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  1. Art Thanks for posting. Very interesting. I wonder what happens when the stack falls ??
  2. corner markers gives latitude and longitude. Got them on the ranch square mile markers and 1/4 sections. marked them with a T post so I wont run over them
  3. thats what I have. havent busted the teeth off yet. well built attachments. used it on the CTL and a kobota tractor
  4. i run a Gehl ctl 85 on my ranch I would never consider a wheeled machine Excellent to clean corrals though its a good idea to wash the manure off after. . move snow pound posts load trucks and spreaders. mow rough areas. Had to replace tracks at 1400 hrs. Not too expensive with aftermarket tracks. it is a pain to work on as everything is in a compact space. I can load and unload semis of hay quickly. Couldnt imagine life without it.
  5. studied agriculture for a 2 yr degree. Farmed about 200 acres .Split alot of firewood cleaned garages hauled junk anything to make a buck after school. I squeeze in alot of fun too.
  6. had a hairline crack in housing. would lose prime on a 94 7.3 diesel. replaced housing then good to go
  7. i have replaced coils in my 5.4s and sometimes they are bad out of the box napas ebays and oem. had them quit after a couple hours. its maddening. sh*tty import crap
  8. That is one pretty woman and smart too. Lot of common sense in that package
  9. bought a 500 series dozer off a farm the silage was packed tight around the oil pan. Guy said it didnt leak oil at a idle but leaked driving. Found a rusted hole in pan you could stick your pinky through. When i dropped the skid plate off the bottom of the dozer 2 heaping wheel barrows of dirt and silage fell out. Make sure you clean your machine and nice pile of silage you got
  10. From my experence a CTL would be a much handier machine. I have a 500 series dozer with a 6 way blade. It is excellent for finishing a grade . I have dug ponds roads leveled barn sites. It sits in the barn since I bought a Gehl Ctl. I use the loader everyday loading leveling pounding post drilling post mowing . It is a very versatile machine. Yes it cost 10 times what the dozer was but it can do so much more. Spend the extra $$ you wont be dissapointed. On the ranch i replaced the rubber tracks at 1400 hrs . Not too awful buying them. . Years ago i did extensive undercarriage repairs to the
  11. this is what i woke up to. winds blowing 40 mph got no clue how many inches. it was96 on Saturday
  12. 4 to 8 tomorrow afternoon and evening here. Then back to the 80s so it wont be around long 96 here yesterday in the wilds of Wyo.
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