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  1. Have her carry it hot. A little stiff to rack.
  2. That is nice. I daily carry an SR9c, a flawless performer. Haven't found ammo it won't shoot. Wife carries LCP in summer, a little picky on ammo. She packs a Smith m&p 9 shield in winter. Another flawless performer. Hollows in the 9's, ball in the 380.
  3. Good conservative minded people are welcome in Idaho, liberals keep away. Huge dairy industry in the magic valley. Tolerable winters and summers.
  4. I am going with smoke signals. If you see smoke, might need help. No smoke, good to go! Keep your powder dry.
  5. Cummins ownes fleetguard. Good enough for me. If I can't get fleetguard, I buy Baldwin.
  6. Where did you say that tank was?
  7. A bought ready to sell my boat and snowmachines, to keep my essentials in fuel without breaking the bank.
  8. Not me. I have a fake leg. I couldn't even walk on railroad tracks, let alone a tight rope. I am not sure what I did wrong. Just trying to support my fuel guy's kid.
  9. You know the difference between toilet paper and a shower curtain?
  10. Gillette Diesel in Draper, Ut. 800-638-4679
  11. I am fortunate I have a good pension, but I earned it at 80 hours a week for 35 years. I can lose all the money I can afford and pay no taxes because of schedule F. FJB, LGB! Oh in case anyone was wondering, FJB is Farm-Jam-Band, LGB is lesbo- girl- band. Good music!
  12. Mazama, Open Range. Jap tires.
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