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  1. I worked for a guy who had all the pay phones at Philadelphia airport. He would empty them 3 times a week had a 3/4 ton suburban to haul it away. He had a real nice house, cars etc. I think it was a rather lucrative business. Fortunatey he paid me with a check not quarters
  2. It will take all that motor has .bet it will be thirsty. Good luck and happy blowing
  3. I had a big leaf blower 3 pt. Got it from a golf course. Did a little work on it. That thing would blow leaves 100 ft if you ran it full throttle. Sticks no problem. I had a 1/4mile lane with mature oak trees on both sides. We would run parallel to the lane blowing then perpendicular. The leave would end up in the woods. That thing was a beast with a hydro tractor. Around the house use a backpack then unleash the blower. Fall leaves were easy. I sold it after i moved to the land of no trees.
  4. Looks to me that cars sold for a reduced price. A softening of the market perhaps?? Or not enough word getting out
  5. I did a fair amount of business at the local Napa then it changed hands. Very weak on parts and the price. YIKES! Advanced auto parts nothing to right home about. Many years with Napa but no more for me
  6. X2 Wyoming was wyo. Changed to Wy when zip codes were introduced. Probably an act of congress
  7. Hucleberry milk shakes. I stop whenever i get that way.next time i will look you up. I will ask for the red tractor guy..No problem getting directions from townfolk!
  8. He won't bark with a high voice.i can assure you of that
  9. Nice find handy on the farm
  10. I got the same one. A rep gave it to me as a kid at a hotel my family stayed at. Can't remember the place i was real little.
  11. Millers was my go to place for hard to find sizes.i believe they are in ohio
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