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  1. Lincoln 210 mp for me. DC only. Does pretty good on 110, I run it on 220. I bought the spool gun with it because of a couple aluminum trailers. Throws down a good weld, stick or mig.
  2. I also have a 1961 Chev Apache 20 that needs restored, long box stepside. It is going with me, I will finally have the time and money to restore it. I thought about putting it on ole Jim and crossing the desert to the mountains for my last stand. I bet I would be the talk of every gas station along the way, and there would be plenty. My dad bought the 61 new. The 61 had a dash fire but was mechanically good.
  3. Yes, done. Tourists are pissing me off. Going somewhere more quiet. It's on landwatch,com and whitetailproperties.com Just look for Bannock co, Idaho near Lava.
  4. 1949 GMC 350, 12 ft steel bed with hoist, all lights work, only thing it needs is a heater core and get the tank off and the grain sides back on. 4&2 drive train, 248 straight six. Glass and cab excellent. Even has the brass fire extinguisher. Not sure what I'm going to do with him when I sell the place.
  5. I always find it humorous, that someone who has not participated in a said activity, thinks their input on said activity, has meaning.
  6. Look at G.O.A.T gloves. Leather palm, fabric back, goatskin, lightly insulated, good dexterity, leather is water proof. I would say good down to about 10f while using hands. They are so good, sent a bunch out for Christmas to my friends last year
  7. Little stuff, but stuck none the less. 5288 lived there for 5 weeks because the river came up after the incident, could not get anything to it.
  8. Not much in the great scheme of things. Big difference is not much rolling resistance. On average, they move a gross ton, 500 miles on 1 gallon of fuel. Don't know how that would be with rubber on a road. Someone needs to figure it out. There is pretty good lag time, say going to wide open throttle and having it convert to speed.
  9. You can sell anything you have, for as much as you want...., If you have enough time.
  10. Got as$ holed on a 4 Lane hiway with an 8 foot shoulder, straddling the fog line by a distracted driver, with 3/4 mile visibility on a straight stretch. Still haven't closed with his insurance, on June 29th. Good thing I was heavy and he was lite.
  11. try this: 1 jug of the cheap crap blue mouthwash from walmart, around 64 ounces; two stale beers, don't ask me where to get stale beers, and one cup epsom salt in a hand sprayer, mix well. spray outside of house in the grass, on the deck, whatever. a ten foot wide pass will do. no more mosquitos in that area, and also acts like a barrier. Works well.
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