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  1. edwardporter1

    new job

    finished the job yesterday and brought the trucks home. a couple more pics of the process. mixing the cement in with the soil sets the road up hard. 4" of gravel on top
  2. edwardporter1

    Anybody need a "West-coaster"?

    Ed i was going to call you. right down your alley
  3. edwardporter1

    new job

    yesterday they sent a new guy up. asked me to check him out. the fellow had no driving experence. cdl school for 2 weeks. first thing he let the clutch out fast. the truck lurched into the air. then he tried downshifting into low low at 30mph. caught that just in time. couldnt shift without using the clutch then went to shift into high range without flipping the button. caught him in time. couldnt back up either. he admitted it was too much and shook my hand and left 1 hr later. unfortunatly he drove 3 1/2hours to the site. one day wonder! oh well
  4. edwardporter1

    new job

    lot of wide open country. suits me just fine
  5. edwardporter1

    new job

    a couple more pics and broadview mt
  6. edwardporter1

    new job

    just cement at 4% we add 18 gal of some liquid to 6000. it has sulfuric acid in it. the guy burned a hole in his glove and hand when he got a drop of it on him. stinks so i stay away when they add it. maybe someone knows?what it is. they didnt tell me
  7. edwardporter1

    new job

    trailer is a vacumn but doesnt have the pump on it. the well flows 800 gal a min to fill the truck. if it had the pump it will build 20 lbs of vac or pressure. the guy i am helping has a pump just doesnt have the time right now to install. runs it off the wet line on the KW.
  8. edwardporter1

    new job

    i had posted some pics of a job hauling gravel to an oil field last week . since then i was hauling cut up trees from a ssite in Yellowstone national park to a landfill in cody wy. up and over the pass at east entrance with the side dump awesome ride saw 100s of elk and buffalo. sorry no pics. this week a job hauling water to stabilize roads in a site near broardview Montana. kinda near maders neck of the woods. 6000gal trailer 4 loads a day from a artesian well 5 miles from site. building the worlds largest data center with wind turbines and a solar farm in the middle of nowhere. we pump the water from the trailer to a road tec. a giant rototiller that churns up the road and mixes cement in with the clay material of the road. sets it up tight after vibrated and smooth rollers. project is in its first phase. up here for 3 weeks with breaks to tend my ranch
  9. edwardporter1

    Q log homes for retirement

    i live in a big log house. its nice but i would rather have a stick house
  10. edwardporter1

    What do you know? Michigan wheel loader

    looks happy at its new home
  11. edwardporter1

    Get out the checkbook---4x4 firetruck

    nice. make a good little grain truck or service. good for muddy fields
  12. edwardporter1

    What do you know? Michigan wheel loader

    it will work well when its dry. you will need a big dump truck so you can haul gravel to your lane. wish i had a rubber tire loader.very handy to have on a ranch. and a old grader too. neighbors have them to maintain thier roads. one neighbor has miles of roads on his place. bigger than a township in area.
  13. edwardporter1

    Rotary PTO driven mowers opinions

    thats i was doing . best to biy a tub and repack
  14. edwardporter1

    Rotary PTO driven mowers opinions

    bought my schulte used a numbers of years ago. the salesmen told me to loosen the driveline clutches every year. i didnt and had to replace a shaft in the 3 way gear box. lesson learned. never had any problems. mowed thousands of acresof sage brush. dealer has been super on the parts. had a wheel bearing go bad and it was greasable. i was greasing it regularly but the hub held a tube of grease so i wasnt getting enough in it. . whatever mower you buy getthe walking beams stump jumpers and the solid tires. Schulte are the best mowers by far loke was said in previous posts
  15. edwardporter1

    Rotary PTO driven mowers opinions