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  1. Dave Shepard

    New joke

    Even if there is only one person on the planet, there will be two Dunkin Donuts stores.
  2. Dave Shepard

    life in our corner

    IFS, six bolt wheels, light frame. Probably a Toyota.
  3. Dave Shepard

    Slow board?

    I think most websites have ups and downs. For the first time ever, I have a connection that is faster than most websites. My cell phone over wifi. Tethered to a laptop I've seen 952 down/953 up.
  4. Dave Shepard

    The Learning Channel

    My friend works with 95% marble. Granite requires a different diamond blade makeup. Marble is allergic to blasting, it will be full of cracks. That particular block was cut with a steam channeller in the '20's, and was left on a rail siding in '29, the stock market crash having put them out of business. This channeller has an electric motor. Once you had a flat bench in the quarry, you would channel down about five feet in a grid to create the blocks. The first few blocks would be snapped loose with wedges, bars or whatever way possible. Once you had access to the bottom of the blocks, you drill horizontally under them and drive wedges under to break them loose. When you see an old block with 2-3" holes drilled closely all across the face, that's probably what was happening. Smaller holes spaced 6"-12" apart is from feathers and and wedges.
  5. Dave Shepard

    The Learning Channel

    How big are the blocks they are sending by train? Most of what we work with is 6-12 tons, but we could go to about 25 if we found a good block. We took the dipper off a 50 ton P&H. Its a brute. The gray thing up against the end of the building is a wire saw that we built to break down the blocks. There are automated saws polishing equipment inside.
  6. Dave Shepard

    XM radio question

    $19.24 a month. I should see the charge in my online banking by morning. It was only $12 when I started, and zero commercials. Now there are a ton of commercials on some stations. I get all riled up about it and think I'm going to quit, but terrestrial radio sucks worse.
  7. Dave Shepard


    I have a 25kw set with a UD-9 engine. I've crank started it at 20 F and the generator is always attached. There is a lot of drag at that temp.
  8. Dave Shepard

    Wide load.

    These beams went through the truck stop a couple of years ago. Just over 200,000 pounds for the beam. I don't know what the truck weighed.
  9. Dave Shepard

    The Learning Channel

    It is Italian owned. They own several quarries in the US. I went there with a friend from down here to pick up some slabs, when you could still do that.
  10. Dave Shepard

    Not used to seeing this

    Plenty of local towns have something like that for just that purpose, or a York rake. No unions around here that I know of. Unfortunately it's usually a 2000 or 3000 Ford.
  11. Dave Shepard

    The Learning Channel

    I've been in that mine. Was just talking about it half an hour ago, actually. I'll only go underground if you can drive a 988H in the door. Did you know Mike Blair? I only met him once, but he was held in very high regard by my friend that took me up there.
  12. Dave Shepard

    HarfordTruck Show

    It was just a wag, I'm not up on Mack trucks. They are different. Reminds me of the Emeryville's with the conventional cab used as a cabover.
  13. Dave Shepard

    HarfordTruck Show

    I agree. H-63 or H-67 probably.
  14. Dave Shepard

    First fall dirt turning

    Looks great! Even in heavy ground that will just play with that plow.
  15. Dave Shepard

    Truck cab interchange

    This is a 2275 cab. It's the only S cab with a split window that I'm aware of.