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  1. The ground stud is used on this engine. I cut the bad nut off of that stud. I'll pull the cap tomorrow. It is a Small Cam 230 Cummins. Thanks for the help.
  2. Ok, wasn't sure what kind of a can of worms I'd be getting into. The ground stud is good, it's the positive one that the strap from the solenoid hooks to. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the replies. My solenoid is good. It's the stud going into the starter that is loose. It will spin over with jumper cables, I'd just like to make sure it's not going to arc out or cause a high load somewhere.
  4. I've got a bad connection at the bolt going into the starter from the solenoid. The nut is very loose, and rusted in place. I can fix that, but the stud coming out of the starter is also loose, and I was wondering what it was attached to on the inside. It was not a fun job taking it out of my S2275. Hoping to get it right the first time. Thanks.
  5. I maxxed it out. I could do ten reps maxxed out and nobody else could come close for a single try.
  6. Kid at work brought in a grip strength tester. He tried to get the sasquatch to try it. Sasquatch said it didn't matter what his grip strength was, it only matters if you can take a punch. He may have missed the point, but when the sasquatch punches something, it stays punched.
  7. I'll add more later, working now. Books by Sobon or Beemer are the place to start.
  8. It's a cutting tool. If you just wanted to measure, you would just use dividers.
  9. It's for turning accurate diameters on a wood lathe.
  10. I had a High Standard .22 Mag Derringer. It sounded like what I imagine a stick of dynamite would sound like in a porta potty.
  11. I have no 10/22s, but did buy a 77/22R in '91 or '92. Still have it. Very accurate with Mini Mag HPs. I have a cheap Savage. 17. More of a vaporizer than anything. Had a crow land on my 100 yard target when I was sighting in. Only found the beak and one foot.
  12. I didn't say that. Might have been thinking it.
  13. We went to look at an 1845C about 20 years ago. I asked the guy if it had been used as a blasting mat.
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