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  1. I hate them with a passion. Will be replacing with pioneers
  2. I got starlink last summer. I have been happy with it. Works everywhere in my house single level full basement 3400 total sg ft. Additionally outside in a 50 ft perimeter. No problems easy hook up. Downside $120 / month. I could have wireless frm road pole for the about the same $$. I am happy
  3. Used Howes for a great many years Never a problem. Park equipment out of the winds helps. Good batteries to spin engines over and take it slow starting out. Its 0 out now. A another day and temps are forecast to rise
  4. -35 this morning. -21 as I sit warm in the house. Car had to get a jump this morning. I plugged it in this afternoon. Brisk dont describe the air out. It heading your way east
  5. Looks great how much paint to cover the beast?
  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!.Hopefully the new year brings everyone peace and prosperity
  7. My mom told me only gypsies got tattoos. I followed her orders. She also said pierced earrings with big hoops
  8. Thanks for the enlightenment. It certainly was illuminating. Didn't realized the handle acted as a chimney. You guys are the best
  9. Professor. I saw a bunch of lanterns hanging in the barn and maybe you can enlighten me about this kerosene lamp I found going thru a bunch of stuff I have. Can remember where or when I got it. Dietz Bestov hand Lamp. I electrified it many years ago. Don't know weather I will stump the star!
  10. Started buying VF mix 50 to 1 with 94 octane. Saws weedeater starts fast and seem to run stronger .it's a bit pricey 24 a gallon. The can lasts me a long time. Tried in another 2 cycle machine and it seems to run smoother and rev faster. Plugs don't foul. I burn premium gas in all my small engines.no ethanol in it. Low octane gas sucks
  11. A regular Don Quioxote. Do I see him in the back of the picture ready to battle them
  12. Was it a Herd bumper guard. I got one hit 2 pronghorn at 75 .not a scratch
  13. What is the number on the larger one? Does it have an increased capacity? Will it handle semi tires at 120 lb?
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