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  1. He can put them in the back Hagan! LOL. They weigh too much for the motorcycle!
  2. A fly fisherman would know.
  3. @Bermuda_Ken would know who makes Case paint.
  4. Yeah, that's a real problem around here has the only local machine shop has closed.
  5. Lorenzo, my dad was in the 445th which also flew liberators. I have his squadrons "yearbook" that was put together after they got back to the States. Here's a picture of it. It has pictures of many of the air crews, all of the officers, many of the personnel. It is all of the bombing records along with losses. They had one right over Kassel Germany on September 27th 1944 where they lost 25 out of 37 aircrew. I have attached a picture of that page. It also has a complete roster of everyone who was in the unit. My dad was Carroll J. Simmons and I have attached a picture of that page of the roster. Jimmy Stewart was a pilot in the 445th. My dad wasn't in the air crew, he was a sergeant in what they called "Codes and Ciphers". Their task was to coordinate the radio frequencies, code names and call signs for all of the bombers. Back in 1972 he took us over to England and we visited his old airfield. The tower building was being used to house cows and it was kind of funny to see their heads sticking out the windows. One of the runways was still intact and was being used by a flying club. That book has some amazing pictures in it along with all of their bombing stats, etc. It also contains the full squadron history from their inception on April 1 1943 through September 12th 1945.
  6. Welcome home buddy! We missed you! You and Emily make a great team!
  7. Yummy!!! That would have made a nice engine barbecue if it had caught fire!
  8. I would not run it without something in the gearbox. And don't put a load on it with kerosene in it. Just run it around on flat ground. It could be that your shifter forks are out of alignment and are engaging forward and reverse at the same time, thus causing the stalling. I will let someone better versed in the specifics of that machine to answer more completely.
  9. Glad you're okay cub. I would at least make them replace the bearings on that axle. I'm sure the impact dented the race or flattened the rollers.
  10. Any near Joey? (KoO)
  11. It has been so wet here they are having trouble getting the wheat out!
  12. Up into the mid 70's all of the basements around me were dug with track loaders.
  13. Well that 5288 is certainly a kick in the balls!! Nothing like doing it all correctly and getting screwed by the part!!
  14. Have you tried a heat gun?
  15. They are considered trash trees around here.
  16. I use fire hose on my ratchet straps to prevent chafing. Good stuff. I don't know if it's mouse proof proof though. How about some stainless steel braided hose?
  17. I have Line-X that was put in my 2003 Dodge when it was new. There's only one small Nick in the tailgate where it rolls over the top. Other than that it has been bulletproof. The boxes beginning to rust away and the only thing left eventually will be the liner!
  18. KoO used thick oak beams instead of top idlers. The chain just slid on them. In the ice the top idlers would freeze up and flat spot. This might be a temporary fis that could get you going at least.
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