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  1. I feel for you. at 65 i am busier than anytime in my life. taking care of the ranch and cows then working 10 to 12 hours a day driving a truck for a guy. got to keep going .bills to pay. 2 in college and another a year away. I enjoy every minute of the day. first time in my life working for someone as an employee. I was so excited to get a Christmas bonus. i was always giving them. Kids thought I lost my mind I was jumping up and down when I got the check. always worked for myself. it is hard on my body but I keep going till I lay in the boneyard someday.
  2. oregon. count your drivers to get length and pitch should be stamped on them. i hate the anti kick back chain but for a small saw you wont have an option. buy a new file with your new chain. touch it up as you cut.
  3. find a old jar of chloridane mix it with water in a hand sprayer. spray the wood. you wont have the bees or any other insect for 20 yrs. might not have a pet either. rough stuff banned for many years but it works😎
  4. get a 6 volt battery tender it will keep the battery charged and it will float charge it when you are gone provided the battery is not shot. i hate jumper cables
  5. do you have a wet line to run your trailer. she. sure looks sharp
  6. windy here and 50 partly sunny cold tonite a dusting of white this morning . she cant make up her mind for spring
  7. i have a gehl built by take. great machine ctl 85 with a kobota motor. bullet proof
  8. already have an 05 9900. only 350k miles c15 550 so i gotta go with the eld.
  9. edwardporter1


    picking up my interstate authority after letting it lapse for 5 yrs. jumping thru the hoops with fmcsa. anyways what ELDs are you guys using?. i ve being hauling some intrastate here in wy. but have turned down some decent jobs cause i didnt have authority to travel. i used paper logs but i am new to the elds.. would appreciate any input
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