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  1. Depends on the car, how much the family can afford, etc. It can also be a control thing. Home by midnight or we take the car. Or, we bought the car, so you have to shuttle your siblings around, too. I was not bought a car, but did have access to a $500.00 farm truck, when it felt like moving and stopping.
  2. I think that Churchill would need an LTC here. 26 1/2" oal, with an 18 1/2" barrel for shotguns in MA.
  3. There's no need to be jealous of farmers. He could just borrow a couple million bucks, buy some worn out equipment, rent some land, work long days, and be broke just like a real farmer.
  4. So, what's the serial number on the H? The clamp is right over the number.
  5. Apples are tough. I moved one that was in gravel and all the soil fell off. Planted it in good topsoil and kept it watered and it never missed a beat. Most important is to backfill well, make sure there are no air pockets and water very well. I'd completely saturate the ground every two to three days. You have to let the water pull air into the soil, so don't keep the ground saturated all the time. I used to work for a nursery moving trees. We had 5 90' Big Johns, a 100" Big John, all on IH trucks, two 60" Vermeers on IH 4x4 4800s, and numerous skid spades.
  6. Wow! What a mess. I'm sure it will work fine, until there's an emergency.
  7. Plant 10 acres for every acre you want for yourself. If only they would finish an ear, I wouldn't mind so much. Search perimeter alarms, there are options.
  8. We have a 7060 and the neighbors small JD packs way more hay in a bale, and is not even a Silage Special.
  9. How about some video? Zeroed at 35 yards, ranged and dialed for 86 yards. A little rapid fire trajectory validation.
  10. It's basically a competition gun. Almost all the winning benchrest guns are FX Impacts. Runner, sorry about the thread hijack.
  11. Yeah, there's five grand sitting on that log. Plus a grand in ATN gear and another two grand in my SCBA bottle, chronograph, etc.
  12. Yeah, I went a bit overboard. Haha. Check out 68. Whiskey on YouTube for 300 yard pigeon and groundhog action with these guns.
  13. I shot one of those plastic garden owls with my .25 ACP. It did not pass through at 20 feet. The Impact would have pass through at 100 yards.
  14. I'm talking slugs for air rifles. Higher BC, explosive hollowpoints. My FX Impact. .25 caliber: FX Hybrid slugs and new Superior liner. You can change twist and choke just by changing liners.
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