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  1. Got this off Arctic Cat's web site, interesting: After a year and a half under the Textron Off Road name, the passion of the loyal Arctic Cat customer base spoke loud and clear. We listened, and transitioned our off-road vehicles back to Arctic Cat in 2019. As a proud member of the Textron family, we remain committed to continuing the traditions of power, performance and precision engineering.
  2. The danger with buying a Scout is that pretty soon you will have a yard full of them, then you'll want Travelalls and pickups. They seem to be closely related to the same disease that makes you want more IH tractors. Browse around on "www.binderplanet.com" you will soon be an expert on all things Scout.
  3. Cub Cadet has the parts books online. Just go to https://www.cubcadet.com/equipment/cubcadet/service-and-parts then in the model selection put in "70 & 100" and it will come up. They are all there somewhere but sometimes you have to get creative to find them. If you put in just 70 or just 100 it comes up with pages of stuff because it looks for those numbers within all the models. It is actually a pretty good parts lookup system.
  4. Can you bribe him somehow and get him on here, I would love to have him get into our conversations and add all that he could!
  5. My Millermatic 200 got to welding like that and we replaced the capacitor bank, made it weld again like new. We just got online and matched the capacitor numbers, I think there were 8 capacitors and they were about $20 a piece a couple years ago. They are the inch or so diameter and 3 or so inches long, might look and see if any are leaking. Lots of info online if you search welding capacitors.
  6. Probably the best thing you can do is go to a farm sale and buy the oldest one you can find, if it still works it probably will continue to work much longer than any you can buy today.
  7. I believe I would sure put the old transducer back in and give it a try.
  8. A 3 brush shouldn't burn out the CORRECT regulator.
  9. Please keep us informed as to what you find as you get it torn apart and what it takes to get it fixed.
  10. I have an IH 4136, which is a 4130 with the 2 cyl Isuzu diesel. It is the same machine as a Hydra Mac 9C III (9C-3). I have the manuals for both, interesting that the IH manual calls for Hy-Tran, the Hydra Mac book calls for Type F ATF. Here is a link to Hackert, they appear to still be there: https://www.hackertsales.com/
  11. farmall57

    3588 ac

    My 3788 did just as Thesd5488 says, rusted line under the foam in the left cab post.
  12. Gosh, on a 4020 Deere the piston pump cavitates every time you run the hitch up and down a couple times with the clutch down, most of them continue to work for a long time. I can't imagine you'd hurt anything if you pay attention and get it shut down quickly.
  13. Just guessing, I'd say it's a 1972 Loadstar 1600 with a 304 V8.
  14. I have a 08 Arctic Cat 700 w/Suzuki engine with 16,400 mi, a 12 Arctic Cat 700 w/Cat engine with 12,200 mi, and a 14 Can Am Commander with about 9000 miles on it. No internal engine issues with any of them. Been through 4 belts with the Can Am but both Cats still have the original belts on them. I do like Arctic Cat's belt system much better than others.
  15. Interesting to read about the valve issues with the 560 gas. We had one, used to one way all the wheat ground with it, pulled hard, never had any valve issues with it. As a kid I loved it, got to quit about 3:00 in the afternoon because it was out of fuel.
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