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  1. The Loadstar parts book shows IH # 446437C1 for the 404,446 thermostat. Crossing that into Napa I come up with a THM 131. Is that what they gave you? It shows as having a flange diameter of 2.125 inches.
  2. Every one of them is fantastic. I would say pick some with subjects you think he'd enjoy. The later ones are 2 discs and are the same price. My kids have got me a few each Christmas for several years and I now have nearly all of them. I think my favorite one is "DVD B" with the story of the building of the Boulder Dam. "DVD 8" has the impressive comparison of the 806 and the 4020.
  3. Here is what I think , is hard on a mechanical or hydraulic TA is letting having the clutch down and the tractor rolling backwards and letting the clutch up a bit and having the sprag catch. I cringe when that happens and I've done it many times not intentionally, even had it lift the front wheels off the ground. Or rolling forward in reverse and doing the same. Some will say the adjustment is incorrect, yes, I know you can adjust it to release the TA clutch (or the dump valve) first and eliminate that, but I hate letting the clutch out and having the TA shift to direct after the main clutc
  4. Since they make you put down a serial number, they must have records, wouldn't it be great to get access to that data?
  5. The 84 and 85 Oldsmobile Diesels did not cycle the glow plugs either, they came on and stayed on. They used an AC 12G glow plug and that glow plug will fit in the IDI Ford Diesels and is perfect for use with a manual button. I put 12G's in my 6.9 years ago and got along fine with them. Normal heat time would be around 8 seconds, but in extreme cold I was able to hold them 20 to 30 seconds and it was years before I burned any out. However, I've not been able to get the same life out of any of the replacements, they don't seem to be made the same as that original set I had.
  6. farmall57


    You really should try to pre-oil it before starting it. That means pulling the distributor and running the oil pump with a drill and a modified big screwdriver while you slowly turn it over but it will sure help save the cam bearings. In an engine that has sat that long it's pretty common for the cam bearings to delaminate when you turn it over dry.
  7. Should be no problem to get, NAPA should have it, Echlin FA98, same as most other IH gas trucks used. NAPA still has the gold box too, Echlin TP85. Rotor is an Echlin FA85
  8. Found this pic online of one just like mine.
  9. I have a Knipco propane heater that I think is probably the same as yours. I used it for years, loved it for the shop as you couldn't smell it burning at all. Then, it got to stinking very badly, putrid propane smell while burning, you could tell it wasn't burning right. I've had it apart numerous times, cleaned everything, varied every setting there was, adjust regulators, different regulators, different bottles etc, never solved it. Sure would like to get it to work.
  10. Cylinders are used a couple places that I can find. The hydraulic propulsion control cylinder for the 303,403,503,615,715 combines. Also shown as the stalk roll control cylinder for the 733,734,743,744,762,763,782 corn heads.
  11. The kind codes are well known in the IH built Cub Cadet community. You can identify exactly what machine it was just by the tag. I've always thought someone would surely publish the kind codes for the AG and Industrial lines, but I've never seen any kind of listing.
  12. Lorenzo's looks factory correct to me, here is pic from parts catalog.
  13. I had groin hernia with mesh repair several years ago. About 10 days into recovery damn cows got out and thought I'd be ok to ride the ATV to get them back in. I tore something, felt the sensation of blood rushing. Went back to Dr and he said all was ok, but I think something happen because it is a constant source of pretty sharp pain when I move just wrong. Moral, if Dr says do nothing for 2 weeks, do nothing for 2 weeks.
  14. Yep, alternators and thermostats, takes 3 to get a good one.
  15. I found this place online, they may have what you need. busparts.com home page parking brake parts at busparts.com
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