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  1. A friend just bought a 287 CAT with the ASV undercarriage. Called this morning asking if I knew how to put tracks back on. ASV sounds like a real pain to me.
  2. A lot of the old mills in New England use syp, big stuff. I resawed some bridge crane timbers that were 12x14x50'. I guess it was easier to ship it up here than to fell the Eastern White Pine that we had here that would also make big timbers.
  3. All timber frame parts. Hardest part is finding the logs. Some 40' white oak and those 52' white pine sills going in.
  4. First pic was a collaboration of my 24' extension with my then employer's mill and 12' extension. We could cut 57'. That's a 52' 12x12. Second pic is my mill set up for 45', but I've done longer the way it is setup in the pic.
  5. There is ZERO issue with the cantilever head on the Wood-Mizers. In fact, the two rail designs are more sensitive to torsion than the single rail. The biggest issues on any bandsaw are sharp bands, and proper drive belt tension.
  6. He needs to decide what he wants to do with it. There are a lot of options. I've got a Wood-Mizer, and they are a great company. There are a lot of other good companies, too. My deal is sawing long timbers.
  7. A lot of GM and Merc ambulances here. We rarely see -20 here. My '99 Cummins liked two rounds of preheat when it got that cold. Should have splurged and plugged it in.
  8. The 252 is a great welder, and I'm a Lincoln guy. 75%/25% Ar/CO² and .035" ER70S will cover a wide range of welding projects.
  9. I found some of those in my outdoor boiler. About made me boil trying to take them apart to diagnose a problem. I'm sure they are fast at the factory, but I'll stick to wire nuts.
  10. Had this argument a few times. Air weighs .0807 pounds per cubic foot. Doesn't take much to heat or cool it. The shop I used to work in weighed something like 300 tons, with contents. You aren't going cool that off very fast. Most times, even when very cold, the Modine wouldn't even come on when you opened the door.
  11. A little bit below 0, but plenty of wind. Wood boiler makes plenty of btus, but not enough radiators to keep up with the wind. Too cold to run the mill, so I'll stay in the garage and cut joinery.
  12. I guess it's all relative, but I'm glad we don't get it here. Last year we had one day at -1 F, and that was in November. Might see -20, but that is unusual. Nothing will keep me from my Dunks iced coffee, however.
  13. I watched it many years ago. Jesse James has way more talent and creativity than most of the other shows that were on at the time, especially those Orange County Clowns.
  14. That vintage Dodge would have big locking hubs sticking out of the wheel covers. It does look like a skid plate, however.
  15. Really? You need to mouth off about everything that happens on this forum? We've got a shed full of old tractors, some haven't run in decades, and can afford to let them sit there. Why? Because we like them. You really are the most miserable opinionated member of this forum.
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