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  1. Man, i need you to come and rewire some of my projects!!!
  2. Any way to just replace the steel rings with annealed copper rings that will just squish against the heads when torqued? Back to the sign: are the arches being welded to the tubes, and if so, how will they move the "Cork Sacker"!!
  3. I have a friend with a Stearman with a Jacobs. I can always tell when he is flying around!
  4. I wonder what her other muscles are like!!!!😱😉
  5. I love the working clothes! Looks like something @AngrySailor would drive!!😄
  6. Nice bag! Occidental is good, but pricey stuff!
  7. I guess you have never shot an arrow into the woods and tried to find it! LOL And that is with the bright yellow and orange modern arrows!
  8. We used to find them around here some when we used to plow. Seems most here only had one groove for the handle. interesting differences between how each tribe did things.
  9. And I thought I was doing something with 873 mile on my old black Schwinn from the 70's & 80's! Same speedo!
  10. That is taking contraception a little far!!
  11. My wife has chronic Lyme disease, both her parents have Alpha Gal, and another friend of mine just got diagnosed with Lyme and Alpha Gal. When I was a kid we never had tick borne illnesses. Then Rocky Mountain spotted Fever came and it has been all down hill since!
  12. Too add to that, if the rim has the center riveted to it you will probably need a tube. If welded and in good shape you can go with either.
  13. Wow, another cool project. i really enjoyed following your last rebuild! I hope you will post pictures of this one too!
  14. We used to have a yellow one we towed behind a motorhome back in the late 70' and 80's. It had a tow bar that went under the car with a tongue on it that slipped into a loop on the bottom of the car. there was a small "crane" with a winch on it that was attached to the hitch. Stick the tongue under the car, pin it in place, hoist the front end up and put the tongue on the ball. It worked slick. i still have it I believe (the hitch, not the car).
  15. A bilge pump will not push water that high.
  16. I feel that way all the time when I'm working on something.
  17. You must have given him too much of that high test fuel you were brewing!
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