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  1. Rawleigh99


    Now that is more like it!
  2. Is the lift cylinder built int the tank?
  3. Better use the lowest expanding foam you can find!
  4. Our local IH building in Warsaw, VA is now a laundry mat!!!😢
  5. You will be in big trouble for moving her primary mode of transportation! LOL!
  6. Agri Suppy has them.
  7. Fred: If I understand you, the seal is sort of like a hydraulic piston seal and has to go inside the cylinder? If so, and there is room, I have cut the side out of a Coke can, wrapped it around the seal and compressed it (you can use the ring compressor to help with this). Tape the aluminum to keep it rolled up. Then the whole roll (minus the ring compressor) is started into the cylinder just far enough tat the whole seal is inside. Then the aluminum is withdrawn, hopefully leaving the seal in the bore and unharmed. Be sure to make sure that the aluminum edges are deburred before using. Heavy plastic sheeting can be used in place of aluminum. I hope I understood you correctly and that this idea helps.
  8. Waytek sells the terminals as well. https://www.waytekwire.com/products/1424/Battery-Lugs/
  9. I have a crimper similar to Bittys. Like a bolt cutters with rotatable dies. Marine cable is fine wire tinned copper with a good flexible cover. The running prevents the green death by coating each copper strand with solder before the cable is made. Welding leads are a good second place, but are not tinned.
  10. I have a gladhand with a coupler screwed into it. Good for tires and light work.
  11. Looks like the Benson Gyrocopter you used to be able to buy kits to build.
  12. On my wet booms I added a ball valve at the end of each so I could flush them to blow the crud out. Also I have screens ahead of each nozzle. When I put mine together I modeled it after an FIMCO sprayer at the dealers I took lots of pictures of.
  13. Get a machine shop to turn you a new one. You can save money by just making the flange round instead of square. Shouldn't be a bad job. On the track pads, a piece of carbon rod the size of the hole will also allow you to weld around it and leave the hole intact.
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