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  1. The results of a charity sheet I went to Sunday at a game preserve. It was a lot of fun except it was 18° f that morning. Thank goodness the wind wasn't blowing and it was sunny. We sat around afterwards and drink whiskey and smoked cigars with the guide. A good day all in all. We got 36 quail and five pheasants.
  2. I just loaded up on some molds last fall. NOE four cavity in .314 for my 303, Lee six cavity 358 158 gr, Lee 2 cavity 9mm in both 125 and 88 grs. When I get some time I plan on squeezing some out. I'm going to try powder coating them to avoid leading.
  3. That is terrible! Glad they were not hurt. Prayers sent.
  4. I've taken it on Cobfly's recommendation. No side effects.
  5. Elmers repair in Kansas, but the shipping may kill you! https://www.elmersrepair.com/
  6. We literally have an advance in O'Reilly's next door to each other. across the street we also have a CVS on one corner and a Walmart across the intersection on the other corner. I usually shop in Napa for non-automotive parts. I usually get batteries from advance because of how easy they are to exchange if they go bad.
  7. I thought it was quote fat dumb and drunk" and that would be more appropriate for the country right now anyway.
  8. Wasn't the hammer making under the forge thread?
  9. I'm going to have nightmares about that tonight Miike!😵
  10. Rawleigh99

    Go coal

    It's all Trump's fault.
  11. Looks cool! Only works with ATT & T-Mobile though.
  12. Home Depot https://www.homedepot.com/p/rental/General-Wire-Spring-Drain-Camera-CGPF-ECAM-ACE/309392482
  13. i see you are in Georgia. Know anyone with an airboat on a trailer you could borrow? Looking at the prices on those blowers you might be able to buy an old airboat.
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