove the winch. They are through standoffs on the bottom of the tank and go through the cover to the rear end. On my 500c the steering levers can be unbolted. If you cannot get the tank out through the operator area you my have to remove the ROPS. NOTE: When you remove the bull pinion be very careful not to drop the outer or inner thrust bearings or thrust washers into the final drive!!!!
  9. I agree with YRF. DD up to 3/4".
  10. Wow, northern tool used to have five or six electric hot water pressure washers. Now all I see like I have is the add-on water heater. Bummer.
  11. I saw a video of the Germans doing the same thing and thought how absurdly stupid the whole wood chipping process was!
  12. No Northern Equipment anywhere near you? You could go pick it up in the store.
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