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  1. Lions around here. they will kill calves but usauly hunt down rabbits and other small game. I look up in the trees as they lay up in the branches. Caught a few on trail cams. neighbor hunts them with dogs but doesnt kill them. at nite cruising our little town. keeps the stray cats at a manageable population. I watch for them on the ranch as they can quietly snaek up.on you especially when you are on your knees fixing something
  2. drove across the Neveda desert at night in a semi. later a guy told.me how lucky i was. seems that the cows.lay on highway at night where its warm to escape the cold of nite
  3. edwardporter1


    go back to bed tomorrow will be better
  4. follow the trail to the governor and the demorats in charge. i would bet the lights are on in their house.
  5. x2 the scars i have tell a real story
  6. tough to find new ones replace bearings and seals. i had a good guy weld up the centers in a weave weld . holds track on well after doing it. if the bearing surface is messed up weld it and machine it round. motor parts availible thur a good case ih dealer. rollers and undercarriage parts are availible clutches brakes etc too. i have had mine 25 years. real handy machine
  7. x2 Glad you kept in the family
  8. got a tenewed extender off ebay. now i get a signal up at barn 600 ft away but not inside the steel sided barn. was easy to get going. Must be something simple
  9. might try spreading some salt on the load to pick up the moisture we used to spread salt between layers of hay stacked in the mow
  10. use my old Blitz cans. government ran them out of business years ago. cant find spouts for them. tried several different replacements but threads are different. hate using can rather use the 100 transfer tank on pickup but sometimes. takes alot of years to payout a $25 can
  11. my 2005 9900i with a c15 550 and 18 spd autoshift 357k miles
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