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  1. Is that mechanical shift or electric. What's ballpark cost?
  2. It will take the gm scan II or snappon equivalent. $100 fee generally. Worth it when not sure.
  3. There are many engine management controls that will make you think it's tranny. Good luck. Highly synced between motor and transmission. Those are otherwise solid transmissions.
  4. Had to modify the transits of rake and baler to and from the other field because of traffic. Morons driving. Will get it tomorrow morning. Did I say I hate tourists?
  5. So trade for cash. What they don't know, don't hurt them.
  6. My little town has become year round, just worse in summer. I'm on the grand loop. I 15, to US30 to Jackson/ Yellowstone, back through Island Park. Tourism is a dispicable business.
  7. 50/50 and 40 a ton sell back.
  8. I would take the hit, and sell it to tree huggers.
  9. I don't do well when it gets above 90f, I don't do well with the throngs of tourists. Come on winter, I like 0 degrees, 2 feet of snow and very few tourists. Might have to move to higher ground.
  10. This is Red Dawn, from within. "Wolverines!"
  11. I will not bother to hunt anyone down. I am too busy. I will however protect my property and persons and any other persons that are being subjected to felonious harm as per the laws in my state, with deadly force. Those laws extend off my property.
  12. Bandaid it with a 13 oz jug of stp per gallon of oil. If pressure comes up, that will tell a lot. The extra zddp will help keep it together.
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