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  1. My first gen M18 fuel 1/2" breaks 1/2" cutting edge bolts on the snowplows. Dealer uses best IR air and beats on the heads with a hammer and can't break them.
  2. I have the solution for that.
  3. There is no oversight as to what goes in FarmShow. They are so desperate for content they will print anything.
  4. My set is in the Jeep toolbox everywhere I go. There is one clamp on a 4.0 that you would have to start dismantling at the trunk and work your way forward without that tool.
  5. There are YouTube videos of assembling these. I think two weeks, forklifts, manlifts, cranes, and a lot of people.
  6. Early '80's my sister found a $500 under a sofa cushion hunting easter eggs. "I was wondering where that went" was all my grandmother had to say about that.
  7. Some sort of 9 series Deere with Degelman blade. Michigan 380 rubber tired dozer. 60 tons. 12v71. 19' blade.
  8. The 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0 all have ten cells. The 9.0 has fifteen cells, and the 12.0 has fifteen larger cells. The 6.0, 8.0, and 12.0 (and there may be a 3.0) use the 21700 cells, and are the only ones that will charge at full speed on a Super Charger.
  9. Stay away from knock off batteries. You don't need your shop burned to the ground to save a few bucks.
  10. I get more power from my impact and circular saw with the 9.0. Try to buy as a kit for your first tool to get batteries then just add tools after that.
  11. I have an I-14 Electric start/lights. I think that's a pretty low production tractor.
  12. Unless DeWalt has introduced a new impact, the Milwaukee is way ahead of any other on the market.
  13. There are four platforms. An M4, I think, which is for flashlights and a little powered screwdriver. The M12 and M18 lines are the bulk of the Milwaukee tools. They just introduced an MX line which is for very heavy duty use. There is a jackhammer and a 14" masonry saw and a few other tools. The MX line will not have any drills or circulars saws. It's not a replacement for M18.
  14. M18 isn't going to change unless battery chemistry changes significantly. None of this 20/60 volt gimmickry. They do have a huge pack now for a few tools, but they do not replace the M18 tools.
  15. I have 7-9.0, 2-5.0, 3-1.5 that are currently working. One 1.5 is from 2010! My mother has my 2-3.0 batteries, as well as 2-9.0 and 1-12.0 for her chainsaw. She also has M12 stuff. Between us we have 7 Rapid chargers and six standard chargers. Some of the batteries and chargers.
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