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  1. my friend 2000 expedition has very little heat .hot to the heater core just not putting out the warmth. i flush the cooling system with CRL and got alot of crap out then flushed it with water 3 times and hooked a garden hose to core. finally the water drained was clear. more heat but not right. I heard guys using black pepper to remove the crud. anyone ever tried or has a tip to cleaning the core..otherwise its an all day job taking out dash etc to replace the core. seems a bit more than my payscale to do that. Help me out with this one
  2. I wear Muck artics. they first pair lasted 2 years and the bottom started coming off. on my second pair but these have develped slits in the rubber at my ankles. Warm to zero if you move around. I am very hard on boots. mud manure lots of walking and kicking. I am pleased with the Mucks. I wear them from November to May everyday. They get hot to wear in the fall and spring. but keep my feet warm and dry
  3. I was transplantimg trees for a landscaper on his cliemts property. asked about septic locatiom. Dont worry it on the other side of house he says . as the blades of the tree spade cut into the soil you could hear a gravelly sound. told the guy it sounds like gravel. he didnt believe me till I lifted the plug of soil. cut the plastic pipe cleanly on 2 sides of hole. I said what do want to do. His reply stick it back in the hole. 20 years of digging big trees I have had a few horror stories
  4. confucius say man with itchy butt wake up with smelly finger
  5. Gehl is very proud of their parts
  6. you might try some hotter plugs and heavier weight oil in the crankcase. years ago I seeded a hundred acres of wheat with neighbors 8n. Burnt the exhaust clean off and a gallon or so of oil. They were a step above a horse
  7. now thats good!! the truth spoke best
  8. now thats good!! the truth spoke best
  9. its here already. semis blowed over
  10. just yesterday I saw an interior of a Dodge that looked exactly like that Ford? of yours. what they do to a house .well just burn it down. Good Luck with the cats
  11. edwardporter1


    you are talking about the gyppy grade pex. The stuff i use is rated at 250 degrees and 200 lb presure.
  12. run 80 -90 in my gehl you just reminded me to change out the oil. i do it once a year
  13. edwardporter1


    Thats real nice. you will love. The pex is so easy and works great
  14. out this way Packrats. they will destroy anything
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