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  1. I resemble that remark.
  2. I like my mountain coach. Everything is within two steps when you are in side. Only good for 2-3 people though.
  3. Majority of airbags, outsourced. Global corporations.
  4. There is good in all bad, if someone is willing stand up. I will cry now.
  5. I have lost count of the dogs and horses buried on my place. Sucks the big wahzoo. I thank the Great Spirit I have known so many, to console myself. I will see them on the other side.
  6. In Idaho, you can shoot at any hour, some things are restricted to daylight, some can be hunted with a spotlight or enhanced scope. The discharge of a firearm is only restricted for certain game, with certain hours. Other than that, shoot away!
  7. cobfly

    Heavenly Father

    The key is, almost all Christian denominations believe in a second coming, because the world has gone to crap. What matters is, will you be complicit, or stand against it. That is what will matter in the hereafter. It will happen. Choose wisely.
  8. I tend to look at the land after the Louisiana purchase, through the eyes of the indiginous ones, or the mountain men. I am not too inclined to look at stuff that man made, more inclined to look at the country before man changed it. There's not much of that left.
  9. They are good shots.
  10. cobfly


    I always figured, if a kid hears you cuss, it should be for a specific and good reason. And then explain these words should not be used in general conversation.
  11. Cows just wanna have fun!
  12. State lines have been moved many times. Not like creating a new state. According to the greater Idaho website, they say the state of Oregon is okay with the idea, to get rid of the thorns in their side. Idaho seems okay with it too. We'll see.
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