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  1. "No country for old men"
  2. Hair is just like topsoil, overall, no net loss, just displaced.
  3. If you're gonna make grain hay, be sure it's beardless. Sickle bar is fine in grain hay. I have a NH, 1116, 14', double knife with a conditioner. They're a dime a dozen out here. Bad thing is only 4' conditioner, so they put it in a windrow instead of flat,= longer cure time, but cheap machines and easy to maintain. Sometimes you need to bump the rows to help with the drying. I tend to double on 2 ton or less per acre. As said, cut no later than milk stage on grain hay. Mine is used on alfalfa/grass or triticale/beardless wheat/barley mix. What kind of baler you use makes a difference on cure time.
  4. I have a roller. Just tired of my old, patched up, bar harrows that will break every 20 acres and are plumb wore out.
  5. I think I will be okay as everything gets grazed down pretty good. Thanks for your input.
  6. Did you pull them in the aggressive setting or the less aggressive setting?
  7. Already got some coming. Mainly used for pasture and hay ground with a little arena work thrown in. Just curious of folks experiences with them. Now and again they will be used on a reseed. Thanks
  8. Mountain bike rickshaws in Skagway are pleasant. Out of the crowds and just seeing how people live. Whitehorse and Yukon rail is neat. I got tired of being on the ship after about 4 days. Chinese gals sure do like cowboy hats.
  9. 22 mag is the cheapest survival ammo, with a wide selection. Son in law has a RPR, friend has a SPR. Waiting for feedback. Both 22mag. I just got a Savage b22mag g, and put a Burris rt-6 combo on it. Red dot is coming off to put on the 96/22.
  10. That's good shootin'
  11. Crap loads of rock chuck where I live. They're not bad eatin'
  12. Frickin pussies. That's why my kid only rode prca, he said PBR was too political. (Not my beer!) My feelings are, if the bulls get better, then you should too. The whole point of a competition is to separate the cream from the milk; there's less cream by percentage. And PBR is not a rodeo, it's a bull riding competition.
  13. I like truckers.
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