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  1. I have suspected a bad valve, and warned him we should probably get the head done if we take it off. We've only put ten hours or so on the tractor since he bought it. Oil was terrible looking. I'm not sure what he used when he changed it, but I'm pretty sure it was what the CaseIH dealer sold him/told him to use. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Got this text from my friend this morning. Looks like it's time to decapitate the engine and see what's going on. Did compression test on 706 1- 155psi 2- 155psi 3- 160psi 4- 140psi 5- 150psi 6- 4psi
  3. Oh darn! Just a 1026!
  4. Friends new 706G, C263, seems to have a blown head gasket. Loud popping in exhaust, low power, and now pressure in radiator causing overflow, but not overheating. Plugs 3 and 4 are oily and wet, but have spark. Any recommendations on gasket brand, retorquing, etc.? Thanks. Using JD 2640 until we get the 706 back. Desperate times..
  5. Looks like a '70, maybe. Did it have the Shaker hood scoop?
  6. That must be awkward.
  7. I've heard the only question Alexa won't answer is "Do you work for the NSA?"
  8. Thanks, I'll check it out. Haven't had time to look into the wiring yet. Truck has been running well in combat mode, so at least it's useable. Have to order a shutoff solenoid.
  9. That's what I suspected. I think it's the same as our Super M.
  10. Even the old Dodge has a flat. Must be something in the water around there.
  11. A friend brought this 706G home this week. Pretty straight tractor, needs a little tuning up and the fast hitch is missing. This wide front doesn't look like anything I've seen on a larger IH. An M maybe. Does anyone recognize it? Thanks.
  12. I got one of those Idealarcs at an auction for $25 about 30 years ago, and it looked 40 years old then. The new electrode holder had a $40 price tag on it. Got my Miller 330 TIG for $100 at another auction. They are out there.
  13. Thank you. I'll check the connections this week. I talked to a friend yesterday, he says he's seen the 1-2-3 switches fail, also.
  14. Hopefully the last thread on this truck for a while. The Jake only works on low, and after it's used a couple of times, it stops working altogether. I know the switch at the PT pump is clicking, but have not verified that it is actually switching consistently. I know the clutch portion has been bypassed, and it keeps popping even at idle. I don't know much about them. Are there wiring diagrams available for a Jake Brake system based on the engine it's on? Thanks.
  15. Thanks Binderoid. I think I may have partially solved the problem this evening, or rather found the problem, but haven't repaired it yet. I screwed in the solenoid overide screw, that's what I'm calling it anyway, and it started right up. I want to run a hot wire to the solenoid to make sure it is bad, and that I don't just have an intermittent voltage issue. The filter is attached to the end of the pump. We did have fuel in the filter when we pulled it earlier. Of course, we now have some air again, as it has the idle issue again. I think that will go away with some run time.
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