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  1. Brings back memories from when i was a kid. Dad bought a loboy with a mott hammerknife. I spent countless hours mowing the lawn and fields. Not alot of power but more than a 10 year old could handle. Great deal and enjoy
  2. 3 weeks ago I had open heart surgery 3 bypasses. Nearly lost me on the way to the hospital. had been feeling poorly for several months. anyways i was up walking the halls 3 days later discharged and home. Each day getting stronger. AMAZING! the Lord gave me a second chance at 67 years . They have got this thing down
  3. you can dig it out about 3-4ft in and down. block or pour a wall and end up with a shelf around the inside perimeter. parged the existing stone foundation. a couple beams to support the clear span. My daddy did it when i was young. Later in life i did it to a bimgalow I owned. Lot of pick and shovel
  4. bought a used 5.4 from a yard in Wa. guaranteed for 60 days and that was 5 or so years ago. still running after near 150k miles Get it from a reputable yard
  5. had a Dodge 3/4 ton 4wd went down a steep hill to cross a creek and start up the other side with a pallet of lime in the back. Bottomed the front and bent the frame. Truck had a sway back from then on.
  6. had a 44 hp kobota the loader was weak so i increased the pressure valve. before you couldnt lift a bucket of feathers. after the loader would lift the back of a 1 ton dump truck .of course with a similiar grapple it had a hard time retracting the dump cycle. blew end off one dump cylinder and another time broke the ears off where the cylinder was pinned. Loaded tires and 2 sets of weights. Just an example of what you should or shouldnt do. the grapple was a bit much for the tractor with a big load of nasty wet brush. It works great on a CTL.
  7. borrowed a rock bucket . it worked well as long as you didnt load it but half and the dirt was dry. Shook it a bunch of times helped the sifting process. With the sand you put in under and over the conduit getting the big rocks over 4 inch should work well. glad you put the wire in conduit. Few dollars more to protect the so called direct bury.
  8. Had a soiux steel auto gate on their squeeze chute. Fully adjustable grease fittings on moving parts. Very strong and works on all size animals. and safe
  9. sent a motor from Wyo. to Pa . $300 no problem. strapped to pallet then shrink wrapped
  10. Ted Turners boys come down to visit and learn. This guy is the real deal in bison land.
  11. my neighbor has around 1000 head of bison. everything on the ranch is supersize. 8 ft wide cattle guards 3" drill pipe corrals . high tensile electric wire 2 strands that burns the weeds away. the animals respect it but can easily run through it. They calve on the range with a 98% rate. They cant be herded it has to be their idea. 4 wheelers no horses. his pastures are maybe a 1000 acres. Pretty impressive place. The bison pretty much take care of themselves. Not much hay but cake is fed in the winter. awesome creatures $5 to $6 per lb live weight
  12. Try Fastenal. I used them before. reasonable freight cost. contact your local store
  13. i have driven 1000s of T post with mine. Just add a little oil now and then.. Sometimes in the spring got to be careful as it will drive them too deep. Takes no time to in dry or wet conditions rocky shalely to sink a post. it would help if I was younger
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