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  1. i have a gehl built by take. great machine ctl 85 with a kobota motor. bullet proof
  2. already have an 05 9900. only 350k miles c15 550 so i gotta go with the eld.
  3. edwardporter1


    picking up my interstate authority after letting it lapse for 5 yrs. jumping thru the hoops with fmcsa. anyways what ELDs are you guys using?. i ve being hauling some intrastate here in wy. but have turned down some decent jobs cause i didnt have authority to travel. i used paper logs but i am new to the elds.. would appreciate any input
  4. use the hdpe pipe for waterlines. butt weld it with 400 degtee iron. the jigs to hold it are $$$ so i use the weld coupler unions. lay on the surface or bury. guy said 50 year lifespan. tough stuff. i use 1 1/4" diameter
  5. he is cutting not smoking grass. thats why he drives straight
  6. might be a bit hard on bearings and axles on a lite. lawn.mower
  7. i had along time ago. worked great. dumped wood trash etc. if you load too much it just wont lift it. i adjusted the relief valve to get more. bought a second one that was real rough but i put the hoist under a flatbed body. unfortunately i mounted the hoist too far back and bent the bod oh well. big glob of dirt stuck in the front. buy it you wont regret your purchase
  8. just read that he passed away at 77. his music touched alot of folks over the years. one of my favorites RIP. ETC
  9. make a hungry dog jump off a meat wagon
  10. bid on a c50 with a manure spreader the othe day on big iron. working order brought $8k. a bit rough think it was a 69
  11. wyoming one area code 307
  12. edwardporter1

    KB 5 gearing

    the kb5 i have has a 2 spd rear. it doesnt seem to speed the truck up.much. those trucks wont go over 45 downhill with a tailwind. 45 was fast enough back then and makes for enjoyable ride on a sunny sunday afternoon
  13. the building blocks of the temple of king solomon. charecter virtue is taught to become a good citizen and person. very worthwhile organization. and a bit of drinking going on.
  14. x2 but i dont know if a newer box will fit an older truck
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