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  1. Unless DeWalt has introduced a new impact, the Milwaukee is way ahead of any other on the market.
  2. There are four platforms. An M4, I think, which is for flashlights and a little powered screwdriver. The M12 and M18 lines are the bulk of the Milwaukee tools. They just introduced an MX line which is for very heavy duty use. There is a jackhammer and a 14" masonry saw and a few other tools. The MX line will not have any drills or circulars saws. It's not a replacement for M18.
  3. M18 isn't going to change unless battery chemistry changes significantly. None of this 20/60 volt gimmickry. They do have a huge pack now for a few tools, but they do not replace the M18 tools.
  4. I have 7-9.0, 2-5.0, 3-1.5 that are currently working. One 1.5 is from 2010! My mother has my 2-3.0 batteries, as well as 2-9.0 and 1-12.0 for her chainsaw. She also has M12 stuff. Between us we have 7 Rapid chargers and six standard chargers. Some of the batteries and chargers.
  5. Three on batteries, five on the tools. I'm heavily invested in M18, with a few more big purchases planned for this winter.
  6. 1.34 hp per kw, plus any extra hp required for incidentals such as fuel pump, or auxiliary water pumps etc. I know of a Chrysler diesel genset.
  7. I'm glad there was someone there to stop the shooter, and sickened to think such people are needed.
  8. Our Gehl R190 has a Yanmar. It's about five years old. They sometimes need to be hooked up to a laptop to get thinking straight again. Gehl says run at full throttle and it burns a gallon during regen. Burns twice the fuel that way, but hasn't gone in limp mode.
  9. It's a moulding plane. A rabbet wood leave a square cut. The H Evans is the owners name. The makers name is between H EVANS and the P.
  10. It's locked in that position by the collar over the rod. If the collar was removed, you could retract the cylinder.
  11. I shot a lot of Yellowjacket through an old Ted Williams tube fed auto. Every few hundred I'd get a split case. That gun would fire most anything, but bulk Remington would gum the works up pretty quick.
  12. A friend has one. He casts his own .38 Special and can put all six on paper off hand at 100 yards.
  13. I saw an ad for a Dodge/Cummins wrecker with 134,000 miles for sale at a Ford only dealer. It said dealer owned since new. I think in VT. How would you liked to have your Ferd towed away by a Dodge?
  14. I carried a Zippo folder from about ten until my first jury duty. I wasn't more than five feet from that knife for over nine years.
  15. Ensilage fork is better, way more tines on it.
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