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  1. I think I may have identified your problem. That's not a beet. It is some sort of alien incubation pod. Aliens are well known to taste like earth and smell like two year old leaf litter.
  2. I bought an M18, also. I already had a ton of batteries. I don't use it often, but there is no other tool that can do what it can do. It uses some juice. I think a Fuel model would be nice if I were running it a lot, but I don't think they exist, yet.
  3. What I want to know is how much do people charge when they are looking at the customer's tractor shed after the work is done.
  4. In 2008 in I had to have CAT warranty the exhaust manifold on my sawmill. I don't remember the hourly rate, but $135 sounds right. $2.45/mile. It was six hours port to port, plus about $300 in parts, the bill would have been over $1,600. The independent guys are so busy, if you aren't one of the preferred customers, you'll never see them.
  5. We have to rent a crane for a barn raising next month. $240 per hour, four hour minimum, billed port to port. If you are moving, someone needs to be paying.
  6. I was talking about Home Depot Milwaukee tools being different.
  7. Make sure the plug wires are on correctly. Diesel distributors spin the opposite direction, and people often have them on in the wrong rotation. Popping without firing sounds like this could be the situation.
  8. They all have discontinued their old platforms. Milwaukee is the only one pledging to stay with their current M18 platform. No 20/60 volt bs like DeWalt.
  9. 30' on a Woodmizer isn't hard. Here's a 52' 12x12:
  10. I helped a friend bend 4'x14 ga. snow plow segments to just a few degrees. Couldn't walk down hill the next day. I'd hire it if I didn't have a brake.
  11. My father backed over my pedal tractor in about '81. I was fortunate enough to have been able to abandon it only moments before. There was nothing left to rebuild.
  12. The backhoe on my Kubota L48 is 1,980 with a 24" bucket. That doesn't look any more rugged than my hoe.
  13. Dave Shepard

    MFD axle

    Dodge used Dana 80 Hybrids for the rear axle, at least in the vintages I'm familiar with.
  14. The 454 I mention got 4 mpg, no matter what it was doing. It was replaced by a 2000 Dodge V-10. It got 3.8.
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