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  1. use the scearch on their page. should come up or enter what the item is.
  2. Seems that the cows learn about staying off except there is one thats stupid
  3. The older self propelled wagons were underpowered and the brakes werent the greatest. They use a fair amt of pull types around me. Lot of moving parts that have to be adjusted to work in syncronization. Folks seem to go to a grapple system now. Less money and less to maintain. I got a old 1048 in the yard that needs repower and a little TLC.Selling cheap
  4. bought a Lincoln but the batteries were lousey. good gun though so bought a Dewalt 18v with a lock and lube. Had it quite a few years with no problems. Would like to switch to milwaukee but I got a lot of 18 dewalt tools that dont want to give up
  5. Have you priced burger at the grocery 1200 x $4.95/ lb . not a bad return Just saying
  6. keep the trees well watered Try to mimimize the stress. Maybe fertilize them to give them a boost
  7. Do you have the separate Kentucky permit with your apportioned plates. I got an education about that.$$$
  8. sale barn are busy. Price not so good. Pray for all of us to get thru this ordeal
  9. got 3 tenths down here the other day. it is tinder dry. no much dryland hay to be cut. just not there. even the pivot hay aint much. My range is not much either. Glad I sold my cows. Hay will be gold this winter. was smokey here from the fires for a day or so.
  10. you can go online or call explain your situation and they will help. Fines can get pricey and they look at bobtails. Dont ask how I know
  11. the bidirection versatiles are handy for sure. be patient
  12. dont forget a fuel permit
  13. never bull tight if he wants to be on the other side
  14. dont forget the soldiers mixing and loading had no protective gear and no shirts jungle heat
  15. x2 ive used a box of Ivory soap in 1000 gal. a bit foamy but breaks the surface tension and will let the material into the plant or soil
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