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  1. We have a 7060 and the neighbors small JD packs way more hay in a bale, and is not even a Silage Special.
  2. How about some video? Zeroed at 35 yards, ranged and dialed for 86 yards. A little rapid fire trajectory validation.
  3. It's basically a competition gun. Almost all the winning benchrest guns are FX Impacts. Runner, sorry about the thread hijack.
  4. Yeah, there's five grand sitting on that log. Plus a grand in ATN gear and another two grand in my SCBA bottle, chronograph, etc.
  5. Yeah, I went a bit overboard. Haha. Check out 68. Whiskey on YouTube for 300 yard pigeon and groundhog action with these guns.
  6. I shot one of those plastic garden owls with my .25 ACP. It did not pass through at 20 feet. The Impact would have pass through at 100 yards.
  7. I'm talking slugs for air rifles. Higher BC, explosive hollowpoints. My FX Impact. .25 caliber: FX Hybrid slugs and new Superior liner. You can change twist and choke just by changing liners.
  8. I'm glad we don't have prarie dogs here. We have plenty of woodchucks, however. A lot of guys taking them with high powered air rifles. I haven't had one in range yet, but I'm set up for slugs now, so they better stay away.
  9. I have one in .17. $139.00 at Walmart a long time ago. Very impressed, for what it is.
  10. We lost a cow under a tree years ago to lightning. Next year, lost five in one shot under the same tree.
  11. Thank you for all the replies. I don't know what was done to the head beyond replacing bad valves and grinding valves and seats. It was done be a good shop that does a lot of high performance race car stuff. Gas is fresh. He's going to check timing next. I think it just got new plugs, wires, and cap, but probably no internal distributor parts.
  12. A friend has a 706 gas with a low power issue. It had a burned valve and bad head gasket so he had the head rebuilt. Compression is 155+ in all cylinders and he did a tune up. Carb was out of adjustment so he set it to the manual and it ran better, but trying to drive up even a slight hill and it runs out of power. The only thing I can think of to check next is timing. Looking for suggestions. Thanks.
  13. Is that a Minneapolis-Moline UDLX in that photo?
  14. No hole for steering shaft. Just H decals, I think.
  15. A farm near me has one of those Lely things. I asked if it had an E stop button if it started humping your leg. Hook the clutch pedal up to a car horn in the cab. Use should diminish greatly.
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