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  1. Dave Shepard

    Long time salesman finally hangs it up

    That's really cool. There was a retired salesman at my Dodge dealer that was still going in to work every day at 94 just to check up on things. The phone rang one day and he raced across the garage, jumped over the ramps for the lift and beat the secretary. The owners mother was still coming in every day, too, with the mail. She was still doing it at 96.
  2. Dave Shepard

    Quick chopping vid.

    A quick video of chopping today. 9370 going by as I was waiting in the F-5070. Just experimenting with videos now that I've got a connection fast enough to upload them.
  3. Dave Shepard

    Pumping hydraulic oil from tractor

    It takes 125 psi to rupture a 55 gallon drum. It makes a heck of a boom. I rigged up a device to pump glycol up 25 feet. At 20 psi the drum ends push out a little. At 40, there is some serious distortion. Project was abandoned after some destructive testing.
  4. Dave Shepard

    Kidney stones

    Jeff Foxworthy does a bit on kidney stones. He points out that, unlike childbirth, nobody says "It's been two years, I think I'll have another kidney stone". Or something to that effect.
  5. Dave Shepard

    Wide front for a Super M

    I was thinking Schwartz, too. We have one we put on the Super M. We also have a 2000, or 2001 loader on it and no PS. Haven't loaded anything with it since I got my Kubota L48 in '01.
  6. Dave Shepard

    67 Mustang/Pikes Peak/180ish mph

    My father's cousin ran Pike's in a new '68 Corvette with a 327/ four speed. Ruined a new set of tires. Paving Pike's doesn't make much sense.
  7. Dave Shepard

    2nd 1256

    Looks like a port for a pyro, too. Could it be off an 86 series engine?
  8. Dave Shepard

    5250 losing forward.

    No neutral in the shuttle switch. Thanks for the info. If the weather is good, I'll try looking into it tomorrow.
  9. Dave Shepard

    5250 losing forward.

    Thanks mmi. I haven't removed the switch, but I did run a jumper from there solenoid down to the batteries. Don't have to remove the sheetmetal to jump it. There is no voltage at the solenoid when I turn the key, but it starts fine when I energize with the jumper. The tractor is moving bales at the moment, so I can't do any more diagnostics.
  10. Dave Shepard


    DMV isn't too bad here. If it's really slammed you might have a bit of a wait, but usually in and out in a reasonable time.
  11. Dave Shepard

    5250 losing forward.

    It will go backward, but not forward. Turn key off and restart and it goes forward again. A lot of electrical things to look at and I'm not familiar with them. Batteries are good, and it's charging at 13.30 volts. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Dave Shepard

    koala Is Amazing

    She wasn't mad you two were on her dresser?
  13. Dave Shepard

    Another "followed me home" topic

    Both my great-grandfathers were gored by Jersey bulls. They both lived. Not sure about the bulls. Our cattle trucker always says to carry a stick, and every time you see the bull, give him a wallop up side the head, just in case he forgot who's boss since the last time he saw you.
  14. Dave Shepard

    High Crop 1066

    How many1026 hi-crops were made?
  15. Dave Shepard

    806 losing hydraulic pressure when hot.

    Yes, we've put the 2400 psi valves in the 806 and 826, and maybe even the 656 rake tractor. Had to do that to run the MoCo when we first got it years ago.