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  1. Cheetah bead blaster. You can get a cheapo one on Ebay. The ether sucks now. But the Deere brand is pretty good.Has to be to get a 4020
  2. had a good hour of pea size hail a couple weeks ago. Had 5 inches on the ground shredded my petunias and the grass in the yard. Any broad leafed plant really took a beating. The rain that followed really help my pastures though
  3. hart carter thresher aka John Deere on my lane into the ranch and a MM tractor
  4. Ford Exploder . Sold daughters before it sh*t the bed
  5. dolomitic limestone has magnesium in the calcium
  6. x2 the vinegar and dawn doesnt work very well. the days of paraquat are over. Boom next day everything is dead
  7. They do great work. I had a qiugley 4x4 conversion on a F450 dump truck 1995. Ford did not offer 4wd on a 450 till years later. It was Ford approve so it didnt violate the warranty
  8. ATF and acetone remove injectors and plugs pour into cylinder. gently try turning over over a week or 2. Freed a Waukesha that sat 40 years in a field. When it roolled over easily put injectors in a off she went in a cloud of blue smoke. Half hour later she leveled out and ran fine
  9. a Dibble for planting small plants. They work great
  10. Normal is a setting on a washing machine so yesterdays are not today
  11. Got to love wyoming. More unpredictable than a woman
  12. closed I 80 reports of 12 inches at the summit. 33 in Meeteetse yesterday. Winter wont give up
  13. bought a lot of things on ebay and sold a bunch of tractors Bought a car once and it was good. I am fully satisfied with my experence with Ebay. I sometimes look at reviews on Amazon but have found that the pricing and shipping tends to be higher. Lot of car parts are oem on ebay. Just have to be careful and read everything
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