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  1. Thank you so much Pete. I have read many of your posts and can tell, you know your stuff. The check valve is only for the new signal line from the new joy stick, correct? Oh and when I start rigging this up, would it be okay to use hose, or should I form up new steel lines between the new joy and tractor. This will make a nice tractor for my other place that my kid runs. He pulls phos ore at a mine and is used to joy sticks and pilot controls. Pics of the tractor are in my (before and after) thread.
  2. So, t the signal line and then t the motor return so I don't have to yank loader return line to run a motor. That seems to be the cleanest hook up. Where exactly is the signal line? And the pressure plug on pump mounting plate? And thanks so much, I have a plan now
  3. will closed center with no signal hurt anything or cause problems? I'm all for doing it correct.
  4. Thanks, but how do you keep #3 on in the cab for the loader? Maybe just put an electric splitter on the motor valve and go that way. Then if I got this right, the two lines supplying the loader could go to the splitter and when I use a motor off of the splitter, one line out of splitter, one to the motor return into the trans. Flip of a switch, isolate the loader, use the motor valve as if the loader did not exist?
  5. I just can't seem to find the answer I need. If it is in RPM, I apologize for the new topic. I have a 1086 with pfc. I have put a loader on it using the rear remotes. Not a big deal as it is a 2350 and comes off easy. Sometimes though I need the remotes freed up, but keep the loader on. I will put a joy on it at some point. I know there is not a power beyond plate for the pfc 1086. So, I guess add a third valve to supply the joy stick. Now, I would like to keep the motor valve free so when I use my rake. Can I use any aux remote for the loader or do I have to use the motor valve. If I could do power beyond, that would make it simple. Just wondering how to keep the fluid going to the joy if not using the motor valve with it's lockouts. would it be easier to put a splitter on one of the original remotes? Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. thanks, maybe i'll start a new thread.
  7. I have two original aux valves, want to free them both up. Thanks
  8. Done a lot of reading on rpm and not quite sure. I have a closed center 1086. They don't make a power beyond plate for it, thinking of adding another remote for a joy stick, but I want to keep my motor valve free for a rake. Not sure how to go about it. Any insight?
  9. I used hot fence wire with a bungee, kind of like those in the roof of pick up truck. Never lost it, keeps it's shape.
  10. The original dual sport motorcycle, 1982 Honda. CT 110, great for fencing and fishing. Hauling spuds on the Road King, don't go anywhere without my hat.
  11. so you did power beyond for the joy stick?
  12. Westendorf TA48 on my 5288 mfwd. Not cheap, but nice loader.
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