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  1. You can sell crap hay for 2020 prices on good hay in se Idaho. A lot of guys are looking for filler, blend with good. When good is 250-300, 150 filler blend pencils out. Crap loads of dairy second got ruined with rain south of me, Downey to the Utah border. I'm being nice, selling my brome/alfalfa smalls for 200. Friends and family.
  2. There is no law in Idaho preventing water access for cattle. However, there are cost shares for a landowner to protect riparian habitat via private and public funds if so inclined. My side is fenced, neighbor's is not. I fenced mine because of erosion, I was losing land, now I'm gaining land. I survey to the middle of the river. I have a water access for each pasture.
  3. My leather thong does, but so has everything else it shrouds, so it works out.
  4. Almost done. 5 loads to go. The 88 and 86 we're flawless performers.
  5. Well at least there are some decent Kalifornians moving to Idaho.
  6. I was thinking the people in charge of climate change, but as a side note, you cannot spell Mormon without moron.
  7. I don't worry about summer rain much, as we don't get very much. I worry about winter snow. Hang in there fellers. We get some spring and fall moisture.
  8. I wonder what the morons would have thought when 30 million bison were roaming north America.
  9. My wife hasn't been this hot since 1984!
  10. No, loaded for a squeeze. He only bought 10 tons. Didn't want to hand unload. We were at 12 ft. My entryway is 13.
  11. Poor fella drove 450 miles for reasonable priced brome grass hay. He can only get premium alfalfa near home. Dry lot, high dollar roping horses. We know each other.
  12. It's an extreme drought, until tomorrow.
  13. Ran outta Pabst, can't go to town until tomorrow.
  14. Perhaps Garrison Meadow Foxtail. Not regular foxtail. Grown in swampy meadows in Idaho for pasture or hay.
  15. Had a crapload of them in S.E. Idaho last year. Have not seen them this year.
  16. That's me sometimes, just missing the empty Pabst cans.
  17. cobfly

    Wow, land

    It's stupid. My 90 acre dry farm with river frontage is at 3-3.5 million. Grant it, I have about a million in improvements, the rest is for the land. 24 aums on a good year.
  18. Have her carry it hot. A little stiff to rack.
  19. That is nice. I daily carry an SR9c, a flawless performer. Haven't found ammo it won't shoot. Wife carries LCP in summer, a little picky on ammo. She packs a Smith m&p 9 shield in winter. Another flawless performer. Hollows in the 9's, ball in the 380.
  20. Good conservative minded people are welcome in Idaho, liberals keep away. Huge dairy industry in the magic valley. Tolerable winters and summers.
  21. I am going with smoke signals. If you see smoke, might need help. No smoke, good to go! Keep your powder dry.
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