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  1. Wow! And I thought it was going to be a simple weld on job when you started! Talk about project creep!! LOL Nice job though!
  2. If they don't have them you can probably match up something from McMaster Carr.
  3. Yes that's the turn signal switch on has. It's an open station tractor so I don't feel the need for turn signals. My $5 flasher still working just fine. I put it in a ziplock bag and zip tied it up under the dash where it will stay dry.
  4. We used to keep those oil spouts rolled up in a red shop towel in the toolbox so they wouldn't get dirty.
  5. My John Deere 4310 has the flasher built into the turn signal. It's all one unit that mounts under the dash where the turn signal stalk comes out. Expensive to replace. It stopped working and I saw on a YouTube video how to replace it with a $5 automotive flasher. I didn't need the turn signal anyway. A couple of jumper wires and spade terminals to the $5 auto parts flasher and I was in business.
  6. The corn around here is about waist high, but it is starting to spindle on the high spots in the field. We had a lot of rain earlier this spring but it has dried up now. Going to be 95 by the end of the week. It usually dries up here mid June, but would like to see some rain during tasseling. Most here plant in early April.
  7. Dang, another one gone. I always got along fine with him. He did enjoy stirring the pot, but that was the fun of the old forum! He and MTO. Sawmill and Capt Crunch. I miss the old heads!
  8. I have two smooth bore 22s and I shoot both the brass cramped and plastic crowns in them. One is a Remington targetmaster single shot bolt action and the other is a Remington pump action. Both do a nice job.
  9. Don't forget to put Gummies in the ammos can for medicinal purposes! LOL
  10. My familiarity is with the 500c. What you have is actually a 500. You nomenclature is confusing. The d just designated diesel. The 500c started in the early 70s and is completely different. It could be that the bottom anchor point on the band has let loose. Go to General Gears website and download the section of the service manual free. They also sell all the brake parts. Sorry I cannot be more helpful. https://www.steeringclutch.com/ih500strcltch.htm
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