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  1. The tractor of tomorrow. Here today. Was the slogan
  2. on a good note you can still see the steering wheel. Not a good feeling when the bottom drops out. Speaking from experence
  3. bought a bunch of led shop lights at walmart At the time $20 a piece strung them down the center of 40x60 cow barn between the trusses. Lit the barn up real nice. less danger from fire. I wish you could of bought them when I did my shop with 8 ft flouresents. I like the white light the leds are 14 ft off the floor
  4. I have been following this thread since the beginning so my 2 cents. Getting old aint for pussys. Turning 66 in a few months. Had to adapt adapt and adapt. Front loader is my friend now. But not accepting that thing watches me shine my shoes rather than looking up at the sky!!
  5. 35000 continous acres farmed. a purposed railroad siding to ship grain and receive the combine and tractor orders by rail. Pretty amazing house of cards that ended in jailtime. Midland S D
  6. Ask MTO as he is a frequent visitor to the Dog House
  7. got it working today . sh*t canned the 5 -600ft and used some that looked new on roll. It is easy to put up but wire seems better to me.
  8. does this stuff get weak after repeated use? strung some temporary fence today and it seems to lose voltage as you check along the line. not grounding out just weak. Looked like it was pretty used as it came off reel and the guy i bummed it from would squeeze a buffalo off a nickel
  9. after 3 kids i had it done. A Friday procedure. i went to school with Dr.. Never got a bill. in and out. took it easy over weekend. Monday I drove my 10 wheeler about 100 miles. Rubber block suspension. I got out of truck and had basketballs between my legs. I hurt bad. Not the brightest idea to drive that truck. Things simmered down the next day and I worked but not very hard. Never went back to check on things but after 20 years no kids that i know of?
  10. worked for me after 3 kids. frozen peas and i dont talk with a high voice
  11. Dusty Tuckness world champion bullfighter several times over hails from our littletown of meeteetse. bullfighters and clowns are totally different. clowns distract the bull and entertain the crowd. the fighter gets down and dirty and entertains the crowd
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