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  1. Try it with the cap loose for a while. It sure sounds like the vent.
  2. Hey Zeke! Good to hear from you and Daphne!
  3. Rawleigh99


    When I used to cast I would always Park the mold on top of the lead pot to warm it up.
  4. My Dad was born in 1923 and my Mother in 1927. I straightened lot of nails as a kid. My Mother washed and saved all jars and other containers. We reused wrapping paper and bows. They didn't have to but they did. I too feel we waste a lot as a society and I feel alot of accomplishment at saving items and repairing them instead of throwing stuff out.
  5. You can't fix stupid!!! I can't wait until she catches something..
  6. I have a Scangauve II permanently mounted as well.
  7. They should call this bill Porkulus, not stimulus!
  8. My main concern with this is residual lung damage. i really don't need that!
  9. I would love to see those pictures Mike!! Yours too Crunch!
  10. or duct tape, or a rubber band. Loop rubber band around wire before cutting. Cut wire while holding it, bend end of wire in a "V" so the rubber band doesn't slip off the end and loop the band around the spool. Clear as mud??
  11. Cascade powder is what all the old timers used. It doesn't foam and cuts grease.
  12. Dang Crunch! How much does a log like that weigh!! How did they load it?
  13. I have cooked on the manifold before. Just hard to time when it is ready! Got to get the soup and bean cans off before they explode! LOL Hotdogs wrapped in aluminum foil work well too. I see where a lot of the truck farmers have taken orders and dropped food off on the porch since farmers markets are closed.
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