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  1. edwardporter1

    Chain saw collectors ?

    thanks for the id. used to run macs forty years ago. had a 660gear drive with a 36"bar a real horse
  2. edwardporter1

    Chain saw collectors ?

    dont know what make or model this old saw is but i couldnt send it to china. anybody got a guess?
  3. edwardporter1

    Chain saw collectors ?

    homelite xl12 with a lewis donkey winch
  4. edwardporter1

    2001 Ford 7.3 Power stroke glow plugs

    on a 94 7.3 i have my friend changed out the glow plugs for 12v factory is 6. he changed to a spade connector and did away with the controller. wired it to a starter button on dash turn key push button wait 10 seconds and the motor fires up . thats at -10 f. truck never startef so good. i will ask him what glow plugs he used. cant remember.
  5. edwardporter1


    painting thee surface encapsulates it so the fibers cant get airborne
  6. edwardporter1


    had an old coal converted to.oil furnace. outside covered in a layer of asbestos. i wet it down with a hose then broke it off put in a trash bag all the time wetting it down and wearing a dust mask. you dont want the fibers floating in the air. sealed the bags and threw them in dumpster. then i beat the carcass into manageable pieces to carry out basement. the key is too wet it down
  7. edwardporter1

    Truck navigation ap?

    only as good as the people putting the info in the database
  8. edwardporter1

    An Observation for the Fuel Debate

    i buy the premium high test ehtanol free gas for use in my small engines. more power and faster starts. at my age i cant be pulling on the starter rope more than a couple times. just read we are the number 1 oil producer in the world thanks to the permian and bakkens. the pundits said we were running out of supply 10 years ago. the technology thanks to big oil has made the USA a big exporter of petroleum products
  9. edwardporter1

    Truck navigation ap?

    i got a rand mcnally truck gps. i dont reliay on it . always check a map. it has alot of features but may be a bit pricey if you dont use it often.
  10. edwardporter1

    fencing pictures

    looks like the boom is long enough. does it have a wisconsin engine. might be a little hard starting when hot. mine is!
  11. edwardporter1

    fencing pictures

    go for the trencjher. i got a davis years ago. dug alot of electric lines with it. parts from case construction dealer. had tracks too
  12. edwardporter1

    check out the truck in the background of this CL link

    they were tough old trucks drove a diamond reo ten wheel dump years ago big loads with ease
  13. edwardporter1

    Battery Chargers

  14. edwardporter1

    Thoughts on GM plants closing

    would never buy a government motors car out of principle. when the government bailed them out it left shareholders with nothing. i drive fords and international trucks. my 2 suvs expeditions are 20 years old pickup is 24 years young. i dont have the need to profile in a 60k$ car and make payments. i think i have gotten my moneys worth. any repairs might be a few car payments so i am way ahead. i used to have so many.payment books i couldnt keep track. despise the banks and fimance companies. end of rant
  15. edwardporter1

    Wind farms

    gonna vote for mr Roosevelt in the next election. by golly