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  1. Cabots stain. Still looked reasonably good after 40 years
  2. I had a similar Tuthill. The vanes were a nylon type plastic. I had a piece and carved it to replace the vane .worked ever since. I think from non use it had seized then when electric was turned on it stripped out the vane. Take cover off in your last Pic and check it out.
  3. Looks like an old hoist from a model AA Ford or that vintage
  4. Thats a nice load of tractors. Awesome!
  5. They make a self adhesive tape that works real well it is a sika product If I remember right. The sika flexcaulk is the best. I repaired the sheet metal on the front of a camper. Light sheeting carefully screwed into place. Caulked the perimeter and the screw holes. As good as factory. The guy was using a loader to move the camper and hit the valve that grapple was plugged to. Cut it like a can opener clean through to the bedroom. He was an accident waiting to happen. We all know the type
  6. Just saw the Clark's Fork River today coming back from Billings Raging along . road closed from Joliet evacing Red Lodge. Looks bad
  7. I have a mower just like yours. I have a 2 spd pto on a kobota and run it at the 700+ rpm pto speed. It seems to mow better at that speed than 540. Put a new belt on it as it has the spring loaded idler. Make sure that that is free to move. They are a great mower and very trouble free. Had mine since new over 30 years
  8. Just walked in after setting up a sprinkler.I am beat. It's been six months since I had a triple bypass and I am slowly coming back. Got no stamina and lost my strength. Things I do and took for granted take so much longer.If I do too much one day I ain't no good for a couple days after. This ordeal has been very discouraging. My wife is understanding and encouraging but doesn't get what's going on inside my head. Always been active and set my sights above average. Thanks for listening just got to rant
  9. A belated Happy Birthday. Hope you enjoyed your day
  10. Inside of glove box should have line setting ticket pasted. Nice truck!
  11. Having a pintle hitch seems to deter people from borrowing and a heavy semi electric plug too.
  12. X2 history repeats itself. Am I correct Jimmie?
  13. I pulled the plugs on my 500. They were never out since day one.Some nasty crap came out. The steering clutches were rust up. Washed case with diesel then new clutches. Steers perfect now. Be real careful not to lose the thrust washers. Lost one into the bull gear housing. Had to take it off. Hours later the washer dropped out. Lesson learned
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