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  1. farmall57

    Pumping hydraulic oil from tractor

    Gosh, on a 4020 Deere the piston pump cavitates every time you run the hitch up and down a couple times with the clutch down, most of them continue to work for a long time. I can't imagine you'd hurt anything if you pay attention and get it shut down quickly.
  2. farmall57

    Help to identify year and engine

    Just guessing, I'd say it's a 1972 Loadstar 1600 with a 304 V8.
  3. farmall57

    Any high mileage 4 wheelers out there?

    I have a 08 Arctic Cat 700 w/Suzuki engine with 16,400 mi, a 12 Arctic Cat 700 w/Cat engine with 12,200 mi, and a 14 Can Am Commander with about 9000 miles on it. No internal engine issues with any of them. Been through 4 belts with the Can Am but both Cats still have the original belts on them. I do like Arctic Cat's belt system much better than others.
  4. farmall57

    Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    Interesting to read about the valve issues with the 560 gas. We had one, used to one way all the wheat ground with it, pulled hard, never had any valve issues with it. As a kid I loved it, got to quit about 3:00 in the afternoon because it was out of fuel.
  5. farmall57

    Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    Hesston 1014+2 hydro swing swather, it never cut 40 acres without something breaking. The double sickle arrangement would not work. I am convinced something was welded wrong at the factory. Traded it on a used New Holland 1112, it was the opposite, it worked so well I hated to have to stop and grease it.
  6. farmall57

    Songs about farming

    Corb Lund's "S Lazy H" is one that will bring the tears on, but accurate as can be.
  7. farmall57

    Set the parking brake on the MD for the last time

    Nice "to do" list, mirrors mine almost exactly, except the "my m&w dyno" part, my list will have to say "obtain an m&w dyno"!
  8. farmall57

    7140 Decals

  9. farmall57

    Aermotor windmill advice please

    The genius of a windmill is how they figured out how to make it furl itself out of the wind when it gets too much. I don't really understand exactly how it works, but since the tail is offset from the center line of the wheel it works. I still have several operating Aermotor windmills and it's impressive to watch them in a hard wind, you can actually hear the wheel slow down as the wind blows harder. They will actually just kind of idle along and you can hear the wheel pick up speed as the wind goes down.
  10. farmall57

    1700 loadstar front wheel cylinders

    I have an MT-127 parts book which covers the 67-72 Loadstar, here are the choices it shows, if you can figure out which you've got I can sure look up some numbers.
  11. farmall57

    My haul from National IH auction

    Nice, that 76 Buyers Guide is one that I do not have.
  12. farmall57

    Case-IH online parts catalog question

    It's in Tractors--Utility--Legacy. Or if you search by model and use 240 Farmall, it comes up at the top of the list, it's there if you just search 240, but it's on the second page.
  13. farmall57

    John Deere answer to a TA

    I learned the hard way that those planetary pinions are timed! It ran 19 hours, when we took it apart it had machined the teeth off those pinions just like it had been turned in a lathe.
  14. farmall57

    IH 537 manifolds

    Could very well be....I don't have a parts book that has the V537 in it, and that 448238C1 number doesn't show up and in any of the books I do have.
  15. farmall57

    IH 537 manifolds

    The V537 was the same engine series as the V605. The DV462, DV550 series was the diesel version of these. Completely different engine series than the 401,461,478,549 engines. I do notice that the exhaust manifold gasket is same for both 537 and 605, so guessing the manifolds were same as well. I do not know if the DV550 exhaust was the same or not. The 605 was a very popular engine for irrigation, so I'd sure try calling some of the irrigation engine service places in the big irrigation country. Duerst Machine in Burlington, Colorado would be one to try, (719) 346-5348, at one time they had a rather extensive irrigation engine boneyard.