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  1. Dumb and Dumber

    It's very common around here. Many businesses will get after the bank though, like the scrapyards I do businesses with. One does millions of business with the bank, and they said drop the fees, or we'll ind a new bank. My bank charges a small fee for the change machine. When you figure in the cost of coin wrappers and my time, it's a bargain. I once dropped 8103 pennies in there. Only plogged once.
  2. Fleetstar 2000

    Slant six Cummins is a PT270. PT strands for Power Torque. I think there is a PT240, also.
  3. 1910 Franklin Auto

    I know a Franklin collector. The family has a few. He's nearly 100 now, haven't seen him around lately. Very neat cars. I think they were made in Syracuse, NY.
  4. U6 power unit

    There is a YouTube of a mill with a UD-6. It is cutting small softwood ok, but not fast. I'm sure the 6-71 would keep up, if properly set up, 238 is plenty, but if it needs a rebuild/governor, then another pu is going you be the cheaper route.
  5. Spring plowing with the 656

    We ran 4-16's on the 656. Second gear dd with 18.4-38 tires. Pulled a #60 3-16's with the other 656 that had fast hitch. The #60 plows were left from when my parents had the MTA's. These days spook the tillage is hired out. Done in a few minutes with a big MX something or other.
  6. Here is a video that slams both IH and JD

    Not much AC around here. Neighbors had them up until the 170 and 190s, then they got a 1066BS.
  7. Letter Series Brakes

    My father always said IH disc brakes you could step on them, or pray and have about the same result. I don't know what the answer is, but I'll be watching.
  8. Deal breaker!

    Drive up to Ft. Edward, NY, to look at a Case, and it was a Ford. Guy couldn't figure out why we didn't want it.
  9. Toilet in the shop.

    A plumber friend of mine dug up a "dry well" once to make a repair. Found the pipe running in the window of a '56 Chevy. I guess you use what you've got.
  10. Pickup Convert From Manual to Automatic?

    Did IH ever make an auto?
  11. Does anyone clean spark plugs anymore?

    I replied on the other plug thread. I've got a bead blast cabinet and a Vixen plug blaster. The Vixen has an air only mode to clean the plug.
  12. Does anyone clean spark plugs anymore?

    I've got a plug blaster, and a bead blast cabinet. Unless they are burned up, I blast'em.
  13. Shotguns

    I'm not sure a snake can be over killed.
  14. I H Dairy collectors

    The only IH dairy equipment I've seen around here was a cream separator. Oh, and a vacuum valve on a 400 intake manifold for a milker.
  15. Shotguns

    I got an 870 when I was 16. Good gun. I bought it to use around the farm so I didn't have to take my great grandfather's Ithaca 37 out in bad weather. The 37's are great guns, also. 3" OO buck should take care of most things.