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  1. reddy heater

    The new thermocouple works great. Easy and inexpensive fix. Need the heater today 5 headed to -15 tonite
  2. Pay Pal fraud??

    I have had good luck selling and getting paid thru paypal. Their cut of the top is rather pricey. I have gotten my money fast. Wire transfer works well. Bank checks have been held up for up to 2 weeks. Wiring money to your acct from theirs is best in my opinion. CASH IS KING
  3. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    My old man took me a side and said "60 % of people don't know who christopher Columbus is". Took me a few years to tell him it was more like 80. He remembered our conversation and smiled. I tell my daughter's the same words of advice. Explains a lot about people
  4. Vintage Ads

    Kinda looks like a Gravely tractor but much larger than 7.6 hp
  5. Meat wrapping

    Had 2 steers butchered last year. Wrapped in paper. I vacumned sealed each package after I got it. It was time consuming but seems to keep freezer burn away and like AK welder said , no mess when thawing. Bought the vac machine at Walmart. I found the more pricey bag material much better. Worth the extra
  6. I might need a new battery

    Had a battery blow on me as i was looking into the compartment on a ford 8n. Scared me. Had to wash my face, no eye damage
  7. Pop up Hay Loader

    I drilled a hole in the bed of my. loadstar about 2 or 3 ft from back of cab so i could see the bales sliding into the loader. 1/2 inch pin
  8. Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    Confucius say. man with itchy butt wake up with smelly fingers
  9. New joke

    He owns or use to own a tunafish factory in Samoa. Favorable terms through the government
  10. Happy birthday,,Mader656, virginia veg

    Have a great day and enjoy life
  11. reddy heater

    Ordered a thermocoupler on Ebay today. Hope that will fix the problem. You guys are the greatest. Thanks for all the info.
  12. Transtar Had A Bad Day

    Looks like maybe a roll over
  13. McCulloch chain saws

    Had a pro 10 ?, cut alot of wood with it but it had a pump.oiler, thumb would be tired at the end of the day. I had a 660 gear drive. Heavy saw 36 inch bar. No compression realeases. A bear but you sliced through big trees. I was cutting a big oak log and it rolled.on it. Busted it in a bunch of pieces. Tried to round up the parts i needed but finally.gave up. Mac's were good saws in their time 40 to 50 years ago. Got Stihls now
  14. Magnum hauling hay

    Thanks for the pics. They illustrated very well how you put it together. Looks like you won't have to do it again as it is very well constructed
  15. Magnum hauling hay

    Can you post a few pics of the trailer empty and the racks you built. Need some ideas!