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  1. Dave Shepard

    When your excitement isn`t shared

    I bought my first vehicle a year out of high school, a 1985 W350 crew cab in 1996. Insurance was $338/year with collision. In 1999 I ordered a new Dodge/Cummins. Insurance was $448/year. I'm glad I went commercial policy, no under 25 driver penalties.
  2. My local gun shop is Dave's. They've been around probably 40 years. When Dick's came to down they had some bumper stickers made: "Dave's. Because we're not Dick's!"
  3. Dave Shepard

    Minimum wage increase

    Those municipal jobs are probably already well above minimum wage. Ad in last weeks Shopper for a lawn mower, fence painter etc., was $21.74 plus full benefits package to start for a town employee.
  4. Dave Shepard

    Honey Badger

    My broad axe is named Honey Badger. Long story, but it doesn't slow down for knots or cross grain.
  5. Dave Shepard

    New joke

    Been a number of Camero, Trans Am, etc. around here on Blazer chassis'. Might even have a friend who owned one, but I'll never admit it.
  6. Dave Shepard

    2674 not making air.

    Thanks. 8 F now. I think it can wait until a warmer day.
  7. Dave Shepard

    2674 not making air.

    Found a wrench I bought 30 years ago and never used. I think it'll work, or will get bent so it does work. Just waiting for warmer weather. Next question. Is any part of this assembly timed? It doesn't seem as though it should be, but one guy on YouTube was talking about it. Thanks.
  8. We had a bunch of Thiokols and 300-6 engines at the ski area. A Spryte and a few 2100's. They are definitely not sasquatch approved.
  9. Dave Shepard

    2674 not making air.

    I tried, no way my hand fits back there. I'm thinking 50 # tannerite......
  10. Dave Shepard

    2674 not making air.

    Thanks for the replies. I was out there today and may have put my finger on that bolt. Maybe. Might have to find someone with little hands, mine sure don't fit in there.
  11. Dave Shepard

    2674 not making air.

    But how do you get the bolt back in if you can't see it or touch it? Can it be done with the oil pump and power steering pump in place?
  12. Dave Shepard

    2674 not making air.

    So, what's the trick to getting this thing unbolted from the engine? I can't even feel the bolt on the backside of the compressor, and I can put a wrench on the back bolt of the PT pump, but I can't turn it. I have a reman pump. Thanks for any input.
  13. Dave Shepard

    When they want it fixed as cheap as possible

    Should've used elm. It wouldn't have cracked like that.
  14. Dave Shepard

    Let's talk skidsteer mini excavators etc.

    Hoe chuckin' with the Kubota KX 121-3.
  15. Dave Shepard

    Need vehicles for parents

    Having to take the tire off to change an alternator sounds like a treat compared to some procedures on cars these days. Certainly not a consideration on what vehicle to buy.