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  1. Mazama, Open Range. Jap tires.
  2. Sweet clean air, from East to west, And room to go and come. I like my fellow man the best, When he is scattered some.
  3. Only 2? That does not sound like me. Working on winter pasture fence, glassing deer, doing some shooting. Gonna put the garden to bed in a couple weeks and hopefully the lawn mower. Need to smoke a bunch of fish to make room for venison. Everything is good.
  4. Scrub maples near peak, Aspen's starting to yellow up. Fields that had water, green. Everything else drought tan and brown. I like the contrasts.
  5. cobfly

    New member

    How do I find a member so I can pm him. Just want to make sure I have his name correct.
  6. Was that in reply to me? If so I will cease and desist. I just thought it made sense. Kick someone out of the bar, don't shut the bar.
  7. My tractor is running poorly since no coffee shop. Maybe the new coffee shop should be called Beer Pub. Everyone knows you don't talk politics in a bar.
  8. Just got done with the second. A whopping 7 tons on 30 acres. Both cuts equal 42 tons on the 30. usually get 90 on two cuts. suppose to get some monsoonal weather this weekend, but it will take a few inches for regrowth. We never get a few inches out of a weekend storm. A few inches equal a month and that is a good month. The good thing is, none of my down hay got rained on. Oh yeah, grasshoppers were as thick as redheaded children in Utah. Glad it is over.
  9. I prefer Rowans rather than Martin's
  10. Yeah, north some and then hang a left.
  11. I feel bad for my neighbors that do it for a living. Across the river, they run about 600 pairs. Normally they are running 6 ,1/4 mile lines this time of year. They are down to 3, Creek is skinny. They have a 55,000 acre ranch in Snowflake, Arizona. It is only carrying 200 pairs. Their hay is off by 50 percent, with troubles keeping the summer pasture green. Sheesh! I offered to let them bring 20 pairs to my place for free, but by the time they needed it, it was plumb gone, as in dryed up. GD Biden!
  12. Probably too little, too late this year. A wet fall and regular 3ft winter will help.
  13. This is not good. Usually cut the second, first of August. Starting to go backwards. Lost irrigation while that first was down. Did not cut dryland hay. Down by 60 to 70 percent on tonnage. Glad I don't do it for a living, but it still needs to pencil out. Live cattle maybe $1.25, hay went from 130 to 220. I am sick of summer. I am sick of those in charge. Oh yeah, fuel is up a buck. Carry on! Thank the good Lord for beer. At least something is wet
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