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  1. edwardporter1


    My friend is working on a 68 c-50 truck. it seems to be missing major brake parts. Hydro vac master cylinder etc. The truck is real clean inside and out. Starts easy and runs strong with a 366. Anyone know of junkyards with one to get parts from or has these parts. No truck yards around here so he will have to pay the freight. He desperately needs help
  2. many guys dont have a barn out here. wind breaks and draws seem adequate. cows are haerty creatures. i had a openend shed for my cows and corrals .stack hay as a windbreak. roll bales in field to feed them and rings in the corrals. Takes a long time to pay for structures. Wyoming winters are pretty tough and long
  3. very good explanations for a layman to understand. Thanks for posting Art.
  4. had several pairs of Muck insulated Went to Dryshod . one winters wearing and doing good but too hot for spring
  5. an old continental tanker in Meeteetse wyo.
  6. sounds like a driveshaft balance problem. make sure all the yokes are lined up. if they are off one spline you will have a problem too
  7. nice headache rack on the semi. Looks great
  8. Thanks for the kindness moving slower than last years
  9. my little dozer good undercarriage always starts second owner off a small farm back east
  10. i like a 28 "bar as you dont have to bend over as much. cut bigger logs too. just be careful with kickback
  11. Pictures and information of the item. People will still ask about what you post. Sold a bunch of tractors to buyers all over the country. On small shippable items make sure you know your costs. Pack with plenty of packing. . Good Luck with it all.
  12. Thank you for posting this. You can feel the moment from his words. God Bless America!
  13. Slow but sure wins the race. Good Luck in your endeavors
  14. Hotsey can work wonders but it takes time and getting wet
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