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  1. edwardporter1

    Fuel Rock

    pen knife works for me
  2. edwardporter1

    48 below and no power

    power went out the other nite. up in morning got an appt to be at. electric doors on shop. i disconnect the arms but cant lift the one door bound up. get tractor out of other barn with electric opener. disconnect the arm on that one . get tractor to lift shop door. off i go . get back power on so begin to reconnect doors 14 x 14 insulated. up and down ladder then ladder slides out fell 6 to 8 ft to concrete . cracked my head blood 6 staples to close the wound. uggh day later connect doors but one wont work. call doorman. he checks it out. new circuit board so now 500 to him then lord knows how much to urgent care. pricey power outage. oh did i mention 0 degrees. florida looks good to me right now but spent the money for a ticket there. ugggh
  3. edwardporter1

    Unlucky Coyote

    had a dead coyote under a tree. dont know how it died but was there for months. finally something dragged it off. maybe a hungry lion. mountain lion that is
  4. edwardporter1

    Door to door salesmen

    last salesman that came to the ranch was selling aerial photos of the place. nice pics so i bought them. live too far out for the kirby man to come
  5. edwardporter1

    New joke

    thats downright nasty
  6. edwardporter1

    ebay jerk gets a lesson

    bought a bunch of stuff on ebay with good results. sometimes the shippimg takes a bit long. had a problem gettimg a chinese order but they communacated in broken english but i got tje merchandise. it is buyer beware and it is.hard to sell a big ticket item
  7. edwardporter1

    Another pole building question.......

    i dump a bag of sacrete dry with dirt to backfill moisture in the grd will set it up. flat stone in bottom of hole
  8. edwardporter1

    Where old Mopars go...

    thats pretty cool
  9. edwardporter1

    Shop door freezing shut

    out this way you want the door swinging in. the wind will take a door off the hinges if it swings out
  10. edwardporter1

    Cattle motivation, What do you use?

    i learmed to be quiet and patient. i use a flag stick and cake. always talking to them moving slowly. loading the pot i will zap a uncooperate one to get moving. patience is a virtue. only got 50 cows not 500
  11. edwardporter1

    Happy birthday Lorenzo

    enjoy your day my friend
  12. edwardporter1

    Best work boots. For the price

    might try buying 2 pairs. altrrnate days but you get 2 years out of 2 pairs. that what the shoe salesman told me
  13. edwardporter1

    Best work boots. For the price

    youre not the only one!
  14. edwardporter1

    Last 3688 built

    like the fenders and big mirrors