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  1. i like a 28 "bar as you dont have to bend over as much. cut bigger logs too. just be careful with kickback
  2. Pictures and information of the item. People will still ask about what you post. Sold a bunch of tractors to buyers all over the country. On small shippable items make sure you know your costs. Pack with plenty of packing. . Good Luck with it all.
  3. Thank you for posting this. You can feel the moment from his words. God Bless America!
  4. Slow but sure wins the race. Good Luck in your endeavors
  5. Hotsey can work wonders but it takes time and getting wet
  6. Hey glad to have you back.
  7. I use 5/8s pex laid out in a square ft Try to buy the longest loop you can so to not have a splice in the concrete. I used the blue board on a couple floors i did but it was a pain so i used a foil bubble bubble roll to insulate. Roll it down lay out your reinforcing mesh and attack your pec with rebar wire tys. big areas you will need a manifolfd. Got to Farm Tek. They have everything you need. I have done a 40x 80 .40 x40 36 x 40 . A 20 X60 buildings .i used a LP hot water heater. i also did my basement and tap into my hot water boiler. Farm tek can help you
  8. I got back last night. I knew the batteries in the semi were getting weak. No start outside Kearney Ne. Roadside assistance 4 new batteries then towed into a K W dealer in town. waited almost 3 days new starter. On the road then spent 2 hrs with a young cop in St. Louis no citations Then another trooper in Ky. $218 citation no permits. Got to Ritchie Bros 5 mins before the gates closed . Got trailer and headed home. Woke up to blowing snow in Nebraska City . Drove out of the snow at 35 mph to Lincoln. Saw 2 blowovers and burned alot of fuel with the wind. Finally no wind and home. At the pr
  9. that would be great. truck stop food .Well you got to be careful
  10. i just went to Ritchie Bros in Nashville. Bought a side dump online. it a long way from Wyoming 1600 miles. very pleased
  11. Proper tension is a must. blew a track off my gehl Ctl 85 5 miles back on the ranch no access but polaris. bars sledges jacks. loss dirt on a 50 degree hill . my daughter helped me get it back on. No Fun at all. I make sure that there is proper tension all the time. When tracks get alot of wear more problems
  12. new batteries checked all wires and fuses at battery box
  13. Yes added a 4th battery too. Just not rolling over and the starter drags and gets hot. I assume that the proper voltage isnt getting to the ECM to function properly. The truck runs well after starting no engine light on .no faults
  14. i have worn muck artic boots for years .the bottom delaminate. tried glueing with rubber cement and gorilla. No dice . i bought a pair of Dryshod artics. less money than muck . better design. the guy started muck then sold out then started dry shod. i doubt because of better design i wont have the same problem. Oh they keep your feet toasty too
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