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  1. The reason we were endowed with 2 ears and 1 mouth, is because we should listen twice as much as we should talk.
  2. That is why God gave us the smarts to invent beer.
  3. Sell it to the left, they will restack it for you.
  4. I suppose the 40 year old stuff I ranch with, 40 years from now, might be worth something, but I will be dead and gone
  5. There's not much prettier than a girl with a gun. Hang on to your a$$. I saw a guy with a shirt the other day that said, "DADD". Dad's against daughters dating.
  6. Doing some stuff at home before I go back up to hunt. Reset a bunch of screws on the metal roof. Reminisced about sitting on the roof with the kids, shooting fox on the river bottom. Ah, shining times. A few more pics. Looking south where I was hunting last night. River bottom north of house. Maybe I'll make meat tonight.
  7. Also a delight when it is covered in 3-4 ft snow. I ride sleds from my place up there, 10s of thousands of acres to access, owners don't care about sleds. Take a few beers, couple guns and go visit the deer and elk. I don't hunt then, just like guns on me, maybe now and then a lion, badger or yippity dog.
  8. In my humble opinion, the best thing to collect is a paycheck, then do with that what you will.
  9. My neighbor Brad combining safflower. The top end of the south pasture. The catch pens down below. Just a view to the north, across the river valley I live on. I get my irrigation water below the cliffs to the other place. The view SW across the crp and dry grain.
  10. Kid, your curious nature is applauded, but I think you have too much time on your hands. Even if there was an interweb when I was 12, I would not have had time for it, hunting, fishing, working on the neighboring farms, doing what my parents wanted, or going to school. You don't have anything better to do, midday on a Monday?
  11. Perhaps you should be more judicious in your comments.
  12. Screw college, hired out for the U.P., worked 80 hrs a week for 35 years, bought land and ranched on the side, am worth more than 95 percent of my peers that went to college. Had just as much fun.
  13. I usually pull carb, dismantle, and soak in acetone overnight. Next day use air, then gumout, or crc carb cleaner to finish up. Takes time, but works well.
  14. I will talk to the Great Spirit on your behalf. You seem like a pretty good feller.
  15. It is true, I know little, east of the Mississippi.
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