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  1. Highway crew got a little sloppy with the road grader today. BPB is way better than a power broom for cleanup. Why they thought I would want to mow up a ten lound rock is beyond my comprehension.
  2. Looking for a 3 position Jake switch for a 2674 truck without having to drive to the dealer. Does anyone know where to find one online? Thanks.
  3. I have the M18 Fuel Bandsaw. 5x5 throat.
  4. Ergonomics are a big deal, especially if you run it all day. I like my BR800 with the extra harness more every time use it.
  5. I just bought the BR800C with the front start. I started with the BR400 20 years ago. Moved up through the BR700s, which is as goid as an 8hp GiantVac push blower without all the exhaustion. The Stihls start easy, and always restart warm no issues. The BR800 is a beast, and the full harness that comes with the BR800C makes a big difference.
  6. And how are discussion forums any better than any of the other social media sites?
  7. Do you want a 30" wide board, or do you want to cut a 30" diameter log? The LT15 Wide will cut a board 34" or 36" wide, I think. I can highly recommend Wood-Mizer. My thing is long timbers. My LT40 Super Wireless: Sawing 12"x12"x52' pine timbers. 24' and 12' extensions on an LT40 Hydraulic.
  8. Yeah, actually use GRK RSS mostly. T30 bits all over the place and they're cheaper and stronger.
  9. I like the headloks better, you've got half a chance to get them back out. Stoopid spider bit though....
  10. That's not what we are finding. I've run the 700 and 600 a lot, this 800 is a beast in comparison, plus front pull starting.
  11. EDC for me. The Milwaukee will light up the trees behind my house 100 yards away. New Stihl blower is amazing. Better than the 8 and 11 hp push blowers I started with 25 years ago. (Not EDC)
  12. A lot of orchards have a press, but I don't know if they do it for hire. A friend of mine does a squeeze every year, except this year due to covid. There is quite a large press at a farm near me. It hasn't been active for decades but my father remembers going there with truck loads of apples when he was young. Having a barrel, or two, of hard cider was not unusual around here, but I think all of that generation are gone now.
  13. I'd have to have three or four 395XPs before I'd consider any other size saw.
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