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  1. Maybe, but I'll bet it takes you longer to mend than it did me. Plus, this ankle/foot don't hurt and can be replaced.
  2. Sheesh, that looks rough. I guess I should get some pics on here when my ankle got ran over with a railcar before they whacked it off. If that thing turns you into a cripple, a fake foot isn't all that bad.
  3. That will be pretty usable with a roof. How's the ankle?
  4. They are glad hands on the railroad. I know the millions of times I hooked them up, my hands were glad. Pretty slick connection.
  5. I guess even the NWS gets it wrong sometimes.
  6. ID in Idaho, they will let you use a concealed weapons permit. I also pack where I vote, legally.
  7. I think a dozen years, house or Senate, would be a good start. How did Biden become a multi millionaire being a public servant, same with Bernie, cronyism! Same on both sides. The longer they're in, the more cronies. I think they should have a shelf life.
  8. The gooberment was heavy handed with the Hammond's, now the Bundy's, that is a whole other story. There is no such thing as free grass.
  9. I grade my drive as A+, quarter mile paved 4" thick on a foot of base by by a major company redoing US 30 out front, because I leased them 20 acres for 18 months for cheap. Also got 600 yards rotomill tailings for elsewhere on the place. Only thing I blade now is snow
  10. Nws, that is where the others get their info
  11. The reason they invented families was so you didn't take your friends for granted.
  12. I did the front hubs on the 5288 mfwd early winter. Got the stuff for one hub from dealer. $800. Got the stuff home and started to out source as per the part numbers. The 2 roller bearings from dealer $450, got timken and ntn on the web for $200 for pair. Big seal from dealer $170, ran the numbers and Drew blanks. Called Kaman bearing and they can get them for $60. The small seals are proprietary but only $14 through dealer. The brass bushing through dealer, $110, took measurements, can probably have one made for $20. Anyway can out source for half.
  13. I like chemicals, glyphosate, 24d, fertilizer, oil, gas, diesel, aspirin, Aleve, ibuprofen, brake cleaner, acetone, rubbing alcohol, etc. Jeez, I survived the 70's, a little chlorine is not going to hurt me.
  14. Gotta love dogs, their presence alone, is uplifting.
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