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  1. If the rim is riveted it's not tubeless.
  2. I heard they were poisonous and would make you go crazy and die a slow and painful death if you ate one!!!
  3. Like Mike said, a footer of crushed stone would work well and be easier and cheaper than concrete. Some contractor might donate the bottom of one of his piles of crushed rock. Otherwise bury even with the ground so they can be mowed over.
  4. The radiator gaskets can be made from black builders felt (aka tar paper).
  5. Rawleigh99


    Great vises! You will love it!
  6. Our two showed up last week! Amazing that they are so small, can migrate so far and come back to the same spot year after year!
  7. Rawleigh99


    Here is my Reed Prentis 4C. It weighs about 120 lbs. I paid $25 for it a few years ago. The rotating base was broken, so I brazed it and mounted on a piece of 3/8 plate for support. It is so tall I bolted some angle iron to the front of my bench to lower it down, and put a 2" x 1/4" steel leg under it that is bolted to the concrete floor. I haven't been able to break that mount loose yet! The second picture shows a 2.5 gallon oil jug in front of it for scale! You can see the hole for the grub screw I was talking about on the side of the vise next to the handle. If you back that out you can adjust the amount of backlash in the screw by tightening or loosening the ring around the shaft of the screw behind the handle.
  8. @pede is our resident expert. I am sure he will be along soon.
  9. I guess I'm in the DC time zone! LOL
  10. I just got a stockholder notice from a company that was mailed on December 15th. It's now May 25th. The company that mailed it is about 15 mi from me as a crow flies. They could have taped it to a turtle's shell and it would have been here by now!
  11. There's no accountability for what you do anymore unless you're a police officer who kills a black person.
  12. Yikes! I hope the doctors can put him back together pretty well.
  13. I imagine the Grumman delivery Vans are governed by its frontal surface area!
  14. Rawleigh99


    I love my Reed Prentiss. @120 lbs. If you don't already know it, there is a grub screw on the right side that holds the split nut adjuster in the front.
  15. Wix 51162 or NAPA 1162 on the transmission according to Wix.
  16. Thanks Runner!!
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    You might try Depco Pumps. http://www.depcopump.com/catalogs.php
  18. I have had good luck using the WIX filter lookup site. Sometimes you have to look under the engine rather than the machine. The NAPA number is the Wix number with the first digit dropped. 4 digits rather than 5. I don't know about your engine, but it could be the the engine was replaced with a later one at some point. The block does not seem to be yellow.
  19. What is the puddle on the ground under it??
  20. I always wanted one of those! What is the availability of the tracks? I know the Israeli army used a lot of them.. I know White built some. Does the front axle drive the track?
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    The verdict

    The problem is they've got family to feed and bills to pay just like the rest of us. It would be nice to be able to do that in protest, but in reality, it would be really hard for them to do.
  22. Holy crap! I did not need to see that and I watched less than 30 seconds! I will have nightmares! Why not just kill them first!
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