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  1. x2 schulte are one tough mower. my 15 ft cuts sage brush 6-8" in diameter. pull it with a 5288. dont even know its back there. customer service is excellent
  2. deck looks great doug fir should last. had same problem with neighbors tractor loading semi. didnt have enough ompphh to set a second layer of rounds . a green thing too. drives me crazy to see people struggle with bales. my ctl will pickup 2 4x8s squares easy and safe
  3. had the same problem with my ranger. i replaced the bearings and wearing parts on the drive pulley and cleaned the driven . still creeps and difficult to get in gear. i think i am going to replace throttle cable as i cant get engine to idle down only sometimes. i replaced the cable in my other ranger as it had broke after 10 years. so iam thinking the cable is worn out on this polaris
  4. on a neighboring ranch cows got on an alfalfa field 35 died from bloat before they discovered the fence was down. I ease my cows onto alfalfa hay . introduced it slowly over 2 weeks. after that they were lapping it up. didnt have to feed as many bales as opposed to a hay that was mostly brome. the clovers here dont do real well overwintering
  5. had a dodge pickup that was nothing but problems. took it to dealer and parralelled parked it blocking 2 service doors. it required an all new electrical system harness batteries altenator computer etc. they had fun moving it. dumped the truck shortly thereafter bought a ford. still driving it after 25 years. very little problem . turboed 7.3
  6. heard that there was 157 dna in a pound of walmart burger.
  7. guess your in the doghouse with the mrs.?
  8. looks great. did you put an air valve to control your direction or just a manuel 2 way?
  9. edwardporter1

    Fly traps

    anybody remember the big stinky fly traps?. apply named
  10. really helps having a bud box to funnel cows into chute. i watched a bunch of youtube videos and then put together mine. the lady from colorado cant think of her name.made a lot of sense in cow handling. i know you guys know who i am talking about
  11. i bought a sioux steel with a nautomatic headgate when i got into cattle. it works great. lots of doors and a pape area. also bought an adjustable 16 ft alley. about $10k. at my age i cant afford a hospital bill or the time off recuperating. 10k dont buy much in a hospital. money well spent. i looked at a bunch of manufacturers before i made my decision. oh my vet really was impressed with its construction and ease . i have a powder river calf table too. makes life easier and safer.
  12. i run one for a guy. just remember to.position truck at an angle to get away from the pile and when you comitt to dump do it without hesitation. reall handy machine.
  13. i like those straight pipes until i go deaf. looks good though
  14. Ive been looking forward to pics from Bloomsburg. You attendees must been wore out from the excitement but us in the hinterlands are dying to see
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