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  1. edwardporter1

    post hole digger storage

    I dig a hole in the shed. Helps stand it up. I sold the pos a few years ago got skid loader one now.but i pound most posts
  2. edwardporter1

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    Slide apipe into a pipe to make it telescopic for the midget driver and adjust when the next deliverer is hired. Problem solved without disturbing the swamp
  3. edwardporter1

    Friends/students of yours, Runner?

    The one on the right can repent with me anytime
  4. edwardporter1

    Skid steer backhoe attachment

    Let me say that 6 ft deep is the frost free level out here. That being said you move the machine often with only 11 ft reach. For you back in pa. You will make some time trenching. See if you can reach into a dump truck too when you mount it on your machine.
  5. edwardporter1

    Skid steer backhoe attachment

    There is quite a bit of strain on the loader arms. Make sure you get the adapter plate that holds the hoe tight to the skid steer. The plate i had was for another loader so i dont have one for my particular machine. .
  6. edwardporter1

    Skid steer backhoe attachment

    I have a bradco backhoe for my ctl. Dug alot of holes and trenches with it. You have to get off and on to keep moving the machine. It is strong though. Much faster than a shovel. I would hate to not have it. Very handy
  7. edwardporter1

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    I sold a tag along trailer to a guy a few years ago. I told him it was a good trailer cause i tried my best to screw it up but it resisted all my challenges. He laughed and wrote me a check
  8. edwardporter1

    Just bought this old girl and looking for info

    On second look at pic. They are horns
  9. edwardporter1

    Just bought this old girl and looking for info

    My 1959 r190 fire truck has the FD prefix in the serial number. Always thought it meant fire truck. Are they any extra switches or hole where lites might have been mounted. I see the extra spotlights on the roof.
  10. edwardporter1

    Dear Elite trailer inc....

    Guy came to the ranch to get the md i sold him. Brand new Gator trailer with the wide ramps. Sure were easy to handle and didnt lay completely down. A few loads will temper the springs
  11. edwardporter1

    KB5 wiper motors

    Sharp looking kb. I have 2 and i dont drive them in the rain
  12. Nylon rope and stand back!
  13. edwardporter1

    2 jobs 1 pass

    Had a 256 with cummins power. Very handy for a disc mower. Drill only had the rear 3 pt and pto. Hung a 1200 of weights on engine end loaded tires and picked up alot of balled trees and heavy dirt. Broke frame just above axle. My friend bent up new frame rails and sistered them over welded frame. Only a trained eye could tell. I sold it and bought a 930 cat. It was very handy but i abused it. Doing things i shouldnt of. Only problem i ever had. Wish i had it now on the ranch
  14. edwardporter1

    What she don't know won't hurt her.

    Its a Bambi thing with women. Walt Disney did a number on us hunting types better than gun control lobbyists